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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  October 17, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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hi, there. he we go, start of the work week, i'm brooke baldwin. you're watching cnn. let's begin with donald trump that the election is a scam and the results cannot be trusted. >> and remember this, it's a rigged election, because you have phony people coming up with phony allegations with no witnesses whatsoever, ending up from 20 years ago, 30 years ago. the process is rigged. this whole election success rigged. these lies spread by the media
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without witnesses, without backup, or anything else. the election is being rigged by corrupt needmedia pushing false allegations and outright lies in an effort to elect hillary clinton president. >> and while at first trump may be suggesting the media is rigging the election with its coverage, trump then doubled down, tweeting out a wild and unfounded claim -- let me read his tweet, quote "of course there's large voter claims going on, why do republican leaders deny what is going on? so naive." keep in mind, to keep a large voter fraud issue, which there isn't, and would have to happen in tossupstastates, florida, ne iowa, michigan, main, georgia,
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arizona, all republican voters, meaning trump says they would be complici compliceant in handing the election to hillary clinton. just think on that. and while his surrogates are backing him up, many republicans are backing away including, on this precise point, his own running mate, governor mike pence. let's begin with dana bash, cnn chief political correspondent. let's talk about governor pence. what has his response been to trump's rigged claims? >> well, he had been sort of the one-outlier with regard to trump surrogates. trump surrogates -- the few who are still out there on tv, rudy giuliani, jeff sessions -- >> newt gingrich. >> -- these are republican officials -- newt gingrich, have been backing donald trump pretty wholeheartedly, no, no, we are talking about cities run by democrats where they say -- i mean they're going back to like
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jfk in 1960 talking about dead people voting in chicago, and alleging more recent issues with multiple people voting in places like philadelphia. taking those allegations aside, they're trying to back him up, mike pence has been, you know, sounding more like the paul ryan is and other republican secretaries of state that we've seen on our air and elsewhere saying we're going to make sure that there is no fraud and that the election results will be respected and it really just goes to show, brook, that you know, the fact that you have paul ryan, who has been reluctant to keep this public war of words going on with donald trump, that started last week, which has been very detrimental to paul ryan, that he felt that he had to speak out through a spokesman over the weekend to say, no, no, no, the election results are going to be respected, kind of tells you everything you need to know
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about how uncomfortable many republicans are with this closing argument from donald trump. >> yeah, but despite that, and despite the bus tape and the double digits now, the accusers against donald trump, you've seen the numbers. let me just show everyone watching, who is following all of this closely with the rest of us, it is still a tight race in three battleground states. nevada, north carolina, and ohio. it is so, so close. so my question is, if you have hillary clinton saying essentially, i'm the last thing standing between you and the o pock li apocalyp apocalypse, how do you look at the numbers? what do you make of this? >> that's the strategy donald trump is trying to deploy here. here's going back to the primary. he's going back to the notion and the argument that worked so successfully back then, which is, it's us, meaning trump and his supporters, against the establishment, against the media, against the rigged system, against, you know, everybody and everything that is considered for lack of a better way to say it, the man, and he's
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kind of the leader to buck the system. that's where he is going because again it was successfully, obviously. he's the nominee. never mind that it's a whole different ball game, because he's got the people they need to bring beyond the base and bring other people in, but he's clearly trying to make sure that trump supporters are highly, hoo highly energized and get out to vote and get their friends out to vote, and that's partly why he's doing this, in addition to, laying the groundwork, blaming somebody other than himself. >> lots of possibilities, dana, thank you so much. on the notion he's saying this is rigged, wide scale vote are fraud, let me bring in a man who believes trump's claims without any everyday is quote irresponsib irresponsible, john huston, a republican who over sos the process of elections.
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thank you so much, secretary, for coming on. >> glad to be with you. >> before we get to these quote/unquote rigged elections, we know trump over the weekend cut ties with the head of the republican party in your state. a state that arguably, you know, is what one needs to win the white house. what do you make of that? >> well, it's been -- there's been a lot of controversy between the ohio republican party and donald trump. donald trump is running his own campaign in our state largely and they just decided that they were going to break ties, that they wanted to sever it clean, and there's been a lot of disagreement, but i don't -- i don't think that in the end the average person ohio cares too much about that inside stuff. >> okay. you say it's inside stuff. how about the outside stuff? the stuff that's been made very public, how trump -- and he did this during the primaries -- he didn't when he was winning and now again he's repeating this claim that it's rigged, the system is rigged, there's
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wide-spread voter fraud. your response there in ohio? >> as a republican i want to reassure donald trump and all ohio voters and voters across the country that system is not rigged, that there are elections officials across this country that that is their job. we try to make it easy to vote and hard to cheat in ohio, and many of my colleagues who are secretaries of state around the country feel the same way. our leaders need to build confidence in american demming oneracy democracy. elections are more secure than they've ever been and i would encourage donald trump to move on from this issue and focus on building peoples' hopes for america's future, not undermining them. >> let me followup and channel trump supporters, many i've spoken with, and their question to you, sir, would be, why
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should i believe? you. >> we have a bipartisan system. it's not run by secretaries of state. it's run by your neighbors who run the polls on election day, democrats and republicans at the local level. frankly this is one of the only places republicans and democrats work well together that you'll see when the go to the polls on election day you have democrats and republicans working there cooperatively, checking identification, making sure that people are properly registered and then when we go count the votes on election night, that's an open public meeting. the media is there, the public is invited. it's all very transparent. >> okay. >> and i want to reassure folks this system works very well. >> just so i'm clear, just because this man, mr. trump, cut ties with the republican party in your state, says this is rigged, you are still voting for him, correct? >> yeah, because i have -- i have really not very many good choices. i don't believe that what hillary clinton has done qualifies her to be president, i'm very disappointed in her,
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and i'm very disappointed in the way donald trump has run his campaign, but in the end i care about who's appointed to the supreme court, who's going to be the defense secretary, the secretary of the freshery, atrei believe donald trump will make better appointments than hillary clinton, but like most americans i'm not thrilled with my choices. >> jon husted, you are not a loan, having spoken to many people across this country. good luck election day. >> thank you. here to discuss, i have bill press, who supports bill clinton, and trump surrogate, max slap, who used to be political director for george bush. gentlemen, nice to have you back. matt, to this point -- why did i know this? >> you know i'm coming to you first. i also have to press you, because if you have trump saying -- and you just heard the secretary of ohio saying, it's not rigged, it's not rigged, but trump says it is, and that a smart argument to make three weeks out of election day?
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>> yes, i like the idea he's running against the media, brook, no offense. i think that's actually a smart tactic. by and large, most people in the country believe the media it's mainstream media tends to tilt a little bit left. sometimes there are worse episodes than others and i think he's smart to take them on. most republicans are scare audio. >> take the media out of it. i won't take offense. led me take the media out of it. >> it's not you. >> trump is saying it's the polling stations, it's the offices of the secretary of state, that's what's rigged. why do that? >> it's a tactic to try to get people to realize every vote matters and every person considering voting for donald trump. we know what's going on in the minds of a lot of voters, you just had the previous secretary of state of ohio. there are things about donald trump's message i love, there are things he's said i don't like, but i'm looking at hillary clinton, the most recent real vacations coming from wikileaks, shows someone i believe to be corrupt, so voters are having to
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make this choice and if every person realizes, north carolina, ohio, florida, would come down to be very, very tight in the end, every vote matters. do i think the whole system is corrupt? >> i don't. >> thank you. because it's not. >> and i've spent 36 days in the florida recount. i was in the dade county courthouse when they tried to take the counting behind closed doors. i think we have a very -- pretty transparent process and i think he said he's going to slaep the election results, mike pence has said the same and i will, as we well. go ahead, bill. >> he's indicated in the last couple days he would not -- let me just say something, if i were setting up -- if i knew that i was going to lose probably the biggest electoral college loss since barry goldwater, i'd be looking for somebody else to blame, matt. >> stop.
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>> this is the latest in the donald trump conspiracy theories with zero evidence. there's zero evidence hillary clinton took drugs before the last debate, zero evidence barack obama was born in kenya, and zero evidence those nine women were lying and zero evidence this election is corrupt, and beyond that, i think it is dangerous and un-american for donald trump to suggest because it undermines everybody's confidence in the electoral process, whether republican or democrat. >> hang on i want to press bill. despite everything we've covered in the last however many weeks, and this may be going on many months. when you look at the screen, there are, you know, no huge changes, in some of her favor ability ratings. it is so, so close in nevada, ohio. she's not on the trail. you still have this drip, drip, drip, which reinforces what americans are worried about her.
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how do you explain that, bill? >> matt and i would explain from the beginning. this is going to be a close election. >> but why? >> i'll tell you why. >> okay. >> bernie sanders was right. >> there's a lot of frustration with the establishment. the political establishment, the media and financial establishment, but donald trump is not the answer, and i just want to point out, nothing against cnn, but there are other measures out there -- let's look at the university of virginia, larry sabato, one of the best in the business. today, his count as i checked it, on the way up, 347 electoral votes for hillary clinton, 191 for donald trump, and zero still up for -- zero still up for grabs. i think this is going to be an electoral college landslide. >> so basically what we have going on here, is bill press was for bernie sanders because they believe that hillary clinton was a pawn of corporate interest, that she said one thing -- >> that's not true. >> -- let me go. let me try to do my --
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>> don't speak for me. i'll speak for myself. >> i'll do my best imporsination of bernie sanders. when she appeared before corporate audiences she said we can't vet these refugees from syria, she said we can't have open borders. she said i have to have a p private and public policy position and she'd collect or $225,000 check, or $250,000 check. donald trump has the kitchen sink resting on his head, he's had the best dump in october we've ever seen. hillary clinton is not liked. she's a miserable candidate and she's not going to have a landslide victory. that is absurd. >> you've got them confused. >> one of you says landslide, one of you says dump. >> he hasn't moved from the low 40s yet. >> he had the worst presidential mark net history. >> you just talk about someone who had a bad month. your guy has been in the toilet
11:15 am
in the last two months. >> that's what he's saying. bernie sanders and elizabeth warren were out yesterday in i think it was colorado, wherever, for hillary clinton. bernie sanders is in arizona tomorrow for hillary clinton. there's no doubt where bernie sanders is. there's no doubt where bernie sanders supporters are. there with hillary clinton because donald trump is uniquely unqualified and unhinged. >> and on that, bill press, matt schlapp, thank you, guys. >> bernie is right today. >> matt and bill, thank you so much. just ahead, a manhunt underway in the fire bombing of a republican office in a town in north carolina. donald trump is blaming it on clinton's quote/unquote animals. plus a major divide in the clinton campaign about whether to focus on swing states, or the red states. they would love to turn blue. could taking a risk back fire? and breaking news today, it is the last isis strong hold in iraq, and right now, a battle underway to take it back. our kn crew caught in the
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some breaking developments in the hillary clinton's use of a private e-mail server when serving as secretary of state. today, the fbi released a batch of new documents and the bureau was denying exchange of favors between its own people and the state department. joe johns is here to explain. joe, what are the new documents from the fbi show? >> brooke, look, once again, congressional republicans are seeming on an issue that arose around the time hillary clinton was secretary of state and raising questions about whether the department was playing fast and loose with the rules of handling classified documents during the time she was there. they're also asking if there was talk of an inappropriate bargain surrounding all of this. the fbi in a statement today says no that didn't happen. but here's what we know. under secretary of state patrick kennedy, one of the fbi to declassify a document about possible arrests in the benghazi
11:21 am
case, which had been classified a secret by the fbi, he asked the bureau to downgrade that document, according to the fbi, an official at the bureau, who spoke with kennedy, had been trying to reach him to talk about the need for addressing additional space for fbi personnel stationed in other countries and brought up the issue apparently around the same time. the question that later arose was whether the state department was considering addressing an offer for additional space in exchange for the class -- the changing of the classification of the document, which could have been construed of course as an inappropriate quid pro quo. the fbi says it did look into the situation that arose here, concluded there was never a quit pro quo, but allegations were nonetheless referred to the appropriate officials for review. still congressional republicans including house speaker paul ryan aren't satisfied and they say the situation demonstrates hillary clinton had a complete disregard for properly handling
11:22 am
classified information, that state department was just trying to hide the mishandling of information, and state department on its own issued a statement today asserting that allegations of a quid pro quo is inaccurate and does not align with the facts, brooke. >> all right. so that's one piece of it, today. joe, thank you. there is another bit of information that is affecting hillary clinton today, 22 days out from election day. remember those six-figure speeches she gave to the big banks, bernie sanders insisted she should reveal them, reveal the transcripts. well, it appears excerpts of her speeches to goldman sachs was finally out. wikileaks published the hacked e-mails from the clinton campaign chairman, and they won't verify the authenticity. the speeches say there is a difference between what hillary clinton says on the podium versus what she says behind closed doors, quoting an exerpt from wikileaks, it's written,
11:23 am
it's unsaf-savory, but has alwa been that way. if everyone is watching all of the discussions and back deals, you know people get nervous to say the least so you need a public and private position. so with that, david chalion is here, next to me, cnn political director, and on that, public versus private, your takeaway is less on what she thought, but how she clearly kind of thought publicly versus privately, which is on her character? >> yeah, i mean, listen. hillary clinton's achilles heel in this entire election, and maybe her entire public career has been when people -- people don't trust her. in this election, people have a more unfavorable, than favorable view and this is largely this notion is she playing by a set different set of rules and is she doing things for political forces, and is she being up front with us. >> and this hovers that question around us. this is not good for the clinton
11:24 am
campaign and these are hacked e-mails, we should note that and that's a clear context, but what is inside of them is important to note. remember bernie sanders kept wanting to pressure as you noted to get these goldman speeches. she said if she wants to hide them and she's getting paid that much money t must be the stuff of shakes pepere. nobody knows how to fix the financial industry than those who are in it, very different sounding than bernie sanders and elizabeth warren. these things could have been a little bit more damaging in the democratic nomination fight in terms of the talk with the banks than they are right now. i do think it helps the trump folks paint a picture of hillary clinton as somebody who presented something in private she doesn't in private and therefore double down on this notion of can you really trust what she's telling you. >> to thy known self be true. >> right. >> do they keep their heads down and focus on the battle ground
11:25 am
states or do they pivot, because some of these red states are looking like they could turn blue. talk to me about that push and pull. >> the campaign manager, robbie mook, says we're going to do a little bit of both. they are putting some money and shoo some some high-level surrogates into a state like arizona, and hasn't gone democratic since 1996. >> isn't chelsea? >> bernie sanders. >> bernie sanders is there. michelle obama. >> come indicates something, like you said. but it also is, like, hey, trump campaigns, and republicans spend more time and money here. don't spend it in north carolina, or ohio, right? so, they're not -- you know what the core battlegrounds are. florida, ohio, nevada, florida, north carolina, and they are a, trying trying to dedistracting the republicans, and arizona is probably of all of them, the one
11:26 am
that may be the most hopeful because of the demographics of the state, because john mccain has sort of walked away from the nominee, but there may be something to play with there. >> yeah. >> but i don't see the map being dramatically different on election night than you've seen it. >> already. david chalion a man who dreams in states 22 days away. >> and shakespeer occasionally. a big programming note by the way. tonight, melania trump is breaking her silence in an exclusive interview with anderson cooper. her reaction to everything happening in this campaign including the allegations of trump's inappropriate behavior towards a number of women. do not miss this tonight. 8:00 eastern. melania trump and anderson cooper here on cnn. back in a moment. clips a food truck. then your rates go through the roof. perfect. ♪ for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. and if you do have an accident, our claims centers are available to assist you twenty-four seven.
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you know, something you hear from a lot of republicans who are still a bit skeptical in voting for donald trump, they say, all right, we're voting for him because of who he would nominate for the united states supreme court. well, slight twist today, that parties 2008 presidential nominee, long time senator john mccain says he's actually not so sure trump's choice would be better than that of hillary clinton. here's what he told a philadelphia radio station. >> isn't trump the superior guy to hillary clinton, vis-a-vis, supreme court in those issues, senator? >> first of all, i don't know because i -- because i hear him saying a lot of different things. >> uh-huh. >> senator mccain's response
11:32 am
comes after trump has released this list of 21 potential conservative justices judges who he would appoint. senator mccain added the senate would oppose any nominee that hillary clinton would put up for the supreme court. so with that jeffrey tubein, who wrought the book on the supreme court, and former federal prosecutor, the your book, the obama white house and the supreme court. what say you? it's basically saying we're going to fight everything hillary clinton puts up and we don't like trump's examples. >> this is how republicans are tying republicans in knots. at one point we're saying we don't know who donald trump will appoint and we do know. >> if you go with the 21 judges on the list. >> if you believe he will pick from that list. trump is erratic and may say that was advisory and pick someone else, but those are certainly conservative nominees, and what's moring about about what mccain said is we oppose
11:33 am
any nominee that hillary clinton puts forward. think about that. that's never happened in american history every member of one party has voted against a president's nominee to the supreme court and that really raises the possibility that if the republicans controlled the senate, we are at a justices for the foreseeable future. >> which is why these down ballot races -- i know we're all hung up on the top of the ticket, that's why it is all so key this election season. >> absolutely. it sounds like inside baseball, but who controls the united states senate, 50 -- the difference between 49 and 41 votes is enormous, because if the democrats control the chairman of the judiciary committee, they will get a hearing on merit garland, or whoever -- if she didn't -- if hillary clinton doesn't renominate him, whoever her appointee is, if it's chuck grassley, if he wins and the republicans take control, they can not hold hearings just like
11:34 am
they've not held hearings on merrick garland and there fores future. >> vote indeed. >> jeffrey, thank you. >> we're allowed to say that, right? >> absolutely. just vote. happening right now here the long awaited battle to recapture mosul after it fell in isis hands two years ago. cnn takes you live to the front lines of the battle. >> this an effort with support. a lot of coalition planning, american co-power. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you.
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iraq. the country's prime minister, announcing the mission to retake mosul from isis and free more than 100 people. iraqi-led forces appear to be gaining ground. iraq's military says it has infected quote/unquote heavy losses on isis. cnn's senior international correspondent, nick paton walsh, was trying to file a report from the battle zone when he nearly got caught in the crossfire. here he was. >> reporter: what kind of resistance will they continue to face? the iraqi military too will have to push down towards mosul, but this has been an effort with much international support, a lot of coalition planning, american air power. [ gunfire ]
11:40 am
>> reporter: one came right at me. >> we've got nick live near mock us, and first thing's first, are you and your crew okay, and what's the status of the battle secondly? >> reporter: well, we've been fine for sometime. that was a moment we were down on the main road towards mosul, isis on both sides opened fire towards the unit we were in and moments later we had seen an isis fighter running away, and another fighter blew himself up right in front of us. quite a staggering scene, showing the tenacity of the fighters left behind. we talk about the fight for the city of mousul, and have been te claims that isis has to be taken first, that's what started today moving about five or six killol teres moving in flanking. those villages have not been
11:41 am
thoughly cleared. that's a lengthy job and people hiding to take shots, as well. a lot of individuals are being used. in fact, the group we were with, looked very familiar to american vehicles and we've seen a lot of coalition air power providing support for the persh merger, but the job is to push further down the main road of mosul itself. a lot of mines and roads to cover. a lot of isis fighters hiding away inside there. and the biggest question really, brooke s what becomes of the 1.2 million people, being thought to be trapped inside the town of mosul, themselves. yes, tents around the city they could potentially get to, but potentially to be used as human shields by isis and the bomb bartment will continue all around here. >> we've love to hear from those
11:42 am
american people and an american audience this issue in iraq should be taking center stage as people are figuring out who they trust the most when it comes to election day. nick paton walsh. despite donald trump's trouble, the polls show tight races in several swing states. plus, a celebrity apprentice conte contestant, she got fired for her locker room talk. your insurance company
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a former wwe star and celebrity apprentice contestant is taking issue with donald trump's comments about him having free range to grope, kiss, and who knows what with women. it will without consent, she's maria bennett, she's publicly slammed mr. trump for those so-called locker room comments, but here's a twist, right before she was fired from the apprentice, trump shamed the
11:47 am
nine-version star for her locker room talk in the boardroom as he put it. here's a clip. >> because you came in our dressing room and you took a crap and left the stench in the room so that is the whole purpose. >> isn't this sort of gross though bringing that up? it's like disgusting. this is my boardroom. it's not a locker room. maria, you're fired. >> maria joins me now. nice to meet you. >> is there nice to meet you, as well. >> all right. so your so-called locker room talk, mr. trump's so-called locker room talk. i know you're coming forward -- you're shaking your head calling him a hypocrite. tell me why? >> because what i said was actually locker room talk. what he said is very, very far removed from what i said, and that's not locker room talk. if he would have acted upon what he was talking about, that would
11:48 am
have been assault. >> sexual assault. do you accept his apology? >> i don't. because at the end of his apology, it's always what i don't believe what they were saying and he discredits these women and i think that that's incredibly wrong to do. i mean, he doesn't even remember these women. he doesn't -- he doesn't give them any credit for what they've been through. >> you know donald trump, you know familiar with his personality more than the rest of us. what do you make of him saying the election is rigged, that there is widespread voter fraud happening? >> i think he's just afraid now. he's trying to put anything out there to spin the story right now because he is losing votes and he's losing votes from women. >> what do you think he's afraid of? >> i think he's afraid of losing, and we've witnessed it before when he's filed bankruptcies, so that he could get out of these contracts in the past, so i mean, i think
11:49 am
he's just a person that if things aren't going well, he doesn't fight for it. he just starts blaming everyone else. >> maria, from what i was told, you are still an undecided voter. i know that you will definitely not vote for trump. we're three weeks away from this election. we have seen these two in action for 17 months and you're still not sure. tell me why. >> because i haven't really heard the issues. i haven't heard policies. we've been so focused on what donald trump is saying and these accusations and these -- this wild language that he uses that we haven't been able to focus what really matters and that's the policies, that's the issues that are really occurring in america today. so, as soon as i hear more about hillary's policies i'm sure i'll be able to make a decision. >> you don't feel like you've heard from that from her? >> i haven't, no every time she tries to talk, donald trump is interrupting her so you can't really get a full sentence out
11:50 am
of her. >> okay. maria canelas-bennett, former season nine celebrity apprentice contesta contestant, thank you for being here. >> thank you very having me. a manhunt underway in the fire bombing of a republican office in norlth carolina. donald trump blaming it on hillary clinton's quote animals. and a big programs note, the interview everyone waiting for, melania trump sits down with anderson cooper, 8:00 eastern only on cnn. inside everyone is an incredible cook, someone who can cook an amazing meal any night of the week. farm fresh ingredients, step-by-step recipes, delivered to your door for less than $9 a meal. get $30 off your first delivery
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this is heartbreaking to watch. this is a video that's been shared thousands and thousands of times. it captures the moment, this father. tells his 8-year-old son the unthinkable his mother is dead of a heroine overdose.
11:55 am
the father shared the video for all of us to watch. >> mommy died last night. okay? >> what? >> mommy died last night. okay? >> what do you mean, my mom? >> yes. >> how? >> from drugs. [ crying ] >> oh, how awful to watch. ashleigh banfield, your new show, "primetime justice" with ashleigh banfield, 8:00 tonight on hln that's horrendous to watch. >> that's the kind of thing that is is injustice at a corps. those who cast aside those who choose to take drugs and they forget about those kids. there's a lot of controversy in
11:56 am
what he chose to do, about a, video knowitaping, and releasin two. that's the kind of child that can't consent legally. the effect it's having on people. >> 34 million times you said. >> 34 million people have seen that and many drug addicts said you've changed my life. >> these are the kinds of stories -- you also were talking about the serial killer case out of ohio, this guy confessed to quilling fi killing five women. this is the chilling 911 call from his home in ashland. >> "911 what is the address to your emergency? >> ". [ inaudible ] ." >> i've been abducted. >> who abducted you? >> shawn graves. >> tell me more. >> that woman whose name is jane
11:57 am
doe, he was abducted and tied up and sexual assaulted by that man, that photograph you just showed. she was able to wiggle away, call 911, right when he was sleeping. she was rescued or she may have ended up in the same fate, whose corps were rotting in that same house, one in an upstairs bedroom closet, bound, gagged, beaten and like i said, decomposing. another one in the basement in a pile of garbage, face down, covered in garbage, and shawn has cops to all of it, he's admitted it to police, reporters. he even led them to three more bodies. and now the big question is, among other things, are there more, and what makes a man like that tick, because i -- i get a ted bundy feeling when i see that photograph. tonight we're going to speak to
11:58 am
his ex-girlfriend who lived him for five years and an ex-boyfriend who was with him for a year and a half to try to get inside the mind -- get some insight. how do we recognize these people among our flock? how do we -- you know, protect ourselves, protect our friends, to people who seem charming. because that's what people said about him. shawn great was charming. imagine that, charming. >> no watch her tonight. 8:00 tonight. "primetime justice with ashleigh banfield." congratulations, my friend. >> it's going to be great. >> can't wait to watch. 8:00, hln do not miss. meantime, let's roll on. top of the hour, you're watching cnn, i'm brooke baldwin. thank you for being with me. we begin this hour. we're back with claims by donald trump that election is a scam. >> the election is being rigged. the process is rigged. this whole election is being rigged. >> remember this, it's a rigged
11:59 am
election. >> trump continuing his tiraid on twitter saying there is large scale voter fraud happening on and before election day. there is not a shred, not an iota of evidence to support his conspiracy theory, that this corrupt democracy would have to be going on in these tossupst e tossup states, under the noses of republicans. republican governors conspireing to get hillary clinton elected, not likely. one law firm firing off tweet, after tweet, more than 30 of them, to dispel any talk that system is rigged. one of them reads as follows. ordinary citizens not government bureaucrats serve as election officials and conduct the election. they check in voters, confirm i.d.s, keep records, and it goes
12:00 pm
on. voting machines are equipped with multiple inter connected counters to make it impossible to add or remove votes secretly. the head of that law firm joins me now, chris ashby, who has also happens to be a republican campaign lawyer. thank you for havibeing here. >> i talked to the ohio governor, a republican. why did your law firm feel the need to do this? >> as lawyers we have a special obligation to the rule of law and to the system of laws of which our system of elections in voting is a part. to defend that system, when it's untact, unfairly, and in an unfounded way, as donald trump has been doing for the past several days. >> your law firm we tweeted this article from the boston blo"bo," quote, open three talking about violent rebellion and hillary