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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  October 25, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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threatening the us over seas or u.s. allies. >> thank you barbara starr at the pentagon. good report from you today as always. that is it for me. thanks very much for watching. erin burnett "outfront" starts right now. ♪ "outfront" next, the breaking news. donald trump with his darkest words yet tonight saying hillary clinton as president would cause world war iii. and live from new york, it is trump tv. trump turning his hatred of the media into a campaign strategy launching a nightly talk show through election day. and richard branson spooem speaking on out his strange meeting with donald trump. let's go "outfront." ♪ good evening. i'm erin burnett. "outfront" tonight the breaking news, world war iii is the stark warning from donald trump today. trump saying if hillary clinton
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wins the white house we are headed to war. >> she has no plan for syria. and, look, with her you will end up in world war iii. she doesn't know what she's doing. >> now trump continued attacking clinton and some of his most dire terms yet at a florida rally today. >> tell you what, you vote for her, you are crazy, okay? she is the worst. >> a new cnn poll shows nearly 7 in 10 voters nationwide believe hillary clinton will win the election. but 61% say trump will not concede. and moments ago trump's campaign manager refusing to say trump would accept the results of the election. >> he has said it depends on what the results are. he cannot make that judgment now anymore that are hillary -- >> no miscount, challenge,s. >> depends.
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>> on what? >> is there evidence of wide spread voter fraud somewhere. >> if i just said if there isn't. >> this is that at is a very to hypothetical to answer. >> we hear trump going after hillary clinton threatening world war iii and also his own party and campaign. >> i think what besaw from donald trump today was he didn't get an a revealing answer in an interview about why it is so hard for the campaign to keep him hemmed in and why he hits back not only on the women who accused him of sexual misconduct but his political rivals in his own party. >> i would rather, rush, fight it even though most people say you shouldn't do it. if you are fighting at least you are telling the truth. at least the word is out that, you know, you are innocent of these charges.
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but other people say stay on jobs and on o bomb care. i would rather fight it. everybody says you shouldn't do that. just go longest. >> and now what you are seeing is donald trump fighting with his advisors advice versus his gut instincts and we're seeing that happen right here at the event. he talked about obamacare and also just took swipes at vice president joe biden. that's after joe biden said he wished the two of them were both in high school and he could take donald trump behind the gym. tonight donald trump referenced the comments and sabiden and on tough when holding a microphone. pouring $25 million into seven senate races. a last ditch attempt to try to save the party from donald trump and washington.
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what are you hearing manu raju from senate republicans? are they panicked? >> yes they are. the senate leadership fund announcing this ad buy in six states that. includes two states of republican seats that have been battlegrounds since the beginning of the election cycle in new hampshire and pennsylvania. and three red states have gone on the map of late. north carolina, mo and indiana. and one democratic seat in nevada. remember democrats only need to pick up four seats to take back the senate majority if hillary clinton wins and they have democrats have plenty of opportunities. this at a key point where both sides are said making key spending decisions that could make all the difference on the democratic side there is a furious debate about whether or not to spend money to take out marco rubio in florida. harry reid making the case to new york democrat, chuck schumer
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who's resisting calls to spend money in florida because they believe that race could be unwinnable and very expensive. a lot of debate on both sides that could make all the difference for a new senate. >> of course all the difference for everyone in this country. mandate or not. florida very much in play. crucial for both candidates. david chalion is "outfront" in washington. and it could all come down to florida. >> reporter: this is the mother of all battlegrounds. 29 electoral votes. look at the state of play in florida right now. look, they are fighting for it erin. visits since the convention. hillary clinton has been to the sate six times. and donald trump is on his ninth. and they are not done yet. what does this mean for their path to 270?
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look at donald trump's path. remember, we have four remaining toss up states, if i give them all, utah, arizona, north carolina and ohio all to donald trump, he is still very shy of 270 electoral votes. that is why he needs a florida to even get in the hunt. it still doesn't put him there. he still has to go to pennsylvania or new hampshire or nevada. but without the 29 votes it becomes almost impossible for him. >> so florida, must winn for donald trump. and now i'm going to ask about a state that i can't believe the name is going to cross my lips. but utah. hasn't gone democratic since 1964 yet donald trump is fighting for it. mike pence actually going to the state tomorrow. is it possible utah could go democrat? >> i don't know. but we have two polls out of utah. 26% to 26%. dead heat. all because of the third party
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candidate. another poll showed trump 34%. and these policy are two weeks ago. this private candidate has been surging. hillary clinton may not win but donald trump may lose it. and those electoral votes he can't spare as you saw. so he needs to keep utah red. >> evan mcmullin, maybe the center piece of this race. thank you david chalian. >> "outfront" now our guests. maggie, to get to 270 as he's laying out, some political endorsements would help. trump tries to say he doesn't care about the establishment. it would help. tonight colin powell endorsinin
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clinton. this is after hacked e-mails. he doesn't like her. he said he didn't want to vote her for. but he had said now she's still better than donald trump. >> that comes down to the argument a lot of hillary clinton. particularly republicans. i disagree on x, y and z but donald trump is worse. i would make the point that colin powell did this after the e-mails emerged. and therm pretty damning. he made it pretty clear about the e-mail controversy --. he's been candid about that. as well as in those private e-mails. i i don't know how much it matters now. he's sort of at the back of the train. not really like he was at the front of the train. and he has a habit of doing this late in the game. the last two election cycles to. but it is yet another drip drip from the republican side in favor of clinton. >> multiple stories out tonight about how bad it is between
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trump and the gop. and you heard manu day saying the word panic is appropriate. trump doesn't seem to be worried about republicans using -- losing congress. doesn't think that is his problem. he is actually making this much more personal. here he is. >> they signed these really, really powerfully pledges. if you read them. you would say wow that was a good lawyer who drew that up. and they didn't -- they didn't back. i don't know how they live themselves with one way. because they have to live with themselves and also when they have to run some time in the future i would think it would be very difficult for them. >> is the party in melt down here? >> i wouldn't say melt down. but look, this is -- this problem long pre dates donald trump. donald trump is here. he's taking advantage of it. he's become the face of it. but this rebellion has been going on for a long time. and with the exception of a few
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exceptions of these candidate, senator cruz finally came around. but this is going hurt them. back in 1964 when there were republican whose pulled the same stunt with barry gold water like nelson rockefeller and george romney who were supposed have to these promising careers never got nominated ever. richard nixon, four years later was the nominee and then president. >> mark. >> couple things. i spoke a source close to the campaign and they said listen, much like hillary clinton donald trump isn't going to be out there doing big fundraising anymore. the campaign will big and small it just won't be him. however, you know, there is no love lost between the republican establishment and donald trump. and the fact that reince priebus has been able to walk this very tight tight rope between them both is admirable in some ways. some are upset about it.
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but the bottom line when you have the likes of john kasich the governor of ohio not going to the 2 republican convention, that hurts. jeb bush saying i'm not going to be with him. that hurts. and marco rubio just a few weeks ook was asked whether he was going to continue to endorse donald trump. and he said look, i will. because i have more opposition with hillary clinton than i do donald trump. not necessarily ringing endorsements. >> the poll we were just showing. most democrats and republicans when you look at the plurality you are look at the vast majority. they think hillary clinton will win but also don't think donald trump will concede. you heard his campaign manager refuse to say he would concede. how significant is this? >> it is very significant. but i cannot imagine if the republican party establishment would allow donald trump not to concede if there is a clear understanding there is loss finish him on november 8th. and right now i think the real
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danger for the democratic party is we who are democrats may become a bit complacent about the results because lihillary clinton is so far ahead. >> turnout. >> and this what this is doing is moto vague both sites because the --. >> here is what some have told us about this issue of conceding. here they are. >> this is revolutionary time in this country. question do this to the ballot box this time. or trust me, it may get to be the bullet box the next time. >> i feel like hillary needs to be taken out. if she gets into government, i'll do everything in my power to take her out of power. >> there will be a civil war. >> this is scary stuff but is it consistent with a guy who says
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you are crazy to vote for her. she's the worst. it's world war iii. >> always gonna have team all around on all sides going going say some things. no one is going to be out there foaming in violence approved by donald trump or the trump kpab. where this could go if we are seeing a the situation where vote are cast and they wind up counting for somebody else, sure they could be a challenge. but are we going to see violence? no. i don't think so. >> you think it is not in any way -- >> i don't know what to expect. i know traditionally speak weefg had nominees on both parties who have urged their supporters to stay calm and obey what takes place. trump has tip cloi not done that. i don't want to predict what he might do on election night. as we get towards election day, i'm not -- trump has never faced an electoral loss before. it is different than anything else you will experience and he's experiencing it on the
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biggest stage of all and i don't quite know mow he'll react. >> next, hillary clinton with a pretty difficult struggle, okay? defending obamacare. not just that premiums are surging through the roof and that horrible. but donald trump's campaign launching a the nightly talk show. and a newly revealed trump tape. the republican nominee opens up. >> i love to fight. i always loved to fight. >> physical fights. >> yeah all kinds of fights. -- >> arguments ♪
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hillary clinton will be caught in the cross-fire. >> >> obamacare blowing up. and the white house, our president announced 25, 26%. that number is so wrong. you are talking about 06, 70, olli% in increases. >> obamacare premiums are surging and the attacks forcing clinton to walk a fine line today. brianna keilar is "outfront." >> there are just 14 day, two weeks from today. >> reporter: hillary clinton eyeing the sunshine stated in its 29 electoral votes today. >> this is bigger than me. bigger than any of us. even bigger than donald trump you can believe it. >> reporter: expectations are high. a new cnn orc poll says 7 in 10 believe she'll win the election. and her campaign is spending the last two weeks racing through battleground states trying to convince vote irs so not be
4:19 pm so not be complacent. >> reporter: and bill clinton kicking off a bus tour in north carolina as he defends o clintons comments earlier this month seem prophetic. >> this crazy system where all of a sudden 25 million more people have healthcare and then the people out are there busting it sometimes 60, 70 hours a week wind one premiums doubles and coverage cut in half. >> that statement put him in the dog house with democrats and his wife on defense with donald trump. >> so if he repeals it our
4:20 pm
medicare problems get worse. we need to go of the long-term healthcare drivers. costs down. increase value emphasize wellness. via a plan for that. >> the costs have gone up too much. but we're going to really tackle that. we're going to get co-pays and premiums and deductibles down. we're going to tackle precipitation drug costs and we can do that without ripping away the insurance that people now have. >> clinton is in the middle of a two day swing through florida. today she had a big emphasis on public murphy. polls she she is up in florida. and if she beats trump there she's likely shut him out of the entire election. part of the reason for the emphasis. >> thank you brianna. maggie you hear bill clinton calling it the craziest thing in the world. the stakes are
4:21 pm
obamacare. >> i think what you saw clinton say weeks back was an out there statement i suspect her campaign did not love. but that is basically where she has to sort of creep toward and what you saw him say earlier about you don't take away the whole thing. trump is overstating as i understand it the degree which the premiums are going occupy but they are certainly going up and there is a sticker shock issue. but i don't know at this point because of the noise from the wikileaks disclosures, because of the noise from trump's own inability to stop talking about people who have accused him of sexual assault although i wthin he was more disciplined today but a he's kept reviving it. i don't know this is breaking through as much as it would otherwise and this is a
4:22 pm
legitimate voter issue. >> it is. an issue that effects many more americans than the 20 million americans who got healthcare. and effects a lot of working americans. and the problem for her is she cannot distance herself from it. to do so would be a lie. here she is. >> i'm a staunch supporter of president obama's principle accomplishment. name the affordable care act. it is one of the great accomplishments not only of this president but of the democratic party back to harry truman. >> before there was obamacare there was what was called hillary care. >> how can she play this? premiums, it is mid twenties on average but there are some states where they are more than doubling. >> as a political point of view this issue is dead. it's been litigated and relitigated. we've had three elections since the affordable care act was passed. at this point, two weeks before the election it will have virtually no impacts only the
4:23 pm
outcome. anybody who hates obamacare was not going to vote for clinton in the first place. the people who want something more will expect thoint fix it. and the issue isset ge eset it attacked from the left and right. so it is never going appeal to everybody and hillary clinton has to come into office and offer a fix to make it better. >> is that a campaign better? >> absolutely not. on the front page of the harrisburg patriot news in pennsylvania, they made the point here the other day that insurance rates were going to go up by 33%. and they went through -- now this is a paper that endorsed hillary clinton. and they went through this chapter and verse. i'll give you one sampbl. a 21 yearly non smoker playing $193 a month in 2016 is now going to pay $345. and it gets worse as you go up the scale. this is going to be a big issue in states like pennsylvania,
4:24 pm
florida. swing state, absolutely. >> the question is whether trump can drive it and how late it is. if this has happened months ago. a surgical message tied to the economy in general and about a broader message of change of course. >> mark, you know, he tried. he talked about it last night. he talked about it today and this should be a lay up issue for him. premiums are surging and that's bad. nobody's happy about that except maybe some insurance companies. he rales about it today and then says his own employees are on obamacare which of course would be a violation of the law. let my play what he said.
4:25 pm
>> obamacare is just blowing up. and even the white house, our president announced 25 or 26%. that number is so wrong. that is such a phony number. you are talking about 60, 70, 80% in increases. >> so what this is going to say is the first thing he said, i can say all of my employees are having a tremendous problem with obamacare. a then the reporter asks so do you provide insurance or not? and he says well actually they are not on obamacare. confusing the message. does this help him to drive this point home. >> lack of understanding of the issue and what his own company is offering certainly doesn't help him. and just in the last half hour in tallahassee he said several of his employees came up and
4:26 pm
said could you please take me off obamacare and he says to the crowd should i or shouldn't i. and then he goes on to say oh it is only a small group of people. as maggie said, he's clouded it. created an incredible amount of white noise around himself. we only have to go back this week in gettysburg where he laid out his vision, his clarlgting for how he would govsh and he preambled by talk about the sexual harassment allegations made against him. we're talk about the short runway going into the election and i don't think this can be an issue in the campaign. >> promised to say he would sue every one of his accusers after the election. which will not happen. thanks to all of you. and next joe biden talk gt about physically fighting donald trump. and you know what, it was wrong. but tonight trump is responding. and trump a just-released interview like you have never herd him a before.
4:27 pm
frankly a little introspective. >> i was a very rebellious kind of person. i don't like to talk about it actually. but i was a very rebellious person.
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donald trump launching his own half hour broadcast on facebook. this is the program live right now actually. straight from trump tower. thousands of viewers. it is a bold move, one allowing the republican nominee to take his message straight to supporters. brian steltzer is "outfront." >> welcome in to trump tower live -- >> reporter: and welcome, maybe to trump tv. live campaign coverage every night at 6:30 p.m. sharp. same time as the network's nightly news. >> these thieves and crook, the media. >> exciting to be bypassing the lovely media which screws everything.
4:32 pm
>> boris san investment banker turned trump advisor and co-host. along with cliff simms a conservative media constant. so as the campaign ad disguised as the newscast. is it also a preview of trump tv? >> check out trump tv, you are going to hate it. >> he has a theoretical postelection donald trump television network. but trump himself says no way. >> no i have no interest in trump tv. >> however some of his aides are interested. last week when cnn asked, trump campaign ceo steve bannon slyly comments that trump is an entrepreneur. even if trump does not want to host a show again, they could try to launch a network or streaming service to keep trump's fans energized. trump has millions of the followers on social media. but so far the facebook streams
4:33 pm
are reaching a small loyal crowd. about 50 thousand people live-streamed it on night one. >> an enormous twitter following. massive facebook following. >> reporter: starting a cable network would start cost hundreds of millions but the network theme could work. >> he could need about thousands of subscribers playing $9.99 a month -- >> "outfront" now our panel. and brian, when you get in the final weeks of the campaign here we just hear him so constantly. we're all thooefs and we're corrupt and we're disgusting and yank of all the adjectives. but that is people like me and you in these seats. so he's decided to do his own direct to the voter. >> for what it's worth i don't
4:34 pm
think you are disgusting. i think most journalists are doing their best. but he is noefg trying new ways to go around the mediainnovatin ways to go around the media that is whole new level. live streaming every night. reaching his most loim fans. >> donald trump talked about this. pushing back in the media. to rush limbaugh. i said there were some more adjectives. here is what donald trump has to say about the media. >> these are vicious people. these are lying people. and you know, fortunately i can defend myself. i have -- you know, what do people do that can't defend themselves? >> is it possible taking these moves to the people in the final days of the campaign could be a genius move? she's done it before and been proven right. >> i think it is smart to go
4:35 pm
directly to his base. as far as the selection is going to go directly to the base. fortunately for the american people there aren't enough in his base to win. maybe it is a winning strategy o the get him through to the trump hotel ribbon cutting tomorrow but it is not going expand the base. you can't continue to push conspiracy theories and quote national inquirer stories on other networks and expect to go very far. >> mr. trump is a problem solver and as we've seen in the pushback against the media. a majority of republicans feel there is a large bias in the media. so he's giving a solution for that problem and the difference between him and hillary clinton is that pod cast she set up was because she was refusing to talk to the press at all. this is for him 20 get his message out and to solve a problem many of his supporters believe there is. this in in addition to
4:36 pm
everything else he's doing. >> and his running mate has been the clean up guy. the person who's been perceived much more mainstream. here is pence today. how he pout the problem trump has with the media. if anything more dramatic than donald trump in some says. here he is. >> donald trump has received a majority of the media coverage. but 91% of his coverage has been hostile. >> that is a new conservative media watchdogs report. and it's true -- >> 91%? >> i doubt 91% would be fair. but there is a danger and risk in this kind of bubble donald trump is setting u. whether on facebook or speaking to his crowds on rallies or fox news. the echo chamber is getting worse and worse. and all of that is going to change two weeks from now. there is going to have to be a return to reality for everybody who's all caught up in this campaign. that includes clinton supporters. right now it is trump supporters who are the most stuck in this
4:37 pm
filter bubble and that is a problem. >> and as we're hearing from donald trump in a way we've not yet heard from him before. that is report of an interview of trump. let my play a portion. here he is. >> i was a very rebellious kind of person. i don't like to talk about it actually. but i was a very rebellious person. and very set in my ways. >> in eighth grade. >> and i loved to fight. i always loved to fight. >> physical fights? >> yeah all kinds of fights, physical -- >> argument. >> all kind of fights. any type of fight i loved it. including physical. >> we don't really ever hear donald trump. just the tone of his voice. you know, how significant is that? >> i don't think it is very significant because this isn't surprise me. donald trump has always come across to me throughout this campaign as someone who was
4:38 pm
bullied and felt at some point like he needed to turn a corner and become the bully. there are some folks who experience bullying. >> that's what you hear is it. >> yeah it. someone who's taking the opportunity to get everybody back who ever did him wrong. and like this election cycle is rigged against him in his fair. getting back to the whole media question. this is a gay wguy who benefitt $2.1 million in media coverage. -- it's not been all roses for hillary clinton. >> he is a fighter and his base is a -- he's a bully for those who have been bullied. those attending his rallies are those who feel like the republican party ig notre dame them and government. and that is the new revolution
4:39 pm
you are seeing with social media. people are going to be looking for an alternative source and is there justification -- >> polls are skewed and misleading and wrong. and you are going to be in for a rude awakening on election day. people are going come away trusting the media even less -- >> you also have an issue where you are bullying someone. someone is at the receiving end of that. mexicans, black people. other people of color. >> -- concern -- >> -- agree with that but that is what you call a victory -- >> -- >> [indiscernible]. >> that's my point.
4:40 pm
>> and next che chelsea clinton campaigning for her mother day. has her relationship with ivanka trump, is it now duelling daughters? and richard bransing speaking out about the donald trump he knows "outfront." >> i thought i would speak out and let people, you know, who believe that trump is wonderful know that there is a side to trump that, you know, is dangerous. explain to me why you recommend synthetic over cedar? "super food"? is that a real thing? it's a great school, but is it the right the one for her? is this really any better than the one you got last year? if we consolidate suppliers what's the savings there? so should we go with the 467 horsepower? or is a 423 enough? good question. you ask a lot of good questions... i think we should move you into our new fund. ok. sure. but are you asking enough about how your wealth is managed? wealth management, at charles schwab. 80% try to eat healthy, yet up to 90% fall short in getting key nutrients from food alone.
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chelsea clinton coming out in full force for her mother, head lining three events in wisconsin today. the rally in madison. you see her there ending just moments ago. hillary clinton -- sorry, chelsea clinton and ivanka trump at one point were playing nice in the race for the white house but tonight it is personal. sunland surfati is "outfront." >> from cautious campaigners to outspoken surrogates. >> we have to ensure that love trumps hates. isn't just a slogan. >> reporter: ivanka and chelsea
4:45 pm
have gotten very personal in their attacks. >> respectfully the clinton foundation has binomial aroubee decades and no -- >> reporter: as the campaign has turned more contentious, both daughters also escalating their tone. >> i think that the bias is very, very real. >> reporter: calling out their parent's opponent by name. >> i never thought i would see in my lifetime almost daily diet of hate speech coming out of donald trump. >> reporter: stepping into to help blunt campaign controversy. >> he recognizes it was crude language. he was embarrassed that he had said those things and he apologized. >> reporter: that role in rhetoric is a far cry from the way the two started the campaign. >> i couldn't imagine a better president for any of our children or grandchildren than
4:46 pm
my mom. >> reporter: serving mainly as character witnesses for their parents. >> no better person than any father. >> reporter: the two had a private friendship for some time. >> she's been a great friend to me. i've been a great friend to her. so, you know, the politics of our parents is not relevant to our friendship. >> but with each serving as the rock of their family, they have had to tread lightly in this campaign. >> my daughter likes chelsea and chelsea likes my daughter. i wish she didn't. it would be easier. >> reporter: and they publicly had to back off the friendship. chelsea even publicly challenging ivanka to defend her father's position. >> he will fight for equal pay, equal work. >> how would your father do that. >> >> their falling out a parody
4:47 pm
on saturday night live. >> and ivanka and chelsea will be hitting the campaign trail hard and chelsea clinton recently references the dynamic saying just that her and ivanka have very different views for what the right answer is for the country and perhaps with a little bit of the finish line, chelsea added she hopes their friendship will last after the election as well. >> sunlen, thank you very much. "outfront" next, jeanne moos on how hillary clinton has driven pantsuits sales through the roof. yes people. you heard me correctly. and sir richard branson "outfront" on donald trump. >> i think, you know, one day it will be wonderful to van entrepreneur running the white house. but not this entrepreneur. with my moderate to severe crohn's disease,... ...i was always searching for ways to manage my symptoms. i thought i had it covered. then i realized managing was all i was doing.
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tonight one of the richest people in the world terrified of the thought of donald trump becoming president of the united states. the billionaire founder of the virgin group, richard branson breaking silence. and i started by asking why he believes the republican nominee would be a disaster in his words for president. >> i think for many reasons. one day it will be wonderful to have an entrepreneur running the white house. but not this entrepreneur. i first got to know him many years ago when he invited me to
4:50 pm
lunch. and it was just the two of us. we -- we, i was expecting an interesting lunch talking about various things in the world. and instead i got a lunch where all he talked about a was his bankrupt companies and how he'd run five people to get help and financial help when he'd gone bankrupt and that those five people had said on that occasion they weren't willing to help him. and then he spent the rest of his lunch telling me how he was going to spend the rest of his lunch destroying those five people. and i thought how dangerous having someone so vindictive in the white house. that for the first time in my life i thought i would speak out and let people who believe trump
4:51 pm
is wonderful know that there is a side to trump that is dangerous and rather unpleasant. and it's certainly unforgiving. >> and i spoke with mark cuban, and like yourself he's anti-trump. he's a hillary clinton supporter now. but at the beginning he wasn't. and i had some conversations with him at the time. he had a conversation with donald trump. he considered supporting him. for him it was what he saw was donald trump's ib curiosity was the biggest barrier. but -- heart oaf a lot of supporters believe hef would be a good president. here is what some of what mark cube p told me the other day. >> trump games, trump cards, trump steaks, trump clothes. you know when somebody has to give their name and sell their name that often, that tells me they are desperate. he's not had a lock track record in business.
4:52 pm
he's done okay in real estate but everything he's been a major failure at. >> sir richard, you are tried out a lot of things. virgin cola and brides and you said making mistakes and setbacks is part of the dna of any successful entrepreneur and i am no exception. what do you think of donald trump? is he is a successful businessman? >> well i think trump didn't start out as an entrepreneur. he started out with, you know, a lot of money given to him by his father. and he went ahead and lost it on a number of occasions. you know, his top companies, you know, not -- you know, one or two new ventures that memphis s -- he was setting up. and i don't think he's a great businessman. he's definitely managed to build a strong brand with trump which
4:53 pm
i suspect has been pretty damaged over the last few months. and he's done some very questionable things in business. and i think, you know, trump university, it just sounds gas ghastly, what they were doing. and there are quite a lot of examples in his business deals, you know, that i would -- you know, i wouldn't be proud of -- you know, i wouldn't be proud of. >> if he does win, what happens to his businesses? do you think that the damage if there is any that will be long-term to his businesses because of his run for the white house? >> look, the kinds of people who would like to rent his flats or buy his flats are not xenophobic
4:54 pm
individuals. they are not race igs individis. and he's i peeling to the worst fears in people. and i would say his brand has been very badly damaged. i'm sure he's not going go hungry. but in his run for the wlous because of many things he said his brand is very very different today than it was six months ago. >> thank you so much and thanks for your time. "outfront" next. hillary clinton and michelle obama both causing favorite fashion trends. jeanne moos on the clinton pantsuit surge.
4:55 pm
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hillary clinton's pantsuit, how iconic. here is gene moose >> reporter: so many pantsuits over the years. so many pantsuit jokes. >> you can say today hillary clinton hit the beach in a one-piece pantsuit. >> reporter: but these days hillary clinton is hitting her stride are her pantsuits. custom raff lauren at the democratic convention. and ralph lauren at the debate. over three debates hillary wore
4:59 pm
red, white and blue. one treat compared her "outfront"s to those worn by rappers for death row records but hillary exemplifies a trend. >> sexy pantsuit is in just not the old lady suits. >> you should project boldness with a power pantsuit combo. >> i'm gonna look like hillary clinton, ma. >> i know. >> after hiring an aide to michelle obama. she may not be a style icon yet but some are speculating about the hillary clinton effect. choreographed pantsuit flash mobs of supporters have been organized. on hillary's website they even sell a novelty pantsuit without the pants. the $30 pant suit tee is so popular it sold out. and hillary still makes pantsuit
5:00 pm
jokes. >> you look so good in your tuxes or asry eve rry i refer t. formal pantsuits. >> reporter: just as she may be about to truly wear the pants. gene moose, jeanne moos cnn new york. >> if you lose a lot nobody is going to follow you. winning is a very important thing. and the most important aspect of leadership is winning. if you have a record of record winning people are going to follow you. >> that is a just a small sample. for more they five hours in a taped interview with donald trump and his ex-wife evivana a his three kids in moments you will hear donald trump


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