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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  October 27, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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>> oh, absolutely. she does love me a lot but she loves me away. >> please re-elect gerald. >> reporter: jeanne moos, cnn, new york. >> that's awesome. the next hour of "cnn newsroom" starts now. good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. cnn redraws the election map. florida and nevada now too close to call. they had been leaning democratic but by our count if the election were held today, clinton still has more than enough electoral votes locked down to win. but with a dozen days before voters head to the polls, the campaigns are stomping on the gas. donald trump has three stops in the critical state of ohio. hillary clinton appears in north carolina with her not so secret weapon, michelle obama. trump this morning doubling down, there will be no guarantees if he loses. >> if she wins, are you prepared to -- >> i just want to make that
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decision at a later date. i'm not saying i'm not or i am. hopefully i won't have to make that decision. i really believe we're going to win. >> we are covering all the angles this morning as usual. chris fratz is in springfield, ohio, where trump holds the first rally of the day. joe johns is following the clinton campaign. >> reporter: you're right, donald trump returns here to battleground ohio where a couple recent polls has hillary clinton and donald trump tied at 45-45 and he starts the day here in springfield, between columbus and dayton, in a town that's had a really tough go of it in the last 15 years. household income has declined more than 25% and the adults here, about 15% have a college education so this is really trump country. expect to hear a little bit about how hillary clinton will be bad for the country. this is what donald trump told "good morning america" this morning. >> she's so guilty. she deleted 33,000 e-mails.
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they're missing boxes of e-mails. she's so guilty. how can she even run? but there's such anger in this country over what she got away with. >> the fbi director appointed by a republican said no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case. >> he made a mistake. okay? or whatever. i don't even call it a mistake. i think something happened. look, something happened. >> what happened? >> well, i think somebody talked to him. i think, hey, look, how can president clinton when -- >> you're saying the head of the fbi is corrupt? >> george, george, she's so guilty. congress sends a subpoena, she deletes all of her e-mails, okay? she deletes them. >> reporter: so donald trump throwing serious shade at fbi director james comey, questioning why he didn't bring criminal charges in that e-mail investigation. also expect him to continue to make this point that he believes the election is rigged.
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>> you talked a lot about the fact you think this election could be rigged. i want to go to 2012. >> i think the system is rigged. the system is rigged. >> election night 2012, this election is a total sham and a travesty. we are not a democracy. how is the 2012 election -- >> because i look at the way the media treats the republicans and conservatives and i see the way it's so skewed. >> you called the whole election a sham and a travesty. >> i think it was horrible the way they were treated in the media. the only thing worse is the way i'm being treated. look, hey, it's record-setting bad treatment what i'm getting. it's the greatest pile-on in american history. i go to these rallies and they're starting to hate the media because they see it's all a big lie. not all. but a lot of it's a big lie. >> reporter: so maybe a preview of what we expect to hear from donald trump on the campaign trail in ohio, a state where he's campaigned more than any other. he's been here 12 times. 21 events. that continues today here in springfield in just a little while, then goes to toledo and
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geneva. he's not the only politician here today. tim kaine also campaigning here. his running mate, hillary clinton, however, is in another swing state. she's in north carolina with the first lady, michelle obama. carol? >> all right. in her battle to win the state of north carolina, hillary clinton is bringing out a top surrogate, michelle obama. the two will make their first joint appearance of the campaign trail today at a rally in winston-salem. cnn has learned the first lady will pivot from her previous criticisms of donald trump and instead focus on why hillary clinton is the best choice for the white house. that event coming as new revelations from those hacked wikileaks e-mail continue to overshadow her campaign. cnn's joe johns joins me with more on that. >> reporter: the latest notable stolen wikileaks e-mail lays out an apparent relationship between former president bill clinton, the clinton foundation and a consulting company that was started in part by a guy named
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douglas bann. one of the people whose name has come up again and again in connection with the foundation. the stolen document was written apparently to shed light on the clinton foundation's activities, apparently written by band, who was once a key assistant to former president clinton and helped found the clinton global initiative. it suggests bill clinton profited personally from some of the same donors who gave to the charity. since 2001 it says president clinton's business arrangements have yielded more than $30 million for him personally, with $66 million to be paid out over the next nine years should he continue with the current engagement. important to say cnn can't independently verify the authenticity of the document. there's been no finding of any inappropriate quid pro quo involving any of the foundation's activities and the federal government. important also to say that when we were looking through these, we talked to the campaigns again and again. they repeatedly said there just was no quid pro quo involving
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the charitable giving piece or speeches or any part of the government. now, we do have a bigger picture graphic that we want to show you. appears to show a breakdown. president bill clinton's secured pay speeches and donors to the clinton foundation, ubs, $900,000, ericsson, $1.1 million. bhp, $175,000. lightning $1 million. barclays, $700,000. so cnn did reach out to ask about all of this and they put out a statement that said they did not receive any financial benefit from the relationship with the clinton foundation. they say tineo worked to encourage clients where appropriate to support the foundation because of the good work it does all around the world. carol? >> joe johns live for us this morning, thank you. for his part, clinton's campaign manager, well, he's now warning
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against voter complacency. >> donald trump has been going around telling people not to listen to the polls and saying he can still win this race. well, you know what? he's absolutely right. hillary's got the wind at her back but we can't become overconfident. >> okay. let's talk about all of this. david gergen is here, former presidential adviser to nixon, ford, reagan and clinton and patricia murphy, columnist for the daily beast and roll call. david, the latest revelations from the wikileaks hack, will it hurt the clinton campaign? >> carol, it's contributing to i think this movement toward trump. it's a modest movement but there's no question the trump supporters can take heart today with the polls slightly moving in their direction. one fox poll moving very strongly in their direction. the two states that cnn has now moved out of the lean democrat to battleground toss-ups,
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florida and nevada. i think that the wikileaks story is having a corrosive effect. i don't think it's a bombshell. it's nothing like the stories of the women with donald trump, for example, it doesn't have that impact but it is corrosive and it's obviously quite intentional on the part of the wikileaks people to hurt the clinton campaign. >> patricia, let's focus a little on those national polls because they do appear to be tightening but when you look at the electoral map, hillary clinton still wins handily and that's really what's important here, right? >> it is what's important, of course, but you only win the electoral map once you dig into those states and as david said, for a state like florida to be moved in a toss-up column, very very concerning this close out. nevada also super-close. these are states that hillary clinton really does need to win. i think we all agree the electoral map tends to favor hillary clinton but that's why we are seeing robby mook say please, please get out and vote. the clinton campaign i think can take heart in that they have an excellent turnout operation,
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certainly far superior to that of the republicans but this is wildly unpredictable election year. we know people who will vote for donald trump who don't say they will vote for donald trump. there's a concern among democrats that could be a larger phenomenon than maybe anybody is giving credit to. i think there's concern, there's reason not to consider this in the bank for the clinton campaign at all. >> by the same token, trump supporters are worried, too. listen to how one trump supporter, republican congressman chris collins of new york, how he thinks trump could win. here it is. >> my confidence is he gets to 269 and this race gets tossed into the house of representat e representatives where he does win. it comes down to ohio, north carolina, florida are a must. they take him to 253, if you look at the romney states and add back the two that romney lost in ohio and florida, then he needs 16.
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nevada, iowa, new hampshire are 16 electoral college, it takes him to 269. he's tied in nevada, winning in iowa and down three or four in new hampshire. >> okay. so then he gets 269 and then it goes to the republican-led house of representatives and donald trump becomes president. have you ever heard of such a scenario? >> no. and i continue to think it's unlikely. the odds still favor her. let's talk about his biggest and most important path to victory is to win florida, north carolina, ohio and pennsylvania. three of those right now are toss-ups. they could go either way. he needs all three of them. plus pennsylvania really leans pretty strongly toward hillary clinton and has been, it's been a heartbreak state for republicans for a long time. they always get close, think they may win it, then the democrats pull it out. you have to say that pennsylvania is very likely to go hillary clinton. if he can't win pennsylvania, he's got to get everything else.
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so the odds favor hillary clinton but i think the clinton people are absolutely right, patricia is right about this, the clinton people cannot be complacent. we don't know. this thing is still competitive and he's still nipping at her heels. the amazing thing is after all the drubbings he's taken and all the avalanche of bad publicity, he's still out there so close. >> he did something interesting this morning. mr. trump appeared with his wife alongside him and his children on "good morning america." he left the safe confines of fox news to talk to the american people via national television. good move on his part? >> yes. it's a very good move on his part. i think everybody feels like donald trump is at his best when he's surrounded by his family. certainly surrounded by his children who are obviously just supposed to say very nice things about him but also portrays him in a much more favorable light as a family man. i think it also helps him take his own rhetoric down.
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i think he's at his worst when he's alone in trump tower with his twitter feed and just spouting off craziness. but when he has the checks and balances of his own family around him, he comes off as a much more subdued, responsible human being. he probably should have been doing this all along. there's nothing scary about talking to george stephanopoulos with your family there to protect you while you're doing it. he should have been doing this a long time ago. >> the most interesting exchange, donald trump sitting next to melania trump and he suddenly says you know, melania is going to deliver two or three speeches and she's like what? but she's a charming woman so maybe that will help, especially with the deficit donald trump still is experiencing among women. >> oh, i think so. ivanka obviously is a positive influence out there for him, too. listen, the person who could beat donald trump is donald trump. that's been true all the way along. if -- the degree to which he pulls himself together, he could
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potentially help himself, still edge up and maybe -- i still think we're looking at hillary victory but you can't tell. you can't tell for sure. stay tuned. >> stay tuned. 12 days to go. david, patricia, thanks for being with me. coming up in the "cnn newsroom" paul ryan's support of donald trump lukewarm. could that land him in hot water with house republicans? is he about to lose his speakership? that's next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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gives you better taste and better nutrition in so many varieties. classic. cage free. and organic. only eggland's best. for trump's running mate mike pence, the message to the republicans is clear. it is time to quote, come home and elect donald trump. one top lawmaker has done just that. after withdrawing his endorsement of donald trump for the sake of his wife and daughters, representative jason chaffetz has now tepidly jumped back on board the trump train. the house oversight chairman tweeting quote, i will not defend or endorse donald trump but i am voting for him. hillary clinton is that bad. hillary clinton's bad for the usa. chaffetz appearing to change his
7:18 am
view on trump. here's what he told don lemon just 19 days ago. >> i'm out. i can no longer endorse donald trump for president. there's no possible way i would vote for hillary clinton, but these are abhorrent. they are wrong. to use a baseball metaphor i got to call balls and strikes the way i see them. >> okay. so you can add paul ryan, speaker of the house, to the list of republicans lukewarm in their support of trump. paul ryan could pay for it. let's talk about that. i'm joined by arizona congressman trent franks, a member of the house freedom caucus, the group that could ultimately try to oust ryan from his speakership after the election. welcome, sir. >> thank you, carol. good to be here. >> nice to have you here. you heard what jason chaffetz said. 19 days ago he says for the sake of his wife and daughters, he just could no longer endorse or support donald trump.
7:19 am
now he says he's he got to vote for him. for americans that doesn't really make any sense. >> well, you know, carol, it seems like all of us in the political world want somehow to sound more civilized than our contemporaries and that would be fine in those times when maybe civilization itself is not at stake. i have great personal respect for paul ryan and even jason, but the fact is in my mind, i have expressed bitter disappointment because i believe that republicans who by comission or omission do anything to increase the chances of hillary clinton becoming president of the united states put our children on a path i believe to nuclear terrorism, to national bankruptcy and to the complete abrogation of the united states constitution which
7:20 am
we as members of congress swore before almighty god to uphold to support and defend. >> so when you say civilization is at stake, with president hillary clinton, civilization would be at stake? >> well, i just mentioned the three points that i think were of most significance. i have 8-year-old twins and i think that they very easily under the effects of a presidency by hillary clinton could see their constitution abrogated completely. i think that's a probability. i think it's very likely that iran gains nuclear weapons and completely upends the world map in ways that are more frightening than i can articulate. and i think it puts us on the path to national bankruptcy. those are civilizational components in my mind. >> so for republicans like paul ryan, let's say, he said he's no
7:21 am
longer defending mr. trump. he's not endorsing him. so in your mind, since you guys hold the power in your hands for his speakership, is he in danger of losing it? >> i would say simply this. that some of the things that donald trump has said are absolutely indefensible. everyone knows that. he knows that. but the fact is that hillary clinton, he's made those statements in the backdrop of a lifetime of hillary clinton doing for deception and corruption what stonehenge did for rocks. bill and hillary clinton are the last people on this planet who have any credibility for attacking anyone for disrespecting women. >> here's the thing. donald trump is having major problems with women voters and that includes republican women voters. they are really concerned about what he said on that bus with billy bush. they are concerned. there's no doubt about that.
7:22 am
by continuing to throw your support fully behind a man who says these things that upset so many women, isn't the republican party in danger of alienating women for good? >> i truly believe that to put hillary clinton in the white house is to do the worst for women in the long run. i believe that with everything in me. >> that's not what the polls say that women think, though. >> well, i think that we have always had a gender gap as they say and yes, it's more decided in the case of donald trump. i understand that. but the fact remains that if we are really trying to do the best for our children, we have to keep in mind that putting hillary clinton in the white house i think should make every american sleep with the lights on. >> going back, because i really want to understand, going back to the gender gap, you said the republican party has always had a gender gap. why in your mind -- >> ronald reagan had a gender
7:23 am
gap but swept 49 states. >> but why is that so? >> i think it's because unfortunately, democrats have successfully sold themselves as pro-children. hillary clinton has certainly done that. yet, yet this person supports allowing children to be killed moments before they are born and if that doesn't give us all pause, then i don't know what does. i have to say, the question you hear is pretty clear. cnn and a lot of the other media should probably be legally required to list the cost of covering this race as a campaign contribution in kind to hillary clinton. it's astonishing how -- >> we were criticized for overcovering donald trump in the primaries. >> i think that was deliberate. we now have media collusion with the campaign that we have
7:24 am
e-mails that back up -- >> i want to go back and i want to concentrate on women. because i have talked to many republican women who are sorely disenfranchised this time around with the republican party and it's because of donald trump. so what do you say to those women to bring them back in the fold that make them think the republican party cares about them? >> i guess i would say something like this. if someone comes to your house when it's burning down with everything you love inside and the firemen get out and do everything they can to put the fire out, to save what you love, sometimes they may say things, they may talk crass, they may use terrible language and that's unconscionable but the reality is you got to look at the big picture. >> but many women say this was more than crass language. >> well, i suggest they are right. i have never tried to defend that. donald trump has not tried to
7:25 am
defend it. >> but sir, if you are saying it's right, if you are saying it's right that it's more than just crass talk, and donald trump was really talking about sexual assault, what can you say to women to say you know what, i can excuse that talk because of this. like what in your mind would make women believe that? >> i just tried to say that. because i believe that it sets their children on a better and more hopeful path to the future. >> their little girls? >> i absolutely believe their little girls and their little boys will be far better off in a world that still has the american constitution intact, that still has the american government solvent and that doesn't have a nuclear iran roaming around the world doing everything they can to destabilize the cause of freedom. i will just say to you one of the main reasons i support donald trump, it's not because of the things that he says and does at times, but it's because to paraphrase ronald reagan, i don't want to spend my sunset
7:26 am
years explaining to my children what it was once like in america when men were free. i'm trying to look beyond that. a statesman looks to the next generation, not just the next election. >> you don't think men will be free if hillary clinton is in office? >> i think freedom as we know it will be severely damaged because i think the constitution will be abrogated by the supreme court justices she puts on the supreme court. >> i want to talk a little bit about paul ryan before you go. is his speakership safe? >> i think at this point it is. paul ryan is dealing with an equation where the senate rules create a constant wedge in the house and the media is derelict for not explaining that to the country because there's a complete lack of accountability in that area because people don't know what's really happening there. so i think paul is dealing with that equation. it's difficult to deal with for anyone. i just hope that whatever we do going forward, that it's about
7:27 am
doing what we promised the american people that we will support and defend -- >> will paul ryan have your support after the election? >> i have to see who is running. right now paul has both my support and my respect. i don't know what the equation will look like. but i would just say what mike pence has said to everyone. so much is at stake here. everything that we believe as republicans is profoundly affected by this election. it's time to come home while there still is one. >> thank you so much for joining me this morning. i want to correct something i said. paul ryan endorsed donald trump. he is no longer defending him. still to come, talking more about the women's issue and the republican party. can donald trump close that gap? we will talk to two women next. with another new flavor you never saw coming... grilled, glazed korean bbq shrimp. and try as much as you want of flavors like new parmesan peppercorn shrimp.
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good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. national polls show a presidential race that's tighter but the electoral map is really all that matters. donald trump continues to struggle there. he desperately needs to widen his base, in other words, he needs women. it's been an uphill climb even republican women are split on trump, in part because of a string of accusations made against trump by women. a topic he again addressed this morning. >> these were false attacks. these things never happened. these people, i don't know these people. these things never, ever happened. this was out of the blue, it was
7:33 am
made up, probably by the clinton campaign. >> do you have any evidence of that? >> well, many of those stories have already been debunked. many of the stories have already been debunked. >> the "people" magazine -- >> why didn't she write the story 12 years ago? >> she was afraid. >> give me a break. she would have gotten the pulitzer prize. give me a break. >> with me now, trump supporter and cnn commentator kayleigh mcinenny and cnn commentator, s.e cupp. i would like to talk about the split in the republican party among women. s.e., i talked to so many republican women who are just disenfranchised with their party now and i wonder what would men think? >> i'm sorry, what? >> what would mend things? what would fix it? >> oh, mend it. this is the existential crisis
7:34 am
that's happening in the republican party right now. for people like me who don't defend donald trump and who aren't going to vote for donald trump, we worry deeply about his association with the republican party going forward, whether he wins or loses. we have been trying over the past decade to reach new kinds of voters, women in particular, and that was a project we embarked on very seriously after 2012. i saw very good inroads being made with women voters over the past couple of years. and now hillary clinton in national polls leads trump with white women by 20 points. that's a group that generally republicans do pretty well with. so there's a deep concern whether you support donald trump or not that the republican party will not be competitive nationally again because of trump's alienation of groups like women, minorities and millenials. >> so kayleigh, how do you see it? >> i see the numbers you just put up that have him trailing among women by ten points.
7:35 am
what that means is that he's outperforming romney, he's outperforming john mccain and is tied with george w. bush in 2004 among women. so this narrative that donald trump is doing -- >> but there is a split. there's most definitely a split. >> i believe in facts and numbers. the facts and numbers show -- >> we do, too. >> he's tied with george w. bush among women. i know the media and clinton campaign is trying desperately to mischaracterize donald trump to paint him as a mysogenist but it's not working because viewers see through it. people can think for themselves. they see the numbers. he's tied with george w. bush. those are facts, those are numbers, those are statistics. the caricature just isn't working. >> what does that matter when he's losing to the person who is actually running against him with women by 20 points? what does it matter how he's doing compared to other years? you want him to win, don't you? you have to want him to do well with women now. >> he's not losing by 20 points. we just had a graphic on the screen that shows he's losing
7:36 am
among women by ten points. >> he's losing white women by 20 points. that's a crucial group that generally votes republican. that should alarm you, if you want him to win. >> i'm not alarmed. i'm very encouraged. he's behind three points in the fox poll. cnn just moved two states leaning blue into the battleground column. this is a tightening race. the media narrative isn't working. it just isn't. >> i just interviewed congressman franks and he said that the reason that some republican women are being driven by the party is because democrats have painted themselves as the party of children. did you understand what he meant by that? >> i think and that was difficult part to follow, one of many, but i think he was trying to say that democrats have more effectively made emotional arguments, some might call it pandering, to sort of frame these issues as more emotionally compatible with liberal
7:37 am
policies. frankly, liberals do a much better job generally of painting themselves as the party of compassion than often conservatives do. case in point for sure is this year's presidential election and the guy at the top of the ticket. but i think what is incumbent upon conservatives is to talk about how our policies are actually more empowering for women, more compassionate for people in need, and better equipped to deal with the difficulties facing us around the world. >> because here's the thing. jason chaffetz just came out 19 days ago and said you know, what donald trump said about women, i can't support him any longer because i talked to my wife and i have daughters, i'm very concerned. but now he says he's going to vote for donald trump and it seems to some republican women that jason chaffetz is choosing this candidate over his concern for his wife and daughters. >> no, i think jason is voting on issues. i think that's how all voters should vote. i think jason chaffetz looks at
7:38 am
the supreme court, for instance, and there's a 5-4 decision upholding the partial birth abortion ban, meaning a full term baby cannot be killed coming out of the womb. that was a 5-4 decision. he's not going to sit back and allow a president to take over who believes in partial birth abortion -- >> what about those women and children like girls who are living, like out of the womb? i don't mean to be disrespectful but that's what i'm talking about. >> all lives matter. certainly a full term baby come out of the womb being murdered matters. >> come on, kayleigh, stop. i'm talking about jason chaffetz and his daughters and his wife. 19 days ago he said i cannot stomach donald trump because of what he said about women. today he says i'm going to vote for donald trump. >> because he realizes the stakes are just that high. the second amendment rights are on the line. first amendment rights are on the line. the supreme court is on the line. anyone who cares about conservative values, cares about the supreme court and doesn't want hillary clinton picking three to four supreme court justices. jason chaffetz is doing the snart thing.
7:39 am
>> s.e., last word. >> let me say i'm also pro-life and deeply concerned about the supreme court. the concern with donald trump at the top of the ticket is that his effect on the down ballot races. if we don't preserve a republican majority he's not appointing the most conservative supreme court justice because he won't be allowed to. to another point, jason chaffetz is voting for complicated reasons and voting is a very private personal experience. some people vote on faith, some people vote on one issue, some people vote on a panoply of issues. i don't think it's fair to judge someone for how they are going to vote. jason chaffetz to his great credit has not defended what donald trump has done and said. that's i think what matters. >> have to leave it there. thank you both so much. we'll be right back. ♪
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today hillary clinton hits the trail with perhaps her most powerful surrogate, michelle obama. the first lady will be with clinton in north carolina, a state both donald trump and hillary clinton need to win. hours from now aides say mrs. obama will give her closing argument for clinton, shifting her focus to clinton's strengths and away from attacks on donald trump. something she's done effortlessly so far. >> the voters decide who wins and loses, period, end of story. and when a presidential candidate threatens to ignore our voices and reject the outcome of this election, he is threatening the very idea of america itself. >> because i can tell you that the men in my life do not talk about women like this and i know that my family is not unusual. and to dismiss this as everyday locker room talk is an insult to
7:45 am
decent men everywhere. >> with me is peter slavin, author of "michelle obama, a life." welcome. >> thank you, carol. >> does it surprise you that michelle obama is on the trail so much? >> it's not really surprising at all. these are issues that matter to her so greatly and of course, she's also fighting for her husband's legacy and the work the administration has done all these eight years. >> hillary clinton is an unpopular candidate, though. does michelle obama run the risk of damaging her brand? >> you know, i certainly don't think so. she's been going out and talking about three things on the trail, as we know she's talked about donald trump's erratic behavior as she calls it and how she certainly can't in any way support his candidacy but she's also been speaking in positive terms about secretary clinton and she's been saying to women and to other voters you got to get out and vote. the stakes are too high just to sit back. i don't think she risks damaging
7:46 am
her brand at all. >> there's an interesting new pro-clinton ad that's out that includes various powerful women, kind of like girl power. let's watch. ♪ >> so is michelle obama fast becoming a voice for women in america? does she want to be the new feminist on the scene? >> i think she's talking about the themes that have long animated her. she cares about gender, she's talked about work/life balance. she certainly talked about the importance of women power. i think that she sees in clinton someone who is carrying that mantle forward, someone to believe in.
7:47 am
she talks about secretary clinton's seriousness, she talks about what she's doing for women and families. these are issues michelle has cared about for a good long while. >> i think there's some suspicion among some people that michelle obama doesn't really have a close relationship with hillary clinton and this is all about, you know, protecting her husband's legacy. what do you think? >> you know, i think it's interesting, i was out in philadelphia a couple weeks ago when mrs. obama was doing a rally for secretary clinton and she said to voters who might be skeptical look, there's no perfect candidate. you are not going to have the salute ide absolute ideal but you have to get out and vote. it's unquestionable that michelle obama believes hillary clinton will carry forward the legacy of the obama administration. they certainly spent time together. i don't have any deep insight into how close they are. >> so what is your prediction for michelle obama?
7:48 am
what will she do after this election is over? >> you know, i think she's going to take a deep breath, she's right now in a kind of bittersweet mode as they head out the door but giving up the platform at least for awhile. she will be writing a book. she said she will work on education, which she calls the most important civil rights issue of our time. i think it's certain she will continue to be a mentor, she will continue to work with girls, especially girls of color, both in this country and abroad, but exactly what form that takes, i understand that she herself hasn't quite settled on that just yet. they are trying to get through the next three months. >> all right. thanks so much for joining me this morning. still to come in the "newsroom" the world series heading to the north side of chicago for the first time in more than seven decades. bleacher report next. ♪ using 60,000 points from my chase ink card i bought all the fruit... veggies... and herbs
7:49 am
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see what the power of points can do for your business. - i was diagnosed with parin early 2013.lly it took awhile to sink in. we had to think a little more seriously about saving money for the future and for the kids. - the income of airbnb really helped to mitigate the stress. - but we have that flexibility of knowing that if you know things get worse, we have this to help keep us afloat. - so that's very, very important for us. the cubs came through with a big win last night to even the world series a game apiece, after an unlikely hero stepped up for chicago. andy schulz has more in the bleacher report. >> he will forever be a hero in the city of chicago if the cubs go on to win the world series.
7:53 am
he played in just two games in the entire regular season because he tore his acl early on. after rehabbing all year, making a big impact on the world series. he had two rbi singles in game two last night and this is after he nearly hit a home run in game one. his only chance to play this season after the injury was if the cubs made the world series. he is certainly making the most of it. he got six at-bats in the arizona fall league to warm up for the world series and the cubs sent a private jet to get him. the cubs sure glad they did. he leads the team to a 5-1 win in game two. >> i'm living the dream. we're playing in the world series. what else can you ask for? i'm just going to keep riding the wave until it ends. >> for a guy to be able to do something like this in his second year is just, i'm kind of speechless. >> i think he's really good. i can see why theo sent a plane
7:54 am
for him. i would, too. >> schwarber the designated hitter in games one and two. no more designated hitter as the series shifts to a national league park. he may not be able to start in the outfield because his knee not yet 100%. tomorrow night, game three, first world series game at wrigley field in 71 years so you know the fans will be rocking in chicago. the nba season getting into full swing last night. the thunder at the sixers. westbrook, the bucket and one there. check out the courtside fan giving westbrook the double bird. westbrook just looks at him like what are you doing, man. the fan gets kicked out of the game. westbrook going to have a good one scoring 32 points. he led the thunder to the 103-97 win. halloween right around the corner. the seahawks richard sherman at his son's request dress up as harry potter for his weekly press conference. >> when you're a wizard like we are out here, sometimes you have
7:55 am
to show it to the muzzles out in the world. michael bennett is black santa but also a wizard. you just have a good time. i just went to harry potter land. felt like home. >> i love it. my favorite part about that whole thing is his magic wand, between questions he was like with all the reporters like you can ask a question now. >> i wanted him to put his glasses on. >> the harry potter, yeah. good outfit. what are your plans? you have an outfit for halloween yet? >> no. i always go as a news anchor. what about you? >> my two sons are both going to be firemen. i think i will join them and we will be a trio. >> you will be the chief? >> i guess so. i do have the seniority. >> that's true. you do. no doubt there. thanks, andy. thank you for joining me today. i'm carol costello. "at this hour with berman and bolduan" after a break.
7:56 am
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we need to be ready for my name's scott strenfel and r i'm a meteorologist at pg&e. we make sure that our crews as well as our customers are prepared to how weather may impact their energy. so every single day we're monitoring the weather, and when storm events arise our forecast get crews
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out ahead of the storm to minimize any outages. during storm season we want our customers to be ready and stay safe. learn how you can be prepared at together, we're building a better california. hello. i'm kate bolduan. >> i'm john berman. the big headline this morning is that donald trump is winning and he is winning unless you're talking about the polls, electoral college map and what his campaign aides are saying in a bomb:shell new article out this morning. stay tuned on that. >> hillary clinton goes to north carolina today with special guest michelle obama while donald trump goes to ohio. he's down six points in the cnn poll of polls yet in the new


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