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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Bolduan  CNN  October 26, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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thanks so much. and thank you for joining me today. i'm carol costello. "at this hour with berman and bolduan" starts now. hello. i'm john berman. >> i'm kate bolduan. it is live event-palooza once again this hour. hillary clinton live in lake worth, florida, her second straight day in that battleground state. donald trump will be on the right of your screen. he is in washington opening his new hotel there. that is not washington county, florida. for that matter, that's not washington, north carolina or washington, pennsylvania. they exist. he's in washington, d.c. >> which has never voted republican in the history of ever. that aside, after days of polling problems, this morning trump is enjoying a tiny ray of survey sunshine. brand new bloomberg politics show shows him up a couple
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points in the must-win state of florida. most recent polls have shown clinton ahead there. curious if he will stay this poll is rigged. but we digress. let's get to cnn's jeff zeleny with the clinton campaign in lake worth, florida and cnn chief political correspondent dana bash is at the trump event. dana, with campaign and lodging news. >> reporter: right here, it's just lodging or more importantly, business promoting. the truth is that you're right, this is not an official campaign event. he is going on in fairness to the campaign to north carolina which is very much a swing state. he will have a couple of events there. so it seems to me the sort of story here, the fact that donald trump is at this hotel for its opening or maybe even reopening because he's done several opening events here, is not so much about where he isn't but the fact that he is using the
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fact that he has hundreds of cameras frankly who are here and people who are following him around because he is the republican presidential nominee, 13 days before the election, to get, he hopes, he hopes, free media for his property. so this is about promoting and some of those pretty remarkable audiotapes the "new york times" got ahold of, it was in this morning's paper, had trump himself talking about the fact that he likes to get free media and not pay for advertising and this is clearly an example of how he hopes to do that. i should say that because it is not a campaign event unless he starts to talk about campaign issues, if he sticks to what he discusses, the subject that he talks about here is only about his property, we are not going to see it live on cnn. >> that's exactly right. dana, thank you so much. let's go to lake worth, florida, where hillary clinton will be taking the stage any time now.
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cnn's senior washington correspondent jeff zeleny is there and joining us live. jeff, see the people gathering. what are we going to hear from hillary clinton? >> reporter: well, we are in palm beach county, florida, the site of many political moments from presidential campaigns gone by, but hillary clinton is trying to drive up democratic turnout, the democratic vote, during this early voting period. so you can see behind me, this is what an early voting rally looks like. there are signs that say i will, there are other people encouraging voters to go to the poll right now, to bank those votes. she is not in the persuasion period of her campaign. she's not trying to win over republicans here. she's trying to encourage and push democrats to vote so she will be appearing here in just a short time on her 69th birthday. she spent the night in miami, went to an adele concert last night for her birthday and will be here speaking on her birthday. but the campaign is also still
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trying to get beyond the daily drip and distraction of e-mails that are coming out in those hacked e-mails, the wikileaks. interesting series of them yesterday, going back to a different set of e-mails, her private e-mail server that she set up when she was secretary of state. let's look at a couple right now. long-time clinton friend and adviser neera tanden wrote to john podesta, chairman of the campaign, wrote why didn't they get stuff like this out 18 months ago. so crazy. podesta replied unbelievable. she shot back, they wanted to get away with it. by the "they" she is referring to members of secretary clinton's internal circle there. sheryl mills, long-time chief of staff and adviser and others. this is one sort of flavor here of how concerned and surprised some clinton supporters and advisers were when they learned about that private e-mail. this is something that is going to stay with secretary clinton long beyond election day here.
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her advisers don't believe it will affect the outcome but you have to wonder among the independent voters who still don't trust her if it will influence their decision. those independents so important here in florida as well as other battleground states. >> jeff zeleny in palm beach county, one time home of the butterfly ballot. we will go back to jeff when hillary clinton begins that event. >> they like to claim that. >> exactly. says it on the sign. home of the butterfly ballot. >> i'm not sure. might still be too soon. >> joining us to discuss, kirsten power, "usa today" columnist and former clinton administration official, dan pfeiffer, former senior adviser to president obama, carl higby, conservative pundit and donald trump supporter and errol lewis, political anchor at time warner cable news. let's talk about housing and lodging and hotels opening up in washington, d.c. that's where donald trump is right now. he's opening up that hotel shortly. dan, you take particular umbrage
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with this travel schedule. you think it's a bad idea. one more time, why? >> i can't even imagine what the argument in the campaign context would be for how it's a good idea. there's nothing more valuable in a campaign, particularly the last two weeks, than the candidate's time. hillary clinton is doing what any candidate should be doing, which is in a key battleground state trying to get votes. donald trump is in not a state, he's in washington, d.c. that he's not going to win, advertising his business interests. so it makes no sense in any way. campaign strategists on both sides of the aisle are shaking their heads at this one. >> carl, i don't see you shaking your head. is this a good idea? >> absolutely. guess what? we are sitting here talking about it on cnn. additionally, this is what donald trump's signature accomplishment is building things. he's there right before the election about to open a hotel that was opened under budget way ahead of schedule. absolutely. this is totally worth his time. >> i will say this. even if you buy dan pfeiffer's
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argument that a candidate's time is the most valuable resource, it hasn't -- hasn't donald trump been using that time more wisely than hillary clinton? he's been doing two, three, four events a day. she's been doing one a day tops. today she has two. trump's going to north carolina for two events later today. what's the big whoop? >> on the other hand, she's got something like 40 fund-raisers planned for the last two weeks. he's essentially ended a lot of in-person fund-raising. we will see how that all works out. i think also, it's important to remember that donald trump, any day that he's in florida is a really good day for him. he just got this good news from the bloomberg poll that he has a slight lead over hillary clinton. he wants to hold on to that lead and extend that lead. this has got to be a distraction. yes, i'm sure he hopes that everybody in florida is watching television but there's no, you know, this is election day. in the early voting era, this is election day. that's the day you want to tell people go across the street, you pick strategically where to have
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the rally and tell people go across the street right now and put those votes in the bank. that's what he ought to be doing. >> what about this campaign has ever been conventional? >> this is. >> it's working. >> of course this question about is he in this for the public good or does he have commercial interests he never wanted to detach himself for, it's not a great question to have lingering around here because what's he going to talk about? is he going to talk about the public good, about isis, about -- >> i expect he will talk about marble fixtures on the walls. but in north carolina later today, he will have two events where i think he will talk about voters and obamacare. >> hillary clinton, we should say, we are waiting, she will be having a rally any moment, she will be taking to the stage, and when she does, here's a question, will she talk about obamacare? will she talk about the bad news that came to her because of the bad news coming from obamacare yesterday? she did not address it before a crowd yesterday. she did talk about it, though, during a radio interview in
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florida. listen to this. >> we are going to make changes to fix problems like that. the president and i have talked about it and look, this is a major step forward. 20 million people, and actually, i'm sure you know this, predominantly working people, african-american, latino people now have access to insurance but the costs have gone up too much. we are going to really tackle that. >> does that settle it? >> well, i think what she just said is exactly right. i think specifically talk about how to fix this problem. you can focus on the positive aspects of obamacare which is you do have a lot of people covered who weren't covered before, and look what happened was basically more sick people got on to the exchanges than they anticipated. they can say we didn't anticipate this, now we have -- the people who aren't getting subsidies who are sort of bearing an extra burden here and we need to figure out a way to sort of relieve that burden because it's not fair to put
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that on those people but overall it's been successful. can i just also say about what you are talking about before about donald trump, is that it's not only that it's a bad use of his time. i think it's a little bit of a tell. because the fact that he is now focusing on his business which really, i'm sorry, i know he builds things but i think most people probably already know that at this point, sort of suggests that what he's really trying to do is what a lot of people have accused him of doing all along, which is to build his brand. it seems like he's thinking about post-election more than he's thinking about the current election. and add in that all he does is attack the polls and say the system is rigged. he's acting like a person who thinks he's going to lose. >> guys, breaking twitter news right now. >> prepare yourselves. >> let me give you a dramatic reading of a tweet by newt gingrich, former speaker of the house, fox news contributor and current donald trump supporter writes for the record, megyn kelly was wrong, i don't have anger management issues. i do have media bias issues. all right. why is this news, you ask?
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>> give the back story. >> why is this news, you might ask? let me play a rather dramatic exchange between former speaker gingrich and megyn kelly that happened overnight. >> so it's worth 23 minutes of the three networks to cover that story and hillary clinton and a secret speech in brazil to a bank that pays her $225,000 saying her dream is an open border where 600 million people can come to america, that's not worth covering. >> that is worth covering. and we did. >> go back to tapes of your show recently, you are fascinated with sex and you don't care about public policy. >> me, really? >> that's what i get out of watching you tonight. >> you know what, mr. speaker, i'm not fascinated by sex but i am fascinated by the protection of women and understanding what we're getting in the oval office. >> all right. aside from that being very interesting to watch on a somewhat personal level, is there any bigger meaning here? newt gingrich may have been donald trump's running mate at one point.
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>> look, i think it's interesting because it's consistent with pretty much what we have heard donald trump saying which is they don't understand sexual assault. the idea that because megyn is asking him about allegations against donald trump of sexually assaulting women and then he says you're obsessed with sex, it's like -- it's not about sex. it's about assaulting women. it just shows they still fundamentally don't understand this issue. >> this is newt gingrich speaking to fox news viewers and saying this. how is this helpful when you see a top surrogate like him saying that? >> look, tensions are high. people have been not sleeping. i know i'm one of them, for like four weeks now and we are coming to the end. >> you are blaming this on lack of sleep? >> no. what i'm saying is newt gingrich right here is in a spot where he's sick and tired of the media's bias. when he said sex, i don't know if he was talking about actual -- the act of or the entire thing of what's going on now with the sexual assault scandals, whether getting
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debunked as fast as they are coming out. i don't know what he was talking about. doi know the fact he did point out there is acute media bias in this race. that's what he's annoyed about. >> they are not getting debunked. i have to say that. they are not getting debunked. they are not getting debunked. they are not getting debunked. it's just not about sex. it's about sexual harassment and sexual assault, it's not about sex, it's about abusing women, it's about power. let's keep that clear, okay? >> if it was such a big deal why didn't they come out when it actually happened? >> we have talked about this, though, a million times. >> that's not the way it works. >> this was triggered, these accusers say, from anderson cooper's question to donald trump during the debate about the "access hollywood" video. when he said i never did anything described in the video, these women say that's what triggered them and that's what made them come forward, when they heard this on a presidential debate stage. just for the record. >> that's fine. what i am pointing out here is two of the women who came out and said this happened, the events they said it happen at never occurred. >> i'm not sure that's actually
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the case. but that's two out of 11. so there's nine more to go even by your math there. dan, what's interesting, beyond what we have been talking about already about this, is the digital assistant to donald trump put out a tweet about this but donald trump hasn't. i'm not praising him for restraint. i'm merely stating a fact that donald trump has not weighed in to this megyn kelly/newt gingrich issue where in the past he has not resisted going after megyn kelly or tweeting about almost anything. >> well, the day is still young. we'll see what happens. i don't think donald trump has developed late in life discipline here. we may hear about this in north carolina. i would say it's pretty rich that the trump campaign is now at a point where they are complaining about media bias at fox which did more to promote trump's candidacy than anyone else. these are all signs of a campaign that's losing and knows they are losing. '. >> errol? thoughts? >> look, i think it's understandably frustrating for
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newt gingrich and other top surrogates and members of the campaign that this issue won't go away but the reality is just in pure television terms, seeing the candidate say these things, these obscenities, these boasts about what he does to women, does not compare with a hacked e-mail that suggests some further reporting may be needed. it's not in any way i think biased to say this is what the guy said, these are words out of the candidate's mouth. 11 women came forward and said he's a liar and i don't know why newt gingrich thinks the media is supposed to just drop that and say we don't want to talk about that anymore, especially when the candidate keeps bringing it up as he did at gettysburg. >> we will be talking about wikileaks in the show. do not worry. newt gingrich just decided to pop into our twitter feed so we decided to bring it up. thanks, guys. great stuff. all right. fear of losing a love of fighting. new audiotape just released offering new insight into donald
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trump in his own words. that's next. plus we have our eye on two events in two different locations. you are looking at live pictures from a hotel in washington, d.c., new trump property that he's going to open up proudly there. and also, hillary clinton is in palm beach county, florida for a rally there. will she address the obamacare issues? will she address frankly this new feud between megyn kelly and newt gingrich? stay tuned. (flourish spray nois) (flourish spray noise) (flourish spray noise) the joy of real cream in 15 calories per serving. enough said. reddi-wip. (flourish spray noise) share the joy. [ crowd noisewhoa. [ gears stopping ] when your pain reliever stops working, your whole day stops. try this. but just one aleve has the strength to stop pain for 12 hours. tylenol and advil can quit after 6.
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this morning a revealing new look inside the hopes and fears of donald trump, not to mention what he was like when he was in first grade. new audiotapes released from an extensive 2014 interview with his biographer. in it, trump discusses his obsession with media, his celebrity status and his love of all forms of fighting. >> i was a very rebellious kind of person. i don't like to talk about it, actually. but i was a very rebellious person. and very set in my ways, and -- >> in eighth grade? >> i loved to fight. i always loved to fight. >> physical fights? >> all kinds of fights. >> arguments? >> all types of fights. any kind of fight, i loved it. including physical.
8:21 am
>> joining us now is pulitzer prize winning journalist michael dantonio, author of "the truth about trump" and the man trump is talking to in the interviews. also with us, cnn political analyst and washington bureau correspondent -- chief for the daily beast, jackie kucinich. doug hyde, former communications director for the rnc and carl higby, former u.s. navy s.e.a.l. and trump supporter. thanks for being here. michael, you interviewed donald trump for hours upon hours for this book. this part of it, this -- his like of fighting, all types of fighting, did it stick out to you at the time? what does it tell you? what did it tell you? >> he is a very fighty kind of guy. he really likes conflict. what struck me is that he's most comfortable in conflict. that's different from many of us who are conflict-avoidant. i actually think he prefers the action of an aggressive contest
8:22 am
with somebody and it does go way back to when he was a little kid. >> he's not conflict-avoidant. neither apparently is the vice president of the united states, joe biden. thanks to the vice president, and the republican nominee, we have what i consider to be one of the most absurd back and forth exchanges of this entire campaign. let's listen. >> the press always asks me don't i wish i were debating him. no, i wish we were in high school, i could take him behind the gym. that's what i wish. >> did you see where biden wants to take me to the back of the barn? me. he wants -- i would love that. i would love that. mr. tough guy. you know, he's mr. tough guy. >> this is too much even for me, doug. >> what? that's the line? >> this is absurd. affirm me here. we shouldn't be seeing this from
8:23 am
people like joe biden and donald trump. >> no, of course it's absurd. i don't think this is an example of when they go low, we go high. >> we go to the barn, we go to the gym. >> also, the trump attitude he displayed in the comments that were released today remind me a whole lot, jackie will remember this, of the house of representatives during the shut-down, during some of the fiscal cliffs we dealt with, when i worked there. there's a lot of mentality with a lot of the republicans in the house and the senate where they want to fight obama, fight hillary clinton, but what we don't hear for all their desires to fight is a strategy to land punches, to win the round and ultimately win the fight. that's why republicans have the problems they have. >> maybe not win on policy, but maybe that's how you win an election? >> i mean, no, not really. even on policy, getting something done and some of these folks found themselves in trouble as a result of the shut-down, and you could argue
8:24 am
that they suffered for it at the polls. but the biden/trump thing, sometimes you get a peek into an alternate yuniverse what it migt have been like if biden had run and been the nominee. i guess it would have been fisticuffs between two 70-year-old men. >> what might it have been like in 1958. behind a gym. >> they are both standing in front of crowds and this is when they say it. >> historically, the republican party has been plagued with non-fighters despite mccain's veteran status, he was not really a heavy fighter when it came to the debates. when nmitt romney had a chance o beat obama to death with the policies that had been failing, he didn't take that shot. mitt romney would have been a great president, he was a horrible candidate, but you have donald trump fighting hard and the american public seeing the war on isis, seeing what's going on with the economy, want a fighter. that's why he's doing the things he is. >> but it's all bluster and no
8:25 am
substance. he hasn't been able to take advantage of what's happening with obamacare. he put his foot in his mouth. sometimes just flailing to doug's point doesn't really -- it doesn't really get you anywhere except makes your arms tired. >> i would say a lot of the rhetoric we have seen isn't just fighting rhetoric. it's ugly rhetoric aimed towards women, towards muslim americans, hispanics and right now, i think we can add based on what we saw last night, newt gingrich to the 2016 no dignity all-stars. that's why so man people are looking at trump surrogates and things trump is saying and moving away from his campaign. >> we want to hear more of your chat with donald trump. in this clip now, he talks about -- >> winning. >> and losing. >> exactly right. >> listen. >> if you lose a lot, nobody's going to follow you. because you are looked at as a loser. winning is a very important thing and the most important aspect of leadership is winning. if you have a record of winning, people are going to follow you.
8:26 am
>> so he likes to win. we get that point. do you think knowing him like you do, that he's entertaining the possibility that he may not win this election? >> oh, i think he is. what he does is he sets a new goal. if he sees defeat on the horizon he will say i'm not really headed in that direction anymore so in this case, he is positioning himself for a post-defeat reality which will be his tv network. i actually think he's thinking about donald jr. as a candidate in future elections. he has real ambitions and donald is nothing but an attempted father with his adult children. he wants to take care of them. it's winning, avoiding losing and the idea of being defeated by a woman is almost unimaginable for him. so he's now trying to craft the excuse for why it was taken from him. that's what the whole rigged election thing is about.
8:27 am
he doesn't believe the election is rigged. he doesn't believe there are going to be millions of falsified votes. he just wants to establish an excuse. >> he's got a record about talking about rigged elections four years ago when he wasn't even in it. >> that's the escape hatch mentality. he always has a trap door to escape defeat. >> sounds almost like magic. i want to talk about this, you guys. there is a new super pac ad priorities usa supporting hillary clinton. they just announced a $1 million ad buy, digital ad buy and you just need to take a look at the ad. >> the smartest guy in the room is always her. after she opens a can of whoop-ass she always recycles the can. her secret service code name is [ inaudible ]. she's the most interesting woman in the world. i don't always endorse
8:28 am
candidates but when i do, they're extraordinary. vote wisely, my friends. >> this is the actual digital ad buy. the hermione bit, that did happen on tv. >> donald trump did some crazy things in this campaign. >> never went james franco? >> john berman not a fan of james franco i learned. >> not at all. >> let's do this. let's talk strategery. will this put them over the top? >> no, it's funny but it's not going to do anything. >> why? >> because it doesn't have any substance behind it. it's more celebrity sizzle which is great fun for hillary's campaign but doesn't have real deliverables. also, it's another troubling thing that we saw starting with donald trump. it's another ad where we see
8:29 am
bleeping. the language and rhetoric we have seen in this campaign is one of the things that turns so many people off on politics and that's unfortunate. >> but i think i will give them the credit for this, donald trump has raised this base of people from unconventional methods and maybe they are just trying to step out -- i don't think it will work. >> i agree. i think this is show biz. donald is a showman. i think this ad is suggesting we can play, too. the time we spend talking about this is time we don't spend talking about e-mails or wikileaks so it's a distraction that might be effective. >> show biz being effective is frank sinatra helping win west virginia for jfk, not james franco trying to be the most interesting man in the world. >> i think you are all underestimating the pineapple express lobby. right now -- >> i haven't seen that that may be true. >> you are not wasting your time. >> guys, thanks so much. we are going to go out guns blazing.
8:30 am
a warning from one republican as they make a huge investment to try and save their majority. the drip, drip, drip continues. new revelations in a new batch of hacked e-mails released about hillary clinton's private e-mail servers and why one adviser said they wanted to get away with it. ) ♪ (crickets chirping) ♪ (jet engine) ♪ (heart beat) ♪ (water splashing) (rain drops) (engine revving) (tires on wet road) ♪ lease the exhilarating 2017 lincoln mkz for $349 a month only at your lincoln dealer.
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take a look at your television. on the left we are waiting for hillary clinton. she will be holding an early voting rally in lake worth, f florida. on the right of your screen, donald trump and his family are celebrating the opening of his
8:35 am
hotel in washington, d.c. we will be listening for that for any campaign news. if that happens, we will bring it to you. at the same time, we are watching this. a brand new batch of hacked e-mails posted by wikileaks, this time it's about the biggest controversy that's faced hillary clinton's campaign. her use of private e-mail servers and what those closest to her said about it as the story was breaking. >> want to bring in adam hodge, communications director for the democratic national committee. great to see you again. i want to read to you part of the release we just got from wikileaks of the hacked e-mails. it's an e-mail exchange between neera tanden and john podesta. this was early on. why didn't they get this stuff out like 18 months ago. so crazy. she's talking about hillary clinton's e-mail server. podesta responds unbelievable. neera, i guess i know the answer. they wanted to get away with it. my question to you is get away with what? >> look, john, let's be clear. what we know is that russia is
8:36 am
behind the hack of these e-mails. we know that the intelligence community has pointed the finger right at russia and saying they are behind getting the documents to wikileaks. that's a real issue. >> it is a real issue. >> i'm not going to -- >> also -- >> john, i don't want to read your e-mails and i don't think you want to read mine. >> i agree. i think it would be awful to have your e-mails released and made public. but it's out there. we are reporting on it and hillary clinton's private e-mail server is a campaign issue and it is of interest and when someone close to hillary clinton is saying that people around her wanted to get away with it, you don't think it raises questions? >> john, i don't even know if that e-mail is real. look, just last week we found out that there was a fake op-ed that was sent from the dnc to the "new york times." turns out the e-mail to the "new york times" was fake and the e-mail with the op-ed supposedly
8:37 am
from tim kaine is fake. i don't know what's real, i don't know what's fake. the real thing we need to be remembering is that this is a hack directed at the united states to influence our election on behalf of one candidate, donald trump. that's again something that should trouble all americans. >> look, there is ample time and ample opportunity and ample networks that would be happy to have either neera or john on to say this e-mail exchange never happened. they have not done that this point. let's try this exchange between spokesperson for hillary clinton and cheryl mills, close adviser to hillary clinton over the years, top aide when she was at the state department. josh sherwin e-mails you probably have more on this but it looks like potus, the president, just said he found out hillary clinton was using her private -- personal e-mail when he saw it in the news. this came out in a cbs interview. mills then forwarded that e-mail to john podesta saying we need to clean this up. he, meaning the president, you
8:38 am
assume, has e-mails from her. they do not say this clearly suggests they knew they had one, a mess on their hands and trump has already been out there to john's point, this has become the campaign issue, trump is out there saying this shows the president was involved. what do you say? >> well, josh is a really good friend of mine but i don't know when he sent that e-mail or what was behind it. i fully believe the president found out about it when he said he did and so we will just leave it at that. >> you are comfortable just saying we're not going to be answering to this issue that's become a campaign issue. >> look, it's not that we don't want to talk about the issues on the campaign. quite frankly, i think this isn't the most important issue of the campaign. >> kind of sounds like it. >> no, no. kate, the really important issue around this is that russia is behind this attack and they are doing it to influence the election. >> which -- >> i'm not going to do russia's bidding. >> we have talked extensively
8:39 am
about the russian involvement so that is covered. we understand you won't answer any more questions about that. let's move on and talk about what donald trump is doing today. he's in washington, d.c. opening up a new hotel. his campaign manager, kellyanne conway said why be critical. >> hillary clinton has time to go to an adele concert and everyone thinks that's cool. donald trump stops off to unveil an incredible stunning piece of architectu architecture and first class hotel and everyone's hair is on fire. >> people's hair is on fire, although not ours, about donald trump opening this hotel. but hillary clinton's at an adele concert. fair criticism? >> no. it's not fair at all. look, this is the 32nd time trump has used one of his properties as a prop for his campaign. he's talked about his great
8:40 am
business record but we know that back in the '90s he lost nearly $1 billion. so he can have events outside of his hotels, we will keep talking about his failed business record and why he can't be trusted to be president and to be commander in chief. we are going to keep talking about why hillary clinton is talking about investing in the middle class, growing the economy and making -- investing in infrastructure and making college more affordable. that's the issues the american people want to hear about, that's what they want to talk about. we will take for the next 13 days. >> and they are voting as we speak. in many places. it is election day. check your calendar. great to see you. thank you very much. how nervous are republicans about potentially losing the senate? what. stop laughing at me. >> i read ahead. >> you got to love to read ahead. you ruined the tease. how nervous are republicans about losing the senate? $25 million nervous. that's how much they're throwing at a select list of senate races
8:41 am
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liberty mutual insurance. it is fortnight minus one. if you live in one of these six states, get ready for a slew of new ads for your republican senate candidate. why? the republican super pac, senate leadership fund, is spending $25 million combined in indiana, missouri, nevada, new hampshire, north carolina and pennsylvania. >> the goal, a pretty simple one. to save republicans' control of the senate. joining us to discuss, national correspondent at the hill, reed wilson. great to see you. thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me. >> so these reports, manu raju
8:46 am
is reporting seeing it other places as well, the super pac is dumping money into these senate races. what are you hearing? >> well, the senate leadership fund has been the largest outside group spending on behalf of republicans trying to maintain their senate majority this year and these advertisements, $25 million is a lot of money but a lot of other outside groups have also put in that much money and by the way, the senate leadership fund has put in twice that so far in all the key battleground states. what i think we learned from the map that you just showed is that the senate landscape is evolving, that control of the senate is going to come down to probably four or five states. the state we are talking about here are nevada, the only state on that map controlled by democrats, then indiana, missouri, north carolina, pennsylvania and new hampshire. states that are all controlled by republicans, where democrats think they have got the upper hand going into the final two week stretch. >> i will say that anxiety, political anxiety is day to day and minute to minute. republicans to me at least seem
8:47 am
a little less nervous today than a day and a half ago, but that could change. >> $25 million two weeks out. >> that could change in a heartbeat. >> funny how sort of their mood has changed over the last month or so. talking to republicans about a month ago, they were sighing a little bit of relief because donald trump had not proved to be the albatross they really feared. then came the first debate where he did very poorly. then came the leaked tape and all of a sudden, internal republican polls showed that voters were associating donald trump with their senate incumbents. now i think the slide has been arrested a little bit. it's not clear whether or not they have entirely made up the ground they lost in that early october period, but look to that. last week of september, early week of october, that's when republicans started to get really nervous about control of the senate. now here we are two weeks to go and i think both sides feel pretty confident. that being said, they are confident that their candidates are essentially tied which means
8:48 am
control of the senate is still a coin flip. >> quickly, how nervous is paul ryan after this election about his leadership position and potential backlash? >> it's almost certain republicans will lose seats in the house of representatives. they would have to lose 30 to lose control of the house which is probably not going to happen. the problem for paul ryan is that the seats they are going to lose are largely centrist moderate republicans who are most likely to back him. meanwhile, the arch-conservatives who have been the biggest thorn in his side, the ones who are going to stick around. that means they will have more power in the next congress and that's something paul ryan will have to deal with. >> absolutely. thanks for coming on. >> you got it. thanks, guys. some news just broke moments ago. after an outpouring of outrage, the pentagon is now suspending all efforts to recollect bonuses from members of the national guard. we will have details on this breaking story ahead. also, minutes from now, we are awaiting, we are watching live pictures, hillary clinton to speak in battleground florida.
8:49 am
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an about-face from the pennell. stand down making some in the national guard payback reenlistment bonus es. >> some ten years after they were paid out stirred up outrage around the country. jim sciutto has details. jim, is the pentagon considering forgiving these loans or this disbursement altogether? >> reporter: clearly trying to draw a line under this. first line secretary carter's statement gets to it. there's no more important responsibility for the department of defense than keeping faith with our people. clearly, he sees here that this is a problem. you gave these bonuses out and now these veteran, many of whom are facing financial challenges forced to pay back tens of thousands of dollars years later. he does say in this statement that some of these service men and women should have known they weren't eligible for these bonuses. it's possible leaving the window
8:54 am
open there that some of them do have to pay it back, but when pressed about this after giving that statement, was asked if he might permanently suspend these payments. he says he has to work within the law but left that possibility open. i don't think anybody, including him, wants to be in a position of clawing back bonuses already paid to these families. >> how did this all happen, jim? >> with recruiting officers, sp specifically the california national guard, ambitious recruiting goals to meet and offered bonuses to women, men and women, who weren't eligible for the bonuses, which is fraud. people are going to prison for this. the person spearheading this for the california national guard sentenced to 30 months in prison. significant fines there. a bigger issue problem here. the two longest wars in america's history. the military had trouble keeping up with the demands of that.
8:55 am
the soldier killed in afghanistan a couple days ago was on his 14th tour. 14th tour. you know, how is that possible? and the only way the military's been able to meet those goals is offering bonuses, calling people back, sending them multiple times to these war zones, and that's the bigger issue here that really neither side, neither party has figured out an answer to. >> all right. important developments. jim sciutto, thanks so much. >> thanks, jim. moments ago donald trump weighed in on the newt gingrich megyn kelly fess up over sex. hear what the republican nominee is saying. that's next. the open enrollment period is here. the time to choose your medicare coverage begins october 15th and ends december 7th. so call unitedhealthcare to enroll... in a plan that could give you the benefits and stability you're looking for, an aarp medicarecomplete plan insured through unitedhealthcare. what makes it complete?
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8:59 am
newt, on last night. that was an amazing interview. that was an amazing -- >> and so that just happened in
9:00 am
washington, d.c. so it continues between donald trump and megyn kelly and now newt gingrich. >> that gives "inside politics" with john king a whole lot to talk about. we'll land it over to them right now. john and kate, thank you. welcome to "inside politics." i'm john king. beautiful view of the capitol there from a rooftop across the street from the white house. another beautiful day. thanks for sharing time with us. 13 days until we pick a new president. donald trump right here in d.c., finished opening up hismi hotel. hillary clinton live in florida. take to you that when hillary clinton starts campaigning in the all-important sunshine state. you see the event there. get to it in a few moments. first, an important conversation to frame the race. donald trump


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