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tv   This Is Life With Lisa Ling  CNN  October 30, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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lee this is jackson. >> i i don't have any clean shirts. >> she's 19 and lives in this tiny room. with simon who's 21. >> we woke up to tons of bugs people found. >> and stephen, also 21. today is a big day for them. they hope to raise $1 million. ♪ around here, that's not so farfetched. i'm coding right now?
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>> you are. >> abe is 19 and created a million dollar company. silicon valley is teaming with investor money. brilliant people from around the country are flocking here. do you have any regrets about not even having a high school diploma? >> none. >> these young savants are controlling the future. and changing the world. >> what happened in san francisco in 2015 is going to be the subject of history books. ♪
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if you're wondering what college students are up to these days, you don't have to look much further than a football stadium on an october weekend. it's 8:00 p.m. on a friday night and hundreds and hundreds of kids have converged here for a big event. >> don't be fooled. they're not here to tailgate and watch the game. they're here to hack. >> hi, everyone. how many of you are beginner hackers? this is your first hack athon? >> whoa. hell yeah. >> this is the cal hack's hack a
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on this. college students will spend the next 36 hours inside this football stadium, racing to engineer cutting edge computer based projects from scratch. >> i just love to give a huge shout out to our corporate sponsors who made this possible. and with that, james whittaker from microsoft. >> thank you. don't clap until you hear what i have to say, because i have bad news for you. for every smart person standing here listening to this right now, there's 100,000 other smart people who are just as good as you. what's going to make you stand out, that is creativity. and now i'm getting warm. software is the thumb for the human mind. >> oh, there's one.
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>> it quickly becomes clear to me that hack athons are gold mines for silicon valley recruiters. sponsor companies give participants access to the most up to date technologies and hackers who choose to use them can win serious prizes. >> the best usage is a lunch with a v.p. >> a representative from microsoft tells me they find more desirable here than among computer science grads. >> is it possible you could hire people from her? >> definitely. we've recruited quite a few people from these. a lot of what university students learn now is not something that companies are hiring for, so you could learn something six months ago and that's not fresh by the time you graduate. this is a way for kids to stay fresh. they're working on next
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generation technology. they're building the next rob s robots. >> the students come here expressly to be recruited. for others, it's a way of life. james flew here from new jersey. this will be his 22nd hack-athon. >> i can't find it. >> if they let him through the door. >> which university? >> i'm from a high school. >> a high school student? >> we were told no high school students allowed. >> do you mind waiting right there? >> of course. >> at 17 he's the quintessential overachiever, eagle scout, honor student, varsity debate team, model congress. >> it happens all the time. they couldn't find my registration, but the same thing happened last year. >> he's already won prizes at two hack athons, and even though he's too young to vote he did software development for hillary
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clinton's presidential campaign. >> what's your name? >> james. >> come on over here. >> fortunately, his trip to california wasn't for nothing. >> this is the only section. >> i'm not going to be a high school student next year. >> this is the only exception. >> okay. thanks so much. >> he's in. >> typical. >> when james first discovered hack athons, he found a world full of people like himself. >> is this table being used, this area? thank you so much. >> the stereo type is we stay at home and drink soda and eat pizza. that mentality changes when you come to an event like this. the chance that you're going to become friends with people here is high. >> between events james keeps in touch with the hack athoncommunity online. that's how he found two teammates for this event. >> it only took me an hour.
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>> mccaw la is a former ballerina and a future biomedical engineer. >> james. >> and v-vek is a third year computer science major. >> i've never worked with him before, but that's the great thing about this is you never tend to work with the same team. i have met so many great people from all over the united states. people that i do think will be the next mark zuckerberg and bill gates. you get to meet them here and now. >> you want to show me what you have so far. >> i just got my notebook out. >> it's 11:00 p.m. and the hackers are getting down to business. some teams come with an idea prepared to work on, but most of them work on the fly. and no one is allowed to start working until they arrive. >> we want to be able to vote from this.
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>> after a few hours i check in with james and his teammates to see how it's going. >> do you know what you're making yet? >> we've taken a look at how people use mobile phones in african companies, middle east, our idea is using text messages for submitting votes in those countries. >> we need that here in america. >> right. >> that's an ambitious project that you're trying to achieve. when i was your age, i was partying and going to raves and all that. is this fun? >> it's -- there's nothing like it. >> hack athons are kind of a party for me in that you get so much out of it and have so much fun. >> it's 2:00 in the morning. can i catch up with you guys tomorrow? >> of course. >> while james is dabbling in the tech world for a weekend, across the bay in silicon valley another teenager left everything
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behind to pursue it full-time. jackson left his hometown in oklahoma two years ago and followed the tech boom gold rush to california. now at 19 years old, he may be poised to become the next big thing in silicon valley. ♪ i'm not hiding. i am. for people with hearing loss, visit
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(don't fear my darling...) (the lion sleeps tonight.) woman snoring take the roar out of snore. yet another innovation only at a sleep number store. real milk has eight times more protein than almond milk. real milk has naturally occurring calcium, but almond milk doesn't. oh, and now real milk's got as many almonds as almond milk. almond milk has only 2% almonds. what's in the other 98%? >> in california's bay area, 19-year-old jackson and his business partner stephan are getting ready to pitch their start-up to a room full of
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wealthy venture capitalists. >> good. i think we have two. >> in a world of hoodies, jackson likes to stand out. you from the area? >> oklahoma city. i moved out here about a year and a half ago. i'm a co-founder of a startup. >> what kind of startup do you guys have? >> have you heart of bit coin before? >> i haven't. >> it's a crazy online frenzy. no one owns it. it's like decentralized. there is no government or bank that backs it. you startup lets anyone invest in stocks and bonds and portfolios with bit coin. >> that's a uniformed currency. >> exactly. it brings out the happy anarchist in everyone. just the right amount. we let people make more money.
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>> these days, startup companies are a dime a dozen. in 2014, they spent $48.3 billion investing in innovative technologies. >> hi. >> hello. >> thank you. >> they are pouring record breaking sums into startups, hoping to strike gold on the next facebook, snap chat or uber. one mode is something called an accelerator, a program that nurtures start ups in exchange for a stake in their future business. jackson was accepted into an accelerator called boost. it's an opportunity that could change the course of his life and he is showing me where it's all going down. >> this is the boost basement. >> here young innovators are honing ideas that could change the world and earn them millions.
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>> this is your humble office? >> according to hq, yeah. >> jackson's team consists of three guys. stephan is the chief technology officer and simon is the ceo. >> this is where this company that could change the face of financial transactions got started. >> basically, yeah. >> do you feel competitive with the other companies? >> we are all trying to raise money and trying to start our companies. >> you're all kind of vying for the same dollars, right? >> no. because it's -- there is so much of it, it's so abundant and flowing, there is no reason every company here can't raise a million dollars. >> it's amazing. >> jackson's team secured $375,000 in commitments from venture capitalists. their goal is to raise a million dollars to launch the start up. for now, they are sharing a 15 by 20 foot room that reminds me
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a lot of a college dorm. >> this space is tiny. >> seriously. it's cozy. >> who are gets the mattress? >> we had a long conversation, and it got deep, and then i got shafted with the mattress. >> bunk beds are scary. >> how did you meet? >> we met in high school and dropped out of university to come here together. my first roommate was this guy. >> what's the goal? let's be honest. what's the dream? >> santa cruz. >> i would love a tesla. we need an espresso machine for the office. the hover boards and a hard core pc. and a vr room. >> is the goal millionaire status or billionaire status? >> it's billionaire status, but you can't plan it. it's a gamble and a crapshoot sometimes, but if your heart is in the right place, that's what you can go off of it.
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>> few people have this level of ambition at this young of an age, but jackson has always been this way. >> you are still a kid, but what were you like as a little kid? >> i really didn't think the same way as other kids. i always had my own version of reality. >> how old are you? >> 13. >> when did you get started with blogging? >> november of last year i started to blog and then i started my podcast in march. >> did you know anything about the development or design? >> i have been doing graphic web design for about a year. >> when i was 12 i started a video podcast and free lance web design for local small businesses around oklahoma city. that escalated to a love for all things tech and design related. >> you are starting a business?
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>> i have a business. you making money? >> yes. >> what kind of a student were you? >> terrible. i failed almost all of my classes. i wouldn't do homework. i would leave school and work on freelance web design. >> how did your parents feel about it? >> terrible for the longest time. what do you do when your kid is failing out of school. my college counsellor called my mom and dad in together and she said i think your son is on drugs. >> jackson's mom gave him a choice. school or work, but not both. >> when i was faced with the opportunity, choose one, but just focus on one thing. i immediately took a step back and said wow, i could be doing this all the time. after that i dropped out. >> do you have regrets about not having a high school diploma? >> not even.
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our current system doesn't encourage students to succeed. it's set up to make students all meet the same standards. >> that are is very controversial. >> i realize that, but it's something that everyone will realize sooner or later. >> jackson might have a point. some of the media's most celebrate ed billionaires are college dropouts. are guys like that the exception to the rule? for every risk taker, how many fail and never bounce back? >> you have a major pitch tomorrow. this will determine a lot. >> this will show what we have put our blood sweat and tears into. >> tomorrow they will pitch their company idea to some of
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the world's top venture capitalists. >> these guys are clearly bright and seem to have a good head on their shoulders and i hope they are prepared for the highs and the possible lows that could come with all of it.
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we will have snacks in 25 minutes.5 minute45 minutes. >> milk tea with boba. >> now it's the hack-a-thon at uc berkeley. >> i'll look up how to set up the parts. >> the communication with the website. >> that are can access from java script. >> james and his team are making headway with their app that allow people to use their phones to vote in political elections. >> it's 11:30 p.m. saturday night. how is everything going? >> we are trying to get authentication. we can make sure one person equals one vote. they don't submit multiple votes on multiple phones. >> i see you lost a partner? >> he's asleep somewhere. >> the last time i was here it was 2:00 a.m. did you sleep since we saw you last?
10:25 pm
>> i went to sleep shortly after that. >> i took a nap for 30 minutes this afternoon. >> you only slept 30 minutes? >> come on. >> i slept in the stair well. >> oh, my got. >> it was fine. >> i generally don't sleep during hack-a-thons. >> do you start getting increasingly more nervous as the clock ticks? >> if you are not getting through a certain problem, you will feel more pressure and like the world is closing in. >> these kids have been staring at security screens for 24-hours and they are starting to develop interesting projects. >> you just came up with this idea here? >> yeah. >> seriously? i'm blown away and i can't believe at all hours of the day and night these kids are working. >> there's something about the environment and energy here. a lot of these people haven't built something like this
10:26 pm
before, but when you are in a room and you see people building stuff, of course you can do it. >> the 22-year-old is one of the founders of the student hack-a-thon movement. >> when did this culture evolve? >> about 3.5 years ago, i heard about it and there was about 50 people and it was awesome. at the end of that, we felt the need to start our own. people would come to the big hack-a-thons and say we need to throw this here. it has gotten much more popular. you have 10,000 kids applying for cal hacks. >> it is helping to address the gender gap. >> when i started to go to hack-a-thons, i was in the minority. >> how does it feel to be one of really few women? >> oftentimes you feel like people are confused on why you are there and how you got there, and sometimes they're a little insensitive about how they ask. >> have you noticed more and more young women becoming part of hack-a-thons?
10:27 pm
>> i have seen more outreaches towards women and we are only getting stronger and i'm very excited to see what the future holds, i guess. >> i haven't had a churo since i was at disneyland. it was three or four years ago. >> james told me what his future holds. >> how important is going to college? >> i think you still need a college degree in order to advance in your career, so i'm still very interested in going to college. >> do you know what you want to be when you grow up? >> yes. i want to be the administrator of the united states digital service. a group of computer systems that work for the government. >> sounds like you don't care about being a billionaire. that is not in the cards if you work for the government. >> i'm more centered on having fun and making an impact that than being the next mark zuckerberg.than being the next zuckerberg.
10:28 pm
jackson and his team are striving to change the world. with their startup company wealth coin. they would like to make a billion dollars while they are at it. >> this is a transformational new form of money. >> they are rehearsing a three minute pitch. in the morning they'll present it to hundreds of powerful investors. >> despite technological breakthroughs. >> you said that at the speed of light. >> let's break it down further. >> every time you said that, i still don't know what you are saying. >> let's break down that what? >> user flow. >> user flow. it sounds like you're saying use the float. >> the way it works for a user is sign up and. >> sign up and piss out bit
10:29 pm
coin. >> if they can impress even one venture capitalist, they could raise the money they need to launch their company. if not, it's back to square one. >> how long will you be working? >> i'm not sleeping tonight, but simon, you are pitching tomorrow early. >> how are you feeling? >> you're getting some sleep. >> a little stressed out. there's very few moments in your life where there is that much concentrated wealth in one room. probably the scarciest thing i've ever had to do. >> good luck. >> thanks so much. >> 20 other teams are prepping for the big day. >> the room is full of innovations that could lead us into the future, but is there really enough money out there to finance them all? recent news reports suggest there is. >> silicon valley's economy is booming and not showing signs of a slow down.
10:30 pm
>> in 2015 venture capitalist investments reached record highs. silicon valley has not been this flush since the late 1990s. do you remember what happened then? >> welcome to painful >> it didn't end so well. >> the simple answer is we ran out of money. >> some analysts speculate the current tech boom is destined to go bust like what happened in 2000. >> at some point we are going into a tech recession. >> this is the sign of another technology stock market bubble. >> i'm curious to know what jackson thinks and if he has a plan b. >> do you ever concerned about the fact that we may be in a massive bubble right now? >> i love this question so much. >> that tomorrow the money may not be there. what's at sake hertake here? >> i believe there is no way we can go wrong with this.
10:31 pm
we have a fantastic product and people love it. it solves a real problem. i have the best team in the world. there is no way that we can fail in what we are doing. kind of ma. i'm beowulf boritt and i'm a broadway set designer. when i started designing a bronx tale: the musical, i came up... ...with this idea of four towers that were fire escapes... ...essentially. i'll build a little model in photoshop and add these... ...details in with a pen. i could never do that with a mac. i feel like my job is... put out there just enough detail to spur the audiences... ...imagination to fill in all the blanks. this windows pc is amazing, having all of my tools... ...right at my finger tips is incredible.
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if you are looking for young
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tech savants in the california bay area, you can check out the latest hack-a-thon and drop by an accelerator program or visit a controversial new learning institution in downtown san francisco. this is make school a radical alternative to college, a two-year program with 33 students. they ra are really, really smart. some of them have turned out of places like mit and harvard to be here. who would create an institution like this? a 23-year-old college dropout, of course. >> they are passionate about building apps and we are giving them a shortened focused university experience that will let them pursue a career. as a sta >> he cofounded the make school. it differs from traditional school as a start up itself funded by venture capitalists. they only invest because they hope to see a return. >> how does make school work?
10:36 pm
do students pay tuition? >> they pay tuition from their earnings. by aligning our incentives with students, we only make money if the students have good outcomes. >> it sounds like a good program, but the success is yet to be seen. this group of students will be the first to complete the two-year cycle. >> the talk is how i made my money. made my success. >> this 19-year-old is among the freshman class. >> tell me about your background. >> i grew up in a village in ethiopia. my mom had the only radio. when i was born my mom let me take apart the radio. as i grew up, i took apart the tv. anything i could get my hands on. it was interesting to me how things worked. >> his family moved to the states when he was 10 and he discovered computers. my dad told me to get a job. the summer of eighth grade,
10:37 pm
i grabbed books on programming and i thought i could make a living on this and i made $100 and that has gotten me here. >> at age 14, he launched his first startup. before long he had 15 employees and was pulling in serious profits. >> can i ask about how much money you were making in high school? >> my company was worth almost a million dollars. >> before you sold it. >> yeah. >> after high school he planned to study computer science and business at the new jersey institute of technology. then he discovered make school and his plans changed overnight. >> was there always an expectation that you would go to university? >> of course. my parents and all my friends thought this guy is crazy. i think times are changing. we're in a digital era. that's not going to change. it will only get bigger and bigger. >> since starting his education, he made strides in developing a new app.
10:38 pm
>> if you text and get a device, you get advice from a professional stylist. you text and you reach an agent right away. sweet. >> our stylists are available 24-7 for your fashion needs. take a picture of me and i will send it. >> perfect. awesome. now we will send it in to advisers. >> how are the people paying? >> when people make a purchase we make a commission. you got a response. >> nice outfit, but i would at color to make it pop a bit more. she suggests i do something like that. it's like the uber for advice. >> exactly. anyone can provide advice whenever and wherever they want >> good job, kid. >> no question that make school
10:39 pm
is providing aid, but is it more useful than a college education? >> why not major in computer science at mit? >> if you talk to most employers, they feel there's a skills gap between what universities are teaching and what software engineers need to know day today. >> they focus on theory without giving the practical skills they need to build real projects. >> the trend you can watch is the collegiate hack-a-thon where you have 1,000 students giving up weekend and sleep and it feels broken for them to do this on the weekend. here we're saying here's two weeks of a hack-a-thon. build cool things. >> at uc berkeley, the sun is rising on the hack-a-thon weekend warriors. we are minutes away from the conclusion.
10:40 pm
a lot of teams finished their projects, but it doesn't look like james and his team have. they are on a mad scramble and they sought the advice of a mentor. >> still crashing. >> what are you looking for? >> do you have jobs? >> yes. >> i didn't know. >> are you kidding? >> i didn't know. >> neither of them has seen the third teammate in hours. >> look at that. >> finally done. after ten hours. now i just need to save this and we can call it a day. high five. there we go. got it. done. >> let me know if you need anymore help. >> no problem. thanks. >> we fixed it and it all works. we finished. >> thank god. you guys, i was supposed to get woken up at 8:00. >> we didn't want to wake up.
10:41 pm
>> i wanted to submit. >> i would rather have you sleep. >> in a few minutes, judging will begin. each teem will set up a booth two present their projects. >> all hacks must be submitted and you must be on the patio in five minutes. do so now. at just over $30,000. and to think this one actually has a surround-sound stereo. the 2016 cla. lease the cla250 for $299 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. is it a professor who never stops being a student?
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today could be huge for jackson and his teammates. >> i'm going to shower. >> did you shower? >> i probably won't. >> you don't want to be ratchet. >> over the next few hours, they could raise the rest of the money they need to launch their company. >> the accelerate company culminates on demo day. this is the day they get a chance to pitch to hundreds of wealthy investors.
10:46 pm
some of these companies are going to walk away with nothing and some with millions. while the guys get ready, i catch up with the potential investor, pierre wolf. you have probably seen a lot of companies succeed and more companies fail. >> even more. >> what's the secret sauce? >> there's a lot involved. i have seen companies that the teams come out and you say this is a winner and they fall on their face. >> do you have concerns about investing such huge amounts of capital with people who had such little experience. >> were we nervous in investing in mark zuckerberg? no. that's the nature of what we do. some are taking chances and the big things that happen. you have to bet on them. you don't know who is the next spark. >> collectively the investors in the room are worth billions of dollars. >> hello and welcome to demo day.
10:47 pm
>> the camera crew and i are only allowed in on the condition we keep a low profile. >> hello, everyone, i'm the co-founder of pixel rep. >> i attended penn and studied a mix of business and it. >> we have 20 years of technology experience. >> i'm a bit taken back by how much the experience some of the other teams have. far more than jackson, stephan and simon. >> they won an oscar and developed software. >> from wall street. he has a math p h.d., and he's a genius. >> simon takes the stage. >> this is a new form of money. we set out for users to invest their bit coin. >> he may be less experienced than the other presenters, but simon holds his own. >> thank you.
10:48 pm
>> we not permitted to film investors mingling with teams, but i pull them aside for a quick catchup. >> i just spilled wine. >> you have been shmoozing with investors and how do you think it went? >> awesome feedback all-around. they came out and said we have been awesome. >> is that your investor? >> that's how it happens. >> get out there. >> definitely the investor. >> that sort of answers the question, i guess, they're asking for us. that's a good thing. >> simon comes back with news. >> that guy has the largest bit coin mining farm in the united states. >> no way. >> what are did he want to talk about? >> he loved the app. >> things are looking up for the guys.
10:49 pm
in the coming days they'll find out for sure if any of these investors will back their company. >> where do you think you will be six months from now? >> hopefully in an actual office with employees and moving to new york city. big city, exciting, lots of finance. we will have a place to live and hopefully bigger than where we are staying now. >> separate rooms. >> at the hack-a-thon in berkeley, the goals are more short-term. students here are just trying to make it through the weekend. only half the teams that competed made it to the finish line, and james' team is one of them. now they face their most difficult challenge yet. facing the judges. >> what are you looking for? >> creativity and completeness of vision and implementation. >> brian has been a software
10:50 pm
engineer for more than 25 years. >> do you consider yourself a tough judge? >> yes. but your goal is to find the best. >> i get a chance to look on as brian judges james and his team. >> do you have a phone on you? >> sure. >> text this number. >> please enter your first name. >> it presents you with a list of the candidates to vote for. >> i voted for an illegal candidate. i voted for three and you had one threw two and you accepted my vote. i'm going to try to vote again and see what happens. >> obviously there was no vote for when you voted for number 3. let's try voting a third time. >> okay. so i voted for three, two, one. it said thank you all the times. >> it's still a work in progress. >> how are you handling the external visibility? do you think building a voting system based on facebook is the right solution? >> look at the bitcoin system. >> not money but votes.
10:51 pm
the problem is buying votes, especially in central america. that's how the fraud is done. any other questions? >> that's it. >> good job. >> i got grilled. he knew what he was talking about. >> watching james and the team work with technology that's totally out of my league, it's been easy to forget that they are still young and have lots to learn. >> tell us about your hack. >> this is shazam for vision. >> can i take a picture of you? >> not to mention they have stiff competition. >> can we see you control this car with your mind? a mind controlled golf cart. >> hi ho silver. >> that usually works well. >> a bicycle video game. >> this could be good for lazy gamers. >> yes. >> to get off their butts. you really have to move. these kids are thinking big. >> the problem we are tackling is the european migrant crisis. >> this app connects syrian r
10:52 pm
refugees to volunteers who can help them with food, water and housing. >> what do you do with this after? this app could help people. >> yeah. i mean, really. do you have an idea where to take it? >> honestly, as college students we have to worry about school and stuff. >> it's crazy. this could be so useful right now. you created this in 36 hours and you will go back to school on monday. >> yeah. that's the life of a hack-a-on this. >> i can't believe in just a couple of hours the kids will go back to school and their amazing ideas will just disappear. >> seriously? you built this? >> it's got me wondering are they wasting creative potential? would the world benefit more if the young people were developing projects instead of sitting in college classrooms? >> brilliant, guys. >> thank you. >> really great. thank you.
10:53 pm
yeah. well, we gotta hand it thto fedex. glasses. they've helped make our e-commerce so easy, and now we're getting all kinds of new customers. i know. can you believe we're getting orders from canada, ireland... this one's going to new zealand. new zealand? psst. ah, false alarm. hey! you guys are gonna scare away the deer! idiots... providing global access for small business. fedex. (announcer vo) the new pixel phone by google. only on verizon. okay, google, show me korean restaurants in boulder?
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teachers, firefighters and nurss support prop 51. prop 51 repairs older schools and removes dangerous lead paint and pipes ensuring classrooms are safe for all students. for safe schools vote yes on 51.
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teachers, nurses and firefightes support prop 51. prop 51 will upgrade libraries, science labs, and classroom technology and relieve school overcrowding creating more opportunity . . . and better learning for students help students succeed vote yes on 51. hey, hackers. how many of you built an awesome project this weekend? >> the hack-a-thon is coming to a close. >> everybody give it up for stockpile. [ applause ] >> robot recycle. up there. >> james's team didn't win
10:57 pm
any prizes. but he still wouldn't trade the experience for anything. >> i wouldn't change anything. it was exhilarating. >> i find it incredible that you're here at this event where people are creating things that could potentially change the world. you have to go back to high school tomorrow. >> it's a little bit more of a reality check than i would like. right now applying to college and getting the grades is my priority. i will come up with ideas for what to work on in the future. it never ends past the weekend. it continues. >> in the months following the >> in the months following the shoot, james completes his college applications. he applied to 14 schools including george washington, stanford and, yes, uc berkeley. as for the wealth coin guys i reach out to jackson for an update. >> hey, lisa. it's december 9, 2015. >> what he has to say isn't what i expected.
10:58 pm
>> i left wealth coin when we all parted separate ways. >> what? >> i don't live in san francisco anymore. i have come back to oklahoma to start working on my own projects. >> jackson doesn't give many details. i learned that the team members had different ideas about the direction of the company. simon an stephen are continuing to develop wealth coin without him. >> not a lot of space for clothes and furniture. >> they haven't procured additional funding since leaving boost b.c. >> 10:17 a.m. and i need a coffee. >> from what i can see jackson has no regrets. >> i'm really happy right now working with a group of friends, none of whom have start-up experience whatsoever. >> jackson goes on and on about the new projects. let me summarize for you. he's creating a late night food delivery app with friends. he got $30,000 in funds to plan the first oklahoma hack-a-thon.
10:59 pm
he's doing freelance tech work for companies and ironically he's been invite ed to teach at a local school. >> i'm excited to see where it goes. >> i finished making this video. >> jackson is nothing if not resilient. >> my dad's about to come get me. >> when you can think for yourself as a teenager you can be free to explore anything you want. >> are these the same as yours? >> i don't know. are they? >> you're 19 years old. where will we see jackson at 25? >> oh, my god. i don't know. i don't know where i will be tomorrow. i have so many things i want to do. i want to be in multiple places at the same time. i would love to be a millionaire before i'm 20. clock's ticking on that. well, it was a big day. >> this generation of millennials has been called lazy, entitled. but the kids i met are anything but. they're really creating extraordinary things.
11:00 pm
it makes me excited about the future. i also want to send my daughter to a coding class. she's only 2. why not start her early? october surprise. a sudden twist as the fbi director says they have found emails possibly pertinent to the probe into hillary clinton's private server. >> we are calling on the fbi to release all the information that it has. >> with pressure building from both sides, will the fbi have to say more? and trump turnaround? there's new pep in his step after weeks of struggle. >> this is the biggest political scandal since watergate. >> will this move voters to him in the final days? plus carlos danger. dangerous to clinton. >> oh god, anthony weiner, i'm not a big fan. >> long a ab


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