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tv   New Day  CNN  October 27, 2016 4:00am-5:01am PDT

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i think with perhaps resurrecting and now it's really, really bad. >> yet, as rana has pointed out martha stewart's brand went up after her stint in jail. let's all remember that. ladies, thank you very much. >> gave her street credit. we're following a lot of news, let's get right to it. >> i believe we're winning. >> change is coming. the choice is yours. >> the people going to vote, those are not her voters. her voters have no inneenthusia >> donald trump is taking time off the campaign trail. >> we didn't have one illegal immigrant on the job. >> donald trump is the poster boy for everything wrong with our economy. >> honestly, she has less energy than jeb bush. >> when he goes low, we go high! boy, has he gone low. right? this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota.
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hillary clinton and donald trump making gains in a fleuuo of new polls. teric moving florida and nevada from leaning democratic back to being toss-ups. >> despite that, trump predicts a tremendous victory on election day. this as new revelations from those hacked e-mails about bill clinton's lucrative speeches and concerns within the family about the family foundation. so much at stake here. just 12 days until the election. we have it all covered for you. let's begin with chris frates live in springfield, ohio. good morning, chris. >> good morning, alisyn. donald trump returns to battleground ohio where the last couple polls show him tied with hillary clinton. between dayton and cluolumbus. a town hard hit and median household income dropped by more than 25%. the biggest drop in the nation and only 15% of all adults here are college educated.
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this should be trump country and he hopes his message resonates with voters. >> reporter: with only 12 days until the election, a new national poll shows the race tightening and now more battleground states are up for grabs. hillary clinton in a dead heat with trump in nevada as trump edges out in the must-win state of florida. >> i actually think we're winning. >> reporter: trump will invest millions more into his campaign. the billionaire has spent $56 million of his own money. >> let me just tell you that i'll have over $100 million in the campaign. >> reporter: a source telling cnn that earlier this monthprieves asked trump to put more money into his campaign to help compete with clinton's advertising blitz. the source said trump did not listen. >> donald trump is taking time off the campaign trail to officially open the hotel. >> reporter: meanwhile, clinton is blasting trump for stepping off the campaign trail to advance his business empire. >> donald trump is the poster
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boy for everything wrong with our economy. the facts show he has stiffed american workers, he has stiffed american businesses. >> reporter: after opening new hotel just blocks from the white house, the billionaire got back to campaigning. with two rallies in north carolina. trump hitting back at clinton attacking her stamina. >> a woman makes a speech for 15 minutes and goes home and goes to bed. she has less energy than jeb bush. >> reporter: and getting upset when cnn's dana bash asked him about the hotel stop. >> for you to ask me that question is actually very insulting because hillary does one stop and then goes home and sleeps and yet you'll ask me that question. i think it's a very rude question to be honest with you. >> reporter: doubling down oin an interview with abc bringing up clinton attending an adele concert in miami. >> hillary clinton goes to see an adele concert last night
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isn't that nice, isn't that wonderful. i did eight stops yesterday, three rallies. >> reporter: that wasn't the only stop to help ring in her 69th birthday. ♪ happy birthday to you >> reporter: stevie wonder sareinated clinton on her radio show. now to give you a sense of how important ohio is to the trump campaign, just take a look at how often he's been here. more than any other states than the convention. 12 visits, 21 events and that continues here today. goes on to springfield and toledo and then in geneva. tim kaine is also here while his running mate, hillary clinton, is in another battleground, north carolina with michelle obama. >> an interesting day on the trail, chris, thank you for that. despite a majority of americans say things are going well in the country. the president's approval ratings
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are the highest level since the start of his second term. here to help us explain this, michelle kosinski with more. how do we explain it? >> 54% of americans now think things are going well in this country. the white house loves to try to counter what they term donald trump's dark view of how he portrays america. but if just over half doesn't exactly make you want to jump up and down and write home about it, consider that the highest that number has been in president obama's entire time in office. just in january of this year that number was at 42%. things get interesting is when you look at polls that ask, do you think america is heading in the right direction, that's where two-thirds of americans tend to say no. so, most americans think things are going well right now. they don't necessarily think things will continue to go well. and there is plenty that could go into that, including inaction in congress and the upcoming
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election. but president obama's approval rating now 55%. that is reaching bill clintonesque levels. he had 57% and reagan had 51% and george w. bush. hillary clinton has been hitting new lows. you can see why her campaign loves to try to benefit from the popularity of the president and the exceeding popularity of the first lady. that's why they, hillary clinton and michelle obama are appearing together in north carolina today, chris. >> trying to pull a bush from 1988. michelle kosinski, thank you very much. let's bring in chris collins of new york. the first member of congress to endorse donald trump. congressman, always good to see you. >> good morning. >> the trump campaign has been focused on what he says is realistic pessimism about what is going on in the country right now. how do you square that with this number of over 50% of the
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country saying things are going well right now. >> well, it is just barely over 50%. i think it's safe to say, you know, it's about the same, 50/50. you know, polls go up and down day to day. i don't know that i fully understand that either. say one thing one day and polling is not an exact science, but it tells you half the country thinks we're not doing well. half the country thinks we are doing well. i think when you look at the polling today between clinton and trump, it reflects that. but if you think the country is doing great and you want basically a third term of barack obama, you vote for hillary clinton. if you don't think the country is doing dprgreat, you want cha. ask y you vote for donald trump. i think it's a toss-up and i think we're seeing that in the polls as things have tightened and we're down to the six or so battleground states that will decide this election november 8th. the candidates are hanging out.
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>> does your analysis change at all when you add in the fact that obama, president obama has the highest numbers of his term right now. do you think that speaks to something about the strength of the country or do you think it's just by comparison, he benefits, you know, looking at trump and clinton and how negative everybody is on them. do you think he's just benefiting from comparison? >> you know, i do think there is a little bit of that in people saying, oh, my god, donald and hillary are probably two of the least liked presidential candidates and i suppose in comparison, you've made a point. but even with that said, half the country, you know, doesn't think the country is going in the right direction or think he's doing a good job. so, the country is split. we have a divided country, much of it because of barack obama who never brought us together and who was always a divide and conquer kind of president. but it's going to be a tight
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election in the six battleground states that's where the candidates are. we've seen the race tighten the last couple of days and that's interesting since the clinton campaign and some of the liberal media effectively called the race over just two or three days ago. it's going to be a long night next week from tuesday. and i do think the undercover voters, much like brexit will turn this election in donald trump's way, but it is going to be close. >> take a look at the battleground map and see how you're taulking about it, congressman. cnn just flipped florida and nevada from leaning democratic back to battlegrounds. we have 272, 179 based on these calculations. when you play with the map, it's hard to see how trump gets to 270, even if both of those states go his way, with ohio. why do you have the confidence that he gets to the 270? what do you see happening that we do not at this stage?
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>> my confidence is that he gets to 269 and this race gets toss under to the house of representatives where he does win. it comes down to ohio, north carolina, florida are a must. they take him to 253. if you look at the romney states and add back the two that romney lost in ohio and florida and then he needs 16. iowa, nevada and new hampshire are 16 electoral college and it takes him to 269. he's down three or four in new hampshire. >> i haven't heard that yet. >> i haven't heard that theory yet. 269 goes to the house and the house is gop, assuming that you hold on to your seats. hold on to your majority and which most people think you will and then that would do it. what would that do to the country in that scenario? what do you think happens if that's how it goes? >> whether it was 271 to 268 or whether it's 269 to 269 and the
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house -- by the way, one vote per state. so it's 50 votes and that's the way that's divided up. i think trump would win 30/20 or 32/28. something along those lines. the country is going to be divided at the end of this election regardless. it's going to be that close. it's going to be up to the next president to actually unite the country, again. donald trump talks in a language that will unite the country. hillary will continue in the barack obama tone. if you're successful and make money and you're evil, we'll take your money away. you don't deserve it. big governments, though, unfortunately, chris, i think we're going to have a period of being divided. the next president is going to have to heal this nation. that's not going to be an easy job. >> it's not going to be an easy job if that next president is hillary clinton because by all indications you guys are going to sink your teeth into her, again, with a bunch of hearings
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that could go on for weeks and months, if not longer. that's what jason is suggesting. are you down with that plan? do you want to put the country through another clinton foundation or whatever you guys decide to pick up on? >> well, it's the job of congress to hold oversight on the hillary clinton -- the public does deserve to know the truth. there's no two ways about that. i don't know anything about the haergs that jason is talking about doing. i think the country already knows the truth that hillary can not be trusted. she is a liar. i'm not sure if they would bring anything new out. although, you know, every day we pick up the paper and we read about donations going to the executive director of the fbi or the number two, his wife's campaign. >> i'm just saying, give me a quick answer on this as we end this segment. do you think that would be good for the country if hillary clinton does win and who knows what happens until november 8th,
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of course. but if she wins, do you think it would help the country if there is an immediate series of hearings going in to the same things that we just debated in the election? >> no, i don't think it would help the country. i think what we would be better off doing is debating the policies whether it's her continuation of obama care or some of her tax policies. i think many of us want to move on to a policy debate. a policy discussion and up to us if she was elected to make sure america knows we do have bater way and that better way is not increasing taxes. it's not government takeover with a single payer health care system and so forth. so, i think i agree. let's debate the issue. >> good. i loork fk forward to revisitin this issue after the election, if that's the way it turns out. alisyn? a new batch of hacked e-mails reveal concern for and about the clintons. what do these e-mails mean for the final days of the campaign?
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wikileaks releasing its
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latest batch of hacked e-mails who works for the family's foundation and discussing how he lined up high-paying speeches for former president bill clinton after he left the white house. joining us now is clinton surrogate joe crowley. thank you for being here. >> thank you, alisyn. >> e-mails stolen from john podesta's e-mail but showing that doug band is tasked with two different things. one is wealth for bill clinton fund-raising for the clinton foundation and the clinton global initiative and some people feel that the fact that he is doing both and going to some of the same donors for both things is unseemly. what is your take on that? >> i think there's nothing really new here. i think people understand that these e-mails, as you said before, are stolen by the russians and being used to manipulate our system, our
4:19 am
democracy and really nothing new here. people know that the clintons have been engaged in speeches in the past and have been involved, as well, in their foundation. >> the farct thct that these th were tangled together by doug band, is that unseemly? >> i think what we do know is that the clintons have led this foundation for a lot of years and done a lot of good around the world and more behind the scenes, it doesn't really change anything at this point. >> one is a tax exempt charity and one is emasing personal wealth. is it okay for those things to be combined? >> it is no news here. the former president of the united states made speeches, continues to make speeches. not like it's shocking that a former president has become wealthy after their presidency ends.
4:20 am
outside of ulysses s. grant who at the end wrote a memoir to pay back bills, it's nothing new here at all. >> beyond it being -- you're okay with that? >> i'm comfortable with knowing that hillary clinton is the next president of the united states. the fear that i have is that donald trump might be elected in some way. that scares me like nuther else. >> one of the people who thought there was something murky going on with chelsea clinton. and she wrote in this e-mail that has been released, my father was told today of explicit examples at cgs, clinton global initiative, doug band, the head of them, teneo pushing for and receiving free memberships and multiple and people now having quit at cgi because of it. believes hannah and justin have taken significant sums of money from my parents personally, some
4:21 am
expenses, others directly. if there's nothing new or nothing wrong, why is chelsea clinton concerned? >> look, again, she started out this conversation stolen e-mails. maybe suggestions of thoughts or ideas or observations they're making that people do and i think many respects it really doesn't, again, shed any new light on the fact that the american voters are sick and tired of 60 months of talking about e-mails. what they want to talk about is the policy and how we're going to improve this country. not further investigations. they want to move forward and really improve the standing of america. that's what the american voter is looking at. >> agreed. but they are also concerned about a rigged system and concerned about the rich getting richer through special deals. this is sort of the thing that drove people to bernie sanders and possibly to donald trump. and the fact that maybe there are special favors happening with the clintons. they get things that people -- >> concerns about people getting
4:22 am
richer. like donald trump. making rich people even richer. not paying people, his contractors, paying them pennies on the dollar when 3,000 people lose their jobs in a casino, he walks away. he doesn't care about their lives or their families' lives. he walks away and takes a loss. for years on end he doesn't pay any taxes. those are the kind of shenanigans and the behind the scenes that people are sick and tired of. >> are you worried the connection between the clinton foundation and bill clinton's wealth and the state department when hillary clinton was there enough to give the republicans ammunition. for instance, for the investigations that you're talking about further commissions, further probes. here's what jason chaffetz has said about all this if hillary clinton was to be elected. even before we get to day one, we have two years worth of material already lined up. she has four years of history at the state department and it
4:23 am
ain't good. >> they're salivating. they can't wait. i mean, look, as i said before, nothing new here. more information to delve into and look at. but i think what the american people want us to do is move on. they want us to move forward and talk about the policy. like chris commented, they prefer that we talk about policies and not this continuation of a witch-hunt. when nancy pelosi took control of the house of representatives as speaker she was then called upon to investigate bush and cheney and she felt it was more important that we move forward and not put the american people through that. unfortunately, our republican colleagues have taken a different and exact opposite approach and it has really hurt our country and hurt our standing in the world. that needs to end. >> congressman joe crowley, thank you for being with us. most votes come down to the personal. in politics that is called
4:24 am
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t-minus 12 until we have a new president-elect. hillary clinton, donald trump. both say the other one sucks, basically. really, when it comes to character they both say they're the worst people in the world when it comes to talking about their opposition. so, character is going to matter. in fact, it probably matters as much as anything when voters actually pull that curtain back and do what they're going to do. let's bring in national spokesperson from and cnn political commentator and former donald trump campaign manager corey lewandowski. this has been the battleground since jump on this. donald trump billy bush tape and allegations from these women coming forward has put a hit on his character appraisal. he just spoke about a moments ago. let's play his sound now. >> "people" magazine story they
4:29 am
brought forward -- >> why didn't she write it 12 years ago? >> she said she was afraid. >> she would have gotten the pulitzer prize. give me a braeak. fame. they wanted to help clinton. george, let's not waste any more time. these stories are fabricated. they're total lies. >> you'll go through with a lawsuit? >> we'll find out. let's see what happens with the election. >> first, this issue. why do you thing this matters so much and means that hillary clinton should win the character contest? >> well, look, i want to go back to, just for a second, about the e-mails. right, there were the e-mails. the thing that hillary clinton was able to do, she apologized for the e-mails. she said she made a mistake and she moved on. it's come up a couple times and the drip, drip, drip has hurt her but on the other end speaking to your question, donald trump refuses to apologize. he bragged -- >> if you apologize about the e-mails, you are revealing or
4:30 am
exposing yourself and making yourself vulnerable to improprie impropriety. >> the thing about it is he bragged about not apologizing, even to his wife on the debate stage. >> it's true. >> it had to embarrass her to some degree for it to be out there. not only that, he talked about changing the libel laws so he can sue journalists for writing bad stories on him. then we continue and he threatens to sue the women who have come forward. i mean, all of these things add up to really the character of this person who is running for president. >> what is the rebuttal? >> the rebuttal is very clear. 30% of the american people think hillary clinton is trustworthy. we've seen time and time again when they come out and they say
4:31 am
the russians hacked them and they don't want to say they're true or not true and they don't want to talk about them. her own team talked about her as the e-mailler in chief. the concerns about this. the concerns about the private e-mail system. hillary clinton is very simple. one set of rules for her and a different set of rules for everybody else. >> what about what i asked you about? that's the bash clinton part, this is the bash trump part. these women came forward and he, you know, is attacking them saying he is going to sue them. he was being coy there with george on whether or not they're going tasue. what about his response to the situation and the insight into his character? >> what he has said, he said this time and time again. these incidents didn't occur. what we do know is that a number of these individuals, you know, we look at the women from california whose first cousin
4:32 am
came out and said donald trump, she praised donald trump and wanted her to come to the restaurant all of a sudden and now she's bashing him. the person on the airplane -- >> when defenses like that were offered by bill clinton by his sympathizers you attacked it. now useing -- >> what we saw was this individual on the airplane who witnessed this incident not taking place was chastised by the media because the guy has a tough background. >> now, pivot -- do you want to make a point on this? >> there was a poll that came out a couple days ago that talked about how donald trump responded to these allegations. 59% of the voters said they didn't like how he responded. this is not saying that the allegations are true or not. just his response. just the lack of sympathy. just the lark of understanding what. what sexual assault really is. majority of voters said, yeah, we don't like the way he
4:33 am
responded. >> on the clinton side, wikileaks will say it has been the culmination. so many things that have been looked at over decades and a lot of that has been brought up, again. that was part of the strategy and not of your making, necessarily, but of the campaign in its present form. wikileaks seems to be, why do you believe what is coming out in these stolen e-mails, which does matter. russian hacking e-mails and putting them out to destroy the election. >> donald trump's tax returns were stolen. >> how do we know? >> how did they end up on the front page of "the new york times"? >> didn't have to be stolen. >> look, the bought bottom line e-mails are factual. wikileaks has never doctored an e-mail. we know that to be true. >> i would like to see the trump ones. not from donald trump himself. i would like to see yours and manafort's and bannon's. >> this goes back to the concern robby had with her name tag to
4:34 am
the foundation and she agreed to and then all of a sudden bill clinton and chelsea. look, chelsea clinton herself was concerned about people using her father's name to make money. what we saw in that was doug band. this guy is a genius. i want to hire this guy because of all the money he made for the clinton team. the closeness between the foundation and the moneymaking that is going on. at fair minimum it shows lack of standard. >> smell test, dirty, all, whatever measure you want to put on it. do you believe wikileaks reveals a reality about how the clintons do business that is unacceptable? >> look, the drip, drip, drip of the wikileaks i have to admit is annoying. it's something that is kind of like a -- just a pain. there is no smoking gun there. i would like to ask corey, look, if the russians leaked and stole e-mails from your campaign, what would they say? do you think they're really less
4:35 am
conflict between the inside of the -- >> what they wouldn't say is we're going to use my job as a state department secretary of state and my husband as a former president to make money for me and my family and my foundation. they wouldn't say any of those things. donald trump is a private businessman. they have sold their access to bill clinton and to hillary clinton and just this year is when they finally decide to stop taking foreign donations. they were taking foreign donations. look, go back and look at her testimony when she is being confirmed in march of 2009 and what they -- >> she said she would make sure there wasn't any more conflict there. >> you'll be judged by your actions and -- >> we have to take your word for it. the russians are trying to influence one side and not -- >> we don't know if it's the russians. even if it is, the bottom line is -- >> you have to drop that. that is, that's not helping the cause. we've learned over and over again that the russians are,
4:36 am
indeed, involved in this. >> all right. >> look, i don't think they should be. >> we'll continue this. we'll continue this in the break. thank you very much. what do you think about this? tweet us at new day or post your comment on alisyn? a big update for you on the story of the national guard members who are being forced to pay back their reenlistment bonuses. our military expert brings us the latest on this story, next. ♪ lots of vitamins a&c, and, only 50 calories a serving... good morning, indeed. v8. veggies for all. you tell your inthey made a mistake. the check they sent isn't enough to replace your totaled new car.
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>> we're operating within the law and i am operating within my authorities to suspend
4:40 am
collections starting now and i'm exercising those authorities. okay, big update on the story we have been covering all week about national guard members having to repay their reenlistment bonuses. that was secretary of defense ash carter ordering the pentagon to stop seeking those repayments of bonuses. he has set a july 1st deadline for this to be resolved. joining us to discuss this, as well as the battle in mosul cnn military analyst and lieutenant general mark hurtling. good to see you, general. >> good morning, alisyn. >> the power of the press, okay, general. we have covered this every single day here on "new day" as well as throughout cnn and other journalists and other networks and after congress had years and they didn't fix this problem, the media shined a light on it and now the problem is fixed. so, all of the people who say they don't like the media put that in your pipe and smoke it. >> i love the media, alisyn.
4:41 am
you are great. and here's what i'll tell you. this is an ugly baby. that's how most soldiers will describe it. it has been that way for a couple of years because it has been passed back and forth between the state of california and the congress. i think mr. carter, the secretary of defense, did exactly what he needed to do was suspend the collections and suspend the recoup of the payment but, truthfully, it goes a lot deeper than that. a lot of commander involvements that committed fraud and some soldiers who accepted money when they shouldn't have. do they keep the money that they know what was falsely gained. what the state of california doing tomeric this known and what was the governor of california and what was congress doing if they found out about it
4:42 am
a all falls on the lap of the secretary of defense and he had to make the hard call to say stop this nonsense and let's not take away money and hold the right people accountable. >> look, we talked to national guard members who had retired. they had to pay these bang to the tune of tens of thousands, sometimes $40,000. they had to remortgage and take out a second mortgage on their home. what does happen to these people who already had the hardship of paying back the bonuses? >> they can re-dress grievances. but, again, let's go back to the power of the press. has the press talked to the soldiers who knowingly took money falsely and talked to the commanders who gave it? that's the rest of the story. and, really, this is all about accountability. and having spent a good portion of my life in the military, i was thinking of making it a career after 37 years, you always have tyke responsibility and hold yourself accountable for these things. and that's the rest of the story
4:43 am
that's not being covered is we say, oh, gee, those poor soldiers. yes, certainly some sole poor soldiers who are put in dire economic straits but some knew exactly what they were doing and they shouldn't have that money given back to them. >> we're on it. i hear your pitch and we will stay on this story and update everybody on all sides of it. let's talk about what is going on in mosul. how do you think the battle to rid that city of isis is going? >> from the reports i have been receiving and the u.s. military side is going much better than they expected and fast er and they realize they're all on the eastern side of the city of mosul which they knew was the easier side. and that's where the fighting is really going to get rough and i believe that's where isis is going to hold their ground and
4:44 am
fight to the death with suicide vests, car bombs and house born ieds and ied sniders and moving through the tunnels in that part of the city and the tough streets in the old town and near the airport. so the toughest part of the fight is yet to come, but early indicators are that, first of all, the iraqi security forces are telling me instead of five fingers, they're acting as one fist and going after the enemy. that's a good thing because it indicates that that army has come back to the fray and they're receiving government support from the iraqi central government in baghdad. so, all of that is good. but, there's a lot left to do, not only in the fighting but what happens in the humanitarian relief efforts afterwards. >> yes, absolutely. general mark herling, pleasure to taulk to you this morning. pivotal on this election day. which way do we think latinos
4:45 am
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be pivotal in battleground states like nevada because the latest poll in nevada shows trump and clinton locked in a virtual tie, 43% to 43%. cnn's anna cabrera spoke to latino voters there. she joins us live from las vegas. good morning, ana. >> good morning, alisyn. latinos make up nearly 20% of the voters in this state and given how close the race is here you can see why they can have a significant impact in determining who wins the election in this state. now we got off the las vegas strip away from these bright, shiny lights, and we talked candidly to voters in their neighborhoods. latinos. and we talked about what's important to them this election cycle as we explored the power of the latino vote. >> has papers, the only thing i have a big bag of strength. >> reporter: she emigrated from mexico 16 years ago. she is a single mom. a high school counselor. a cancer survivor.
4:50 am
and now, a u.s. citizen. >> last saturday i -- i vote for first time. >> reporter: voting early for hillary clinton. >> for her because first of all, a woman like me. >> why not donald trump? >> donald trump attack latinos, attack woman, attack the community. >> reporter: does the trump campaign care about the latino vote? >> absolutely. we've been engaging the hispanic community or a near daily basis. >> reporter: both campaigns believe they need this voting bloc. >> making sure that latinos turn out in high rates is a strategic, and priority for us. >> reporter: both camps have deployed spanish speaking canvassers and the clinton team has invested in spanish language ads. [ speaking spanish ] they're targeting a possible record number of hispanic voters this year, with 27.3 million eligible to cast ballots. an increase of 4 million since 2012 according to the pew research center. and in at least four battlegrounds, including nevada, arizona, florida, and colorado,
4:51 am
the share of the latino vote four years ago was larger than the 10% share nationwide. it's exactly why statements like this -- >> but we have some bad hombres here and we're going to get them out. >> reporter: -- have gop pollster whit ayers shaking his head. >> we don't have enough time in this interview to list all of donald trump's mistakes. >> reporter: he points to his party's so-called autopsy of what went wrong in 2012 when mitt romney won just 27% of the latino vote. the rnc wrote in its postmortem report if hispanic americans perceive that a gop nominee or candidate does not want them in the united states, i.e., self-deportation, they will not pay attention to our next sentence. >> given the growth of the hispanic vote for a republican to be competitive, they need to be somewhere north of 40% among hispanics. >> is that possible? >> absolutely. look, latinos want what everyone else wants. they want a better quality of life. >> i think we are going down the
4:52 am
wrong path. >> reporter: erma is an entrepreneur. this bistro is her pride and joy. >> this is a celebration of my heritage. >> reporter: yet she's not offended by trump's comments about mexicans. >> i did not hear him insult mexicans. what i heard him say was that mexico basically allows a lot of the corruption to flow over into our country. >> reporter: and she supports trump, because he knows business. >> someone that i know is a doer, like myself, has a dream, has a vision, and brings it to the reality, by working super, super hard. >> jobs, economic equality, education, these are the issues latinos tell us they care most about. now immigration reform is important, too, but it's certainly not the only issue driving this voting bloc. chris? >> all right, ana thank you very much. very well done. hillary clinton's campaign
4:53 am
touting a 99% increase in hispanics who have already voted in the must-win state of florida. let's discuss. what each campaign offers latinos. all right? so we have founder latinas for trump, denise gal vez and political director for the florida democratic party myra macellas. thank you for both of you ladies being with me this morning. recent polling suggests that clinton's going to get about 51% of the sunshine state's hispanic vote. 51-36. so let's start on that basis and let's start with the pro-clinton angle here myra. what does hillary clinton do for latinos that justifies this lead in the polls? >> well, chris, first of all, thank you so much for having this conversation, so important to not just florida but across the country. and before i was a democrat, i was born the daughter of mexican immigrants. and at a very fundamental level hillary clinton respects our community. that's something that donald
4:54 am
trump has not demonstrated, not just by calling us rapists, criminals, drug dealers, but in his latest debate saying bad hombres were, you know, prevalent amongst us, and i think policy aside a fundamental lack of respect for a community is what is costing him this election. >> now, let me follow with you one second, mayra, some of my best friends are cubales from southern florida. and i got to tell you they like trump. and say this idea that all i care about is being able to get into the country easily is silly. most of us are here legally. almost all of us are here legally and i care about the economy, i'm a small business guy, i want strong immigration, so, is this idea that all latinos are offended by trump farfetched? >> well, i don't presume to speak for all latinos. but i will say that being on the ground, and not just in miami, but in orlando where we have a huge contingent of puerto rican
4:55 am
voters, i've heard firsthand that folks are offended. and then though this isn't necessarily an issue of immigration, you're disrespecting our community. and when i'm walking down the street, versus when a cuban person is walking down the street, the average american doesn't understand the nuances between our ethnic groups, and donald trump is enabling people to continue to perpetuate these bigoted ideas about our community. not only that, he's enabling folks like former governor of arizona jan brewer to say, you know what, these people don't vote, you have nothing to worry about. and that is just disrespectful. and it's a slap in the face of not just mexican immigrants, but all latinos who are being mischaracterized as one homogenous group. >> denise, what do you tell people when they come to you if they're expressing these concerns, what do you say, to justify why you support donald trump? >> i mean, two things we both touched upon. number one she said policy aside. guess what most latinos in this country do care about policy.
4:56 am
and you said it earlier in your segment. they care about jobs. they care about the economy. they fled their country, the majority, and this i can say this for all latinos the majority of them fled their countries to basically escape the same policies that hillary proposes. okay they want less government interference, less regulation. okay. they came here for economic opportunities. so to say policy aside, yeah, that's real simple of course. let's talk more about the rhetoric. no let's stick to policy. policy is what matters to those latinos. the ones that you spoke to that are business owners and entrepreneurs, they get it. that's why they're supporting trump. they don't want more of the same policies that led to corruption in their home country. they're here for economic opportunities. that's what's a priority to them. that's why they're supporting donald trump. >> but you have a big gap though, right, because they're not supporting donald trump, right, in florida you got -- >> right, because -- >> overall it's like 70-17. so, there must be something to the idea that latinos feel insulted. what do you say to them when
4:57 am
they say -- you heard what he says about us. you heard what he said about that judge. what do you say in response? >> i tell them if you care about spoil and the future of this country, then you vote for trump. if you want more of the same policy that you had in the country you fled you vote for hillary. >> so you ignore what he said about your community? >> we do ignore it, because most of it is not true. okay. the -- the -- what started all of this is original campaign speech when he decided to run for president, what started this entire, oh, he hates mexicans b.s., quite frankly, was a speech that was taken out of context where they ignored the sentence following where he said most mexicans come into this country are criminals and rapists, and guess what he said right after that that i guess a lot of them are good people, okay. so everybody ignores that statement. and they think that he hates immigrants. he's not anti-immigrant. he's pro-american. if you're pro-america and pro-american opportunities, and economic opportunities, then you're for trump. >> mayra you winced -- you
4:58 am
winced when denise said that. tell me why. but then also finish by telling me why you think on the policy side your candidate is the right choice for latinos? >> and let me just clarify. when i said policy aside i was just talking at a fundamental level. if you cannot respect our people how are you going to govern, how are you going to create policy that meets the need of our community? but let's stick to the policy, because, secretary clinton has demonstrated time and time again that she has substantive plans within the first 100 days of her tenure. she said she would work on immigration reform. i know we said immigration reform is not an issue that affects all latinos. she has an economic plan that is substantive that is not just going to help the 1% and give tax cuts to those who don't need them. and i haven't heard any substantive policy coming from donald trump. latinos care about education. because guess what? as denise was saying, folks are
4:59 am
fleeing their country for economic, education opportunity while hillary clinton has a plan to not only enhance public education, but to make college more affordable. >> ladies both of you. thank you for the reasoned discussion on this. appreciate it. you're both welcome back on "new day" any time. thank you. >> thank you, chris. >> all right. there's a lot of news and developments in the election, and otherwise. so let's get to it. >> under budget, ahead of schedule. >> while the hotel may be new, it's the same old story. >> hillary said donald trump took time off the campaign can you believe it? here's a woman who goes home and goes to sleep all the time. >> can you talk a good game but let's look at the facts. >> we're way ahead in virtually every state. >> we can't take our foot off the gas even for a short time. >> i really think that we're going to have a tremendous record. >> donald trump says he can still win. and he's right. >> this is "new day" with chris
5:00 am
cuomo and alisyn camerota. >> good morning, everyone. welcome to your new day. there's a flurry of new polls to tell you about. in just the last 24 hours, that show donald trump and hillary clinton both making gains. but trump's path to 270 still remains very tough. cnn has updated hit electoral map putting florida and nevada back in play. so they've gone from leaning democratic to now toss-up states. >> you can go on a cnn website and play with the map yourself and see what the different permutations are. go ahead. despite the uphill battle trump is predicting a tremendous victory on election day as new revelations from hacked e-mails about bill clinton's lucrative speeches and concerns about the family's foundation come out again with that drip, drip, drip. just twelve days to go until the election. we have it all covered. let's begin with cnn's chris frates live in springfield, ohio. >> good morning, chris. well donald trump returns to


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