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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Bolduan  CNN  October 19, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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i'm kate bolduan. hello. >> i'm john berman. what day is it? >> it is debate day in america once again. >> how many more are there after this? >> zero. >> so how high are the stakes then? >> as john berman would say, wicked high. >> that is why we are live here
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at the university of nevada las vegas, where it all begins in just ten hours. of our nonpartisan friends here. >> completely nonpartisan. >> this is the third, last and final debate between donald trump and hillary clinton which means there are no more after this. >> which means there's no time like the present to make your case, land your punches and pull off a big "w" before millions of viewers also known as voters. how is it going to go? look no further than the campaign as your guide. in short, it could and likely will get nasty. let's begin with an inside look inside the debate hall. sunlen serfaty has all the details. give us the low-down. what's going to happen tonight? >> reporter: well, i think right now it is certainly the calm before the storm here inside the debate hall. each candidate has no doubt been prepping each in their distinctive way for days leading into this big moment. the last and final debate. i do think we will get our first sense of the tone of the night, how this might all go, from that initial moment when both
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candidates walk out here onstage. do they shake hands or not. we will see. certainly it will be indicative of potentially the fight ahead. earlier this morning i spent some time on the debate floor looking at kind of the setup to give you guys an up close and personal view of how this might all go down. this is the stage tonight where donald trump and hillary clinton will both be making their closing arguments and you see this debate, it returns to the formal podium style that was seen in the first debate. the candidates standing onstage together, about ten feet apart, here you have moderator chris wallace's chair. i want to show you the view the candidates will each be seeing from their podium. if you look out here, right on the floor there's about 300 seats of invited guests in the audience, students in the university, then some stadium seating above. there will be no commercial breaks. no bathroom breaks. this will be a solid 90 minutes
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of debate for each of the candidates. we know the segments will be divided into six topics of 15-minute segments. those topics, debt and entitlement, immigration, the economy, supreme court, foreign hot spots and fitness to be president. each candidate will have two minutes at the top of those segments to make their statements on that topic, then it will go to about 15 minutes of open debate and discussion. each and every moment up here on this debate stage so critical for both candidates. >> we now know that secretary clinton will be kicking off the night tonight. she by coin toss, it was decided she will get the first question tonight. their position will be largely the same we have seen in the past two debates. clinton will be standing on stage left and donald trump will be on stage right. >> all right. sunlen serfaty for us inside the debate hall, great to have you with us. behind us, our panel of undecided voters.
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onstage with us, cnn political commentators mary katherine hamm, senior writer for the federalist and conservative blogger, kirseten power and bakari sellers, former south carolina state rep and hillary clinton supporter. mary katherine, we are going to start with you. finish this sentence for me. >> you love these. >> for tonight -- excuse me. for donald trump tonight will be? >> an attempt to marshal all of the late-breaking scandals about hillary and some of this confirming narrative information from wikileaks. i think he has a lot of opportunities here. some people said is he going to punch low. he may. he has a lot of opportunity to actually take real issues and go at her with them. wikileackileaks reveals a lot o things voters already feel about
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her. the question is whether he can do that. it's always been that when he does it's a little clumsy. if he can land some punches, not a bad idea. >> finish this sentence. for hillary clinton tonight will be? >> well, can i just say for trump it will be his last chance to turn things around. >> finish the sentence i gave you. >> for hillary, this is her chance to put it away. she basically right now has trump on his heels. she's consist ently ahead in every poll -- and significantly ahead in a way that's at this late date very hard to turn it around. she can basically put it away tonight if she really kind of obviously doesn't take the bait from him which she's been very good at sort of staying above the fray. but also making a positive case and using this as an opportunity to talk about sort of her vision for the country and to give people a positive case and a reason to pull the lever for her, not just to vote against donald trump.
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>> andrey, you support donald trump and have been willing to give tough love in the past. you watched him do two debates now. what would you like to see him do differently tonight? >> well, number one, i would like for him to be more upbeat. i would like for his look to be a little happier. when he's not on camera, when they have had the double screen, i want him to be cheerful. i want people to be excited about coming out to vote for him. you see people here are passionate. he has to get take passion there. he's got to hope to keep her base down and not energize them to come out and his base has got to come out in big numbers and if he continues to talk about the economy, protecting the borders, not being the world peace keeper anymore and how he can really change the total environment in washington, that's what excites his base and what excites people in the middle that are sick of the status quo. nch >> you have liked hillary clinton's performances in the debates but is there something you would like to see her do differently? >> i'm not the only one who liked her debates. scientific polls show she won both the first and second debate. i think she gave us two
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different styles. to be completely honest, i don't expect hillary clinton to do anything differently in this debate. hillary clinton right now, where she's sitting in the polls, has a better chance to win arizona and texas than donald trump has to win virginia and -- >> coast is not good policy. >> i'm not saying coast. we want her to be floyd mayweather. she's the champ going in. >> dan ball is one of my favorite writers for "the washington post." he sort of suggests hillary clinton may have a higher bar tonight than she's had before. she has to deal with e-mails. leave that aside for a second. the second thing is she has to make an affirmative case without using the word donald trump about why she should be president of the united states. >> i think she has been doing that. i would love to hear that on tonight's debate stage. i think everybody sitting up here, if we disarm ourselves of any partisanship, we want these candidates to tell us why they should be president of the united states and what a hillary clinton or donald trump presidency shall be.
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if we are talking about strictly winning or losing, what does hillary clinton have to do different or better? absolutely nothing. hillary clinton needs to come out and be the better debater, which she is. donald trump is the kid who scores baskets in his own goal. >> that's one mental image. mary katherine, jeff zeleny's reporting this morning is that hillary clinton is having to prepare in a different way than she has in the past. prepare for her own words, prepare to talk about the words of her aides, wikileaks, e-mails. she has a lot that's come out in the wickileaks e-mails she hasn't had to deal with before. you are not in the business of giving advice to hillary clinton but what do you do about it? >> the upside is she has prepared very well in the past for the things she's done in the past and she's done them fairly well in the first two debates. if she can file that away and add on this other stuff, it is a challenge, but i wonder, look, chris wallace will know the facts of this stuff cold. that's who she needs to worry about. i'm not sure trump will know
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them as cold as chris does. she has to worry about both of them to some degree but the moderator more. i think she can probably defend at least conversantly enough to get past most these things and trump won't be landing a bunch of punches. but i will throw in another sports metaphor. a prevent defense doesn't always -- >> the only defense is winning. >> you just won him over. >> only thing worse is the four corners. that's a different court all together. kirsten, one of the new things about this debate, last debate we had "access hollywood." since that time, since the second debate we have had these women come forward one after the other after the other making a broad range of accusations here. how should donald trump or what does he need to do to address that tonight? >> i honestly don't think there's anything he can do to address it because first of all, his position has been don't believe anything that anybody says unless they're saying it about bill clinton. and you know, he's claimed there
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are no witnesses and now that witnesses have come forward, i think he will continue to claim that none of this happened. what can he say? >> do you think he will be as combative? >> i don't know why he would stop being combative. we have all been waiting for this person to show up and be presidential and it hasn't happened in the first two debates so i don't know why it would happen tonight. hillary clinton doesn't want to go there with him because he will come back with attacks on her husband and that isn't a place she really wants to be spending her time. >> the "new york times" is reporting that trump is preparing to bring up hillary clinton's health. this is not uncommon for him to bring up in rallies, not uncommon for him to bring up in interviews or they even cut a tv ad about it. but he hasn't brought up her health issues in a debate setting before. do you like that idea? >> i don't. i think there's too many other points to score on the wickileaks, on where he takes the vision of the country, how bad the system's broken in washington, even with his own party, and how he's really fighting the entire system and
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if you want substantive change you will need that. i don't think the health issue moves a lot of voters. >> they trying to wrap me. i will get in trouble. be quick on the answer. james o'keefe video which shows democratic activists, operatives, talking about maybe inciting violence at trump rallies, does hillary clinton need to separate herself and disavow that tonight? >> if the question is asked, of course you disavow yourself from any violence or inciting of violence that goes on in rallies. that's what you do. hillary clinton tonight, beating on that point, will be very presidential. that is what separates the two candidates. one has the temperament, one is presidential, the other is donald trump. >> guys? >> moving definition of what is presidential these days. guys, great to see you. last minute negotiations between the campaigns and the debate commission all about the very top of the show, before the debate even begins. what is going on here? the clinton campaign is joining us next. then what is the one thing that donald trump can say on that stage tonight to change the trajectory of the race?
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folks. >> they are going to use a scorched earth strategy. >> she deleted the e-mails. she has to go to jail. >> he has attacked immigrants, african-americans, latinos, people with disabilities. >> i'm the only one that can fix this mess, folks. >> it takes a lot of gall to criticize a country you won't lift a finger to support. >> it is time to drain the damn swamp. welcome back. we are live on the campus of unlv, home of the running rebels, home of the third and final presidential debate. what does team clinton have up its sleeve? >> we just happen to have a key member of that team here with us right now to spill the beans. let's bring in hillary clinton's
8:17 am
campaign press secretary, brian fallin. brian, our nonpartisan team back here. >> very spirited crowd. >> beyond that, should hillary clinton and donald trump shake hands at the top of the debate? >> i don't know. that's going to be an organic moment that will play out. it didn't happen at the beginning of the second debate but then they did shake hands at the end. i think in general she's going to be focused on her game plan going into tonight's debate which is to again, try to use this forum where you speak to a mass audience to communicate her positive vision and really start to make the closing argument only three weeks out. we have a new ad on television today and the sound, the audio from it, the narration of it actually is sound from the second debate. we really feel these debates are a real opportunity to drive a positive message even if he's going to go scorched earth. >> that's not a tough question. a positive message would be shaking hands before the debate. >> start off on a high note. >> i will leave it to them i will play out on the stage. >> there is reporting this morning the clinton campaign talked to the debate commission to change the choreography about the family members, how they
8:18 am
enter the hall, so they don't have to shake hands, bill clinton doesn't have to shake hands with melania trump. the reporting is because he wanted to avoid awkward confrontations maybe with more people who accused bill clinton of past indiscretions, the people who trump brought last time. is that true? >> we have the highest respect for donald trump's family. as much as we disagree with him as a candidate, i think we have nothing but respect for his wife and children. but just think of what happened at the start of that second debate. the trump campaign actually acknowledged that in the closing minutes before that debate started they tried to give a back seat to his family members and actually bump them from the debate stage in favor of people that they wanted to use to execute a stunt. the debate commission stood up and said that was not going to happen, that was not appropriate. then they complained about it afterwards, the trump campaign. i think going into this debate, i don't think we wanted any protocols or etiquette of the debate to facilitate a stunt move by the trump campaign. we know that he's going low. we know he's practicing a scorched earth policy in the
8:19 am
closing weeks. he's capable of anything. we will be ready for it. i don't think the debate rules should facilitate that. >> did the campaign have any knowledge of democratic groups coordinating in any way with protesters to incite violence at trump rallies? >> we absolutely condemn any efforts to stoke violence or unrest at trump events. in fact, if you think back to the convention we actually deliberately publicly urged progressives not to show up and protest outside the convention just out of an abundance of caution. we did not want to play into any scenes of unrest outside the hall. we urged everybody to go out, organize and register voters. we have been very strict and disciplined about not trying to encourage that. i think the appropriate action has been taken in light of the videos that have surfaced and a contractor is no longer being retained -- >> no knowledge of this? >> no. >> no connection to the people involved? >> look. the individual is someone contracted with the dnc. but appropriate action has been taken. again, i think you also need to
8:20 am
remember the source of this video. james o'keefe is a convicted criminal, has an idealogical agenda and in the past has selectively edited material. >> there was action taken you do agree with? >> right. even just the possibility of this stuff being broached is inappropriate. >> ed rollins who ran ronald reagan's 1984 campaign and is involved with the donald trump super pac right now, has said essentially it would take a miracle for donald trump to win right now. you think it would take a miracle? >> no question his campaign is in a downward spiral. i think since the second debate, we have seen our numbers rise in all key battleground states, and so i think if the race ended today, we would be in a very good place but we know the race will not end today. we have three weeks to go. i expect a tightening to happen. but that's why we need to work so hard in the closing weeks. we also need to make a positive closing argument. hillary clinton has been very disciplined about not just wanting to make the case against donald trump but give people a thing to vote for. that's important when it comes to governing after the election. that's what she will do tonight. >> if she performs so well
8:21 am
tonight why do you expect the polls to tighten? >> i think in the end a lot of consolidation will occur. we are still a very polarized nation. this race has had swings up and down. that's why we can't take anything for granted and are working so hard to register people before the deadlines and turn out voters in the states that have early voting. >> does hillary clinton support term limits for members of congress? >> this is a stunt. >> why? >> donald trump -- because in the past, donald trump himself has opposed term limits. number two, he's doing this on the heels of facing so many stories about republicanfecting. this i not so much a policy rollout -- >> he's not the first person to bring it up. does hillary clinton support term limits? >> what we would support doing in terms of trying to quote unquote drain the swamp and get rid of the special interests in washington, d.c. is campaign finance reform. she's said in the first 30 days of her administration, top priority of hers will be to introduce a constitutional amendment to overturn citizens
8:22 am
united, get anonymous money out of our campaigns. >> right now the hillary clinton campaign has no position on the concept of term limits for members of congress? >> she has not taken a position in support of them in the past. as president, she will prioritize campaign finance reform. >> brian, great to have you with us. thank you so much. >> good luck tonight. thank you. so today it is the democrats. tomorrow, it could be us. that's the message from senator marco rubio of florida to his own party. what he doesn't want the republicans to talk about, ahead. plus, a wowser morning wakeup call. new poll out of traditionally red arizona showing major tints of blue right now. are we seeing a new battleground? we'll be right back. ♪ ♪
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we have planes flying overhead, we are live at unlv for the big third debate here, that drip, drip, drip you heard this morning, that is not just the coffee machine, my friends. it is yet another batch of apparently hacked hillary clinton e-mails -- hillary clinton campaign e-mails being put out by wickileaks but republican senator marco rubio has a very stern warning for his party and donald trump on this. don't capitalize off of e-mails stolen by foreign actors. why? these are his words. today it is the democrats. tomorrow it could be us. >> this after marco rubio flat out rejected donald trump's claims of a rigged election. >> we have 67 counties in this state. each of which conduct their own
8:28 am
elections. i promise you there is not a 67 county conspiracy to rig this election. there's no evidence behind any of this. so this should not continue to be said and do i believe people should have confidence, yes. >> here to discuss now, cnn political commentator, donald trump supporter scottie nell hughes, david brock from correct the record and media matters, a hillary clinton supporter, behavior and psychological expert gina louden and bakari sellers, south carolina state rep and hillary clinton supporter. scottie nell hughes, marco rubio has a lot of advice. wickileaks, don't touch it. what's it like to get advice from marco rubio right now? >> i think marco rubio needs to be advising his own campaign at this moment. let's remember he was the golden child. he should be right now the republican presidential nominee. he was at the top of the ticket coming out of 2012 and then he decided to go with this gang of eight immigration bill. he should probably listen to his own advice and try to pick and choose which battles you will fight. he's had a tough race right now in florida. he should be concentrating on
8:29 am
that. i think this is why you are seeing this type of talk here. once again, when you see republican senators and congressmen go against donald trump and the amount of great enthusiasm that his supporters are carrying, it doesn't win well for the establishment republicans. >> sounds like a threat. >> what about the message he has? no one should be celebrating if foreign actors are the ones hacking e-mails and putting them out. why celebrate? because in his words, it's the democrats today, it's us tomorrow. >> absolutely. i don't think mr. trump or anybody, the republicans are celebrating he was hacked into. what we are showing -- >> aren't they? >> no. actually someone breaking in, absolutely not. mr. trump has said that over and over. he's condemned that over and over. but what he has said is that doesn't mean we don't have the skeletons that needed to come out of the depths of the coffins of the democratic party, have been finally brought to light thanks to wickileaks. >> david, i have a feeling in a million, billion years, if the shoe were on the other foot, you wouldn't lay off the wikileaks.
8:30 am
if there are wikileaks e-mails hacked about republicans you would be spinning them right now. >> i would like to think we wouldn't be doing that because i don't think we would approve of a foreign government trying to subvert our electoral process. two, we try to stick to the facts. it's not known which of these e-mails are real, which may be somewhat -- >> they haven't denied the existence of any of them. none of them have they said this wasn't true at all. that isn't really the issue here. >> i think that's part of the issue. there have been a few that haven't been recognized. the main issue is donald trump has been encouraging a foreign government to subvert our own election process. it fits with the argument he's making, this broader argument about a rigged election process and that if it's being rigged by anybody, it's being rigged by the russians and what they are doing with wikileaks. republicans, not only marco rubio, we have seen all morning republicans all over the air condemning what donald trump is saying about the rigged election undermining our democratic process and i think his warning on the wikileaks is very appropriate. >> let's talk about arizona. this morning you woke up and there's a new poll out of
8:31 am
arizona', long-time traditionally red arizona, and hillary clinton is up five points in arizona. that's not even to mention in a texas poll just out that it's now, trump is only up three points. how much trouble does that spell for you? >> i actually think in a lot of this polling right now, we are seeing numbers that are kind of all over the place. let's not forget in the last election, all the polling was essentially wrong. we saw the polling wrong all the way through the primary process. it doesn't surprise me -- >> donald trump was ahead in the polls almost the entire length of the primary. when he was bragging about the polls he was right, he was winning the primary polls were right. >> we were seeing some that were wrong. i think we will continue to see those. i saw another rasmussen polling today it was absolutely tied. mr. trump is making great gains if you look at the details of that polling. >> what about in arizona? >> especially fascinating in light of all -- not just the wikileaks but also the whole fbi, that whole quid pro quo
8:32 am
story coming out. also the james o'keefe video. i'm quoting the fbi agent. so there's a lot of information coming out and i think that we aren't seeing polling yet from those numbers. i think that will start to shift some of that. >> bakari? >> i don't think anybody should quote that poll. if you go throughout the country, hillary clinton is leading in many battleground states outside of maybe you have a close race in ohio and iowa where she appears to be down. we have a lot of issues going on right now around us and donald trump, he received a hit coming out the first debate. then we had the video and he received another hit. now we have tonight. tonight is the last chance that he has to do absolutely anything. the problem that donald trump is going to have is it still won't be enough. he's so far behind in this race, so far behind in swing states -- >> leading into the first two debates hillary clinton was all about we shouldn't set the expectations too low for donald trump. >> he should be graded, we
8:33 am
should all be graded on the same curve. >> let's throw that out the window because the fact is hillary clinton is never going to be graded on the same scale as donald trump. this whole race, there has been a slant. hillary clinton has to be ginger rogers, has to do everything he does in high heels and backwards. that's a fact. going into this debate, we know hillary clinton is a better performer, better debater and is debating donald trump. the bar is already inherently low for him. what we are saying is that the map is solidly in her favor and she needs to make sure that for the last 19 days or 20 days, however many days we have left, she keeps her foot on the gas and pushes forward. >> if you have marco rubio, if you have basically every state, every secretary of state throughout the states who are handling these elections saying it is not rigged in terms of there is no large scale voter fraud that they are seeing that will change the course of this election that will sway it, how do you want donald trump to address what he said in rallies and what his supporters love to hear, this concept of a rigged election, but how do you want
8:34 am
him to address it from the stage? because all we hear is the republican secretary of state saying it is not rigged. you hear governor after governor, republican governor, saying it is not rigged. >> that's the thing. there's two parts to this whole rigged thing. one is the media covering seven to one all the things, there's the standard. the hillary standard. she's gotten away with a lot more. >> i'm talking about large scale voter fraud. >> here's what it comes down to. if you are a democrat you don't think there's any rigging going on because nine times out of ten it benefits you. if you are republican, you believe there's rigging going on just like the heritage foundation has more than 400 cases within the last ten years. >> these are republicans who are coming out to contradict donald trump. >> they are secretary of states, establishment politicians. they have not been for us since the very beginning. we don't need them. we need the people. those that are elected to the office that are paying attention to the people, they are winning. they are the ones actually going forward and moving forward with this. some are offended, some are not. get over it. make sure your process is clean and we don't have voter
8:35 am
intimidation which is probably one of the largest cases we have seen. >> the secretary of state of ohio is voting for donald trump. he is a supporter unlike what you just said. guys, thank you very much. coming up next, america's premier debate coach joins us live along with mitt romney's former director of public policy. who is comparing -- they will be comparing their notes just like it's like, you know, game day. let's see what they say. what needs to happen tonight. what they need to do right and wrong. very soon hillary clinton and donald trump, they are expected to arrive here at that debate site. you are looking at live pictures from inside the debate hall. they will have their walk-throughs, check out the lecterns, check out the crowd, check out the lighting. will it be to their liking? we will discuss coming up. ♪ tomorrow's the day we'll play something besides video games. every day is a gift especially for people with heart failure. but today there's entresto®- a breakthrough medicine
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we are live in las vegas with a ringside seat for the final presidential debate. hillary clinton has an edge over donald trump in the latest cnn poll of polls. >> here to discuss debate strategies, brett o'donnell, renowned debate coach and president of o'donnell and associates. and lonny chen, policy director for the mitt romney campaign. if you look at our poll of polls, trump is down nine points. it's hard to look back and see a spread that big when going into a third debate this late in the cycle. how does that fact shape the debate tonight? >> i think it's time for a hail mary for him. i think he needs to realize that this debate performance is going to be important.
8:41 am
the interesting thing about this debate, people may actually be watching. usually by the time you get to if final debate it's not clear that anybody is still watching. in this campaign people have been sort of riveted by the back and forth. he still does have an opportunity but he needs to be aggressive. i do think also he needs to stay on issues as well as the prosecution of hillary's record. i don't think it's hillary's personal life. i think it's her record. >> an issue-based hail mary. i'm not sure i understand what an issue-based hill mary is. brett o'donnell, world renowned debate coach, donald trump down nine points. he says hail mary. what do you say? >> well, i say that that's correct. the one thing that hillary clinton has to avoid is the trap of the third debate. if you look at the history of presidential debates, it's replete with people who thought they were winning headed into that last debate. john kerry, al gore, mitt romney, even, in the last cycle, thought they were winning headed into the last debate, had a very poor performance and their opponent went on to win the
8:42 am
election. third debates can matter. remember, even though the audience might be down for the actual viewership, most of the country will hear about this debate and so donald trump still has an opening. he's got to have his best debate ever tonight. >> it is a small thing, but it can be seen as a major gesture, especially kind of the tone of this race and where it's gone. brett, handshake or not when they make it onstage? it's strange to me, and i think a little sad that even it's become a thing, it's become an issue. >> yeah. i think we are making more of it than we should. i think they should shake hands for the good of the country. and they should discuss issues for the good of the country. that's what i'm more concerned about. that we don't see a debate that denigrates just into purely personal attacks. hillary clinton has failed to articulate a positive vision of where she would take the country and donald trump has yet to prosecute a case against her for an entire debate. so those two things need to
8:43 am
happen. they both need to explain how they would [ inaudible ] right choice. >> so you heard brett say that hillary clinton shouldn't fall into the third debate prep and i think you broke out in hives when he brought up mitt romney. he's been preparing for five days now. she's been practicing a lot. what do you think that means? what will she do on that stage tonight to avoid that third debate trap? >> you know, i think the most important thing for her is to present her closing argument and to do it in a way that tells people, look, this is what i'm going to do as president. i think the biggest knock on her candidacy, has been we don't know what it is that she's for, what she's going to do as president. what is her vision if she wins. tonight, she needs to make that argument and say look, if i'm president, here are the three things you can expect from me. and really kind of close this campaign and put a nice bow on it and you're right. i think brett makes a great point. she really cannot fall into the trap of thinking that she's got this one.
8:44 am
she needs to sort of not be too defensive but she also has to realize that this debate for her is also the equivalent of the prevent defense. i think as long as she doesn't -- as long as she doesn't give up the big hail mary, to use another football analogy, she will be fine. >> i'm loving you right now. the prevent defense. it's a dangerous, dangerous thing. >> thanks for being with us. >> thanks, guys. new this morning, a poll that shows hillary clinton leading by five points in arizona. what? we will discuss. and very soon, both candidates expected to arrive here at unlv. they will tour the debate hall. we will bring it to you when it happens. caught on tape. a democratic group accused of coordinating protesters to incite violence at trump rallies. this coming from a conservative activist, talking about how they easily pop off. new fallout and how it plays tonight.
8:45 am
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we are live in las vegas. if you didn't know. what have you been doing all hour? it's all right here. home to some of history the greatest showdowns. donny versus marie, fermin versus baldwin. it's crazy. final debate set to kick off hours from now. >> here with us, cnn presidential historian douglas brinkley, manu raju and cnn executive eder mark preston. doug brinkley to you. into this debate. over here. >> i'm here. >> a hair flip. >> the polls show donald trump down by nine points. that's a lot. put it in historical perspective
8:50 am
now. is there any historical reference to being down nine points with three weeks to go? >> well, anytime you get, you're down by nine, you have to think about harry truman's, 1948, when everybody says truman couldn't win. the democratic party had broke in parts just like the republican in sense. strom thurman, henry wallace. lo and behold, famous newspaper, "chicago tribune defeats truman" and he didn't. if i were donald trump my new favorite president, the hail mary president of harry truman and what he did in '48. it's the miracle. >> the miracle. you know what? forget everything we said how important tonight is. talk about tomorrow, maeve. we have -- just talking about these polls. this poll in arizona that has hillary clinton up five. you've got, you know, texas. there's a poll out tightening. looking forward, especially in the arizona, use it as an example. michelle obama is going there.
8:51 am
hillary clinton is sticking to the traditional battleground states. what is michelle obama doing for hillary clinton? what is hillary clinton doing after this? what to they do in the final three weeks? >> hillary clinton has to make her chosen argument. a lot of issues with millennials thinking about voting for the third-party candidates, and get real. michelle obama is the better surrogate for hillary clinton out there on the trail than hillary clinton is for herself. so but their strategy certainly is to make trump play in some of mees red states like arizona even maybe texas, and really keep him on defense. that's how they'll kroclose it down. >> the rnc chair didn't want to see donald trump there. how many more days will that last until a big invite, come to phoenix, donald trump? >> exactly. >> manu, many races around the country. battle for supremacy is on right now. what are you hearing about the
8:52 am
down ballot race? >> so incredibly race. could go either way. a handful of races are within the margin of error even your traditional toss-up. >> earlier in the cycle? >> still close. new hampshire and pennsylvania. those are races close since the beginning. >> nevada right here. >> nevada. one democratic seat they're trying to defend, incredibly close and red states. indiana, north carolina. missouri, all republican seats, very close. the one thing that the down-ticket republicans need, for donald trump to keep a margin with hillary clinton close. if he starts to lose by eight, nine, ten points in states like this, it's going to be very, very difficult to run ahead of the ticket. joe hack here in nevada, congressman running for harry reid's seat. i obitarianed and audio recording saying he could run ahead of donald trump but only if trump losing nevada by five points. anything less, trouble.
8:53 am
>> mark preston what is there after the debate? maeve's talking about hillary clinton and donald trump. it's about the closing argument after this. but what is there left after the debate when you're going to have millions of eyeballs watching. you make your case. what is there left to move the needle one way or the other? >> one thing, a divided america standing behind us now and a smallmicrocosm what we're tonight. donald trump, scorched earth? try to burn her down in a typical donald trump way or come out talk about policy, future a a commander in chief, how he can work in washington. both to pivot up into next week and closing weeks right now is that they have to convince the american public right now that they have the experience, the knowledge and the know-how to become president, specifically at this time that we're in so much, again, division in our country, and there's so many problems going on around the world. donald trump tonight could
8:54 am
actually score points which could help him in the next couple weeks if he follows that path. not sure if he will. >> imagine talking who's going to govern once in there? just going to be -- this country is so divided right now, and neither of the candidates seems to have, be talking about how they would unite people. >> seems to be the thing today, though, i have to say. i've been asking the question, you brought it up. the idea hillary clinton needs to make an affirmative message for why she wants to be president. doug brinkley, you know, we've been in this race now for 16 months. has that not broken through, the message? press secretary says, oh, no. talking about that all along. have they? or something missing? >> i think it's broken through, but in small groups. not with this overall message that people know what hillary clinton's main message, her vision for america. it's been kind of watered down a little bit. however, she does well with constituency groups.
8:55 am
african-americans, latinos. break it down like the polls. she's doing well. i think tonight her main thing is not to be rattled by donald trump. be like she was in that first debate. seemed to kind of do that little shimmy she did, and just -- because he's going to throw the kitchen sink at her and she just can't fall into going into combat zone with him. when you're that far ahead in polls. >> not a complete day until i get a doug brinkley shimmy. just going to say. >> modeled after you. >> yes! >> manu raju, your crystal ball. what is the headline tomorrow? >> oh, boy. donald trump dnand hillary clinn throw mud. incredibly, incredibly nasty debate. you thought last one bad, this one worse. donald trump most effective moments in the debate, the first 30 minutes of the first debate when he effectively made the argument that he was an agent of change. she was part of the status quo. can he stay on that message
8:56 am
tonight or get rattled? under his skin and will he fire back? his challenge. >> guys, thank for being here. appreciate it. thank all of you as were you. >> thank you. thank you, america. our special coverage live from las vegas as we count down to the big final debate. it is debate day in america. the guy says you picked the wrong insurance plan. no, i picked the wrong insurance company. with liberty mutual new car replacement™, you won't have to worry about replacing your car because you'll get the full value back including depreciation. and if you have more than one liberty mutual policy, you qualify for a multi-policy discount, saving you money on your car and home coverage. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. anknows how it feelsiabetes to see your numbers go up, despite your best efforts. but what if you could turn things around?
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we are live from las vegas. it's debate night, and donald trump trials badly, or bigly as he might say. welcome into "inside politics." i'm john king. thanks for sharing your time today. this noontime, three, one, is it too late? can donald trump use the final debate to launch what would be an epic comeback? >> history is watching us now, waiting to see if we will rise to the moment. the moment is going to be


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