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tv   State of the Union With Jake Tapper  CNN  October 16, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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this televised edition of reliable. trump is equating the media to clinton and why that's wrong because on the newsletter, delivered see you next week. avalanche, one woman. >> he put his hand over it. >> he began thrusting genitals. >> he was grabbing my breasts. >> accusing donald trump of sexual aggression. >> these claims are all fabricated. they are pure fiction and out right lies. >> are more charges to come. plus conspiracy claims. >> the election is rigged, rigged like you've never seen before. >> what will trump tell his supporters to do if he loses?
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rudy ghouli yaian and seeming tt treatment and money from a foreign government. how will hillary clinton explain the wikileaks and the best political minds with insights from the campaign trail. hello, i'm jake tapper in washington where the state of the union is eagerly waiting to hear from you. we're three weeks and two days away from election day. how are you guys and gals going to vote? a new poll out this morning shows hillary clinton four points ahead of donald trump with just three weeks until election day. the abc news washington post poll shows clinton at 47% with trump at 43%, gary johnson at 5 and jill stein at 2.
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what effect did the leaked tape about trump grabbing women have on the race? 63% of voters say no effect but after the platoon of women this week that came forward to say trump groped them or forcefully kissed them. 63% of you think trump made unwanted advances so despite a whirl wind week, not much has changed. could the final presidential debate move the needle at all? to talk about it is nancy polizzi, leader polizzi, thanks for being here. >> good morning, my pleasure. >> donald trump is engulfed in the controversy of the 2005 "access hollywood" tape where he boasts about sexual assaulting women and hillary clinton is only four points ahead in the washington pose reports that only had a minimal impact on the support. are you surprised that the tape has barely moved the needle? >> i think that what you hear that people say has a minimal effect on their vote. it means they want to know about
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things that affect them. what's on the ballot are his name and hillary clinton's name, but what's also on the ballot are medicare, medicare, we have a republican congress that would remove the guarantee of medicare. family planning, we have a republican congress that would defund contraception family planning, et cetera. education a budget on other republicans that would cut $185 billion from education, pell grants, et cetera and give tax breaks to the wealthiest people. that is really what the election should be about, the economy. i say to my colleagues, show me your values, show me your budget and if you have a budget that favors the rich, does not invest in education a proper way, which does reduce the deficit, nothing reduces the deficit more than education of american people, and then they want small government except when it comes to your personal life. so they have a budget that is
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not a stiof our values and that should be the subject, that does affect people if you're a senior or if you have a senior in your family, you do want medicare to be a guarantee. >> speaking of values, there is obviously a lot of talk in the last week or so about sexual assaults, sexual harassment. and it was pointed out in a story in the new york times today that here you have the first major party woman presidential nominee and she's relatively silent and one of the reasons might be because of previous charges against bill clinton, vice president biden was asked about this and about former president bill clinton's conduct, and this is what biden had to say. >> i can't make an excuse for bill clinton's conduct. i wouldn't attempt to make an accuse for the conduct but he paid a price for it. he paid a price.
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he was i'm peempeached. >> joe biden as a senator and democrats voted against i'm peaching. make the case to the skeptical voter that believes all of the chargers, the chargers of the women against donald trump and bill clinton as to why there isn't a double standard when it comes to charges against bill clinton versus trump. >> it is a double standard. bill clinton is not on the ballot. he is not on the ballot. hillary clinton is the candidate for president that we are asking people to vote for, not because she's a woman and not because her husband was president and all the good things he did, as well, but because she's the best person to be president of the united states, one of the best qualified in the history of our country. but i'm curiously watching the behavior of donald trump because he's always projecting. when he knows that his temperament is not going over very well, he said i have the thu temperament for the job and he
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knows his stamina and says i have the stamina for the job, when he knows he has exposure in terms of women he projects to bill clinton. when i don't know what this drug thing is but i'm suspicious he's saying she should take a drug he's, what is he talking about there and engaged in an international conspiracy, whatever he's describing it as, his own people described his advisors are admitting to having back channel conversations with the russians. so i think every time he says something, you have to look to his vulnerability on those scores. but let's get to what really matters to the american people. we had -- what really matters, forgetting politics, forgetting democrats and republicans, this is the election for the president of the united states, the biggest political event in the world, the world is watching and we're engaged in these conversations, not about policies that make a difference in people's lives so they can clearly vote in their interest and not in a way that honors the
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vision of our founders about this great democracy. >> let's talk about issues, hillary clinton campaigned this week with former vice president al gore in florida to appeal to voters in climate change and we know know from a hacked e-mail from wikileaks in the private meeting with labor unions, hillary clinton appears to have said this in a meeting with labor unions about environmental a activists. they come to my rallies and yell at me and say will you promise to never take any fossil fuels out of the earth ever again? no, i don't promise that. get a life, you know. this is one of the reasons there is enthusiasm issues with hillary clinton is that get a life, you know, that's kind of a harsh statement to say to environmentalists. >> again, when i was speaker, my issue was climate and energy independence and so we -- the fact is is you cannot go to a place where you say we're never taking another fossil fuel
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although we like to with renewable's get to a place like that but there are plenty uses for fossil fuels that have nothing to do with degrading. >> you don't talk that way and even behind closed doors i don't see you telling environmentalists to get a life. >> the point have prepublicans been in total denial about the climate crisis. total denial. for decades, they opposed any enforcement or study of the agreement to go back to the '90s and the rest of that. they are in denial of science and fact and relationship to many things including the issue of climate change. so i think that if you want to talk about a contrast on these things, it's -- i think it's stunning that the republican party, a party that made great contributions to the environmental production of the country, great environmentalists and now we have a republican
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party that rejects all science, fact and data. >> that's the argument you would make to an environmentalist that says i'm concerned hillary clinton is saying get a life about us behind closed doors. >> no other words, i'm a progressive democrat in the congress and never good enough. so i understand that. but that is their role. they are advocates, and they must be relentless, persistent and dissatisfied. that plays an important role for our country and as leaders, we have to make decisions hopefully that are sustainable with the boldest common denominator, not the least but the boldest. we have a responsibility to future generations to protect this planet. it's a issue that's why they work with us and believe as do i this is god's creation and we have a moral responsibility to preserve it. it's an economic issue to keep
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america number one, new green technologies. it's a national security issue to -- well, we've had the generals testify over and over again the impact of climate change throughout the world being a national security issue and as i say, a health issue in terms of clean air, clean water for our children to breathe. so there is every reason to try to find common ground, especially with the party that led the way on environmentalists. >> last question leader polizzi, i don't know a polling expert that thinks democrats will recapture the house. you are more bullish, i think. >> i think we have a good chance to do so. i said it depends how big hillary clinton's margin is, a, b, that the concern i have is big, dark money coming in. fossil fuel money, wall street money, special interests money, dark coming in in a big way, but we have -- we're very proud of our chairman and we have great
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candidates, we have a great message. we're mobilizing on the ground to on the ground and what i said is i think it will be a single digit difference. they will be a little ahead by some and we'll be a little ahead by some but definitely within reach. >> thank you so much. we appreciate you coming in. >> thank you. >> trump's latest message, don't trust anyone. is he laying the groundwork for a disputed election? that story next. >> we have only the illusion of democracy, but are in fact, controlled by a hand full of global, specialists rigging the system, the system is rigged.
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but at the beginning of her last debate, she was all pumped up at the beginning and at the end, it was like oh, take me down. she could barely reach her car. >> joining trump as he prepares for today's former new york city rudy giuliani, thanks for coming back. >> nice to be here, jake. >> last time you were on this program, we talked about whether donald trump groped women without their consent the way he described on the "access hollywood" tape. >> who did he do that to? >> first of all, i don't know he did it with anyone. this is talk. >> so that was sunday morning. nine women have come forward and said donald trump kissed me or touched me sexually without my consent. their names are mindy givelray,
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summer zervos, natasha stoynoff, rachel crooks. >> i've never seen him do anything like that. i've not been able to focus. the one on the airplane, there is an inagadependent witness th says that's not true. >> the former pimp guy? >> you don't get to pick the witnesses. this man has come forward and said it's not true. second, one of them, i think one of the contestants was telling her cousin wonderful things about him up until the time he didn't go to her restaurant
9:18 am
opening three or four months ago and she turned on him and became bitter. >> so you think the nine women are lying. you believe donald trump -- >> i wouldn't say it that way. i don't know about the nine women. i haven't study tied the case. i'm not going to engage in clinton-type conduct. i'm just telling you that i believe she's telling the truth. i do not believe -- some things appear to me to be kind of untrue. >> okay. >> 15 minutes of groping in a first class cabin of an airplane, doesn't make sense. i've been in first class a lot, fortunately, since i stopped being mayor, i can afford first class. you see everything that goes on in first class. >> so donald trump -- you eluded to the fact that donald trump is condemned the clintons for attacking bill clinton's accusers, the women that accused bill clinton of misconduct and you're kind of refraining from
9:19 am
doing so even though you're questioning some of the accounts but donald trump is on there on stages calling them liars and in some instances attract -- attacking how attractive they are, basically suggesting that they are not attractive enough for him to ever kiss or grope without consent. for those voters out there, mr. mayor, who are inclined to believe all of these women, all nine of trump's accusers and bill clinton's accusers and to say you know what? i believe all these women. how are they supposed to reconcile this given in fact trump is attacking these women much, much more so than the clintons ever did. >> no, that's not true. >> sure it is. >> the bimbo squad. >> donald trump is out there giving speeches attacking them calling them liars and saying -- >> i really don't want to
9:20 am
dispute this with you. the four women said hillary clinton was engaged on attacks public and private but in any event, shouldn't we be beyond that now? shouldn't we be beyond the past and talking about who will raise taxes and lower taxes? a deal with isis who isn't, what will we do in somalia. >> donald trump's speeches are goes out there and he attacks the women who are accusing him and by the way, we talk about shouldn't we be over there, donald trump, the women you refer to, accuse bill clinton of sexual assault or worse and the court-appointed attorney. donald trump brought them to the
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republican debate. >> they asked to come. they asked to come. but the reality is can we get off it? i was with donald trump yesterday and he mentioned two or three minutes and talked obviously in and he talked about how he'll reduce pages to 33, 25, 15%. if i become president will will be more money in your pocket and do expanded care and she prefers socialized medicine.
9:22 am
she's the hillary clinton, she's a socialist and in canada and talking to the canadian bank and says i like your system, your socialized system of medicine better than ours. i've always known she was a liar and over and over and over again a phony. those things are being concentrated on. >> and we've been covering the wiki leeks. >> i'm not criticizing you. when donald trump gives a spe h speech, he's in favor of the second amendment. he goes through that let me bring up something that donald trump is bringing up on the stump all the time. first of all, i think you would agree with the premise our form of government has been strong because politicians accept the outcomes of elections most notable example in recent history with then vice president al gore conceding after the very
9:23 am
intense florida recount. look what a trump support of ohio told the "boston globe". quote if she's in office i hope we can start a coup. she should be in prison or shot. there's going a lot of bloodshed but that's what it's going take. i would do whatever i can for my country the. there are a lot of republican officials who are very concerned about donald trump constantly saying that the system is rigged saying that if he loses a state such as pennsylvania it's only because it will be stolen and now we have a trump supporter calling for bloodshed. your not concerned at all about the tone and tenor of these remarks? >> i've dealt with whacky jerks on my side and against me for too long to blame it on the candidate. you can find just as many whacko nuts on her side that write horrible and awful things. so when he talks about a rigged election he's not talking about the fact that it's going to be rigged at the polls. what he's talking about is 80% to 85% of the media is against him. when you look at the "new york
9:24 am
times" and you pick it up in the morning at the top of the paper there's stories anti-troop. some of them baseless, some still isilly and at the bottom you get something about wikileaks. same thing with "the washington post". way out of control. please let me finish. you let nancy pelosi go on for two, three minutes without interrupting her. the reality is that he makes it clear, he's pushing it at the press. >> why does he call for people to go to elections, to go to polling places to be election monitors. why is he saying if i lose pennsylvania it's because it's stolen. >> there are a few places and not many in the swing states, there are a few place where they
9:25 am
have been notorious for stealing votes, pennsylvania, chicago, i know that from my own knowledge of bussing people in from camden. when i ran for mayor of new york city, the first time, some people voted eight and ten times and second time i had firefighters and police officers outside checking on the buses so we take down the number of the bus, the bus voted ten times and wouldn't let the bus vote again. when i asked randy levine who is the president of the yankees how much cheating did we stop he said i think we stopped about 75% of it. we're still going to have to get about 25,000 votes. i'm sorry, dead people generally vote for democrats rather than republicans. >> so he's not talking about elections being stolen except in some cases when he is talking. >> you want me to tell you the
9:26 am
election in philadelphia and chicago will be fair? i would have to be a moron to say that. i would to dislearn everything i learn in 40 years of being a politician. >> the party in philadelphia would disagree with you. they looked in allegations in 2012 and said there was nothing irregular. yes there were areas where people who only voted for romney. just like in utah there were places that only voted for romney. >> i remember a case where i was associate attorney general where 720 dead people voted in chicago in the 1982 election. i remember in my own election about 60 dead people voted. so i can't sit here and tell you that they don't cheat. and i know because they control the polling places in these areas. there's no republicans. it's very hard to get people there who will challenge votes. so what they do is they leave dead people on the roles and pay people to vote for those dead people. >> we have to go. just to put a button on this it sound as if you're saying trump is serious when he says that the
9:27 am
election -- >> i'm not saying that. >> you just laid out a case how democrats steal elections. >> if she wins illinois by 8% or he wins illinois by 8s pen that cheating doesn't make any difference. if he wins pennsylvania by five or she wins by five it makes no difference. if it's a one or two-point race it will make a difference. >> that's not an affirmation of the way our elections are held in this country. >> we do cheat. we have people that cheat in elections, >> you're saying only democrats cheat. >> i found very few situations where republicans cheat. they don't control the inner cities the way democrats do. if republicans controlled the inner cities they would do as much cheating as democrats. >> a lot of election experts would have very strong disagreements with you. >> they never prosecuted election fraud. >> mr. mayor thank you very
9:28 am
much. trump is fighting back his accusers pile up with a ninth woman coming forward. are there more to come? that's next.
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>> when you looked at that horrible woman last night you said, i don't think so. she would not be my first choice that i can tell you. man. you don't know. that would not be my first choice. donald trump saying at least one of the women coming out against him isn't attractive enough for him to have groped on an airplane. nine women have now accused the republican nominee of unwanted
9:33 am
touching or kissing since a released tape revealed him talking about groping women. joining us now is a senior adviser to clinton p.a.c.. cnn political commentator. and cnn political commentator and hillary clinton supporter. let me start with you congresswoman. i guess the point of saying that these women are not telling the truth and these charges are false is one thing. saying look at her, there's no way i would ever grope someone that looked like that. i mean i'm guessing that that's not what you would recommend to him. >> no, absolutely not. you know first i'll just say tissue of groping when we're talking about this issue, this is sexual assault. we're accusing a man of sexual assault here. i'm not going to debate who is telling the truth but it is a she said/he said situation. what i'll say -- >> just to correct you. she said, she said, she said, she said, she said, she said,
9:34 am
she said, she said, she said said situation. >> we have the same situation with the clintons with bill clinton and then of hillary clinton defending and attacking those women as well. let's move on. if we'll talk about tissues that affect women in this country let's talk about the fact that there are 2 million more women who are in poverty today than when barack obama took office. 3.5 million more people all together. let's talk about the issues that affect women. let's talk about health care for women. let's talk about how poverty plays a role in cardiac vascular disease that's the number one killer for women and women of color. let's talk about the real issues and move on. >> we would like to talk about the real issues. it's not as if hillary clinton began this debates. just last week at the republican debate you had a quote-unquote press conference where donald trump trotted out the alleged excusers of bill clinton and sat there and wanted to talk about it. it's as if we have to believe
9:35 am
bill clinton's accusers when they say something but not believe the accusers of donald trump. that's first. second, hillary clinton, the audacity of some people to tell hillary clinton how she should treat the women whom her husband cheated with is beyond the pale. hillary clinton is on the ballot not bill clinton. we will have a discussion and democrats will have discussion with you all day long about women's rights, reproductive rights. let's get there. >> i think it's also important as you say bill clinton is not on the ballot. and even as a republican it's difficult to grasp the reality of the fact we have the "access hollywood" tape where trump is bragging about doing despicable things to women and then followed what i view credible breathing living examples of what he's talking about. it's difficult to accept his denials. it's not defensible. if i were advising him, get off this topic this is not a winning topic. go back to what helped you get
9:36 am
the republican nomination. talk about the plans. talk about those issues and drive that. don't continue to talk about this other topic. it's not a winning topic. >> you're still planning to vote -- >> i'm a republican i'm support -- >> let's just show this tape. i mean this graphic in this new poll. does trump's comments make a difference. >> no difference 63%. >> 1% no opinion. >> i guess they polled gerard fogle in prison. what's your reaction? >> 68% of the same poll abc/"the washington post," 68% say that in fact they believe that mr. trump made unwanted sexual advances. i think for the reason alice states. the most damning witness is donald trump who said he did these things and accounts come forward withcorroboratation. >> the first major party woman
9:37 am
nominee is quiet on this and one cannot help conclude that it's because she knows that there are credible charges against her husband. >> i would say stay tuned. she raised similar issues with donald trump in the first debate. it wasn't a sexual advance. but he was mocking a beauty queen's weight which people found offensive. she did raise it in the first debate. i expect you'll see some of this in the third debate. the truth is the polling said never interrupt your pony when he's destroying himself. i don't advise her. i wouldn't want her to jump in the mid. this because this gives partisans on the republican side to fall off. there's no better advocate for hillary on these issues than michele obama. 100 years from now i think hillary will win. michele obama's speech will be one of the things people study 100 years from now.
9:38 am
it's that powerful. that's far better for hillary than for theory run around personally and talk about it. >> removing the politics of this for a second, the issue of sexual assault and the issue of women coming forward, i have been surprised to hear from so many women friends and so many people in my family, yes, this happens all the time. not as a commentator but just as a human being don't you think this is a moment for our country? >> as a woman, as a mother, i'll tell you and as a nurse over 60% of sexual assaults go unreported. so that gets back to tissue here. why now? i understand that these things happen. i'm not questioning what these women are saying but i do believe that we have due process in this country and three weeks before an election how can this
9:39 am
man defend himself. so let's not pretend. you also said another comment that i found was interesting. you said women in this country their bodies and reproductive rights. that's right out of the democratic playbook. we as women care about every issue. it's not just about our bodies. it's not just about -- >> i'll come to you first after the break. coming up hillary clinton keeping a low profile as her campaign secrets are revealed by wikileaks. what will she say about them at the next debate. stay with us.
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>> by the way wikileaks just came out with lots of really unbelievable things. just minutes ago. in fact, i almost delayed this speech by about two hours it's so interesting. >> donald trump talking about the wikileaks hack into clinton campaign chairman john podesta private e-mail serve. rutter shows qatar planning to pledge million $the clinton foundation while hillary clinton was still serving as secretary of state despite her agreement the foundation wouldn't accept foreign government money. the panel is back with us. doesn't hillary clinton and bill clinton don't they owe an explanation at the very least on this seeming skirts of the
9:45 am
rules? >> the first thing is when i read the reuters article what it doesn't show is the clinton foundation got the million dollars. what it doesn't show there was any ethical breach. we're trying to make something out of nothing here. all the e-mail shows they wanted time with bill clinton and they wanted to present a check. we don't know what happened after that point. so i think we're missing the larger issue here. after we talk about what's in these e-mail people want to legitimatize and normalize this e. an outside government russian government attempting to undermine our democracy and normalizing that. we're acting as if that's something should happen in today's america. it should not. we know these hacks come from the russian government. we know wikileaks is acting as a foreign agent. >> let me ask you about this. forgetting whether or not the russians are trying to play a role and it's a serious issue.
9:46 am
i don't want to belittle it. aren't republicans playing with fire by accepting and applauding wikileaks because at some point the russian hackers will run out of bhoerm democrats and say let's take a look what rudy giuliani has got going on and at that point it will be point for republicans to say wait a second these are stolen documents we can't give credence to them. >> clearly the source and timing of it does indicate that russians have a hand in this and that they are trying to influence the outcome of this election without a doubt. and, yes, i think embracing them too much is a risk for republicans. at the end of the day i think e-mail leaks further confirms what we knew from other e-mail there was evidence of pay for play and conflict of interest between hillary clinton's secretary of state department and clinton foundation than goes to show that the clinton foundation should have been shut
9:47 am
down while she was secretary of state and certainly should be shut down if she were to win. there's clearly conflicts in this latest e-mail dump and in the past. >> i don't want to the end panel without talking about the charges of a rig election. we heard mayor rudy giuliani basically saying if it's a close election in some states there will be questions about whether or not it was rigged lending credence to what donald trump is saying. you're from north carolina one of the battleground states where it could be close, one or two points either way. do you have any concerns about mayor rudy giuliani, donald trump, others calling into question election results? >> i think we do have to look at this issue and we have to be vigilante. that's what donald trump is saying. he's saying especially in states that it's close be out there and
9:48 am
aware of what is happening through the election. look we can't deny fact that there's collusion happening. wikileaks emails, all of the scandal, the department of justice, the fbi, you go on and on and on and it's all starting to come out in these wikileaks e-mail leaks. cyber security is so important. that's another issue we have to address. we cannot dismiss the fact that this is just a little bit too strange that all of this is happening at the same time and we're about to have this v-very important election. >> what's undermining our democracy is russian influence. they play this game all around the world. they went into europe. they go into other countries. they try to destabilize the democratic system and that's what they are trying to do here and rudy, maybe unwittingly is feeding into the russian's goal to undermine faith in our democracy. far better men than donald trump or rudy giuliani gave their lives for this country.
9:49 am
and politicians like them for their own narrow interest and putin's interest would undermine our faith in democracy is despicable. the center for justice has looked at this, voter fraud almost never ever occurs. bush justice department had a task force and they had a dozen case. in actual fact voters need to know this is the greatest democracy on the faith of the earth and cleanest and been proven by the bush justice department. >> the trump campaign and trump supporters and something that the congressman just said, they are encouraging this behavior where we're going to go out and watch and be vigilante and see what happens. and when you read some of the quotes that have been made by his supporters and his rallies it goes the point we'll intimidate. one guy said i'll go out and fine muslims and african-americans and hispanics and people who don't speak american and i don't want to do any harm to them. >> that's a quote. >> i just want to make them nervous. we've come too far in this country where we intimidated at polls. >> we have to leave it there. thank you for being here. coming up, bob dillon how his lyrics reflect the campaign. ♪
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bob dillon was awarded the nobel prize for literature this week, which got us wondering what the bard might have to say about this campaign or if he has said something. bob dillon has never shied away from politics. ♪ >> but what can you say about politics this year? and a campaign in which the size of a candidate's, um, manhood was discussed on stage at a debate. wind has been a favorite dillon motif. ♪ the answer is blowing in the
9:55 am
wind. >> blowing through songs like homesick blues to idiot wind. ♪ idiot wind, blowing every time you move your mouth. >> a song that has lyrics donald trump might identify with. ♪ someone has got it in for me whoever it is, i wish they would cut it out, but when they will, i can only guess. >> over in the house, paul ryan is trying to run from trump. ♪ how does it feel to be on your own ♪ with no direction home. >> while hillary clinton's campaign claims they cannot authenticate whether e-mails exposing her political tactics are authentic. ♪ no, no, it ain't me, it ain't me you're looking for. >> but perhaps the dillon prose might be how most americans are feeling at this point in the election. ♪ it's not dark yet but it's getting there. >> thanks for watching. fareed zakaria gps is next. this is gps, the global
9:56 am
public square. welcome to all of you in the united states and around the world. i'm fareed zakaria. we begin today's show with the i spent many years as a nuclear missile launch officer. if the president gave the order we had to launch the missiles, that would be it. i prayed that call would never come. [ radio chatter ] self control may be all that keeps these missiles from firing. [ sirens blearing ] i would bomb the [ beep] out of them. i want to be unpredictable. i love war. the thought of donald trump with nuclear weapons scares me to death. it should scare everyone. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. or the freedom to choose whatt doctor you want to see. so if you're on medicare, consider an
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- the extra income that i get from airbnb has been a huge impact in my life. this is gps, the global public square. welcome to all of you in the united states and around the world. i'm fareed zakaria. we begin today's show with the great observer of american life and politics, bill maher. he is politically incorrect, very real and obviously unafraid to say what he thinks. >> lying, bold-faced, caught on tape lying is no longer a dealbreaker at all. >> about trump. >> i think he's going to be the jake gravora of deplorables. >> hillary clinton. >> she's the black driver of the neighborhood and the republicans are the passengers. >> and he wants to reanything on the paris climate agreement. but what does the american public think of all this?


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