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tv   Wolf  CNN  November 1, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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. and 25% less saturated fat. only eggland's best. better taste. better nutrition. better eggs. hello. i'm wolf blitzer. it's 1:00 opinip.m. in washingt. wherever you're watching from around the world, thanks for joining us. one week away from the u.s. presidential election. seven days for the final push and potential voters on both sides. the day includes three stops in florida for hillary clinton. high-profile backers like president obama and vice president joe biden, hitting other key states later today on her behalf. and here, take a look at this. getting live pictures in from florida city right now in florida, where hillary clinton is holding a rally and new
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hampshire. look at this. senator bernie sanders is also stumping for hillary clinton. a key battleground state. on the other side, donald trump will be in wisconsin later tonight, but just a short time ago, he appeared in pennsylvania. another key battleground state, with running mate mike pence. >> i will ask congress to convene a special session so we can repeal and replace. our replacement plan includes health savings accounts. a nationwide insurance market where you can purchase across state lines, and letting states manage medicaid dollars. >> polls show the presidential race tightening. just a week before election day. donald trump is hammering away at hillary clinton over obama care, the affordable care act and the phifbi of newly discove e-mails in the investigation of her private server.
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hillary clinton fighting back hard trying to paint donald trump as simply unfit for the presidency. bring in our panel. mattea gold, and execive eder mark preston and senior reporter, nia-malika harrison, and alison kosik is standing by. first to you, alison. both candidates making hypothetical proposals on the affordable care act, obama care, but whose proposal looks like a better fit for the overall u.s. economy and for american consumers? >> what strikes me, wolf. en you listen to donald trump saying i'll hold a special session and we're going to repeal and replace obama care. yes. easier sthaend done. think about how the affordable care act was passed in the first place pap highly partisan, highly, you know, highly partisan law that passed. good luck getting it done again.
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you know, there's a recent report from the rand corporation, a non-partisan corporation, and it's actually trying to put numbers on the impact of each candidate's proposal. specifically how these proposals will impact the federal deficit. look at the deficit, rand says trump's plan would actually increase the deficit by almost $6 billion because it looks to provide a tax deduction and allows insurance carriers to sell across state lines, which could increase the deficit but it's actually yuf yaufr s lly o saving the government $33 billion. look at what clinton's plan would do. cause the deficit to balloon $88.5 billion mostly because of the tax credit she's proposing. a credit to those whose premiums and out of pockets costs exceed 5% of their income. look, the reality is, both clinton and trump's teams had issue with the rand analysis, because they show that they're going to hike the deficit
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higher, and the other reality is, neither clinton nor trump's proposals are perfect solutions for health care. up know, one thing is for sure, wolf, that obama care, the way it is, it needs to be fixed. even the president admitted that. you listen to donald trump saying we just want to scrap obama care and pass something else, i say, good luck to that. >> alison kosik, thanks very much. reporting from the new york stock exchange. mattea gold, hillary clinton's strategy now, doing everything she possibly can to change the subject, to move away from the fbi investigation into her e-mail server and go on the offensive right now. really attacking donald trump in these final few days. >> you really gets sense of a campaign just trying to survive lis last slog and still feel confident in their chances, acknowledged tinting in overall
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national numbers and still see a clear path to a victory and it must be said that map has not changed dramatically in the past week. it comes down to a very narrow path for donald trump and several different options for hillary clinton to secure the white house. >> our poll of polls, mark preston, average of the major national polls. it's now down to four points. 46% hillary clinton. 42% donald trump. how worried should the clinton campaign be right now? >> no doubt they should be worried but as mattea said a tight path for donald trump to actually get there. he has to win all battleground states and pick up a democratic state at the same time. concern about democrats in the clinton campaign is there a hidden trump vote out there, folks not telling pollsters they would in fact vote for donald trump but get behind the curtain will actually do so. that is a big concern right now for them. >> you know, the clinton campaign has just today come out with a scathing new attack ad against donald trump using some of his off-color comments over
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the years. especially involving women. listen to this. >> putting a wife to work is a very dangerous thing. when i come home and dinner's not ready, i go through the roof. >> grandmother [ bleep ]. >> when you're a star they let you do it. you can do anything. >> that's just the beginning of that ad. 60-second ad. is this an effective strategy to try to rally women supporters out there? women voters? >> it is. it's the strategy they've been trying since day one in terms of this campaign. using donald trump's words against him. one way effective about this ad you don't really have to watch it. you can be in the other room doing whatever you're doing and just hear it. each time you hear it it's rather shocking. right? to hear what he's saying there about women, whether or not women should work, the things said on the "access hollywood" ad. very similar to 47% ad we saw
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the obama campaign use so effectively against romney in 2012. using the candidate's words. we've seen them do that over and over. it works with women voters, we see it in the polls and works with men disturbed by this kind of language when it comes to talking about women. >> david, you have a high-profile piece out there, reporting on the surrogates that hillary clinton surrogates versus the donald trump surrogates. a map showing where everyone is today. the vice president of the united states, the president, first lady. he/s she has terrific surrogates. he doesn't have a lot. >> she's going to hit eight different states today with all the surrogates out there. while donald trump and mike pence are going to hit two. they're in pennsylvania together. then he will go to wisconsin later tonight. so i just think that shows the breadth, the gap that hillary clinton has around the country, to be able to move people around the country. she can touch more voters each
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day. but i will say two to three weeks ago most thought donald trump was dead, and i think there's a fear of the unknown with the clinton campaign pup sigh the national numbers. track close over the last week. weekend polling isn't as good. yesterday was halloween. talked to a pollster. wait until wednesday or thursday numbers. he expects it to close even closer in this race, and that will make the final 72 hours of this race crucial. >> hillary clinton supporters, certain, fearful there are donald trump voters who won't ak knowledge they're going to vevor donald trump. a legitimate fear? >> something as mark noticed anxiously looking, to quantify it. it really is the unknown i think is giving a scare to the clinton folks now. they put so much time and energy into identifying their voters, knowing who they need to get out to the polls and the question, are there people out there we can't anticipate their behavior? i do think, though, that on the surrogate strategy, also an
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indicator of something else going on on the ground. surrogates are raising money for clinton and the party at the very same time out there doing politics efforts. more funds in for the dnc and its get out the vote, outflanking republicans take into account all the clinton folks on the ground as well. >> everybody stay with us. don't go far away. a bunch more on the race for the white house. new developments happening now. i want to immediately turn to another major story. a major development happening right now in the war against isis. iraqi troops are now within a few hundred miles enters mosul after sealing out the city's village on the outskirts. vowing to cut the head off the snake. our senior international correspondent arwa damon is traveling on the front lines to see the battle firsthand joining us now from nearby erbil in iraq. arwa, we're hearing a sandstorm moved into the area.
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how is that affecting, first of all, this military operation? >> reporter: well, it makes it very difficult. now, the operation continued in the early hours of the morning, and when we first arrived at the front lines, there were sporadic though fairly intense clashes and air strikes taking place. isis using its usual tactics of placing boobytraps in buildings and along the roads as well as suicide car bombs, but then it seemed as if in the particular location we were at, something of a fixed position, the situation had quieted down. there was no incoming fire, wolf, for hours. and then a few bullets came in the direction of the troops that we were with, and as it would turn out, they had spotted three isis fighters who were wearing similar clothing to what the unit we were with would be wearing. this is the iraqi counterterrorism unit. they spotted them. moved forward fairly quickly.
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called in some fire power a rocket was fired into the building that the three isis fighters were believed to be holed up, and this is something isis does quite frequently. lie low, wait and come out and try to strike when they think the advancing forces have their guard down, and in late afternoon, of course, that sandstorm you mentioned there did blow through, and it just significantly deep creases visibili visibility. you can imagine how challenging it makes it for troops moving forward, but also for the air power and drones to be put to uses and this tone, the last remaining town between the iraqi forces, at least from the eastern front and mosul, has a population of about 25,000 civilians that still remained inside. which is why iraqis were moving forward very carefully and very methodically to try to make sure that they decrease, minimize, civilian xashl casualties as mu possible, woman. >> i remember when the isis
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terrorists took over mosul more than two years ago. they simply went in and the iraqi military, they ran away. dropped theirdoned u.s. army are and fled. i assume isis fighters still have all of this equipment. have you seen any sign at all that the iraqi military or kurdish forces for that matter are abandoning positions getting closer and closer to the isis fighters this time around? >> reporter: they most certainly are not, wolf. we have seen in the early stages of this fight, and i'm talking weeking ago, months ago when first pushing into the nineveh province, struggle and some instances to take over a village and perhaps withdraw a little bit. but this is a force. an iraqi force especially that is completely and entirely revamped. that has really been the main role of the u.s. advisers and this u.s.-led coalition, but
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there's also something else that's quite significant to keep in mind as well, and that is this time around they have u.s. fire power and air power supporting them, and that has really helped to bolster the confidence of those troops on the ground. because one of the reasons why they dropped their weapons and fled isn't just down necessarily to poor training. it's also because they didn't feel as if they had the support of baghdad and there was a significant collapse in military leadership. this time around everything has been done to ensure that history does not repeat itself, wolf. what many people are worried about is not necessarily the battle for mosul itself but what happens after the city has been liberated. >> arwa damon, joining us. arwa, we'll stay in close touch. thanks for the excellent reporting. more on the military campaign to recapture mosul. i'm joined by the u.s. special presidential envoy for the global coalition to counter
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isis. joining us from the state department. thanks for joining us. i know you recently returned from iraq. what is your assessments of the status of this iraqi/kurdish military offensive backed by the u.s. towards liberating mosul? >> wolf, thanks for having me. i just returned from about a week in iraq between erbil and baghdad. we worked almost six months to put this campaign plan together, to get the kurdish peshmerga together, the iraqis fors, took a lot of great work by military colleagues and diplomats to get this moving. we're now in the third week of the operation. we always knew this is a multiple-month operation to actually clear and hold the city the size of mosul, but so far it's ahead of schedule, but again, there will be days in which the ream advances like today and days in which things slow down a little bit. that's the course of events in a military campaign. right now we feel pretty good about the process and continue
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to support the iraqis and peshmerga as they move forward. >> highway close are iraqi forces now from actually entering mosul, and what's your assessment? how much longer is it going to take to liberate that city? >> well, they're in the outlying villages. again, we're ahead of schedule on most of the axis of advance. a good frort arwa. a revamped iraqi security force. some units we trained now fighting two years with some of the most forgetive forces in the region. they're battle hardened and have our support. they're in the outlying area, made good advances today, particularly from the access from the east. but again i don't want to get ahead of events. this is a very big city. this is an enemy that is barbaric. they are quite literally suicidal, spent two years building tunnels and boobytraps. so this will be a methodic's very careful and precise campaign. most importantly, this comes from iraq's prime minister, and from the coalition, first and foremost, protection of
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civilians. so this is a very careful, a very deliberate campaign. it will proceed in stages. and we're very focused on making sure we're not just defeating daesh, a bar baric enemy but also doing everything we can to care for civilians living under terror two years. >> another name for isis or isil and may be more than a million people system living in mosul right now. the republican presidential candidate donald trump, you know, highly critical of this mosul military offensive. especially logistics of it. this is what he said yesterday. yesterday, donald trump speaking in grand rapids, michigan. >> even mosul, we're trying to retake mosul for a second time, because we essentially gave it up. so now we're going in, and we -- did we give them enough advance notice? four months is enough time. right? general, did we give mosul enough advance notice? i think so. four months, and i keep saying,
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whatever happened to the element of surprise? >> when a military expert was quoted, a u.s. military expert saying comments like that are off the mark. listen to how donald trump reacted. listen to this. >> the rezisistance is much greater because they knew about the attack. why can't they win first and talk late jer why do they have to say three months before the attack we're going in? so you can tell your military expert i'll sit down and i'm going to teach him a couple of things. >> trump tweeted about it last week saying, read the tweet, the attack on mosul it turning out to be a total disaster. we gave them months of notice. u.s. looking so dumb. here's your chance. what's your response to donald trump's assessment? >> wolf, you know, i'm going to stay out of the presidential election campaign. it's hard to even respond to that. this is a complex endeavor. i would just say we're catching daesh, isil, these terrorists by
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surprise. killing their leaders every single day. recently we killed baghdadi's number one deputy and this operation in mosul it is advancing on multiple axes of advance. isil does not know what's coming for them, and we are catching them by surprise. killing them where we find them. this operation is exceedingly complex. it's ahead of schedule. so i have to say let's watch the coming days unfold and it's kind of bizarre to hear that when iraqi security forces are just on the edge of mosul about to enter the city. >> trump also says by giving the isis forces so much advance notice, their leaders have already fled mosul. is that true? >> when we find their leaders we're killing them. we've killed about every three days or so take out one of their leaders. all of the deputies of bag dahd eliminated. things we don't talk about. i would say, wolf, a lot is going on here we do not talk about, but to prepare a campaign
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the size of mosul, this is the most complex thing the iraqi security forces have done in decades. it takes time to prepare. you have to move tens of thousands of security forces to stage and begin the attack. obviously, this is something that you knew was going to eventually launch. the iraqi security forces and prime minister abadi announced the date of his choosing and the aese of advance are catching isil very much by surprise. so it's a sophisticated very well-run operation. it's in the early stages. we're getting to the outskirts of the city now. with security forces we have trained, with american advisers, and i think this is something the american people should be proud of. as your correspondent just said, this is a revamped iraqi security force. they're revamped because of what our brave american soldiers have done in iraq the last two years to rebuild the security force, and here we are on the verge of liberating the city of mosul and i think that's something that we should feel pretty good about. again, this will take time.
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it's complex, and we're going to see it through. >> brett mcgurk, president's special envoy. thanks very much for joining us. >> wolf, thank you. still to come, new details in the investigation involving hillary clinton's e-mails. the attorney general of the united states and the fbi director, they meet for the first time since the new reserve lapgss. plus -- president obama is out stumping right now for hillary clinton. can he help her cross the finish line? with just seven days left in this extraordinary campaign. remember when you said that men are superior drivers? yeah... yeah, then how'd i'd get this... allstate safe driving bonus check? ... only allstate sends you a bonus check
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gives you better taste and better nutrition in so many varieties. classic. cage free. and organic. only eggland's best. the fbi director near washington, james comey is in the center of a major firestorm, the to the 16 presidential election. hillary clinton campaign claiming a double standard in this race. and then if you're in the business of releasing information about investigations on presidential candidates, release everything you have on donald trump. release the information on his connections to the russians. now that he is weighed into the
10:25 am
election get all the information out there. get the information out on hillary clinton he supposedly might have. get the information out on donald trump. the voters are smart and can figure this out. >> right now fbi agents are cataloging tens of thousands of e-mails determined on the laptop of huma abedin's estranged husband anthony weiner. unlikely to be wrapped up by election day a week from today. jim sciutto joins us now, national security correspondent. harry reid on sunday sent a letter to the fbi director alleging in part top officials in the national security community including the fbi have what he described as explosive information about ties and coordination between trump, his advisers and the russian government. what have you learned about this? >> let's look at what we know here. we know that the fbi has multiple investigations underway of alleged ties either between
10:26 am
trump camp, trump advisers and russia, each of them, though, at this point has not turned up any evidence of criminal behavior. run through them. paul manafort, former campaign manager, left the campaign a number of weeks ago, advised a pro-russian leader of ukraine before he then left office, forced out by popular protest. fbi has been looking into that more than a year. that investigation still underway, arguably the most substantial because he did work for this former pro-russian leader and did not relate to anything criminal as relates most importantly to the republican nominee. and another question, whether russian individuals were met currently under u.s. sanctions for russia's military activity in ukraine. so far no evidence found beyond the initial claim he did so.
10:27 am
that inquiry is still underway and a final inquiry on roger stone, an informal adviser to the trump campaign and his alleged relationship with wikileaks, the source of these many hacked russian e-mails targeting the democratic national committee and their senior, hillary clinton campaign figures. this is another line of inquiry which is part of a broader investigation of wikileaks, going on for a number of years. this is an organization that's released many then or at once secret documents. so far they haven't found anything criminal there either. and that's a difficult one, because keep in mind wikileaks, whatever you think about them, they're exposing information. we're in a country that has first amendment rights and exposing that information regardless of the source has some protections, but, again that line of inquiry is still underway but nothing crim noina found to this point. complicated to say the least,
10:28 am
wolf. >> what do we know about a meeting that occurred between the fbi director james comey and the attorney general loretta lynch? >> they're meeting today. appearing in a joint event, appearing in public at a joint event. one of my colleague, evan perez is there to witness it. you know, they still have a professional relationship. dog oversees the fbi. we know our reporting dog disagreed with comey the decision to go public, to send this letter to congress about the investigation. loretta lynch disagreed but didn't tell him not to do. might have been within her powers since the d.o.g. oversees the fbi. stilg ha still have a working relationship. nothing shows the relationship changed due to this disagreement. they still have to work together. >> jim sciutto, thank you very much. coming up, the polls here in this presidential rate are clearly tightening with only seven days left.
10:29 am
each campaign pulling out all the stops in their drive for captures the necessary 270 electoral votes needed to win. we'll break down each candidate's path to that goal. that's coming up next. remember this guy?
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he's the drug company big shot who raised the price of a lifesaving pill by five thousand percent.
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said he wished he'd raised it more. prop sixty-one targets drug company price-gouging to save lives. the drug price relief act will save californians nearly a billion dollars a year. join the california nurses association and aarp and vote yes on sixty-one. the drug giants won't like it. and he'll hate it. from today, the race for the white house at stake. 270 electoral college votes needed to become the next president of the united states. mattea, you're looking at three states now critically important. which ones? >> one, north carolina. donald trump absolutely has to win north carolina, if the map follows what we've seen historically, and we are seeing president obama go that state twice this week. they're practically taking up
10:34 am
residency there. something the clinton people believe they can cut him off very early if they are able to lock down north carolina. two states that are warning signs for the clintons, however. michigan, seeing the trump campaign put in money and we really, clinton is going to have to really drive up her share of enthusiasm among african-american voters in that state in order to win, and colorado, where the clinton campaign went back on the air in a state where they thought they had locked down. >> looking at three states too? >> conventional, though. ohio, norlg carth carolina, flo. donald trump doesn't become president without them. he needs to win those three states. states that see results. certainly not final results, but see results early on, and no mistake we see joe biden there today. barack obama in ohio today. biden in north carolina. of course, the clintons in two separate events down in florida. three huge states. >> loses any one of those, states, trump, can he be president? >> you have to run the board on a different set of scenarios.
10:35 am
very difficult. >> and wish wimichigan, wiscons and -- states people thought donald trump would do well in, doing well among blue white blue collar workers. see melania in pennsylvania later this week and we'll see what he's able to do in any of these states. we see tightening in wisconsin with in a senate race particularly. they're going back in. the democrats are. trying to shore that up. but this was the original claim of the donald trump campaign that he was going to be able to eat into that blue wall. hasn't happened so far. if he does that he's going to have to pick up a lot of other states, too, but would be a start if able to pick up any of those states. >> david? >> with mark. ohio, north carolina, florida. ohio, north carolina, florida. hillary clinton needs to win only one of these three to become president. all three states will close between 7:00 and 8:00 on election night and north carolina, she has her biggest advantage there right now. trump is leading in the other two states for averages.
10:36 am
why i think president obama is going down there. when i hear from the clinton campaign, african-american turnout. obama obviously is there to jack that up, and she needs to get to obama's levels in 2012 to flip north carolina. if she can win north carolina early in the night, she's president. >> can he do that? raise that african-american turnout? president obama, of course, our first african-american president. enormous support, but can hillary clinton follow suit? >> i doubt it. i think the clinton and obama coalition are very different. the obama coalition is deep in a way that the clinton coalition is broad. she's able to make up some of the drop-off in terms of millennial voters with a college educated white voters and older voter. overperforming obama in those groups. she has to do adequately among african-americans, carry level support but unrealistic she'll do as well as obama did. we saw drop-off with black millennial voters between 2008
10:37 am
and 2012 anyway. hard to see her being able to jack up those numbers. >> guys, don't go far away. coming up, donald trump takes back -- donald trump's taxes back in the spotlight. new questions raised after a report offers insight how he may have avoided paying millions of dollars in taxes. a trump adviser is standing by live. he will discuss, when we come back. oh no, that looks gross whoa, twhat is that? try it. you gotta try it, it's terrible. i don't wanna try it if it's terrible. it's like mango chutney and burnt hair. no thank you, i have a very sensitive palate. just try it! guys, i think we should hurry up. if you taste something bad, you want someone else to try it.
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welcome back. there are now seven days left until election day lehere in th united states. millions have already cast ballots including the speak herb of the house of representatives
10:42 am
paul ryan saying he voted for donald trump but also said this about a trump appearance in ryan's home state of wisconsin later today. listen -- >> speaker, before you leave your state this morning, donald trump and scott walker will be there, campaigning in your state. will you be with them? >> no. i just heard about it about ten minutes ago, actually. i didn't know that. i'm on my way right now to indiana with one of our members running there, then michigan, then virginia. crisscrossing the country fighting for congressional republicans. >> joining us now from grand rapids in michigan former michigan republican congressman, pete hoekstra, now senior adviser to the trump campaign on national security matters. congressman, thanks for joining us. the speaker of the house, you saw that interview on fox earlier this morning. the speaker didn't know that the trump campaign and donald trump were coming to wisconsin, his home state. what does that say about their
10:43 am
ability to co-exist, to work together? >> oh, i think speaker ryan and mr. trump, i was on the plane and traveled with mr. trump yesterday. they're going to be able to work together as the next president, as the speaker of the house. as a matter of fact, it's kind of what the, mr. trump laid out today when he was talking about his health care proposal. recognizing that he's going to have to get this through congress, and that's why he had a bunch of meshes from congress there with him today. >> well, if he's trying to win wisconsin you would have thought, congressman, he would have had the speaker, very popular in wisconsin, out there campaigning with him when he visits his home state nap would make a lot of sense, but it's not happening. why? >> well, i mean, earlier in the program today you talked about different surrogates out there around the country for mrs. clinton. paul ryan is going around the country. he's -- he's energizing the republican base. someone who comes out and vote
10:44 am
for a republican member of the house is going to vote for donald trump for president. in wisconsin today they're going to have senator ron johnson, reince priebus, chair of the republican national committee. the congressman and governor scott walker, who's enormously popular. you don't put all of your resources in one basket. you do spread them out to make sure that, like what paul is saying. mr. trump's in wisconsin. paul's going to be in indiana. he'll be in michigan and other places doing what we want to accomplish. maintain the senate. maintain the house, and elect a president. >> you're right. the speaker, paul ryan, is out there campaigning for republicans running for re-election in the house of representatives but avoids speaking about donald trump when out there on the campaign trail. that's sort of underscoring the tension that probably exists. let me talk about another key state. ohio. no republican has ever won the white house with winning ohio,
10:45 am
and now the governor of ohio john kasich says he actually did early voting and he wrote in, voted for john mccain for president of the united states. that's a powerful message he's sending republicans and others, you know, in ohio, don't vote for trump. what does that say to you? >> well, i mean, john has been here for the last, at this point, for the last three or four months. ever since the convention when he didn't show up at the convention. i supported john kasich through the primary process. he was my candidate. john has made it clear that mr. trump was not. john cast his vote today, but almost every day since the convention, donald trump has been doing very well in ohio. he's leading in the polls. we are going to win ohio. we're going to win ohio. we're going to win michigan. you know, john kasich is one vote. we had huge turnouts for mr. trump yesterday. one in a solidly republican area and another in a solidly reagan democrat region of the state of michigan. donald trump is bringing a lot
10:46 am
of other people into the republican coalition who are going to vote for him as president, and, yes, he lost john kasich yesterday, but clearly, he's bringing a lot of other republicans, or a lot of other independents and democrats into this coalition. >> trump hasn't said publicly -- he said a few times it was smart for himself avoiding paying federal until tax back in 1990s. "new york times" has another story saying he used supposedly less than scrupulous methods to avoid paying federal income tax. he could clarify this quickly by releasing his tax returns. yet so far he's refused to do so. do you think there's a chance between now and next tuesday he'll release those tax returns? >> i don't think so. i mean, you know, and the easy -- less than scrupulous. either donald trump followed the tax code or he did not. if he did not follow the tax
10:47 am
code, the irs probably would have flagged it, audited, and mr. trump would have been responsible for back taxes. none of that happened. he followed the tax code. he has paid his taxes, or in some years may not have had a tax liability. all of us, i would think that most americans are looking for a way to use the tax code to fairly pay their taxes, to not overpay, and not to cheat the system, and to underpay. >> pete hoekstra, former republican congressman from michigan. trump adviser. thanks for joining us. >> thank you, wolf. and a reminder, cnn will have all-day coverage of the presidential election. that's next tuesday, november 8th, right here on cnn. please join us. still to come, president obama stumping for hillary clinton in a key battleground state of ohio. account president help drive enthusiasm for the clinton campaign amid recent controversies? we're on a full report on that, when we come back.
10:48 am
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10:52 am
campaign swing for hillary clinton today. he'll be in ohio for a get out the vote event then head to north carolina and florida later this week. president obama has been put aing in up with campaign event each week since october. michelle, is the president expected to address, for example, the e-mail controversy today and is it complicating those campaign stops? >> i think that will be a big no. he's not likely to tackle this head on. in the news cycle, the fact this broke on friday, that seems like an eternity ago to us, probably, but it's been a few days, just think, we have not heard the president himself weigh in at all. and yesterday was the first time the white house was questioned at length about the latest in the e-mails. that said he's not likely to anything directly about it. what the president often does is address the situation, whatever
10:53 am
it is, without really addressing it, he might focus on, for example, hillary clinton's integrity. a few days nag an interview we heard the president talk about how he told voters early on for himself he's not a perfect person, he won't be a perfect president everybody makes mistakes. that's the kind of thing he might say where if you want to you can read in that he's talking about some of the challenges that hillary clinton has been facing throughout. he's likely to try to rev up the base, that's what he's expected to do. and when you look at the appearances he's made and will make, they're at places like college campuses where we are today. he's been doing radio appearances on shows popular among african-americans. those are the people he wants to get excited hoping to use his popularity to shore up hillary clinton, especially a place like ohio where not only has it been razor close, now polls are showing donald trump in the
10:54 am
lead. it was funny, walking over here with a group of students they were chanting "obama, obama, obama." one student had to remind the crowd, "no, we should be chanting hillary clinton." wolf. >> ohio a critically important state. michelle, thank you. coming up, as this election unleashes more twists and turns, we examine what other presidential cycles were dealing with around this point in the campaign. >> this morning we were offered a stunning bit of straight talk. an october surprise. ve never set ship take off like this. [owner] i'm lindsey. i'm the founder of ezpz. my accountant... ...he's almost like my dad in this weird way. yeah, i'm proud of you. you actually did some of the things i asked you to do the other day (laughs). [owner] ha, ha, ha. [accountant] i've been able to say, okay...'s the challenges you're going to have. and we can get it confirmed through our quickbooks. and what steps are we going to use to beat these obstacles before they really become a problem. [announcer] get 30 days free at
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one week out from election day, flight the middle of the donald trump and hillary clinton closing arguments from the american people. let's visit october 28, 2008, seven days out, republican presidential candidate john mccain, democratic presidential candidate barack obama were in
10:59 am
the battleground states of pennsylvania and virginia attacking each other on issue number one -- the economy. >> senator obama is running to be redistributionist in chief. i'm running to be commander in chief. [ cheers and applause ] senator obama is running to spread the wealth, i'm running to create wealth. >> in the closing days of this campaign my opponent is drying to distance himself from president bush despite the fact that he's faithfully supported him 90% of the time, john mccain's ridden shotgun has george bush has driven our economy towards a cliff and now he wants to take the wheel and step on the gas. >> and just like this political campaign, which has featured several famous people on the campaign trail, a celebrity of sorts was out on that same day
11:00 am
stumping for mccain. >> i want to let you know, my choice in this is mccain, i plan on voting for a real american. >> that was joe the plumber who now supports donald trump. that's it for me. thanks for watching. the news continues right here on cnn. wolf blitzer, thank you so much. i'm brooke baldwin, you're watching cnn. we are in the home stretch, do you feel it? seven days. seven to go before we know who america's next president will be and you only need to look to this map to see how hillary clinton, donald trump, and their top surrogates are working to get their messages out to you, the voter, in these final days, they are hitting the most important states, the