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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  November 4, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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voters to show up at the polls and here's why. a new cnn poll of polls showing them in a four-point race, clinton's lead even smaller in a "the washington post"/abc poll. both surrogates are sending out surrogates for a last minute push, clinton's camp zeroing in on colorado and donald trump going in on tossups like new hampshire and pennsylvania. we are covering all the angles. let's begin with cnn senior washington correspondent jeff zeleny. hi, jeff. >> reporter: good morning. hillary clinton is going to be setting off for pittsburgh in a few moments here. you can see her campaign plane warming up behind me. she's going to go to pittsburgh to try and focus on the economy. of course, so critical in western pennsylvania. pennsylvania is a state that democrats have won in the last six presidential campaigns but donald trump has been campaigning hard in pennsylvania. he believes that his message to working class voters is one that will actually resonate.
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so hillary clinton i'm told today is going to focus on the economy, specifically women in the economy. she's going to draw a correlation between how she says she understands their fight, what they go through but she's also still trying to disqualify donald trump. this is how she did it yesterday in north carolina. >> if donald trump were to win this election we would have a commander in chief who is completely out of his depth and whose ideas are incredibly dangerous. someone who wants more countries to have nuclear weapons and could easily insult a foreign leader and start a real war instead of just a twitter war. >> reporter: carol, this is not exactly how she planned to close out her campaign. she was doing a more optimistic message but about a week ago, right around now, that fbi bombshell changed everything for the clinton campaign so she now is drawing more distinctions and
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contrasts with them to try and get a command of this race once again. but there's no question she is still leading narrowly nationally but in many battleground states it's much closer than they would like it to be. >> i mean, she's going to make stops in detroit and cleveland, right? those were pretty democratic places. >> reporter: i mean, you know, certainly cleveland, she's going there three times in a week span. that is all about getting out the african-american vote, getting out the core democratic vote. of course, cleveland is about a third of the voting population of ohio, the cleveland media market is, but the number of times she's going there is so interesting. but detroit as well, even more interesting. michigan like pennsylvania is a state for the last six presidential elections has gone democratic. the thought that she would be going to detroit to rally voters four days before the election, no one would have certainly predicted that inside her campaign. she was talking about expanding and reaching out to republicans.
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not today. it's all about rallying democrats, trying to fire them up before election day on tuesday. >> all right. jeff zeleny reporting live from white plains, new york, thank you. donald trump starts his day in the tossup state of new hampshire. that race could be anybody's game. a new cnn poll of polls shows clinton with a two point advantage. jason carroll is live there. good morning. >> reporter: yeah, so tight here in the state of new hampshire. clinton at 43%, trump at 41%. not only tight here, but tight in florida where we were yesterday, tight in pennsylvania. the trump campaign sees this as an encouraging sign. they feel as though they have got the momentum behind them. so going forward, what is the strategy here? it's two-fold. it's first of all, stay on message and hit these battleground states as much as you can. for example, today trump has his surrogates out in force. both of his sons campaigning for him today. trump for his part, he's going to be making seven stops.
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let's take a look at the map here so you can see what he's going to be doing. here in new hampshire obviously he's also going to be in ohio, pennsylvania, they think they have a real shot at taking that state. tomorrow, he's going to be back in the state of florida, again in north carolina. he will be in nevada as well. sunday, take a look, he will be in iowa and again in north carolina, monday back in new hampshire where we are now. second part of this as i said is also for trump, the candidate himself, to stay on message. for the most part he's been doing that. yesterday in north carolina, going after hillary clinton saying she's unfit to be commander in chief. >> you know, when i look at these great admirals and these great generals and these great medal of honor recipients behind me, to think of her being their boss? i don't think so.
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they are incredible patriots. they would never say a thing but i know what they're thinking. it's not for them, believe me. >> reporter: so again, expect trump to keep stepping up his attacks on hillary clinton, expect the trump campaign to keep going after these battleground states but at the end of the day, what the trump camp has to do, they have to flip a blue state in order to get to that magical number of 270. perhaps wisconsin, perhaps michigan. somewhere that's blue, it's got to go red. carol? >> jason carroll reporting live for us, thank you. for clinton or trump to make it to 270 they need a win in the swing states. cnn politics executive editor mark preston has a look at two key battleground states, north carolina and florida. >> four days until election day, but we have already seen nearly 31 million people across 38 states have cast their ballots.
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two states i want to highlight today, florida and north carolina. they are key to the presidency and winning the presidency. let's start with florida. right now in florida, more than 4.2 million people have cast their ballots. when we look at who is in the lead right now, republicans have about a 16,000 ballot returned edge which isn't very large but if you compare it to 2008, democrats were in the lead and they were in the lead by 73,000 ballots returned. so not good news for democrats. good news for republicans. let's look at the racial demographics of who is participating right now. as you see, white participation about 71%. african-american participation, 12.3%. hispanic participation, 14.1%. let's compare that to 2008. look at how much that has increased just in the raw vote totals, about a million, with white voters but the african-american number right here is troubling for democrats. even though we have seen an increase in the raw number, we have seen a decrease in the
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actual participation when it comes to the percentage of the vote by about 3%. not good news for democrats. though the bright spot is the hispanic participation really has blossomed right now and in fact, just the raw numbers alone, we are seeing hispanic participation at more than 336,000 ballots returned in 2016 than 2008. let's go to north carolina. two million people have participated there. who is in the lead right now when it comes to ballots returned? democrats have a 243,000 ballot returned advantage. however, when you look at what happened in 2012, their lead was at 307,000 so not great numbers right there when you do the comparative for democrats. let's go into the racial breakdown. look at the participation rate. african-americans at 22.7% participating in the early vote. hispanics at 1.8%.
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going back to 2012, look at that number right there. 22.7% to 28%. the drop-off more than five percentage points. if you're wondering why barack obama was there earlier this week in north carolina, why he's going to be there in a couple hours again, it's because of this column right here. north carolina and florida, two key battleground states. the early vote continues across the country. >> all right. mark preston, thanks. with me to talk about this and more, rebecca berg, national political reporter for real clear politics, and lynn sweet, washington bureau chief of the chicago sun times. welcome to both of you. >> good morning. >> so the big jobs report came out this morning around 8:30. it's the last jobs report before the election. it said that 161,000 jobs were created. unemployment rate edged lower while wages ticked higher. our chief business correspondent christine romans says we are seeing solid jobs growth even as
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many americans say the country is on the wrong track and donald trump just put out a press release about this jobs report and he calls it disastrous. well, it's really not disastrous, lynn. >> it is not. >> it is not disastrous. the economy continues to grow, right? >> it does, and one of the big benchmarks of the 2012 campaign was on the first friday of every month in the mitt romney/barack obama campaign, you remember, was this jobs report. it was a big deal to get below 8%. today we are at 4.9%. that is all happening under president barack obama's watch. you can't say that a decrease is -- i know what you can say, but the facts are that using this same benchmark, the numbers are better. now, whether or not this is something that will turn the tide into these battleground states we are talking about, it's not clear because as we are also talking about so many of
7:10 am
these votes are being banked early. >> yeah. that's true. but still, rebecca, usually it's all about the economy, right? so if the economy is getting better, you would think it would benefit the candidate who supports the policies of the president making that happen but that may not hold true this year. >> that's right. it's really interesting, because even since donald trump has announced his candidacy, millions of jobs have been created in this country and as you mentioned, wages have gone up. the general economic outlook looks much better, even just during the course of this campaign. but the fact of the matter is that many people also still feel that they are hurting in this economy. donald trump has appealed to a segment of america, working class white voters, many of whom their jobs have moved overseas. the economies in their towns in rural areas are changing. we are seeing a great deal of urbanization across the country so rural areas are not doing as well as they once did in many
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places, so these are the people who are still hurting in this economy and the people who donald trump has successfully appealed to in this election. you kind of have this problem of two americas at this point. one america, and this is something democrats talk about as well, one america that still feels that they are being left behind, they are not seeing this growth personally themselves, and another america that is experiencing this growth. >> so the polls are continuing to tighten, lynn, so what doie tribute that to? is it the fbi and its investigation of the e-mails or is it just the vicious attacks being lobbed against both candidates? >> i think the announcement of the fbi is the reason that hillary clinton's momentum was -- came to a screeching halt last week. most of the polls in the battleground states have clinton and trump in a statistical tie. so it might make you feel good, i suppose, to look at it and say i'm a point or two ahead but
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political professionals know that a tie is a tie on these polls. i think you could attribute everything that's happening in this last week in the clinton campaign from the decisions where the candidate herself goes to where the surrogates go to the news of the fbi report and the only thing that could be worse i suppose for her is if there's another revelation coming at the last minute over the weekend. there's just not a lot of time left to seize on anything that isn't very big. a good jobs report as we have been talking about is hard to translate quickly in the way a big negative such as the fbi report can be translated in the closing days. >> it does seem like the democrats are freaking out, right? surrogates all over the place, high-powered surrogates all in one place. you would think they would be the best cheerleaders ever. are they, though? >> they are absolutely panicking and hillary clinton still has the broader path to 270
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electoral votes. she has an advantage, still. that's worth remembering even as this race tightens but what democrats are seeing is that their margin for error in this race is getting much smaller. i was speaking with a republican operative up in new hampshire who has access to the internal polling up there. that's a state where jason carroll was noting the polls are tightening and this is now a battleground whereas just a few days ago, few weeks ago, it was leaning for democrats. what they are saying up there is that republicans are coming home to the trump campaign. three weeks ago, less than 70% of republicans in new hampshire based on this internal polling were behind donald trump. now it is more than 80% of republicans who are supporting him up there and that's exactly why it's tightening. the fbi and comey's letter within the past week, that is absolutely what's driving this. it reminded republicans of why they dislike hillary clinton, how wary they are of her and suddenly donald trump is the lesser of two evils for them. >> have to leave it there. thanks to both of you. still to come in the
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early voting is winding down across the country and in miami,
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florida, president obama wasn't giving the crowd any excuses not to get it done. >> vote early. if you are registered, you can vote right now, at any early voting location. in fact, there's one just ten minutes away at the international mall branch library. >> rallies with the president and star-studded concerts can certainly help but the candidates know campaigns can be won and lost by the use of a good ground game. let's talk about that. i'm joined by former ted cruz communications director alice stewart along with jonathan wilson hartgrove, an organizer with moral march to the polls. jonathan, pie tby the way, is n endorsing a particular candidate. welcome to both of you. i can't wait to have this conversation because i think when we say ground game, a lot of people don't know exactly what that means. i think of football, right, with
7:19 am
a good running back and running game but that's not exactly what that is. can you explain what a ground game is? >> well, just like football, presidential campaign can be won or lost based on a good ground game. the key to this is getting out there early and identifying voters through good data and good voter contact early on and establishing good door-to-door operations, good phone operations and also as well, identifying voters and getting out good mail pieces to them. what we're seeing in key states, iowa particularly for the republican side, seeing good tremendous numbers. they have knocked on tens of thousands of doors in the past few days and will continue to do so, hundreds of thousands as we get through election day and that's critical. at the same time, i will say that the clinton campaign has been working hard. they have a great ground game and worked on it for many many months but at this stage of the game it's about motivating numbers, not about persuading,
7:20 am
not about getting the right message to the voters at this time, it's about persuading them, motivating them to get out and vote. that's what we are seeing with donald trump as well as other key surrogates on the republican side. we are seeing good numbers with early voting and absentee voting on the republican side. >> jonathan, what's your part of the ground game? what specifically do you do? >> for the ground game in north carolina, the ground has certainly been shaped by legislation over the last few years. the naacp here in north carolina has been fighting voter suppression since a bill was passed in 2013, so we celebrated a victory this summer that expanded early voting and made it possible for people to vote without a photo i.d. so we have been educating people about that and mobilizing them, making a voting plan and getting folks to the polls. >> how specifically do you do that? do you go door to door and people invite you in and say hey, let's talk about this divisive election?
7:21 am
>> we are a justice organization so we have been building a moral fusion coalition in north carolina of people, both republican, democrat and independent, who really want to see issues that affect not only african-americans but all marginalized people and poor people in our state. so that coalition has many partners that have committed to educating people. we are educating people about the voting laws. we have a souls to the polls program where on the two sundays of early voting, people literally come together to worship and then go together to march to the polls. this has been all saints day in the church. on all saints day we remember the martyrs, those who died and certainly in the 20th century, people died for the right to vote. jimmy lee jackson, black and white folks, willing to lay down their lives so people could vote. we really believe the attempts to suppress the vote is an
7:22 am
offense to those people's sacrifice. so we are doing all that we can to make people aware of their right to vote and to get them out to do it. >> alice, how important are people like jonathan to the democratic process? >> i think it's critical to encourage voters of all, republican or democrat, to get out and vote. it's such an important right. to his idea about specific issues, that's one thing that the trump campaign has done very well with and both sides but specifically, being able to identify voters based on the issues they are concerned with, whether it is second amendment rights, whether it's life, whether it's marriage, whatever the key issue, they are able to identify that while they are going door to door and being able to message exactly what these voters want to hear and how donald trump will be able to run as president and be president based on the issues they are concerned with. a lot of people aren't familiar with the issues so the more you can educate them on the issues
7:23 am
and where the candidates stand, you are going to be able to persuade them to get to the polls and that's the key issue. it's not a secret that both of these candidates don't have high favorabilities. they are not very well liked. to be honest, neither one of them are very trustworthy. so it's a matter of persuading them on the issues that are important to them and motivating them to get out and vote. that's the key these last few days. >> jonathan, we have heard that voters aren't so enthusiastic especially in early voting in north carolina. what are you seeing? >> i think there's a great deal of enthusiasm. part of the challenge here in north carolina is though we did win back days of early voting, there has been continued attempt to suppress the vote. so our board of elections here certainly for the first seven days reduced the number of sites and moved sites away from hbcu campuses, away from african-american communities where people have traditionally voted in a very intentional way
7:24 am
to suppress certain votes. this was thoroughly litigated in the courts over the last three years and the court was absolutely clear that african-americans have been targeted with as they said, almost surgical precision as well as being clear that to use party as a proxy for race is itself discriminatory. we have a lot of things that are being debated. some things have been decided. what we are trying to say is that voting rights are a moral issue, not a left or right issue but a right or wrong issue. we want to see people of all parties stand against this voter suppression that's happening here in north carolina and in other places. >> so alice, i have to ask this question of you, what's wrong with making voting as easy as possible for all americans? >> i think the key with this is to make sure that it is easy but it's also free and fair. fair's the key. i don't believe the election process is rigged. i don't believe it's crooked. i don't believe there are efforts to suppress the votes
7:25 am
but i do think that -- i was deputy secretary of state in i know how seriously each and every secretary of state in this country takes their responsibility to run free and fair elections and that's the key, is to make sure they are free and easy to vote but also that they are fair. i think that's the key. that's what our right to vote is so critical and so important but at the same time, it has to be done in a fair way. that's what these efforts to make sure whether we are talking about specific hours of the polls or whether we are talking about checking voter i.d., it's all in an effort to make free and fair elections which are so critical, especially this election because we always say every election is the most important one but i think so much is on the line during this election this year and i think the importance of making sure that everything goes above reproach, that's the goal of secretary of states around the country, certainly the campaigns and the candidates and every voter wants the same thing. >> have to leave it there.
7:26 am
thanks for your efforts. i appreciate you both being here. i want to take you live to lancing, michigan. you see mike pence, mr. trump's running mate, campaigning there now. mr. trump has to flip at least one blue state, concentrating efforts in michigan. perhaps he will do that. he needs to do that in order to win the election. we will keep you posted. election day 2016, we will have all day coverage tuesday, right here on cnn. coming up, she's a democrat. he's a republican. and a very divisive election. how the heck does that work? you pay your car insurance
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good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. four more days before you cast your vote in one of the most contentious elections in our history. the cover of "time" magazine says it all. it's a picture of both candidates standing together holding a sign saying "the end is near." i know you get the joke. according to a cbs/"new york times" poll, 80% of americans are disgusted by this election proving we now live in a toxic political environment. is it even possible to live with someone on the other side? i sat down with chris and christie, she's a democrat and he's a republican, they are married, conflicted but happy. >> christie, you are a democrat. chris, you are a republican. and you are married. how does that work exactly? >> well, like any marriage, you
7:32 am
would like to have as few disagreements and arguments as possible, and it kind of stinks that this sometimes is a source of tension, and i would really prefer that our arguments be about laundry or whatever. instead, we do argue occasionally about politics. >> this particular election, it's really hard. how many times do you think you talk passionately about this election per week? >> we naturally start talking about it and then it sometimes just escalates. so i came home the other day and said i don't understand why would paul ryan endorse trump. and i am bringing this up to my husband, a republican, because help me understand, like what is your camp thinking. >> so when she asked you about like what is your camp thinking, what -- how do you respond? >> i'm a really big believer in most of the republican
7:33 am
fundamentals as they were like originally but when it comes to like where trump is at today, you know, i can't kind of believe it. i have a hard time defending my party right now. i'm almost disgusted a little bit, some of the things that have happened. >> still, you cannot bring yourself to vote for hillary clinton? >> i can't. that's a fundamental thing. for me, i feel like anybody that's been in government their entire career has never been in capitalism. >> when you hear your husband talking like that, because you are going to vote for hillary clinton, right? when you hear him say that, what -- >> that's where we disagree. now i'm at the point where yes, i want him to vote for hillary because i see that as a vote against trump. >> that's your tactic. okay. is that working with you? >> no. if i voted for hillary, i would be just as disappointed in myself as if i would vote for trump. >> are you voting for no one? >> i'm voting for no one. i really believe in my vote. >> when you hear, it's like
7:34 am
painful for him, why do you continue to try to convince him? >> i disagree with his thought process that it's going to send a message to the republican party. i got really disappointed when i realized that election day this year, november 8th, is our anniversary. >> get out. >> yes. because i was thinking oh, when hillary's elected i want to high five my girlfriends or be like excited with people who are happy and i realized he's not going to be that happy but we are going to be together. >> so what are you going to do on election day? >> i don't know. i'm going to be miserable. from a political -- politically. >> i think i will be really happy. >> hillary does win, will you just be a tiny bit happy for christie? >> yeah. >> i kind of felt like a marriage counselor. they are handling it amazingly well. still, the ugliness of this race
7:35 am
could continue well after the election and that same "new york times" poll i mentioned, if hillary clinton wins, a large portion of trump supporters say they will not accept the results. still to come in the "newsroom" the u.n. says isis may be using child soldiers in mosul. iraqi troops are facing fierce resistance as they fight inside the city. we will take you to iraq next. ♪ (ee-e-e-oh-mum-oh-weh) (hush my darling...) (don't fear my darling...) (the lion sleeps tonight.) (hush my darling...) man snoring (don't fear my darling...) (the lion sleeps tonight.) woman snoring take the roar out of snore. yet another innovation only at a sleep number store.
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custom t-shirts and other great products for all of life's events. get free shipping and on-time delivery guaranteed. ♪ start today at as we enter the final hundred hours before election day, it's not just voters in the united states paying attention to what happens tuesday. as clarissa ward shows us, the whole world is watching. >> reporter: the rest of the world doesn't get to vote in
7:40 am
next week's election but it is watching the race with rapt attention and it's easy to see why. >> we can't continue to allow china to rape our country. >> well, that's because he would rather have a puppet as president. >> no puppet. >> we will build a wall. mexico is going to pay for the wall. >> reporter: the american election has global consequences. >> i'm really rich. >> reporter: donald trump initially seen as something of an amusement, is now in many countries a figure of fear and loathing. in mexico, easter celebrants this year chose to burn effigies of him rather than the traditional. in germany activists took pleasure in tearing down their own trump wall as the foreign minister called him a preacher of hate. the french president didn't mince words either, saying trump's excessiveness makes people want to retch. as one canadian puspaper summarized it we're terrified. clinton is not popular
7:41 am
everywhe everywhere, either. russia, which has been accused of hacking democratic party e-mails to influence the election, she has been denounced by one lawmaker as a cursed witch while president putin has publicly praised trump. in israel, trump supporters are so confident of his popularity, they have set up shop to get out the vote among ex-pats. it seems everyone no matter where they live has something to say about the u.s. election. >> translator: hillary is more predictable and because of that, markets would react in a positive way. if trump wins, brazilian markets would certainly fall. >> reporter: so what's the bottom line? the world looks to america for leadership on everything from economic issues to the fight against isis. and while donald j. trump may be good at grabbing international headlines, few overseas believe he can provide stability. clarissa ward, cnn, london.
7:42 am
the united nations believes that isis is using child soldiers to fight, ordering families to hand over their sons 9 and older to do battle in mosul. iraqi troops trying to retake the city are facing what one soldier called crazy resistance. they have lost three soldiers and two humvees. as isis militants fire on the iraqs they are surrounding themselves with civilians. listen to the gunfire in the background as arwa damon files her report. >> reporter: they have been coming across quite a bit of sniper fire, gunfire, mortar rounds, rocket propelled grenades and of course, car bombs, suicide car bombs. in fact, the unit we were just with saw a yellow taxi driving towards them. they called for the vehicle to stop, it did not. they shot the occupant and he was wounded. they then dragged him out and are in the process of interrogating him. >> cnn international diplomatic editor nic robertson live in
7:43 am
erbil, iraq. hi, nic. >> reporter: hi, carol. the iraqi army went into about six different neighborhoods in the eastern side of mosul today. arwa was with one of those groups that was going into one of the neighborhoods. that particular neighborhood, the army found themselves under very very heavy resistance and they actually had to withdraw from there. suicide bombers were able to tackle, the army was able to tackle and deal with more easily before they arrived in mosul, they could see them coming across the open ground, the desert, they could shoot them, they could destroy their vehicles. now in the city, the suicide bombers in vehicles are coming out of little side streets very close to the convoys of military vehicles that are moving through. it makes it much much harder to tackle them. that as well as we learn details from the iraqi army and others about how isis is using the civilians, using houses that civilians are in as rooftop positions for snipers to try to slow down the army as well as
7:44 am
telling civilians to go and gather in mosul to use them as human shields and as well, these reports now that children, young boys as young as 9 years old are being taken from their families by isis with the intention of using them on the front lines of this very very intense conflict. of course, isis as we have seen in the past, has what it calls cubs of the caliphate, its own supporters that it's been training children, very young children have been training for battle. these kids they are taking now, not trained, taken from their families, from their homes and put now potentially in the line of fire. this fight is very very difficult. the indications we have got from arwa today we are hearing from the iraqi military show just how stiff a resistance isis is putting up on the eastern side of mosul. >> nic robertson live from inside iraq this morning. eight people are dead in turkey after a car bomb explodes outside of a police station. two police officers and six civilians were killed.
7:45 am
more than 100 other people have been injured. 93 of those injured have now been released from the hospital. turkey's state-run media says the kurdistan workers party is responsible for the attack. the blast came hours after members occurrepro-kurdish political party were detained. how independent evan mcmullin is shaking up the race. (vo) maybe it was here, when you hit 300,000 miles. or here, when you walked away without a scratch. maybe it was all the times it got you safely out there. or all the times it got you out of there. maybe it was the day your baby came home.
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t-minus four days. both donald trump and hillary clinton are in an all-out blitz, both camps bombarding key battleground states. one of the more interesting races playing out in traditionally red utah this year. right now, trump tops clinton by six points and then there's independent evan mcmullin, still holding strong at 24%. cnn's stephanie elam in salt lake city with more for you. >> reporter: good morning. normally when there's a third party candidate on the ballot, you can pretty much just write him off. it's not totally the case here in utah.
7:50 am
never hillary and turned off by trump, voters like greg are turning deeply red utah into a battleground state. >> i'm conservative. >> reporter: the difference in the beehive state this election is evan mcmullin, running for president as an independent. the 40-year-old mormon says he's advocating true conservative values. >> how you doing? >> reporter: fix chose mcmullin for president. >> looking at the two main party candidates, neither one of them really have the values that i feel and the character this country needs to represent the united states of america. >> reporter: other republicans in utah, about 85% are mormon. >> it's pretty surreal this year to see electoral maps that have utah painted as a battleground state. >> reporter: he says never before has a republican nominee been so out of sync with traditional mormon values. >> you have mormons who are
7:51 am
siding with trump, many of whom are doing so reluctantly and another group who have been waiting all year for some alternative they can live with, because they couldn't go and vote for hillary clinton. you add on top of that his own personal morality, the reaction to the tape, the way he treats women, the way he just lashes out at people. >> reporter: this has made mcmullin appealing to many members of the church of latter day saints in utah. on top of that, there are more than 515,000 active registered voters unaffiliated with any party in the state. that may also bode well for the independent candidate. but for some, a mcmullin victory is ultimately a clinton victory. lds member maureen anderson voted for trump. you weren't swayed to perhaps vote for mcmullin? >> no. >> reporter: why not? what was it about him that didn't appeal to you? >> i just think that right now, it's a two-party system and voting for a third party candidate is not the way the
7:52 am
system works. just because he's lds isn't a reason why i would pick someone to vote for. >> i think you need to vote your conscience. vote what you feel is best for us as a country. >> reporter: so the idea of utah being a battleground state, let's examine that a little. most people do expect that utah will stay red as it has for many many years. the difference here is that many are worried about whether or notten mcmullin will change what happens to the electoral votes and if donald trump needs them and doesn't get them that will usher in a hillary clinton presidency. overall the state more than likely will remain red. >> stephanie elam reporting live from a beautiful salt lake city this morning. wow. thanks so much. conservative blogs lighting up when fox news anchor bret baier said an indictment is likely when it comes the fbi inquiry into the clinton foundation. our sources and our news outlets say that just isn't true. he has since walked back those
7:53 am
comments but the heat is far from over. senior media correspondent and host of cnn's reliable sources brian stelter joins me with more. good morning. >> this is a prime example of the echo chamber at work. people wanting to believe good news about their side, bad news about the other side in the waning days of this election. but as you said, sources talking to cnn, nbc, abc, other news outlets say that the claim that indictments are likely was just completely unfounded. he was relying on anonymous sources who seem to have an agenda. but what happened after his report on wednesday, well, take a look at what donald trump said about it on the campaign trail. >> it was reported last night that the fbi is conducting a criminal investigation into hillary clinton's pay for play corruption during her tenure as secretary of state. in other words, the fbi is
7:54 am
investigating how hillary clinton put the office of secretary of state up for sale in violation of federal law. the fbi agents say their investigation is likely to yield an indictment. >> likely to yield an indictment is the claim from trump at the end. there were several questionable statements in those comments from trump that seem to be provoked by the fox news reporting. to be clear, fox is not entirely off base here. yes, there is a divide inside the fbi. there is an active inquiry into the clinton foundation. numerous field offices looking into the activities of the foundation. some agents seem to believe there were serious improprieties but as of right now there's nothing imminent, no serious legal jeopardy for clinton at this moment. trump clearly took it too far and he took it too far based on fox's reporting. what's interesting about this is you see how conservative blogs and websites have taken this and run with it. it is in a way wish fulfillment. this happens to lots of folks on
7:55 am
all sides in the final days of an election. >> i think it's important to point out brett baier said he didn't say it artfully and he walked it back. >> he did walk it back. on thursday, he walked it back, said the way he was describing what his sources were telling them was not quite right. so credit to him for acknowledging that. however, sort of too late. lies spread so much more widely than the truth spreads. so now the clinton campaign is on the offense saying the fbi needs to come out with a public statement about this, refuting what they say is a baseless fox news report. we have also heard frclinton allies calling for an investigation of the fbi over all these leaks. because that's really what's incredible about this. we are seeing numerous sources in and around the fbi seeming to leak information about clinton, about ongoing inquiries about clinton. it is a very unusual situation. >> this is a very unusual election, don't you think? >> yes. >> my recurring nightmares will be stuck on four days until the election. it will be like groundhog day.
7:56 am
i will keep waking up and it will never be over. i'm just joking. thanks so much. thank you for joining me today. i'm carol costello. "at this hour with berman and bolduan" after a break.
7:57 am
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8:00 am
hello. i'm kate bolduan. >> i'm john berman. a bold new prediction just four days out. someone is going to win this election. that much is clear. beyond that, though, things are murky. what kwe can tell you is it is very close. the new cnn poll of polls shows hillary clinton with the lead right now of four points. that is pretty close. has it ever been closer? >> funny you should ask. four days out in


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