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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  October 29, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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the fbi, after discovering new e-mail is reopening their investigation into hillary clinton. they are reopening the case into her criminal and illegal conduct. >> lock her up! lock her up! >> it is incumbent upon the fbi to tell us what they are talking about. i think people a long time ago made up their minds about the e-mails. >> hello again, everyone. thank you for joining me. i'm fredricka whitfield. breaking news in the renewed hillary clinton e-mail scandal. james comey went above his superiors to make the bombshell announcement they found new e-mails linked to her server and will now review the investigation. cnn is learning attorney general loretta lynch and sallyuates
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objected to comey sending that to congress. we'll talk about the development in a moment. before the news broke, clinton was enjoying a lead in most national polls. this cnn poll shows her at five points ahead of donald trump. the candidates and their surrogates are canvassing battleground states today. trump speaks to voters and we'll bring it to you live when that happens. details about where they are from and where they were found is part of a scandal involving a sexting investigation with anthony weiner. he is the estranged husband of clinton's long-time aide, huma abedin. chris, what more can you tell us about comey's decision and how it came about? >> we are learning more from evan perez. attorney general, loretta lynch
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was angered by the decision to send the letter to congress outlining how he's handling it. he said in connection with an unrelated case, the fbi learned of the exist tenence. the fbi should take appropriate steps to allow them to review the e-mails to determine whether they contain classified information as well as assess their importance to our investigation. now, in that letter, comey said the fbi cannot assess whether or not this material is significant or will be significant. he said he cannot predict how long it will take for the bureau to complete its work, looking a@e-mails. in fact, comey defended his decision to alert lawmakers when he sent a letter to fbi employees. he said yes, it's unusual for the bureau to discuss ongoing investigation, but he felt an
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obligation to do so because he's testified repeatedly about the probe in front of congress. now, both the trump and clinton campaigns have called on comey to release the information that they have before the election. but, there's a lot of documents to review. it's likely that review, this probe, will continue past the election. that decision to essentially let people know there's a new review puts clinton's e-mail controversy back in the spotlight. we have ten days before this election. fred, it could really reshape the race. we are going to have to wait to see if it changes the dynamics. fred? >> thank so much. let's talk more about that with lannie davis. good to see you. what is your reaction to this and on this rather nondetailed letter that was sent to congress? >> well, my reaction, the words
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nondetailed is an understatement. i ask every voter watching this program, have you learned from director comey or donald trump one single fact about hillary clinton's misuse of e-mails? much less donald trump saying it shows criminal conduct. this is the same trump that said ted cruz's father was involved in the jfk assassination. director comey is in charge of investigating facts. he has no right to express an opinion. he has no right to report to congress. his boss is the attorney general and the american people expect him to act ethically. >> he did not have an obligation to at least inform members of congress that they would be reviewing this material? >> of course not. he's not running for congress. he doesn't report to congress. he is an fbi director who has to allow, as mr. bitman said before
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this interview, he has to allow prosecutors to make that decision. what did the letter say, as you heard from chris and what did you in introducing me? the possibility without knowing anything is significant. there is nothing to report because there isn't a single fact. in fact, he hasn't seen any e-mails. what is there to report. >> he admits to that in that statement. in your view, what is behind comey's feeling, you know, of obligation that was carried out here? >> a very, very poor judgment outside the boundaries of the law and ethics. he should be investigated by an ethical violation for revealing a nonfact in a public letter to congress when he is an investigator reporting to prosecutors and secondly, i ask for due process and fairness, even applicable to hillary clinton. is there a single voter
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watching, who has heard a single fact, aside from donald trump's reckless charges without any facts and his audiences yelling, "lock her up." you heard one fact? >> possibly bigger than watergate. >> possibly. watergate was a criminally proven obstruction of justice. he found in illegal conduct and mr. trump criticized him for that. now he sends a letter with no facts. he doesn't know whether it's significant, hasn't read a single e-mail. there isn't one viewer watching with a sense of fairness that will allow this nonfact, this innuendo and reckless donald trump charging his opponent, miss hillary clinton with this. not one voter will be influenced in this, in my opinion. >> what would have been at stake
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if he had not publicized it in this matter to wait until after the election. wouldn't people accuse him of suppressing information? >> what information? there are no facts. there are e-mails he hasn't looked at yet? he's not required to tell us what he's doing. what is he doing now? is he holding a press conference and disclosing the e-mails? >> do you think he should? >> of course he should. hillary clinton is challenging a man who wrote to congress rather than looking to the attorney general that an investigator doesn't release information without an indictment, without due process and let me repeat, without a single fact. he said he doesn't know whether there's any significance, yet he still did this. >> there are thousands of e-mails. is it your view that he has enough personnel to restrew thousands of e-mails before election day in which to give,
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in detail, what is the content of the e-mails? >> how about 24 hours, he could release all the e-mails. he could call in a couple hundred people. most of the e-mails reread in news reports have been reviewed. they are duplications. bring in 200 people to bail out james comey for doing an illegal act. it's illegal to expose investigation information if you are an investigator like the fbi. we can get all this out in the next two days. where are all the republicans demanding disclosure of the e-mails? i'm calling out congressional republicans today, support hillary clinton's call for disclosure. tell director comey to take the weekend off and start reading those e-mails. put them out publicly. i challenge donald trump to go on television and challenge director comeny. i'll be on cnn and every other show.
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i challenge him to call in every fbi agent and get the e-mails out tomorrow morning. the american people haven't heard a single fact to change their mind about hillary clinton other than innuendo. that's what happened in the mccarthy era. we should have learned that innuendo and cnn should have learned innuendo is not fact. i challenge anyone to contradict my statement that the letter has no facts. he said the opposite. he doesn't know whether there's anything significant. >> everyone awaiting more details, for sure. thank you for your time, i appreciate it from washington. >> thank you. meantime, while the clinton campaign is on the defense, the trump campaign is on the attack with donald trump use zing his favorite weapon, twitter. details on that, next. these two truck beds. we're gong let's start over here with this aluminum bed. you put your toolbox up here... whoa! that's a big hole.
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hillary clinton's private server. he tweeted this morning, i'm in colorado. big day planned. nothing could be as big as yesterday. let's talk about how this will impact the race. i'm joined by angela rie and trump supporter and co-chair of vote trump, amy kramer. good to see both of you. angela, you first. it really does put clinton and her camp on the defensive, especially since we don't have a lot of detail from comey. but, how does hillary clinton try to maintain that lead? >> i think she has to say truly the facts. we have no idea what is in there. these are not her e-mails, necessarily. they could be duplicate. there are so many questions out there, that's why it's interesting that fbi director comey chose this route. it is big. i want to get in front of this.
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i don't know what's going to happen. so, i think she has to continue to say, we don't know what this is, we know what they found already. i was completely innocent. there's not enough to move forward and press charges, we have an election to win november 8. >> donald trump is using it to his advantage. what if, in the nekd 24-48 hours, comey and the fbi reveal more that separate hillary clinton from the newly discovered e-mails? >> i don't think any of us should be interfering in the investigation. obviously there's something there. the fbi doesn't just look. there has to be something there for them to get involved in it. they have to do their job. he owed to it congress to let them know what is going on. he testified in front of them, under oath, the people deserve an answer, end of story. she was responsible for top secret information. hillary clinton is respondable for being in this position right
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now. if she released 33,000 e-mails and put it out in the beginning we wouldn't be going through this. >> it's unclear whether these e-mails they found in the laptop of, huma abedin and the conversation with her husband whether it implicated hillary clinton. particularly, if it does not, does this backfire for donald trump, who will appear to have been opportunistic? >> no. i mean he's running a campaign. i expect both camps to be political. that's what we are in is a political campaign. look, she came out yesterday and lied again and said the letter was sent only to the republicans, which is absolutely a false statement. your own reporter said it went to the democrats. it went to both. why did she make that statement. >> i think you may be overblowing that a little bit. i'm saying that as a former hill staffer. what fbi director comey did is
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addressed it to the relevant chairs of the committee. the senate and house are controlled by the republicans, so the letter was addressed to the republican committee chairmen, however it was probably ccd to the ranking members of the committee. i think it's overblown. we can continue to play this game, but here is the bigger lie and the bigger challenge. donald trump is saying maybe this system isn't rigged at all. either it's rigged or it isn't. now because it looks like we are going to make sure we dotted our i's and crossed our ts. >> the system is rigs when she's allowed to run because she has done many criminal acts. she's not allowed to run. she's not allowed to be running in this election. the fbi rolled over and the department of justice rolled over. the system is rigged.
9:18 am
what i just announced, previously, it might not be as rigged as i thought. right? right? the fbi -- i think they are going to right the ship, folks. i think they are going to right the ship. they are going to save their great reputation by doing so. >> so, amy, why is it the system is not rigged if it's advantage trump? >> when trump is talking about it being rigged, he's talking about a number of things, the media bias, voter fraud. there are a number of things he's talking about. many people think that the fbi has become not the department that it once was because it has been politicized. that's unfortunate. if you can't trust the fbi, who
9:19 am
can you trust? what trump is saying is he hopes, just like i hope and i'm sure everybody hopes, the fbi is not politicized. they are doing the right thing. we can't assume and trump cant that there is something there, you can't assume there's not something there. we need to let them do their investigation and let it play out and i'm sure they will come and tell us what's going on. >> a couple things, when you talk voter fraud. in iowa yesterday, there was an incident of voter fraud from the republicans. i'm not finished. we are well aware it happens. more often than not, when there is a small opportunity fraud occurs, it is on the republican side. >> go to >> it's already been solidified it's not happening. continue your point? >> it's ridiculous, we should stop doing that. the other important point, i agree with you on this, if you can't trust the fbi, who can you trust? you sound like a lot of black
9:20 am
lives matter protesters. law enforcement has a treacherous relationship with the black community and people of color. for the first time, you are seeing we are not always on the receiving end of the target. the reality is, i can't assume. based on what evidence is dictated that hillary clinton, there's no their. this is a nothing burger. i'm not finished. let me finish. >> you need to go -- >> i actually have done this. >> all right. what we will possibly learn this week is what is behind, in further detail what is behind this fbi investigation. >> we may not learn it. >> we may not. thanks so much ladies. appreciate that. joe biden speaks out on the e-mail controversy and his honest opinion of anthony weiner. >> oh, god. anthony weiner, um -- >> we'll be right back.
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welcome back. vice president joe biden says he is not a big fan of disgraced congressman, anthony weiner. it comes after the investigation of newly found e-mails possibly related to hillary clinton's private server. the e-mails were found from
9:25 am
devices from top aide, huma abedin and her husband, anthony weiner. we spoke to michael smerconish about the e-mail developments and why he believes the issue is being blown out of proportion. >> thank you for this privilege. >> i'm happy to be with you, really. >> i have to ask you about fbi director comey and this letter. he says new e-mails appear pertinent to the investigation of secretary clinton's private servers. how concerned are you about the impact this is going to have on the election? >> look, you know the fbi works for the administration. i'm not allowed to comment at all. i know nothing about it. i just found out today. i know hillary was told she has a press conference to release the e-mails. i think the quicker they release the e-mails for the public to see them, the better off. i have confidence in hillary. >> you are the former chair of the senate judiciary committee, you are an attorney, syracuse
9:26 am
law school, smart guy. the language of this per plexs me. the fbi cannot assess whether or not this material may be significant and i cannot predict how long it will take us to complete this additional work. dianne feinstein said he played into donald trump's hands. why write the letter? >> i don't know why. i can't read his mind. i found him to be a straight guy. he's been -- he's a tough guy. he's a republican, but he's always been straight. i'm confident that, you know, this will turn out fine. >> what worries me, mr. vice president, folks are going to go to the polls or have already gone to the polls and they don't know what to make of this. they are in the dark. what should happen now? >> hillary, if she said what i'm told she said, she is correct.
9:27 am
release the e-mails for the world to see. they will continue their investigation. to the best of my knowledge, it won't do anything to the investigation. it's the language the agency always uses. it doesn't mean anything. so, it's unfortunate. >> i would be remiss if i didn't note if she had released all the e-mails from the get go, we wouldn't be having this conversation. >> that's true. i don't know where the e-mails came from. >> apparently, anthony weiner. >> oh, god. anthony weiner, um, i should not comment on anthony weiner. i'm not a big fan. i wasn't before he got in trouble, so i shouldn't comment on anthony weiner. >> if americans go to the polls and there's an open question as to whether she's under investigation, wouldn't that mean there's an open question as to whether or not she faces punishment down the road? >> i guess technically but i
9:28 am
can't believe that -- the answer is, i just think this is -- these things have been blown out of proportion. the easiest way to do it is just release the e-mails. >> we'll have so much more on vice president biden's interview with cnns michael smerconish next hour. we'll be right back.
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9:32 am
being examined are part of the sexting investigation into anthony weiner, former congressman, the estranged husband of clinton's long-time aide, huma abedin. comey's decision to review the e-mails is throwing the attention on him, garnering praise and criticism. what do we know about the fbi's top man? here is gary tuckman. >> i, james b. comey. >> he became the seventh director of the fbi in 2013, the beginning of president obama's second term. >> so help me god. >> so help me god. >> before that, the number two under president george w. bush and was a registered republican. now he says he's not registered any longer. in the past, he donated to both the mitt romney campaign in 2012 and the john mccain campaign in 2008. he also served as a council in
9:33 am
the white water committee in 1996. his bipartisan for fairness is well known. when he took over the fbi director spot from bob muller, this is what muller said. >> i have thad opportunity to work with jim for a number of years in the department of justice. i have found him to be a man of dedication and integrity. >> he earned a degree of fame for one of the most dramatic instances for george w. bush's term in the white house. john ashcroft was ill. two top aides rushed to get him to endorse a warrantless ease dropping program. when he found out about the plan, he rushed to the hospital and stopped it. >> i was very upset. i was angry. i thought i just witnessed an effort to take advantage of a
9:34 am
very sick man. >> the program was dropped. he dealt with a terrorist bombing case. following the attack 20 years ago on u.s. in saudi arabia. he prosecuted members of the mof ya. >> we are here to announce three separate indictments against 14 alleged members and associates of the gambino's. >> martha stewart is being prosecuted not because of who she is, but because of what she did. >> reporter: in july, donald trump tweeted the system is rigged after the statement regarding hillary clinton. >> we are expressing to justice our view that no charges are appropriate in this case. >> reporter: today, as the news continues to develop, trump said this -- >> it might not be as rigged as i thought. right? right? the fbi -- i think they are
9:35 am
going to right the ship, folks. i think they are going to right the ship. >> reporter: gary tuckman, cnn atlanta. still to come, celebrities supporting hillary clinton are campaigning with her. we will speak with model and tv host, tyra banks, next. (vo) combine the right things.
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>> what customers like is we, essentially put their favorite things in one store, one app and get it to them really fast. >> texas has been as reliable red state as there is. it has been 40 years since this state voted for a democrat for president. things could be different this time around. a poll released shows trump with a three-point lead right now within the polls margin of error. ed met with voters to find out if the state could turn from red to blue. >> reporter: for as long as anyone can remember, scouring the woods of east texas for a democrat has been a little like hunting for big foot. they say it's out there in this conservative republican region, but it's an elusive creature, which brings us to this courthouse in this small town of gilmer. >> disassociated myself with the republican party. >> reporter: this judge is an
9:41 am
elected republican judge but won't be voting for donald trump. his treatment of women and endless string of insulting positions drove her away from her party's nominee. >> seemed like every day or every week there was another position that he would take that conflicted with the beliefs and values that had been instilled in me by my church and my family growing up. >> reporter: she predicts this will probably get her voted out of office when she's re-elected. it's hard to quouantify, but a growing number of republicans are turning their back. george h.w. bush is reportedly voting for hillary clinton. >> had ronald reagan and john lennon had a kid, i would be their son. >> reporter: self-described ranking republican army veteran, served in iraq, high-tech
9:42 am
entrepreneur sees trump as a dangerous choice. >> he is not who he appears to be. he is a great showman, if you will. donald trump doesn't represent the views of so many americans. >> reporter: mitt romney beat president obama by 16 points in texas. in 2008, john mccain beat obama by 11 points. it's not supposed to be close here. when the latest poll came out with trump leading clinton by only three points, that has texas democrats salivating that texas, of all places, could turn blue. they say that kind of wishful thinking is utter nonsense. >> i think we have a choice between crude and corrupt. >> reporter: these men shooting the breeze outside a texas store are picking crude. it's a weird election, but seek trump in texas. >> the guy doing real well is not a politician.
9:43 am
>> reporter: we found jim blare sporting his make america great hat. polls show a great race in texas, he predicts a trump landslide on election day. >> a lot of people are not telling you what they truly think and where they are going to vote and how they are going to vote. for some reason, they are afraid to tell it. >> reporter: if a democrat wins texas, that might be just as shocking as finding big foot. cnn, on the roads of east texas. >> we'll be right back with clinton supporter, supermodel and tv host, tyra banks.
9:44 am
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welcome back. i'm fredricka whitfield. the clinton campaign is pressing forward, rolling out celebrity supporters in the final days before the election. vocal surrogate, katy perry. will ferrell aimed at young voters. add another supermodel, tyra banks. there she is campaigning for hillary clinton in atlanta today. joining me live from the campus of spellman college. good to see you. >> hello. >> hello. tyra, what is it about hillary clinton that appeals to you? >> so, i actually have a
9:48 am
personal connection to hillary clinton. eight years ago, i interviewed her on my talk show. i had a talk show. and the standard thing that you do when you have politicians on your show is give them the questions in advance. now, what shocked me in the most beautiful way is that hillary did not want the questions. she rejected the questions before they went to her campaign and to her team. i was just like, oh, my gosh. so i asked her, when she got to the set, before she was about to walk out, i said why did you do that? i want to be real, raw, prepared for whatever you want to talk about. i trust i'm going to be able to rise to the occasion of whatever you say. i was like, oh, my gosh. that's unheard of. >> you like that. what point did you say i'm on board. i'm willing to campaign on behalf of hillary clinton? >> so, i have been, of course, watching this entire election like everyone else has and have
9:49 am
been very impassioned about all of it. my passion had tended to be around the dinner table or around, you know, conversations with friends. as things are so close, i felt it was my duty, my responsibility to speak up and to support her in such a serious time right now. so, here i am. i'm in georgia. i am supporting everyone to go and vote early. so, i'm very excited that i voted early. i'm a california resident and i voted a couple days ago. so empowering. voting early is so, so important. if you think about november 8th and if you only focus on that day, you can imagine traffic. you can imagine so many things happen. life happens. things happen. so, to get out and vote early is really, really crucial. actually, we are looking at these early votes and hoping to win with early voting. >> what's it been like for you today?
9:50 am
you are on spellman campus today. what's it been like knowing about the e-mail, you know, questions coming up, again, an investigation being reopened by the fbi. how -- how does this make your job of campaigning for hillary clinton that much more difficult? >> well, actually, i'm not on the campuses just yet. i'm on my way there. i'm at the headquarters in georgia for hillary. i'm on my way to the campus. >> then everywhere else, what's it been like? are you having to make a different sell on behalf of clinton in light of this reopening for the investigation? >> yes. i actually don't think there's anything new. to quote bernie sanders, enough of the damn e-mails. we are here to unite to the country, to have hope and not to have hate. that is why i'm here. so, enough of that. the conversation needs to be on how we are moving our country
9:51 am
forward. >> the amazing thing is hillary said, release it all. she wants to be transparent. she is like, you know, like she's like open. so, let's move away from that and focus on the future of this country. let's focus on the issues. >> what is the primary audience that you are trying to reach on behalf of hillary clinton? >> i think, you know, when you are a public person, everyone has a demographic. so, you know, my demographic happens to be, particularly the youth, millennials, females, african-americans, young women. so, i have -- it's interesting. i have what i call a demo dilemma. it's young people as well as old people, women. my focus today where i'm really, really trying to get is encourage millennials to vote and vote early and for hillary. >> is it challenging because you
9:52 am
hear from a lot of young voters, nonwhite voters who can't get past the super predator comments from hillary clinton or past bill clinton's crime bill. so, now, how do you really kind of placate, you know, those reservations among that demographic? >> so, hillary clinton is -- she is, has such a passion for african-americans. i mean, when it comes to the criminal system. when it comes to education. when it comes to grants for historical black colleges she wants to give $25 billion. so, i think we need to focus now where we are today and not where we were. >> tyra banks. thanks so much, in atlanta today. >> thank you so much. >> all right, meantime, construction is under way on the dakota access oil pipeline. work resumed on friday, just a
9:53 am
day before this was the scene. police in riot gear facing off with protesters there. more than 140 people arrested just this week. sarah sidner is at the main protest camp in north dakota. what is the situation now? >> reporter: we are standing on native american land here. we know there are dozens of people who have just made their way to what they call the front lines. that is a bridge where police are on one side, the protesters on the other side. they have made their way there. we have not seen that yesterday. today, it's happening. so, tensions likely to rise again here. despite, like you mentioned, is over the pipeline and over folks here trying to stop the pipeline. we are water protectors, defenders of our own land. we are not doing it just for us, but the millions of people that rely on the missouri river for their water. they are concerned since the
9:54 am
pipeline is going through the missouri river that there would potentially be a break or a breach and that is one of their main concerns. they don't want to see the pipeline going that way so have been trying to stop it for many months now. things got pretty tense on thursday with 141 people who were arrested overnight. since then, it has been calm. again, tensions rising as protesters go to what they call the front line. >> thank you so much for that upda update, sarah sidner, appreciate that. >> more on the side of huma abedin's e-mails and a brief history of october surprises. i love getting more for less.
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ripa live december 11th. we have so much more ahead in the newsroom. it's happening now. this is the cnn newsroom. i'm fredricka whitfield. this breaking news we are following right now. the clinton campaign fighting to regain footing after the bombshell fbi announcement that will review e-mails, possibly related to hillary clinton's private server. the campaign wrapping up a conference call with reporters moments ago. jeff was on the call and is joining me now on the phone. jeff, what did the campaign have to say? >> reporter: the campaign chairman, john podesta said on no uncertain terms, director comey, the director of the fbi must release more information. it's been 24 hours since he sent the letter to capitol hill and no more information. he accused him of being light on facts and


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