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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  October 28, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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- so that's very, very important for us. good morning. i'm carol costello. thanks for joining me. they may not be measuring the drapes but both donald trump and hillary clinton are showing some signs of confidence that they will prevail when the election is held 11 days from now. sources connected to hillary clinton say joe biden's name is among those considered for secretary of state. those details in just a moment. meantime, trump talking a good game himself. >> we should just cancel the election and just give it to trump, right? what do we even have -- what are we having it? her policies are so bad.
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>> both trump and clinton are in iowa today where the latest polls show the race too close to call. their campaigns today fanning out across all the battleground states. cnn's elise labbatt is following the joe biden news. this notion that joe biden could be secretary of state under a clinton presidency. >> that's right. obviously both sides are preparing for the possibility that they would be president so their transition teams are putting together lists of possible cabinet picks and secretary of state obviously a very important post for any president to name right away. so we understand that joe biden has been on a long list of many candidates that have been positioned for possible secretary of state. that list has not been presented to secretary clinton but sources close to the campaign and the transition say that joe biden is
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among the names on those lists. political has reported he was on a short list. our yourunderstanding is the lis a little longer than that, a lot of candidates out there from joe biden to some former state department officials that could be considered, even possibly john kerry staying around for awhile. i don't necessarily know that joe biden would be the obvious pick for secretary clinton. he obviously has a lot of star power but secretary clinton has a lot of star power in her own right as former secretary of state and also i think they have disagreed on many avenues of foreign policy in the past such as iraq, such as afghanistan, the conflict in syria. secretary clinton has proposed a little bit of a more robust military presence. so not necessarily sure he's the most natural pick but certainly on a list of possible candidates. >> all right. thank you, elise. clinton may be looking
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post-election but there are still 11 days to go. donald trump isn't slowing down his rigged election talk, either. cnn's jason carroll joins me with more on that. >> he's not going to back down with these unsubstantiated claims. this is something he is probably going to talk about up until the very end. he mentioned this in an interview yesterday. he talked about a situation, an alleged incident in texas where he says a woman voted for him but when she looked at her ballot she says it was cast for somebody else. listen to what he said just last night. >> you look at texas, a lot of calls were made from texas, an incredible prailace, i love tex. the lines are massive and they were talking about frilipping, where they press a button for me and another name comes up. >> do we have any data, any facts on that? >> no, they just call in. >> so the texas official who is in charge of that particular area where that alleged incident took place, shannon lackey is
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the election administrator for randall county, texas. here's what -- the statement that came out for that. absolutely not. it is not happening in any way, shape or form. i stand 100% behind what i do. i stand behind my machines, my staff. again, that coming from shannon lackey, the election administrator from randall county, texas. also, we should also point out that the first lady was out campaigning for clinton. this also happening yesterday. there's been some talk of voter suppression by the trump campaign. the trump campaign allegedly trying to suppress the voters of african-americans and young women. the first lady speaking out about that just yesterday. >> so when you hear folks talking about a global conspiracy and saying that this election is rigged, understand that they are trying to get you to stay home. they are trying to convince you
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that your vote doesn't matter, that the outcome has already been determined and you shouldn't even bother making your voice heard. they are trying to take away your hope. >> it should be noted that a number of trump supporters that i have spoken to really do believe what trump is saying. they do believe that this election is somehow rigged in some way, shape or form, once again even though there is no evidence for that. but again, these two candidates are going to be battling until the very very last moment. trump for his part is going to be out in places like iowa. he's going to be in new hampshire. he's going to be in maine, making three stops. trump -- clinton for her part, she's not giving up on iowa, either, making two stops there. the president will be campaigning for her today in florida. >> jason, thanks so much. let's talk about all of this. because there is a lot to talk about this morning. with me, jackie kucinich, political analyst and washington bureau chief of the daily beast and david swordlich, assistant editor at "the washington post." let's start with joe biden.
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so somebody within the clinton camp floated joe biden's name out there. any idea what the reason is? >> i mean, this does seem like a trial balloon. i think elise hit the nail on the head. there's a long list of people and you do start, this is very common at this stage of the campaign, you do start hearing names of people that will be in positions of power. joe biden has campaigned very hard for hillary clinton. has really put himself out there for her. and the clintons really like loyalty so it's not completely out of the realm of possibility, but it seems like probably a lot of people are being vetted at this point for those senior positions in the next administration should hillary clinton win. >> so you know what some people are going to say, they are going to say well, she's already naming her cabinet positions, this is kind of arrogant. other people will say you know what, floating joe biden's name out there might attract blue collar voters hillary clinton needs to win the election. >> yeah. there is a certain segment that
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really likes joe biden. i agree with jackie that this is a little bit of an outside the box pick but at the same time he was the former chair of the senate foreign relations committee and the current vice president of the united states so he certainly has the resume. yeah, the clinton campaign does not want to get too far ahead of itself but at the same time, i think like jackie said, this is a trial balloon of a known figure, someone who has been out on the trail for clinton in the past few days so i'm not completely surprised. >> so let's talk about this notion of a rigged election. you heard what michelle obama is saying. she says donald trump is saying this to suppress the vote. what is the strategy there? >> you know, it's interesting strategy because most voters are seeing in polls the last couple days don't necessarily believe this. pri 'trump voters tend to believe it more than anybody else. the interesting thing is you do see a disconnect between what donald trump is saying and what his running mate is saying, mike
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pence. he said this morning he believes in the system. also, particularly with this texas argument, texas is run by republicans. the governor is republican, the lieutenant governor is republican, secretary of state is republican. the idea that everyone would be colluding to elect hillary clinton is a little beyond the realm. >> just going more along those lines, because no system is perfect, right? there's going to be mistakes made. there's mistakes made but they are usually caught and there's no evidence that there's widespread fraud in any state in america when it comes to going to the polls and voting. but going back to texas, jackie's right, has a republican governor, republican secretary of state, both u.s. senators are republican, 25 texas republicans were elected to the house of representatives including many trump supporters. so it defies logic, doesn't it? >> well, look, the allegations or the concerns should be looked into and the texas officials
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apparently did look into it and said there's nothing to worry about. but yeah, as you say, texas is run by republicans so it would be hard to imagine the fix is in for a democrat. look, we have a 50-state republic here. every state, every county runs it a little bit differently. every concern about irregularities should be evaluated but when trump is making this argument that there's a systemic fix in for secretary clinton my response to that is simply show us the evidence. he made this point on bill o'reilly last night, not just saying that there's voter fraud here or there but that the whole -- he's gone and said this the last several days, that it's not the specific states that he's talking about, it's that it's the system, the media and the political class but he's offered no evidence and as i have been saying for the past several days, look, trump campaign, you know, the media has covered this campaign closely for a year and a half. there's plenty of information
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out there about donald trump, about secretary clinton, for voters to make an informed choice in this race. things have not been hidden in this race. it's been closely covered and voters will have their say in a few days. >> you know, i'm with you. i don't think voters are stupid. i think they can make up their own minds. to assume that we are force-feeding them things and brainwashing them in some way is a disservice to american voters, in my mind. i will leave it there. thanks so much. so mr. trump's running mate mike pence with harrowing moments. his plane skids off the runway at laguardia airport. these are the crews that worked to clean up the mess and reopen the runway. no one was injured and this morning, mr. pence downplayed the scare. >> it happened so fast, you know, it was almost over before it began. but once we came off the plane and saw the first responders on the scene and saw the concrete which i have since learned a
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portion of the runway is designed to break up to slow down aircraft, and the fact that we have come to rest there out on the grass in the mud was more dramatic to look at it from the outside of the praen. >> i bet it felt scary. our producer was on board that plane. how did it feel when the plane started to fishtail like that? >> it was definitely scary. i never felt the plane would crash or my life was in jeopardy but when we landed it was a hard landing on the tarmac and we had experienced turbulence coming in so it wasn't a huge surprise but we had a hard landing and for 20 or 30 seconds afterwards the plane continued on the runway. the back of the plane, where the press sits, was fishtailing back and forth and you could feel the plane was skidding. felt like the brakes were on and not working. >> there's a highway very close to that runway.
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could you see it from the plane? >> no. we didn't know what was going on, basically. i actually didn't know we had come off of the tarmac until governor pence came back and checked on us, because it was dark outside and it was bad weather. we could not see what was going on but thank goodness we did not run into the highway. >> governor pence did come to the back of the plane to see if everyone was all right? >> he did. as soon as the plane came to a complete halt after 20 or 30 seconds, secret service immediately sprung up and checked on him. he's the protectee. that's their number one goal. then he came back to check on the press and said are you guys okay. we asked if he was okay as well. >> that's nice. elizabeth landers, thanks so much. glad you're okay. man, that would be very scary. coming up next, marco rubio thinks donald trump should be the next president but what about a role model for his children? >> like most americans, people look at this and say these are not ideal choices but that's one of the reasons i ran for senate because i know that no matter
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president obama hitting the trail in all-important florida today stumping for clinton as democrats roll out a new ad urging voters to keep obama's legacy alive. >> all the progress we've made these last eight years is on the ballot. civility is on the ballot. respect for women is on the ballot. tolerance is on the ballot. equality is on the ballot. justice is on the ballot. >> the president also expected to go after senator marco rubio of florida who is locked in a tight race for re-election. manu raju has more from florida. >> reporter: good morning. remember, marco rubio had no intention of running for re-election. when he was running for president he made very clear if he was not going to win the white house he would be a private citizen in january. well, that changed when republican leaders came to him and said you're the only republican who can keep this
7:18 am
seat in our party's hands. he is still the favorite to win re-election but this environment is very tricky because of donald trump. marco rubio running for re-election in florida, in an awkward spot on donald trump. supporting his candidacy but refusing to even say that trump would keep the country safe. >> how confident are you that donald trump would be a good commander in chief and keep this country safe? do you think that -- >> i have deep concerns about hillary clinton. >> would donald trump keep the country safe? >> the military is what keeps us safe. we have to rebuild our military. >> reporter: he also would not say if trump could be considered a role model for his four children. >> like most americans, people look at this and say these are not ideal choices but that's why one of the reasons i ran for senate because i know that no matter who wins we have to have a strong senate. >> reporter: rubio faces a dilemma that's confronting senate gop candidates across the country. they need the support of trump
7:19 am
backers to win re-election and also to win over voters who feel alienated by the gop nominee. yet if trump gets blown out by clinton, it would dramatically improve the chances of a democratic senate takeover. recent polls in florida make that case. one found clinton ahead of trump and rubio barely leading his democratic challenger, congressman patrick murphy. a separate poll had trump ahead and rubio winning re-election by ten points. what makes things more uncomfortable for rubio, his bitter primary fight with trump. >> we have a con artist as the front-runner in the republican party. >> reporter: in a debate this week, murphy made his strategy abundantly clear. consistently invoking trump's name. >> donald trump, donald trump. >> what's it going to take for you to unendorse donald trump? >> the answer to every question tonight by congressman murphy is donald trump. >> reporter: but murphy, after being abandoned by the national party, now getting a last minute
7:20 am
cash infusion with a super pac tied to democratic leader harry reid, promising to make a seven-figure donation to an outside group tied to murphy. murphy already putting $1 million of his own money to pay for this spanish language ad with president obama. how badly does obama want to beat marco rubio? he's coming here today to campaign for hillary clinton and he will also be with patrick murphy in orlando. this after obama calling out rubio for endorsing donald trump. now, this state is going to be very difficult for democrats to pick up in the senate because it's just so expensive. there are more winnable states out there and that's where the democratic money is, other states like missouri, north carolina and indiana. other swing states as well. that could be one reason why marco rubio ends up being re-elected. >> all right. manu raju, many thanks. will the democrats' efforts pay off at the top of the ticket and for down ballot candidates?
7:21 am
with me, cnn executive politics editor mark preston. i must say, just looking at marco rubio, he doesn't appear to be having much fun. >> well, what's interesting is manu has said he was going to leave the united states senate. he didn't seem to really enjoy being in the u.s. senate. for whatever reason, perhaps cajoling by republican leaders, he did decide to get back in the race. manu is absolutely right, if it was anyone else on the republican ticket right now, that seat would go democrat. right now, rubio is favored. >> so there's nothing the democrats can do should i guess harry road was behind this influx of money that's coming in. is he wasting his money and time? >> no. i wouldn't say he's wasting his money because look, if all of a sudden you see an amazing wave come across the country, you can see the likes of marco rubio get knocked out in an anti-trump wave. what we are seeing the past couple days, especially in florida, is that polls are tightening between trump and hillary clinton as manu pointed out and marco rubio is a well-known name in florida.
7:22 am
he doesn't have very high unfavorables. he's working it. >> there are other races going on, especially one in illinois. it got quite nasty during a debate. tammy duckworth who lost her legs in iraq was debating her republican challenger mark kirk. here's how it went down. >> my family has served this nation in uniform going back through the revelation. i'm a daughter of the american revolution. i have bled for this nation. but i still want to be there in the senate when the drums of war sound because people are quick to sound the drums of war and i want to be there to say this is what it costs, this is what you are asking us to do and if that's the case, i will go. families like mine are the ones that bleed first. but let's make sure the american people understand what we are engaging in and let's hold our allies accountable because we can't do it all. >> senator kirk, 30 seconds to rebut? >> i had forgotten that your parents came all the way from thailand to serve george washington. >> okay. so lot of people found that kind of distasteful, right. >> right.
7:23 am
>> tammy duckworth did lose both legs fighting for america. >> right. right. look, she's right. in fact, let's set up this race. this is the most vulnerable republican right now in the united states senate. i don't think anyone thinks he, including republicans, thinks he's going to win re-election. tammy duckworth appears to be on a glide path to win. let's not forget, illinois, democratic state, also barack obama's home state. putting that aside. sign of desperation, though, right there. as you said, a lot of people have weighed in including hillary clinton. let's take a look at what she put out on twitter this morning where she says thankful for tammy duckworth and her family's service to the country. it's really not that hard to grasp. to tie this all together, tammy duckworth is correct. her mother is from thailand. her father was born in the united states and her father's side of the family goes all the way back. i think mark kirk probably woke up this morning and said what did i do to myself. >> mark preston, many thanks. coming up in the newsroom,
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out ahead of the storm to minimize any outages. during storm season we want our customers to be ready and stay safe. learn how you can be prepared at together, we're building a better california. good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. a surprise not guilty verdict for the armed anti-government protesters who took over a federal wildlife refuge last february in oregon.
7:29 am
in a huge blow to prosecutors, the conservative ranchers and five cohorts were acquitted on federal charges stemming from that 41-day standoff. the brothers led the armed takeover of the federal wildlife refuge. all defendants were released except the bundy brothers who face federal charges still in nevada. we will keep you posted. with just 11 days until the election both hillary clinton and donald trump are crisscrossing key states making their final pitch to voters. but some trump supporters are already looking past november 8th and to the future of the u.s. political system. >> this is revolutionary time in this country. we can do this through the ballot box this time or trust me, it may get to be the bullet box the next time. >> i feel like hillary needs to be taken out. if she gets in the government i will do everything in my power to take her out of power.
7:30 am
>> there will be a civil war. >> even former republican congressman joe walsh of illinois is making headlines after tweeting this. quote, on november 8th i'm voting for trump. on november 9th if trump loses i'm grabbing my musket. you in? walsh talked with cnn this morning about what exactly he meant by that tweet. >> when i said grab your musket, i meant look, if hillary clinton wins, if she wins fair and square, then the anger that a lot of americans have toward our political system and she's part of that, we got to double down and triple down and do whatever we can to defend our freedom. >> so let's talk about this. maria cardona, clinton supporter. alice stewart joins me, former communications director for the ted cruz campaign and she will vote for mr. trump. jason bellini from "wall street journal." jason, i want to start with you. you covered these trump campaign rallies.
7:31 am
when you are talking to people about this and they mention revolution, what do you think they mean? >> sometimes it's hard to discern whether that is rhetoric or whether people are talking literally about it. i think people are waiting to see what happens in the election, also what kind of cues they get from the candidate himself who said he will leave us in suspense if he were to lose. donald trump were to lose on election night. what will he be saying in terms of whether this was a fair election because i think that's where a lot of these people are coming from, that if hillary clinton is elected their perspective is she is corrupt and if there's election fraud, she would be illegitimate and so it would be incumbent upon them to, as you heard that one person say, person i interviewed say, do something and some people are saying things that could sound rather alarming, and -- >> so if you fervently believe hillary clinton is a crook and she jimmies the system in order to succeed at every turn, then these people are saying it is
7:32 am
their civic duty to carry out some sort of civil disobedience? >> some kind of civil disobedience. we hope that there isn't someone who is unhinged out there who would do the unthinkable but when we are racheting up the rhetoric like this, those kind of concerns start to come more to the fore. whether we create an environment where people will feel like to do something of violence would be received by many other of their peers as heroic. >> so alice, what do you think? because when some people hear this kind of rhetoric, their mind automatically goes to some sort of violence. do you think that will really happen? >> i think the people we just showed are reflective of a very very small facet of the republican party. look, i have 100% complete confidence in the election process. it's important to keep in mind that elections are run state by state and each state oversees their election process. i think it will be a free and fair election.
7:33 am
at the same time, i think to their concerns, if hillary clinton were to win, i think that's a rallying cry to republicans and hopefully whether it be donald trump or reince priebus to use this as an opportunity to rally the republicans together and rebuild the party and focus on what we are going to do for the midterms and also use this as encouraging republicans in congress to be a check and balance if hillary clinton were to win, and not to use it as an opportunity for violence. i think those people are a very small voice in the republican party. >> well, you know, maria, everybody thought there was going to be violence at the republican national convention. there was no violence. i was there. i saw the protesters. they didn't have violence on their minds. so this might just be talk. >> well, let's hope so, right? i agree with alice that i do think it's a small percentage of people. i'm glad she is saying she is 100% confident in our electoral process. i know many republicans have said that and repudiated donald
7:34 am
trump's irresponsible talk of a rigged system. but let's also admit here that donald trump's rhetoric has fed into the kind of language that we are seeing from the small percentage of trump supporters. it has fed into the kind of passion that they feel about his winning and about, you know, their unfortunate feelings about hillary clinton. but i think at the end of the day, i am going to have confidence in not just the electoral process but in the american people that they will understand and know that the democracy that we have here in this country is something to be valued over everything but donald trump has a responsibility to rachet down the rhetoric of rigged elections, to rachet down the rhetoric of lock her up, to rachet down the rhetoric of inciting violence at his own rallies and focus on making sure that whatever transition happens, that it is smooth. >> right. okay. so there's a tiny sign that at
7:35 am
least trump's running mate mike pence is concerned, because he came face to face with an iowa voter who had some very strong comments about a possible trump loss and here's how he responded. >> i don't want this to happen but i will tell you from me personally, if hillary clinton gets in, i myself, i'm ready for a revolution because we can't have her in. >> yeah. you don't -- don't say that. >> i'm just saying it. no, i'm like trump. am i not saying the truth, guys? come on. >> there's a revolution coming on november 8th. i promise you. >> so jason, mike pence appears to be trying to tamp down emotion. >> i think to be fair, you have to say there are people on both sides who are saying the opposing candidate is a threat to democracy. that's the environment that we are in right now. and also feeding into this are the daily wikileaks information that's coming, that's raising
7:36 am
people's concern about the corrupt washington ways and they're just confused. i think many people, where do you channel that if you end up losing the election. >> that brings up say hillary clinton does win the election, alice, how do you govern in that kind of climate when there's a certain segment of the population who thinks you're a crook, right, and then there's a certain segment of the population who just doesn't like or trust you? >> well, regardless of who it is, it's going to be a difficult time. clearly donald trump has tapped into tremendous frustration amongst many voters and he's given them a voice to speak out and speak their mind in this election. and regardless of who it is, with all of the anger and the emotion surrounding this election, it's going to be difficult for them leading and i hope that whoever it is, whether it's donald trump or hillary clinton, given all the information we have coming out about both of them over the last
7:37 am
several weeks and months, that they do bring about new leadership in this country that is more bipartisan. i don't think barack obama has done a good job of bringing both sides together and working for a consensus on many, many issues. whether it's donald trump or hillary clinton, i hope we see some type of leadership that helps to bridge the divide which has been so great in this election because we need to see this country coming together. >> maria, i think that many people agree with alice but they don't see that happening with either candidate. >> well, i will say this. one of the things that hillary clinton had going for her in the senate and many republicans have said this is that she really did have the ability to work across the aisle and many republican senators will say that and still do say that to this day. this is something that she has been talking about on the campaign trail. she's the one who is talking about bringing people together. she is the one whose slogan is stronger together, making sure
7:38 am
we lift each other up instead of tearing each other down. so again, the candidates' rhetoric really does matter and trump is the one who has focused on splitting us. he's the one who has talked about rigged elections. he's even talked in a not so nuanced way about quote, second amendment people taking care of hillary clinton if she's elected. that is not the kind of rhetoric that we need here. this is a moment where your leadership skills really are either visible or people understand that you are unfit to lead. >> have to leave it there. thank you. still to come, isis fighters once again targeting innocent civilians as the battle for mosul grows bloodier. we will take you to the front lines next. f young people when they thought they should start saving for retirement. then we asked some older people when they actually did start saving. this gap between when we should start saving and when we actually do is one of the reasons why too many of us aren't prepared for retirement.
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innocent civilians the target of isis fighters. the united nations says they will very likely be used as human shields. this as iraqi forces move to within miles of the city center. nick paton walsh is on the front lines. >> reporter: this is the last iraqi special forces position before they hit isis' front lines here and we are just within two kilometers of the city limits of mosul. in fact, seven kilometers from the very city center itself. this really is where exchanges of fire occur hour by hour with isis militants who are in fact using behind the berm here a truck, it seems, to occasionally pop up in position, then open fire. in the distance behind me over my shoulder is where they have seen isis in fact moving around quite simply between the houses where they are. the key town in the distance is
7:44 am
mosul, really, city limits. we hear from residents that isis are amassing car bombs to move forward down the road and perhaps attack these positions. these as iraq's elite golden division, american trained, good equipment, and they are tasked with the difficult job of moving into that urban sprawl at some point in the future. but at this stage, they are exchanging mortar fire regularly with isis here, seeing some of their most rugged and determined fighters at the end of their scopes and gearing in for potentially lengthy and bloody fight ahead. so close to mosul here. a substantial job left ahead. at this point they are still sizing up and trying to soften the isis positions that have been there for months in the dust behind me. nick paton walsh, cnn, near mosul. coming up in the "newsroom" female reporters working their sources, tracking down leads, breaking stories. no big deal today. up next, meet one of the trailblazers who made it possible. [accountant] my job is to manage and grow businesses.
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11 days from now, hillary clinton will be spending election fight under a grass ceiling. i mean that literally. win or lose her campaign says
7:49 am
she will make a speech from javitz convention center and win or lose, her campaign has been historic. it's a bit jarring to think that just 45 years ago, this was actually happening in major american newsrooms. >> that was me. he did write a court story. i rewrote it. >> girls do not do rewrites. >> why not? >> that's simply how we do things here. we have rules, protocol. >> those rules are dumb. if copy's good, it's good. >> that's a clip from the new amazon series "good girls revolt." it's fiction but based on the real story of 46 women who sued "newsweek" for sex discrimination in 1970. lynn povich was one of those women, and author of the book the new series is based on. "the good girls revolt, how the
7:50 am
women of newsweek sued their bosses and changed the workplace." nice to have you here. when you look at that scene, what goes through your mind? >> you know, we were told straight out if you want to write go some place else. women don't write at "newsweek." so people who wanted to write actually left very early, way before this series takes place because she knew she wanted to be a writer and wouldn't get promoted. >> but there were other women in the newsroom like you who fought the good fight. but still, it must have taken a lot of courage to launch this lawsuit against "newsweek." >> it did. it was also a matter of when we roo realized it was illegal. for some reason five years after the civil rights act we didn't realize it was illegal to segregate jobs by gender. i think that motivated a lot of us. it's not just bad, it's actually illegal. we did organize and had to do it secretly because we were afraid of getting fired at any moment. >> even if the lawsuit was successful there's a chance you would still lose your job, right? >> they can't fire you after you
7:51 am
file suit but they can certainly freeze you out. unfortunately, it happened to too many women. >> we were looking at pictures of you from when you worked there. you know, when i was reading about this and watching parts of the new series, it brought me back to 1983 when i started my career. i started in a tiny town in ohio. i think i was the first female anchor that station ever had and of course, i was on the weekends and i also had to do the weather and i also produced the newscast and i was very low paid. i think that women still suffer from lower wages than men even today, and that's something difficult for younger women to fathom. >> it is. women are still learning how to negotiate for themselves because they are penalized if they are too tough, they are penalized. if they go in with lower salaries it affects their salary for the rest of their life. it's really important to learn how to negotiate. >> let's talk a little about
7:52 am
history. hillary clinton is the first woman who was nominated by a major party in the united states and you do hear a lot of women say we are glad that a woman was nominated but why did it have to be this woman. >> well, you know, i think in hillary's defense, hillary has fought for the issues that women really care about for a long time. joe biden said when she was even before public office, she was working on women's issues, on family issues, on reproductive issues and all the things that many of us care a lot about, and that are never raised in presidential campaigns. so i give her a lot of credit. i think obama was right when he said she's the most qualified person in the race. >> some of the names she's being called, she's being called a crook, a lot of people chant "lock her up" and i think that more women don't enter the world of politics because they don't really want to deal with that. >> yeah. it's still a problem for women and who would have thought that sexual assault would dominate
7:53 am
our conversation in a presidential election? so on the one hand, it's horrible and horrifying to see that it still exists. on the other hand, i do think the silver lining is this made a lot of women mad, particularly younger women who may not have wanted to be called feminists. they get it. they are really angry now. >> so if this election does boil down to women versus men and women voters really do decide the election, what does that say about women in america? >> i think it's not just women versus men. i think a lot of men will vote for hillary as well. certainly donald trump has some women supporters. but i think for the whole country, we are at a very divisive point between whether you call them republicans or democrats or men and women, it's a very volatile time. but you know, i have my confidence in the younger generation and i think younger men actually get it and want to be involved in raising their
7:54 am
children and have had not only sisters but co-ed roommates. i think this generation of men is going to make a difference. >> lynn povich, thank you so much. appreciate you being with me. still to come, the standoff over a controversial pipeline project heating up. more than 100 arrests are made as protesters clash with police. you can use whipped topping made ...but real joyful moments.. are shared over the real cream in reddi-wip. ♪ reddi-wip. share the joy. if you're on medicare, remember, the open enrollment period is here. the time to choose your medicare coverage begins october 15th and ends december 7th. so call unitedhealthcare to enroll...
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so when drug companies spend $100 million dollars lying about how prop sixty-one will affect veterans... i get angry. sixty-one will help lower costs for everyone, including vets. believe me. not them. vote yes on sixty-one. we can't go back to the years of devastating cuts to public education. so vote yes on prop 55. prop 55 prevents $4 billion in new education cuts, without raising taxes on anyone, and with strict accountability. budget forecasts show if we don't pass prop 55 big cuts that hurt our kids are coming, and california will suffer budget deficits all over again. so vote yes on 55. because it helps our children thrive.
7:58 am
checking top stories for you at 58 minutes past, a wild scene erupts at the site of a controversial dakota access pipeline. police in riot gear using pepper spray and a high pitched siren to try to break up the protesters. at least 141 demonstrators were arrested after setting up an encampment of tents and teepees to block the pipeline's path, claiming the rand being used for the pipeline rightfully belongs to a native american tribe. the university of wisconsin student facing more than a dozen charges in connection with alleged attacks on five women.
7:59 am
20-year-old alec cook appeared in court yesterday. police arrested him last week after another student accused him of sexually assaulting and grabbing her so tightly by the hair and neck that quote, her vision started to go. police say within a week, dozens more women came forward with potential information about cook. a major drug bust at sea. five suspected drug smugglers have been caught with 6,000 pounds of cocaine in a mini submarine. the coast guard in san diego is releasing video of last month's bust. it happened in the pacific ocean off central america and the drugs were worth more than $73 million. smugglers tried to sink the sub just before they were caught. the coast guard says they intercepted more than $5 billion worth of cocaine from last year. wrigley field ready to party like it's 1945. it has been 71 years since the chicago cubs hosted a world series game. tonight, they take on another cinderella team, the cleveland indians. the series is tied at a game
8:00 am
apiece. it should be so exciting and kind of chilly because you see they are wearing winter caps. hey, it's chicago/cleveland. what do you expect? thank you for joining me. i'm carol costello. "at this hour with berman and bolduan" starts now. hello. i'm john berman. >> i'm kate bolduan. a day of good news for all of you. one, it's friday. two, it's the second to last friday of the 2016 campaign. three, john berman can no longer say the word fortnight at least with a straight face. donald trump hitting the campaign trail and hitting the states he really, really, really needs to win and to hit the magic number of 270 starting today with a rally in new hampshire, then to maine, then to iowa. >> hillary clinton goes to iowa herself today. of course, everyone can save a lot of time and money if we just canceled the election and made donald t


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