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tv   New Day  CNN  November 4, 2016 3:00am-4:01am PDT

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trusted. we learned that. >> reporter: donald trump hitting hillary clinton over the long-time aides e-mails. >> you look at her e-mail situation. can we trust her with our security? she is disqualified. >> reporter: we're presenting a defense focus speech in south carolina, decorated military veterans joining trump on stage. trump demonstrating why he thinks clinton shouldn't be president. >> to think of her being their boss. i don't think so. and, you know, they are incredible patriots who would never say a thing. but i know what they are thinking. >> reporter: praising their kurmg while also applauding himself. >> so much more brave than me. i wouldn't have done what they did. i'm brave in other ways. i'm financially brave, big deal,
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right? >> reporter: complimenting his wife, melania. >> she got up and gave an incredible speech. >> reporter: since plagerizing her speech at the convention. >> you work hard for what you want in life. >> you work hard for what you want in life. >> reporter: she decided to take on cyberbullying. >> especially to children and teenagers. it is never okay when a 12-year-old girl or boy is marked, bullied or attacked. it is absolutely unacceptable when it's done with someone with no name hiding on the internet. >> reporter: critics quick to pounce on the irony of melania's focus on bullying giving her husband's twitter tirades and bullying. despite the criticism, melania helping to hope her husband win over female voters. >> we have to find a better way
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to talk with each other, to disagree with each other and to respect each other. >> reporter: going into the final weekend here on the campaign trail, i want to show you a snapshot of where donald trump will be campaigning. just a flurry of last-minute campaign events. he will be returning here to north carolina twice over the next four days and he'll have a big closing, last-minute rally monday night with his running mate in manchester, new hampshire. >> thank you, sunlen, trying to get deeper inside what the play is. on hillary clinton side you're looking at african-americans, obviously, that's what helped president obama in 2008 and also the youth vote. she is trying to do this to get big-name supporters to drive the vote. jeff zelleny is on that. >> good morning, guys. she hoped to spend the days in north carolina that voted republican four years later, but
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this morning she also finds herself defending democratic territory as she works to demand the confidence and the race she had only one week ago. four days before election day, hillary clinton is bringing the star power. pharrell and bernie sanders joining clinton in north carolina. >> i am here because i believe she is going to fight for us. >> reporter: clinton sending an urgent warning to democrats that she could lose. >> america will have a new president. it will either be me or my opponent. are we going to build a stronger, fairer, better america or are we going to fear each other. >> reporter: it's not how she hoped to spend the waning days of her campaign. now a stark message about a trump presidency. >> it's hard for me to imagine that we would have a president who has demeaned women, mocked the disabled, insulted african americans and latinos.
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>> reporter: democrats concede frustration they are still trying to disqualify trump. his rebound has taken them back to the drawing board. from sanders -- >> we are not going back to a bigoted society. >> reporter: to president obama in florida. >> you don't see him hanging out with working people, unless they're cleaning his room. >> reporter: a week after the fbi e-mail bombshell clinton's top aide huma abedin remains off the campaign trail. the campaign raising money for a last-minute advertising blitz. >> any response to the fbi? >> reporter: clinton still maintaining a national lead, yet her advisors say the race is too close for comfort in too many swing states. ♪ to keep me from getting to you ♪ >> reporter: heading into the final stretch, clinton is showing signs of confidence, drawing a parallel to the world series champions chicago cubs. >> you know the last time the cubs won, women couldn't vote. i think women are making up for that in this election.
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>> reporter: so today clinton is not focusing on expanding the map, she is actually hitting pennsylvania and michigan. both states have gone democratic in the last six presidential races. this morning we are getting a closer look at where she is setting her sights for the final push. in addition to pittsburgh and detroit today, she's heading to cleveland tonight followed by florida and philadelphia tomorrow. new hampshire and then back to ohio. the final campaign event monday night back in philadelphia with president obama and the entire clinton family. alisyn. >> jeff, thanks for all of that. the big battleground blitz with pat and errol louis is a political anchor for time warner cable news and rebecca berg is national political reporter at real clear politics. great to have you back. matt, let's start withn north carolina and why they are putting so much energy there. we know a few demographics.
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15 electoral votes and, of course, they all want that. it was the second closest race in 2008 and 2012. i think that shows the pres fs on why it teeters. >> the epitome of a swing state. it's very purple. one that either candidate sees opportunity in. but for trump and his pathway, it's a must win essentially. it's hard for him to get to 270 electoral votes without north carolina. that's why you see hillary clinton investing so much time and energy in a state that has some of the demographics of the coalition she's trying to build. college-educated voters, suburban women in some of the key areas of charlotte and raleigh that you see her in greensboro where she spent a lot of her time' african-american vote also very important there. >> when you look at north carolina, errol, is it a mini america. 70 to 75% white and 20, 25%
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black and there's spreads on these numbers. your income rates are about what you see as the spreads and the major states in the country where your population centers are. is this a mini america or just luck that this state wound up being so relevant? >> i think it's somewhere between a mini america and what they used to call a new south. a south that unlike sort of the old confederacy is not quite as monochrome, not quite as bitterly conservative. not quite as resentful of various different sort of cultural and economic developments, but really more fully integrated. we're seeing this happen in virginia, as well. where people have to campaign in asian communities now in virginia if they want a realistic chance of success statewide. in north carolina, this is not the north carolina of jesse helms. >> i was looking online at the cens censsenscensus increase. so, you know, that's an emergent
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picture. >> a lot of northerners, if that's the right word, has moved there. >> yankees. >> yankees is the right word. >> its demographics have changed. rebecca, is it going too far when everyone watches election night who won north carolina, that will tell you who won the presidency? >> i will argue it will if hillary clinton wins north carolina because, as matt was suggesting, donald trump's path to 270 just sort of disappears. maybe if he's able to pick up an unexpected state like michigan, pennsylvania, colorado, but right now he's losing in those states by a pretty significant margin and unlikely at this stage that he will close the gap in those states. then, if hillary clinton picks up north carolina, what is his path to 270? it doesn't really exist. >> then we had the bizarro moment yesterday of melania trump being on the trail. she hasn't been around for a while especially after she was
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in cleveland and they threw her under the bus. she came out and gave a very good and ironic message given what campaign she's speaking for. here's a taste. >> our culture has gotten too mean and too rough, especially to children and teenagers. we have to find a better way to talk to each other. to disagree with each other. to respect each other. we must find better ways to honor and support the basic goodness of our children, especially in social media. >> here's something we haven't been able to say much, errol, in this campaign. what you just heard is absolutely true. but with the caveat of young people and teens, she should be talking about her husband. she should be saying this to him. he has introduced unprecedented negativity in this election and maybe it was a catalyst for him, but why is she giving this message for the trump campaign?
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>> i mean, standard campaign strategy would tell you that you bring out the spouse in order to soften some of the edges and do some outreach and take some of the edge off the candidate. but the other theory is that you have a surrogate saying some things that the candidate would like to say. if you try to imagine donald trump giving that speech, it shows you that it is very much at odds with what the rest of his campaign has been about. he's not just sort of carelessly vicious or using all of the childish and petty insalts thul he used through the campaign. he made it not only his brand, but his message. we have to get tough and not be so politically correct. in the old days they would carry him out on a stretcher. all of this stuff that he made as sort of part of his message. to go off script in that way, kellyanne conway was there at that speech. i assume they think that is what this was going to sort of help them do. >> she tried it here in a campaign. i'm not saying it is a bad
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message, it's a good message to get out. people are resonating with trump because the clintons aren't going high, they're going. trump is for the little guy. he said he built his business on the backs of the little guy. >> an odd message to roll out in the last 100 hours. >> then it makes journalists have to go back and say, oh, actually, donald trump is the definition of a cyberbully in that he logs insults on twitter. one of his favorite weapons. he has called well-known women bimbos and talked about their looks and talked about people he doesn't se doesn't believe attractive. this is his weapon of choice. so, just explain the strategy inside the campaign that they think people wouldn't bring that up the next day. >> so much of the trump campaign is about the -- it's kind of like a wink from the campaign that they know that this is coming. it's not totally disconnected. you know, i think they realize
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what they're doing and, really, it sort of makes you feel a little bit for melania. the times they have brought her out, the convention was the last major moment we heard from her and that turned out to be a disaster and then the latest thing, you know, the bar of putting her out saying something that is dramatically disconnected from what her husband, the candidate, is saying. it seems unfair almost to melania. >> why are they doing that, rebecca? >> because of the people they are targeting at this stage. donald trump is losing suburban, college-educated women. many of whom have families and have children on the internet who are subjected to this sort of cyberbullying or at least open to it. and republicans have never in the past, you know, fudeew deca lost college educated white voters. >> they don't know donald trump has logged lots of insults on
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twitter. >> we pay attention to this every single day. >> you think there is a slice of any part of the electorate that does not immediately equate donald trump and negativety? >> i think it's possible that they don't know the twitter war he waged. >> it's not just twitter. it comes out of his face like every other time he's on the podium except for the last five days. >> if she's focusing on cyberbullying, i'm not sure they think cyberbullying. >> many voters are making a lesser of two evils assessment right now. if these insults that donald trump have made and they're not fresher in their minds and clinton's private e-mail server, that might actually outweigh what donald trump has said in the past and these comments from melania might reassure some people. >> unqualified, positive statements that they're making. but the poll data shows some pretty clear things. over 80% of those asked say they
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are disgusted by this race. certainly, this negativety has to play into this because it has been the full throated call of this entire election. within the gop, you have over 80% say that they are divided. you have an opposite response from democrats who say 70% something, we are united. so, obviously, people are aware. final word here, matt, this has been a hate parade. >> yeah, you know, it's not going to get better on wednesday morning when we wake up. this election has, you know, some people have said, it's exposed the riffs in dramatic fashion that have existed for a long time. so, healing those is not something that will come easy after the election. >> but we remain optimistic here. >> always. >> on "new day" that we'll be able to bring the country together on wednesday. so, we do know that the u.s. government firmly believes the russians are behind the hacking that led to the wikileak dumps on hillary clinton.
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two specific states that have been in the news. florida and north carolina. we saw candidates in both of those states and we'll see candidates in those states, as well as president barack obama. let's look at florida quickly right in here. if we look at florida right now, 4.2 million people have actually cast their ballots so far. who is leading when it comes to party breakdown? republicans are leading right now by about 16,000 ballots returned. not a big lead, but significant for this reason. if you look at what happened in 2008, democrats had the lead at that time by 73,000 ballots returned. so, not necessarily good news for democrats. let's look at the demographics,
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though, of who is returning the ballots right now and if we go deep into that and into these numbers, you see right here, the african-american participation is about 12.3%. the hispanic participation about 14.1%. let's compare that to 2008, the year with the most relevat numbers. first start with the african-american. look at the drop off right there. little more than 3% drop off of participation by black voters right there. not good news for democrats. but look at the hispanic number and looks how much that has increased and shows you the influence of the latino vote. in raw votes alone that is 336 ballots returned this early. that is florida. let us jump up now to north carolina. here in north carolina, little more than 2 million people have returned their ballots. who is leading when it comes down to the returns? democrats have a fairly big advantage right now. it's little more than 200,000,
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240,000. but if you go back to 2008, it it was over 300,000. so, again, not great news for the early vote right now for democrats in that state. when we look at the demographics, we specifically on race the african-american vote right there is about 22.7%. right now the hispanic vote 1.8% of participation. when we go back to 2012, look at that dropoff. a lot of people wonder why barack obama is going back to north carolina today. there is your answer right there. you have about a 5.3% less participation in this one and the hispanic vote has increased slightly. alisyn? >> mark, you do the math so we don't have to. thank you very much. >> also have to remember, obama lost north carolina in 2012. new "newsweek" article says trump's comments and this exchange from the third presidential debate left some british intelligence officials horrified. >> we have 17, 17 intelligence
3:22 am
agencies, civilian and military who have all concluded that these espionage attacks, these cyberattacks come from the highest levels of the kremlin and they are designed to influence our election. i find that deeply disturbing. >> secretary clinton -- >> she has no idea whether it's russia, china or anybody else. >> i am not quoting myself. i have 17, 17 intelligence -- do you doubt 17 military and civilian agencies. >> yeah y doubt it. i doubt it. >> why was donald trump so determined on keeping russia off when it came to the hacking? let's discuss. the new article from kurt, senior "newsweek" editor and "new york times" best selling. good to have you with us, kurt
3:23 am
eichenwald. >> our allies in europe are horrified. the intelligence world is not a very emotional group. they know russia is behind a huge hack. that the hacking is part of a massive campaign designed to cause splits in the alliance between the united states and western europe. and, ultimately, that information has been fed from foreign intelligence agencies to the united states. the united states has it. donald trump has been briefed on it. every one of these people is aware of that and then he gets up and he says, it's not true. and this is causing immense cim intelligence agencies overseas are investigating a presidential candidate trying to figure out
3:24 am
why he's denying what the intelligence shows. >> what has your reporting shown in terms of we do know that donald trump gets the intelligence briefings just like hillary clinton does and we know in the media that 17 intelligence agencies have said that there is a connection between the hacking and russia. so, why won't donald trump say that publicly? >> as one british official told me, there are a lot of conspiracy theories. it is known right now. this is absolutely true, that the russians have gathered both video and audiotape of trump when he was in russia. they have done the same thing when -- these are the things that the intelligence community is looking at. is there something? >> the fbi is looking at it. we've been told that they have multiple probes, not
3:25 am
investigations and it means something different to the fbi, but they're trying to find connections between trump and russia or people in russia and they say they haven't found anything. >> they're saying there is something incriminating. >> that is a criminal investigation into activities that are done by people in the united states. this is national security. this is not can we bring an indictment? this is, can our country, can our country, britain, germany, whichever, do we have a circumstance where the united states is going to be allied with us. if we have somebody running for president of the united states who publicly denies the universally agreed intelligence that he has been told and says, no, russia are not the bad guys here, it could be some 400-pound man sitting on a bed somewhere. they are truly horrified. and they are launching into a situation where they're viewing
3:26 am
the united states as a threat, potential threat to their own national security. >> now, kurt, in general the feeling has been that the reason that dawned trump doesn't want to do it. look, hillary clinton has said he's putin's puppet. but does your reporting suggest that, no, actually, russia's motivation is more about hurting clinton who they have antipathy for rather than boosting trump? >> well, it's interesting because it did start -- putin despises clinton. and it did start out as an attempt to weaken clinton. and, also, to disrupt. i mean, they disrupted in the brexit vote in england, they disrupted the german elections. they're just going country to country. >> why do they despise clinton? >> they despise clinton because putin believes she interfered in russian elections when she condemned, i mean, a lot of fraud in the russian elections
3:27 am
in 2011 and she condemned it and putin found that very offensive. >> she had a very hostile relationship during the failed reset. you have wikileaks and julian assange is motivated to go after clinton. she doesn't like what she's done. trump's guy says to me the reason they're shy on making the russia connection not just because there isn't 100% proof but the optics are if russia is doing it, it is to help trump. they don't like that being suggested. that it's an ugly suggestion, they're trying to avoid it. do you accept that? >> they don't avoid it, though, by getting up and saying all the intelligence agencies in the western world are wrong. you know, they're not -- all they're doing is feeding into the narrative that they are, in fact -- they are encouraging putin. one of the things that is amazing to me. probably the most single amazing fact i came across was that in august when trump was going on
3:28 am
his tear, attacking the kahn family, the goldstar family where the father had spoken at the democratic national convention. their son had died. >> yeah. >> fighting in iraq. and when trump started off on that tear, the folks in the kremlin came to believe that he would have to withdraw from the race because he was showing himself to be psychologically unfit. at that point, they decided to stop distributing hacking information that they had until they could get a sense of who the next candidate was going to be. now they were naive, it is still trump. >> wow, okay. kurt, thanks for sharing all of your reporting with us. >> thanks for having me. it's time for your money, your vote. jobs in the economy polling as the top issue in the economy. christine romans is in our money center with details on the last
3:29 am
jobs report before the election. >> it's due at 8:30 a.m. eastern time, alisyn. expecting 177,000 new positions in october, that is higher than 156,000 in september. the jobless rate is forecast to tick down to 4.9%. you recall it was 5% in september. because more people started looking for work. that can make it tick up a little bit. wage is expected to hold steady up 2.6% over the past year. democrats, obviously, hoping for a strong reading heading into the final weekend. hillary clinton has tied herself to president obama's economic legacy during his two terms. 11 million jobs have been created and the unemployment rate cut in half from its high of 10%. some americans just aren't feeling those gains and donald trump has capitalized on that frustration. he called the september report anemic. he has called these numbers phony. he says the unemployment rate is much, much higher. and then there is this, you guys. the s&p 500 quietly stringing together eight days of losses in a row.
3:30 am
now down almost 3% over that span. investers are not worried about jobs, though. they're worried about the election. they are worried about the election. guys? >>ler all right, christine. thank you very much. donald trump. all right, he loves to warn crooked hillar if she is elected legal troubles ahead. can the same be said about donald trump? the answer is yes. we'll tell you why, next. let me talk to you about retirement. a 401(k) is the most sound way to go. let's talk asset allocation. -sure. you seem knowledgeable, professional. would you trust me as your financial advisor? -i would. -i would indeed. well, let's be clear, here. i'm actually a deejay. ♪ [ laughing ] no way! i have no financial experience at all. that really is you? if they're not a cfp pro, you just don't know. find a certified financial planner professional
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okay, so every day for the past week and we will for the next couple days, as well. looking that position of both candidates so you have the best information when you go into your polling booth. so, let's look at climate change. the state department calls climate change a threat to america's national security and this is an issue where trump and clinton have big disagreements. >> hillary clinton agrees with the overwhelming majority of science that climate change is real. donald trump believes the
3:35 am
weather is changing, but it has nothing to do with anything humans are doing. >> so, trump is repeatedly expressed doubt in that science behind climate change. going so far as to call it a "hoax." >> obama's talking about all of this with the global warming and a lot of it is a hoax. it's a hoax. it's a moneymaking industry, okay. it's a hoax. a lot of it. >> just not true. and donald trump doesn't mention climate change or the environment on his campaign website. but he has proposed canceling the paris agreement to combat climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. he also proposed stopping all payments to the u.n. global warming programs, a promise he reiterated just yesterday in miami. >> now, trump has stressed the importance of clean air and water and not presented any specifics about how to preserve those resources. >> in fact, has called for a resurgence of coal, which is a major problem for the environment. hillary clinton calls climate change, "urgent threat" and
3:36 am
defining challenge of our time. she appeared alongside al gore in miami last month dedicating almost her entire speech to the issue. here's a bit. >> we here in america can develop new, clean energy solutions. we can transform our economy. we can rally the world to cut carbon pollution. we need creativity, we need hard work. and when it comes to climate change, we don't have a minute to waste. >> within ten years of taking office, clinton says she wants to install half a billion solar panels and reduce american oil consumption by a third. unlike trump, clinton wants to uphold the paris climate agreement. invest in innovation and she supports cutting energy waste across the country by implementing pollution and efficiency standeard. there you have the difference on climate change. donald trump and hillary clinton could both face legal
3:37 am
issue physical they win the white house. let's start with trump. dozens of suits that remain open. these legal issues include, but aren't limited to fraud, sexual harassment, breach of contract. they would follow a president trump to the white house, for sure. furthermore, as president trump wouldn't enjoy immunity and could be cdeposed. jeffrey toobin and danny savalos. we're starting with trump, fellows, because we know what's going on with clinton. we know that she could be facing the, whatever, the fruits of this investigation are from the foundation and from the e-mail. but what do you see on the legal landscape here, jeffrey? >> it's important to remember what happened in 1997. 1997 bill clinton was being sued by paula jones and he was going to be deposed.
3:38 am
clinton said i'm the president and i can't be distracted by this and the supreme court said, tough luck. you can be deposed. you are not above the law. so, all these suits that are pending against trump, he could be deposed, he could be forced to testify in court. and, remember, the trump university fraud case, the one with guy who was born in indiana, that case is supposed to go to trial immediately after the election. so, this is far from a theoretical issue. >> now, full disclosure. there is a case in new york, federal court, that has really ugly allegations towards trump that involve sexual assault. cnn has not been able to verify the claims. the plaintiff was going to come forward and then did not with lisa bloom as her attorney. that is something that if the suit survives, makes it through summary judgment and gets into summary phase. there is a lot of big ifs in that case. what do you see in general? >> any time someone appears for a deposition and we learn that a
3:39 am
president can be forced or compelled to appear for a deposition, especially for activities that happened prior to the presidency. you don't get that immunity that you normally get as an executive. the scope of discovery in a deposition is so broad that any deposition is a potential landmine for a president. because there's very little a defending attorney can do to protect a deponent, a witness testifying like trump at a deposition during that proceeding. so, somebody might potentially unearth anything. we've seen many times in just the last year. even snippets of a sealed deposition that somehow make their way into the public can have huge ripple effects. so, the potential danger is massive. >> bill clinton was impeached because he lied in his deposition. >> i was waiting for you to bring that up. >> in the paula jones case. again, it's not theoretical. the risks -- you shouldn't lie. that avoids the problem.
3:40 am
>> but, also, there is a distinction made between the criminal, which is the potential on the side of clinton with these fbi investigations and the civil as if somehow it's not as bad. but what you just said is where the problem can come in. whatever you say in a civil suit could be used against you and if the government wants to go after you, congress wants to go after you, they can. that's why trump u is such a big deal, danny. we have a graphic on it. this is a real suit. this is going to happen. it's not theoretical like what's going on with clinton right now. you have the new york ag and trump and his people will say, he's a politician. whatever, he's got jurisdiction in the matter. he's bringing suit. when that happens, they're going to be able to get their hands on trump, aren't they, danny? >> yes. not only that because as we talked about the liberal rules of discovery, but a lot of these civil suits allege things that are, you know, the civil and criminal world have parallels. i mean, the civil allegations
3:41 am
are not that different from criminal allegations and a creative prosecutor, a creative u.s. attorney might take a look at some of these cases and say, you know, maybe we want to turn this into a criminal case. plus, we have these depositions where new information is being unearthed every time trump sits for a deposition. so, i mean, just because they are presently civil cases doesn't mean down the road that an attorney will take a look and say there is an indictment to be had here. >> this strange world of oversight. you have the congress, they can't prove you guilty of a crime, it's not going to mean anything. but they can investigate things like trump u and clinton with the e-mails. let's put up her list. trump is right to say if hillary clinton is president, stink could follow her. you have the ongoing probe and investigation by the fbi. you've got the clinton foundation one, as well. and the benghazi effect.
3:42 am
and nothing to stop congress from finding their way into those topics, as well. >> another issue about clinton where you have these potentially criminal areas is what happens if more allegations surface. does loretta lynch, who is currently the attorney general or her successor under hillary clinton is she or he forced to appoint a special prosecutor, an outsider who has jurisdiction over this investigation. we all remember from kenneth starr how long and complicated and uncontrolled that kind of situation can be. that's a tremendous risk to a president. having an outside, unaccountable process. >> it looks highly likely right now if you think about it. they're going to ask lynch to stay on. she's kind of compromised by what happened with bill clinton. you can't have hillary clinton appoint a new ag because an inherent conflict of interest and it makes a natural
3:43 am
consequence someone saying we want a special prosecutor and there goes the next two and a half years. thank you, you have continued to depress me. stay with cnn for all day election coverage on tuesday. nobody will have every race and every count covered for you that day like we will. the city of chicago is set to celebrate the world series champion cubs today with a parade and massive rally. andy sholes has more in this morning's bleacher report. >> more than a million people showed up in cleveland for the cavs victory parade. how many cubs fans take the day off in chicago to celebrate the first title in 108 years. begins 11:00 a.m. local time at wrigley field and end with a celebration rally at grant park. calling joe maddon from onboard air force one on thursday to congratulate him on the team's historic world series victory and invited the whole team to
3:44 am
visit the white house before he leaves office. if you had matt ryan on your fantasy team, you're one happy camper this morning. throwing for four touchdowns as atlanta beat tampa bay. now, winston had to leave this game in the fourth quarter after taking this huge hit right here near the goallin line. after the game winston said he felt pretty good. felt great, actually. chris, as a life-long baseball fan i think this morning it is finally starting to set in that the cubs are world series champions. >> what? >> still can't believe it. >> off the schneid. they are taking out all the stops in the election. everybody is getting out there, including melania trump. we haven't seen her in a while. she hit the trail launching a new crusade. she made a compelling case that we need to be better to each other. what does that mean for her husband's campaign, next.
3:45 am
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millennials, are you listening? president obama hope you are. he says that you and minority voters must get out. you are the most important demographic in this election. cnn white house correspondent michelle kosinski is traveling with the president hearing this message today in fayetteville, north carolina. that location no coincidence. hi, chris. yeah, we're on a college campus, yet again. this is the second time this week. we have been in north carolina and, of course, for good reason. donald trump has tightened up hillary clinton's lead. a democratic turnout. african-american turnout is not what it has been for early voting in the past. the president wants to get that message out. what we've seen is his willingness to be on the trail,
3:50 am
almost every single day leading up to the election and we also see his evolving message. when we were in north carolina two days ago, it almost felt like a dire warning. he was basically telling the vot voter, the fate of the universe lies in your hands. yesterday in florida his tone was much more encouraging and upbeat. he was back to using comedy in his slamming of donald trump. using his refrain of come on, man. listen to some of what he said. >> this isn't a joke. this isn't "survivor." this isn't "the bachelorette." this counts. so, take a look at the map of where he is this week. he's crisscrossing the key states. obviously, where the campaign needs him most. and also seeing him doing a lot of radio programs. those popular among
3:51 am
african-americans. he and the first lady doing radio ads that will target the same demographic in several key markets and also trying to help out house democrats. he's also going to appear with hillary clinton the night before the election. there is no rest for president obama on the trail right now. alisyn. >> no rest for any of these surrogates. thanks so much. so, pharell williams and melania trump and what do they have in common? they were out on the campaign trail for clinton or trump and let's bring in kirsten powers and mary katherine ham. in case people missed it, les play melania trump, sort of her case for the vision for the country that she'd like to see. let's play this from yesterday.
3:52 am
>> our culture has gotten too mean and too rough. especially to children and teenagers. we have to find a better way to talk to each other. to disagree with each other. to respect each other. we must find better ways to honor and support the basic goodness of our children, especially in social media. >> kirsten, what did you think of her message yesterday? >> i thought it was a strange thing. i think a lot of people have talked about the fact that her husband is more than anyone else can think of has single handedly degraded our culture to the meanness that he brings to dialogue. with her, in particular, she was talking about also people online behind, you know, not using names. attacking people. well, there was an incident where julia, a reporter who is on cnn from time to time and a political reporter. she profiled melani a&m elania didn't like the profile and she
3:53 am
threatened to sue julia and julia was on the receiving end of a bunch of unnamed people online sending her pictures of her face, you know, photoshopped on to concentration camp victims. she is jewish and she was getting death threats and people telling her you would make a great bar of soap and when she was asked about it, she said she deserved it. i know she put that little line in about children but we are also talking about online bullying and attacking. when she had an opportunity to stand up to it, she didn't. so, i really -- honestly, you watch this kind of stuff and you're like, is this for real? i really don't understand what's happening here. >> mary katherine, your thoughts on all of this. >> i agree with her, agree with melania about her argument here, but as the president might say, come on, man. donald trump himself has been engaged in a lot of mean name
3:54 am
calling that is a bit of a signature of his. while i support the cause, i'm not sure how credible it is coming from this source. as far as melania as a surrogate, she is interesting and could be impressive. she speaks several languages and they are different things and in american politics many people who have been in politics for a while or many people doing these job have to pretend to be relatable and a question of how well you pretend because they haven't been living normal american lives for quite some time. michelle obama is probably the best at it and i'm not sure how great melania is for reaching those outside of trump. they find her fascinating with good reason. >> let's talk about another campaign surrogate, eric trump, donald trump's son. he said something very provocative on the campaign trail yesterday to a radio show. he not only denounced. i mean, he went further than denouncing david duke, he basically said that he should be shot. listen to this. >> if i said exactly what you
3:55 am
said, i'd get killed for it. but i think i'll say it anyway. the guy does deserve a bullet. these aren't good people. these are horrible people. >> so, kirston, i think he was trying to give a full throated denouncement of david duke. what did you think of that language? >> well, i think we've been waiting for a long time for them, for the campaign to basically come out in a very, like you said, full throated way to condemn people and then, of course, they take it further than maybe it needs to go. putting a bullet in somebody, you know, it's probably not, even though it is the kkk, probably not something you should be saying. just be nice if they would just denounce them. >> mary katherine? >> agree. this can go a bit too far but i think it is interesting to watch people on this note because it's david duke, but the rhetoric is violent. am i outraged? i think i'm outraged. look, i think it's nice in public square the way you talk
3:56 am
about things. >> the mixed feelings are a tough one here sorting through all of the mixed feelings about that denouncement. so, now, on the other side, pharrell williams was out for hillary clinton. let me play what he said. >> how dare anyone question a woman's ability. every person, every person on this planet was brought into this world by a woman. my mother is able. your grandmother is able. your aunts are able. your nieces are able. your daughters are able. i've seen amazing things happen when women lead. >> so, kirkirsten, he's so lika. but what do you think about having a celebrity out there that might not be relatable on
3:57 am
the campaign trail? >> one of her big problems we've been talking about is with african-american voters and young voters and even a narrower slice of young african-american voters. i think it is good to have someone like him out there who can maybe try to generate a little more enthusiasm for her. surrogates aren't going to typically convert anybody but get people who are just kind of like, maybe a little too lazy to get to the polls or maybe just aren't excited about it and really give them the reason to get out. they're getting out the vote. >> mary katherine, effective? >> yeah, look, these folks are often base boosters, as kirsten is saying. he wrote one of the verses of rump shaker which was formative in my high school and middle school career. >> that's awesome. very quickly. let's play president obama yesterday on the campaign trail, as well. you can tell me about his message. listen to this. >> if you disrespected women
3:58 am
before you were in office, you will disrespect women as president. if you accept the support of clan sympathizers before you are president, you will accept their support after you are president. >> kirsen, your thought on that message? >> if you listen to the whole speech yesterday, it really was, i think, one of barack obama's best, you know, performances. i mean, he really is just hitting every issue and i think he's doing it in a way that is kind of funny, but also serious. he's just kind of the perfect surrogate. i think it is effective and this kind of message, again, is very effective with young people who have a very low toleration for the kinds of things that he's talking about. >> ladies, we have to leave it there. thank you, we'll talk, again, soon. we're following a lot of news this morning, let's get
3:59 am
right to it. >> the polls have been amazing. >> it's fair to say things are going to change. >> our culture has gotten too mean and too rough. >> we are not going back to a bigoted society. >> i have a winning temperament. hillary is an unstable person. >> are we going to build a stronger, fairer, better america or are we going to fear each other? >> you are uniquely qualified to make sure that this uniquely unqualified person should not become president. this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. >> good morning, everyone. welcome to your new day. hillary clinton battling it out in north carolina the state that could decide the presidency. both candidates in a battleground blitz with the race continuing to tighten. >> they're putting out their best. the top surrogates. crisscrossing the country in north carolina, as well.
4:00 am
and picking cities that could help their candidate be president of the united states. in fact, they're picking counties. that's how specific it is. just four days from the big day. let's begin with cnn's sunlen serfaty live in charlotte, north carolina. >> that's right, of course, chris. we are seeing donald trump really invest so much time in this critical state for him. precious time in the last final days of this campaign. last night he gave a big defense focus speech. a big issue for many voters here in north carolina where he was joined by veterans on stage and went right after hillary clinton. >> to think of her being their boss. i don't think so. and you know they are incredible patriots, they would never say a thing. but i know what they're thinking. it's not, it's not for them, believe me.


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