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tv   New Day  CNN  November 3, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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was at the game in cleveland. andy, give us the highlights. >> reporter: what a game. what a series. game seven will go down as one of the best world series games we ever seen. the range of emotions that the fan bases had to go through last night. enough to last a lifetime. indians down two in the eighth when rajai davis sends the crowd into a frenzy with a two-run home run. goes right off the camera in left field. check out lebron james going nuts as the indians tied the game. we would go to extra innings. after a short rain delay, ben z zobriest. he is the world series mvp. bill murray weeps as the cubs win 8-7 to end the 108-year world series drought. >> 108 years.
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everyone has been waiting for a team like you, boys. >> 108 years doesn't mean anything. it is the start of something new. new chapter for the cubs and for the city. >> what do you say about the team the way you came back from 3-1 to win? >> we never quit. it's never over until it's over. >> this is what you dream for as a kid. i'm 24 years old. i'm the luckiest guy on the planet. >> reporter: here's the cover of "the chicago tribune." it reads "simply at last." guys, i have been in a couple of champagne parties in the locker room. last night was a big one. my eyes are still burning. i got hit right in the eyes so many times. >> you are supposed to drink it, andy. not just take it. what a piece of history to see. i told you this would be one of the best assignments you ever had. it came true. andy, thank you very much.
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so, as you saw, they are partying at wrigley like it is 1908. cubs fans flocking to the park to basking in the history. it is a celebration that literally could last a lifetime. we have cnn's brynn gingras live outside wrigley field in chicago. what a place to be for you. >> reporter: chris, yeah. it is the party which is not over. it will not be over anytime soon. as you said, people are coming here to wrigley field. the reason is i want to go over my shoulder. there's a fan right there. >> chicago! >> reporter: wrigley field. home of the world series champions. so many people are taking pictures of that sign right there. the excitement is all around this place. at least tapering out a little bit. it has been through the streets throughout the evening. i talked to one man. can you describe why this is important? he said it is a generational thing. he watched baseball games with
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his father and grandfather. a year and a half ago, his father passed away. then this win brought a grown man to tears. it is not just the sport, but stories behind it and all of the excitement and partying. i can tell you it will continue into tomorrow and probably into next week and probably into next year and for a while. a lot of sick calls, chris and alisyn, later this morning. >> we appreciate you okay the job, brynn and bringing it to us. it is exciting. i was in boston when the curse was broken. it is a feel-good story. it is wonderful. >> the red sox deserve the curse. >> here we go. >> this one, look, i know what it is like to be the fan of a failing team. i'm a jets fan. you become joined by the misery it never will happen. if something does, i don't know
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that experience because i'm a jets fan. the cubs fans have lived through something that this is a new era as the pitcher said. here's a picture of hillary clinton. she is obviously from illinois. here she is in arizona watching the game on the device there. she is celebrating the victory like the rest of her home state. >> that is exciting for everybody involved. let's turn to our sidebar story now. the presidential race. hillary clinton and donald trump hitting the battleground states and the polls show the race is tightening. we have cnn joe johns live in washington with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, alisyn. in the closing days, donald trump continuing his personal struggle with message discipline as hillary clinton's closing argument to get out the vote are sounding more somber than her campaign would prefer as the tightening in the polls continues with five days to go.
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donald trump reminding himself to stay on message. >> we have to be nice and cool. nice and cool. stay on point, donald. stay on point. >> reporter: making his big push in battleground florida as new cnn polls show the race tightening in several swing states. hillary clinton striking a grave tone targeting minority voters in nevada by using trump's words against him. >> someone who demeans women, mocks the disabled, insults latinos and african-americans. >> reporter: clinton setting her sights on the red state of arizona. >> if donald trump were to win this election, we would have a commander in chief who is completely out of his depth and ideas which are dangerous or start a real war instead of just a twitter war.
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>> reporter: both candidates ramping up attack. >> we know the presidency doesn't change who you are. it reveals who you are. >> reporter: as trump hits her on trustworthiness and obamacare. >> real change begins with immediately repealing and replacing obamacare. you think hillary will restore honesty in government? i don't think so. >> reporter: and hammering away at the recent fbi scrutiny over the e-mail server. >> they just found 650,000 e-mails. i have a feeling the e-mails will -- oh, there will be beauties in there. >> reporter: in an interview with "people" magazine, clinton calling the fbi review noise and distraction and remaining confident in the final stretch. >> everything he has said and done both in his career and in this campaign is a pretty good preview of what's to come.
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>> reporter: today, the battleground state focus continues. where they're going tells you their priorities. both headed to north carolina. back to you. >> thank you, joe. the cnn polls show the race tightening in several swing states. let's discuss it with ron brownstein and david gregory. gentlemen, great to have you here. let's pull up the polls. we have arizona, as you can see, at the moment, donald trump is beating her there. 49% to 44%. in florida, she has a lead, 49% to 47%. nevada. 49% to 43%. he is leading. ron, what do you see in these estimates. >> states? >> i think the nevada poll is off from what we have seen.
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all of the polls and the deluge polls that came out last week with the james comey announcement. the question is the high point for donald trump or is there something that extends? if he is behind four points in pennsylvania and two others that came out yesterday, six points in wisconsin. polling that includes the announcement, it is hard to see him getting over the top. he is keeping this competitive and leaving her with little margin for error. >> you wrote the piece in "the atlantic." you describe something that is reminiscent of what romney tried in 2012 which is try to go to states like wisconsin and like a michigan and pennsylvania in this case where donald trump probably won't win and instead of focusing on the state he has to win. >> it is really both. there are two things. if you look at the calendar and the candidates are going and where they are spending people, it tells you what they believe
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the world looks like. the reality is donald trump is making a push for new mexico, colorado. he has to win a state that has been counted in her corner to get to 270. if he wins all of the battleground states, he has to win one more place. clinton has taken a calculated risk. she spent all of her time and money in october in the battleground states that she doesn't have to win. florida, north carolina, ohio, iowa, nevada. she had put much less effort in the states that are in her core. there are seven states that are part of her core 270 that are competitive. colorado, new mexico, michigan, wisconsin, pennsylvania, new hampshire. you know, in none of those, in two of those has she truly treated them as battleground states. a lot more money and time in
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reach states. has she left the back door open for trump? >> david, let's look at the colorado poll. clinton and trump tied. 39% to 39%. what do you see in the numbers? >> i think as ron says, you have to look at the averages. the colorado poll is closer than we have seen in some of the other polls. the idea him slipping through the back door is something she has to be worried about. as i have spoken to republicans the past few days, they see republicans coming home. big donors and others who thought trump was out of this thing. they see him get closer, they don't want to be blamed if he were to lose by two or three points. and tight senate races where ron johnson in wisconsin may be helping trump a little bit because he has voters out. i think the reality is there's a
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little bit more pessimism than optimism here. they like where things are trending, republicans i talk to think trump has the best shot at pennsylvania and new hampshire. they recognize down four points in pennsylvania. slipping in new hampshire. they need other disclosure to help him. if you look at wisconsin, marquette poll came out yesterday. she is up six points. she is up four points in our polling in pennsylvania. if she keeps that together, she needs new hampshire. >> and for them to look at fortune and it is true, fortune favors the bold. if the comey bomb didn't get them where they need to be. >> that is the question. >> i don't know. >> if you look at six points in wisconsin and four points in pennsylvania. two states which are lucy and the football for the democrats since 1992. if you are not ahead at that moment. i think both of them are very
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hard. >> you say poll of polls. florida. that's why cnn does the poll of polls. florida, clinton is back up there. the average is it's a tie. that means if it is tied there, does trump now have a better potential path to 270? >> yes. if he loses north carolina or florida, it is hard for him to get there. the straight forward path is to hold the states romney won in 2012. which means north carolina. >> he has to hold north carolina? >> yes, i think. and then add ohio, florida and pennsylvania. pennsylvania seems like a bridge too far. they have to come together something else. combination of nevada, iowa and something else. the something else is one of the states that we have considered more safely in the clinton column. it could be colorado. it could be michigan. it could be wisconsin. those last two look very hard. new hampshire, as david said,
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looks difficult. every road for him ends at a state that has been considered more safely in clinton's corner. the question is whether they really are locked down. >> look what is happening in the turn out models. you have the president and hillary clinton going out trying to keep the focus on donald trump's vulnerability. it is interesting saying can you imagine him in the white house? really about making it about the character and what we see in the polls. don't see him fit to be president. you have the president of the united states urging african-american voters to come out or else his legacy could be erased. we saw in 2012 going into last day of voting, very small percentage difference between romney and obama in the national poll averages. it showed how important turnout was for the obama team. i think she has to rely on that
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here. we are just not going to see it until election day. >> the washington post/abc poll, i look at that less as a prediction other than a scenario. it has a model where 75% of the voters are white. if 75% of the voters are white, donald trump has a good chance of winning. if you look at census, both of them have been shrinking by two points every four year. that gives you an electorate between 72% and 70% white. they say it is 75%. if it is 75, you see the result. >> donald trump wins. >> or it is a nail biter. >> if it is 70, hillary clinton. >> it will be harder for donald trump. the preferences of the three big, non college whites, college whites and whites. are so distinct. the tiny changes in your assumptions about the competition have huge impact on
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the polls. hillary clinton has to worry about the african-american turnout. the college white turnout seems positive. >> david, let's look at the graphic that we put together of the controversies. the moments where the polls shifted in the past three months. you see it has gone up and down. hillary clinton has always been on top. if you look at the poll of polls. all of the major polls, she has always been on top throughout controversies. do you think she has rebounded from friday's non-troversy as chris would say of the comey announcement of the huma abedin e-mails. >> what does it mean to rebound? i think she maintained a three--point lead in the national polls and still has a stronger position on the electoral map. she is in a closer contest.
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there is more momentum with the tighten submenate races. we have a new reality of the race tighter with the advantage still her way. >> guys, thank you. we have more questions for you. coming up on "new day" we have kellyanne conway. she will join us in the 8:00 hour. it has been a long and bruising road in the campaign. now the candidates obviously in the home stretch. what are they doing? clinton is reaching out to minorities and she's going on the attack. can you imagine donald trump in the oval office? what is trump doing? he is speaking out loud to himself saying stay on message. you know what? he should take his advice. why? next. oh no, that looks gross whoa, twhat is that? try it. you gotta try it, it's terrible. i don't wanna try it if it's terrible.
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vo: and calm judgment. donald trump: "and you can tell them to go fu_k themselves." vo: because all it takes is one wrong move. donald trump audio only: "i would bomb the sh_t out of them." vo: just one. just five days until
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election day. donald trump and hillary clinton in the final stretch. clinton is going hard at the obama coalition which is code for minority voters hoping to motivate the group in hopes of turnout because they were key in obama's election. and donald trump is saying stay on message. let's bring back david gregory and ron brownstein. >> you don't remember h.w. bush? i care. >> this is one of the times where trump should follow his instincts. >> the ad they have up now crystalizes the campaign. the campaign has deadlocked and
2:22 am
stalemate. donald trump is change. the last few points of her lead, chris, has been voters who don't really like her and don't trust her and don't have a favorable view of her. that is what is moved back college white men and women in the national polling. what she is trying to do is put back front and center and here is why you want donald trump. >> david, let's dive in the demographics and look at north carolina. we can look at a lot of battleground states. let's look at the black vote. it has been down with the obama coalition not turning out in the early voting. in north carolina, it is down 5.3. in georgia, down 5.3. in florida, 3.2. let's look at latinos.
2:23 am
because maybe this will help boost the numbers for her. in north carolina, it is up .7%. georgia, .7%. florida, up 4.5% since 2008. david? >> when i talked to them, they say we are in better shape in early voting than 2012. that was a state that romney won. there is concern about the african-american turnout. it is not just hillary clinton, but president obama who is making the case. not only saying you have to get out, but criticism of james comey is significant. it is part of the strategy to go to war with james comey to say to democratic voters to say what is happening to her is unfair. and she's the target of something that's unfair and you have to try to right that in the polls. don't let this sentiment and process suppress turnout for
2:24 am
hillary clinton. so i think it's important. i think there is a notion of hillary clinton's campaign with hispanic voters turning out in florida and in arizona. even in north carolina that could ultimately be decisive for her. i think this business, because i agree with ron, the other thing that is strong for donald trump is not only is he really punching at the wound of her trustworthiness, but the idea do you think anything will get done in washington. if she is being investigated and if there is so much turmoil, that is a salient argument to make as change agent. >> for somebody to compete with trump, trump is perceived increase in trust, it is president barack obama. he was the real change. he is in north carolina. he is using another trump argument. rigged.
2:25 am
he is saying north carolina, especially african-american folks, they are making it hard for you to come out. by they, he means the republican infrastructure. he probably has a good case. here is some of his sound. >> those who wanted to suppress the vote, they will fade. the law was struck down. your rights have been restored. it is easier to vote in north carolina. if you don't vote, then you have done the work of those who would suppress your vote without them having to lift a linger. come on. >> the court case is right. that was an ugly decision. >> surgical precision. >> they found they targeted african-americans. >> it is still paying off. the lines are long. precincts are fewer to early voting. there was a desperation that went beyond the system. about his legacy. the undoing. >> the composition of the
2:26 am
electorate is huge. hillary clinton may have to compensate for less enthusiastic african-american vote. than it was for voting for the first african-american president. one is latino turnout in the sunbelt states in colorado and florida. the other is reflected in north carolina which is doing better among college educated white voters. no democratic presidential nominee has ever won most college educated white votes. she has been leading in the polls, particularly among college educated white women. the quinnipiac poll came out yesterday. it is hard to keep all of this in our heads. it is important to remember she does not have to win north carolina, florida or ohio or nevada or iowa. if she holds her core states, she is at 273. >> what does the money say? >> if you look at north
2:27 am
carolina, florida and ohio. three states she doesn't have to win. they spent $180 million on television in those three states. if you look at michigan, wisconsin and colorado, they states they have to win. they spent $16 million. they are going on the air now. they made a bet these states are secure in their hands and donald trump is testing that bet. >> let's remember there is a larger goal that hillary clinton has in her supporters have. they had it going back now two weeks when she was really surging ahead. that is not just to win, but win big. she wants some of the bigger prizes so she can run up the electorate vote margin and claim something of a mandate. she wants to win, but if she wins a squeaker, there will be repercussions in terms of her ability to govern. >> gentlemen, thank you. t-minus five. five days until election day. please join us for our complete
2:28 am
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we're following breaking news from afghanistan. two american soldiers have lost their lives. two others wounded in an operation along afghan forces. the u.s. troops came under fire while trying to clear a taliban
2:33 am
position. this is a horrible reminder of a reality. whether they are called advisers or fighters. if u.s. men and women are on the ground, they will pay a price. and to a scene unfolding outside of mosul. people who live in the area are loaded on trucks to escape the fighting. hours after the leader of isis sent an audio message to soldiers to battle. we have cnn's arwa damon live near mosul. >> reporter: alisyn. take a look at the scene. these are people who fled the battle field. many walked for hours to get here. overnight, the fighting was incredibly intense. you notice that some of the women have faces uncovered. others are still wearing the face covered. we were talking to one group of women who said their family
2:34 am
members tried to flee from mosul, but isis fired. >> we lost the feed. we'll try to get back to arwa damon. obviously where she is, communications are never a gven. in other news, president obama condemning the ambush killings of two iowa police officers as he should calling them shameful acts of violence. the officers now identified. we had sergeant anthony beminio. and urbandale police officer justin martin. both shot in the patrol cars. the community remembering the officers at vigils and makeshift memorials. the suspected killer? 46-year-old scott michael greene. under arrest. fiery protests outside a senate debate in new orleans which featured candidate david duke. the former grand wizard of the
2:35 am
kkk. six people were arrested with police. they were demonstrating duke's inclusion in the six-person debate. police used pepper spray. they took six people into custody for obstructing traffic. >> on the campus of the dillard college. historic black college. condemning the hate and intolerance that david duke represents. all right. so we are down to the final days of the presidential race and it is tight. now, the issue of honesty and trust worthiness is the main focus. if it is how will it affect the outcome in the key four battleground states? answers ahead.
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as ai can embrace a worldber, full of surprising moments. the new marriott portfolio of hotels now has 30 brands in over 110 countries. so no matter where you go, you are here. join or link accounts today. in an election full of controversies, who do voters
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today consider more honest and trust worthy? a series of polls show trump better in honesty and trust in four states. here to discuss this is trump surrogate, former george w. bush surrogate matt sclapp and hillary clinton supporter symone sanders. >> good morning. >> symone, look at this. donald trump's honest and trust numbers have gone up since october and september. he is now at 51%. hillary clinton's have gone down since october. down to 37%. in other words, after the "access hollywood" tape where donald trump was caught on the audio tape saying how he likes to grope women. after 11 women have come forward
2:41 am
to say he made unwanted advances on him. his honesty numbers have gone up. how do you explain it? >> i was shocked to read these numbers. i guess i explain it and this is why president obama has been on the campaign trail. saying look, there are people out there, particularly men actually that just don't want to vote for a woman. people that don't see secretary clinton as someone as trust worthy. that is what we see reflected in the numbers. >> you are seeing sexism? >> i'm interpreting this as a little bit sexism for sure. i know donald trump and secretary clinton both of them were equally disliked. i think donald trump a little bit more. especially when we talk about honesty and trustworthiness. neither one were beacons of honesty for the american people when it comes to polls. >> that's an important point.
2:42 am
you are dealing with the proposition of who is less bad. matt, how do you see it in the context of every time any journalism agency does a measurement of who lies more, your guy wins. some of the ratios have it 7 of 10 times he says something that is materially false. yet he is doing better than hillary clinton. why? >> i think the question of how is it possible in light of the billy bush tape and allegations that his numbers are better than hillary clinton. it is a big part of the electorate that is focusing on the wikileaks and the fbi had opened up or made clear a second investigation or two investigations on hillary clinton. we cannot cover those things. they are having an effect. >> what is the second investigation? >> you have the one on the e-mails and now the investigation on the clinton
2:43 am
foundation. the drip, drip, drip that is coming out which you cannot deny. these numbers won't be like this if something isn't happening. people are seeing internal communications are different from what has been said publicly. a public answer and a private answer. it is having an effect. it is undeniable. these numbers show it. >> do you think that the trump campaign is not having a difference between internal conversations and their public persona? >> they are not under fbi investigation like the clinton. >> we heard the fbi is looking into things at the trump foundation as well as links between trump and russia. these are not things that comey has confirmed. these are things there are leaks about. >> alisyn, here is the problem. the fbi can investigate any of us. a lot of times we may not know. it is fair to say the fbi could be doing anything. >> sure. >> they confirmed two
2:44 am
investigations and it is having an impact on her numbers. she not start out strong on honesty and trust worthiness. we have seen with all of the things that have come out in the last two weeks, this is damaging to her. in the end, i will tell you, i don't think the race will turn on honesty and trust, but i think it puts her in a precarious position. that's why her numbers have slipped. when i looked at it before the show, there was a one in front of it. yesterday, there was a two in front of it. no question the race is tighter. >> for the past three months, in the poll of polls, hillary clinton is ahead. it will not turn on honest and trust, because the blue line is hillary clinton. these are through different controversies. the red line is donald trump. symone, she has always been ahead.
2:45 am
how do voters reconcile she may not be honest? >> i think they will elect her into office because she has a plan for the american people and move america forward and build on the progress we made. the only person in the race to do that is secretary clinton. i think folks know that. i think there are real questions about whether donald trump has a concrete policy plan. the thing about the wikileaks investigation. if the fbi hasn't been so vocal about what they are doing or not doing or don't know what they are saying about secretary clinton and the clinton foundation or the e-mails, the public would not have doubt. the fbi investigation has introduced some thoughts into the american people's minds with half the information. in terms of the wikileaks. wikileaks has been weaponized.
2:46 am
we are only getting half the story. >> why does hillary clinton answer questions in debates about wikileaks? not a single e-mail has proven to be untrue. >> i didn't say they weren't true. these are two different things. >> symone, we are seeing why you are having a hard time when it comes to trust and excitement. they're doing a very good job. matt and symone, you both represent what the race is about. you with sanders and matt, you were never a fan of donald trump early on. we both know that. you had to find your way toward your people. they are saying the comey thing is new. there's new stuff. that's effective. they are saying wikileaks, nobody questions the impact. when they are talking about authenticity. the spin is a difference. we have seeing it in the polls. >> thank you very much for the deba debate. let us know what you think on
2:47 am
twitter. polls, as ron just said, are often not as predictive than they are scenarios. boy is that true when it comes to turnout. african-americans. you can poll all day long. if you don't go to the polls, the numbers don't come true. president barack obama is acc e acutely aware of this. he went to north carolina with a message and a fear. what is it? he will tell us next. whatcha' doin? just checking my free credit score at credit karma. what the??? you're welcome. i just helped you dodge a bullet.
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why did barack obama go from senator to president and two-term president? a lot of reasons. when it comes to the people who supported him most, you have to look at african-americans. they were a big part of the obama coalition. will they come out the same for hillary clinton? the assumption is no, but how
2:52 am
much less? and the reasons especially in the key place like north carolina. those are the big questions in the race. cnn's randi kaye spoke with voters in north carolina. >> reporter: at mama dip's kitchen in chapel hill, north carolina, voters are crossing their fingers that african-americans show up at the polls. >> we absolutely need you at the polls. we need you voting. >> reporter: nate howell has already voted for hillary clinton. and is working hard to get up and get out the vote.
2:53 am
hopefully hillary will take us the rest of the way. >> that why you owe it to him? >> yes. >> when president obama says it would be an insult to his legacy if you don't vote for hillary clinton, do you believe that? >> i go. secretary clinton will continue much of the work that the two of them have been doing the past eight years. whether they saw eye to eye or not. >> i think it would take away from the legacy if you don't support some of the issues that she's raised. i think she is the person to do it. >> does the idea of continuing obama's legacy motivate you to vote for hillary clinton?
2:54 am
>> it does. >> the night he got elected, i was on the phone with my grandmother. >> reporter: motivation is key in the tar heel state. african-american voters could make the difference. this man feels he owes nothing to the president and won't vote clinton just to preserve obama's legacy. >> are you considering not voting? >> yeah. i am. >> are your friends considering not voting? >> a lot. >> what do they tell you? what is the general feeling? >> the trust thing. >> they don't trust? >> they don't trust the candidates or what they're saying. they feel they are being lied to gain votes. >> reporter: to those suggesting hillary clinton is another four years of barack obama, her supporters here is a bring it on. >> i think she will support the same platform issues that he did and i think that it would be a
2:55 am
type of victory for what he was trying to accomplish in eight years. >> reporter: randi kaye, cnn, chapel hill, north carolina. >> that spells out the challenges. you get to see how people are feeling and why there's a difference four and eight years ago. >> politics of race are complicated. no question there is a huge historic motivation for then senator barack obama with the african-american community. it was different four years ago. many felt betrayed and underserved. they still came out. will they now? no, but how much less? that is a big issue. >> we will dissect that throughout the program. meanwhile, the curse is broken. how the chicago cubs and fans are celebrating the team's first world series win in more than a century. we have a live report from the still partying wrigleyville next.
2:56 am
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>> i've been watching hillary the last few days. she's totally unhinged. >> if donald trump were to win this election, we would have a commander in chief who is completely out of his depth. >> we don't operate innuendo and incomplety information and operate on leaks. >> the cubs have won the world series! the curse is broken. this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn cameroa. very exciting night. it's thursday, negative 3rd. 6:00 in the east. breaking the curse. the chicago cubs are world series champions. the last time any


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