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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  October 28, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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thank you for joining us. what a day. tonight with just three days left in october and eleven to the election. october surprise like few we have seen before. concerns hillary clinton's private e-mail serves. how we don't know. what we do know is that fbi director james comey notified
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congress the new e-mails and and -- surfaced, and appear to be pertinent to the now closed probe. a political fire storm broke out. and this evening secretary clinton weighed in. >> i have now seen director comey's letter to congress. we are 11 days out from perhaps the most important national election of our lifetimes. voting is already under way in our country. so the american people deserve to get the full and complete facts immediately. the director himself has said he doesn't know whether the e-mails referenced in his letter are significant or not. i'm confident whatever they are will not change the conclusion reached in july. therefore it is imperative that the bureau explain this issue in question, whatever it is without any delay. >> well that is a portion of her news conference tonight in des moines, iowa. we'll bring it to you in its entirety in a few moments. donald trump already capitalizing on the story.
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he's set to speak later tonight in cedar rapids, iowa and biel -- we'll carry that live. and as for the story itself cnn learned that a significant number of e-mails may be involved. in the thousands we're told. also told that they span a lengthy period of time and were found on at least one device shared by weiner and his wife a top clinton staffer, huma abedin. cnn also learned the e-mails were sent and received by abedin. bears saying and repeating we don't know all yet there is to know about this nor do law make ore donald trump or hillary clinton. something to consider going forward tonight with our justice correspondent pamela brown. >> reporter: the e-mails prompting the new probe were on a device being examined as part of the anthony weiner sexting investigation. weiner was recently separated from top hillary clinton aide huma abedin. in the letters sent to the
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judiciary committee today, comey write z in connection with an unrelated case the fbi has learned of existence of e-mails that appear to be pertinent. he went on to say, need to take steps to review the e-mails to determine whether they contain classified information as well as to assess their importance to our investigation. the e-mails in question are not from hillary clinton but were sent or received by abedin according to a law enforcement official. this just three months aver comey told congress the investigation into hillary clinton's private e-mail server was complete. >> did hillary clinton break the law? >> in connection of her use with the e-mail server my judgment is she did not. >> reporter: law enforcement says the newly discovered e-mails did not surface from the fbi investigation and the hacked campaign e-mails released by wikileaks or the clinton foundation. >> i need to open with a very critical breaking news
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announcement. >> republicans immediately pounced. donald trump celebrating in front of a cheering crowd in new hampshire and speaker ryan tweeting yet again clinton has nobody but herself to blame. she was entrusted with some of our nation's most important secrets and she betrayed that trust by carelessly mishandling highly classified information. i renew my call to suspend all classified briefings for secretary clinton in this matter is fully resolved. comey's announcement potentially reversing course from the fbi's previous decision. >> although there is evidence of potential violations of the statutes regarding the handling of classified information, our judgment is that no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case. >> reporter: now the question is, would that change? >> joins us now. do we know why these e-mails were not discovered, during the initial investigation either by the fbi or turned over
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by huma abedin. >> right. and remember this was a year long investigation by the fbi. one of the most high profile investigations the fbi has ever done. so it raises the question, why weren't these e-mails surfaced during that yearlong investigation either by huma abedin handing them over. or by the fbi asking her, are there any devices with e-mails we should know about? because we know that during her interview with the fbi agent she said she would forward state department e-mails. to her personal account. several of them. it's perplexing this is just now coming to light. for all we know could be duplicate e-mails. we don't have the information and onus is on the fbi director to give us those answers. >> but anyone around secretary clinton investigated should have turned over or informed of any other devices right?
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>> right. and we know that she was very specific in her interview with the fbi about these e-mail accounts which one she used. why she sent them to these e-mails counts. you are right that the onus was on the aides to turn over all in information. we know this was found in a device huma abedin shared with her estranged husband anthony weiner and there could be more devices. we still don't have the answers. >> all right. thanks very much. check in more throughout the two hours. there are a lot of fast-moving elements to this. donald trump expected to speak shortly in iowa. here is more what he said about the news earlier today. >> i have great respect for the fbi for righting this wrong. the american people fully understand her corruption and we hope all -- all -- justice will finally be served. >> and joining us now is trump campaign manager kellyanne conway. whaerd secretary clinton press her case saying she wants more information from the fbi. the american people deserve to get the full and complete facts
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immediately. do you agree with that? do you think voters are entitled to more information? >> yes, i'm for transparency and full disclosure and immediacy and honesty. but it's rich and recent that hillary clinton would be. she's under her second fbi investigation of the year and i think part of why she's calling for the full information is the frustration they must feel that they were told, they were assured that this was behind them. i think that you are the first person i heard today on tv, anderson make a very important point which is it seems that maybe ms. abedin and others didn't turn over everything they were asked in the first place. >> i don't get how that's possible. >> how it's possible she did not turn it over? >> it was incumbent on everybody around secretary clinton to turn over to the fbi. >> it is a very important fact here many are missing in the bluster of how to spin this. because this is a second
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investigation from the previous one we should all be reminded that the disappointment of many in what fbi director comey came to the first time. his conclusions seemed to be contra verted by what he said after. he went out of his way to hold not a press conference but to give a public statement which struck many of his prosecutorial brethren as odd at that time. she went out of his way to say she had been reckless and careless and of course under oath before congress he testified that yes there was national security information contained in some. yes, the c was meant to stand for confidential. we all know that. let alone a secretary of state and former first lady she had multiple devices and income people then took a hammer to but this separate investigation is being launched by the fbi. not the trump campaign. not the rnc. not the vast right wing conspiracy. and we'd rather stick to the issues. donald trump is out there talking about the repealing and
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replacing obamacare and creating jobs and defeating isis. we'll let the fbi do their job and mr. trump do his job which is reaching the american people on the issues they care about. >> down do you believe that director comey, given that in july he made kind of unprecedented statement, and now written this letter which raids questions and not really annals. and active investigation. this is all he's going say. there are other folks saying clearly secretary clinton and her people are saying this, look comey's got to say more. got to fill in a belong blanks. do you think he should come out now and fill in the blanks. >> she should do whatever he thinks is best based on the investigation he just launched -- or just noticed i should say today. and it is not up for me to say what he should and shouldn't do. i understand why they feel frustrated. i'm very disappointed that a high hanking democratic official tonight tweeted out that the fbi director should not be interfering with an election. who should charge him of that? he's in a terrible spot
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anderson. >> the democrats loved him in july. now they hate him. i mean everybody has switched sides on this. in strictly political terms though, this is obviously good news for your campaign. you tweeted out earlier a great day in our campaign just got even better. fbi renewing e-mails in clinton probe. donald trump obviously has a lot of ground to make up in polls and key battleground states but how critical do you think this news could turn out to be? do you think it is going to make a difference at the poll? >> where it will make a difference anderson are those few persuadable truly undecided voters that still remain. part of what they're undecided attitudeinally is they decided for quite a while they don't want to vote for hillary clinton. they know who she is. they have seen her performance in public life and they are reluctant to pull that lever for her. this won't help her. and if you look at them demographically. they tend to be white women and men without a college degree. self-identified independents which make sense and as
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independents, why are you independent? should not be confused with moderate. independents usually tell pollsters i can't stand either political party. i'm sick of washington and everything stands for. what happened today is textbook case of why independents call themselves that and don't like the system and this is just another illustration of her benefitting from and being part of the system. >> appreciate your time. thank you very much. coming up next hillary clinton's full take on today aez developments as well as what our panel has to say and ahead on the program donald trump speaking shortly. bring it all to you live. ♪ they tell me i'm wrong ♪ ♪ to want to stand alongside my, my love ♪ ♪ whoa, talkin' 'bout my love ♪ ♪ to want to stand a[ rock music playing ] have fun with your replaced windows. run away!
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>> dlt will speak soon in iowa and have more to say about the fbi now closed investigation. at top of the hour secretary clinton did a news conference. i have now seen director comey's letter to congress. we are 11 days out from perhaps the most important national election of our lifetimes.
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voting is already under way in our country. so the american people deserve to get the full and complete facts immediately. the director himself has said he doesn't know whether the e-mails referenced in his letter are significant or not. i'm confident whatever they are will not change the conclusion reached in july. therefore it is imperative that the bureau explain this issue in question, whatever it is, without any delay. so i look forward to moving forward to focus on the important challenges facing the american people, winning on november 8th and working with all americans to build a better future for our country. thank you. >> have you or in i of your advisors heard from comey or anyone else at the fbi today? and are you concerned at all the that these new e-mails they say they have found will any way reveal classified information that you sent or received? >> no.
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we have not been contacted by anyone. first we knew is i assume when you knew about it. when this letter sent to republican members of the house was released. so we don't know the facts, which is why we are calling on the fbi to release all of the information that it has. even director comey noted that this new information may not be significant. so let's get it out. >> secretary clinton, you have 11 days to go. what would you say to a voter who right now will be seeing you and hearing what you are saying, saying i didn't trust her before, i don't trust her anymore right now and they are heading to the ballot box tomorrow? >> you know i think a people a long time ago made up their minds about the e-mails. i think that is factored into what people think and now they are choosing a president.
9:18 pm
so i would urge everybody to get out and vote early in all of the states that have early voting because i think americans want a president who can lead our country, who can get the economy working for everyone, not just those at the top. and who can bring our country together. i offer that. i can do that. and i'm very confident that the american people know that and we're going to continue to discuss what's at stake in this election. because i believe that it is one of the most consequential elections ever. >> secretary clinton, there are some reports that -- these e-mails were found on devices that belong to your aide huma abedin and her husband anthony weiner. have you spoke on the huma? was she able to give you any information about that? >> we've heard these rumors. we don't know what to believe. and i'm sure there will be even more rumors. that's why it is incumbent upon the fbi to tell us what they are talking about, jeff.
9:19 pm
because right now your guess is as good as mine and i don't think that's good enough. so we've made it very clear that if they are going to be sending this kind of letter that is only going originally to republican members of the house that they need to share whatever facts they claim to have with the american people. and that is what i expect to happen. >> thanks very much everybody. >> thank you all. that's hillary clinton tonight in des moines. i'm not going to say answering questions. because in truth she didn't really answer any of the questions she was asked or not many of them. particularly the last one. the question was has she talked the huma abedin about this and avoided that by saying we don't know anything that's going on. and donald trump speaks in cedar rapids. later. we'll bring that when he does. joining us now. john king, and clinton supporter senior adviser and supporter, maria cardona. and trump supporter --.
9:20 pm
and jeffrey tooub tooufic. start with legal information. in terms of this investigation, is it possible for comey to come out now as hillary clinton and others have suggested to try to clarify or fill in some of the blanks? because the letter that was released today raises probably more questions than it really answers. and, you know, comey came out in july and said more than most people thought he was going say. can he do that again? >> he can. but there is almost no chance that he will. >> why? >> this is a -- this is an investigation related to classified information. he's got a bunch of e-mails there, presumably from huma abedin's computer. he has to determine "are these classified?" that means go to the cia, go to the state department and determine. that is a process that takes a long time.
9:21 pm
he say in his letter he just found out about this yesterday. i think there is absolutely no chance we're going to hear anything more from jim comey. he's already violated a principle. not a rule. but a principle at the fbi that you don't make any announcements related to politics sixty days before an election. it is not a binding rule but certainly a tradition at the fbi. i don't think he's going to compound that by making an announcement seven, six, five days before an election which almost certainly wouldn't clarify everything because there is not time to get that information. >> the flip side is if comey did not come forward and say this latest information he has and then it's revealed after the election hillary clinton has won, then republicans and many americans would understandably feel like well wait a minute, he was holding on to this information and allowed the election to take place. >> remember when he testified to congress he said the investigation was complete.
9:22 pm
he was pressed repeatedly by republicans and some actually said if anything changes will you get back to us? so comey may feel he has an obligation to do this. but democrats now. just yesterday republicans thought comey was a bum and democrats thought he was awesome and now we flip because of this. system is rigged in another way. so now you have democrats saying this is appalling. to jeffrey's point when comey did speak and clinton campaign not happy when he spoke. he took couple of shots at her about the sloppy handling of the information. they weren't happy that he spoke then. so now we're in this box. this legal box but it becomes a political box. and one quick point about what secretary clinton said. this is a test of the early voting operation. if ire voting early and -- clinton people have you in their database. that is the first person you try
9:23 pm
to turn out in early voting. somebody who was for the other guy who might go back. how many of those votes are already in the bank. you know tonight any past trump supporter that is now a clinton supporter if they haven't turned them out yet they are going back to that person to try to get them tomorrow. >> let's be clear what comey did today. it's kind of stunning. like he set the house on fire and walked out the back door and just let it burn. and there are lots of prosecutors who are arguing about this. and some of them are saying, look, the original sin was back in july when comey came out and didn't just say we're disposing of the case and we've decided not to prosecute. but he did come out and make a judgment about hillary clinton saying she was extremely reckless. now he was suspect in some orders, probably yours, maria, for having done that. >> but also those in the fbi who were upset about -- >> right. so now he comes out with this
9:24 pm
letter today which is vague. and if he had come out with a letter, just imagine this. if he had said that the e-mails were not from hillary clinton in this letter today, what kind of discussions would people be having if he had said that up front? so the question is how much more information should he have divulged? he may not. i mean jeffrey might be right. >> paris, even if the e-mails aren't from hillary clinton but huma abedin, her closest aide saying -- we don't know what they say. but huma abedin could be saying something that's very damaging to hillary clinton in these e-mails, about action she did or did not take. that would be just as important as if there is confidential information i would think. >> absolutely. let's be clear. huma is not some friend or associate. she's a close -- >> the right arm of hillary clinton. >> right arm of hillary clinton and has been a long time. there is information on there that is significant enough for the fbi to come out and say this. and i just think this is just like the third strike. when you talk about october surprises.
9:25 pm
the first is wikileaks and then obamacare premiums about 25 -- 25% and fbi opening up this case. >> you forgot the "access hollywood" tapes. >> i'm talk about the hillary clinton. you get three strikes. i met a woman tonight who was truly undecided. she said i haven't watched the campaign. if she tunes in right now what conclusion is she going to come to? >> as a clinton supporter how freaked out are you and how upset that there is not more detail in the comey letter? >> very upset. let's go back to something -- >> i notice you avoided the freaked out. >> i'll be honest. when i first heard it yes, of course i was freaked out. but then again to the point about the fbi not providing enough information when we took -- when we took a step back and actually started realizing what was in there, from the reporting that we have seen these are not e-mails that were sent or received by hillary clinton. they were not even e-mails that
9:26 pm
were on her server. >> they could have been send by hillary clinton to huma abedin. we don't know. >> but again from we know and we don't know and that's the problem. this doesn't really have anything to do with e-mails that were sent by hillary clinton. it is e-mails that were sent or received by huma abedin and/or her husband. but that is the whole point anderson, we don't know. and in the absence of that people will jump in, obviously the trump campaign will use this -- try to use this to their advantage because they were desperately flailing and failing. >> we're up in the polls. >> hillary clinton was up in the polls. and they had no, you know, very narrow path to 270. so they are going to try to use this to their advantage and i think it is unfair to the american voter that we don't have more information about this. >> a lot more to talk about over the two hours. a fast-moving story. donald trump in cedar rapids, iowa. we'll bring you that on a very busy day of barn storming. doing his best to leverage fbi
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new e-mails have surfaced he says appear to be pertinent to the now closed clinton e-mail probe. uncovered after the fbi seized devices belonging to huma abedin and her estranged husband anthony weiner. weiner is under investigation first of all for sexting with an underaged girl. donald trump will be speaking shortly in cedar rapids, iowa. earlier he held rallies in new hampshire and maine. dana bash joins me. when you heard from clinton addressing this, talk us to how trump is reacting today. >> reporter: well as you said he was speaking at two rallies earlier today. both rallies he did address it. talking about how he's glad that the fbi in his words is now righting the ship. maybe the system isn't as rigged as he thought. and the fbi and in particular the director who had been sort of the target of much criticism when they decided not to indict
9:32 pm
hillary clinton. he's definitely changed his tune what he'll say when he arrives here in iowa we're not yet sure. i was told by an aide they are working on the speech to see whether or not he's going change it. no question that he saw what hillary clinton said at her press conference and it would be surprising if we didn't hear from him about it specifically anderson. >> i guess we don't really know whether any of these e-mails are from hillary clinton or not. but certainly it seems to be have been a device that huma abedin and/or anthony weiner had or shared. can you just explain for those who don't exactly know who huma abedin is. to say she's just a close aide is an understatement. she is -- she is -- you know, we called her the right arm of hillary clinton earlier. >> the right arm. part of the family. like a second daughter.
9:33 pm
but she is kind of almost half of her brain and her arm. she's been by hillary clinton's side for so long that she's one of these people who knows hillary clinton is probably going to think before she does it so she can get out ahead. and that is what any traditional body person does but there is nobody like huma abedin when it comes to that kind of simpatico relationship. and as to whether or not temperature fact that it's mudded, potentially muddled as to whether it was an e-mail huma abedin at or just on the computer we don't know that. whether it matters politically, i think the answer is no in that you have donald trump and people who are maybe even on the fence about hillary clinton thinking oh this feeds into the narrative that already exists for them that they don't trust her. they don't trust the people around her. that it is more of the same. i don't know if you can hear behind me. they are already chanting lock her up and they have been doing so hours before donald trump
9:34 pm
comes. these are people who are probably already going to vote for donald trump. but if there are enough people on the the fence, not at trump rally but thinking i can't do it, i need somebody who's more from the outside, they might even if they are not thrilled about donald trump might go for him instead of her. thinking about this issue. >> dana bash, thanks. we'll continue to check in with you. we're going hear from donald trump shortly when he takes the stage there. now we're joined again by our panel. jeffrey toobin, just again on the legal aspect. assuming this investigation goes forward. they look into this. what is the next step if they decide, you know, there is something amiss here? >> then -- well, nothing's going to happen for more than -- in the next eleven days. this is way too complicated to be resolved in the next eleven days. >> because there's too many e-mails. we're told could be in the
9:35 pm
thousands and too many departments which have to be contacted and stuff like that. >> absolutely. so we'll know if hillary clinton is elected president. if hillary clinton is elected president and comey feels there is serious possibility of wrong doing i think he'd have to recommend to the attorney general loretta lynch to appoint an independent counselor a special prosecutor. there is no way a president elect who will be in charge of the justice department can be investigated by the justice department. that is why we have had special prosecutors in the iran contra case, in watergate. certainly with bill clinton and kenneth star appointed to investigate him. i think only thing that can happen at that point if comey and prosecutors he's working with feel there's a need to proceed. again, we're getting ahead of ourselves. we don't know if there is anything in these e-mails that merits that kind of conclusion. >> is there any way, john, you know the polling the
9:36 pm
battleground stat. is there any way to assess the impact of this with 11 days to go. >> not tonight. in the sense that we'll know in three or four days and first polls will probably the not be good for hillary clinton. remember what happened to donald trump right after the "access hollywood" tape. he cratered. id looked like a blow out a week ago. talking about hillary clinton maybe winning georgia, utah. republicans running from donald trump after. >> could still happen. >> after the "access hollywood" tapes a lot of independents leaning republicans ran and in recent days the reason the state as tightened. you go state by state. clinton still favored this morning. and what happens now? you get the elastic is stretched out right after a big event. so you might see numbers that are whoa and then slowly back. we don't know. we need to wait and see which is why the democrats are pressuring comey to tell more.
9:37 pm
the whole campaign has been to disqualify donald trump so that anything bad about hillary clinton doesn't matter because you already know you can't vote for him. so you are stuck with her. if you are a the hillary clinton supporter you don't agree with that sentence. for the other people you are stuck with her. she's qualified, about trustworthiness but she's not him. the question is how successful now? we're about to find out how hard is that cement on the effort to get independents, college educated women who were mitt romney voters four years ago. going to be hillary clinton voters this time. how hard is this cement? i cannot under any circumstances vote for donald trump. if it's not dry, could change. >> it could depress turnout. if you have people who don't like either one of them but were tending towards hillary clinton because they didn't think that donald trump passed the commander in chief threshold. that it might suppress turnout. and you might have people who say you know, i just give up. >> this is why i think it was
9:38 pm
really important for her to come out as quickly as she did and to say look, we need more information. i have nothing to hide here. >> all right. going to have more with the panel up next. how supporters at clintons and trump's campaign events are responding to today's news. the reactions obviously quite different. we'll be right back. s? ♪ nah. what else? what if we hire more sales reps? ♪ nah. what else? what if we digitize the whole supply chain? so people can customize their bike before they buy it. that worked better than expected. i'll dial it back. yeah, dial it back. just a little. live business, powered by sap. when you run live, you run simple.
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the news that the fbi would be looking at more e-mails came out today. both candidates on the trail today. we have to stress that no one has any idea what if anything will end up being significant in those e-mails. still the reaction from crowds gathered at two candidates rallies was as you might imagine pretty different. miguel marquez reports. >> reporter: at the hillary clinton rally news the e-mail investigation is being revived. for some expected but still a shock. >> you just put your head in your hands. >> i did. we've been waiting for something like this. >> expecting that something like this was going to pop up. >> reporter: some found the timing of the announcement the worst part.
9:43 pm
>> i thought the timing was really terrible for hillary. this is the worst thing that could probably happen when only two ten days o left of the election. >> reporter: across the river a donald trump rally and the reaction a lot different. >> lock her up. >> reporter: trump supporters emboldened by news the fbi is looking at new information. >> finally. yes. it needs to be taken care of. she got away with it the first time. >> many hoping undecideds will finally see the light. deena larson drove eight hours from south dakota, three kids in to you. >> reporter: do you think lit turn the tide in the election? >> if they can get the word out there. if these independents and democrats would hear this now. maybe they would finally wake up and realize she's a crook. >> reporter: eric says he knows he's not perfect but. >> yes he has faults and he's not right about everything but why do we have to be lied to.
9:44 pm
>> miguel joins us now. has the energy of supporters for either candidate changed since comey's announcement? >> reporter: both had events at cedar rapids on the river and the trump event the crowd here is probably five or six times that of hillary clinton's. the chants of lock her up, it is always there but are vociferous and angry today. the folks at the hillary clinton rally earlier some were resigned to the news thinking this was going to come in any event. and when they heard it. they just a little shock at how big the news was and aren't quite sure what it is going to mean on election day. >> thank you very much miguel. joining us now david gergen cnn analyst and political commentators paul and jeffrey lord. so david, hillary clinton's comments tonight was it enough in your mind? >> no. i think she needs -- i think the call for the fbi to offer more
9:45 pm
information is exactly right. i have great respect for james comey but you can't leave this nation dangling with a potential criminal probe over a candidate when there is information that could soften it up. after all anderson we do have leaks coming outs of the fbi. "washington post" is reporting that there are a thousand e-mails at stake here. "new york times" reported 10,000. we have conflicting leaks. it is incumbent on the fbi leadership to put out a statement to give us as much information as they can. they may only be logistical things. so they need to do that. and i think hillary clinton's call for that was right. but thereafter she ducked the question of finding out herself and talking to huma abedin about what had happened. and i think she has a responsibility to the country to come forward on her own and say this is what's been happening from my point of view. she has to help us understand
9:46 pm
why wasn't this device with the e-mails turned over a long time ago? >> paul, does that make any sense to you? i know you are obviously not in contact with hillary clinton because you were involved with a pro clinton super pac. but either why didn't the fbi know about this device before during their original investigation or isn't it incumbent on huma abedin and anyone around secretary clinton to turn over any devices or information they have? >> this is the problem with comey's tease here and the smear by tease is he doesn't even say this was a device that was not turned over to us. we don't even know if it's been on his desk for six months. i doubt that but we don't know. david is so right. it is really shocking for the fbi, which is not supposed to be political, 11 days before an election to roll something out like this but not give us any information. he did say he doesn't even know if it is significant. that is about it. he says i didn't know if it's significant. holy smokes, mr. director. we're 11 days from an election.
9:47 pm
if it is not significant, shut up. so i'm really appalled at this. and there have been some leaks as david points out. associated press have been reporting none of the e-mails have from hillary or her server. that has been the crux of the political problem for hillary is she herself mishandled e-mails. if they are right it is not even about hillary mishandling e-mails at this stage. to roll this out before an election is really appalling. >> jeffrey do you think the fbi director should make a statement filling in some of the blanks? >> i'm all for as much information as you can get out there. anderson, look at this press conference that she just held. this is exactly what people would get in the white house. she came out. she read a short statement. she took about two or three questions and she walked off. this is how exactly how she would handle the presidency. she has as these wikileaks things demonstrate her own staff. people think she has a degree of paranoia.
9:48 pm
what i would call nixonian paranoia, just is certainly not the kind of thing you want in the white house. this goes to judgment over and over and over again. and her entire career it's been bad judgment and here we go again. >> david gergen, do you agree with jeffrey that this sort of speaks to bad judgment? >> i don't think we can make that conclusion yet till we know what's in these documents and how this -- why is this coming a as tail end -- you know, we thought this thing was wrapped up, this investigation was wrapped up back in july. why is this information now suddenly resurfacing? and i don't think we can make a judgment. but i do think both the fbi and the clinton camp need to tell us far more than they told us already. people -- the voters are entitled to know more facts. it is not fair, frankly either to the clinton people or to the trump people to leave so much mystery and then have some leaks
9:49 pm
going on that are authorized, not authorized. you don't know what's true or not. the voters deserve the straight truth. >> i know for your super pac paul you do a lot of folks focus groups on issues and what resonates and doesn't. is this something you are going think resonates in the last 11 days with voters who may be on the fence or even impacting enthusiasm if voters want to come out and vote for clinton. >> i think the damage of the e-mails, which has within significant is already done. that's all baked in. now there is an enormous opportunity cost. we've just spent i don't know the first 40 minutes, 45 minutes of your program talking about nothing but the word hillary and the word e-mail. always bad when that happens. for her. so this is an opportunity cost because we're not talking about things that maybe could advantage hillary in the race. but i think it is mostly baked in. in this most unlovely of elections, i think voters have kind of down to yeah hillary mishandled e-mails. donald trump is accused of mishandling women and worse. so, you know, i don't think it
9:50 pm
is an even steven deal. one kid didn't turn in their homework. the other burned down the school. and that is kind of where voters are. it is not good for hillary but it is a compared to what day spent talking about hillary clinton and e-mails for donald trump is probably a good day. and there is no way this investigation is to jeffrey toobin's point earlier, you know, this is going to go on well past election day. so the next 11 days if the fbi doesn't -- or even if the fbi does come forward and fill in blanks a lot of days are going to be eaten up with this. as we know, 11 days left and
9:51 pm
say the wins the election. this is not going to stop. there will be a move to impeach her the moment her hand comes down from the bible. it's going to go on and on and on and that's something the american people need to consider now. >>. >> what i'm saying this will not go away if she's elected president. >> you are saying, yeah, obviously whatever the results of the fbi is, whether republicans want to make something more out of it is to be determined. we don't know whether the results of the fbi. we have to take a break. thank you. as we have been discussing now days a potential wrench in the campaign to be related to the sexting case involving an adviser's estranged husband. we will look back ahead.
9:52 pm
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9:56 pm
clinton e-mail investigation may not be over after all. remember, there are still three more days left in the month. with that in mind, here's a look at some past october surprises. tom foreman reports. >> reporter: a raging storm on the east coast, a sex scab daal in d.c. and is nuclear test in china, each have been an october surprise, a big news event in the autumn of a presidential election that threatens to change the outcome. late 2008 saw one. >> as the stock market dive in to turmoil and recession roars, republican john mccain insists. >> the fundamentals of our economy are strong. >> and the race becomes a blowout. a republican mitt romney characterizing half of the voters as dependent on government handouts.
9:57 pm
>> 47% of the people who vote for the president. >> the want lost. the term gained popularity 44 years ago this week, 1972. richard nixon's national security adviser has late news about the unpopular vietnam war. >> we believe peace is at hand. >> he's wrong. the war goes on and so does nixon's presidency and we have had october surprises ever since. 1980, many think that carter will be boosted over reagan by the release of the american hostages in iran. top reagan team member is indicted over the iran contra affair. bill clinton takes the white house.
9:58 pm
2000, clinton vice president al gore is battling george w. bush. republican strategists are certain bush can pull ahead, and then news emerges bush was arrested 24 years earlier for drunk driving. in the popular vote, the race winds up a tie. although bush wins. the back wash of that october surprise, halloween trick or a treat depending on how you look at it. anderson? >> a lot of surprises. coming up -- thank you very much. coming up another hour of 360. we will keep an eye on cedar rapids, iowa. we will get the latest on the decision to revisit the clinton server case. the e-mails in question are connected to clinton's aide huma abedin. more details ahead. ( ♪ ) ♪ they tell me i'm wrong ♪ ♪ to want to stand alongside my, my love ♪
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