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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Bolduan  CNN  October 27, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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during storm season we want our customers to be ready and stay safe. learn how you can be prepared at together, we're building a better california. hello. i'm kate bolduan. >> i'm john berman. the big headline this morning is that donald trump is winning and he is winning unless you're talking about the polls, electoral college map and what his campaign aides are saying in a bomb:shell new article out this morning. stay tuned on that. >> hillary clinton goes to north carolina today with special guest michelle obama while donald trump goes to ohio. he's down six points in the cnn poll of polls yet in the new
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interview he seems to suggest down is the new up. >> i think i'm going to win. i really believe that we've gotten a very unfair narrative from the press. i feel the press is very dishonest. i don't feel. i know the press is very dishonest. and i think we're going to win. i think we're going to win florida. i think we're going to win ohio. it used to be if you win florida, you win ohio, you win. we're going to win north carolina. >> but here's the thing about that. even if he does all of that, win florida, win ohio, win north carolina, he could still lose and easily. how, you ask? >> well, look at this map right here. this is the current state of play in the country right now. the blue states are for hillary clinton, the red states are for donald trump. the yellow states are considered toss-ups including nevada and florida which cnn just moved into the toss-up column. as an academic exercise, let's give donald trump every toss-up
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state. every single one of them, this is what it looks like. >> but still. >> still -- >> he is not winning. he's still at 266. hillary clinton is at 272. what does that mean? that means donald trump has to flip something that is blue or leaning blue in his direction. smart republicans say the easiest path is new hampshire. the itty bitty state of new hampshire that will give him plus four. that would get him to 270. where do things stand right now in new hampshire? right now, hillary clinton is at 45-36 but still, he has to flip it. if he doesn't do that, hold on, i will get there, it's just so fun to flip, if he doesn't do that, if he doesn't win new hampshire, then the path is much more unclear. >> bottom line, he's got to flip a blue state. not a toss-up state. he's got to flip a blue state whether it be new hampshire where he's down by nine, pennsylvania, where he's down by seven, colorado down by seven,
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eight or nine right there. it is a very, very difficult path for donald trump to get to 270 at this point. >> zero margin of error. that's what everyone is saying. so we have that and we are going to get what trump's team is saying about all of this in just a second. what is clinton facing this morning? more hacked e-mails spelling trouble for the clinton campaign. a memo posted by wikileaks is revealing that while former president bill clinton was getting millions of dollars in donations for the clinton foundation, some of those donors were also paying bill clinton personally. cnn's joe johns is following this side of the story for us. joe, what are we hearing? >> reporter: you're right, the latest stolen wikileaks e-mail that's creating a buzz lays out an apparent relationship between former president bill clinton, the clinton foundation and something called tineo holdings, a consulting company started in part by a guy named douglas band, whose name you may have heard before. one of the people whose names has come up again and again in connection with the foundation.
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the stolen document was written to shed light on the clinton foundation's activities apparently written by band, who also was once a key assistant to former president clinton and helped found the clinton global initiative. it suggests that bill clinton profited personally from some of the same donors who gave to the charity. here's a snippet. since 2001, president clinton's business arrangements have yielded more than $30 million for him personally with $66 million to be paid out over the next nine years should he consider -- choose to continue with the current engagement. important to say cnn can't independently verify the authenticity of the document. there's been no finding of any type of inappropriate quid pro quo involving any of the foundation's activities. the eye-catchinging this is some of the deep pocket donors also paid for the former president's speeches and big money. bill clinton secured paid speeches, this is the headline, on one of those, and donors to the clinton foundation, ubs,
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$900,000. ericsson, $1,150,000. bhp, mining and petroleum company, $175,000. lightning, $1 million. barclays, $700,000. so it kind of goes on and on. tineo did release a statement to cnn last night saying it did not profit personally from any of the things that bill clinton was doing and that they participated in all of this because of the good work of the clinton foundation. back to you. >> joe johns, thank you so much. there is a lot to discuss this morning including this big bombshell article in bloomberg which if the gods are with us, we will get the reporter on the phone in just a moment. meantime, we are joined by cnn political commentator, republican strategist kevin madden, political writer for the atlantic, molly ball, trump supporter and member of the hispanic advisory council, steve cortez and hilary rosen, hillary clinton supporter. we ended with wikileaks and the
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clinton foundation so let us begin with wikileaks and the clinton foundation right there. we know this comes from a hacked e-mail. that is unfortunate. we understand it would be embarrassing to have anyone's e-mails hacked. that said, this does provide more direct information about how bill clinton made money while he was working alongside the clinton foundation. at a minimum, isn't what doug band has laid out in here unseemly? >> isn't this great gossip? i love this story. "new york post" is having a field day with it but it's actually completely irrelevant to hillary clinton and her run for president. bill clinton was a private citizen doing his own business, working with the clinton foundation. there's no connection to what hillary clinton has done. i don't really know if this is true but i also know that i don't really care and i don't think the voters care much. we assume that bill clinton made a lot of money when he left office and as a private citizen
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as ex-presidents do. >> if he did this piggybacking on the clinton foundation, again, maybe it's not connected to hillary clinton. there's no proof it is connected to hillary clinton. but if he made the money piggybacking on the clinton foundation independent of this election, is that not unseemly? >> no. i mean, i don't even know what you are saying when you say piggyback. the clinton foundation is the clinton foundation. he started it. and he's done a huge amount of good works at the clinton foundation. all of the activity the clinton foundation did, saving hundreds of thousands of lives, working in haiti, working with pharmaceuticals to bring drugs to hiv patients, there are those things and successes the clinton foundation are indisputable. the fact that some companies that he did business with also gave charitable contributions, i'm not really sure i see the problem there. >> steve? i heard you jumping in. you have a problem with this. >> yes. i can absolutely explain the piggybacking.
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it's very simple. i think the american people do care and get it. they get pay for play. we know from these revelations and from other sources that the clintons really ran a cartel and bill clinton was not just a private citizen. he was the husband of the secretary of state who now wants to succeed him as president of the united states so he was hardly a private citizen just out there making money. the clearest example to me, we don't have to rely on leaks for this, is saudi arabia. saudi arabia was applying for a massive purchase of u.s. arms, very controversially so, opposed in large measure by israel. what did saudi arabia do? tens of millions of dollars to the clinton foundation. $600,000 personally to bill clinton for a couple of speeches in riyadh. this is by the way one of the most tyrannical governments on earth that helped fund the start of isis. what then happens? the arms sale is approved by secretary of state -- >> that is ridiculous. zero evidence that those are connected. >> you give money to the
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foundation. you give money personally to the clintons who made $200 million speaking. does anyone believe they are that good at speaking or what was being bought there? it was influence. it was a seat at the table with the clinton cartel. >> that's a serious charge and it's not true and it has never been proven to be true. there's not even an accusation internally that there are any facts connecting those things. >> why would they not then at least avoid even the appearance? >> that's a long-standing question. that is very different than what you are talking about, steve. hold on. stand by. we are going to continue this conversation. right now we want to bring in josh green, senior national correspondent for bloomberg business week. he's joining us on the phone. josh, sorry you couldn't be here in person. i know traffic and rain are not good things in new york. we appreciate you jumping on the phone. we want to get from you as we were talking about at the top of the show, what is donald trump's team saying about the path to success to 270? it's very interesting because we
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heard donald trump saying over and over again that trump says he's winning. he says it at every stop. he said it to george stephanopoulos yesterday and this morning. you talk to people inside his data operation crunching the numbers. they don't seem to think so. >> well, we got, my colleague and i brought our business week cover story out this morning, got invited into the trump campaign data operation located in san antonio, where contrary to popular wisdom they have built quite a substantial data and turnout model that they are going to be focused on on election day. part of that is they have simulators that take into effect a lot of polling that's doing various things. the model we saw had them at a fairly low likelihood of winning. basically what you see in nate silver's models on five thirty-eight. i have since been told by other
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trump advisers that they still think they have a clear path to 270 electoral votes that runs through ohio, florida, north carolina and iowa. top strategist said to me in an e-mail it looks tough but it looks doable. they haven't thrown in the towel, but things look a little grim. >> the thing is, we just showed on the map there's a path that goes through ohio, north carolina, iowa and florida. it's still better to take a big turn toward new hampshire or it's not getting you to the white house. josh, how do they intend to get the votes that they need? there is some fascinating information about your article about the fact yes, they are targeting probable trump voters but maybe even more importantly, they are trying to i use the word suppress, i suppose, with a small s, but suppress the vote for hillary clinton supporters, keep them away from the polls. >> yeah. in talking to trump's advisers, they believe their supporters are more enthusiastic and that
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will help on election day but a positive turnout strategy may not be enough for them to win so as we say in the piece, they have launched what a senior adviser told me was a three-part voter suppression strategy to drive down the votes of low propensity african-american, liberal and millenial women voters who, if they were to show up at the polls would most likely cast a ballot for hillary clinton. they are hoping that through targeted advertising and other things, they can persuade these voters not to vote for trump, but just to stay home and not vote at all. >> what are they going to do with the data operation after the fact? >> well, the interesting thing about what trump has built or what his campaign has built is that because he's the nominee, the republican nominee, he was able to take all the data from a four year, $100 million data operation the republican national committee has built, he's brought into that his own data component, he's got his own
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data scientists crunching away down there, he's brought in tons of supporters through facebook advertising and basically owns a list of somewhere between 12 and 14 million supporters and donors who he's paid to collate through campaign funds. why that's important is, regardless of whether trump wins or loses, his campaign will have ownership of that data so it's easy to envision how this audience if trump -- >> we just -- >> -- could become the basis for a trump tv network or trump social media network. >> josh green looking forward. thanks so much for getting us on your phone to give thaws infous information. let's bring back the panel and talk about the polls and the state of play josh just described right there. one of the things people are saying is oh, the polls are tightening. well, the cnn poll of polls has it at a six-point margin right now. just for context, kevin madden and by context, i mean where you
8:14 am
were four years ago, at this point, mitt romney was down or it was a one-point race or tied race at this point. what does it mean if it is in fact a six-point race right now? >> well, it means i think they have to put everything on the table. i think that's why you are seeing this infusion of campaign time into some of the states which is why i think the trump campaign got so much criticism for having donald trump in washington, d.c. yesterday for an event for his hotel, and also the vice presidential candidate in utah for a state that should be -- should already be locked down for the campaign. now they need to spend every waking moment going across all the battlegrounds that are still potentially, they can still potentially put in the win column. f florida, nevada. they need to hold down north carolina and need to spend time and resources somewhere like colorado or new hampshire in order to get the math equation to work for them to reach 270.
8:15 am
this last week is going to be a breakneck pace for the campaign. they have no choice. they have to try everything if you look at the average of being down by about six points. >> we find it fascinating the data operation would let in reporters and want to do a piece like this before the election happens. this is one of those times, post mortems that happen. i find that fascinating. >> yeah. i mean, i think what it shows is that in a lot of cases these are people who haven't really done this before and are eager to prove that they have something legitimate because there has been so much talk about the lack of professionalism in the trump campaign, the lack of a real ground game, the lack of what we would be familiar with as a data operation the likes of which we have seen before. so i think they have something to prove and they may be doing something really interesting but what you learn from this great article that josh and sasha wrote is that what they are looking to do is mostly to help trump after the election mostly to help his bottom line and his
8:16 am
future prospects, and it's a really problematic story for the republican party, because it means he's not really in this to help the gop, he's not in this to help get republican senate candidate over the finish line which is what most republicans are worried about right now who think the presidential election is effectively over, and what he does with that after the election is potentially make a lot of trouble. >> guys, it is fascinating. thanks so much for being with us. appreciate it. >> thank you. hillary clinton is bringing out the closer today. michelle obama. who does trump have to seal the deal? his own wife. melania. donald trump is promising some new key closing day speeches from her and he promises they will be, his words, important. >> here are some other words, more twitter words. a mormon mafia tool. that's the latest insult being thrown out, this time at independent candidate evan mcmullin. he's here to respond. [ gears stopping ]
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call to learn more. switch to liberty mutual and you could save up to $509. call liberty mutual for a free quote today at liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. flat-out shocking twitter assault this morning on independent conservative candidate evan mcmullin, the candidate who could put the deep red state of utah in play. >> with that in mind, fox business host lou dobbs is now taking on mcmullin directly, starting with a pretty
8:21 am
astonishing tweet. dobbs talking about mcmullin tweeted this. look deeper. he's nothing but a globalist romney and mormon mafia tool. joining us is evan mcmullin and his running mate. thanks for joining us. what do you have to say to lou dobbs? >> i thought it was sort of silly, really. but you know, this is part and parcel for what we have experienced from trump supporters and from the trump campaign. not that lou dobbs is officially part of the campaign but since then, the mormon mafia attack really picked up online. it's sort of like i said, a silly thing. really, our team is formed of people from all different faiths and no faith at all, and our supporters are the same. so this is something that happens with trump supporters or with the trump campaign. th they attack people based on religion, race, who they are, their gender. this is what we stand against.
8:22 am
it's sort of fitting they would attack us for us. >> mindy, mike pence was in utah yesterday. attended a big rally there. he said there were only two names on the ballot that have a chance to be president of the united states of america. by that he meant donald trump and hillary clinton. and the implication there is that a vote for evan mcmullin and mindy finn is a vote for hillary clinton. what's your response to the indiana governor? >> i think the trump/pence campaign is concerned about utah and rightly so, because here in utah, voters are standing up and rejecting both hillary clinton and donald trump. they are standing on principle. they are saying that standing up for the rights of all people, men and women, people of all races and every religion and for the constitution is more important than sticking to a party. so i think the trump/pence campaign is rightly scared. the reality is that in utah, there's actually two people who could win. it's evan mcmullin and our ticket and donald trump. right now, we are leading or tied in most of the polls, to
8:23 am
the point where the vice presidential candidate with donald trump had to come to this state at a time when if this was another republican who was truly a conservative, that would not be a problem. they would be winning this state. >> right, but evan, you say you win utah, you have six electoral votes. there's no path to victory after that. kind of looking broadly -- >> that's not true. >> when we're looking at the map to 270, you don't get there. >> well, that's just not true. sorry. but if the race is very close, then actually we could block both of them by winning a state or two. that's the truth. that's the math. >> then you want to take it to the house of representatives and then how do you win in the house of representatives? >> well, we think we have a better chance of winning in the house of representatives than hillary clinton and donald trump because the house of representatives will likely still be under the control of the republicans, where the only conservative ticket in this race and given all the trouble that donald trump has given the republican party during this
8:24 am
campaign, i just think we will have a better chance. we align with house conservatives on most issues and unless they are going to be very cynical about their votes, i think we will be in a good place. we have to compete, that's true, but i like our chances in that case. the reality is now, however, that hillary clinton is dominating donald trump by such a large margin, he's been such a terrible candidate, mindy and i warned of this even before he was nominated. we warned the republican party not to nominate him because he wouldn't be able to compete even with hillary clinton, despite her flaws, and now that's playing out. he's going to lose likely in a landslide unless something dramatic happens in the next week and a half. so we are calling on people to join us, vote on principle, vote your conscience. let's start a new conservative movement which we have already done, i believe, but let's move that forward. it will be a movement that will welcome all kinds of people into it. people, women, minorities, millenials, everyone, and we
8:25 am
will provide this country the kind of leadership it needs. >> you said donald trump is losing badly. he did pick up an important non-endorsement in the state of utah overnight. congressman jason chaffetz, who if you follow the bouncing ball, at one point was supporting donald trump, then not supporting donald trump. overnight put out this tweet. he said i will not defend or endorse donald trump but i am voting for him. hillary clinton is that bad. hrc is bad for the usa. you know, mindy, what's your analysis of that move from jason chaffetz? >> first of all, that tweet doesn't make sense. the definition of endorsement means that you support somebody. i think that's really silliness and voters see through right that. we are endorsed by millions of voters across this country. that's who is validating our campaign. that's who is fueling our movement. that's who is rejecting both donald trump and hillary clinton. i think it's really unfortunate that leaders, these are supposed to be leaders in our country and they are not standing up for the
8:26 am
american people. they are not rejecting candidates who don't stand for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all people. and all races. they are not standing up to donald trump, who has insulted our veterans repeatedly. so i think this is just really unfortunate. this is why we are getting so much traction on such a short time and such a low budget because voters are tired of leaders who are not working on their behalf. >> thank you both so much for joining us. >> thank you for having us. donald trump has threatened to sue all of the women who accuse him of sexual impropriety. will he do it? his latest response ahead. forget about all this talk of the election matters because the supreme court is at stake. maybe it's not. ted cruz now suggesting leaving that vacant seat on the bench vacant indefinitely. et ship take off like this.
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just about two hours from now, michelle obama will deliver her closing argument for hillary clinton. the first lady and hillary clinton in battleground north carolina making their first joint appearance together. we are told the speech will be much more about talking up clinton than tearing down trump. >> in a bit of news this morning, donald trump now says his wife melania will be out there for him during the final stretch delivering some closing arguments. risen. >> she is actually going to make two or three speeches. >> that's news right there. >> she's amazing when she speaks. she's an amazing public speaker. so she's agreed to do two or three speeches.
8:32 am
i think it's going to be big speeches, important speeches. it's going to be great. >> i'm not sure by that reaction melania trump knew she had agreed to give two or three speeches. let's discuss with cnn political commentator patty solis doyle, trump supporter paris denard and matt, because you work for the boston globe, we will start with you. we haven't really heard except for now a couple interviews, much from melania trump since she delivered part of michelle obama's convention speech at the republican national convention. if she in fact does go out on the campaign trail and it's not 100% sure based on her reaction there, what do you think the effect will be? >> i think there's a fascination with melania. dating back to that speech and sort of the controversial aftermath of her lifting passages from michelle obama's speech. i think there will be a lot of interest in hearing from her.
8:33 am
her appearances so far have not exactly knocked it out of the park. i think there's a lot of risk involved for the trump campaign but at this stage, maybe it's a risk they are willing to take. >> paris, would you have liked to have seen melania out on the stump campaigning for donald trump more? we are less than two weeks out. is it too little, too late at this point? what do you make of it? >> you know, i don't think it's too little, too late. i think at the same time you have to look at the situation. melania trump is a private citizen, she's a mother, and she wants to preserve that aspect of her life. i remember when george w. bush was running for president, he said he had promised his wife, former first lady laura bush, he would never have her give one political speech. clearly he broke that promise. at times when it's appropriate, the spouse comes out and gives a speech. the important thing to remember is that mr. trump has had his daughter, ivanka trump, on the
8:34 am
campaign trail giving a series of speeches and interviews and has done a wonderful job. i think it's wonderful melania has agreed to give the closing arguments, if you will, about mr. trump and about the man he is and the husband and father that he is, so that the american people can get to know more sides of mr. trump. >> so let's talk about what's going to happen in a couple hours. michelle obama on the stump with hillary clinton for the first time. i wonder if the 2008 patti solis doyle could have foreseen this when you were running hillary clinton's campaign. talk to me about the stagecraft of this today and what exactly the target is in north carolina. >> well, look, obviously michelle obama has proven herself to be the most potent, most effective surrogate in this campaign election cycle on both sides, frankly. her speech at the convention was not only moving but extremely effective and very powerful to the target audience of women, mothers, daughters, and so
8:35 am
today, i think hillary wants to envelope herself, wrap herself around this incredibly popular first lady and target women and target african-americans in north carolina, target hispanics, target that obama coalition that michelle obama can so effectively bring home. >> i literally have this "saturday night live" vision of her grabbing and holding on for dear life. >> we are one. please take me with you! >> if she could, i think she might. >> she has to do that because she can't do it on her own. she really does need the power of mrs. obama and the influence of mrs. obama because it's not seen right now that the obama coalition is coming home to the clinton campaign. she really does have to rely on them. >> it seems the clinton campaign aren't taking anything for granted or at least that's what they are trying to project. clinton's campaign manager put out a video overnight. watch this.
8:36 am
>> donald trump has been going around telling people not to listen to the polls and saying that he can still win this race. well, you know what? he's absolutely right. >> what? that's just part of the video. is this mook running scared or is he now running smart, trying to get people to the polls? >> i think the biggest challenge for the clinton campaign right now is complacency. you sort of have this drumbeat of polls that show her ahead, show a very thin pathway for donald trump so i think they are trying to make sure their supporters still get to the polls. they have been focused a lot on early voting and doing everything they can structurally to make up for some of the sort of on the stump challenges hillary clinton sometimes has. i think you will see a lot more of that, of just trying to encourage people that they have not won it yet and they haven't. there's still a lot of votes to be cast. >> absolutely right.
8:37 am
thank you guys. thanks very much. >> thank you. with that all-important, what the entire election is about, empty seats on the supreme court, would republicans in the senate ever let a president clinton fill that seat? according to ted cruz, maybe not. details on that coming up. [ male announcer ] eligible for medicare?
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this morning, is this a big giant never mind when it comes to filling the empty seat on the supreme court? maybe it's not so much never mind as flat out neverment ted cruz suggesting if hillary clinton wins maybe republicans in the senate will not vote to fill the seat.
8:42 am
>> cruz has even suggested that it's maybe not that big of a deal. it's happened before. let's bring in jeffrey toobin, cnn legal analyst and former federal prosecutor. so what ted cruz is suggesting is if we don't like the nominee, we just are going to block it indefinitely. what would that mean? >> well, the important thing to remember about supreme court nominations, the whole process, is that it's political, not legal. there is nothing a president can do except submit a nominee. if they reject that nominee, the president can submit another. that's how the process works. what's unusual about what ted cruz is suggesting is sort of a preemptive decision in advance to convert -- to confirm no one, perhaps for an entire president's term. that has never happened. >> look, one wonders or one wondered over the last few months, republicans are saying wait until after the election, this is lucy pulling the football away perhaps if hillary clinton wins.
8:43 am
>> yes, that's true. but that's the possibility. ted cruz is not in charge of the senate, he's not the only person there, and we have had mitch mcconnell and every other republican basically saying we will give the next nominee, the next president a chance to fill this seat. so i think politically, they are more or less obliged to hold hearings but they are not obliged to vote for him and look, supreme court nominees have lost before. there have been two in a row defeated. nixon lost with haynesworth and carswell. reagan lost with bourke and ginsburg. there is the possibility of multiple rejections. what's not possible -- i mean, there's no precedent for just leaving a seat open indefinitely. >> one thing cruz, when he was talking to reporters about this, he said, he pointed to breyer's comments that the court has continued to operate in the absence of nine justices on the bench.
8:44 am
could that work long term? >> you know, there's a reason why there's an odd number of justices, because they disagree about a lot of things and 4-4 cases, i think there were four or five of those cases last term, but most cases are decided, justice breyer always likes to see the bright side, he never likes to say the court is in trouble. he's got his cheerful demeanor. there is a reason why there are nine justices on the supreme court. yes, the court will continue to function but it will not function as it's designed to do when there are repeated tie votes. >> let's talk about the democratic side. we asked this question before but it's still juicy. if hillary clinton wins, do you see her supporting the idea of the senate voting on president obama's nominee, merrick garland, to fill the empty seat? >> i have changed my mind about this one. i did a "new yorker" story about this and related subjects and i spoke to a bunch of democratic senators. they were all unanimous in
8:45 am
saying look, hillary clinton should renominate merrick garland. he's a moderate, he's older, he will be 64 years old. the republicans will scream and yell but they will let him through. let's just get someone on the supreme court, a democrat, someone who is likely to vote with ginsburg, breyer, sotomayor and kagan and worry about getting a younger, more liberal nominee later. they feel, at least these senators feel, the republicans will ultimately go along with garland but they think that a different nominee may turn into world war iii, hold up the senate for six months and there are other things these senators want to do besides the supreme court nominee. >> fascinating. >> it's unfolding as we speak. >> thanks so much. very soon we will hear from donald trump. he is in ohio today. ohio is currently and always a toss-up state. donald trump can't win without it. in fact, no republican has ever won the white house without
8:46 am
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new this morning, nevada now once again a toss-up in cnn's battleground map after leaning democrat and a record number of hispanic voters could be the deciding factor. >> cnn's ana cabrera is in las vegas talking to latino voters on both sides. >> i didn't have papers. i didn't have a family in the united states. the only thing i had is a big bag of dreams. >> she immigrated from mexico 16 years ago. >> this is my son, he's 21 now. >> she's a single mom, a high school counselor, a cancer survivor and now a u.s. citizen.
8:51 am
>> last saturday, i vote for first time. >> voting early for hillary clinton. >> for her because first of all she's a strong woman like me. >> why not trump? >> donald trump attack latinos, attack woman, attack the community. >> does the trump campaign care with the latino vote? >> absolutely. we've been engaging the hispanic community on a daily bass isis. >> both campaigns believe they need the voting bloc. >> making sure hispanics turn out in high rates is a priority. >> both camps have employed spanish speaking canvassers and the clinton campaign has invested in spanish-speaking ads. they're targeting a possible number of historic voters this year, with 23 million eligible to cast ballots, an increase of 4 million since 2012, accord to the pew research center. in four battlegrounds, the share
8:52 am
of the latino vote four years ago was larger than the 10% share nationwide. it's exactly why statements like this -- >> we have some bad ombres here and we're going to get them out. >> have gop pollster wit heir shaking his head. >> we don't have enough time to list trump's mistakes. >> his party's so-called autopsy of what went wrong in 2012 when mitt romney won just 27% of the latino vote. the rnc wrote in its postmortem report if hispanic americans perceive a gop nominee or candidate does not want them in the united states, ie, self-deportation, they will not pay attention to our next sentence. >> given the growth of the hispanic vote for a republican to be competitive, they need to be somewhere north of 40% among hispanics. >> is that possible? >> absolutely. look, latinos want what everyone else wants. they want a better quality of life. >> i think we are going down the wrong path.
8:53 am
>> erma is an entrepreneur. this bistro is her pride and joy. >> this is a celebration of my heritage. >> yet she's not offended by trump's comments about mexicans. >> i did not hear him insult mexicans. what i heard him say was that mexico basically allows a lot of the corruption to flow over into our country. >> and she supports trump because he knows business. >> someone that i know is a doer, like myself, has a dream, has a vision, and brings it to reality by working super, super hard. >> it's the american dream. now being realized by a growing number of latinos on both sides of the political divide. >> are you going to participate? >> definitely. >> through the power of their vote. anna cabrera, cnn, las vegas. . >> ana, thank you so much. so, coming up, does donald trump
8:54 am
have a path to 270 electoral votes. looking at the map and we look at a lot of maps, it is tough, really tough. >> tough and new hampshire-y. >> and zero margin of error tough. what does trump have to do to pull off a win? that's coming up. there's no one road out there.
8:55 am
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8:58 am
you may know viola davis from her role as a defense attorney and law professor on abc's "how to get away with murder" but off screen she is an advocate for the poor. this is a look at how she's making an impact in her hometown of central falls, rhode island. >> growing up in central falls was a mixture of the most idyllic joyful experience mixed with the kind of horrific traumatizing experience. my mom has an eighth grade
8:59 am
education. she's smart. she's just not educated. she was a part of working poor women who fought for kids who are underserved. that's what i learned from her. you don't have to have the profile of what it may look like to be an activist but what you have is a heart to serve. i grew up poor. so there's a human face on it for me. i understand the needs of the people. i'm serving with direct relief which is a humanitarian aid program and they provide health services, medical kits to places of disaster, impoverished communities throughout the world. today, they're offering a free health clinic and health screening here. what they are providing is something that a lot of communities will never even see. and so hopefully it will be kind
9:00 am
of a beacon of hope. >> hopefully, thank you, viola davis. thank you for joining us "at this hour." >> "inside politics" with john king, it starts right now. john and kate, thank you. cloudy but still gorgeous day in the nation's capital. welcome to "inside politics." i'm john king. the race for president is tightening. that's the buzz and there's some truth to it. hillary clinton's national lead is shrinking and we're revising our map to reflect donald trump's improved standing in nevada and florida. >> we can't make any of this happen if we don't have you voting. now, donald trump says he can still win, and he's right. >> hillary clinton campaigning there. florida and


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