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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow  CNN  October 22, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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hi, everyone. top of the hour. you're in the cnn newsroom. so glad you're with us. we want to take you right to ohio where donald trump is set to take the stage at any moment, this is miss third campaign ral live the day as we enter the final stretch of this presidential campaign. earlier today trump gave a major speech in gettysburg using the place where abraham lincoln once spoke of unity to their that the election is rigged against him, that the media can't be be trusted and he addressed his accusers. listen.
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>> every woman lied when they came forward to hurt my campaign. total fabrication. the events never happened. never. all of these liars will be sued after the election. >> the clinton campaign responded to that today writing today in what was billed as a major closing argument speech trump's major new policy was to promise political and legal retribution against the women who have accused him of groping them. like trump's campaign, this speech gave us a troubling view as to what a trump state of the union would look like. let's go straight to los angeles where an 11th woman has come forward today with accusations against donald trump. what do we know about this woman, what is her name and what is she saying? >> reporter: well, we have learned about her this afternoon
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that with her attorney gloria allr allred, she is the 11th accuser that p cnn is reporting on. she is known by her stage name jessica drake. she introduced herself as p an adult film star and the accusation that she brought forward is that ten years ago at a golf tournament where she met donald trump for the very first time and she also displayed a picture with her attorney showing the two of them together just a standard meet and greet photo that at that gulf tournament in 2006, that mr. trump invited her to his penthouse and then without asking grabbed her and tried to kiss her on the lips. her attorney gloria allred also did respond to what trump said at gettysburg, that statement there, what gloria allred said is if you intend to sue these women, we will come it.
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here's what allred said. >> jessica is very clear that concept sent is required, conse the woman. in her occupation, she consents do what she does. mr. trump in his statements on "access hollywood" appeared to indicate that he could grab a woman's genitals or kiss her essentiallyseemed to be missing, asking her if that would be okay, the person whom he chooses to target. so there is a big difference between touching a woman,
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kissing a woman, with her consent and without her consent. their legal defense. >> thank you for coming. my name is jessica drake. i am currently contracted to wicked pictures as an adult performer and director in adult films. ten years ago, i was working for wicked pictures, an adult film company, at a golf tournament in lake tahoe. i was at wicked's booth when i met donald trump in the celebrity gift room early in the morning before he teed off. he flirted with me and invited knee walk roopg the golf course with him, which i did. during that time, he asked me for my phone number, which i gave to him. later that evening, he invited me to his room. i said i didn't feel right going alone. so two other women came with me.
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in the penthouse suite, i met donald again. when we entered the room, he grabbed each of us tightly in a hug and kissed each one of us without asking permission. he was wearing pajamas. a bodyguard was also present. he asked me about my job as an adult film star, about details on shooting porn, and he also asked us about our personal relationships and whether we were married or single. we answered his questions. it felt like an interview. about 30 or 45 minutes later, we left his room. after i returned to my room, i received a call from a man calling on donald's behalf. he said donald wanted me to come back upstairs to donald's suite. i indicated i did not wish to
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return. and then donald called. he asked me to return to his suite and have dinner with him. he also invited me to a party. i declined. donald then asked me what do you want, how much? i told him that i couldn't because i had to return to l.a. for work. i said that as an excuse because i didn't want him to continue asking me and i didn't want to be with him. after that, i received the another call from either donald or a male calling on his behalf offering me $10,000. i declined again and once more gave as an excuse that i had to return to los angeles for work. i was they have told mr. trump would allow me the use of his private jet if only i accepted
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his invitation. i did relate my experiences immediately afterwards to some friends. >> the statement does go on for some few more sentences. she ends it by saying that she understands that people are going to criticize her, that she is not doing this for anything, that she understands that she will be called a liar or apopportunist, but that the rope she's coming forward now even though this "access hollywood" tape has been out for some time, the reason now, she wants to add to the chorus of voices regarding mr. trump's behavior, his past behavior. >> thank you very much for the reporting. jeremy diamond is also with us tonight. he is standing by the trump rally in cleveland, ohio. jeremy, has trump responded to this 11th accuser? >> reporter: yes, the trump campaign just put out a statement a few minutes ago talking about this accusation. they're calling it, quote, false
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and ridiculous. they're saying, quote, the picture is one of the thousands taking out of respect for asking to have their picture taken with mr. trump. mr. trump did noes not remembers person and would have no interest in knowing her. and they go on to say that the clinton campaign is behind this and this is similar to what we have seen, as accusers come out alleging that donald trump inappropriately touched them. this is about 11 that have come out in a week since the tape about donald trump bragging about being able to grope and kiss women without their consent. and so all of this is continuing to bog down donald trump's campaign. even this morning as he was set to deliver a speech focusing on the first 100 days of his campaign, mr. trump apparently felt compelled to continue to
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address these sex and i will misconduct allegations saying this morning that he was prepared to sue these women after the election. of course donald trump has leveled a number of threats of lawsuits over the past months of his campaign. he's continued to allege that he will assume people and help ultimately does not. but certainly he said once this election is over, i'm to sue these women saying that they are liars. >> and vehemently denying this 11th accuser's accusation. jeremy, we appreciate it. let's talk more about donald trump's pledge to sue each of these women who have come forward and made these accusations against him. joining me now a criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor. thank you for being here. let's just begin with these. can dump sue these accusers and on what ground in. >> he can sue them, but the question is it viable.
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so he will sue them for defamation. >> but he's a public figure. >> civil a different than criminal. you can bog these women down in court and he can file a lawsuit, but is it vile. that's the question. so he will say that these women had such a reckless disregard for the truth. but on the other hand, he's a public figure. so it is so much higher and for them truth is a defense. one of the defenses. >> and also you've talked about outcry witness and how they can testify and there is a fine line between hearsay and outcry. >> jessica drake is saying there were three of us in the room, but she also has outcry because she just said she told her friends right away. so usually if you try to get on the stand and say i said will this, no, objection, hearsay, except in outcry, because the court wants to recognize that
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when a woman outcries as a victim right away or soon after a crime, and sometimes it's excused if it's later, but that person gets to come into court and say, yes, she told me. >> and at the same time, you heard jeremy say, you know, trump is litigious in his private life and she's threatened a lot of lawsuits but hasn't executed on any of them that we know of except for suing univision around the beauty pageant contest and they ended up settling that. do you see a pattern here in terms of threatened litigation but not following through or do you believe he'll follow through on these post-election? >> do you know what i think, i think if he loses the election, he could go to court and say but for these accusers, i would have won the election. because let's think about this, okay? the "access hollywood" tape was out. that was his statement.
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but these accusers, they made this hatred of him to the community, to the voting pool that much higher that perhaps he would have won if these women didn't come forward. >> it's a hard thing to prove, but we'll see if he does win if he will sue them as a sitting president. something certainly that would be unprecedented. thank you. coming up, donald trump set to speak live in cleveland. will he talk about this 11th accuser that you injuries heard from? you hear m&m speaking rigike pe. and also we go one-on-one with chelsea handler. what she wants people to know about hillary clinton. >> why is she struggling with young woman? >> because she's not warm and fuzzy. she is like that in person, but
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you're looking at the live pictures of mike pence speaking in cleveland before he introduces the republican candidate. we'll monitor that and bring you some live. meantime we know what donald trump would do during miss fihi 100 days in office if elected president. he outlined his plan in gettysburg today. here are just a few of the proposals. >> first, a constitutional attempt amendment to impose term limits on all members of congress. i will announce my intention to totally renegotiate nafta, one of the worst deals our country has ever made. we will cancel all federal funding of sanctuary cities. >> trump's plan comes as he is
4:17 pm
lagging in a number of polls. the latest national survey has him seven points behind hillary clinton. and new state polls show he that he's at risk of losing at least four states that usually go republican. let's bring in my panel to discuss, a website dedicated into digging all of these up numbers, and also chairman of the democratic party and amy cramer, co-chair of the group women vote trump and supporter. it is stunning when you look at the map and you look at utah in play for the first time in since 1964. is there any precedent for someone this far behind on the electoral map to come back and win? >> well, what i would say is that there is no preprecedent,
4:18 pm
there are unexpected things. people are looking to whether there will be more revelations about donald trump or wikileaks. a piece compared to the 1948 race and one of the things that happened in that race is that they didn't have modern day polling. most of the major pollsters stopped before october. and so there was first of all a margin of 5 percentage pipts of victory in that race which is very significant, but most pollsters hadn't even looked at what was going on in a month and a quarter. so that explains that sort of historic gap. and we just don't have that these days. >> no, we have such recent polling and so much of it. scott, let me ask you this. as a hillary clinton supporter, when i've been traveling throughout swing states, there are folks, not just one, a number who come up to us take are trump supporters and say there is a hidden trump vote.
4:19 pm
that's what the trump camp says. and they say these are people that are nervous, up willing, don't think it will be acceptable for them to come out and say they're voting for trump, but they will do just that in the voting booth. are you concerned at all? >> well, i think we're concerned about winning, period. which is why you see the clinton campaign driving hard even in ruby red states whereby she's being very competitive like in utah and texas and georgia. that is unpreunprecedented. i don't think the campaign is taking anything for granted as we can drive to get every electoral vote poll and with our superior ground game being i think it will manifest itself in winning as many electoral votes as possible., being i think it will manifest itself in winning as many electoral votes as possible. so concerned but not overly concerned.
4:20 pm
>> and trump put out a new immigration policy in addition to deportation forces. he talked about mandatory minimum prison sentences for undocumented immigrants. take a listen to what he says would end illegal immigration, what he would do specifically. >> it establish as two year mandatory minimum federal prison sentence, this is people coming in illegally for illegally re-entering the united states after a previous deportation. >> what is his strategy there? we know he needs to bring in undecided voters, more moderates to win. what is the strategy doubling down on this, on his immigration plan and saying that there would be mandatory minimum sentences? we know take the u.s. taxpayer would have to foot the bill for that. >> his whole campaign began on the immigration issue and it's a
4:21 pm
huge issue people are concerned about across the country and i think that it is a way to deter people from coming across the border once they have been deported. it happens all the time. some have been deported nine, ten times and they continue to come back. so i think that that is what he is talking about. and i'm not surprised by this because illegal immigration is something that touches every american. >> but does it help him bring in the new voters that he needs? >> well, this is what i think. i mean the bottom line is you -- i mean i think we need to at that time take the emotion out of it. he is the change agent. hillary clinton has been there 40 years and it's a system that is good to her. why would she change it? donald trump wants to enact change. and -- >> amy, the system has been great to donald trump. the system is what made donald trump a billionaire. the system is what allowed
4:22 pm
donald trump to arguably not -- >> in the private sector. >> with a lot of government help. >> poppy, tell me this. tell me this. hillary clinton said that they left the white house dead broke and now they're multimillionaires? what if they sold? she's been on the taxpayer are dollar. what have they done? >> is public service a bad -- >> no but my point is there is corruption there. and the american people are not stupid and they understand that and they know it. >> amy, if you're going to throughout out corruption allegations, let's be specific. >> how about pay to play with the state department and the money taken in the clinton foundation. >> wrong. >> amy that is your belief. but it is unsubstantiated. >> it is not unsubstantiateded. >> they don't get one nickle from the clinton foundation. >> they spent 6% of the money
4:23 pm
that comes in actually on charitable causes. the rest goes for complete overhead. >> that is tagt ais factually i. >> it is not factually incorrect. >> it is factually incorrect that they only spend 6%. >> what you're talking about is basically regifting by the clinton foundation to other foundations. but the clinton foundation's work is primarily done in-house. so they pay to do work the same way that the red cross which is a nonprofit pays do its work. and when you add that up, 87% of the money actually goes for program atti programattic. and i'm not saying it to take sides. this is a fact. >> you can't argue with the facts. i want scott to respond on the other side because there are concerns about the clinton foundation and lines that may have been crossed there. but let's listen into donald trump speaking tonight in cleveland. >> it's an honor.
4:24 pm
they kept moving the walls out. they said could we make it bigger, bigger, bigger. we have some great crowds. and i just want to thank everybody. ohio is a special place and cleveland is a special place and always will be to me. and i want to thank our future vice president mike pence and karen. what a job they have done. it's a great team. it's really a team. but they have been spectacular. and it's an honor to be working with them. and i have to tell you, i love those pink -- let me see that. women for trump. those are my favorite. those are my favorite. oh, we're going to do so well with the women, it's crazy. wait until those numbers come out in november on november 8th. wait until those numbers come
4:25 pm
out. in 17 days, we are going to win the great state of ohio and we are going to win the white house. early voting is under way, so make sure you get that ballot out. otherwise this whole movement, honestly, we will have pretty much wasted a lot of time and energy. now, me, it would have been time, energy and i guess by the time i'm finished, over $100 million. that's a lot of money. but we have something that is so special that i don't think there is a chance they can take it away from us. we're going to win. we're going to win. november 8th. and together we're going to deliver real change that once again puts america first.
4:26 pm
this used to be a great a plant. thousands and thousand of people worked here. and they left. so many people are leaving. so many people are closing their businesses and moving to mexico and other countries. not going to happen anymore. we're going to tell you why,any. earlier today i outlined my contract with the american voter, a detailed list of solutions to make your life richer and better. one of the issues i addressed at length is the issue of government corruption. i talked about the inside dealing, the powerful protecting the powerful and about special interests and donors who have rigged the system. the system is rigged. you know it, i know it, the politicians know it, the media people know.
4:27 pm
they all know. i've talked about the corrupt career lifetime politicians like hillary clinton selling her office for personal enrichment. and you've seen how that is going. i've got news for all of the people taking advantage of our rigged system. in 17 days, everything is going to change. in 17 days, we are going to drain the swamp of corruption in washington, d.c. we are going to renegotiate our
4:28 pm
terrible trade deals, end illegal immigration, stop the massive inflow of refugees coming from the middle east. reduce surging crime. >> all right, let's hop over to pittsburgh and let's listen to hillary clinton and her running mate tim kaine taking questions from reporters on their plane after their rally in pittsburgh. >> -- you know, tim has been doing the most amazing job around the country hitting every state multiple times along with ann, his extraordinary wife, who has been campaigning tirelesslily on her own, as well. so we don't get a lot of chance to actually campaign together because we want to cover more ground together. but today was a real opportunity for us. and i just want to make two quick points. first, as we're traveling in these last 17 days, we're going to be emphasizing the importance
4:29 pm
of electing democrats down the ballot. and in particular as i said today, we are strongly supportive of katie mcginty in her race for the senate. i think we'll be meeting up with her in philadelphia tonight. so we'll have a chance to do that with her. i will be doing the same as we go from state to state as will tim. the other point is today we're making our closing argument. we're talking about what is at stake in the election, drawing contrasts, but giving people something to vote for, not just against. and i saw where our opponent, donald trump, went to gettysburg, one of the most extraordinary places in in american history it and basically said if he's president
4:30 pm
he will spend his time suing women who have made charges against him based on his behavior. tim and i will continue talking about what we want do if given the great honor of serving as president and vice president. as we said in the book, stronger together. and we'll get to work the day after the election and do everything possible to be prepared on january 20th to start doing the business of the american people. so with that, do you want to add anything? >> on the last point, it really is fascinating that not only was the trump speech in gettysburg, but it was a speech that was billed as here is my first 100 days. hillary as laid out the first 100 day, we want to put an investment in jobs, put on the table immigration reform, battle of nonstate terrorism, campaign finance. so first 100 days, here are the
4:31 pm
things that we will hit the ground running. donald trump today with his first 100 day speech, what he's most personally invested this is all the score that's needs to settle. the women that complained about his activities with respect to them and continued this thing about going after them, at the end of the campaign, all along he's been running in a self interest campaign not in america first campaign. and he's saying i'm not changing. i may be president of the united states, but i'm going to focus on settling scores and by the way, now that i'm president, i can really settle some scores. it's just a stark differenvisio the country and so that contrast from earlier and what we just heard from hillary in pittsburgh is stark.
4:32 pm
>> trump today also suggested that democrats railroad. [ in and you haudible ] >> that is not accurate. >> some and i if say if you win be because they endorsed but rather that they rejected trump. how would you respond to that and does that get in the way of the effort to put the country back together? >> well, clearly we will spend the next 17 days making the case to persuade as many americans as possibling a cross our country to vote for tim and me. we have close elections in america. you can go back and check that out in the last four, six, eight of them. so it's not unusual that the election would be close. so we're not taking anything for granted. we'll work our hearts out and
4:33 pm
cover as much ground. we have great events planned, we have great surrogates coming out to support us, both campaigning with us and campaigning on their own to try on convince as many people as possible to go vote. and as i said today in pittsburgh, we're seeing some encouraging signs about the turnout. the 200 million voter registration mark is huge. its e's never been reached befo. 50 million the best estimate being young people is so encouraging. and then what we're seeing from early vote returns, i think over 4 million. so i'm not going to speculate about the outcome of the election. you know what tim and i want do. we've been very clear about that, we've laid it out in every way that we could, and i'm going to be reaching out to people on the other side of the aisle to everybody that will possibly come together with us.
4:34 pm
>> can i say one more thing? she was not with me in virginia and jop wahn warner. he gave a magnificent without notice discussion and then didn't mention donald trump's name until the last sentence. so this is all positive energy. the energy tonight was not about donald trump. it was positive about hillary clinton. >> do you see any of the outreach as carry overfrom the administration and how does it impact some of the big items on your agenda? >> i'm very encouraged by what i think we can get accomplished. i came into the senate in 2000
4:35 pm
as you know, and i made it very clear from the beginning that i wanted to work with people, i didn't have any expectations about being treated any differently than anybody else. and i think you can go back and look at the record i compiled by working with every republican i served with. i think last i had it counted 400 bills have my name on them either a. so sore as sponsor, co-sponsor. so i have a record of doing that in the senate, first lady, secretary of state. and people know that and we will get to work right away and reach out to even that we can possibly touch to start talking about what we can do together. and i think there a big agenda where we can find common ground. >> have you thought at all about -- [ inaudible ] >> no, i really haven't.
4:36 pm
i'm a little superstitious about that. we have a transition operation going and i haven't really paid much attention to it yet because i want to focus on what our first task is and that is convincing as many americans as possible to give us a chance to -- >> you touched on it earlier, but what would your response be to trump's assertion that there is a conspiracy against -- >> i debated him for 4 1/2 hours. i don't even think about responding to him. i'll let the american people decide between what he offers and what we offer. so he can say whatever he wants to. he can run his campaign however he wants to. he can go off on tangents. he can go to gettysburg and he'll sue women who made accusations against him. we'll talk about what we want
4:37 pm
do, what we think the country deserves from the next president and vice president. when it comes right down to it, i think that's what people end up voting on. >>. [ inaudible ] >> i have nothing to say about wikileaks other than that i think we should all be concerned with what the russians are trying to do to our election and using wikileaks to try to influence the outcome. and i have no concerns about the first question whatsoever. >> thanks very much. appreciate it. >> hillary clinton and tim kaine
4:38 pm
taking questions there after brief remarks on the plane headed to philadelphia tonight. i want to bring back my panel. so just two big headlines. first of all, she said we're really going to focus down ball lot, the states that could flip and she said basically trump used get igettysburg to address his accusers and saying that he will sue them. what was your takeaway? >> my it takeaway, i will leave the sexual assault allegations alone since they have been making so many headlines. but my takeaway is that from 538's research, first of all, her comments about down ballot show that she's confident. so 538 is showing clinton with an 87% chance of winning. and talking about down ballot races means that you're not having to run fast enough, that you can't stop to help some other people out. and what we're seeing is that in
4:39 pm
the senate races, if clinton wins, they will need four seats to retake the senate because the vice president can be a tie breaker. and we're seeing a lot of movement in three races including nevada and missouri and new hampshire, a lot of movement towards the democratic candidates. in the house, although we don't have the same garoppolo ugranul tracking, there is 30 seats for the democrats to retake, it looks like 17 or so will flip over. so if things are as they are today, it looks like clinton would be the president, there would be a democratic senate and republican-led house. >> still 17 days to go though. very quickly, though, do you worry about clinton getting complacent? >> not at all. in fact those rallies today, she has her team in place, sounds like a winning candidate. she's bringing others along. so there won't be any com place
4:40 pm
espn city. the ground race now is about knocking on doors and dragging people to the the ground race now is about knocking on doors and dragging people to the polls. polls show that democrats and even swing states are outpolling the republicans right now. and that is a good thing. >> and amy, clinton addressed the remarks that trump made saying that he will sue his accusers today in gettysburg. she said he can say he will sue women, we'll talk about what we're going to do. what do you make of donald trump saying that he will sue women in gettysburg as a trump supporter? >> honestly, i don't even care. and i think most americans don't care because they will parade somebody else out. it's simply to deflect the wikileaks and the videos that have come out. at the end of the day, she is not above 50% and the hundreds of millions of dollars that have been spent attacking donald trump you would think she would be. there is a clear divide in this country and people want change and donald trump is the change agent. >> i have to wrap up, but she is
4:41 pm
pretty far ahead in those polls. but 17 days to go. thank you very much. coming up live in the cnn newsroom, a historic huge media deal just crossing the wires. what does the massive multibillion dollar proposed merger between cnn's parent company time warner and at&t mean for you? will it pass muster with regulato regulators, next. le who own them, every business is different. but every one of those businesses will need legal help as they age and grow. whether it be help starting your business, vendor contracts or employment agreements. legalzoom's network of attorneys can help you every step of the way so you can focus on what you do. we'll handle the legal stuff that comes up along the way. legalzoom. legal help is here.
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put smeta appetite control. you and temptation with clinically proven to help reduce hunger between meals. new, from metamucil, the #1 doctor recommended brand. we have breaking news. one of the big egest media mergs ever, at&t noticing reaching an agreement to merge with time warner. that is of course the parent company of cnn. this is a multi, multibillion-dollar proposed merger. $85 billion to be exact.
4:44 pm
let's discuss with brian stelter and cristina alesci. and as news happens, we literally were just digging into the news. thank you for being here. what does this mean? >> this is one of the biggest media mergers in history. certainly the biggest deal for cnn in many years. cnn, hbo, warner brothers, a number of other cable channels now acquired by at&t in a deal worth $85 billion. this will require government review, it will take over a year, but presuming it gets approved, it creates a giant media company. >> and is that what you're hearing from the experts you've talked to, that this will pass muster with regulators? >> yes, because it's similar to the comcast nbc universal. it took a long time to get government approval in d.c., but the obama administration did eventually approve it and experts that i talked to today
4:45 pm
say they believe a similar outcome will take place here. >> and this is a vertical merger, not a mo horizontal mer. >> you're talking fancy words. >> this is more of a distribution business. and this comes two years after murdoch made the fwobid for tim warner. and now they like this one more. >> it's a lot higher. so makes time warner smart for waiting those two years. you can remember the ceo took a lot of heat turning down fox when he did and now this is a vindication for him because it's a lot higher as far as a price tag goes. for at&t, this is a big win too. it can only increase its wireless base so much. so now it has an entirely new base of consumers, of people consuming its content.
4:46 pm
and it has actual content to offer. but the synergies here are strong and positive for it going forward. and by the way, there aren't too many other media content companies out there to buy. disney is big, $150 billion. and cbs is family controlled. so there aren't too many other targets out there. >> brian, what do you think this tells us about the future of media and how we consume it? how much of this is a mobile play, how much is about our smartphones and what does it mean for shaping consumption habits and what content gets to the most people? ultimately this is a play for what it means for the average consumer at home. >> that's right. and people might worry about their at&t bills going up. but those sorts of trends are not likely to be impacted by a deal like this. at&t wants more power and influence over the future of media and we know the future of media is mobile centric. we had to hang up on our boss the ceo of time warner as we
4:47 pm
were coming -- >> sorry. >> so we were on a call with him for about a minute, but the point he was making is that he believes it's great for customers, great for consumers. both at&t customers as well as viewers of cnn and other channels specifically because what we're seeing is that people have more choices, they have more options. they may be getting their kept fr content from a small number the companies, but consume is in a by the varied of ways. >> and final thought. >> i just hope that every at&t phone comes with the cnn app on it. >> and that is an important point. at&t now own as main worldwide news organization. at&t has never overed a news brand before. so they will have to quickly realize what it means. i think that we'll hear from randall stevenson about that in the days to come. >> thanks very much. it has to get to regulators, but a big headline.
4:48 pm
thank you very much. coming up, we'll have some fun with chelsea handler, who lets loose on this year's presidential race and why some criticism of hillary clinton she believes is not fair. listen. >> there is nothing more sexist than telling a woman to smile. you smile. like don't tell us to smile. that is so disgusting for a man to say that to a woman. can you ever imagine a woman saying to barack obama, hey, wipe that brown inside down. tw -one yea we ed blu . that's 7,671 moon rises, 48 eclipses and a refreshing taste that's always stayed the same. creatively inspired. artfully brewed. blue moon. ♪balance transferot to othat's my game♪
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4:52 pm
handler gets real about politics like really real. even though she makes you latch for a living this game is not fun and games to her. she is speaking loud and clear this weekend. i spoke with her this week at the summit in california call. >> you're a huge hillary clinton supporter, no question. >> yeah i support hillary. >> you said hillary may not be the best option but better than him. are you in not in favor of him or better than hillary clinton. >> i like divisive, i don't like
4:53 pm
about pleasing everybody. are people enthusiastic enough about the candidates to get out there. are you voting against donald trump? >> no, i'm voting for hillary clinton. there's not enough enthusiasm. we're adults. this isn't like bring my fafr favorite color to color with. gary johnson is not going to win the presidency. >> so what if she's not the most charming person on the plant. i don't want to hang out with her, do you want too many people want a president they want to hang out with? >> yeah, hillary clinton isville fi -- villified? >> who tells a person to smile
4:54 pm
more. can you imagine telling barack bo obama, hey, wife that smile upside down. >> have you ever met him? >> yeah, like eight or ten years ago. i love the idea of a celebrity coming over and introducing themselves to another celebrity. >> you also said that you wouldn't have donald trump on your show. why not? >> because it's so irresponsi e irresponsible. >> why wouldn't you have donald trump on your show? >> because he's proven himself time and time again. 14 million people didn't not graduate from high school, but plenty of the people supporting him did not graduate from high
4:55 pm
school. >> does that mean their vote counts less? >> no. >> why not have him on your show. >> that's because a ratings ploy. i can get people to come on my show that i think are much more responsible. >> let's talk and late night. in the past late night and leno and letterman would host, this year seems different. whether it's colbert, o'brien, is this the year that you pick the side? >> yeah, i think with somebody who is this irresponsible and saying things like calling mexicans rapists and inciting violence and talking about hanging hillary clinton, that's not acceptable language.
4:56 pm
that's really scary. >> what's the role and responsibility of late night hosts? was it fair and right that jimmy fallon got skewered for messing with donald trump's hair. >> i don't want to have donald trump on my show. this part of my career being on netflix is something i'm proud of -- you can still have fun and send a great message. i want everybody to have a great story and be inspired. >> you're an entertainer but sounds like you have very much a responsibility while you entertain? >> yeah, i had another show where i acted like a complete [ bleep ] i'm done with that and my show came on the air as this election was heating up. whoever gets elected.
4:57 pm
this is going to start again in two years, so the system isn't perfect and isn't great and i understand that hillary clinton isn't everybody's favorite candidate but to me she's more qualified than anybody else and i'm willing to forgive all the shortcomings. >> she's like that in person she's just not like that in public. she's gauard to and after everything she has been through in public i would be guarded too. >> what's the funniest thing about hillary clinton? >> the second debate. i liked the second debate. he was going on and on and being really accuse totoraccusetory. she was just like when is this going to be over with so i can make my point.
4:58 pm
>> funniest think about donald trump? >> his career. the trump plaza. aleck baldwin as donald trump, indicate mckinnon as hillary clinton? >> that's great stuff. >> what's your prediction on election day, the day after on november 9th, hillary clinton has won. >> "saturday night live." trump. >> michelle obama. lunches like the healthy food thing? >> yeah. >> do you want to try that again? >> arms. >> yeah. >> donald trump. >> icky. >> hillary clinton. bad [ bleep ].
4:59 pm
>> bernie sanders? >> hairhairy. >> hair like on his head or arm hair? >> everywhere it's coming out. >> the pay gab. >> unjuunjus >>unjust. >> tim kaine. >> he's boring. i don't have to be in love with tim kaine. >> mike pence. >> loser. he should be sent to utah and locked up in a little barn there. >> i like utah. my thanks to chelsea handlehand you will see more of her tomorrow. her show chelsea is showing in its second season. two back-to-back documentaries on the presidential candidates, starting at 8:00 p.m. the essential hillary clinton followed by all busy the
5:00 pm
essential donald trump. so glad you are with us tonight. i'm poppy harlow, i will see you back here tomorrow night at 5:00 eastern. have a great one. ♪ ♪ ♪ this is the story of my mother hillary clinton. >> the most famous woman in the world. >> and perhaps the most controversial. >> i don't remember a time when my mom wasn't being attacked. >> what difference at that point does it make? >> i think there's a lot of scar tissue from the battles that she's fought. >> from first lady. >> human rights are women's rights and women's rights are human rights. >> to


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