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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  October 21, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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governor for not reordering his staff to reopen those lanes the days of all that gridlock. so a lot is going on, still coming out as the trial continues, we've reached out to the governor's office to get response but have not yet heard back. >> okay from federal court there in new york thank you so much. "the lead" starts now. thanks brook, if you think you've seen a lot of donald trump so far, just you wait. "the lead" starts right now. donald trump is now planning an all-out final sprint to the finish line. rally after rally after rally but will he stay on message or stub his toe? trumped up trickle down with his campaign causes pain for many republicans on the ballot. gop making new moves to try to save the senate. plus he's allegedly invaded private political e-mail sevrves
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but what does vladimir putin want, one of his most i.outspok russian critics will weigh in. good afternoon everyone welcome to "the lead" i'm jake tapper. time keeps on ticking, ticking, ticking into the future and closer we come to election days we're already seeing returns pointing to positive signs for hillary clinton. with only 18 days left to go hillary clinton and donald trump are starting to roll out their final pitches to voters. we will hear from both of them this hour in battleground states. we're in johnstown, pennsylvania where donald trump is speaking now. he has repeatedly requested hillary clinton's stamina and light campaign schedule so he is going to let us know he will have multiple rallierallies. >> he is in the second stop of three today.
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you get the sense how sort of disappointed, almost baffled he is at his poll numbers so far behind where he draws thousands of loud supporters. he already said if he can't come to victory on november 8th it's all been a waste of time. >> we have a bunch of babies running our country. folks. we have a bunch of losers. they're losers. they're babies. >> a sharp elbow trump is is slugging aside his sagging numbers and bowing to hustle through the final stretch. >> win, lose, or draw. i'm almost sure, if the people come out we're going to win but i will be happy with myself because i always say i don't want to think about if only i did one moraly i would have won north carolina. >> after spending more than a week claiming the election is rigged trump's complaints became near fodder for laugh lines for
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hillary clinton on thursday evening. >> it's amazing i'm up here after donald i didn't think he would be okay with a peaceful transition of power. >> the two traded bashes at the al smith dinner to benefit catholic charity. >> the media is even more bias than ever before. you want the proof, michelle obama gives a speech and everyone loves it. it's fantastic. they think she's absolutely great. my wife, melania, gives the exact same speech. [ laughter ] and people get on her case. >> the political rivals meeting again face to face less than 24 hours after their contentious final debate. seeming to tolerate each other long enough to dine at the same table.
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at times trump's jokes were perhaps too pointed even drawing boos from the crowd. >> hillary believes it is vial at to deceive the people by having one public policy -- [ crowd booing ] -- and i don't know who they are angry at you or i. here he is is tonight in public pretending not to hate cathol s catholics. >> with the major political moments the conventions, the debates behind them the campaigns are turning to the nuts and bolts. clinton releasing an ad featuring gold star father who trump critic sized for an actor valor that cost his son his life. >> my son was 27 years old and was a muslim-american.
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i want to ask mr. trump would my son have a place in your america? >> the ad coming as clinton relishes a fundraising advantage over trump raising nearly $73 million in september compared to trump's $53 million. in yet another sign of good news for the former secretary of state early voting tallies showed democrats with an edge in north carolina, nevada, arizona, and even utah compared to 2012. but there are silver linings for trump too. in iowa and ohio. some of the strongest battle grounds for the billion heir business man the democratic narrow voting advantage is narrower than in 2012. >> if donald trump does lose on november 8th there's still questions whether he will go quietly. at this event he's still claiming everything is rigged. >> all right thank you so much.
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republicans fear donald trump has put pivotal spin in house races in play for the democrats. president obama in miami yesterday spent will many more time bashing senator marco rubio who is up for reelection for standing for trump than he did attacking trump. we are tracking these races. there were about nine competitive senate races that democrats would need four of them to flip assuming hillary clinton would take away the tie breaking vote can they flip four is this. >> absolutely. the math is incredibly favorable for democrats who are only really worried about defending nevada. the rest are held by republicans that are neck in neck in the polls. democrats are bolstered by donald trump's sinking poll numbers. >> reporter: gop officials now fear if donald trump loses by a land slide he could take down the congressional majorities
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with it. >> not only i'm concerned about the presidential race but the down ballot races including the senate. >> in new hampshire republicans sound like they're treating a trump defeat as a foregone conclusion with an ad that attacks democrat maggie hassan by saying voters need a senate majority to take the house. if clinton wins need four seats to take the majority. new hampshire one of the states in danger of flipping. democrats have a shot in indiana, north carolina and new jersey. and nevada is a true toss up. trying to tie republican joe hag to donald trump. >> this man running for senate who is a minute eye trump, joe heck. >> heck endorsed trump after the gop's words the about women were
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caught on a hot mike. >> i cannot in good conscious continue to support donald trump. >> after nine months of being his biggest supporter and realizing his ship is sinking and now he's scurrying off to save his own career. no you don't get credit for that. >> he is admitting that trump could cause him problems. >> saying this -- in the house trump becoming so toxic, speaker paul ryan is scrambled to prevent democrats from picking up the 30 seats they need to win back the majority. the speaker's refusal to defend trump is causing concerns on ryan's hold on his job.
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>> a lot of the people who believe we need to put donald trump in the white house they question the loyalty of the speakers. i do think there will be real discussions after november eighth on who our leadership will be. >> now paul ryan really in a precarious spot battling to hang on to the majority. if he does, slimmer mieshts will be embolded. he doesn't want to anger the conservatives he need to vote to be reelected speaker next year. >> too late they're already angry. ambivalence about donald trump has effected utah, showing a relatively close race there between trump, clint and my next guest independent candidate evan
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mcmullin on the ballot in eleven states. >> and we're registered as a write in a number of others total will be 40 to 45 states on ballot day. >> good to know. if the polls go the way as shows now and the republicans suffer a defeat what message should the party take from that is it about donald trump or something bigger. >> well it is about donald trump but also about something bigger. these are lessons the party should have learned after 2012 and in fact can learn after 2012 that it needed to appeal to millenials and women and minorities much more than in the past presidential election. the challenge is the party wasn't able to implement changes that it knew it needed to make. after this election with donald trump supporters so much more empowered than they ever have been before within the party i find it hard to believe and my
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running mate agrees that the republican party is likely able to make the reforms he needs to make to be viable in this country again at least any time soon. we're building a new conservative movement to welcome minorities, women, people with disabilities, and the question will be is it necessary to start a new party or is it month ofmeo movement enough. >> it's interesting you say the message was received but not implemented. i've never seen republicans leaders level of opposition to a party's own candidate. mitch mcconnell is basically missing in action. speaker ryan sending out press releases as if there's not a presidential race going on. there's not a lot of support. no living, former president supporting the nominee. and yet i think there's a huge
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chasm between party leaders and members, republican voters. they picked donald trump. it wasn't really even close. >> well, 47% of republican voters selected donald trump in the primary. 53% selected someone else. really most republican leaders in congress have not disa vowed their support for trump if they have they stopped short of withdrawing their endorsement or they haven't been able to say what they're for, they say what they're against but not what they're for. that's part of the problem these leaders have failed to lead after 2012 and now it's not enough to say what you're against, you have to say what you're for as a leader and then fight for that thing and if they're not willing to do that and if that thing is the basic truth that all men and women are created equal and that our inalienable rights to life,
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liberty and the pursuit of happiness if they're not willing to stand for those principles what business do they have to run the country that's what americans are asking now witnesses donald trump. >> do you think you can win utah and what affect do you think it will have on the overall election day numbers. >> well we're very encouraged by what we're seeing in the polls, either neck in neck or leading. so we're very encouraged. i believe we can prevail. there's still two and half weeks to go. we got work hard. we see this enthusiasm spilling over in idaho, wyoming, else where in the west. what message will it send, simply that there has to be another way forward, a new conservative movement that will bring in more people into the fold. not by changing what we stand for but reef committing ourselves to the fundamental timeless truths that have made this country the most powerful
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and prosperous on earth so we will influence the republican party to do the right thing but neither mindy or i are optimistic that that will be successful so we're looking at the possibility of going in our own direction and building something entirely new. >> all right and thank you, good luck out there. >> thank you very much. take care. >> he's gone from world series hero to the guy that lost his last gig over social media posts now kurt schilling considering riding a trumpwave to the senate in red sox nation. i'll ask him how he plans to do that in one of the bluest states in the nation. with us. [burke] hot dog. seen it. covered it. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪ we asked people to write down the things they love to do most on these balloons. travel with my daughter. roller derby. ♪ now give up half of 'em.
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soon to be everywhere. ♪ lookin' for a better way. . welcome back to the lead. you're looking at live pictures out of cleveland, ohio, where hillary clinton is scheduled to speak in that key battleground state. this is her first depate in a week. bringing in now our analyst. the chamber of commerce is running ads reminiscent of the ones republicans ran in 1996
1:19 pm
when it looked like bill clinton was definitely going to win. will we see more of these ads. >> yes i think new hampshire is the first state that will air those and i anticipate others will follow suit. in a way it is giving amnesty for them to say trump is likely to lose about you it shouldn't stop rems frrepublicans from gog to the polls. >> do you think it will work. >> probably is it's just a little late. down about 8 points or so, so it will about he hard to turn it around so quickly. as you know she's playing a middle ground i don't like trump but i don't want to endorse him. this game she's playing. in the beginning it would have
1:20 pm
worked but i'd be surprised if they could turn it around that fast. >> back in 1996 bob dole who is a war hero and a gentlemen he basically gave permission for the republicans to do this because he loved the senate and the republican party and wanted them to keep control. donald trump is not bob dole, he might lash out. >> absolutely. and that might be part of the explanation that this is coming late. i mean there's a certain fear within republic party and it's supporters that they're going to have in addition to the obvious facili fault lines that trump has create that they will have a real problem getting closer to election day with trump openly attacking the party and individual candidates. >> not to mention he is saying the election is rigged that might suppress his own vote. >> and they did for a while look
1:21 pm
like he might win, at least republicans thought that at one point, it had is pre-the tape coming out so now they're scrambling, an gd before the first debate where things were turning for her even before the tapes. so they're scrambling to deal with this. then they have the problem of trying to rebuild the gop and making these people angry, right. so they're going to have to try it figure out how to move forward with a bunch of people who are already going to be ancient rain angry and then the republican party turning against trump will be even more angry. >> there's a lot of talk on captaital hill blal captain capitol hill about ryan's zblent
1:22 pm
he will probably be fined. -- looks good enough probably he retains the support of most his colleagues which he is does appear to have. i think he'll be fine. i think the senate question is really up for grabs now. >> you think democrats could win four seats and take it back. >> yep it is looking more likely, you know, this week than last. there's still two and half weeks to go. >> and i guess one of the questions about where does the republican party go from here assuming the polls are all right and they're going to have a bad november 8th. >> i think that will be the big story for the next year at least probably. you have different approaches, so after the 2012 election they said we need to be more moderate and reach out to a changing demographic and another saying you have to have a conservative like ted cruz. donald trump is neither of those
1:23 pm
people. you have to figure out if there's a third way to approach this or are they going to go back to the idea of, well, if we ran a real conservative. i think they're going to have, they have a very hard road ahead of them because they're just not built for this electorate. >> all right thanks so much. have a great weekend. he was a hero on the mound helping the red sox win their first series in 86 years now krucurt schilling has some questions he wants to ask me -- it's not uncommon for autistic kids to flap their hands.
1:24 pm
and so when i saw that, that was completely disqualifying. i'm a republican, but this election is so much bigger than party. my son max can't live in trump world. so i'm crossing party lines and voting for hillary. i don't always agree with her, but she's reasonable. and she's smart. she can work with people to solve problems. i want to be able to tell my kids that i did the right thing when it really mattered. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. i have to tell you something.
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we may get a true test how powerful donald trump's brand is. in 2018 when one tries to unseat senator in one of the bluest states in the nation, massachusetts, and the would-be candidate, curt schilling. joining me now, current host of the curt schilling show and major league baseball legend, curt schilling thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> so you say you will try to run as long as your wife signed off. >> first off i'm thinking about it, as i look back that was an unfair corner to put her into.
1:29 pm
if this is a decision i do decide to go forward with it will be a complete family decision. when you look at, i think the state of media and politics now, conservative families are fair game. and i don't know that they want to be put through that and i don't know if i would want to put them through that. that discussion hasn't been finalized yet. >> are you leaning one way or the other? >> i think it's something i would like to do, yes, but again i've been married 24 years this november and i have four kids. if we're not all on board with doing it i'm not going to to it because you can't -- i don't think as a person who is not a career politician you can't enter this arena timid or with reservations, i'm either neutral or fifth gear. so it's going to have to be a family buy-in. >> all right. fair enough. let me ask you, massachusetts, obviously a very, very blue state. hillary clinton beating donald trump by 25 point there's. you are a conservative.
1:30 pm
you have endorsed donald trump. in order to win you're going to have to get hillary clinton voters to vote for you. >> i'll tell you, jake, honestly like in a lot of places i don't think the politics match the populous in massachusetts. being involved in this state, being around, i think the state is much more moderate than -- than politicians and media would have you believe. but at the end of the day, yeah, i'm going to have to convince people that might otherwise vote blue to vote not blue. i'm a registered independent. i'm not sure how that would play, i probably would switch to the republican party, even though i'm as fed up with the right as i am with the left now. but again yeah i'm going to have to convince people and if i can't i don't win. >> so if you were to run, obviously one ever the issues obviously one ever the issue obviously one of the issues would be brought up is after
1:31 pm
sharing on facebook cartoon that said this -- you're going to have to defend that post to progressive voters. and you retweeted about muslims, to thatnazi. >> no, no, no, that's not true. i compared muslim extremists to nazi, i know it's tricky but that gets left out by everybody. if you take the word extremist out it's incredibly racist which is why the word extremist is in there. you could argue -- listen, after that there have been multiple stories about the comparison. there's a very long standing connection between islam and the nazi party you can go back to before the second world war and talk to that. and as far as the trans gender
1:32 pm
post the only thing i will defend is what i said. it wasn't my post. i was reposting a post and i commented on it. my comment was men's should men's room and women use the women's room. why do we need the federal government telling us otherwise. >> lastly, if you run i'm sure the democrats will try to tie donald trump to you and make you the massachusetts version of donald trump. you endorsed donald trump in may, you wrote at the time on your blog the commentary on women was uncomfortable. since then we've seen the tape emerge of mr. trump bragging about what sounds a lot like sexual assault. in your initial response you seemed to dismiss the lewd video saying it was mr. trump talking big, that's your term, is that all it is to you? just him talking big? >> well listen jake you graduated from dartmouth and
1:33 pm
you're a pretty smart guy and i would argue as one of the few people left in the media that tries to be fair and objective, i'm curious as to why we spend 7 or 8 news cycles talking about disgustingly crass inappropriate sexist comments he made ten years ago over the fact that every single day that wikileaks is showing us that hillary clinton is exactly the criminal we thought she was. when you look at that, no one condones what he said, but when you take the liberal perspective of my comments they go from me not condemning the comments to me advocating for child molestation and pedophilia. it's that jump. people are smarter than that but that's the argument they go to. i would like to ask you this question jake, i'm assuming you will vote for hillary clinton. >> no. >> okay i'm assuming you're not going to vote for donald trump.
1:34 pm
>> i don't vote in presidential races. >> okay. i would like to ask you something as a person who is practicing the jewish faith and have since you were young, i don't understand, maybe this is the amateur, non-politician in me i don't understand how people of jewish faith can back the democratic party which over the last 50 years have been so clearly anti israel. so clearly an the eye-jewish israel, that i don't know what else would be done, said, or happen for people to understand that they don't -- the d democratic party is alive for israel. >> i don't speak for jus or suppo support either party. i would imagine one of the reasons many jews are democrats has more to do for social welfare programs and that sort
1:35 pm
of thing. >> that's fair. >> than it does for israel and i know a lot of jews who are strong supporters of israel do support the republican party. >> right. >> but again i don't speak for jews. >> right, no, i know you don't. i just always find it a great conversation for somebody of your faith to -- because i want to understand the reason behind some of those things so i appreciate that. >> all right well we can keep in touch and have more conversations and hope you come back thank you so much curt schilling. >> i will jake, thank you very much. isis fighting back as the iraqi coalition tries to retake mosul from the terror group that story next.
1:36 pm
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to. breaking news world lead we are learning more about u.s.
1:40 pm
combat death in iraq first what can you tell us about the fallen soldier. >> well a short time ago the pentagon announced this is chief petty officer jason of anaheim, california. the fourth american killed since the very dangerous operations near mosul began. >> gunfire eru79ed pted on the streets near kirkuk after isis militant launched an attack. beginning at night ongoing clashes reporting some 100 southeast of mosul seen by u.s.
1:41 pm
military officials as an isis attempt to divert iraq forces from the larger fight to retake mosul. kirkuk is a city of strategic significance because of its large oil reserves. >> they are a very resilient and challenging folk. very adaptable. creative. cunning. >> the first u.s. service member to be killed in the mosul operation died after his vehicle hit an. >> mike: ied. they are confronting initial rings of bombs outside of the city. isis posting new video of clashes, it's weapons defenses are even greater inside mosul. u.s. officials say the top u.s. commander telling the bb c isis must be stopped. >> they saw people's head off on tv.
1:42 pm
they drown people on video. they burn people alive in cages. they crucify people. and then drive over people on the street with bulldozers. are they using human shields in there, yeah probably. >> the u.s. believe some isis 4r50ed leaders have already escaped mosul. remaining 3,000 to 4,000 fighters, about 1,000 are hard core foreign fighters in a city of 1 million. the u.s. is trying to get a better fix on the strength of the dis dent movement inside the city. and whether those foreign fighter it's inside mosul will fight to the death. >> u.s. officials believe isis is already making plans for what comes next, that they will plan to become an insurgency. meld back into the civilian population and stage attacks from there. >> all right barbara thank you so much, appreciate it. it's not a new cold war but could be more dangerous, it's
1:43 pm
the next president's problem. what is vladimir putin up to and how can the u.s. keep him in check? chess legend, putin critic and political activist weighs in next.
1:44 pm
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but donald really is as healthy as a horse, you know the one vladimir putin rides around on. >> welcome back to the lead that was hillary clinton mocking donald trump for his bromance with russian president vladimir putin. the white house has publically blamed russian for hacking and stealing e-mails from chair john
1:48 pm
podesta and releasing them to the publics via wikileaks and not to mention breaches into the state voting system as cross the u.s. joining me now a fierce putin critic who fled russia has a new book out. winter is coming. why the enemies of the free world and russia must be stopped, good evening. and thank you for joining me. >> thanks for having me. >> however wikileaks got the e-mails do you agree with the premise that the white house puts forward that russia is trying to elect trump. >> absolutely. wikileaks has released tons of e-mails from hillary clinton and doc and nothing from donald trump and gop. i don't believe for a second trump is clean more likely they had plenty andried to use it
1:49 pm
privately whether we're talking debts or blackmail but time and again we see donald trump keeps protecting putin and pushing putin's agenda, even when it clearly hurts him politically. >> what donald trump says, to play devils advocate, is wouldn't it be great for u.s. and russia to have a better relationship so these two governments can cooperate on matters defeating isis. >> by the way we're seeing now why americans and iraqi and curds acur kurds are trying to take over. before talking about building relations with enemies, u.s. must prove relations with american allies and donald trump repeatedly said he had no faith in nato and was not looking for any means or ways of improving relations of americans --
1:50 pm
allies. >> you say there's a lot of parallels between donald trump and vladimir putin what do you mean. >> i think putin sees an ideal counter part for his agenda. trump shows no respect for democracy, for rule of law and he has repeatedly said elections wreak and wouldn't honor the results of the elections. it plays into putin's hands because of course he would want someone like trump in office but seems now out of his reach so putin has a bigger goal to see doubts in the world about the integrity glity of the u.s. elections. by doing so could have the biggest victory could dream of because if american elections are rigged every dictator will
1:51 pm
applaud putin's efforts since they could say united states leader of the free world is as bad as else where. >> former cia director suggested donald trump was an unwitting dupe of vladimir putin that putin had figured out a way to flatter trump and get him to do what he wanted him to do. do you buy that? >> i think it is something more than simple flattering. because trump, smart politician should recognize the damage done by his repeated statements about putin but he cookeeps doing thao i think we should look for more sinister reasons. again, the fact is that trump's main line now is about rigged elections tells me he's been working on fertilizing the ground for potential civil unrest.
1:52 pm
that's putin's greatest dream. because if america after elections is draft into civil unrest and the country is divided america will not be able to play the role worldwide to protect freedom and human rights. >> you say hillary clinton is the lesser of two evils in this race and we should point out when she started at secretary of state you were critical of hillary clinton's hunrussian re calling it a disaster. if she is elected president what type of posture would you like her to take with russia and putin. >> it's natural what we see now obama's clink on russia was a disaster but from what we know hillary always had a harder position than president obama and also she's intelligent enough to learn from his mistakes and it's quite clear what she is saying that she
1:53 pm
fully recognizes the threat that putin causes not only to the united states and upcoming elections but to the rest of the world so i hope that her administration will realize that only the united states can lead coalition to stop putin's dangerous plans. >> the un ambassador said the relationship between u.s. and russia is worst it has been in 40 years. what do you think the end game is with putin here? he doesn't want military confrontation with u.s. >> vladimir putin only agenda is to survive politically at home and stay in power. he has for many years turned russian aggressive foreign policy as a staple of his domestic propaganda. if you listen to russian television it's 24/7 anti-america paranowa and at some point have to back up words
1:54 pm
with action. so i'm not surprised while american is engaged in post-election debates, hopefully there's no civil unrest as result of that. putin can take deciding steps. because confrontation with the united states and the free world is the only way putin can justify his endless rule in russia. >> that's schilling. thank you so much sir. some of the most popular went sites in the world not functioning because of an internet attack, who might be behind it? that story ahead. don't just eat. ♪ mangia! bertolli.
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s. welcome back to the lead. we're down to 18 days to election day. time is winding down for
1:59 pm
candidates to offer any more specifics how they might slash the $19 trillion debt. tuesday's final debate is the last time hillary clinton and donald trump had an audience of millions to offer details. here's how clinton tried to sell her plan. >> i have said repeatedly throughout this campaign, i will not raise taxes on anyone making $250,000 or less. i also will not add a pen kny t the debt. >> a reality check analysts say is not entirely true. she didn't mention her spending programs. when that's factored in her plan could add 2$200 billion over te year period. here's what her rival donald trump told voters a at this final debate. >> we're going to cut taxes massively, going to cut business taxes massively, they're going to start hiring people, we're
2:00 pm
going to bring $2.3 trillion off shore back into the country, we're going to start the engine rolling again. >> doing the math could add more than $5 trillion to the national debt. be sure to watch this sunday. that's it for the lead. now turning it over to wolf blitzer and the situation room. see you sunday morning. happening now, internet attack, a massive cyber assault takes down some of the most popular websites, including ma'am amazon and netflix who is it behind it. government is racing to find out. a giant u.s. spy agency is targeted again, this time a middle-aged contractor is accused of the largest threat of government secrets ever. were the secrets sold or shared with others?