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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow  CNN  October 23, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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5: 00 eastern. i'm poppy harlow. you're in the cnn newsroom. we begin with a shocking admission from the campaign trail today. donald trump's campaign manager acknowledging something ask candidate himself so far has not. that trump is indeed behind. >> where do you see this race right now? do you acknowledge you're behind? >> we are behind. she has some advantages, like $66 million in ad buys just in the month of september. therefore doubling her ad buys from august. most of the ads are negative against donald trump, classic politics of personal destruction. >> a brand-new poll out from abc news shows hillary clinton with a 12 point lead. widening the gap between the two front runners. this brings clinton's average lead in cnn's poll of polls to nine points ahead of trump. to put this in perspective, surveys from the same period of time in 2012 had mitt romney and
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then-president obama tied. trump is moving forward aggress ily. he's set to kick off a rally in florida soon. it is his first of five there over the next few days that he will hold. showing you the importance of the sunshine state. meanwhile, clinton is getting ready to speak in north carolina. reporters are on the trail, crisscrossing the country with both candidates. we wait for clinton to take the stage. let's go to donald trump's rally in florida. with the latest admission from the trump campaign manager kellyanne conway, i wonder, jason, if we expect or if you've heard trump say at all that he agrees with his campaign manager. that, indeed, they're behind. >> poppy, i think what trump said at his rally in pennsylvania on friday, where he told the crowd, he said, look, we have to turn this around. that's the first time i've ever heard donald trump say that. for trump, that is, in a sense,
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an admission, that there is some ground they've got to make up with the campaign. the question is, how do they make up the ground when you have a candidate who continues to step on his message. look what happened when he gave the speak in gettysburg. he laid out what he would be doing. the first 100 days of office. then he opens up this speech and uses a chunk of time by talking about wanting to sue the women who have accused him of sexual misconduct. earlier today, his campaign manager, kellyanne conway, spoke to jake tapper about why he decided to make that revelation at that particular moment. >> did you know he was going to start with this list of grievances that might undercut the message? >> well, he delivers his own speeches. this is his candidacy, he's running for the white house and he has the privilege to say what he wants. >> so poppy, as trump has said
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before, look, he's said we've got to turn this around. the question is how does the campaign do that when you have a candidate who continuously steps on his message. >> what about his supporters there? i mean, jason, the trump team keeps saying the media won't say how big his rallies are, that we're underestimating this, there are so-called hidden trump supporters, meaning they won't speak about it publicly but will vote for him at the polls. what are the supporters saying to you? do they believe their candidate is behind, and behind by a pretty wide margin right now? >> they don't believe the polls. many of the supporters we've spoken to, not just here but other locations as well, they're feeding into the false narrative that trump is putting out, that the system is rigged. having said that, many of the people that we speak to feel the polls are wrong. that the media, what they call the liberal media, is misreading the polls. and come election day, trump
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listen t will be the winner. >> jason carroll, live in florida, waiting for trump to take the stage in naples, thank you very much. historic showdown and plenty of voters are casting their ballots early, long before november 8th. 5 million votes have been cast across 35 states, including 3.5 million votes that have been dropped in battleground states. this includes early votes cast in person and absentee voters, obviously mailing them in or dropping them off with election officials. let's talk it over with senior political analyst david gergen, former adviser to four presidents. >> good to be with you. >> let's get to what kellyanne conway said this morning on "meet the press," admitting, we are behind. how unusual is it to hear the words from someone who is running a presidential campaign 16 days out? >> very unusual for the trump
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campaign. it's one of the ways they've encouraged their voters, trump has come out for months now, open speeches with how the polls are doing. how well he is doing in the polls. right now, the polls are going south. eight or nine point average if you look at the polls. there are two or three polls -- let's face it -- that are o outlier polls that has it tied or trump up. but if you look at the broad set of polls that are out there, and look at the early voting in what we're picking up on the early voting, and the signs are optimistic now for hillary clinton. i think kellyanne conway did her candidate a favor by saying we're behind and let's rally. >> why is that a favor? >> the message -- it's possible that the trump supporters can get caught up in the mythology that it is inevitable we're going to win unless the thing is rigged. they need to be saying to their neighbors, this is really close
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and we could lose this thing. let's get out and vote. >> mm-hmm. do you think that it is a risky tactic for trump to keep saying over and over, this election is rigged, this election is rigged? he's saying the process is rigged, right, the polling sites, et cetera, not just the media. do you think that in any way could dissuade people from getting out and voting for him if they look at the polls and see he is behind by a wide margin and he says this process is rigged. why am i going to take time off work, find child care, et set ya, y -- et cetera, to go vote. >> i think the we're going to lose because it is rigged it's helping. you have to look at the size of our rallies and that sort of thing. you have to be consistent about what your message is and figure out what works. it is not clear they're testing their message. the democrats test every message. they have tons of research on
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these messages. they're turning the behavioral research, for example, and understanding how you get people out. they've been studying this for a long time. trump just doesn't take that sort of thing seriously. he's going to pay a price for it. >> i want to turn to hillary clinton. >> sure. >> even though she is leading in the polls, there is this consistent perception of the clintons live by their own rules, right. >> yes, there is. >> question for pay for play with the clinton foundation. i want you to listen to what jake tapper asked clinton's campaign chief, robby mook, about yet another e-mail exchange that was dropped from the stolen e-mails by wikileaks pertaining to the clinton foundation. >> we learned that the king of morocco wanted to contribute $12 million to the clinton foundation last year but he only wanted to do it if he could get a face-to-face meeting with hillary clinton. doesn't this feed into one of the concerns that voters have about hillary clinton and the clinton foundation so? >> i'd glad you asked the question. it was known for a long time
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that the clinton foundation's conference was held in morocco. it's been known for a long time that secretary clinton chose not to attend the conference. there isn't anything new here. >> bill and chelsea did. >> they did. secretary clinton chose not to. >> i should note that this was in 2015. may of 2015. this was after she was secretary of state. it still plays into the perception that there would be discussion about making a multi-million donation to the foundation to get an audience with the former secretary of state and former secretary and someone likely to run for president. how much does the consistency of this perception hurt clinton? >> it is a drag on her. it may not prevent her from winning the election but it's going to be a drag on her capacity to govern. it may have serious implications for that. if we have a very poisoned electorate, you know, with a lot of trump people, there may be 40, 50 million people that could vote for donald trump. if they conclude she is going to
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be in the wrong haiouse, shoulde in the jailhouse and not the white house, it hurts. the e-mails that came out, the podesta e-mails, all the hacking, i think in a normal campaign, these would be damaging for the kand dacandida. they would be more than they have been to hillary clinton. because trump has been so outsized and stepping on the stories and doesn't get out of the way of things and creates his own negative stories that are overshadows her stories, he's not getting the benefit from this a normal candidate would. >> do you think, david, that has allowed the clinton campaign's response to consistently be -- from tim kaine to robby mook to hillary clinton herself who was asked about wikileaks in the last 24 hours and didn't answer it, their consistent answer is, they're stolen e-mails. russia is behind this. we're not going to address it. has trump allowed them to answer in that way because he keeps doing things like he did in gettysburg yesterday, instead of
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opening up with his 100 day remarks, he said i'm going to sue the ten women who said i sexually assaulted him? >> he got off message about what the clintons have been up to and whatever. i want to come back to one thing. about the morocco thing. you know, the fact that they wanted hillary to speak and bill came and chelsea came and so forth. you spoipointed out something important. she was no longer secretary of state. these kind of things happen all the time in sort of business and diplomacy, international relations. you know, if you'll do me a favor, i'll do you a favor. there is nothing wrong with a private citizen doing that. zero wrong with it. i know it feeds a perception but in terms of the ethics of it -- >> what about someone though, david, who is at least thinking hard about running for president? >> well, you know, i don't think that particular one is a big deal. i think there have been other
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things the clinton foundation and, you know, with much more when she was secretary of state, that are absolutely legitimate fodder for criticism. they didn't keep their books well. they allowed these things, they were sloppy about it. they're taking their knocks and they should. on the morocan thing, it's a world none of us sees clearly. >> thank you, david. >> thank you. >> we'll dig more into wikileaks with david later. clinton has the momentum but also has this problem of this persistent drip and drip of the stolen e-mails. more potentially embarrassing disclosures. also, the battle for florida. must-win for trump in the state that could seal the deal for clinton. we'll talk about the race and the early voting already underway in the sunshine state. donald trump knows how crucial it is to win there. he is in naples. he is expected to take the stage
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imagine loving your numbers. there's only one invokana®. ask your doctor about it by name. the constant drip of hacked e-mails released by wikileaks continues to dog hillary clinton's presidential campaign. 16 days out from election day, one democrat -- one document, rather, shows an aide writing about the king of morocco attend for the clinton initiative. quote, the condition upon which they agreed to host the meeting was her participation. if hrc was not part of it, meeting was a non-starter. i will break a lot of china to back out now. she created this mess and she knows it. end quote. that was an e-mail from huma
2:17 pm
abedin, who worked closely with clinton. donald trump pounced on this. this is what he said in a campaign rally in north carolina on friday. >> now from wikileaks, we've just learned she tried to get $12 million from the king of morocco for an appearance, more pay for play. >> cnn washington correspondent athena jones joins me. trump calls it pay for play. the clinton campaign says it is non-sense. has the candidate responded to the allegation, it is pay for play. frankly, more of the hacked e-mails also dropped by wikileaks. >> she was asked about the wikileaks issue on her plane last night. to close the hoop, poppy, on the discussion that was taking place in the e-mails, ultimately, a clinton foundation conference was held in morocco. bill and chelsea clinton went. hillary clinton did not go. she'd left the state department by the time of this discussion. the campaign is saying there is
2:18 pm
no wrongdoing, no pay for play, no evidence that -- this is not evidence of corruption, as donald trump suggests. this is how secretary clinton responded when asked about this on her plane last night. >> are you concerned that donald trump would try to throw you in jail if you were elected? also, the wikileaks e-mails, one of your top aides said the clinton foundation conference now labeled by some as a pay to play scheme was a mess of your own making. >> i have nothing to say about wikileaks, other than i think we should all be concerned about what the russians are trying to do to our election and using wikileaks very blatantly to try to influence the outcome of the election f election. i have no concerns about the first question whatsoever. >> if you couldn't hear it, the first was whether she was concerned about whether she could be sent to jail if
2:19 pm
elected. you can see from the candidate and her campaign, they're stressing they believe the e-mails were stolen by russian state actors trying to influence the presidential election. they're not vaerifying the e-mails. cnn hasn't been able to confirm their authenticity. >> also one of the newer e-mail revelations from wikileaks, from the stolen e-mails, is a discussion among clinton staffers about race, and whether to address race ahead of the south carolina primary. what do we know? >> yeah, this is interesting. this was a discussion taking place right after the new hampshire primary that hillary clinton lost so badly to bernie sanders. that is the context here. the context is important. it was a little over a week before the south carolina primary, which was one where black voters were going to play an important role. so that was what the discussion was about. whether it was wise for clinton to deliver a major speech on race. in this e-mail, one of the
2:20 pm
hacked e-mails that was released, one of clinton's speechwriters makes it clear that bill and hillary clinton were involved in the discussions. involved in the discussions about just what a speech on race would look like and should look like. the aide also writes about the pros and cons of giving such a speech, saying that one of clinton's advisers was concerned it could unintentionally highlight problematic issues that weren't being widely discussed at the time. things like hillary clinton saying in the 1990s, calling young criminals super predators. the speechwriter ended up saying if we're flipping, maybe it is worth rolling the dice and doing the speech. if we're holding steady, see if we can ride this out without doing the speech. clinton did end up giving a speech on race the very next day in harlem. this is the kind of exchange that could provide fodder to some of clinton's critics who say she is politically calculating. that politics play into every decision she makes.
2:21 pm
interesting exchanges. >> thank you for the reporting from washington. take a look now at live pictures from two main events we're waiting for tonight. donald trump about to take the stage in naples, florida. clhillary clinton addressing he supporters in north carolina. the two campaigns with the focus on the swing states. we'll bring you the remarks live. voters in battleground states addressing the presidential candidates and what matters to them most, especially when it comes to their own economic situation. >> i go to a food bank, that's how bad it is. and sometimes i stay at her home in the winter because i don't have heat. i've been without water almost two years. i did my ancestrydna. the most shocking result was that i'm 26% native american. i had no idea. it's opened up a whole new world for me. ♪
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battleground ohio. donald trump is and hillary clinton want to win the buckeye state. the polling shows trump leading by four points. it is a state so critical, no one has become president without winning ohio since jfk in 1960. we went there. one stop on our road trip across the state, pike county, ohio. that is where mitt romney won by a single vote. one vote in 2012.
2:26 pm
at diner 23 in pike county, i met two women. both say they are lifelong democrats and both are struggling financially. here is their take on this critical election. >> are you a lifelong republican? >> no. i am a lifelong democrat. >> lifelong democrat and you're voting for donald trump. >> right. >> why? >> well, let's just say i'm not supporting the democrat candidate. i think she's conniving. i just don't think she's my opinion of a president. >> did you support president obama in 2008 and 2012? >> no. >> for you, did you support president obama? >> i did not vote for president obama that year. i have been a lifelong democrat, and i opted not to vote democratic that year. >> why? >> first of all, i did not get a lot of information about him. it just seemed like the election
2:27 pm
was already won, in my opinion. >> you told me you thought america wasn't ready for president obama. what do you mean by that? >> no, i don't feel that -- i didn't get enough information about his politics. and what i did have, i was uncomfortable with. i didn't feel like he was going to represent the united states of america. one of the issues with me was how he was handling the issues with al qaeda. we were getting bombarded by his religion as he was growing up. i was not comfortable with that. i felt like he was not going to represent us in the event of war. >> what do you mean his religion
2:28 pm
growing up? >> the information that we were getting bombarded with at that time was that his background was muslim. >> and he is not a muslim. never has been. >> okay. but the information i was get ing could have been bits and pieces from television, could have been information that was not true, but it set in my mind that he would not represent us in the event of a war. >> he, under the obama administration, they captured and killed osama bin laden. >> that's true. >> head of al qaeda. >> true. i'm aware of that. >> did it change your opinion? >> no. >> the american dream, have you been able to live the american dream? >> fortunately, i feel like i have. i'm not interested in being wealthy by any means but i'd like to be able to pay my bills.
2:29 pm
>> your car is broken down now. >> it is. i have no income to get it fixed, whatsoever. i may lose my job. i have 12 unpaid leave days coming. i have used eight of those already. if i don't get some more income, which i don't see that happening because i live out in the county and i have no transportation to look for employment -- but by the grace of god, i'm getting by. >> but by the grace of god. >> yes. >> my american dream, i believe i have lived it. i own my own home. i've had three beautiful children, although i lost our baby. but god has been good to me. >> what's making you tear up? >> i'm just thankful. i'm blessed. >> i am, too. i go to a food bank. that's how bad it is.
2:30 pm
and sometimes i stay at her home in the winter because i don't have heat. i've been without water almost two years. and we both have a christian friend. >> yes. high-five. that really gets us through a lot. >> your belief in god? >> yes. >> i want to tell you something good that happened out of the obama administration. he made it possible for nine counties in ohio to get save the drain, and i was fortunate to be one of the participants. if it hadn't have been for that, i would have lost my home a long time ago. i'm still paying my mortgage. it's the only thing that gets paid, the mortgage. it was a year long, 12 months, and save the dream made my house
2:31 pm
payments for me. >> you thank president obama for that. >> oh, yes, absolutely. i mean, i don't know how -- there's no way -- >> you could have made it. >> -- that could have happened without that program. that was a god send. >> important look into the minds of some of the voters there in ohio. you can see more of our road trip through the swing states. states. the interviews were conducted before that 2005 acce"access hollywood" tape of donald trump surfaced and the sk yaccusation sexual misconduct. we called back all the trump supporters. with the exception of few, they're still voting for trump. those two women say trump has their vote. live looks from florida and north carolina. we expect to hear from hillary clinton and donald trump tonight. we will bring the remarks live. of course, the political battle in florida goes beyond the white house this year.
2:32 pm
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why pay more for data limits? introducing t-mobile one, unlimited data for everyone. get four lines just $35 a month. nearly 1 million folks in florida have already cast their ballot by mail. in person early voting begins tomorrow in the sunshine state. this is a crucial battleground state with 29 electoral votes. how crucial is it? take a look at donald trump's upcoming schedule. it tells you a lot. tomorrow, he'll visit saint augustine and tampa, florida. sanford in tallahassee. the latest poll shows clinton leading trump by four points in florida. you see trump is at 44% and clinton 48%. the two third party candidates make up just 5% between the two
2:36 pm
of them. let's talk it over with our florida political reporter for "politico." let's jump right into it. nearly 1 million floridians have cast their absentee ballots so far. what does it tell you in terms of what the numbers are showing us, and how does it stack up compared to 2012? >> it's higher now. we're at 1.2 million as of this morning. republicans still lead in absentee ballots cast over the democratic ballots. the republican lead is 1.7 points. in 2012, the republican lead by 5 points. they used to traditionally dominate the vote by mail category and democrats dominated in the in-person early voting, beginning monday. what we're probably going to see is by next sunday, if the democrats haven't surpassed the republicans in total pre-election day ballots cast, they probably will by next weekend. it's bad news. generally speaking, the party whose voters cast more
2:37 pm
pre-election day ballots heads into election day with an advantage and they usually win. that's generally been our experience. we can't see how people voted. it's a pretty good guess that 9 times out of 10, maybe 8 out of 10, the republican ballot is going to be for the republican candidate and the democrat for the democrats. >> we know republicans outnumber democrats in florida. we're increasingly seeing seniors and retirees who live there leaning right. we know they vote in big numbers. clinton is betting big on millenials and betting a lot in your state on the puerto rican community. i think the question i have for you, since you live and breathe this every day, which of those voting blocks is more enthusiastic about their candidate? >> latinos certainly. the number of registered democrats in florida still exceeds the registered republicans off the top. the republican base is generally older and whiter, and that is one of your most reliable voting
2:38 pm
bases. whereas the minority coalition that forms the democratic party, which also includes younger people, they're a little less reliable in casting ballots. if you lack at took at the poll hillary clinton is winning by historic margins, especially polling with latinos. as the puerto rican vote has grown, about 1,000 families, it's tending more and more democratic. that is removing some of the influence of what used to be a very strong republican voting block from cuban americans. they're starting to have parody. when you put the other demographic changes together, it is looking worse and worse for the republican party going forward in florida. but what we've generally seen is we are a swing state. in a presidential election year, we go blue and in the midterms, we go red. this year, we'll be watching marco rubio. right now he's -- >> i was going to sigh, we'ay w looking at live pictures of
2:39 pm
donald trump in naples, florida. as we wait for him to come out, just briefly, what does this all mean for marco rubio and his race against patrick murphy? >> well, marco rubio is trying to get as far from trump as possible without having to throw him under the bus. so far, it is working. rubio is winning in all the polls. donald trump is losing all the polls. we're looking at a split ticket. but if hillary clinton winds upbeating trump by five points which used to seem like something that would be crazy, it could signify a blue wave that could carry murphy over to the beach and crash rubio's seat and future presidential ambitions. >> mark, i wish we had more time. we have to get a lot of live events in tonight. thanks for being with me. we appreciate it. we'll take a break. when we come back, we'll bring you donald trump speaking live in the critical battleground state of florida. stay with us. if you're approaching 65... now's the time to get your ducks in a row.
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the candidates out in full force. 16 days before election day. we're waiting to hear from hillary clinton in a rally in charlotte, north carolina. donald trump just took the stage in naples, florida. let's listen to him. >> same enthusiastic all over the country. they've never seen anything like it. early voting begins tomorrow. you can already get your absentee ballot. get out, get it, let's start the voting. numbers are looking phenomenal
2:44 pm
in florida. don't believe the media. but even the media is giving pretty good numbers. they can't help it. but the numbers are even better than what they're saying. so get out and we'll get rid of crooked hillary once and for all. that'll be that. if you want four more years of obama, and if you want four more years of isis growing, and if you want four more years of high taxes and four more years of obamacare that we're going to repeal and replace, let hillary clinton have it. but, folks, you're going to be miserable. oh, boy. yesterday, i outlined my contract with the american voter. a lot of you saw that. a detailed list of solutions to bring prosperity to our economy, safety to our communities and honesty to our government. and speaking of honesty, where is mayor rudy giuliani?
2:45 pm
where is he? he's around here somewhere. rudy, get rudy. get over here, rudy. rudy, come up here. this guy is so amazing. i'll tell ya, he is one took ko cookie. in new york, it was a disaster, one year, the crime went like that. we can do this in so many ways for our country. come here, rudy. we love rudy. say hello, rudy. >> thank you very much. wonderful to be here. it's wonderful to see this crowd. it's wonderful to know very, very soon, we're going to change the direction of america and we're going to elect donald j. trump president of the united states. you tell-all those television
2:46 pm
cameras, media has it wrong, 100%. we know whose side they're on, right? but what side are the people on? >> trump! >> you're darn right because he is going to change america. he's going to straighten it out. it's going to be a government that's going to be for you and not for the special interests. so i'm very, very proud to support him. >> rudy giuliani, the former major of new york city and a top surrogate for donald trump speaking to voters in naples. donald trump expected to take the mic again. we'll bring you that when he does. we're going to talk about something you probably heard a lot about this election season. dog whistle politics. you've heard that phrase more than once. often used to describe the rhetoric the candidates have thrown around. it is a subtly aimed political message intended for and can be only understood by a particular demographic group. how have the candidates used dog
2:47 pm
whistles to sway voters and, frankly, how effective is it? let's listen to this. you've written expensively about it. >> we have our inner cities, african-americans, hispanics, are living in hell because it is so dow jones rowigit dangerous. you walk down the street and you get shot. >> are people implicitly bias against black people? >> bias is a problem for everyone, not just police. unfortunately, too many of us in our great country jump to conclusions about each other when it comes to policing, since it can have literally fatal consequences, i have said in my first budget we would put money into that budget to help us deal with implicit bias, by retraining a lot of our police officers. >> let's break these down one by
2:48 pm
one. you just wrote expensively about this. talk about the term "inner city." you write a lot about what trump means by it. you also say those who criticize trump for using the term or missing the point, there are some who argue that side of it, as well. >> inner city is often used to invoke in scary, i think often in the 1970s, 1980s, when the inner cities were really in bad shape, including new york, right. there was white flight. a lot of whites left the city because it was a dangerous, scary place. today, a lot of our inner genti. to say blacks and latinos are in hell, another code for innerty -- >> why a dog whistle? >> it is invoking this idea from blacks and latinos are, there is
2:49 pm
crime. you're putting your life at risk when going to the supermarket. no one wants to live in hell. >> when it comes to the term law and order trump used over and over again, you say both candidates tripped up around that. >> absolutely. when the race question comes up in these debates, often, the answers have been centered around law and order and police brutality, right? and gun control. these are three things when we're talking about race that boe both candidates centered their answers around. yes, they're problems in black and brown communities but at the same time, we're not talking about voter suppression, voter intimidation, education, the economy, health care. there are so many other issues that come up when we talk about race. often, both hillary and trump have framed their actions around violence and law and order. >> listen to hillary clinton when she talks about implicit or inherent bias. you call it dog whistle. >> in some ways it is. this is new language that has come up.
2:50 pm
not new for people who study race and are race theorists. for a lot of people in the mainstream conversation in this country, this is a new term that's been introduced into the conversation. a lot of people were saying, wait a minute, where is hillary talking about implicit bias? in some ways it is dog whistling to two different groups. on the one hand, it's saying to people who might be conservative, saying, you know what, racism is something we all in some ways carry with us. we're not aware of it. it is unconscious. we all harbor these prejudices. it kind of takes the own elnus from making it a personal thing. on the other hand, it takes this academic, savvy term about the conversation about race and links her supporters who might be more liberal, her supporters of color, and say, i get it. i know this is real and i hear you. >> thank you so much. you've written a lot about it on and we appreciate it. >> thank you. let's take you back live to naples, florida, and listen to donald trump.
2:51 pm
>> from special interests and donors. i've been on the other side, folks. believe me. i was very, very comfortable there. i also knew that our country was heading in the wrong direction. bad, bad things were going to happen. you know when i talk about inside or outside, i'm the ult mall -- ultimate they lof me and one day on june 16th of last year, coming down the escalator with melania, i became an outsider that i can live never seen before in their life. we're doing the right thing. we had to do it. i love this country. we had to do it. we had to do it. so my message is this, if we win on november 8th, we are going to fix our rigged system. it's a rigged, broken, corrupt system. it's rigged. it's broken. it's corrupt. they want me to take that back. let me tell you, folks, it's a
2:52 pm
rigged system. we are going to drain the swamp of corruption in washington, d.c. you know everybody said i won the third debate and i won the second debate but the third debate, they didn't like the one answer. they said i talked about this. millions of people, take a look at the statistics. they said maybe he won. that one answer, i think the people here, i think you understand that. this is a rigged -- we're in a rigged system. we're in a broken and corrupt system. bernie sanders was in a rigged system. you notice how quiet he's been for the last three or four days. he's been watching and reading wikileaks. wikileaks is talking about all the things they said behind his back. they're thinking about he said
2:53 pm
he had bad instincts. this guy pedesta is a nasty guy. i wouldn't want people speaking about me behind me back. you take a look at all the harm and all the things she's done, it's a mess. she gave us isis, the vacuum. her and obama. it started off as nothing. remember the jv team. he's a real genius. now it's a 32 countries and she gets up, i will stop isis. she has no chance. they are dreaming that hillary clinton becomes president. isis. their number one dream, hillary clinton let her become president. she's the one that allowed it to form. she's the one that watched it
2:54 pm
go. now they say it's in 32 countri countries worse than ever. the change includes a new foreign policy that puts america first. hillary clinton's foreign policy has squandered trillions of american wealth overseas. >> donald trump speaking live tonight in naples, florida. one of four stops he's make ng the state over the next two days showing you how critical it and it's 29 electoral votes are to this candidate. we're also waiting and watching for hillary clinton to speak live tonight in charlotte, north carolina trying to lock up that battleground state. we'll bring you her remarks as well as she takes the podium. stay with us. you're live in the cnn newsroom.
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in tonight's brand new episode of parts unknown an thopny tho -- anthony bourdain heads to london to find out how the city is dealing and eating at brexit. >> here we are in london, again.
2:59 pm
this time is different. england has just voted rather unexpectedly to leave the european union and the affect here in london has been tech tonic. >> really shown a light on howdy vi divided the country is. >> this is a city where the drinking can take on an edge of desperation but never so much as now. >> is it the end of the world? >> it feels pretty bad. when the going gets tough, we want to get on and look after ourselves. it's so selfish. >> it's like the whole city is had has a never breakdown and in times of uncertainty, like to turn to old friends. will it all work out in the end? >> i have no idea. >> wow. >> nothing is certain. >> bourdain takes on london in parts unknown that tonight at
3:00 pm
9:00 p.m. eastern here on cnn. top of the hour, 6:00 p.m. eastern. i'm poppy harlow in new york. we begin tonight listening to dru donald trump speaking live. this is first of several stops. it's also the first time today that we have heard from his campaign manager specifically admitting that their team is behind. here is what kelly ann conway said this morning. >> where do you see this race right now? do you acknowledge that you're behind? >> we are behind. she has some advantages like $66 million in ad buys just in the month of september. doubling her ad buys from august. most are negative against donald trump, classic politics and personal destruction. >> f


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