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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  November 2, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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top of the hour, you're watching cnn, i'm brooke baldwin. thank you for being with me. in moments, hillary clinton's surrogate in chief president obama is set to take the stage in north carolina. james taylor getting the crowd revved up in chal pe-- chapel
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hill. the president won this state in 2008 but lost four years ago. how will that translate come 2016 and specifically six days from now on election day. cnn has brond new polls out from four battleground states, one of which donald trump himself says is a must-win if he wants to be in the white house. so let's begin the hour with mark preston, our cnn politics executive editor who can work through some of the numbers, but let's control through this quickly and let our viewers know in arizona donald trump leads hillary clinton by five points, in florida clinton is ahead by two, in nevada that race shifted 49% to 43% and in pennsylvania clinton holding a four-point edge. mark preston, what do you think of this? >> well, if you're donald trump those are good numbers given the fact we thought his campaign was all but over a week ago then the
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e-mail scandal, the comey reopening of the investigation came to light. when you're donald trump and you are that close in arizona that is concerning but at least he is up five. in florida he is virtually tied. in north carolina right now, which we know that president barack obama is going to be there shortly as well as friday another must win state know know the african-american vote is not as high as it was in the early absentees four years ago and also down in florida, too, we're seeing a decrease of 3.2% of the african-american vote. in pennsylvania the fact is he's within four right now so donald trump still has a very tough road to get to 270 or cross the threshold but he's in a better position today than a week ago. >> that, thank you so much. i want to parse these numbers and have a bigger conversation with cnn political analyst gloria borger, ed o'keefe is with us as well, political reporter for the "washington
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post." april ryan is here, white house correspondent for american urban radio networks. and brian stelter, cnn's media correspondent and host of "reliable sources." we are six days away but big picture, gloria, we ran through the numbers and we'll go through those states again. the fact that hillary clinton has added this stop in the detroit on friday, you could call it the bluest of blue, i think it was red in '88 and that was it. why are they doing this? >> well, she has to keep her blue wall. the firewall and michigan is important. obviously republicans are seeing some numbers tighten. they're probably going to be heartened in the clinton campaign today that the polling out of wisconsin shows her up six point there is so they can breathe a sigh of relief about the state of wisconsin. not that they're worried about it but it's part of their blue
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wall so, look, when you talk to the clinton people they will tell you we are spending money there, we are doing these things because we can, because we have the money but when you are sending a candidate to the state of michigan this close to the election she is really trying to beef up their get out the vote operation, particularly as you can see mark was pointing out in the state of florida, african-american early voting down. they need to get out their base of support and michigan, detroit, michigan, is very much a part of that and they don't want to take any chances on their blue wall. they don't care how they get to 270, they just want to make sure they get there, brooke. >> north carolina, let me hone in on that, april, with you. the president is about to speak at chapel hill, i'm a proud graduate of unc chapel hill. he is specifically addressing
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african-americans, we heard him talk about his legacy but i want to play sound before we chat. he was on tom joyner this morning and here's what he said. >> i need everybody to understand that everything we've done is dependent on being being able to pass the baton to somebody who believes in the sam things i believe in. and so if you really care about my presidency and what we've accomplished then gour going to go and vote. >> april, you tell me if it sounds like he is sound thing the alarm, especially in a place like north carolina which he lost in 2012. is it realistic to think the same enthusiasm and numbers of black voters will show up in six days? >> well, that's the question and right now, brooke, as we're seeing, we're hearing reports that early voting for african-americans is lower and i've talked to the head of the
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naacp and he said specifically in a place like north carolina there is a concern about logistics, the fact that some of the polls have diminished in precincts where there's a high concentration of african-americans so there's a big concern there but there's also still across the nation a log in the numbers for early voting or what they anticipated when it comes to african-americans and again cornell brooks said he is expecting there will be a rush of african-americans on november 8 but president obama is definitely trying to sound the alarm as loud as he can. he's telling people, look, health care will be rolled back, everything he worked for, climate change issues, things that are intrinsic for the nation as well as particularly focusing in on african-americans. it will change if donald trump becomes president and he wants to make sure his legacy is continued with number 45 if that is hillary clinton. >> meantime on trump, ed, this is to you, the fact that he's
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not stepping in it, he is not tweeting, who knows what at 3:00 in the morning, he is talking about substance and the obamacare premiums going up, he's talking about the fbi reopening its review of the hillary clinton e-mails and it could be working for him. >> detective be, i look the way he's comported himself in the last few days the same exact way he did in the days after secretary clinton's health care there on 9/11 at the commemoration in new york. the idea that suddenly they realized oh, my goodness, we may have a chance to sneak ahead here, let's keep our eye on the prize, let's be disciplined and scripted and talk about things that help bring republicans home and maybe we can pull ahead and they have to be encouraged by what they're seeing, staving her off in arizona, keeping ahead of her in nevada but i would question the polling done by everyone out there and it doesn't represent totally the hispanic voter universe in those
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two states and somehow tightening things up in pennsylvania and michigan and keeping florida. if he can keep at it for the rest of the week one might think we have a late night next tuesday if he can at least find one or two of his ways to get to 270, which are limited but still possible based on what the polling is showing us at this point. >> before next tuesday we could have a late night tonight depending on how many innings are played in game seven of the world series so if i may transition to brian stelter and talk baseball, this is relevant with politics, because i was sitting in my office wondering this is the perfect place to buy an ad when so many americans are staying tuned to the game and you found out how many ads in which camp? >> both campaign buying ads for a game seven no one thought would happen. the indians looked to be running away but the cubs are back so the historic game seven has clinton with at least four ads, trump with three ads.
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we'll see if all the ads get on the air. you can imagine lots of advertisers are trying to get in the game but brook this game will be about 30 million viewers tonight, it's the last chance to be in front of that many viewers at the same time, so what ads will the campaigns buy? >> they go positive or negative? there's also an nra ad, pro trump nra so we'll see a number of political ads. hopefully they won't make the game a bummer otherwise it will be exciting. >> ed, i don't know how big of a baseball fan you are or i bet you are a nate silver 538 fan. nate silver said donald trump had about the best chance of winning as the cubs winning the world series. this is when they were down 3-1. they're about to potentially win tonight, ed. >> yup. look, i'm more of a yankees or nationals fan but since our friend manu raju is such a cubs fan, i'm with them. we'll see if they can pull it
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off. you could also look at the fact the redskins tied and here in d.c. we keep track of that and the results of the redskins -- they have a bye weekend so we have to look at the tie game in london and that would suggest an interesting night on election night because it might suggest it will be even. why are you asking me supports questions? >> i was in fenway three years ago when the sox ended up grabbing it in the end but gloria, we'll move away from baseball quickly, we got new numbers from quinnipiac on north carolina. >> please. >> i'm moving on. >> north carolina, hillary clinton is ahead just by a couple percentage points as we were waiting to hear from obama, from the president in north carolina. still really close. >> that's important to her, it's a very important state for hillary clinton, a very important state for donald trump, she's got to win one easy path for her would be through
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north carolina. there's other got news in that quinnipiac poll for trump which is that same poll just said -- and we got it in minutes ago -- that trump is up 46%/41% in ohio. >> i'm listening to you and thinking about north carolina and that makes me think of the president in april, you heard the interview that president obama did with now this news where he was asked about the fbi investigation and this is something the hillary clinton campaign doesn't want us talking about, they don't want voters thinking about it but instead of the president saying i don't want to comment, it's an ongoing investigation he talked about a leaky fbi and the innuendo and ongoing investigation and i don't know. why do you think he did that the way he did? >>. >> you have to remember the stakes are very high and when we talk about the stakes being high, it's high not just for one community, it's high for all communities in this nation and this president is very concerned
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with how things are playing out. he's watching just like we are. he's so concerned he's going back to north carolina, he'll be in fayetteville in november. so north carolina is a big state. and the white house is looking at this and saying, you know, wow, i had a problem when i was running. wow, this is something different. and this is unheard of. this is setting a precedent to have these leaks about this, this letter going to congress from the fbi director 11 days or so before the election. that's unheard of but the president being a constitutional attorney himself and understanding the processes, he is definitely still moving forward, he has not moved away from hillary clinton and he's trying to show people this is the same thing he wants them do, not this rik and move away from hillary clinton and keep moving forward. >> i'm looking at these pictures
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of bill clinton and i'm reminded of how much of a help he was to president obama just four years ago. just even in that final week. he made four stops in one day stumping for the president. >> brooke, we talk about unprecedented. it's important to remember here, it's also unprecedented having a sitting president campaigning as aggressively and frequently as he has been, he is enjoying approval numbers north of 50%, ronald reagan barely did this for george bush. bill clinton didn't do it for al gore. >> and there's a reason for that. >> yeah, there is a reason. he's popular and the states in which -- >> no, no, in -- >> say it again. >> gore and clinton did not get along in the waning days, some of that reason was for we know what happened, the impeachment and things that came along with that and that's one reason why clinton was not on the campaign trail for gore. let's move into george w. bush and mccain, they didn't have the
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best relationship either so if we're going to talk about history, let's fill out the facts. >> all i was doing is saying is it's unprecedented to have a sitting president doing this and it's important for clinton because the president can go not only to the african-american community but so many swing states and say please turn out and help bolster my legacy. it's incredibly important. >> >> what about the first lady? go ahead, gloria. >> i want to talk about the first lady i think what we see from both the first lady and the bt is that this is turning very personal for them, we heard the first lady come out after the "access hollywood" videotape and gave a powerful speech to women and that videotape although she didn't mention trump by name. now we have the president who used to joke about trump to a great degree on the campaign trail. he's not joking anymore he understands something has shifted and that his legacy is
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at stake and i think he believes everything he believes is at stake and so his tone now is much more serious and when you have a president of the united states talking about innuendo from his own fbi director, you get a sense of how i think, as an attorney, offended the president was by this announcement, it was very clear to me from listen to the president talk about this that he was not happy with the decision the fbi director made. >> i can't help but wonder -- the power of the presidency is real up until his final day in office but i have to wonder if this has some dinnishing returns as he speaks out against trump. is there anything new at this point president obama or the first lady can say? anything new that will generate a new news cycle or is this just about getting local media attention and cable news
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coverage. >> getting out the vote. >> he'll speak momentarily at a happen pell chill. the president in chapel hill, north carolina, that's moments away. live pictures. we're back in a flash.
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the candidates and their top surrogates are out and about as we are six days away. there he is in the red hat. there you have donald trump taking part in a round table there in the all-important state of florida. by the way, the vice president is in florida, we saw pictures of bill clinton, he's stumping for his wife in iowa. as we talk about this we're watching and waiting as well to hear president obama speaking in chapel hill north carolina. ed rendell, former dnc says be
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wry of the hidden donald trump vote. >> i think there was a hidden donald trump vote like there was a hidden frank rizzo vote and the talk about being over and how the contest is the senate, i think that will persuade a couple of hillary clinton voters and democratic voters to say "what do i have to stand online for an hour for?" if i were the clinton team, i would be worried about that type of talk. >> let's begin there. lanhee chen is a former mitt romney public policy director. good to see you? good to s . >> good to see you. >> i just talked to a trump surrogate saying "brook, they're whispering me on the metro on d.c., i don't want to say this too loud but i'm with you." is that a potential for next tuesday? >> it may be but this is a turnout play. this last week comes to turnout versus momentum. so for the clinton campaign it's what about the ways we can turn out the people we need to turn out to win this election.
12:22 pm
so ed rendell saying that is more about making sure their voters get out to vote. >> can i ask you to go a couple years back when you were with romney and you referred to this as the siren song. you suddenly made an 11th hour play for pennsylvania just as the trump team is doing that in michigan. how did that go for you? >> it didn't go well, there were a couple things that happened. we had the hurricane four years ago, we showed some movement in pennsylvania. now i think the challenge with this is that every campaign that is a little behind or a lot behind in some cases looks for what are the other pathways we can use to get to the 270 electoral votes we need? i think the trump campaign -- that's why they're playing in michigan now. >> who in michigan? is it that white working class -- >> exactly. disaffected white working class voters. >> who he does well with. >> who he does well with, the economic message does well with him. the anti-free trade message does well with him.
12:23 pm
now, they would have been gettable if the trump campaign had been working in michigan three months ago. this is a momentum play. the hope is the bank shot that the momentum will carry them into enough support to get them over the top. the other factor is how large is that disaffected black vote? is hillary clinton's base in the african-american community diminished so much? is the interest diminished so much that trump has a pathway in michigan. that's the open question. >> she's added the stop in detroit on friday which surprised people and though it makes sense, i'm thinking we're waiting for the president to speak in north carolina which is where he won in '08, frolost in '12. every time we see the first lady out stumping in north carolina, she points out specific precincts and how many vote he is lost because so much of this is about getting out and voting
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but him standing in chapel hill is more than just saying vote. what is it? >> it's about turning people out to vote but figuring out what is the right coalition that needs to be assembled to get hillary clinton over the top. >> what do you mean? >> if the stories about the black vote being less animated than it was four years ago -- and i fully believe that's the case -- if that's true, where do they get the votes from? millennials. one big category in chapel hill speaking directly to students at the university of north carolina, that's a turnout play but it's also a play to build the progressive base needed to get hillary clinton over the top in a key state, north carolina. >> lanhee, thank you very much for swinging through. we're waiting for the president to speak in chapel hill, north carolina. we'll take it live as soon as we see him. stay with us. silence with my doctor about what i was experiencing. he said humira is for people like me who have tried other medications
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gone to carolina ♪ in my mind >> love that song. chapel hill's native son and hillary clinton supporter james taylor there giving a little concert at the university of north carolina at chapel hill ahead of the moment we are waiting for, the president of the united states set to speak there to the crowd in chapel hill, a very important battleground state for hillary clinton, sixth days away from election day, major moment, we'll take it live, stay with me. be ready when growth presents itself? american express open cards can help you take on a new job, or fill a big order or expand your office and take on whatever comes next. find out how american express cards and services
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as we wait to hear from president obama, he is just about to take that podium in chapel hill, north carolina, and, of course, stump for hillary clinton. i wanted to bring lanhee chen back in just to continue our conversation here on this race to the white house. one note, it's possible according to george p. bush, jeb's son that both bush 41 and 43, the last two republican presidents in this country, said they could be voting for hillary clinton. the family has stayed mum. what do you make of that? >> it's a remarkable statement about where the republican party is and the change it's gone through. think back to four years ago, mitt romney won 93% of the republican vote. in this election cycle donald trump is polling mid-80s on a good day so even if he gets up to 87% or 88%, he's losing 5% of republican voters off of 2012 and those are still numbers he needs in a competitive race so
12:36 pm
what's happening with the bush family is emblematic of the fact that within the republican party there are significant divisions regarding donald trump. i think those will last after the election, even. >> your point on republicans and, again, you were with the romney team four years ago. we've heard mike pence, even speaker ryan saying in the last couple days it's time for you republicans to come home. how much of that do you think might happen in these final days? >> i think you will see a lot of republicans coming home. that explains in part some of what you've seen in trump's numbers and the surge he's having. a lot of that has to do with ra people saying "i can't vote for hillary clinton, i'll put the lever for donald trump because even if i'm not enamored with the guy he represents a view that's closer to my own." so this is about republicans coming home. the other reason you make that
12:37 pm
argument is because it helps down ballot republicans. pat toomey in pennsylvania, richard burr in north carolina, kelly ayotte in new hampshire. making that argument helps them as well so for paul ryan it's a win-win. he doesn't have to say trump's name by name but he can say i voted for the nominee. still come home and vote for republicans. >> on paul ryan, we know the house freedom caucus had this meeting today and there have been other names floated. folks who could potentially go up against him to be speaker. i think the final vote is the beginning of january. do you think he wants to hang on to that speakership? >> i think paul ryan has been in the toughest position in washington. as the speaker he has done a great job of leading the republican conference, outlining a positive policy decision. >> threading the needle between -- >> and it's a tough position to
12:38 pm
be in. i think being a little comfortable with the brand of republicanism that trump represents. so the question for paul ryan going forward is is this a conference he wants to continue to lead? in my mind there's nobody else that is better position to lead it than paul ryan. he's the only one that i think can unify the tripes. >> thank you, lanhee chen. the president is speaking momentarily at unc chapel hill. he'll be introduced by carolina student isobel trumbull and that should happen any second now. we'll be right back.
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millions of americans the indignity they're put through because we have a tax system that is corrupt. because we have a system that does not reward work. >> we used to have a basic bargain in america that republicans signed on, too. the bargain was if you increased the profitability, you got the share of the benefits. that's not there today, man. that's not there today and guess what? we finally got us through this god awful recession in a sense we've gone from crisis to recovery. [ cheers and applause ] we are now on the verge of a genuine economic resurgence in america. we have created 15 million jobs. >> in the battleground state of florida, to the president we go, here he is. chapel hill, north carolina, the moment has arrived. let's dip in.
12:44 pm
[ cheers and applause ] >> hello, north carolina! hello tar heels. [ cheers and applause ] are you fired up? are you ready to go? [ cheers and applause ] it is good to be back [ cheers ] it is good to be back it is goo hill. i love me some north carolina. i've said this before, i love north carolina. i love the state, i love the people, i love the basketball.
12:45 pm
i always say north carolina, that's one place where even the people who don't vote for me are nice. we have a beautiful summer day in november. [ laughter ] i know you're hot so make sure everybody bends their knees, don't stand up too stiff. if anybody faints just give them a little room, they'll be okay. hydrate. i deon't mean to sound like you mom and your dad. so can everybody please give isz be -- isobel a big round of applause? [ cheers and applause ] we have a couple of outstanding members of congress here. gk butterfield is here and david
12:46 pm
price is here. one of the finest public servants in north carolina history, your former governor jim hunt is in the house. your current attorney general and your next governor roy cooper is here. [ cheers and applause ] and your next united states senator is here! and you're here too. somebody hollered "what about me?" you guys are here too and i'm going to talk about you and how much this country is going to depend on you. i want to thank all the organizers who are here. i know you've helped rally tens of thousands of volunteers and registered more than 100,000 voters right here in north
12:47 pm
carolina [ cheers and applause ] and it's that grass-roots work that led us to win north carolina in 2008 and you are why we will win north carolina in 2016. [ cheers and applause ] we have six days. six days i love you, too, but i've got some business i have to do here. [ cheers and applause ] i'll give you a hug on the way out. [ cheers and applause ] right now we've got to focus on some business. not business, but bidness. it's about deciding the future of this country that we love and the good news is you don't have to wait until election day to do
12:48 pm
the right thing. you can vote right now. if you are not registered, you have until saturday to register and vote at any one stop location in your county. if you don't know where to go then go to you can find the one-stop location near you and we can finish what we started eight years ago. now, some of you eight years ago were 10. [ cheers and applause ] you know who you are. so you may not remember exactly where we were as a country when i visited raleigh in the final days of the 2008 campaign. we were living through two long wars. we were in the early days of the worst economic crisis in 80
12:49 pm
years. people had lost their homes, their jobs, their 401(k)s, their home values were sinking. [ cheers and applause ] the economy was teetering on the edge of a great depression. but we turned the page. we've seen america battle back. last year incomes rose faster than at any time since 1968. poverty fell at the fastest rate since at least 1968. businesses turn jobs losses into 15 million new jobs. 20 million more people have health insurance who didn't have it before. we kicked our addiction to foreign oil, doubled our production of renewable energy, became the world's leader in fighting climate change, brought home more of our men and women
12:50 pm
in uniform, took out osama bin laden, made sure that in all 50 states people have the freedom to marry who they love. that's what we did over these last eight years. that's what you helped to make happen. and as i have traveled across all 50 states, as i've gone to big cities and small hamlets, what i have always seen is what makes america great and that is its people. i have seen you, americans of every faith, every race, every party who know that we're stronger together. people young and old, men, women, gays, straight, black, white, native american, folks
12:51 pm
with disability, all pledging allegiance to the red, white and blue. that's the merngamerica i know. that's the america we love. there is only one candidate in this race who has devoted her entire life to lifting up that better america and that is the next president of the united states, hillary rodham clinton! [cheers and applause ] she's the right person -- she's the right person at the right time. but keep in mind, north carolina, all of the progress we've made over the last eight years, all the progress we hope to makeover the next eight years, all of that goes out of the window if we don't win this election and if we don't win this election, potentially, if we don't win north carolina.
12:52 pm
so i hate to put a little pressure on you, but the fate of the republic rests on your shoulders. the fate of the world is teetering and you, north carolina, are going to have to make sure that we push it in the right direction. now, i know that at the end of a campaign, you must be tired of tv commercials. there are so many negative ads and there's so much noise and there's so many distractions and everything is -- every day is just hysteria and at some point there's a temptation to want to tune it out. you kind of feel overdosed. even those of us in politics
12:53 pm
sometimes feel like, i've had enough politics. i understand the feeling, i promise you. but i want you to push away the noise for a second and just focus on the choice you face in this election, because the truth is, the choice, if we put aside all of the noise and distractions and hype, all of the nonsense, this choice actually could not be simpler, it could not be clearer. it really couldn't. okay. we got somebody who fell, which is what i expected. give them a little room and make sure they get some water. if emergency medical is available, you know somebody is down right here in the middle. they will be okay. it happens all the time. now -- okay. but hold on a second. i'm still focused on business.
12:54 pm
this choice, actually, is pretty clear because the guy that the republicans nominated, even though a bunch of them knew they shouldn't nominate them, the guy they nominated who many of the republicans he was running against said was a con artist and a no-nothing and wasn't qualified to hold this office, this guy is tempermentally unfit to not be president. this should not be a controversial claim. it really shouldn't. i mean, it's strange how over time what is crazy gets
12:55 pm
normalized. and we just kind of assume, well, you know what, he said 100 crazy things so the 101st crazy thing, we don't even notice. think about it. this is somebody who claims to be a great businessman. i will tell you, i know a lot of great business people right here in north carolina and across the country who have done really, really well without stiffing small businesses or workers out of what they owed them. [ applause ] we don't have a history of somebody who refuses to release any tax returns at all and maybe it's because he's not as rich as he says he is. maybe it's because he hasn't paid federal income taxes in years. now, this is something he said. this is not -- this is not me making it up. he hasn't paid a dime. not for our troops or our great
12:56 pm
universities, not for our community colleges, not for building roads or maintaining our national parks, not for any of the things that help keep us the greatest nation on earth. he says he'll be his own foreign policy adviser. he says he can do that because he has a good brain. now, that is contestable. but what i can tell you is, we can't afford a president who suggests that america should torture people or we should ban entire religions from our country. we deserve better than someone who denigrates our troops. we have had a republican senator -- not me -- a republican senator say we can't afford to give the nuclear codes
12:57 pm
to someone so erratic. now, if a republican senator says that about the guy, why would we consider giving him the nuclear codes? it's like hillary said, a man you can bake with a tweet is not a man you can trust with nuclear weapons. you can't do it. and yet -- look, we have to remember, he's got support. he's got support in north carolina and in other states and part of it is because he's been able to convince some people that he's going to be their voice. now, keep in mind, this is somebody who has spent 70 years on this earth showing no respect for working people. working people weren't invited to his hotels and golf courses unless they were the maid or mowing the fairway. this is somebody who ville lee
12:58 pm
fis minorities, people of muslim faith, makes fun of americans with disabilities. how is that person going to be your voice? do you want somebody to be your voice who, on tape, brags about how being famous allows him to get away with sexual assault? who calls women pigs or dogs or slobs and grades them on a scale of one to ten. that is not the voice of america. that's not the better angels of our nation. and we have a choice. we can choose that or we can choose to teach our kids that our diversity is our strength, that women are equal and capable
12:59 pm
citizens doing everything that a man does. that our job, particularly when we have positions of authority, particularly when this country has blessed us, is to treat everybody with dignity. treat everybody with respect. to treat everybody with generosity and kindness. we have to stop thinking that his behavior is normal, that it's within the bounds of what has, up until this point, been our normal political discourse. and you hear some folks now justifying it and making excuses. you hear some republicans who they know he's not qualified but they say, well, you know what, character doesn't matter, knowing the issues doesn't matter, policy doesn't matter so long as he supports the republican agenda.
1:00 pm
but i have to tell you, this office, you know, it's about who you are and what you are and it doesn't change after you occupy the office. it just magnifies it. if you disrespect women before you are elected president, you will disrespect women when you are in office. [ applause ] if you support the klan sympathizers and hesitate when asked about that support, then you'll tolerate that support when you're in office. if you disrespect the constitution before you're elected president and you threaten to shut down the press when it writes stories about you that you don't like or you threaten to throw your opponent in jail without any due process or you