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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  October 24, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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taking down a man by the name of -- >> osama bin laden. >> osama bin laden. >> bin laden, yes. >> this whole thing is rigged. all of the newscasters are making me look so bad. >> and how are we doing that? >> by taking all of the things i say and all of the things i do, and putting them on tv. >> i love that one. i love i aplogize. >> time now for "newsroom" with carol costello. >> that made me laugh. there's no such thing as happy monday. you guys have a great day. "newsroom" starts right now. and good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. election day just two weeks from tomorrow. can you believe it? a key development taking shape right now early voting under way across much of florida, a state
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that donald trump has to win to have a shot at the white house. his campaign falling even farther behind trump is in the midful a three-day blitz of that state. his running mate, mike pence, is in north carolina. among the democrats, hillary clinton teams up with senator elizabeth warren, tim kaine stumps in south florida, and vice president joe biden has two stops in ohio. i got lots of people with me myself. cnn's jason carroll is at a polling place in miami. jeff zeleny looks at two weeks ahead. but jason i want to start with you. because, early voters are already on hand. jason, can you hear me? >> i can hear you, carol. you know, if history serves as any guide half of all voters here in the state of florida expected to cast their votes during early voting. the candidates know this. they know how important this state is. you have tim kaine karning in the state today. we saw donald trump in naples yesterday. making two stops here in the state today. behind me you can see some of
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the voting, stations set up here in downtown miami. we've seen a steady stream of voters coming in this morning. want to bring one of them in for you right now. olivia martin. olivia, step right in. i know that you made a very good point to me. you said you wanted to come out here on day one of early voting, given all that you've seen and all that you've heard during this campaign. >> that's right. i sure did. >> tell me why. i mean, you said you wanted to vote for hillary clinton. you wanted to make a statement about women, and voting. >> that's right. i wanted to be here on the first day that we could do it. i really am patriotic to my country and i've been for -- i've been for hillary since the get-go. i'm so happy she's running and i know that she's going to win. >> give me your sense, also, if you will, about the nature of the campaign. we were talking about that a little bit earlier. you were saying some things about the discourse between the candidates. >> i think that unfortunately, it's turned so negative, and so many people are so disappointed with our elections now, because
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unfortunately, i think donald trump has really made such a statement of negativity, and i really am positive about our country. >> and -- and -- and hillary clinton's trustworthiness, that was not an issue for you that she's been criticized -- >> not really. no. i think he is far less trustworthy than hillary. >> i see. thank you very much olivia martin coming in. one of those early voters that we've been talking to throughout here, carol. election officials say that at this point, what they are expecting could be record turnout here in the state of florida. obviously you've said it here, heard it from olivia, florida a key state in order to win the presidency. carol? >> absolutely true, jason carroll reporting live from florida this morning. neither trump nor clinton are taking their foot off the gas as they barrel into the last two weeks of campaigning. they're racking up the miles and presenting their best argument to shore up support and win over those undecided voters. if indeed there are any undecided voters still out there. cnn's jeff zeleny is here with the final stretch of their
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campaign. >> good morning, carol. hillary clinton is heading to new hampshire today with elizabeth warren at her side. it's part of this all-out push by democrats to keep one eye on the white house, and the other on downballot races across the ticket here. but this morning we're also learning that clinton is looking ahead. she's talking more about steps to plan what she increasingly believes will be her transition to the presidency. a two-week fight to the finish. it's time for closing arguments. hillary clinton striking an optimistic note. >> i want to be the president for every american. democrats, republicans, independents. people who vote for me. people who vote against me. because we've got to bring this country together. >> donald trump, less so. >> are we glad that i started? >> i'll let you know on the evening of november 8th whether i'm glad. >> reporter: with 15 days to go, trump no longer talking about when he wins but if. >> if we win on november 8th, we
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are going to fix our rigged system it's a rigged, broken, corrupt system. >> some people are sore losers and, you know, we just got to keep going. >> reporter: a wild weekend with trump visiting gettysburg for an unusual gettysburg address. overshadowing the plan for his first 100 days in office by pledging to sue the women accusing him of inappropriate behavior. >> every women lied when they came forward to hurt my campaign. total fabrication. all these liars will be sued after the election is over. >> reporter: trump campaign manager kellyanne conway bluntly acknowledging the uphill climb. >> we were behind. one, two, three, four points and some of these swing states that mitt romney lost to president obama, chuck. our advantage is that donald trump is going to continue to take the case directly to the people. >> reporter: trump undermining that acknowledgment. >> investors business daily, the most accurate poll from the last
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election and the two elections before that just announced that we are leading nationally by 2 points. numbers are looking phenomenal in florida. don't believe the media. >> reporter: but a new abc news national poll shows trump trailing clinton by twelve points. cnn has learned that clinton is increasingly moving beyond trump and turning her attention to her transition to the presidency. a democrat close to clinton saying she's not being arrogant, she's being diligent. clinton is sizing up candidates for white house chief of staff. one top contender ron klain who led her debate team. all this as president obama is tying gop senate candidates to trump. visiting nevada, one of the hottest senate battlegrounds. >> you're for him, but you're not for him. but you're kind of for him. what the heck? >> now if donald trump continues the three-day swing through florida today, fighting for those 29 electoral votes he
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needs to stay viable, hillary clinton is heading there tomorrow, in hopes of blocking his path. but she's also multitasking. i'm told she's already started quietly reaching out to old allies on capitol hill, including some republicans whose help she will need. her team is loathe to talk about any of this publicly. over the weekend she told reporters, i'm superstitious, i don't want to talk about it. but she is planning for the transition. and trump is, too, we should say. he has a big transition team. we'll see -- >> is he reaching out to democrats? >> i don't think so. he's at too many rallies to do that. >> all right, jeff zeleny. i had to ask. thanks so much. so, is the election over with two weeks still to go? let's talk about that. with me now, mark preston, the executive editor for cnn's politics and abby philip is a reporter for "the washington post." welcome to both of you. so, mark, clinton leads trump by 12 points in that new abc poll, and by nine points in a new cnn poll of polls. isn't it premature, though, to say this race is over? >> yeah, look, carol, i mean the
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bottom line is, is that it's the race, the election were to be held today, donald trump would lose and we've seen that in this electoral maps not only cnn's but just about every other news organization shows that she would surpass the 270 electoral votes needed. but you know, there's still some time for donald trump to make up some ground. i think it would be very difficult right now for him to actually win this election. but who knows. i think this has been a campaign of surprises and who knows what's in store over the next few weeks. >> it certainly has been a campaign of surprises. so abby, kellyanne conway, who is trump's main woman, right? she's his campaign manager, she said over the weekend that trump is behind. she admitted that. but did she say that the -- trump voters, or did she say it in a depressing kind of way? >> well, i think kellyanne is tends to be a little bit more realistic about some of these things than perhaps her boss, donald trump. and i would add to what mark said, which is that the election date is being held today.
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you know, people are going to the polls right now they're casting their ballots right now. and so in some ways, the project of turning this campaign around for donald trump needs to have begun maybe yesterday. and continue on into today. because every day that goes by, people are making determinations about where they stand, and how they want to vote. and the trump campaign, i think, kellyanne conway in particular, knows that, and understands that it's going to take a really significant event in this campaign to turn that around. you know, with just 16 days left before november 8th. >> so everybody keeps talking about this enthusiasm gap but if you look at the numbers in that new abc poll, mark, hillary clinton's voters are now more enthusiastic than donald trump. how important is this? >> it's very important. but what is going on on the ground in the get out the vote operation and democrats have invested an incredible amount of time, incredible amount of money over the past couple of years
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trying to build operations and organizations in these key battleground states. we haven't seen the same on donald trump's side. he will be buttressed by the fact that the republican national committee has tried to do so. you know, they have tried to put organizations up. but still, democrats have an advantage when it comes to getting together, you know, folks who are out on weekends knocking on doors and what have you. that really matters. and you pair that with enthusiasm, that's pretty powerful going in the closing days. >> okay, so abby what can mr. trump do to bridge the gap? >> well, you know, it's about getting out his base and i think that's probably what you see him doing so much right now on the campaign trail. he's spending a lot of time in these last few days at rallies over the past weekend. he visited, you know, maybe a handful of states. had eight or nine rallies. that's all an effort to sort of get his people out because those are the folks who are actually showing up. he's filling very large rooms, thousands and thousands of people. that's not enough to win an
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election. but it certainly is an important part of the sort of get out the base effort, and also his rhetoric on twitter is so much about kind of ginning up this sense that the game is being rigged against him, and that you know, that there is sort of like this secret weapon that his supporters can be for him. and i think that might -- very well be effective for that, you know, 30 to 35% of the people who are donald trump's core supporters. the key real to win an election, you have to do more than that. you have to get out people who are not your base and you have to reach out to sort of the more moderate parts of the electorate and that's the part that we haven't seen yet from donald trump. >> and talking to voters in ohio last week, some people are completely turned off by trump's talk of a rigged election and that he's not going to like listen to, you know, the results of the people after november 8th. so, there's that, too. mark preston, abby phillip, thanks for joining me this morning. still to come, ahead of election
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with hillary clinton leading in the polls, she's shifting focus, launching a full-court press to make sure she's able to get things done in washington. if she becomes president. to do this, her campaign unleashed its powerhouse. >> we can't elect hillary and then saddle her with a congress that is do-nothing, won't even try to do something, won't even get their own stuff passed, not pass the stuff you want passed. >> president obama now expected to endorse 150 democrats who would like to serve in congress. two of those see senate races that mr. obama is focusing on are in florida and new hampshire. and they involve names you know. marco rubio in florida and kelly ayotte in new hampshire.
6:17 am
rubio is in a dead heat with a democratic rival patrick murphy. it would be astonishing if rubio lost. not just that, but if rubio does lose, can he ever credibly run for president of the united states again? with me now to talk about this is the tallahassee bureau chief of the tampa bay times and paul steinhaus steinhauser, welcome to both of you. nice to have you here. so, steve, this is why florida voters are unsure of marco rubio. you're going to hear rubio rip donald trump in the primary and then embrace him at the republican national committee. or convention rather. >> -- that have literally one of the worst spray tans i've ever seen. it's not just absurd, it's offensive. it's ridiculous. and i do think it is a disqualifier for commander in chief. whenever there's a bad quality candidate, he doesn't know what he's talking about. >> donald trump is committed to
6:18 am
cut taxes. curb spending and get our national debt under control. donald trump takes seriously the threats from islamic radicals. and is committed to rebuilding our military. it's time to come together and fight for a new direction for america. >> but, but, so steve are florida voters saying, what? >> they sure are. you know, rubio's in big trouble. the polls are tightening. i just left the library in boca raton, carol, the first day of early voting here. people are standing in the darkness to vote early at a little library in boca ra stop. i find democrats energized on the first day of early voting here. rubio is in a very tight race and keep in mind in the presidential primary here rubio got solidly defeated by trump in every county except miami-dade which is his home base. so rubio has got soft spots around the state where he's up against a really powerful democratic force here in florida. >> and your paper endorsed the democratic candidate patrick murphy and said this of marco
6:19 am
rubio. a senate seat should not be a consolation prize for a failed presidential candidate killing time until his next run for the white house. ouch. >> in the last debate they had last week rubio had a chance to really partly seal the deal. he kind of hedged on the question that's been haunting him here for months, which is will he serve a full six-year term if he's re-elected. he said he would, god willing. patrick murphy is not the perfect candidate. young, inexperienced, made some missteps along the way. but president obama has been very strong in pushing murphy and appeared with him in tv ads down the stretch. the president has also endorsed a whole bunch of down ballot legislative candidates here. so we're going to see. this is going to be one of the best places in the country to see what kind of ground game hillary and the democrats have. >> it's fascinating. so, so, paul now it's your turn, kelly ayotte she was in a debate with her democratic challenger. she said that donald trump would
6:20 am
be a good role model. later she issued a statement saying no i didn't really mean that. he wouldn't really be a good role model. so she's sort of having the same problems as marco rubio is having in florida, right? >> she has been dancing a very delicate dance carol for months now when it comes to donald trump. she said she would vote for him but not endorse him. then two weekends ago she broke with him after the audio recording of those extremely lewd comments came out. she broke with trump and said she would vote for mike pence when it comes to president. but you know what? the democrats continue to hit her. state and national democrats and the super pacs. flooding the airways with ads going after ayotte, tying her to trump, even after she's broken with him, they still blame her for previously supporting trump. and it's hurt. a very popular incumbent senator here but it is hurt and she's slipping a little bit in the polls. hassan who is a popular democratic governor has opened up a single digit lead. the next debate is thursday night. i get to moderate it. i'm looking forward to it.
6:21 am
>> oh, i can't wait. i'll watch it online. i just want to emphasize, kelly ayotte was a rising star in the republican party. a lot of republicans were pinning their hopes on her, you know, for, for bigger things that even the senate so this is this is astonishing. can anything help because i hear new hampshire republicans want ohio's governor john kasich to come and campaign for kelly ayotte. is there any possibility of that? >> there's been talk. kasich was up here about late august campaigning in the governor's race up here. there has been talk for him to come here. again, just like we've seen across the country, carol, donald trump is doing no favors to some republicans facing some very tough re-election battles, and new hampshire is a very prime example of that. he won the primary here big. it was his first big push that helped him eventually win the gop nomination. but that was then. this is now, and donald trump is doing no favors to democrats here in a state where the democrats have a strong machine, and we saw last week former
6:22 am
president bill clinton and vice president joe biden up here not only campaigning for hillary clinton, but also campaigning for maggie hassan and the other down ballot races. today we've got hillary clinton and senator elizabeth warren here. they're campaigning obviously for the white house race, but also for the senate race, carol. >> and last question for you, steve, marco rubio, if he does lose his senate race in the state of florida, what does that mean for his political future? >> it doesn't look very good for rubio if he loses the senate seat. we haven't had two democrats, by the way, in the united states senate in the state for about 15 years. some that would be a major event. you know, rubio would be really, really wounded badly, and he'll never get out from under these comments that you played a few minutes ago about him saying these things about trump. i have to say to turn that coin on its head for a second, if rubio can somehow pull this thing out he's up against the incredible drag that trump is placing on other republicans
6:23 am
down the ballot, and you know, he's up against the fact that we're seeing democrats that eliminated the traditional deficit in returning mail ballots in this state. there's still a question, an open question about how enthusiastic democrats are going to be in the big counties of dade, broward and palm beach. rubio has to do strong, not just in miami, but in all of south florida, and the i-4 corridor. carol, they extended the voter registration period down here because of the hurricane. a judge demanded it. and we've seen more than 100,000 new voters join the rolls. many of them are hispanics. rubio is going to need those votes to win this thing and pull it out. but it looks pretty questionable at the moment. >> i have to leave it there. paul steinhauser, steve, thank you so much. still to come, while donald trump fights with members of his own party hillary clinton is quietly reaching out to republicans. mobility is very important to me. that's why i use e*trade mobile. it's on all my mobile devices, so it suits my mobile lifestyle. and it keeps my investments fully mobile...
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and good morning, i'm carol costello. thanks so much for joining me on the trail. hillary clinton staying close to president obama and continues to hammer donald trump. behind the scenes, though, clinton quietly reaching out to senate republicans in an effort to show them she's willing to work with them if she wins the white house. although some democrats may think she already sounds like a republican, do we have the "saturday night live" clip? no. oh, bummer so we don't get to laugh at that. maybe we'll show it to you later. let's talk about that with our cnn political commentators, a hillary clinton supporter and a trump supporter and talk radio host. welcome to both of you. so, john, as a trump supporter, how does it strike you that hillary clinton is quietly reaching out to senate republicans? >> well, i believe about half of
6:29 am
it. because, as we come to find out, hillary clinton has been democrats' nixon. she's secretive. she's paranoid and i just can't envision a scenario where she's going to invite mitch mcconnell over to the white house at 10:00 at night to make s'mores and braid each other's hair. i think there are issues that do have overlap with corporatist democrats and corporatist republicans. we've seen in the wikileaks document dumps for example, john podesta wants her to flip on tp. we heard what terry mcauliffe had to say at the democratic convention, which is to suggest that she would switch the day that she's elected. so you could have a situation where she is elected, and then meets with corporatist republicans and flips on tpp and has some kind of bipartisan resolution on a major piece of legislation. but that's the only thing i can think of. maybe open borders as well. >> ha, ha, that's -- >> well, i -- >> first of all i was going to say, there's no greater insult
6:30 am
to anybody than to compare them to a republican president, richard nixon. republicans are attacking their own here which i find very, very funny. but look the truth of it is if you look at -- first two things, one this shows that hillary clinton recognizes she's got this in the bag. it shows that republicans in the senate know she's got it in the bag. the american people have had enough of gridlock. i think it's very smart for them to be talking. and if you look back at hillary's senate record actually she worked together, was known for working across the aisle. she did not just with some 6 the more moderate or progressive if you will if there is one -- >> oh, there was no tea party then. it was such a different time. >> well but i mean the fact like imhoff there's nobody more concerned than him she just co-sponsored legislation with him. she sponsored legislation with lindsey graham. she co-sponsored legislation with several republicans. she's got a history of that and
6:31 am
i think you'll see that with her as president she's starting now. >> but can you really see her cutting a special deal or having a beer with -- with issa for example or -- >> you know what, actually, i can. i really can. there was a time, it's not that long ago, when trent lott or tom daschle or george mitchell or bob dole, i mean, they attack each other during the day and sit down and have a beer and work some things out. i think it would be good to get back to that time. but again, the fact that these republicans are talking to hillary about her transition indicates they know what's coming down on november 8th. >> well, john, i don't know -- >> i remember a time -- >> yeah. >> no, john, go ahead, finish your thought. >> i was going to say i remember a time when bill rush used to do his radio show from the nixon library. >> one. >> john, let, let me ask you, because i do think americans are tired of gridlock, right, but
6:32 am
you look at what's happening to paul ryan right now. he may lose his speakership because he's not enthusiastically supporting donald trump. so, many voters just stepping back and saying that doesn't bode well for our future no matter who gets to be in the white house. >> well, that's been a problem on the republican side of the aisle, that predated donald trump. bob michels had to deal with the conservative front from newt gingrich. newt gingrich had to deal with it when he was speaker of the house. john boehner had that as the bane of his existence when he was speaker. and time was going to happen to kevin mccarthy and it certainly happened to paul ryan which is why he reluctantly took it over. and my suggestion to them would be to have a consistent policy. what we've seen from republicans in leadership of the house is they go to washington, d.c., and they get marching orders from the chamber of commerce to do one thing, and then they go back to their districts, where their voters have decidedly different feelings and opinions, and
6:33 am
say -- speak a different tune and then you have that conflict between the two sides and they kind of have to sell someone out at some point. so look i do think that there is a future for bipartisanship. it's a lot less though than the days that you guys are referring to when you had conservatives and liberals in each party. you had a real line in the party. conservatives are now in the republican party, liberals in the democratic party so it's going to be much harder regardless of who's in charge of the house or who's in the white house to get a bipartisan consensus than it used to be. >> but, but, here's the thing, bill, that it's -- there's the sense that republicans are split right now. there are two republican parties, for -- i mean i lack a better term to describe it so you'll have democrats, and republicans, and then other kinds of republicans. >> well, john is right you've always had splits inside the party. but clearly, the democratic party is united today behind hillary clinton. the republican party is all over the place. it certainly, at least in two
6:34 am
camps, one is those who hold their nose, and will vote for donald trump. and there are others who say, even though he's a republican we just cannot support this guy, carol. and i think that's where paul ryan is, indeed, in trouble. it's not because he's alienated the pro-trump tea party people. i think he's alienated the sensitive or commonsense republicans across the land who say we made a mistake in endorsing this guy, nominating him, and we cannot stand with the things that he says, and does, and we know if we do, he's going to take the whole party down with him. and so -- >> i want to get john's sense of this. i mean, what's your sense? will republicans like paul ryan be the victors in the end? or -- or not? >> well, i mean, who can predict the future? if i could predict the future i'd be in las vegas instead of palm springs. but i think that hillary is also going to have problems if she were to be elected with the bernie factor. she's been able to keep them in check through the process
6:35 am
because they're afraid of donald trump, or they're unwilling to support donald trump. but what happens to them if she were to double-cross them on tpp? do they take their medicine? or do they scream and yell? what happens if she continues with all of her ethics problems, but from the white house with more goodies to sell? does the media then stay on board with her? does the media turn on her? i think it's going to be a rough road for hillary clinton. >> i can speak for -- quickly, on the bernie factor. the bernie factor, the bernie supporters are with hillary clinton now and you can bet we will be holding her feet to the fire to deliver the progressive agenda that's been the democratic party's platform -- but that's our job. and if she doesn't we'll give her hell just like we gave obama hell. >> oh, john i think you hit it. thank you. they call it the jumble. we'll tell you why a migrant camp in france is being forcibly cleared.
6:36 am
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iraqi and kurdish forces are retaking dozens of villages from isis, and they're closing in on isis controlled mosul. the best progress has come at a price. in one town local leaders say 40 civilians were executed when they started celebrating their liberation too early and isis members came back and killed them. cnn's senior international correspondent nick paton walsh joins us now from erbil in iraq. hi, nick. >> carol, consistent, awful stories we hear in this war. one more positive note from inside the city of mosul itself from residents there, talking about clashes between isis militants, and unidentified men. now we've for a long time been studying the potential for insurrection inside of mosul. many of the population are deeply unhappy about the repression of isis rule over the past couple of years.
6:41 am
this could be maybe the first sign of that. we aren't endirely clear the full details. but we ourselves have spoken to people who have been involved in potentially rising up against isis. this comes as continued progress is reported by the peshmerga. the iraqi kurdish fighters tackling isis as they move toward the city itself. progress comes with a caveat. we don't always know that they've cleared the isis fighters out behind them as they continue to advance through populations in built up areas. we use the phrase cordoned off a lot like they're moving around things rather than necessarily going building to building clearing out the mines, clearing out the fighters. they've often hiding in tunnels. it's going to be messy going forward. the peshmerga, kurdish forces having put in a defensive berm which may also have potentially narced the territory they want to have as thirst moving forward. but a lot of different competing factions here. pentagon say they're moving ahead of schedule. we don't know what the schedule was, but there's a lot of moving here and the real goal inside, of course, mosul itself, could be as many as 1.2 million people trapped. a lot of fighting is ahead,
6:42 am
carol. >> nick paton walsh reporting live from inside iraq this morning. thank you. so far more than 1,000 refugees have been removed from a notorious migrant camp in france known as the jungle. authorities are now moving migrants out of the camp in calais in northern france, and they're taking the migrants by bus to shelters in other parts of the country. here's cnn's international correspondent melissa bell with what happens next. >> carol, the evacuation of the town in calais, the jungle, began early this morning with a long line forming, a line of migrants who decided to take up the french authorities on their offer and to take the possibility of france's region to seek asylum. they've brought with them all their worldly belongings, and that's because once they make it through that hangar they get put directly on buses and shipped out to one of france's regions. they've come from eritrea, from sudan, from afghanistan. now they're going to resettle in parts of france like burgundy
6:43 am
and brittany. it's not been easy for the french authorities to convince the regions to take on the migrants. but many of them have accepted to do it. the real challenge now, the real test for the french government will be tomorrow morning when the dismantling of the camp itself begins. there are still down the road there inside the jungle thousands of migrants, determined to cling on to their dream of making it to the united kingdom. they've called the jungle home for months and they're determined to stay there, come what may. the french authorities tomorrow will begin moving those tents, bringing the bulldozers in, and that's why the police presence here at calais is as big as it is. 1 did 200 french police men, riot policemen on hand to make sure that that dismantling goes as smoothly as possible. carol? >> all right, melissa bell reporting for us this morning. thank you. a horrific plane crash caught on dash cam at the malta international airport. you can see the plane, it actually fals out of the sky and then explodes. five french nationals abard that plane were killed. the maltese government says the
6:44 am
flight was heading to libya as part of a french customs operation aimed at monitoring migrant trafficking. investigation now under way. coming up in the "newsroom," at&t and time warner the parent company of cnn make a mega media deal. what does this mean for you, the consumer? the latest from the ceos leading the deal. next. oh, look... ...another anti-wrinkle cream in no hurry to make anything happen. neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair works... one week. with the... fastest retinol formula available. it's clinically proven to work on fine lines and... ...even deep wrinkles. "one week? that definitely works!" rapid wrinkle repair. and for dark spots, rapid tone repair. neutrogena®. "see what's possible." now that fedex has helped us we could focus on bigger issues, like our passive aggressive environment. we're not passive aggressive. hey, hey, hey, there are no bad suggestions here...
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we need to make sure that we have a beautiful place for our children to live. together, we're building a better california. wall street getting its first opportunity to weigh in on the mega media deal between at&t and time warner. which is the parent company of cnn. at&t offering $85 billion to buy
6:49 am
time warner, and all of its assets like hbo, tnt, and tbs, along with cnn. but already the deal is getting a lot of scrutiny. some of that scrutiny comes from consumers. cnn's chief business correspondent christine romans talked to both the ceos of at&t and time warner. and what did they say? >> they are optimistic about this deal. and they don't seem to be worried about the regulatory scrutiny at this point. they're talking about an $85 billion hammered out in the last eight weeks. and i asked what's the deal? why do you want to buy time warner, and -- and what do you get? what is the impetus? the business case you're making why do you have to do it. this is what he said. >> i think you're going to see the pace of innovation in terms of delivering meaningful, premium content to the customer on mobile devices. that pace of innovation is what's going to change. doing it in arm's length contracts is always really, really hard. and so you put these two companies together.
6:50 am
now the two companies are working together to change how the customer experiences entertainment. literally, that's what we think will change. the customers are demanding not only the entertainment, not only the content but the ability to integrate social, doing clipping and posting and social interaction with their content so these are the kind of things we really want to move fast. >> carol, what he wants is he wants the kind of content time warner stable of companies has been creating, you know, think hbo, think all the sports content, tnt and cnn, a news leader. we asked him point-blank would you ever exert any influence over cnn. he said no, i want you all to do what you're doing. i am a phone company guy. that's what we do. he said i don't know how to handle -- manage a movie studio and i'm not going to try to. time warner will be sort of on its own. >> the worry is you will have this massive company owning so many media entities which is
6:51 am
under the umbrella of time warner and this big company is going to control all that information. >> i asked about that to the ceo of time warner. i asked how many years you worked at this company and time warner hasn't exerted influence. cnn does what it does like tnt does. they have their identities and that's what at & t wants. i asked the ceo of time warner what is the first thing customers are going to notice differently, what's the first thing consumers will feel. >> more choices of different channel packages. if they want a big package of a lot of channels on their big screen tvs and they can watch the show and walk out the house with a tablet and have seamless connection or maybe they don't want that. maybe they have got -- it's a young couple that wants to use mobile devices to watch. maybe they don't want the full package of channels. there will be more choice, better prices for consumers. >> you think better prices for
6:52 am
consumers? >> yes. more competition, usually leads to more price reductions. >> imagine if you didn't have to buy your standard cable package. i asked him about the regulatory push-back. lot of push-back in the newspapers, headlines in the newspapers were saying faces immediate scrutiny or faces obstacles. they don't seem to be concerned about that. they think this is a deal where they don't have a lot of overlap. they are vertical integration of these two companies. they think maybe it will take a year to get it through but they will work with regulators and think it will be done. >> thanks so much. for more, visit every bit of information you ever wanted to know about this big buyout from at & t. still to come, 13 people dead after a tour bus slams into a tractor trailer near palm springs. the latest on california's worst traffic accident in decades. howr cafe au lait? oh, it's actually... sfx: (short balloon squeal) it's ver... sfx: (balloon squeals) ok can we... sfx: (balloon squeals)
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dozens of families in california in mourning today after the state's deadliest accident in decades. 13 people killed, another 31 injured after a tour bus heading back to l.a. slams into the back of a tractor trailer. some victims still fighting for their lives this morning. we have more from palm springs. >> reporter: good morning, carol. there are still people in critical condition, four of them at this medical center. one of them, serious after this deadly crash. as we are learning more about this, the riverside county coroner listing on its site that ten of the victims were women and three of them, men. one of those victims, the driver of this bus that plowed right into the back of a big rig. they describe it as this bus basically and the big rig smashing up to about 15 feet so
6:58 am
many of these injuries according to doctors were facial lacerations. let's take a listen. >> as opposed to hitting wall at 60 or 80 miles an hour, this bus struck something that was actually collapsable so as a result, types of injuries that we saw are actually a little unique. most of the victims were unrestrained and therefore were thrown through the air and ended up sustaining facial trauma. so almost all the victims that we took care of had some element of facial trauma. >> reporter: now, they say basically the big rig had slowed in an area where earlier in the day, workers had been clearing some electrical lines and they also say that the chp reporting that the bus had been expected three times in three straight years, including last april and there were no mechanical deficiencies but something else that was missing, there were no
6:59 am
seat belts on this bus. carol? >> all right. law makers tangling with the pentagon over trying to recover improperly paid enlistment bonuses. according to the "los angeles times" nearly 10,000 soldiers are being asked to return at least $13,000 each. the pentagon says the bonuses were mistakenly paid to thousands of california national guard soldiers a decade ago. iraq war veteran christopher van meter says he had to refinance his home to pay that money back. >> it's gut-wrnching. you have to figure out what you're going to do, how you're going to survive. i had a young family at the time. i was expected to pay $46,000 back. i called the national guard bureau or the california army national guard and said hey, wait, i have all these contracts that say i should have had that money and they said in the fall of 2012 well, until we actually start charging you, there's nothing you can do.
7:00 am
wait to fight it out with the lawyers. >> house majority leader kevin mccarthy is demanding the pentagon waive those debts. the next hour of "cnn newsroom" starts now. good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. we are down to 15 days until election day. i know, it's crazy, right? although for most of florida today, early voting has begun. it is a state that donald trump has to win to have a shot at the white house and trump certainly knows that. he's in the middle of a three-day blitz of that state as a new poll shows his campaign falling even farther behind. the stakes here undoubtedly high as his own campaign manager concedes an uphill climb. >> we are behind. she has some advantages like $56 million in ad buys just in the month of september. she has tremendous advantages. she has a former president who happens to be her husband campaigning for her, the current president and first lady, vice president, all much m


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