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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  November 3, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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tonight melania trump makes a speech. first sense the convention. calls for an action against tone, tenor of social media. and also happens to be perhaps the one thing her husband is most often accused of doing. what she said, where, part of appeal to suburban woman voters. will it work. talk to kellyanne conway about all of it. first jim acosta on the day so far. from selma, north carolina, where trump is expected to speak. what is he expected to say? >> reporter: just walked out on stage in critical battleground state that could make or break the presidency but told talking about national security, defense, foreign policy issues and proposals to build up nation's navy and air force and
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behind him on stage several medal of honor recipients and veterans of the armed services. but other thing worth noting is untrump-like message discipline we've been seeing over the last several days. hitting hillary clinton hard, going after the president of the united states somewhat but avoided incendiary rhetoric that's thrown the campaign off from time to time. >> also melania trump, talk about her message to voters. >> reporter: yeah. it was a message about her immigrant roots. but also spent part of the speech in pennsylvania earlier today talking about social media and how she feels like people on social media need to set the right example for young people. here's more. >> i do worry about all of our children. as we know, now social media is the centerpiece of our lives.
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as adults, many of us are able to handle mean words, even lies. children and teenagers can be fragile. they're hurt when they are made fun of or made to feel less in looks or intelligence. our culture has gotten too mean and too rough. especially to children and teenagers. >> reporter: one thing she didn't mention in her speech is her husband the candidate has gone after his enemies on twitter at all hours of the night. on the screen. referred to alicia machado that had a sex tape and didn't. referred to ted cruz, threatening to spill the beans about his wife. and twitter attacks on fox news anchor megyn kelly.
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for all of that to be ignored would have to delete his account. >> thanks very much. note hillary clinton, bernie sanders and ferrell taking the stage in raleigh, kellyanne conway good to have you on the program. i found mrs. trump to be a poised speaker. talking about husband, showing a side we haven't seen. will we see more of her between now and tuesday? >> this was really a very important day for her on the stump. her idea to go to suburban philadelphia, proud to work on the speech and accompany her today. and she, she's very supportive of husband's candidacy and would be of his presidency, i think the voters see that. but she's got a very important job at home raising 10-year-old son barron and i think melania
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trump is no different from millions of american women, trying to find the time for the soccer practices et cetera. i was happy got to hear about immigrant roots, love of america and came to work and live in america but wasn't enough. wanted to be american. waited ten years to go through the process. visa, green cards and the process and gave us a preview of the first lady and man donald trump she's known and loved for 18 years. >> so do you think we'll see her again? and do you wish she had spent more time on the trail earlier ? certainly in appealing to women perhaps, and others, melania trump is a fine surrogate. >> i mean i'm thrilled that ivanka is out there, lauren, tiffany, vanessa, keeping campaign schedule these days and
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boys. not leave them out because of gender. super surrogate family members tell a story about their father and her husband that is very different. about his character and his policy prescriptions. the sacrifice they've all made that i talked so frequently about to run in the first place but also his adult children are involved in his business. also know him as boss and mentor. those are important messages and all dotting the maps. everybody in a so-called swing state today and yesterday campaigning. and melania trump's message, whether in interview or speech today, excerpts should be played all the time. in contrast to bill clinton, saying obamacare -- goes off
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message. appreciate that she doesn't go off -- supporting hur husband. everybody should feel comfortable as messenger saw her doing that today. really helps her husband. >> okay -- >> every time i see bernie sanders, a rapper here, current senator for hillary clinton, makes her seem small and underwhelming, propped by by other people. this is supporting role while hillary clinton is supported by people more popular than she is. >> you talked about roots and wanting to come to america and privilege of being american and talked about children made fun of, adding that culture is too mean and rough. i don't know anybody would disagree. said the same to me a couple of
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weeks ago. back then and today, reaction from number of critics is that her husband is part of the problem. made fun of people's looks and intelligence. if it's not okay for kids, why okay for adults, donald trump? >> it's really not okay for anybody to do it with malicious intent but hate to break to the political class or media, most of twitter is not about politics or journalism. there's a big worldwide social media culture and landscape out there anderson, i think what melania trump was talking about is cultural fact but not political. >> but your candidate is on twitter at 3:00 a.m. tweeting about this stuff. >> sorry for the delay. i didn't mean to interrupt. look, do you see what is written about you or me routinely?
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i get the f word. from journalists frankly. very washed up one frankly can't stop twooeeting course words at me. we have to have broad shoulders. just one person. i appreciate as first lady melania trump has committed to trying to do something about the negativity that attends to what otherwise she identified as a positive tool. social media for positivity. i appreciate -- we have democratic presidential nominee saying go to fight for women -- >> but the question, doesn't this start at home? isn't the problem at her own dinner table? >> no it isn'tment fact her husband is running for president
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and defends himself. >> talking about face wasn't a counterattack but just an attack. >> i'm sorry? talking about irina's face wasn't a counterpunch but just mean. >> then he went on national stage in front of tens of millions of people i would presume and said she has a beautiful face and beautiful woman. i'm frankly proud that carly is part of the republican party and important member. but again constantly cherry picking with donald trump, certain tweets or things that he said and not looking -- look at entire twitter feed and crowds at message. >> it's full of this stuff know. >> how he's -- it's full of a lot of things. but again i think you're undercutting, doing a zevs to the platform that melania would want to have as first lady to the full measure of the comments
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today. also anderson if you want to look at negativity, look no forward than hillary clinton campaign. not pretending go high or medium. all attacking. no aspirational message. it's all tear him down, wait out the clock, run out the clock ahead -- not one but two fbi investigations now. why aren't people talking about her getting off the democratic ticket, asking democrats are you going to tip to endorse and stand with her. cloud of corruption, all the investigations might follow into the white house. and haters out today for melania trump because she did a phenomenal job, grace and intelligence and wit. it was great for campaign to have her there. great to have first lady of indiana, mike pence's wife to introduce her. got a glimpse into the future. you contrast that to hillary clinton on stump who is all
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negative all the time now. i don't know why this is but it's not democratic party i grew up in and i don't think it would have been gripping to the single mom who raised me to hear hillary clinton slam her republican opponent all day long. just glad melania trump went out there. >> and a lot of trump supporters would love to see her more and clinton supporters scared to have her more. >> i want to bring in the panel. axelrod, dana bash. gloria borger. and trump and clinton supporters. like to mix up the scenery.
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i'm out of breath. john king. melania trump every time she speaks has been effective and lot of trump supporters probably would have loved to see her out weeks ago. >> without a question and chester county, pennsylvania is one of the outer counties, you get to delaware and chester county, have to win those counties. last republican to win those suburbs, george h.w. bush. been blue since then. do her a disservice in some ways she's poised and great surrogate and should be out there but at convention had somebody plagiarize a speech and ruined that. and i'm sorry, all respect to kellyanne conway but if she gives a speech that says be respectful on social media then
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we're going to play donald trump's own words and go through that twitter feed. >> it's going to be effective. >> it's going to be effective tactic as first tactic in the cause take husband's iphone away. talk about the politics. i know kellyanne conway said it was melania's idea to go to this location but chosen by strategists for a reason. donald trump has to win pennsylvania or break through in another big blue state. pennsylvania was thought to be one where he could early. he has enormous problem with women. in one poll trailing by 20 points in pennsylvania and point of this tell women looking at barrage of ads of his own words he's not what you see, the way he appears to be. that's the sole function of this. >> right because kellyanne
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conway is critical of hillary clinton in her words going negative and low. as we talked about a lot last night, donald trump so doing a good job staying on message. hillary clinton is running a different campaign. it's not higher method. this is answering the attack. >> it is and what they're saying is making positive closing argument. not necessarily. because on the attack against hillary clinton. got a clear message, e-mails, e-mails, e-mails. you can't trust her. playing into that storyline. but what was interesting about what kelly ann said to you, you're cherry picking donald trump's words. that's exactly what advertisements do, what negative ads do. they of course cherry pick words. and she's making that argument against the negative ads and saying don't do that in criticizing melania trump. i think we know what they
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discuss at dinner table which is she doesn't like him tweeting. said that to you i believe and wishes he would stop i think. i do believe she feels strongly about it. and that this is a way that they can deflect the -- >> donald trump is a candidate used twitter more effectively and more often than any other candidate in history. >> he's absolutely used twitter in a way that even -- rewind the technology and probably see obama campaign used technology in 2008 and was revolutionary. but look at where melania went today, obviously you're right. reason where she went was because of the counties around philadelphia are critical. this particular county chester, mitt romney won, only one, by just a hair. trying to change that and make it so it's not just that but the
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others. interestingly talking about republican officials in those counties over the past couple of days, particularly today ahead of her speech and they said that the drop in poll numbers in that area in and around the "access hollywood" tape have come back. this is a way to have someone like melania bring it home and because close to the election make sure people thinking of voting for donald trump but not sure get to the polls. >> different spousal speech. not what michelle obama would give about her husband. it was about what she would do as first lady. issues. a bit of character witness for husband but spouses very often particularly at this point on the campaign trail are much more personal about their husbands. one thing we've noticed about the family is they have difficult telling personal stories about donald trump. i think that would have been quite effective if melania had
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done more of that. >> it's also tough for somebody who doesn't have the experience. michelle obama -- to compare anyone as speech maker to michelle obama is really -- >> and lot of spouses at this point have given me speeches. >> going to take a break. go to the other side of the table. and candidates and surrogates and others running around tonight. bernie sanders is on stage right now. part of the clinton campaign's efforts to keep blue wall of states intact. and john king crunching numbers and more of melania trump's speech and voters she's trying to reach. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine. i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment with breo. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults
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mrp. >> and let us be very clear, a 7 1/4 federal minimum wage is a starvation wage. let's be clear. >> bernie sanders out campaigning for hillary clinton tonight at clinton rally unfolding in raleigh, north carolina. warming up the crowd. second event in the tar heel state. phil, clinton and trump and surrogates flooding the zone. what are experts telling you? >> reporter: thing you hear from top advisers and democrats all over, if we execute, we can win this state but a number of red flags recently that gives democrats discomfort. most notably in the early african-american vote. couple of things changed from
9:22 pm
2012 looking at why dropping, president obama not at top of the ticket. changes in where the polling places are located and when people can vote contributing as well but clinton campaign is attacking head-on, all day today at rallies hitting on the issue of reaching to african-american voters. williams and clinton will be talking. historically black university hit before that. focused on turning out the vote. don't want the obama coalition, don't think reach the numbers but clinton coalition includes a strong african-american vote and if get that good chance in the state. >> clinton shifted from talk of the fbi right? >> exactly. first three or four days after the letter campaign advisers holding conference calls on it talking about it repeatedly, attacking jim comey and fbi, hillary clinton bringing up at
9:23 pm
rallies. no more. there's good reason. we think the issue fired up organizers and advocates but don't close out, close out talking about donald trump. like this from hillary clinton. take a listen. >> this is someone at another rally yesterday actually said out loud to himself, stay on point donald, stay on point. his campaign probably put that in the teleprompter. stay on point, donald, stay on point. we have seen it over and over again. we know his true self. >> mocking donald trump a little bit. closing argument, very clear. referendum. see if that message works. >> let's talk a bit about why secretary clinton is where she is. john king to break down the numbers. national poll show a small
9:24 pm
clinton lead. major states? >> start out of new hampshire with trump campaign thinking it's back in play. hillary clinton had a consistent lead throughout the general election but another boll. 42-42. we know the president and donald trump are going back twice in the final days. out west. thinking whole campaign could be never trump conservative challenger win utah? but now seeing like in arizona conservative consolidation. donald trump that's not healthy, 37, mit romney got more but leading in utah. mcmullin down. seeing conservative consolidation. two pieces of good news for trump. look at state of georgia, traditionally ruby red, dead
9:25 pm
heat. 45-44%. don't think can win it but look at numbers like this, maybe got a shot. >> for all the talk of the trump momentum, does need to crack the blue wall to have a chance of winning. has he? >> he has not cracked it. democrats use the term the blue wall. 18 states plus the district of columbia won in every election back to 1992. everything blue on the map the democrats have won. significance is they start at 242. takes 270 to win. start with 242, almost to the finish line. has donald trump cracked any of this? not yet. new hampshire is not part of the blue wall. george w. bush won it in one of his campaigns. big states trump hopes to crack. clinton's leads in the latest poll. look at this michigan. back to 2012.
9:26 pm
obama won by nine points. she's up seven. wisconsin. obama won seven points. she's up six. get to pennsylvania. bring this down a little bit. that was five point race. she has a five point lead. no evidence he's cracked the wall. knocking and closer than two weeks ago but not broken through. >> on the path to 270, where does it stand? >> officially cnn count is 272-2 -- bring new hampshire back into the toss-up category. doesn't want to go. toss-up category. now take into account. trump winning in arizona in our poll yesterday. now winning in utah. leading in ohio. at that. 268-214. that's why florida and north carolina are so important. in race like this these are the two big prizes.
9:27 pm
trump needs both. hillary clinton needs one. see the tete-a-tete tonight. going to see in florida. doing a lot of florida, north carolina. >> even the magic wall is getting tired of this election john. john is going to rejoin the panel. congressman talk about georgia. as trump supporter are you concerned about the numbers? >> i'm not concerned about the numbers. yesterday in the cnn green room talked to consultants with the isaacson campaign who came in from the field and testing both. we have a lead. not as much as johnny isakson has but we have -- feel good. >> you don't think it's that close? >> i don't. if it was, hillary clinton would be down there and bill clinton. not sending any -- i don't see any super surrogates coming down. same with arizona. talking to congressman john
9:28 pm
chadic yesterday, said for arizona every third vehicle is pick-up truck with a nra bumper sticker on it. hear all the time from outsiders that arizona is going to flip. not going to happen. i feel good about those two but we have to have those in the game. win florida, north carolina. feeling good about ohio now. as you know, the two swing counties in pennsylvania, north hampton and missouri county, our polling shows a two point difference there. in pennsylvania, bellwether counties, getting closer. which is why melania was down there. >> maria are you concerned about a blue state flipping red? >> i'm not for the primary reason that she's still in good shape. fact we're talking about georgia. utah is up there, and arizona is indicative she still has a strong position from electoral
9:29 pm
standpoint. also think and going to mention it last night, a lot of these polls are missing latino support for hillary clinton because they don't do polling with bilingual callers. you're going to lose a lot if not most of the hispanic support in the states. even pennsylvania with 4.5% hiss panby and north carolina. >> you're making the same argument with different voters that the trump campaign is making hidden voters not showing up in the polls. >> and include more in that hidden vote. a survey yesterday by william and mary of early voters in florida, we don't know if right but said 28% of gop voters went for hillary clinton. i think there are two kinds of hidden voters for hillary clinton. it is the folks who do not show up on likely voter models. new immigrants, newly registered hispanics and millennials and
9:30 pm
republicans who to pollsters and friends don't want to admit going to vote for hillary clinton. >> do you worry about hidden voters on democratic side? you've been trumpeting the hidden voters on the trump side. >> if you remember we were sitting here -- >> i have no memory but today. all blends together. >> say whatever you want. >> in 18 -- no. >> well in 1884. what we have, talking about the inevitability of hillary clinton, in essence all over. now we're talking within a few points give or take. tomorrow in pennsylvania donald trump himself will be there at giant arena in hershey. i thought myself they had abandoned pennsylvania a week or so ago. now in valley forge, suburban
9:31 pm
philadelphia and she is there, and he's in central pennsylvania tomorrow. arena that holds 10,000 people. i guarantee you that place will be sold out plus. i really do think doing very well here and got momentum. quite obviously the story here, the fbi and all of that, has given some people pause out there. >> one of the important aspects about pennsylvania is don't have early voting. absentee but not early voting process. reason that hillary clinton is going to michigan because don't have early voting. you have to get voters to the polls. having amazing rally with the rock stars, hillary clinton and bill and barack obama and michelle obama, because you have to get them to the polls. we can go up and down but dynamics stayed the same. donald trump not led in a poll in wisconsin, michigan, pennsylvania, colorado. we can talk -- go up and down
9:32 pm
but dynamics of the race simply not changed. hillary clinton if she maintains the blue wall. >> done. >> but -- the dynamics have changed. you're right she still has advantage. it's late but donald trump has had the consolidation of the republican party and conservatives. now in position and in the hunt. whereas last week wasn't. you're right -- >> she has. >> we have to take a break. before the break. 2k5i6d achl david axelrod is a huge chicago cubs fan. congratulations. we were looking around to find a chicago cubs hat and i'm the only person who actually -- this is my only baseball hat and wearing it for six months. here it is. i of course -- >> is it signed? >> being egotistical anchor, i
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and supports sanctuary cities like in san francisco, where kate steinly the great beautiful wonderful person was murdered by an illegal immigrant
9:37 pm
who had been deported perhaps more than five times. trump administration will cancel all -- >> speaking tonight in north carolina, he and hillary clinton holding duelling rall s rallies. melania trump campaigning solo. first turn in the spotlight since the republican convention which opportunity turn out after partial lines taken from michelle obama. today the speech is billed for what trump presidency will mean for women, children and families. background is crucial battleground state for her husband. reporting. >> reporter: at mainline sports center justified philadelphia, melania trump was the main event. >> i came here today to talk about my husband donald and his deep love and respect for this country. >> reporter: mrs. donald trump sharing both her husband's love of the united states and her
9:38 pm
own. she told the crowd she's always loved america, even growing up under communist rule in so slovenia. >> america was opportunity. ment if you could dream it, become it. >> reporter: first speech since the plagiarism mess at convention. send to philadelphia. can't win without the suburban women. >> reporter: how does she help him win that group. >> should be out in front. gravitating to hillary clinton because she's a female and a horrible female. >> can you as woman relate to her? >> without a doubt.
9:39 pm
i can't wait to see her, first of all what she's wearing. >> i like her a lot. think says a lady. an asset. brings grace and class. >> reporter: this woman not sold on donald trump, came to see melania speak hoping to be convinced. >> reporter: what do you need to hear to vote trump? >> i want to hear something that makes me feel positive about putting trump into the white house. >> reporter: what would that be? >> to be honest, i'm open to anything. i just am not sure what his p s policies are yet. >> reporter: if could win over women like this, could be the closer her husband needs in battleground state. >> knows him better than anyone, can't think of better representative than his wife. >> would be my honor and privilege to serve this country.
9:40 pm
i will be an advocate for women and for children. >> i think she does try to bring out softer side in him and that's a positive thing. >> reporter: is it helping? >> yes i think it is. >> reporter: does she soften him? >> definitely. so classy and sweet. yes she does. >> reporter: classy and sweet but strong and confident too her supporters say, someone they'd be proud to have their daughters look up to. >> reporter: what kind of first lady would she be? >> amazing, another jackie onassis kennedy. without a doubt. >> and randi joins from philadelphia. it is interesting, every time melania trump has spoken, whether it's interviews we've done together or speaking today, everybody seems to say the same thing, trump supporters wish she had been out there or been able to be out there much earlier.
9:41 pm
>> reporter: absolutely anderson. they think she's a star on the campaign trail and as far as all her husband has had to deal with, women come forward and accusers and access hollywood tlt tape, handled it great. taste. open and honest with american people. talking about how donald trump apologized to her and foregiven him. really like not hiding anything and think be a great first lady. think empower women and smart woman and smart businessperson and inspire women to start own small businesses. so important in the state of pennsylvania because the new cnn poll shows donald trump lagging 15 points behind hillary clinton from women. if don't fall behind him, have real affection for melania
9:42 pm
trump. >> a lot to discuss. here to do it, cnn political commentator kailee mcenny, doctor fosh ted cruz and back is dana bash and gloria borger. >> it's interesting to hear a woman looking for reason to support donald trump and melania trump helps with that. >> i thought it was fascinating and telling. especially since i was up in philly suburbs a few weeks ago at ivanka trump event. rock solid republicans. heard from them more than anything else. after the "access hollywood" tape came in, just can't stand hillary clinton. i don't know if she's one of those who doesn't like hillary clinton and looking for reason to vote for donald trump but that is a great example of why they sent melania out there.
9:43 pm
other thing that struck me about the piece. don't like to talk about it because it seems superficial but it's a glamour factor. said would be like next jackie o. fascinated by her. a fashion model. like to look at her. paid to do it. not a coincidence. >> and hasn't been center stage but women thinking about her. after the videotape everybody was thinking about melania. what is her reaction? gave the interview, upfront. independent woman. big girl. >> don't feel sorry for me. i'm strong. >> are i think that resonated with a lot of women. can take care of herself. even though you haven't heard a lot from her, been a big part in the campaign in her absence and people are curious. particularly looking for a hook to vote for him. >> what do you make of her? >> think donald trump's campaign
9:44 pm
served her poorly. two occasions had a beautiful speech. great speech at convention but fatal flaw and constained plagiarized from michelle obama. today talked about the shared american values she had with husband and brought up a subject that husband is compromised on. might as well flush that speech down the toilet because everyone is reminded of the horrible things donald trump said to people online. i question why put her in this position. also why introducing new content at this point? it seems desperate and question why the campaign put her in that position. >> what about that? she mentioned in interview i did with with her a couple weeks ago but most talked about it on bigger stage. >> with van jones who said shouldn't use this moment and
9:45 pm
opportunity to tear someone down trying to put forth something she cares about or positive wants to do for the country. i don't think we should put her down for that. saw a confident woman, entrepreneur in her own right but today, number one, talked about immigrant story. relates to lot of people. cuban voters in miami, can hear the story and feel on that level and talked about barron and types of conversations she has with her son. i realize my son is privileged but we have the same conversations about life and sports. really softened donald trump. thsz the family dynamic in their household and households across the country. >> gloria you raised the point, haven't heard a lot of speakers giving personal anecdotes about donald trump, even back to the
9:46 pm
convention, one person who did business with him talked about a boxing match and really nice to somebody who worked at the match. but it's not like in past conventions or in past -- had the oldest friends, people on the trail with character references. >> right or even children. from adult children of donald trump was relationship that revolved around his business. they are his business partners. trying to get them to tell personal stories about their father is really difficult. i think with melania, first ladies or would-be first ladies often talk about the other side, the person you don't see on the campaign trail. >> ann romney. >> probably the best at it. this is the man i know, this is why you should trust mit romney with the nuclear code or whether he's going to send your kids to
9:47 pm
war. this is the man i've been married to for years. that's not the speech melania is giving and not the speeches we hear from his family. it's just different from what we're used to. maybe it's because he hasn't been in politics his whole life. maybe ann romney is a little bit more polished at it. husband in elected office. couldn't be more different. >> hasn't had the practice. and so absent on the trail. >> this is a speech normally see after secured the nomination. our biography and background. still doing this late in the game. donald trump in desperate need of high profile female surrogatesment don't have condoleezza right or even kelly ayet. just this week saying wouldn't trust daughter in room with donald trump. has a problem. women in his life sorely missed and you see this desperate push
9:48 pm
to get melania trump out there this week. >> kailee do you wish been out earlier? talked about before, priority is taking care of barron and raising son and being there for him and obviously most important thing. but as a trump supporter, heard from a lot of people as we heard in the piece loved to have seen her out there because effective speaker. >> yes i would have her in multiple states every day. i respect her making mom her priority but as political person want to see her everyone. it's important when we talk about trump children not humanizing donald or melania. i remember donald trump jr. saying i remember riding tractors with father and tools he used out on the construction sites with father. melania saying the first thing in common is love for the family. heard that.
9:49 pm
but something from the spouse of donald trump and children that we don't hear a lot from others because these are folks who have achieved in their own right. ivan ivanka, and melania, very successful individuals with great ideas for this country. see the humanizing part but also see people who have achieved giving their vision for the country as well. >> but for his wife it's not just about humanizing, it's about the woman he sleeps next to every night explaining who he is. and that, when your candidate is donald trump and we know all of his baggage, historical and recent baggage, everything that's been out on the campaign trail, that's a whole different level of this is the guy i know. that she has the opportunity to talk about. which she didn't today. i don't fault them for not doing that. like we said, haven't had the experience because decided not to do it. >> i also think she hates.
9:50 pm
i don't think she likes being on the trail so have to give her credit for doing it. really do. >> and people on the campaign probably trying to eagerly get her out there. takes strength to say no, i'm staying home. >> hillary clinton has said the trump campaign doing dog whistles for the -- endorsement from hateful places. take a look at that next. >> you know he also kept saying, well, what have you done for the last 30 years? and occasionally i would interject and say what i had done. today at greeneville --@!@!
9:51 pm
9:52 pm
9:53 pm
now hillary clinton is saying it on the campaign trail as well. here's what she said in north carolina earlier today he has
9:54 pm
spent this entire campaign offering a dog whistle to his most hateful supporters. he retweets white supremacists, and spreads racially tinged conspiracy theories and you better believe he's being heard loudly and clearly. >> clinton went on to mention the official newspaper of the kkk has expressed support for donald trump. it's true. they put it on the front page. in the statement the trump campaign called the publication repulsive and said the gop denounces hate in any form. former leader david duke is a local donald trump supporter that prompted a response from eric. he was on a denver radio station and he said that duke desperately needs a bullet in the head. here's how eric trump responded. >> if i said what you said i would be killed for it. i think i will say it any way. these aren't good people. they are horrible people.
9:55 pm
>> whether donald trump encourages or not the campaign is getting support from hateful places. drew griffin tonight reports. >> reporter: he may disavow them all he likes but his allure to racists is rearing its ugly head in the final days of this contentious campaign. last night a mob scene in new orleans after the former kkk leader and current u.s. senate candidate sweeked date sweekedded in to a debate. duke is barely getting 5% in the polls but enough to get him on a debate stage and voice his admiration for donald trump. >> i will be donald trump's most loyal advocate to make sure his nominees go to the supreme court. >> mark says racist groups of the past have gotten new life, like it or not, from trump. >> from the point of view of the rad k58 right, donald trump has
9:56 pm
been playing a game of footsie with them since the beginning of the campaign. i think they feel clearly that trump is especially on their side, if not precisely holding the same views. >> reporter: it's been an ongoing problem for trump, stumbling over questions on how to handle support from known racist. >> so you understand, i don't know anything about david duke, okay. what you are talking about with white supremacy or white supremacist. i don't know. did he endorse me or what's going on? i know nothing about david duke. i know nothing about white supremacists and so you are asking me a question i'm supposed to be talking about people that i know nothing about. >> i guess the question from the anti-defamation league is even if you don't know about their endorsement, there are groups and individuals endorsing you, would you say you condemn them and don't want their support? >> i have to look at the group.
9:57 pm
>> reporter: trump did go on to a disavow duke but he's been walking a thin line ever since. >> we will watch pennsylvania. go down to certain areas and watch and study and make sure others don't come in and vote five times. >> reporter: his recent calls for poll watchers to keep from rigged elections has led to charges of racism because of the focus on inner city polling places and his campaign has gotten support in the form of robocalls. last week a robocall in utah labelled a third party trump opponent as a homosexual. earlier this year, white nationalist robocalls went out in new hampshire saying vote for trump to keep muslims out and illegal immigrants deported. jared taylor calls himself a white advocate said donald trump may not like him, but he likes what trump says. >> do you think that trump wants your support? >> i don't know whether he wants it or not. i think he wants support from
9:58 pm
everyone. whether or not he would agree with me is another matter. remember, it's i who am supporting donald trump. not donald trump supporting me. >> reporter: has trump's candidacy given rise to these up groups in numbers or just seeing a rise in the noise they are making. >> the southern poverty law said it struggles with that question. these groups are not one group and there's no indication they are actually growing in numbers of people. what disturbs them, anderson, is that for whatever reason trump's campaign has given them a voice in the political dialogue of this election. they are able to voice their views and even some of those views accepted when just a few election cycles ago they may have been shunned. anderson? >> drew, thank you very much. a reminder five days from election day. we have non-stop coverage here on cnn. join us for that and stay with us for another hour of 360. we will look at what we can learn from early voting data and
9:59 pm
the latest poll numbers in the key battleground states. there's a reason that both candidates campaigned in north carolina. we will break it down next. a high intensity tens device that uses technology once only in doctors' offices. for deep penetrating relief at the source. new aleve direct therapy.
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