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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  November 2, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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office, you know, it's about who you are and what you are and it doesn't change after you occupy the office. it just magnifies it. if you disrespect women before you are elected president, you will disrespect women when you are in office. [ applause ] if you support the klan sympathizers and hesitate when asked about that support, then you'll tolerate that support when you're in office. if you disrespect the constitution before you're elected president and you threaten to shut down the press when it writes stories about you that you don't like or you threaten to throw your opponent in jail without any due process or you discriminate against people of different faiths, then
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imagine what you'll do when you actually have the power to violate the constitution along those lines? and i want to speak not just to democrats. i want to speak to republicans here in north carolina as well. look, i am obviously a partisan democrat. i understand that. but we're not democrats or republicans first. we're americans first. and there are certain standards of behavior that we should expect out of our leaders. i've got republican friends who don't think or act the way donald trump does. this is somebody who is uniquely unqualified. i ran against john mccain. i ran against mitt romney. i thought i'd be a better president but i never thought that the republic was at risk if they were elected.
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and guess what, north carolina, the good news is, all of you are uniquely qualified to make sure this guy who's uniquely unqualified does not become president. you've just got to vote. you've just got to vote. and the nice thing s. you don't just have to vote against that guy because you've got a candidate who is actually worthy of your vote, who is smart and who is steady and who is tested, probably the most qualified person ever to run for this office and that is the next president of the united states, hillary clinton! [cheers and applause ] here is somebody who has dedicated her life to making this country better. think about how she got her start while donald trump and his dad were being sued by the department of justice for denying housing to african-american families -- no,
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i'm not making this up. i'm just stating facts. at that same time, hillary was going undercover from school to school to make sure disadvantaged kids were getting an equal shot at a good education. that tells you something about their respected values. and hillary hasn't stopped fighting for justice, hasn't stopped fighting for equality ever since. her heart has always been in the right place. and she works hard every single day. i know. she worked for me. first of all, she ran against me and she worked really hard and then she worked for me and she worked really hard and she was there in the situation room and in the oval office and when we were making big decisions about going after bin laden, even when it was risky, when it was time for us to figure out how to win back world opinion in the wake of the iraq war, she circled the globe tirelessly as secretary of
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state, earned the respect of world leaders and she's not spending her time giving -- sometimes she's underappreciated here at home but she made me a better president and she's an outstanding public servant and she knows her stuff and she understands the challenges we face and she is tough and when things don't go her way, she doesn't whine and she doesn't complain. i had a chance to meet the tar hills basketball team, the men and women, and, you know, here's one thing i know. if in the middle of a game you're spending all your time arguing with the refs and starting to make excuses about
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how you're going to lose because the refs aren't doing the right thing then you're a loser and you shouldn't win. and hillary, she just works through whatever is in front of her. she's got resilience and if she gets knocked down, she just comes back up and goes back at it. and she knows, most importantly, what the decisions that a president makes means to you. this isn't abstract stuff we're talking about here. if you're a student, whether you get a pell grant or make sure you don't have a mountain of debt when you get out of school, that depends on decisions made in part by the president. if you're a soldier, whether you get deployed to some far off land, that is up to the commander in chief.
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if you're a young person who is brought to this country as a child, has grown up as an american about maybe doesn't have the papers and you're trying to figure out how to contribute to this country you call home, that is something that the president has influence over. veterans, seniors, a single mom who needs some help with child care. that's what these decisions are about and hillary understands that and knows those folks need a chance and she's actually got plans to help. she's actually got plans. the other guy isn't a big plan guy. she's got plans. she's going to show you how she's going to make sure more people have early childhood education. she's going to tell you how young people have more affordable college education and while she's executing those plans, she's also going to
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respect working americans and the values we care about. she'll be a commander in chief who will defeat isis and she'll be smart and steady. and by the way, she's going to need help and that's also why i want to make sure you make sure deborah ross is elected alongside her when hillary gets elected. deborah has heard your stories. she's been out there fighting for working families, making sure they have great education and seniors are secure with the retirement that they have earned. and unlike her opponent, she doesn't support donald trump. i want to take a minute just to talk about senator burr. he and i came in at the same time in the senate. personally, i've got nothing wrong against richard burr. but when i hear him say there's not a separation between me and
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donald trump, that's troubling. either he actually means it, in which case he agrees with everything that donald trump says, that's what it means when you say there's not a separation. or he doesn't mean it and he's just saying it to get elected. that's not good either way. you don't want a senator who spent all his time saying yes, sir, mr. trump, what do you want me to do, mr. trump? and lately, he's been mimicking donald trump. last week, he actually joked about violence against hillary. that's not something we do. that's not something -- i'll tell you, if i heard a democrat saying that, i would condemn them in a hot second. you don't talk about violence against public officials, even in a joke. and, you know, i want to acknowledge, he apologized but the problem is, this is becoming
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normal. this is sort of red meat. it's not normal and it's not who north carolina is. north carolina is full of good and decent people. and courteous people and people who are willing to cooperate with each other to try to make things better and that's what america's about. let me be clear, north carolina. business. let me be clear. there is something more at stake in this election than just plans or policies. this is about the character of our nation. when hillary was young, her mom taught her the methodist creed, do all the good for the people you can for as long as you can. that's her north star. that's what guides her. she believes in that. she believes we can summon what's best in each of us and
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make this country better for all of us. that's what america's about. we are a country like no other not because of the size of other skyscrapers or power of our armies but because we are a place founded for the sake of an idea. we hold these truths that all men are created equal endowed by our creator with certain inalienable rights. we don't have to practice a certain faith. we don't have to have a certain last name. we just have to be willing to contribute and put our shoulder to the wheel of history and we can be a part of this history that we call america. that's what drove patriots to
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choose and what gave women the courage to reach for the ballot and what gave marchers the curse to cross the bridge in selma. that's what allowed workers to organize for collective bargaining and better wages. that's what made america exceptional. that's what makes america great! in other words, it depends on you. all of you. america has never been about what one person says he'll do for us. i didn't say, yes, i can. i said yes, we can. [cheers and applause ] it's about what can be achieved by us, each of us, together. through that hard, slow and, yes, sometimes frustrating work of self-government. that means all of us.
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a justice once said the most important office in democracy is citizen. not president, not senator, not mayor, congressman. citizen. that's you. and that's what hillary's counting on because she understands that in a big democracy like this, a diverse country like this, it all comes down to what the people say. and she understands it doesn't work, our democracy doesn't work if we demonize each other, if we just make stuff up. if we spend all our time just trying to tear the other person down just for the sake of seeing if we can get a little more power. she understands that issues aren't black and white. and, yes, progress requires compromise even when you're right. and she knows that none of us
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are perfect. not even our presidents. but we should try to conduct ourselves with basic honesty and decency and big heartedness because that's what our moms and dads taught us and they were onto something. they understood that sometimes what life's about is pretty simple. like, how do you treat people? are you useful? are you kind? are you generous? do you treat people with respect? she understands that and hillary will continue the progress that we've made and she'll need allies like deborah ross because it's not enough just to stick hillary with a republican congress the way they are behaving right now. i wish they were behaving differently. i've tried. i've reached out to them. they didn't work with me when i took office even when we were trying to save folks' jobs and
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trying to prevent a depression. even when we controlled the senate and the house, they had trouble passing their own stuff and so they just resort constantly to gridlock and obstruction and threats to rid the economy if they don't get their way. that's not how democracy works. that's not what your parents taught you. we teach kids in a sandbox to share, cooperate, don't hit each other. and right now, because a lot of them think trump will lose, they are promising for dysfunction and problems in washington which is pretty hard to do. they are promising years of investigations, years of hearings, more shutdowns, more obstruction. i am not making this up. take a look. this is what they are saying. more appeal votes.
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some say they want to do everything he'll can to block all supreme court nominations. keep in mind, the reason they said they would not have a hearing or vote for my supreme court no, ma'am nomination, bucking all of american history, was because we thought the american people should decide the next supreme court justice. now they are saying if they don't decide, maybe we won't even do that. 11 years ago, richard burr said a supreme court without nine justices would not work. well, what changed? only republican presidents get to nominate judges? is that in the constitution? i used to teach constitutional law. i've never seen that provision.
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you've got some republicans in congress who are already suggesting they will impeach hillary. she hasn't even been elected yet. and it doesn't matter what evidence they just -- they'll find something. that's what they are saying already. how can -- how does our democracy function like that? look, nobody likes gridlock but it's not some mysterious fog that descends on washington. it's not like something that shows up. it's not like a monster moving. gridlock's coming. that's not how it works. gridlock is not happening because both sides are being equally unreasonable. i know it's hard to spew me as objective but i'm about to leave. i'm just letting you know the truth.
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wait. wait. hold on. still got some business to do. gridlock is what happens when republican politicians, like richard burr, decide not based on the merits, not based on what's good for the constituents, but what's good for political calculation, that they are going to oppose anything good for the country just because a democrat opposes it. that's how gridlock happens and that's essentially richard burr's campaign platform at this point. and as i said before, i know richard burr. i used to work out with him in the gym in the senate. he's a perfectly nice guy. but what's happened is that they have built up this new normal in their party where he's got to say anything in order to get elected. so if you think vote for gridlock is good, then vote for
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the republican. but if you believe like i do, that america can do better, that we should be out there not trying to block each other from doing stuff but creating jobs for families, lifting wages, child care, if you care about equal pay for women and raising the minimum wage, then i need you to vote for democrats up and down the ticket. i need you to vote for hillary clinton. i need you to vote for deborah ross. they are ready to roll-up their sleeves and move this country forward! they don't want to look backwards. they want to go forward. look, i know it's easy to get cynical. there's a lot in this election season that can give you reason to be cynical. but right now, i just want you to know, all of you, it's in your power to reject the
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divisive, mean-spirited politics that would take us backwards. that's not how it has to be. that's not how it's always been but it's going to depend on you. you can elect a leader who has spent her entire life trying to move this country forward, our first female president who will be an example for our daughters and our sons, that everybody has a chance to contribute and serve. you have a chance to shape history. what an amazing thing that is. if hillary wins north carolina, she wins. and that means that when i said the fate of the republic rests on you, i wasn't joking. but that shouldn't make you fearful. that should make you excited.
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it's not often that you can move the arc of history. don't let that chance slip away. young people here, it's not often that you know your voice will have an impact. don't give away your power. don't fall for the easy cynicism that says my vote doesn't matter. that's what hillary's opponent wants you to think because they don't want you to vote. and i've got to say, he has been getting help from republican politicians in this state who have been trying to keep you from voting. we're the only advanced democracy on earth that purposefully tries to make it harder for people to vote but even within sometimes unfortunate traditions in america, what's been going on lately here in the state has been troubling. republicans making it harder for african-americans to vote.
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that is not my opinion. earlier this year, a federal judge said that, based on the evidence, those who voted for these laws targeted black voters with, and i'm quoting, surgical precision. it was one of the worst voter suppression laws in the country. here in north carolina. not back in the 1960s. now. all right, right now, donald trump is calling on his supporters to monitor certain areas. where are those certain areas he's talking about? there are groups that are not even making secret plans. they are just out in public saying we are going to try and suppress the african-american vote on election day or the youth vote on election day. if you think that is accidental, then i want you to think about a woman named grace bell hartison.
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grace bell lived in bell haven, north carolina, her entire life. all 100 years of her life. just a few weeks ago, republicans challenged her voter registration status and tried to remove her from the voter rolls. and she heard about it and she said, i can't vote. 100 years old. now, grace got her voter rej stri registration reinstated and you better believe she's going to vote. but this 100-year-old woman wasn't alone in being targeted. the list that republicans tried to purge were two-thirds black. that doesn't happen by accident. it's happening in counties across this straight. there was a time when systematically denying black folks to vote was considered normal as well. so young people, i want you to listen up.
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parents, i want you to talk about this. it was not that long ago that folks had to guess the number of jelly beans in a jar or bubbles on a bar of soap or recite the constitution in chinese in order to vote. it wasn't that long ago when folks were beaten trying to register voters in mississippi. it wasn't that long ago that a man named henry fry in greensboro was denied the right to register to vote because he had failed the so-called literacy test after he had graduated from college. it wasn't that long ago. grace bell hartison, imagine what she has seen in the arc of her life. born in a time when there were barely no cars on the road and no planes in the sky. think about everything that she's seen. a great-grandmother, probably a
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great-great-grandmother, after all she's been through, how are we going to let folks disrespect her? how are we going to betray folks that have worked so hard so that we can pull the lever and we're not going to vote? what's our excuse? now, those who wanted to suppress the vote, they are going to fail. the law was struck down. your rights have been restored. right now there are more than one-stop early vote stops in north carolina than ever before. you can register to vote at any site in your county as long as you do it by saturday. it's easier to vote than ever in north carolina. but if you don't vote, then you've done the work of those who would suppress your vote without them having to lift a finger.
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come on. back in 2008, i won north carolina by 14,000 votes. that's about two votes per precincts. how can you say your vote doesn't count? each of you could swing an entire precinct for hillary if you vote. or you could swing it for her if you don't vote. your vote matter. young people, especially, your vote matter! [cheers and applause ] if you've been marching for criminal justice reform, that's great. but you know what, you better vote for a president and congress that actually cares about disrupting the pipeline from underfunded schools to overcrowded jails. if you've been marching for the environment and to do something about climate change, i've heard you but you better vote for the
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next president and congress believing in science so we can leave behind a world that we are proud of for our children. you want more good jobs, you want to have a higher minimum wage, you want help with respect to student loans? don't just sit there and complain. don't just sit there in the barber shop and beauty shop and watch the tar heels and say politics is all messed up but what's the score? no. no. no. you can watch the game after you vote. [cheers and applause ] and the good news is, you have a proof point. you know it works. you know it works because so many of you voted knowing and it's because millions of people that have health care today that didn't have it before. it's because of you that millions of young people are going to college that couldn't afford it before. it's because of you that a
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marine can serve his country without hiding the husband he loves. it's because of you that more young immigrants came out of the shadows and are serving our country. [ applause ] north carolina, i'm asking you today what i asked of you eight years ago. i'm just asking you to believe in your ability to bring about change. i am not on the ballot, but i tell you what, fairness is on the ballot. decency is on the ballot. justice is on the ballot. progress is on the ballot. our democracy is on the ballot right now. and you've got to do everything you can to make sure everybody votes. your friends, your family, your
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cousins, your uncle, your neighbors, your co-workers, tell them this is the moment where america stands up for our best selves, stand up and reject citizens. stand up and reject people. choose hope. choose hope. choose hope. choose hope. choose hope. vote. and if you do, we will elect hillary clinton, the next president of the united states. we will elect deborah ross as the next senator from the great state of north carolina. we'll continue this amazing journey and finish what we started and remind the world why this is the greatest country on earth. god bless you, north carolina! god bless the united states of america! [cheers and applause ] welcome to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. president obama wrapping up a
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campaign rally for hillary clinton in the beautiful city of chapel hill in battleground north carolina. this is the ninth time he has hit the stump to speak for her. he's expected to campaign for clinton at least five more times between now and election day in this very contentious, contested election. michelle kosinski is traveling with mr. obama. north carolina could be key to clinton clinching the white house. it's an area that president obama won by 14,000 votes but lost it last time around. >> reporter: yeah. mitt romney won in 2012. not by very much either. so this is a state that can go either way. the polls recently have shown that hillary had a pretty decent lead but most recently that has shrunk considerably and you hear it in the president's voice. this just now was the most energetic we've heard him and how we've been characterizing his tone and how that shifted
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over his appearances, it's not just bleeding with voters to get out there and exercise their right to vote at this point. it is nearly begging them to do so. to listen to some of the things he said out here, yelled and repeated that i need you to vote, you can change history. if hillary wins north carolina, she wins. believe in your ability to effect change. don't let your chance slip away. just hammering this into the crowd. we've also heard him over the last couple of days appeal directly to african-americans, mainly in radio ads and telling them, look, you were excited about me. you need to be as excited for hillary clinton. jake? >> president obama with a direct appeal to the african-american voters in north carolina as well as he stands there in the research triangle in north carolina. michelle kosinski, thank you so much. joining me now, the republican
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senator from georgia, senator perdue. thank you for joining me. >> thanks, jake. >> president obama invoked donald trump's seeming reluctance to denounce the ku klux klan, accusing the trump campaign of attempting to suppress the minority vote as i'm sure you know just this morning donald trump picked up a newspaper endorsement from the crusader which is the ku klux klan quarterly. on the front page of the paper it says that they want donald trump to be president and write "make america great again". the trump campaign, though not the candidate, denounced this. does it trouble you that he continues to get support from bigots? >> jake, these are last-minute drastic attempts to move the people of america away from the real issue. 70% of americans think that the debt in the economy and jobs are
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the most important and yet those are the things that democrats don't want to talk about. we just heard the president talk about how great this economy is doing. jake, you know this is the worst recovery in the last 60 years. gdp growth under this president on a compound basis is less than 1% and under this president, we've allowed 4 million women to fall into poverty and yet this is what they want to talk about on the eve of the election. >> well, first of all, it's the klan that put this out, not deposition. the klan is responsible for their endorsement. >> this wasn't solicited by the trump campaign. he's totally denounced it. >> the point is, does it trouble you that donald trump is attracting that kind of support? obviously there are millions of americans, tens of millions who don't feel that way who support i don't but there is this group of people who hold these heinous views and they are more strongly supporting donald trump than any nominee from any party that i can remember. >> well, they've never supported
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a democrat. let's put it that way. but i will say this. this is not solicited. you spoke out on it just today. again, here we are, we're talking about that in i think unreasonable terms. i think right now the american people want to get back to the real issues that bother them. what created donald trump in the first place is that he talked about politicians, bureaucrats and the media. and right now, he's offered a plan for the future of america. instead of talking about the past, what he's really talking about is putting people back to work and that's what's driving this momentum. i've been traveling around the country in the last few weeks and i can tell you there's something out there and i don't believe it's being picked up by the polls accurately. so i'm really anticipating a big move here in the last few days. i think trump is surging around the country based on what i've seen in the last few days. >> one of the things that donald -- that president obama just said about donald trump was about donald trump's seeming inability to condemn david duke
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and the ku klux klan. i believe that's a reference to when trump was on "state of the union" back in february. take a listen. >> will you unequivocally condemn david duke and say you don't want his vote or that of other white supremacists in thoo election? >> well, just so you understand, i don't know anything about david duke. i don't know anything that you're talking about with while supremacy or white supremacist. so i don't know. did he endorse me or what's going on? because, you know, i know nothing about david duke, i know nothing about white supremacist and so you're asking me a question that i'm supposed to be talking about people that i know nothing about. >> but i guess the question from the anti-defamation league is, even if you don't know about their endorsement, there are these groups and individuals endorsing you would you just say unequivocally you condemn them and don't want their support? >> well, i have to look at the group. i mean, i don't know what group you're talking about. you wouldn't want me to condemn a group that i know nothing about. i'd have to look. if you would send me a list of
1:35 pm
the groups, i will do research on them and certainly i would disavow them. so give me a list of the groups and i'll let you know. >> i'm talking about david duke and the ku klux klan here. >> honestly, i don't know david duke. i don't believe i've never met him. i just don't know anything about him. >> after mr. trump gave that interview, senator , a commentator for neo-nazis called trump's response the best political thing i have seen in my life. i recognize that you don't want to talk about this, but what mr. trump says and his refusal to repudiate in a voiciferous action is attracting people like this. >> first of all, jake, that was a few months ago. what you saw after this latest endorsement was a total denouncement on that announcement. let's talk about the hillary
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clinton campaign who i think put money behind having people disrupt in a violent way certain republican gatherings for trump. so i think we have a little bit of a double standard here. he has denounced that. he denounced that this week and i think that's all he needs to do. what he's really trying to do the last few days is to get people talking about the real issues that people back here at home want to talk about. >> senator perdue, thank you so much. i'm sorry president obama's rally there ate into our time. i appreciate it. >> you're welcome, jake. thank you. tightening polls everywhere. polls being released every hour. we'll bring you all of the numbers right after this quick break. stay with us. support prop 51.
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welcome back to "the lead." president obama recently in north carolina where polls have the race as tight as a tick on a tar heel telling voters they need to stop booing and voting. why? ten battleground polls showing that this race is going down to the wire. this is a nail biter. >> let's walk through it and get to the electoral map. until florida, the closest state between romney and obama in 2012, it's down to the wire again. 49 to 47%. clinton is happy to be on top. this one is surprising to a lot of people, jake. pennsylvania hasn't gone republican since 1988. yes, clinton leads but only by
1:42 pm
four points as we head into the stretch. donald trump will keep an eye on pennsylvania. he would very much like the ele electoral votes. just a week ago there was a public poll showing she was ahead in arizona. donald trump consolidated. more doubts about her honesty after the fbi announcement. donald trump up five in arizona. in nevada, another surprise. big in both obama's wins. he won the state pretty handidly. let me skip over to the east. ohio is a critical state. this is the best news of the day for donald trump. a poll showing trump up five in battleground ohio. so there's also a wisconsin poll that shows clinton ahead, north carolina that shows a dead heat. how does it matter when you get to this? this is where we have the race. clinton doesn't lose anything blue on this map. she's the next president of the united states. but if trump is getting nevada, trump is getting arizona, trump is getting ohio, that puts him
1:43 pm
in play at 214. let's assume his consolidation of republicans out here carries over to utah. he can defeat the never trump conservative evan mcmullin. that gets him to 220. it comes down to florida and north carolina. clinton leads in both states now but just by a whisker. if donald trump can turn florida and north carolina, he's in play. 270 to 264. he would just need a blue. if you want to look at two states, watch north carolina and florida. >> john king, thank you so much. another day, another wikileak. almost certainly from the russians, at least according to u.s. intelligence agencies. today, trump seized on one e-mail suggesting that the clinton campaign had an inside source at the u.s. department of justice, specifically, peter
1:44 pm
kadzik. who said, heads up, this as president obama weighs in for the first time on the fbi revealing new e-mails perth meant to clinton's private server. jim sciutto brings us this report. >> reporter: wading into the defining issue of the 2016 erection, today, president obama sharply criticized fbi director comey's decision to alert congress of new e-mails potentially relevant to the clinton e-mail investigation. speaking to now this news, mr. obama implied director comey violated standing fbi norms. >> i do think that there is a norm that, you know, when there are investigations, we don't operate on innuendo, we don't operate on incomplete information, we don't operate on leaks. >> reporter: today, donald trump, however, taking aim at the department of justice. alleging a conflict of interest in an e-mail between clinton campaign chair john podesta and
1:45 pm
assistant attorney general peter kadzik. >> how today in a newly released e-mail through wikileaks, we learned that kadzik was releasing information to the clinton campaign and that kadzik said, quote, it will be a while before the state department posts the e-mails. additional chances for mischief. these are the people who want to run our country, folks. >> reporter: he's referring to this e-mail stolen by russia and released by wikileaks today which shows kadzik's, doj's chief lobbyist on the hill and writes, "there is an hjc oversight hearing today where the head of our civil division will testify. likely to get questions on state department e-mails.
1:46 pm
another filing in the foya case when in last night or will go in this a.m. indicates it will be a while, 2016, before the state department posts the e-mails. the question, was this a conflict of interest? meanwhile, comey continues to come under fire from democrats and some republicans from releasing investigation details so close to election day. growing on tuesday as the fbi released documents related to a 15-year-old investigation of mark rich, a friend of bill clinton pardoned by the former president when he left office. the fbi insists the documents were released automatically to comply with the foia request. so was the podesta/kadzik e-mail a conflict of interest? the foia hearing would have been public. however, he used a personal e-mail to communicate with somebody who happened to be a former client and may not have
1:47 pm
been illegal but was it too close for many americans, perhaps unethical? certainly a fair question. we've reached out to both the doj and the clinton campaign for comment and both are declining comment. >> what a surprise. jim sciutto, thank you so much. appreciate it. more on the tightening polls and the battle for every single vote. stay with us.
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welcome back to "the lead." let's jump in with our political panel. kayleigh mcenany, bakari sellers, jackie kucinich and strategist kevin madden. the new polls from cnn/orc shows the race tightening considerably. trump is up by 5 in arizona and 6 in nevada. clinton -- how much do you think this is because of james comey and the fbi? >> well, there's a natural tightening but you see a lot of goppers coming home not just
1:52 pm
because of the fbi but a confluence of events. the obamacare announcement last week about rates going up, the wikileaks and the fbi all serve to bring it home. and i think there are a lot of conscientious objectors who didn't want to vote for donald trump and they were going to vote for hillary clinton and now that support has sort of softened. as a result, you're seeing a tightening of these polls and a crucial time for donald trump when he's trying to get people out to vote. >> what do you see going on out there? >> one of the things that struck me was the gender gap and how in several of these polls it's not as wide as it has been and makes hillary clinton's recent attacks make a lot more sense. the fact that she's going after donald trump for his treatment of women, she had alicia machado on the trail with her. in places like florida, it's only a couple of points. in ohio, it's tied. so i think we can expect those
1:53 pm
attacks to continue until that widens up again. >> and you pointed this out but the hillary clinton tv ads unleashed in the last two days are entirely about donald trump and women and that "access hollywood" video. >> they are running it again in the hopes of driving her numbers with women up and potentially college-educated men. >> and bakari, we've seen the clinton campaign now releasing tv ads in colorado, new mexico, virginia and michigan. these are states where they did not want to have to be advertising in the last week of the campaign. >> well, these are also states where donald trump has not led any single poll. but what this is, you have two different campaigns that are in two different states of a race, i believe. hillary clinton is firmly in the mechanism where she's going to get her voters out. a lot of these ads that you are seeing are get out to vote messages. we know what gives the base some enthusiasm. donald trump has to win new voters to win this race. and so hillary clinton's blue
1:54 pm
wall, it runs through the midwest and through states like colorado and michigan and wisconsin wis wisconsin is still very much in play. she has a good problem. i mean, she has a lot of money to spend and i would be really, really mad on election day if she doesn't clear out the bank. so a lot of this is spending money that you have. >> kayleigh, i've come to you throughout this election season and you have all of these numbers at your fingertips. what are you looking at when it comes to election night? which states are you going to be focusing on? >> so, what i'm looking at is a ard coulding to the polls where he's leading, florida, iowa, ohio, nevada, he has leads in some polls in all of those states. that's 265. then he just doesn't have -- >> state the states again. >> florida, nevada, iowa, ohio. and then he has to pick off one blue state, wisconsin or michigan or pennsylvania or new
1:55 pm
hampshire plus maine's second district, he can win this election. it's turning one blue state red. >> it's very, very hard. you're going for an inside straight. the state i'm going to be watching is north carolina. if donald trump hasn't kept north carolina, it's not going to be a good night. >> got to win north carolina. >> i think it's very, very tight there. >> but hillary clinton also has not been down in a poll in new hampshire for a long period of time. the three states that the clinton campaign is watching, virginia, colorado, pennsylvania. she wins all three of those, she's at 269, game, set, match. reaction to the tightening polls from the trump campaign manager, next.
1:56 pm
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happening now, breaking news. fbi under fire. president obama breaks his silence criticizing fbi director james comey for going public on the revived clinton e-mail probe that comes as a stolen e-mail signatures the clinton campaign had inside help at the justice department. is the fbi between a rock and a hard place? the blue wall. clinton campaign spent time and money to strengthen its blue state firewall even as it tries to paint red states with its own colors and president obama leads a democratic all-star team into crucial battleground states. new polls show donald trump is gaining in some states. he's going all out and must win florida which could be anyone's to lose.