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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  October 19, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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here we go, vegas, baby. here we are in sunny las vegas, nevada, i'm brooke baldwin, you're watching cnn live special coverage here. it's debate day, we are in a city world renown for its prize-winning fights and the prize tonight could not get any bigger. in just a couple hours it will be donald trump versus hillary clinton in the final presidential debate here on campus at the university of
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nevada las vegas unlv. let's be honest, no presidential candidate has received the scandals and controversies that donald trump has. he's been taking a pummelling in the polls so much so that seep then's electoral map details a dominant map to victory. i'll talk to john king about that but still despite all he has facing, if trump is proving anything in this election it's the fact that he can and does deny expectations. so with that, let's begin with sunlen serfaty here at unlv at the debate site. sunlen, give me a lay of the land and the rules, please. >> brooke, we spent time earlier today out there on the debate floor inside the debate hall to get a sense of the room, it felt like the calm before the storm we wanted to show you the details, the setup and stage
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where this is going to go down tonight. this here is the stage where donald trump and hillary clinton will make their closing arguments tonight and you'll see this is back to the formal podium-style debate that we saw in the first debate between the two of them. here is donald trump's podium, that over there is hillary clinton's podium. same stage positionings they've had in the previous two debates. you'll hear from hillary clinton first, that was decided by coin toss, she will get the first question. i want to flip this around and show you the view the candidates will be seeing when they're up there behind the podium. about a thousand people here in the audience tonight and here's how this will go down there will be six 15-minute segments, each with a particular focus -- debt and entitlements, immigration, the economy, supreme court, foreign hot spots, and fitness to be president. each candidate will have two minutes to answer those questions then it will lead into
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open discussion for the rest of the 15-minute segment. no bathroom breaks, no special breaks, a solid 90 minutes here under these bright lights. >> and each of the candidates' families will be sitting in the front row, they'll be sitting lined up into their line of sight. when you're in the room, brooke, you get the sense how close these families are sitting. just a matter of feet, a small aisle separates them. >> sunlen, thank you so much. sunlen serfaty outside of the debate hall. and now let's talk about the new cnn electoral map. this is based upon the latest state and national polling. keep in mind, the magic number is 270. a candidate needs 270 electoral college votes to win and this latest map shows an even bigger victory in the electoral college for hillary clinton but as you see the numbers, there are still 20 days until election day.
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with me i have brianna keyer will, john king and kirsten powers. so also have you here. john king, i defer to you on all things maps so walk me through why this is looking better for the hillary clinton. >> the debate season has been damning to donald trump's prospects for putting together 270 electoral votes. if we were having this conversation on september 26, hillary clinton would have still been ahead but the race was trending donald trump's. he had come to two points in the poll of polls, leading in national polls. if you look at the map, we have nevada leading in blue. it was tied or donald trump was ahead the day of the first debate, florida we lean blue, donald trump was tied or ahead t day of the first debate. virginia we lean blue, he was within five, pennsylvania we lean blue, he was within five. double digit leads for clinton in pennsylvania, virginia and today what we're doing is nevada
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and florida we have moved from tossup to lean democratic that is enormous. donald trump can't win without florida. >> tell me the two states again. >> nevada and florida we've nut the lean democrats. 29 electoral votes in florida. there's just no way. it's impossible to get donald trump to 270. >> in 20 days? >> i'm not saying he can't change them in 20 days. you noted at the top of the show this has been the most unpredictable volatile election so i'm not saying it's impossible but he has to turn a lot of aircraft carriers. he's not just turning one but many. you want to turn florida, florida is a certain kind of electorate. off big latino population, a lot of independents, a more moderate state so you have to turn florida. then how do you turn pennsylvania where you're looking at a different electora electorate? that's a different strategy and more time and energy. if we can go back to the map, this is what's important. what we've taken away from donald trump, we've given hillary clinton for now in this projection florida and nevada. but we've taken away utah and
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arizona. this is what makes this election so stunning. those are ruby-red republican states. mitt romney got 72% of the vote in utah in 2012 so we're saying there's a possibility clinton could win. >> a possibility third party conservative would win, still possible donald trump wins utah but the fact that we are 20 days from an election and the republicans have to worry about utah and arizona tells you all you need to know. you mentioned clinton has a nine-point national lead. think about polarized politics going back to bill clinton. this is unthinkable that anybody's candidate is plus nine. the obama-romney race on the day of the third debate was tied. this race is plus 9. >> the math is key. you mentioned the "s" word being strategy and in strategy i'm thinking about the debate and looking at you, brianna, i'm thinking of these -- we'll call them semi surprise guests, the cat is out of the bag on some of the guests, including the trump team is bringing in president obama's half brother, lives in
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d.c., kenyan born and he's someone who is supporting donald trump and perhaps the trump folks are hoping this will be a dis for democrats and here's an obama who would support trump. would it work? >> this is what baffling to me. on one hand you have hillary clinton who has so many republicans supporting her. this isn't the same thing. malik obama has a big beef with his half brother barack obama. by inviting this guy to the debate, i think donald trump is ticking off obama supporters, hillary clinton is trying to bring along some of these obama supporters, why would you do something to motivate them? especially when you sort of look at his background. this is a guy who dedicated his 2012 book to moammar ghadafi for making the world a better place. this is not the same thing as saying "michael hayden supports me." this is something to try to get under someone's skin but does
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this get under hillary clinton's skin? maybe if you were debating barack obama. even then i don't get it. >> what could get under her skin is what we've been talking about in the news with regard to the wikileaks, the back and forth between the fbi and state and how she could be on the defensive when she's asked tougher questions tonight so off of the surprise guests and i don't know if hillary clinton will care who's sitting on the audience if she's focused on the issue at hand, how does she handle that and potential for trump to bring up her health, according to the "times." >> i think he will look bad if he brings up the health issue. she's been spending five days doing debate prep, i'm sure that was one of the questions. the truth is, trump has good issues to prosecute her with. the thing is he hasn't been that great at doing that because he gets sidetracked by other grievances that he has and so i think if he did stay focused and go after her on those issues, potentially he may be able to
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lay a glove on her and score points but can it change the trajectory of the race? that part is unlikely. >> one of the lines we've been hearing for trump louder this last week, he's almost quadrupling down on the election is rig, there's widespread voter fraud even though you have the john kasichs of the world saying that's like nobody landed on the moon. i want to play this sound. this is ivanka trump on the record being asked about whether she thinks the election is rigged. here she was. >> >> a lot of the conversation in the last week has been your father's accusation that it's rigged. do you believe this election is rigged? >> i will tell you that the media has been vicious and there's a lot of business people in the room. we've had articles written about us by the business press where we say, hmm, that wasn't exactly fair, the fact check, there's a few things off but this has been a different level. look, we take it personally,
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obviously there's some things said that are deeply personal but on a less emotional example, this week, in the last couple days i saw on the front cover of the "new york times" a story talking about how the trump brand was being decimated due to the campaign, our team had provided by statistics as it relates to our hotel company for example showing traffic patterns and actual analytics and data. they insisted on using quotes from random people, i have no idea where they called. they chose to use a booking engine that represented a total last year of 16 bookings. but they didn't say that. they said the decrease in bookings, this booking engine that doesn't book at luxury hotels and we have so many hotels. we have thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands a year and they took a company that booked 16 room nights with us and didn't say that but said
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our bookings went down 38% last year and we told them, we said this isn't a relevant metric. they only did 16 room nights, it's not expedia, this is not a relevant performance. all they had from us wasn't the quote where they shared the facts of our performance. they had the quote that we think this is a mischaracterization of how our business is doing and they didn't mention the lack of volume. so it's demoralizing when you're working very hard and you have teams working tremendously hard to read these things. so i think the bias is very, very real and i don't think i would have said this to you even a year ago but i'm seen it too many times. it's tremendous. >> all right, so let's come in, this is this event she's speaking, being interviewed so specifically from what could hear off the top, i heard the
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word media. doug, i want to hear your voice as well. media. it's the media that skewed everything. >> that's what the trump light crowd is saying but donald trump himself is saying the whole system is rotten and rigged and it was amazing to hear the president of the united states rebuke him as a whiny human being that starts discounting the entire free and fair election process of the united states, that's one of the crown jewels of what it means to be a democrat. your map won't please donald trump, he was liking your map for a while but that map shows he's becoming like donald dukakis. >> he has so much other material to go with. will he go there? >> there's no reason to think he'll change his mind because his vice presidential candidate, a whole bunch of republican governors and secretaries of state, his daughter tried to turn it to the media, campaign manager this morning tried to turn it to the media but donald trump keeps saying there is
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widespread electoral fraud happening at polling places. he means rigging the vote. he keeps saying it. there is zero, i repeat, zero evidence of widespread change in election, electoral fraud in our lifetimes at this table when we're talking about a presidential election, race for governor, race for congress, it doesn't happen he keeps saying it? why, is it because he's losing? >> planting a seed. >> i don't read minds but what his staff, including his daughter says is very different what the candidate says. voters should listen to the candidates. >> i think the reason he's saying it is all he has left is his base to not have a total humiliation. the things he's saying are very popular with the base, they are always complaining about voter fraud. they are convinced that democrats are selling elections. turn on talk radio and this is what they've been talking about for the last four years so he's trying to get them excited and
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engaged by giving them what they want. >> it's fascinating he is saying it's the polls, that it's the system and there's no basis in fact. he's talking about widespread voter fraud. >> let's say that again, no basis in fact. >> republican polling officials are even taking offense because they're in charge of this in a lot of areas. it's fascinating that his daughter is not backing him up on that. >> if there is such widespread election fraud, the republicans have won everything except the presidency the last ten years. they took the senate back, they took the house, they have 30 governors, they've gained almost a thousand state legislative seats. so if somebody is rigging the system, you'd think you'd rig it for the people winning. besides the presidency, the republicans have won everything. >> you're making a little bit of sense there. >> it's not rigged. it's not rigged, period. >> thank you so much again. the debate 9:00 to want on cnn. caught up tape, new video showing a democratic operative talking about inciting violence at trump rallies calling trump
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supporters psychopaths and saying they're easy to pop off. we'll get response from the clinton camp on that. as trump faces allegations from accusers coming forward in the double digit, trump's legal counsel is trying out a new defense. he says trump would never be attracted to these women. we'll discuss that. you're watching cnn's special live coverage from unlv ahead of the big debate night. we'll be right back. to the band. (vo) what's your dog food's first ingredient? corn? wheat? in purina one true instinct grain free, real chicken is always #1. no corn, wheat or soy. support your active dog's whole body health with purina one.
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which has over 30 years of experience behind it. with all the good years ahead, look for the experience and commitment to go the distance with you. call now to request your free decision guide. ♪ ♪ >> ladies and gentlemen, it is the unlv marching band. how fun is this? this band has performed for president bush, president clinton and, yes, even richard simmons. great to be here in las vegas on campus at unlv. i'm brooke baldwin, you're watching cnn.
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it's a huge day today. tonight donald trump and hillary clinton will face off for the final presidential debate. both candidates have an entire campaign of controversies to confront but just as hillary clinton is huddled in her final debate prep, an undercover video is appearing, leading to the ouster of not just one but two democratic operatives hired by the dnc. the video appears to show democratic staffers explaining how to provoke donald trump supporters into violence at his rallies. so i have drew griffin standing by. he's our investigative correspondent who can address this video. important to note here, the video comes from a discredited conservative activist who has been criticized for strategically editing video footage in the past, drew. >> he's certainly being discredited by the democrats, that is for sure. he has a conservative bent and he does work undercover subpoena and it's undercover where he got this disturbing conversation, candid conversations with these
11:21 am
two democratic operatives. let me tell you what's going on here. the democratic national committee hired democracy partners, a group that gets out counterprotests and events at all mike pence and donald trump events across the nation, that's legitimate political stuff that goes on. what is disturbing is what took place undercover when these guys were having candid conversations when they said basically they were training people in putting people in position to try to incite violence at these trump rallies for the sole purpose of getting good press. listen to what one of these now -- i guess you would say fired people has to say about that. >> honestly, it's not hard to get some of these [ bleep ]s to pop off. it's a matter of showing up to want to get into the rally in a
11:22 am
planned parenthood t-shirt or, you know, trump is a nazi, you know, you can message to draw them out and draw them to punch you. >> so that was scott foval and he has since been separate from the work at democracy partners. the guy who ran the entire operation is a guy named bob cramer, long time democrat supporter. he's married to a chicago democratic congresswoman, he has also removed himself from doing any work on the clinton campaign, brooke. >> drew, when were the videos taken? how old are they? >> i don't have the exact timing on these but they were taken, according to james o'keefe, the filmmaker within the last year or so, that is what he says, we don't have time stamps on these and cnn has not independently looked at the raw video yet. >> thank you so much.
11:23 am
let's get the clinton campaign response. kristina schake is with me, deputy communications director for hillary for america. kristina, good to see you in vegas. >> great to be here. >> just quickly off of the reporting, the james o'keefe tape, did the clinton campaign have anything to do with this? >> absolutely not. we didn't participate in this in any way. we would never support that. it's also to point out that when the gop convention was taking place in cleveland there were lots of reports there were going to be arrests and protests, we encouraged our supporters not to participate in any way in those protests and spent time registering voters. >> but she has called trump out for violence but videos show democrats are not angels, either. >> as you said in your reporting, this is from a discredited source, somebody who is a convicted criminal, somebody who has doctored these videos before, but that being said this is not something we would participate in or support. this was a contractor to the dnc
11:24 am
and we think they took the appropriate action. >> on the issues, the questions she'll face continue from chris wallace, the wikileaks information that's come out that the podesta material that the wall street transcripts and, of course, the back and forth between fbi and state, not to mention chris wallace, she stepped in it when she was talking to him a couple months ago on fox. as she perfected her answer. >> let's keep first and foremost about this wikileaks, this is a criminal hack. as senator marco rubio said today, republicans should not be using this for political purposes. this is we know from u.s. intel agency was a hack from the russian government trying to influence the united states election. that should terrify every american. >> but it doesn't dismiss the reality of some of the revelations. you can't down play. >> let's say first and foremost we're not going to say these are accurate, we don't know what was doctored or wasn't but keep in
11:25 am
mind this is a criminal hack at the direction of the russian government trying to influence this election to distract us, to try and get this coverage in the days before the election. >> but she will be asked about it. >> certainly. >> has she perfected her answer. >> she's ready to talk about whatever chris wallace wants to ask her, she is looking forward to this debate. this is her chance. the first two debates were meaningful. they really mattered to american voters. she knows this is her chance to talk to millions of american voters directly about her experience, her values, and what she would do as their president. >> i happened to be on a flight into vegas with, of all people, steve bannon, the trump campaign ceo, i introduced myself as any journalist would getting off the plane and i -- he was happy to answer a couple questions with me informally and i asked him, you know, tell me why are you putting forth this president obama kenyan-born half brother
11:26 am
who is supporting trump? and he said to me "oh, brooke, that's just an appetizer." >> you know what, we have no idea what stunts they'll pull tonight. we've seen there's no low the trump campaign will go to but what they won't do and haven't throughout the entire campaign is talk to the american people about real solutions to their problems. we've seen time and again with distractions and stunts, we expect him to do that. >> you expect that. >> what the american people want to hear out of these candidates is what are their plans? how will they make the economy work for everyone? how will they lower the cost of college and prescription drugs? that's what people want to hear and what hillary clinton is prepared to talk about. >> one more note from bannon. i said if in the case trump loses the election, what will november 9 look like for you? what will your response be to me? and he continues to point out the crowds at the trump rallies, the anger and he said "brook" --
11:27 am
as we are hearing chants out here -- he said "lock her up." how would you respond? >> i would say this is the way they run their campaign. it's distractions and stunts, not putting forth a vision of how to bring people together and get things done. that's who hillary clinton is and what voters will see from her tonight at this debate. she is looking forward to get out and talk to people about her experience, what she's done for children throughout her life as a children's advocate and what her plans to make a difference in their life as president. >> last question, we heard from trump, he made news saying he would propose an amendment to have term limits for members of congress, i even talked with the democrat running against john mccain who said "i agree with that." i think of other americans who would as well. is that maybe somewhere she might agree with mr. trump? would she agree to term limits? >> i think this is just the latest stunt. he has said many time he's against term limits. now that he's in a fight with paul ryan he seems to be taking this on. >> what would she think? >> i think this is more of a
11:28 am
fight between him and the republican leadership. his campaign has continued to flounder. he's taking on more and more fights. that's not part of her platform but what is from the first event that she did in iowa when she started this campaign is she talked about campaign finance reform and how important it is to get money out of politics and have transparency in the system and she said in her first 100 days she will propose a constitutional amendment to overturn citizens united. she is devoted to that and thinks that's the right solution. >> with all due respect, christina, would you answer the question? would she support -- >> it's not a part of her platform. she supports campaign finance reform and she's an advocate, she has said she will get that done. >> kristina schake, thank you so much for your time. >> thank you. >> good luck tonight. coming up next, a big question many of you have asked, would donald trump concede if he loses the election? his daughter ivanka just answered that question. stand by, i'm brooke baldwin in nevada. cue the band. you're watching cnn's special
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>> do you think it's important for the country and for democracy for him to concede if he loses? and will he? >> well, look, my father is in this to win it and i'm not
11:34 am
interested in talking about alternative outcomes and of course i think my father will always do the right thing. that's the type of person he is but when you asked me before do i think it's rigged, i think from a media perspective it's very hard to get an accurate portrayal of who he is as a person and the business he's built, his professional accomplishments. it's borderline impossible. in large parts we've stopped trying with mainstream publications because they just don't -- i was going crazy around a year ago calling these reporters, trying to get them to at least hear our perspective and it's a waste of time, you fall down such a rabbit hole with this and it doesn't yield a result. but to your point he's either win or won't win and i believe he's accept the outcome either way. >> ivanka trump hours before her
11:35 am
father debates hillary clinton. i'm joined by angela rye, cnn political commentator and director of the congressional black caucus, a clinton supporter and mr. jeffrey lord, cnn political commentator, donald trump supporter and former ronald reagan white house political director. good to see both of you. >> good to see you. >> let's begin with you. ivanka trump says she believe hearse dad will abide by the result. do you agree? >> i will. >> or will he fight it? >> it depends how close. i had the opportunity to meet richard nixon when he was long since a former president. he went to his grave thinking he won the 1960 election and was cheated out of it so it depends on how close we are and whether there would be a fight in terms of results as al gore chose to fight george w. bush in 2000. >> because he says it's rigged? >> and there are questions about
11:36 am
that. let me say in a serious fashion as a pennsylvanian. quite a while back we had a pennsylvania senator turned out by a federal judge because she said his party, the democrats cheated on the election and she installed a republican. in 2008 we had 57 some odd thousand registrations rejected by the philadelphia county because -- >> i don't doubt there are certain instances. but in terms of widespread voter fraud, that's just not true. >> well, it certainly has been true in places in pennsylvania. i mean, that's -- depending on the race and all of that kind of thing. >> it's something we have to be concerned about. just off the top of my head, now that a lot of us are doing electronic voting, just because i touch the button that says donald trump doesn't mean it registered for donald trump. >> is this effective? >> i think it's problematic for the republican party for a lot of reasons and one of them is voter fraud occurs .00031.
11:37 am
.000 .00031% and i think that we have to deal with the fact that there are voter suppression measures introduced in republican led state legislatures. >> this is called voter zblidi. >> it's making it harder for people to vote who don't have the money so it's been equated to a modern day poll tax. that should be discussed? >> no. no. >> yeah. then you have the gutting of "shelby v. holder" which gutted section five of the voting rights act so we're talking about an election this year that is going to be more difficult for people to vote than ever and my question to the trump campaign would be if the election is rigged, was it rigged before or after you won the primary. >> that was john king's point. you weren't crying rigged with
11:38 am
all the senators. i want to move off the rigged point because kellyanne conway, the campaign manager for the trump campaign said something fascinating last night to anderson. take a look. >> for hillary clinton she's got the current president, the past president she happens to be married to, a very popular first lady, more popular than hillary clinton will be. as i tried to say to you last week why can't she get to 50% and stay there anywhere. she's like the 46% gal. she just -- she's nowhere near the margins that president obama got twice in states that -- where we're competitive. >> to her point, angela, why isn't hillary clinton running away with. >> it i think there are so many reasons why. hillary clinton is running and i think now maybe even more so than in 2008 in a nation that --
11:39 am
there really are two americas. donald trump has appealed to a different kind of base with a message that has worked very well, clearly, we see that today. you also have the fact that there are two very unliked candidates. this is a polarizing election. so she's talking to one group and he's talking to another and there's no middle ground so the undecideds will decide this election. there was a poll a couple weeks ago talking about millennial voters, hillary clinton hasn't run away with african-american millennial voters. >> so you think it's the deep divisions within this country that donald trump has touched on clearly that that is the rrch e reason why. i don't know if you buy that. >> i would say she's not a strong candidate and when we talk about president obama, for example, president obama was there in philadelphia the other week to campaign for her, i can tell you as a pennsylvanian, there was no way on god's green earth hillary clinton is going
11:40 am
to lose philadelphia so why send the president there? the reason he's there is because they know there's not much enthusiasm for her so she could win but win by a is sort of moderate or weak amount and then you get to the rest of the state and they could overwhelm the philadelphia votes which is frankly the old pattern of republicans and democrats but the fact that they're executing that says they know she's weak and that's why kellyanne has a good point. she's been a professional pollster her life. she knows what she's talking about. >> and what does it say about donald trump if hillary clinton is such a weak candidate, why isn't donald trump running away with the election? he's behind a weak candidate so that's something else we have to address. he's not as strong as you all might think he is, either. he's had to do a lot of lying to get to where he is so he's not so strong, either. >> 20 days. >> but who's counting. >> we are. >> thank you so much. i think they are, too. feeling the energy at unlv. coming up, donald trump
11:41 am
predicting this election will be brexit all over again. >> if we keep our spirit and if we go out and wins this another brexit, believe me. they are so worried. >> we'll have big surprises, this will be brexit all over again. >> brexit being the british exit, the vote over this summer for britain to withdraw from the eu. coming up next, we'll talk to the man who is largely credited with getting that vote to pass. he's also supporting trump for president. he will join me here on set. this is cnn's special live coverage.
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welcome back to the live show in las vegas. i'm brooke baldwin, thank you for being with me. donald trump telling supporters don't believe the polls. the republican nominee for president has compared this election to the brexit surprise, great britain's stunning vote to vote to leave the european union. ahead of the votes, most polls predicted a comfortable win for those who wanted to remain within the eu you know what? they were oh, so wrong. brexit won by appealing to working class economic frustrations and immigration concerns. ring familiar? donald trump mentioned brexit again and again. >> i have a feeling this is another brexit. this is going to be interesting. [ cheers and applause ] if we keep our spirit and if we go out and win, this is another brexit, believe me.
11:47 am
they are so worried. i'll tell you what, we'll have big surprises. this is going to be brexit all over again. >> let's talk it all over here. ni nigel farrage, welcome to the circus and ahead of the debate. would you consider yourself mr. brexit and donald trump could be, i'm hoping they'll call me mr. brexit in 20 days from now. >> well, there are cross overs, we were taking on the establishment, we were behind in the opinion polls, we had very little support from mainstream media so there's big cross over stuff here. there was an opinion point that put us ten points behind. modern polling companies cannot get to non-voters reentering the system. they can't measure them. now the question is, is trump reaching non-voters? i'm told registrations of new voters in many states is quite
11:48 am
high so it could be that hillary is ahead but maybe by not very much. >> that's the thing and that bears repeating for this audience because we point so much to polls and in the uk at the time, in the final week of the campaign, the percentage chance that remain would win didn't pofall below the 75% mar >> that's right. >> so what do you think went so wrong? you think those voters -- what was so inaccurate. >> no, what went so right. [ laughter ] >> what went so right for you? >> as i say it's because i think whether it's washington or brussels or london, what we've seen over the last 25 years is the emergence of a professional political class who are out of touch with maybe stream public opinion and i think hillary's problem is she is the epitome of that establish. >> isn't it possible the oversimplification of what we're talking about with brexit versus the u.s. election, there are massive, massive differences, do you still think -- is your
11:49 am
thesis that mr. trump could still pull off a surprise win based upon your experience in the snuk. >> -- hillary's slogan "stronger together" is the same slogan the remain team used. hillary wants a global common market. she wants america to be part of a big club where your laws get made somewhere else, where you have no control of your borders and trump believes the opposite. i think crossovers are quite big. i would say this. i think the bush tape did damage the position trump held. i think he's behind her but i suspect not as far as these polls are saying today and i think if he gets a knockout blow tonight on policy, we could be in for an interesting 20 days. >> and also fascinates with brexit and reading about it after the fact, people went in there assuming remain would win and therefore this was their -- forgive me -- proverbial middle finger to the establishment and they went ahead and voted leave assuming it wouldn't be the win. >> in some cases. >> the privacy of the polling
11:50 am
booth. >> and maybe also people aren't telling pollsters the truth. there might be people -- i don't want to tell a pollster i'm supporting trump, they might think badly of me but in private that's how i feel. >> last question. you were at the st. louis debate and you said you could feel the intensity in the first 20 minutes. you'll be in the room tonight. your advice to mr. trump is -- >> i think the race to the bottom where the argument becomes the morality of trump versus the clinton family, i don't think he wins in that situation, i think he has to pivot out, talk about the issues. >> don't go low. you want him to pivot away from calling somebody a loser. >> just say look, i'm being accused of all sorts of things, it's no surprise given the timing but let's talk about america's future and place in the world. talk about immigration control, talk about helping small business, do that and you'll win this debate. >> thank you, sir. appreciate the time. nigel farr aage, coverage contis from vegas in just a moment. i'm here in bristol, virginia.
11:51 am
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. we're back live in las vegas
11:55 am
for the last presidential debate. strike up the band. breaking news about the electoral map. it's all about numbers you have to get to 270. see what just changed for hillary clinton and donald trump as far as the electoral college is concerned. also ahead, mr. trump's daughter ivanka trump, her candid comments on stage about her role in her father's campaign and how she rejectreacted to his commen board that bus 10 years ago. you're watching cnn's special live coverage. we'll be right back.
11:56 am
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we're back in beautiful
12:00 pm
sunny las vegas, i'm brooke baldwin, you're watching cnn's special live coverage hours ahead of the big night tonight. it will be four years until we're headed to the next presidential debate. this is a city. vegas, baby. a city world renown for its prize-winning fights. it defies -- the prize tonight couldn't get bigger. just a couple hours from now it will be donald trump versus hillary clinton in this third and final presidential debate and listen, you know this, you've been watching this coverage for months and months. the gloves came off long ago but no presidential candidate in modern history has taken the pummelling of scandal after scandal, the controversies that donald trump has taken alone and the damage is indicated in some of these polls, so much so that cnn's brand new electoral map reveals a dominating road to victory for hillary clinton. we'll talk about that. despite, though, everything he's been facing, if donald trump has proven anything this election, it is the fact that