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tv   CNN Newsroom With Poppy Harlow  CNN  October 29, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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if you thought there was only one october surprise this election, think again. ten days before you go to the polls, another stunner. poppy harlow, live. it is the top of the hour. if you thought this was a predictable election, take another look. the epic race between hillary clinton and donald trump is now significantly tighter, because of a game-changer that jolted this race less than 24 hours ago. fbi director, james comey's announcement of a brand new review of e-mails potentially tied to clinton's private e-mail server. for donald trump, it is fresh ammunition. >> this is the biggest political scandal since watergate. it is everybody's deepest hope that justice at last can be
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properly delivered. >> the clinton camp hitting back demanding the fbi come forward with all that it knows immediately. >> it is now incumbent upon director comey to immediately provide the american people with more information than what is contained in his letter. he owes the public the full story or he shouldn't have cracked open this door in the first place. >> cnn's new poll of polls. it is only a five-point spread between clinton 47%, trump, 42%. all of this is happening now in an extremely critical day on the campaign trail. they are racing across battleground states and pivoting on the fly in response to the fbi's new announcement.
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james comey sent this letter to congress to democrats and republicans. in connection with an unrelated case, the fbi has learned of the existence of e-mails that appear to apply to the investigation. i am writing to inform you that the investigative team briefed me on this yesterday. and i agreed. that the fbi should take appropriate investigative steps designed to allow investigators to review these e-mails to determine whether they contained classified information as well as to assess their importance to our investigation. we don't know how long it might take for the fbi to pour through all of these and come to a determination. fbi director, breaking with long standing practice not to comment publicly within 60 days of an election. justice department officials acknowledge there is little they can do because of the fallout from this day. do you remember it?
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back on june 27th when former president, bill clinton, boarded loretta lynch's plane on the tarmac in phoenix. they had a private conversation not long before the clinton e-mail investigation was wrapped up. the optics were anything but good for hillary clinton. so what led the fbi to these new e-mails. as if it couldn't get any more bizarre ten days out. it comes back to disgraced new york former congressman, anthony weiner. the newly surfaced e-mails were found on at least one computer used by huma abedin, his estranged wife, she has been by clinton's side. a separate fbi investigation into his sexting allegations with an under-aged minor is what led the feds to this computer and these new e-mails. whether they contain classified information or anything significant, we just don't know at this point.
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sarah murray is traveling with the trump campaign. she joins me from golden, colorado, where donald trump just held a rally. they thought there might be another turn in the clinton camp. they didn't expect this kind of turn. trump is not missing a beat capitalizing on it, is he? >> reporter: that's absolutely right, poppy. the fbi is essentially say, we don't know what we will find. donald trump is using this as an indication that hillary clinton is very guilty and not only that, that her top aides are. he went after huma abedin, close aide to hillary clinton as well as anthony weiner, on the stump today. take a listen. >> if you check out the tweets or if you check out whatever it is i wrote about him, it was so perfect. i said, i can't -- that was done a long time ago. they phonfound by looking at any
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weiner, a major, major, major sleeze, they found what may be some of the 33,000 missing and deleted e-mails. >> i wonder, is she going to kim huma? huma has been a problem? do we agree. huma has been a problem. i wonder if huma is going to stay there. i hope they haven't given huma immunity, because it seems that everybody that walked down the sidewalk got immunity. i hope they haven't given huma immunity, because she knows the real story. she knows what's going on. she knows what's going on. the sad thing is, and this is one of the things i said, how can you have all of this incredible, confidential, secret information and have your top person married to this guy. >> reporter: of course, we don't know what's in those e-mails.
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investigators are going to sift through it. it gives you a sense of what a political gift this is for the trump campaign. it is allowing him to go out on the stump and essentially paint hillary clinton as guilty before we know what's in these e-mails, poppy. >> you heard him bring up again, this is akin to general petraeus and look what he got as a result. there are a lot of differences there. he is going back to that line which he used a few months ago. thank you, sarah. let's talk this over with our panel. with me is josh, ryan, and laura coats, also a federal prosecutor. ryan lizza, the problem is the voters don't have much information at all to go on. in this letter, come acknowledges the fbi cannot assess whether or not this is significant. what are voters supposed to do with this? >> it is difficult. none of us have all the information. mort i have thought about this,
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i do believe it is an important principle here that the justice department has this rule, though it is not in law. it is a guideline that 60 days before an election, investigations that are politically sensitive are just not common. it has been said today that sometimes they don't even issue subpoenas, because they might leak out. this is an extraordinary circumstance in that comey, think about it, he is being told by the leadership of the justice department, including reportedly loretta -- the attorney general. he has also promised or also testified before congress that he has wrapped up this investigation. i think if bill clinton hadn't wondered on to the attorney general's plane a few months ago and made her sort of political lightning rod in this case, that maybe comey wouldn't have sent
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the letter. the fact that he was being told not to by justice department leadership, it might have had the opposite effect. if it comes out after that i didn't disclose this, that might be worse. >> is he then trying to save face for the bureau, for the fbi? frankly, it was unprecedented when he came out in july and held that press conference and made those remarks saying she was extremely careless but no prosecutor would actually have a case here. that alone, those comments alone, were unprecedented. because he did that, he felt like he had to do this. >> that's exactly right. if we are to believe that james comey did this to protect his own reputation and that of his institution, that came at the expense of the greater issue, not just hillary clinton but also the public understanding. he has released just enough information to stir could be nt. it is not about the last 60 days. i have been covering national
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security for over a decade. the fbi almost never comments on an on going investigation, 60 days, a year, three years. there is a good reason for that. tiny bits of information can have an outside effect specially when they are exaggerated for politics. >> we have been hearing a lot about that in the last 24 hours. this unwritten rule of 60 days out in a political race, you don't comment. isn't that, one could argue, the most important time to comment to give voters the totality of the information, right? they are voting for the next commander in chief. they are voting for their next leader. don't they deserve to know what's going on but not in drips and drabs. >> i don't think so. there is no totality. unless they release every single transcript, which they are not going to do, it is always somebody curating and deciding what the public has a right to know. >> laura, jump in here. lonnie davis, a former attorney with the clintons and a big clinton supporter, he is going
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to be on the show later tonight with me, he said, bring 200, 300 agents in and we'll work around the clock for the next 24 hours and put all the e-mails you have out into the public domain and let people pour through them themselves. that is feasible. >> the court of public opinion may thrive on innuendos but the court of law does not. the fbi's role is in the court of law to say, here are the facts and the evidence we have. when you have generic or vague description that you may have a box that says hillary on it and we are going to draw conclusions based on that generic, nonspecific basis, you are left with just having enu indoe. that's the reason the justice department does not want pending investigations commented on. not because of the timing, not just because of timing, not just because it is a presidential election, not because of hillary clinton. because we do not know what those e-mails contain. perhaps the more prudent course,
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you are right, perhaps was not to talk about it in july but also if i can just be a little more fair to comey for a second and say, loretta lynch did something that was unprecedented as well when she said, prior to comey's july press conference, i am just going to defer to the finding of the fbi in terms of their decision whether or not to charge. she removed herself from her key role, which is prosecutorial discretion. james comey has run with that torch ever since. it has had a domino effect that is more than inconvenient to hillary clinton. it is politically unpalatable to every voter. >> she quickly said that after bill clinton walked on to her plane for 30 minutes. she came out after and said, we only talked about golf and grandkids and i'm going to go with the fbi here. >> i agree with you, poppy. the point you are making before. the more i have thought about this. as a journalist, my view is more
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disclosure is always better. the voters are not children. they are getting a lot of information about what's going on. i think people can process this with 11 days to go and make a decision about whether they are really bothered by this one way or another. >> nang ythank you. >> we'll be back. vice-president, joe biden, is weighing in on the latest chapter in this clinton e-mail controversy with our michael smerconish. he reveals his honest opinion about anthony weiner and what he thinks the fbi director should do. >> what worries me, mr. vice-president, is that folks are going to go to the polls or have already gone to the polls and they don't know what to make of this. they are in the dark. what should happen now? >> i think hillary, if she said what i'm told she said is correct, they should release the e-mails for the whole world to see. they continue their
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investigation and to the best of my knowledge, it won't prejudice the investigation. that's sort of the stilted language the agency always uses. it doesn't mean anything. so it's unfortunate. >> i would be remiss if i didn't note, if she would have released all the e-mails from the get-go, we wouldn't be having this conversation. >> that's true. i don't know where those e-mails came from. >> apparently, anthony weiner. >> oh, god, anthony weiner. i should not comment on anthony weiner. i'm not a big fan. i wane before he got in trouble. i shouldn't comment on anthony weiner. >> you will see much more of that interview ahead with the vice-president. coming up, november 8th. you choose. ten days. that is all there is to go. how many tables? my. how many tables have turned in the last 24 hours. ahead, we will talk you to the battle grounds of north carolina, colorado, ohio, and
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florida where hillary clinton will make her first stop of the day. you will be there live. we continue to learn more details about this investigation into the e-mails na have caused the fbi to take another look at the clinton e-mail server investigation. we will get reaction from capitol hill. congressman, peter cain, says this all frankly came out of the blue. you are live in the "cnn newsroom." ♪ ♪ ♪ only those who dare drive the world forward. the cadillac ct6. real milk has eight times more protein than almond milk. real milk has naturally occurring calcium, but almond milk doesn't. oh, and now real milk's got as many almonds as almond milk.
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clinton and her campaign are blasting comey. e-mails found on a computer that huma abedin shared with her husband, anthony weiner. they are not to or from clinton necessarily. we don't know. huma abedin did forward e-mails, she told the fbi, to her personal computer to print out, et cetera. a lot of complexity here. the clinton campaign wants to know if in is all the information the fbi was planning to share. why did they share it at all? >> it's now incumbent on director comey to immediately provide the american people with more information than what is contained in hisler. he owes the public the full story or else he shouldn't have cracked open this door in the first place. >> i am joined by republican congressman, peter king, who has endorsed donald trump. thanks for being with me.
12:19 pm
>> you are very welcome. >> do you want the fbi to release these e-mails and put them in the public domain? >> that's entirely up to the fbi. >> do you want them to? >> no, not unless the fbi decides they should. there could be a lot more involved than just e-mails. it could be how huma ab teedin testified about the e-mails, what hillary clinton said about them. have they found anything in the e-mails which is different from what their statements are to the fbi. are there any conflicts between what other witnesses told the fbi as to what is found in the e-mails. there is more than just content of the e-mails. also, with the content of the e-mails, they have to make sure that there is nothing classified or top secret in there. so, no. that's up to the fbi. can't be telling the fbi how to do their business as far as the timing of an investigation. this is a criminal investigation. it would involve more than just content of the e-mails.
12:20 pm
>> do you think, congressman, that what the fbi has done, comey sending thisler to congress saying there are some e-mails here that may be pertinent. i don't know if they are significant but heads-up, we are looking at them. is that helpful to the american voter without any more detail or context. if so, how does that help the voter? >> i think it is helpful. first of all, jim comey acted unprecedently when he said back in june that he didn't think this case should be prosecuted. that's really not his job. that's the job of the justice department. the justice department has basically deferred these decisions to jim comey. he is following up on that. he is a professional. if he feels that there is something that he has seen which could be contrary to his previous findings, then he has the obligation to come out with that. >> that's not the case. >> we are relying on his statement of june 27th or july 6th. now he says something different. >> congressman, you are saying
12:21 pm
that combey believes there is something significant. that's not factual. he said, although the fbi cannot yet assess whether or not this material may be significant, that's what he said. >> are saying he thinks it is significant. >> i'm saying he must think it is significant for the american voter based on his statement. jim comey understands the ramifications of what he is doing. there has to be something there that he thinks is important enough that it should be made known to the committee chairman and the american public. if it was extraneous e-mail that had no relation at all, i don't think he would have, whether it is significant legally, we will find out. it is significant farce what he believes the american voters should know at this time.
12:22 pm
let's listen to what kellyanne conway said last night about this. >> we heard secretary clinton press her case on saying she wants more information from the fbi saying the american people deserve to get the full and complete facts immediately. do you agree with that? do you think voters are entitled for more information? >> yes, i am for full disclosure and immediacy and honesty. >> she wants this, the same thing that clinton's team wants. why don't you want that? >> this is a criminal investigation. you can't be telling the fbi how to run the criminal investigation. i have great regard for kellyanne conway. there could be other issues other than the pure e-mails themselves. is there anything that comes out that is contrary to what huma ab teen told the fbi or what hillary clinton told them. we wouldn't be having this issue
12:23 pm
if hillary had released these e-mails 18 months ago. >> let me ask you one final question. our panel was debating before you came on. it is practice not to comment publicly on things that may be sensitive to political races 60 days out. now, we are ten days out. 11 days out when this happened. do you agree with that as a policy in general or do you agree that voters should know everything they can know up until the moment they go to the voting booth. >> i believe as a general rule but, again, director comey must have seen something here that compelled him to make this known, that the investigation is going foor. again, i think the american voters should know whatever they can know so long as it does not interfere with the criminal investigation. only the fbi director right now can make that decision. he is the one in charge. this is all hillary clinton's doing. if she had made those e-mails
12:24 pm
known herself, she wouldn't be in this position now. she has no one to blame but herself. >> congressman peter king, we appreciate you calling in. thank you. >> thank you, poppy. >> coming up, we will take you live to the campaign trail in the battleground states where at any moment, hillary clinton is pektsed to speak to voters in daytona beach, florida. stay with us. you are live in the "cnn newsroom." we need to be ready for whatever weather may come our way.
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pretty busy day on the campaign trail. vice-president joe biden stumping for hillary clinton in las vegas. vice-presidential nominee, mike pence, in jacksonville, north carolina. >> ten days to go until election day. another fbi review linked to hillary clinton's e-mail server. her campaign pressing forward with a rally set to begin any moment in daytona beach, florida. florida, a key battleground state. the latest e-mail investigation is playing big on newspaper headlines front and center. you see it, the florida times union, probe puts e-mails back into election. the orlando sentinel brings e-mail investigation. i am interested what is the feel inside the clinton camp. you were on the plane last night when this news broke.
12:29 pm
they didn't have any wi-fi. so the clinton team learned about it at the same time that you, the reporters, learned about it, when the plane landed. what are they saying today? >> poppy, they learned about it from us, the reporters. they were back talking to us when the wi-fi started to kick in and all of our phones starting buzzing. we all started to get news alerts. to provide some context, earlier in the flight, we talked to some of their senior advisors. they were talking about what was coming up, including a visit to arizona, the traditionally red state. that's how good they were feeling about how the map was playing out. by the time they landed, things were very different. the tone the clinton campaign is keeping right now, they are not making major changes. the schedule has stayed the same. the tv byes have stayed the same. they were stunned by this development. a lot of democrats around them were both stunned and angry. right now, there is kind of a dual track focus.
12:30 pm
attack fbi director, james comey for bringing this up and keep their supporters invigorated as they go into these final ten days. >> while we continue to talk, i think we have some sound we can play of brian fallon, the press secretary for clinton in july on cnn talking about comey in a much more positive light. let's roll that. >> now it seems we are disappointed with the outcome of this fbi investigation, so they decided to put the fbi director in the hot seat, second-guess his decision. it is a bad look for house republicans to second-guess a career prosecutor, a registered represent canned and the number two under george bush and investigated the clintons in the 1990s. >> a bad look to second-guess a career prosecutor. that from camp clinton in july. now, they are doing exactly
12:31 pm
that. i. >> it is a bit of a role reversal. they have essentially grabbed object to the republican playbook in the three months prior. >> the clinton campaign was very angry with jim comey's press conference. they felt it was unnecessary. there was no indictment. they were ready to attack republicans for attack him. the shoe is op the other foot right now. they were trying to undercut what he was trying to do and the premise of thel letter in the first place. that is unlikely to happen. you know, poppy, there is severe frustration within the clinton campaign this has happened. it does look like they have reversed the course a little bit. >> as soon as clinton arrives, you are in daytona beach, florida. you will bring it to our viewers live. huma abedin not traveling with
12:32 pm
clinton on this two-day florida trip. >> she was on the plane when this news broke and was in the huddle of top advisers. clinton advisers say, don't read too much into that. hu huma abedin almost alls travels with hillary clinton. definitely not on the plane today. >> phil, thanks for reporting. we will bring you there live again as soon as hillary clinton begins to speak. the calm fbi director, james comey and the battle inside the justice department between top doj officials. we break it down next. stay with us. [ music stops ] ♪ just can't wait to get on the road again ♪ [ front assist sounds ] [ music stops ] [ girl laughs ] ♪ on the road again ♪ like a band of gypsies we go down the highway ♪ [ beetle horn honks ] no matter which passat you choose, you get more standard features,
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what exactly happened between the head of the department of justice and the
12:36 pm
head of the fbi, loretta lynch and james comey. the new revelations are that frankly, the department of justice is anything but happy with james comey for coming forward with this new information about e-mails potentially tied to hillary clinton e-mails while she was secretary of state. let's bring in evan perez for more. walk us through the politics at play here. what's going on? >> there is a lot of internal discussion that happened in the last 24, 48 hours between the justice department and the fbi. we are told there were no direct conversations between loretta lynch and jim comey and the fbi director. between staff members, the message was clear from the justice department that he really should not send thisler simply because the fbi did not know what it had. there was still a lot of investigative work to do. secondly, there is this
12:37 pm
practice, a policy at the justice department which you don't comment publicly in any way about on going investigation that are politically sensitive within 60 days of an election. they don't send subpoenas. they don't publicly do any type of investigative activity that could leak because you don't want to mess with an election. that applies, poppy, if you are talking about a local sheriff election or the governor. of course, it would apply to this. i'm told that comey pushed back and said, i feel like i have to do this. i testified to congress. i told them i was going to give them information when we developed new information. the bigger concern for the fbi was, if they didn't say something would be that if hillary clinton is elected and this emerges and it certainly would, he would be accused of having covered up for hillary
12:38 pm
clinton. >> there is another wrinkle in all of this. it has to do with the former president. former president, clinton deciding to walk on to loretta lynch's plane on the tarmac. the optics of that were anything but good. this was days before the fbi came forward and said, you know, basically, how she handled the e-mails was not good but there was no case here. donald trump has pounced on that. >> the pbi director appointed by republicans said no reasonable prosecutor would make such a case. >> he made a mistake. look, something happened. you go -- >> what happened? >> i think somebody talked to him. how can president clinton, when the attorney general -- george,
12:39 pm
jornl, she jornl, she is so guilty. the system is rigged. with what i've just announced previously, it might not be as rigged as i thought. >> so now trump is changing his tune, evan on whether the fbi is rigged or not. seriously, how much does it complicate things here that clinton and loretta lynch did have that conversation on her plane? >> the fact is, this does weaken the hand of the justice department. the attorney general announced before comey came out and made his announcement in july, she announced she was going to accept whatever recommendation came from the fbi and career prosecutor whose were doing the case. it is clear that the justice department, you talk to officials there. they feel that their hand is weakened here. i will say this, you also hear from officials that they just did not really change the advice that they came to comey. the principle is simply put that you do not comment on
12:40 pm
investigations that are politically sensitive just 11 days before an election. they don't feel like the plane incident played into this. you. it is clear. >> what is the likelihood we get any more information, any more detail before november 8th? >> highly unlikely. the fbi still doesn't know what it had. they don't know what's contained in these e-mails, what is this. how much is huma setting up hair appointments or grocery list or some could be a work product. we don't know what's contained here. the fbi is not going to figure that out in the next 11 days. >> reporting from washington, thank you so much. quick break. we'll be right back. whoa, this is awful, try it. oh no, that looks gross what is that?
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let's talk more about the latest fbi review of e-mails. pertinent into hillary clinton's use of a server. we have caylee mcinner any and scott boldewijn, a clinton supporter. >> caylee, i just had peter king
12:45 pm
on and asked him, do you want to see more information from the fbi on these e-mails before november 8th? he said, no, more information shouldn't be released until they can pour through it. do you agree with him? >> i agree with mike pence. i want to see what's in these e-mails. i understand congressman king wanting to make sure it is a thorough investigation. i'm glad the fbi director came out with this. i think that more information is better. let's put it all forward. >> you are on the same page as the trump camp is on the same page as the clinton camp. you are calling on the fbi to do the same thing. >> evan perez reported that's very unlikely that's going to happen. >> let's talk about what this means for your candidate. she is five points ahead of trump in the latest c nchl n
12:46 pm
pocnn polls of polls. if you look at the daily tracking, a week ago, a 12-point spread between the two of them. as of yesterday, there is a two-point spread. how concerned are you? >> not too concerned. we always knew this race was going to tighten up. it is still about the battleground state and the road to 270. caylee and i agree, we want more information. we don't have any information. this letter that came out didn't say anything that informed the public of anything. it is not hillary clinton's investigation, e-mails or server. >> the only thing the fbi is looking at. i want to correct a point of fact. we don't know if it is her e-mails. we know it has to do with the laptop shared by her closest aide, huma ab teedin ad her estranged husband. these were clinton e-mails that abedin forwarded to herself to
12:47 pm
print out, because she told the fbi previously she did do that, forward e-mails to her private devices. we don't know they are not clinton e-mails. >> you are absolutely right. so why is the fbi director indicating publicly, we found some e-mails. you can't be in the middle of the road. i have been in the law game 30 years as a criminal defense lawyer and a former prosecutor. this is unheard of. now that you have stepped out there, mr. comey, you have to share more. there is a big problem. he doesn't know what he doesn't know. the fbi hasn't shared the e-mails. you did this to impact the political process. that's all we're left with. >> caylee, i have 30 seconds. what do you want to see your candidate do, harp on the e-mails for ten days or get back to the other issues? >> i want to see him 95% on the issues, of course, devoting the
12:48 pm
top of his speech to this. it is very important. it is important to focus on what he we do know. there were more e-mails recovered. look at thel letter. it says it appears pertinent to the hillary clinton e-mails. this is from the federal bureau of investigation. we can't blame this on jim combmy. we are hear because hillary clinton had a private server and us us used sledgehammers and bleach to get rid of her e-mails. >> thank you. we appreciate it. they are called october surprises. boy, have they come this election. elections that shake up a race so close to election day. how the one that hit yesterday is nearly the latest when it comes to presidential campaigns. you are live in the "cnn newsroom." i'm terrible at golf.
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it has almost become synonymous with modern day presidential elections. the enevidentable october prize. tom forman tells us that these kinds of campaign-changing events are nothing new when it comes to the race for the white house. >> reporter: poppy, it's certainly been a while since we've had this much unexpected
12:53 pm
news so late in an election cycle, but we've certainly had surprises before. a raging storm on the east coast, a sex scandal in d.c., and a nuclear test in china. each has been an october surprise. a big news event in the autumn of a presidential election that threatens to change the outcome. late 2008 saw one. >> $1.2 trillion, that is how much investors including any of you with stocks in a retirement plan lost today. >> reporter: as the stock markets dive into turmoil and the recession roars, republican john mccain insists -- >> the fundamentals of our economy are strong. >> reporter: four years later fall reveals an automatic yoe tape of republican mitt romney characterizing almost half the voters as depending on government handouts.
12:54 pm
the president romps to re-election. the term "october surprise" gained popularity 44 years ago this week. 1972, henry kissinger has late news about the unpopular vietnam war. >> we believe that peace is at hand. >> reporter: he is wrong. the war goes on, but so does nixon's presidency. we've had october surprises ever since. 1980, many think jimmy carter will be boosted over ronald reagan by the release of american hostages in iran. the surprise, it does not happen until after reagan has won. 1992, reagan's successor, george h.w. bush, is just days away from the vote when a top reagan team member is indicted over the iran contra affair. democrat bill clinton takes the white house. 2000, clinton's vice-president al gore is battling george w.
12:55 pm
bush. republican strategists are certain bush can pull ahead, then news bush was arrested 20 years earlier for drunk driving. in the popular vote the race winds up essentially a tie, although bush ultimately wins. so the back wash of that october surprise, a halloween trick or a treat, depending on how you look at it. poppy? >> tom foreman, thank you very much. coming up, we will take you live to the campaign trail where at any moment hillary clinton is set to speak to her supporters in daytona beach, florida. no doubt she'll address all of this. stay with us. you're live in the "cnn newsroom". ♪
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