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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Bolduan  CNN  November 4, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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hello. i'm kate bolduan. >> i'm john berman. a bold new prediction just four days out. someone is going to win this election. that much is clear. beyond that, though, things are murky. what kwe can tell you is it is very close. the new cnn poll of polls shows hillary clinton with the lead right now of four points. that is pretty close. has it ever been closer? >> funny you should ask. four days out in 2012 it was a
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dead heat. but as you know, this election will not be decided by a national poll. instead it will be the race to 270 electoral votes. that is what the candidates are working so hard on today. that is where the new drama is setting in. let's bring in cnn political director david challian who has all the answers. we know hillary clinton's path, donald trump's path to 270 very different. how narrow is it for donald trump right now? >> it's still pretty narrow. remember, you just compared that 2012 race to today. barack obama still had a pretty big victory even though it was closer at this point. that's probably good news for hillary clinton. so too is the map. take a look at our current state of the battleground. remember, if donald trump were to win each of the remaining battleground states, give him florida, north carolina, ohio, still not enough. he still has to find somewhere else to go. maybe new hampshire where the polls have been tied in the last day or so. that gets him to 269.
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then he would have to get this congressional district up here in the north of maine to get him the extra electoral vote and dpget him to 270. this is the no room for error map for donald trump. >> all right. there you have it. what about hillary clinton? do you have anything on her for us? >> well, listen, hillary's entire mission is to save the blue wall. let me show you a different trump path and where he's looking to break through that blue wall. it is right up here in the rust belt. this is what the trump campaign from the very beginning told us that they were interested in doing, in changing the map. watch what happens here. here, i don't have to give donald trump every battleground state. say he hangs on to utah and arizona. say he wins florida and ohio. but let's give hillary clinton north carolina and nevada. obviously, she would be at 293, she would have won this
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election. but now donald trump goes hunting through this rust belt. if he can flip michigan and wisconsin, he's at 270. pennsylvania, michigan, wisconsin, if he can get two of those three, he doesn't need all the battlegrounds. that would get him there. the problem, right now, that blue wall is still holding. the polls have hillary clinton out front in michigan, out front in wisconsin, out front in pennsylvania. that's blocking donald trump's sort of rust belt path to the presidency. >> of course, donald trump going there and elsewhere. he's going everywhere in the next few days. >> interesting when you look at the travel schedules. >> thanks so much for being with us. appreciate it. >> thank you. this morning, we are getting our final look at how the economy is doing before the election. the latest jobs report out this morning showing 161,000 jobs were added in october and the unemployment rate dipped to 4.9%. but the trump campaign has summed it up in one word from their perspective, disastrous. >> cnn money correspondent alison kosik joins us. what do you see in the numbers?
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>> i'm thinking i will be hard pressed to characterize this jobs report as disastrous. let me go deeper behind the numbers and reiterate what you just said, that 161,000 jobs added to the economy, that's actually a little bit of a miss but not a big deal because when you look at the real headline from this jobs report, it's all the way far to the right, that wage growth, 2.8%. wages grew 2.8% over the past year. that means your paychecks are getting bigger. this is the best growth we have seen for wages in several years and it's something that's going to make american voters feel good about the economy. obviously they want to see wages grow more. i would love to see that number at 3.5% but at this point, the trend is moving higher. where did employers hire? well, they hired in the health services positions, 31,000. business professional areas like computer systems design and advertising. unfortunately, we are continuing to see this down trend in
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manufacturing. really growth in manufacturing remains nonexistent. those people who are not skilled to move on to other jobs no doubt feel left behind in this economy. let me swing back to the political lens very quickly because as you say, donald trump characterizing this jobs report in october as disastrous. i want to go to one chart here. that's the unemployment rate now at 4.9%. look how far we have come from the financial crisis where it was up around 9%, 10%. you see the unemployment rate falling. one thing he is right about in his release he put out after the jobs report is what's known as labor force participation rate. that's where it includes americans looking for jobs or people in the work force. that is actually at historic lows. he's right about that. these are at levels we haven't seen since the 1970s. even economists are admitting there's something structurally going on here. they are not exactly sure what it is. but there's yet one more aspect
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to this i think donald trump is really focusing on and he's saying 14 million people have left the work force since president obama has been in office. but a portion of that has just been sort of natural. you have retirees, you have students, you have stay at home moms. that segment of the population is not looking for work so he's not entirely accurate on that. kate and john? >> thank you so much. we appreciate it. how does this all play out with four days to go? let's bring in mark penn, democratic pollster and former adviser to president clinton and hillary clinton, and alex koenen, now partner at firehouse strategies. alex, we will get to who's up or down in one second. as alison was laying out this new jobs report, want to get your take. four days out, who does this help? do voters pay attention to this four days out? >> there has been a big disconnect throughout the election between the economic statistics we see coming out of government agencies in washington, d.c. and how voters actually feel about the economy.
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even though the economy has been steadily improving, voters continue to feel like their personal lives are not necessarily improving. they don't feel economic security. that is the core of trump's message. in fact, i think if he had talked about that more over the last six months he would be doing better in the polls than he is now but he's closing on that argument and that's strong for him. >> you can't tell people how they feel. people feel how they feel. mark, let's talk about where we are in this race right now. we saw the cnn poll of polls has a four point margin. the electoral map may be closer than that. what do you think hillary clinton needs to do in the next three days to seal this deal? >> right now, i think she's just got to stick to her issues. i think we have seen trump's momentum kind of stall out. most of the polls have moved to a three or four point gap in her favor. she needs to stay the course. stay away from difficult issues. the economic news today is really on the good side rather than the bad side with 4.9% unemployment. it's not going to shake up the
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race. i think right now she's going to kind of get the vote out because i think the big difference has been that her voters haven't been as energized. i think obama is out there energizing voters. i think you are beginning to see more mail-in ballots come in as a result of those efforts in the last few days. >> trump-mentum. alternatively, what does trump need to do, do you think, in the next few days, to win? >> well, first, he needs to avoid making any gaffes. in the last week of the campaign, it's arguably been the best week of the campaign for him in part because he's shut up. he has not dominated the news cycles like he did in august and september and early october. >> even to the point of reading his own stage direction. >> right. >> be cool, donald. >> if he keeps doing that, his polls are headed in the right direction. they will continue to head in the right direction. he's finishing very very
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strongly. i don't know if it will be enough for him in part because of the electoral college challenge that david just pointed out in the previous segment. it really helps senate races down ballot, places like florida where we are seeing marco-mentum. marco rubio well ahead in florida. other places like wisconsin where ron johnson is finishing very strongly. exciting for republicans. >> i will say on the issue of momentum, it isn't clear who has it. if you look at the "washington post" tracking poll, she's gone up every day for the last four days. >> after the fbi stuff. >> it may be she has a little bit of wind at her back. we need to wait and see. i want to talk about where hillary clinton is headed because look, today she's in pennsylvania and also ohio. she's not in florida, not in north carolina, not in arizona. she's playing a little bit of defense. she ends up going to new hampshire in the next few days. closing the campaign in philadelphia. as you look at this travel schedule, what makes you nervous about it? >> well, i think this travel
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schedule says as we saw in the electoral map, she's got a pretty close to a lock on 272 and there's 87 votes up for grabs. no reason to take a lot of risk at this point. i think the goal is to prevent any kind of surprise upset by trump in some of the rust belt states where his message has oftentimes resonated the most. i think having a conservative defensive strategy at least for this part of the weekend makes to me a lot of sense, particularly when trump was gaining momentum and i think that now she has blocked that momentum and it's peaked out. >> when you look at kind of the sheer number of places they are going, you have the announced schedule, you have folks talking about that trump is doing ten states in three days and that's friday to sunday. as far as we know, she isn't. do you fear that he's outworking her right now? >> well, he has been pretty aggressive in terms of his belief that he can change on
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rallies. i have been on the plane during those last few days in a presidential race and you can even make last minute decisions. i think if the polls stay as it is, she's in the right strategy. if they tighten at all i suspect they will add some more stops. i think you have to be reactive. she wants to be -- not make mistakes at this point. bring this election home, bring her voters home. remember, she's also got a network of surrogates that trump really doesn't have. you have president clinton out there, you have president obama out there. i think her effort has really multiplied in a way that trump's is not. >> you have campaigns in two states that are big in this election, florida and wisconsin. lot of people have talked about the clinton ground game and the fact she has one and donald trump really doesn't. what's your assessment of the difference in the quality of the ground games of each campaign and how much of a difference it will make? >> well, you're right. hillary clinton does have a bigger ground game but the republicans are not -- they are taking nothing for granted. in both florida and wisconsin,
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you have seen the senate campaigns and state parties build big massive get out the votes efforts. marco rubio's campaign is making half a million voter contacts per day. >> does she have a ground game advantage, honestly? >> i think she's probably better organized. she certainly has had more resources to spend in organizing a ground game and she has obviously the unions helping her out as well. but donald trump won the primaries without much of a ground game and is really benefiting from some of the senate candidates who are turning out republicans in places like florida. >> after comey's announcement, the fbi announcement on friday, john was pointing out there is some -- there is some evidence, you got to see more polling, that she could be seeing some wind at her back when you look at the abc poll specifically. if clinton generally isn't cratering after that announcement which was a bombshell, is trump finished? >> well, she had a big lead going into it. i don't think trump is finished. i think trump has real challenges especially with the electoral college, but here's my concern as a republican, as an
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american. if hillary clinton is elected president, she will have no political capital. she's going to be under investigation from the moment she is sworn in. not investigation by congress, investigation by the fbi from the moment she's sworn in. that's bad for the united states to have a president who is that politically weak. look, i don't care for her domestic agenda is crippled but it worries me on the international stage -- what's that? >> does either candidate if any political capital? >> if donald trump wins i think it's an historic achievement and he will have tons of political capital. and a republican congress. >> quickly, we have seen friday bombshells, whether it be james comey or "access hollywood." it's 11:13 a.m. you think we will get to sundown without anything happening? >> i think this is now likely to be a quiet friday. of course, that's a dangerous prediction in this race. i think as you said, trump has quote, real challenges which is a euphemism for meaning trump needs something to put him over the finish line. if he doesn't have it he's not getting there. i don't see it.
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>> great to see you guys. >> thanks a lot. lot of good insight. really appreciate it. we are talking about donald trump. some people saying he was staying on script until, until maybe he didn't. donald trump suggesting that america's troops don't want to see her as their boss. so what exactly did he mean by that? plus the trump campaign now taking on cyberbullying. the internets had a few things to say about that. we'll be right back. yay. sports. an. i've never been #1 in anything until i put these babies on. now we're on a winning streak and i'm never taking them off. do i know where i'm going? absolutely. we're going to the playoff. allstate guarantees your rates won't go up just because of an accident. starting the day you sign up. so get accident forgiveness from allstate. and be better protected from mayhem, like me.
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i won this 55 inch tv for less than $30 on visit for great deals. and start bidding today! when i look at these great admirals and these great generals and these great medal much honor recipients behind me, to think of her being their boss, i don't think so. and you know, they're incredible patriots. they would never say a thing but i know what they're thinking. >> donald trump says he knows what they're thinking. they don't want hillary clinton to be their boss. is this an honest disagreement over military policy or something else? >> joining us now, scottie nell hughes, cnn political commentator and political
8:19 am
editor, a donald trump supporter. kristal ball is with us as well, a hillary clinton supporter. so is this about military policy or is it something else? the words were they can't see her, emphasis on her, being their boss, emphasis on boss. is it military policy or is it sexism? >> if this was another candidate who didn't have the history of sexism both in general in his life and specifically in this campaign in terms of comments he made about hillary clinton not having a presidential look, about him not being impressed when she walked in front of him, about how carly fiorina can't be president because look at that face, maybe you could give him the benefit of the doubt. but i think when women hear those comments from this man, it is very clear there are no ifs, ands or buts, he's talking about a woman cannot be commander in chief. >> scottie, has he earned the benefit of the doubt? >> i don't see it being as clear
8:20 am
as kristal might. right now the military favors donald trump three to one, active duty servicemen and women, 50% to 75% of women according to different surveys say they support donald trump to be the next commander in chief over hillary clinton. so he's just going along with the traditional. republicans have usually been able to encourage the military vote and recruit that vote. it just goes along with that. i think that's what they're talking about. in recent light of the e-mail scandal ths that have come out the idea of benghazi, leaving a man behind, you can see why the military is hesitant about hillary clinton and her background and policies. >> it's a political rorschach test like a lot of things he says. different people hearing it in different ways. hillary clinton today will go to pittsburgh. we are told she will focus on donald trump's past comments about women. this is something that she's talked about a lot. this is something other people on the trail talk about a lot including president obama. let's listen quickly to that. >> if you disrespected women
8:21 am
before you were in office, you will disrespect women as president. >> so again, this is a consistent argument but this is still, we are four days out. this is all about him. it's not about her. i am using the pronouns now. it's all about donald trump, not about hillary clinton. is there a risk to not talking about yourself and really just trying to talk about the other person? >> i don't think they are exclusively talking about him but let's be clear. this is a man who stood on stage at the rnc and said i alone can fix the problems. he has wanted this election to be about him, to be a personality contest in which he can be the strong man who can come in and fix everything. we don't need to know the details, we don't need to know about his plan to fix isis because the power of his personality and will is what's going to make america great again. i think it's entirely appropriate for the president and hillary clinton and her campaign to be saying okay, then let's look at who this man actually is and not just the campaign rhetoric but who he's demonstrated himself to be over
8:22 am
the course of his 70 years on the planet. when you look at the numbers, women are going to be the key to who wins this election. men are by and large voting the way that men do. they tend to favor republicans. >> men do what they do. there you go. >> they do what they do. women have treated this election a little bit differently because of the comments and behavior they have seen from trump. it makes sense. >> if you really want to respect women, we are four days out, let's be positive. let's talk about our candidates. earlier this morning we were told to separate, tell me why your candidate is better and exclude the name of the opposition. >> that's a little too cute by half. >> but we have gone back and forth for months now about these candidates, how they differ. right now we need to know the specifics. how these candidates are presenting their plans. we have that. >> let's be real. i want to say this from a nonpartisan place. if you are a trump supporter, you think hillary clinton belongs in jail. do you care -- >> not all. >> do you care about her policy if you think she belongs in
8:23 am
jail. if you are a hillary clinton supporter hike myself you think donald trump is a serious sexual predator based on the dozen women who have come out and said that, i don't care about your plan for the economy. i don't want a serial sexual predator in the white house. we can't even get to policy when you can't get past those kind of issues. >> the whole election has been policy-light. [ speaking simultaneously ] >> let's actually talk about why he believes in hillary clinton continuing his agenda or not -- >> cyberbullying is an issue. >> it is an issue. melania trump brought it up yesterday in her first solo event on the campaign trail. she talked about family, talked about donald trump, talked about her story and talked about the issues she would like to take on if she were first lady. listen. >> our culture has gotten too mean and too rough, especially to children and teenagers. we have to find a better way to talk to each other, to disagree
8:24 am
with each other, to respect each other. we must find better ways to honor and support the basic goodness of our children, especially in social media. >> especially in social media. please explain, scottie nell hughes, how creating a story where it is very clear that people are going to say have you spoken to your husband about this, how creating that kind of a story four days out from the election is helpful for this campaign. >> melania trump did not ask to be in this campaign. she did not marry him thinking he was going to run for president one day. i think this woman has done an amazing job, speaking a different language to a room full of people and talking about an issue that is near and dear for her. so it's never the wrong time to do the right thing. that is what i think she's presenting. this is an issue that speaks very well to women, families, and we are all dealing with. why is it wrong we put the spotlight on it. i think we have seen the last 24 hours since her speech, people actually bullying her because she's sticking up against bullies. i think this is the wrong approach. we need to actually take a step back and take the partisanship
8:25 am
off and actually say you know what, this is a good conversation. glad we're talking about it. >> it may be an ironic message but there's nothing wrong with the message itself. >> sure. it's just hard to imagine that -- i just, is she trolling us? >> you are a bully. >> it's hard to see her saying we need to focus on compassion and kindness and charity when her husband is the exact antithesis of all this. i don't even know what to say. she's either trolling all of us or trolling her husband or something because it's insane. it's the reason this election has made it all cranky because of things like this. >> four more days of crazy. >> you can't break crazy. programming note. you may have heard there's an election this tuesday. our team of correspondents, reporters, camera operators, sound men, analysts, anchors, we are all doing this all day, all
8:26 am
night. special coverage, really, we are on this nonstop until wednesday. let's hope it's, well, who knows. >> what happens after that. exactly. perfect again. you all think this ends on tuesday or wednesday? we have got another election we will focus on. that's right, folks. it doesn't end. the race for speaker of the house. assuming republicans keep their majority, does paul ryan now have a fight on his hands? we'll be right back. we asked people to write down the things they love to do most on these balloons. travel with my daughter. roller derby. ♪ now give up half of 'em. do i have to? this is a tough financial choice we could face when we retire. but, if we start saving even just 1% more of our annual income... we could keep doing all the things we love. prudential. bring your challenges.
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we can't go back to the years of devastating cuts to public education. so vote yes on prop 55. prop 55 prevents $4 billion in new education cuts, without raising taxes on anyone, and with strict accountability. budget forecasts show if we don't pass prop 55 big cuts that hurt our kids are coming, and california will suffer budget deficits all over again. so vote yes on 55. because it helps our children thrive. does paul ryan have the clash rocking in his earbuds right now? i'm talking about this.
8:31 am
should i stay or should i go now. >> rock the casbah is -- >> that's why i didn't go there. paul ryan says he will be running for house speaker once again assuming republicans hold control of the house of representatives but some members of the gop conference may have other ideas. >> let's bring in cnn senior political reporter manu raju. singing not required. >> but encouraged. >> encouraged, not required. what's going on with this? >> reporter: well, it really depends whether or not paul ryan has a fight on his hands if the republicans keep the house and if they have a narrow majority which is what we are expecting. we are expecting republicans to lose maybe 10, 15, 20 seats right now. probably a lot of moderate members but keep the house majority. that means the conservative bloc will get more influential, particularly the house freedom caucus, the group of outside agitators, people who have been a thorn in the side of the republican party leadership. the leadership of the house freedom caucus right now is not
8:32 am
saying whether or not they will support paul ryan. we reached out to virtually all the members of that 40 member caucus. lot of them just not saying one way or another what they will do, including jim jordan of ohio, who is the chairman of that committee. mark meadows of north carolina, raul labrador of idaho, all saying they don't know what they will do after tuesday. now, there's a lot of speculation about what paul ryan will do. something that why does he even want this job, maybe he will quit and focus on 2020. his office says that is nonsense, of course he's running for re-election to speaker, even though the vote may likely be close. he's also campaigning with some members of the freedom caucus itself including rob blum of iowa, scott garrett of new jersey, both of whom indicated support for paul ryan. the larger picture here is that paul ryan will need all the support he can get on the floor if there is a narrow majority and if some members decide to vote against him on the floor, it could be very hard to get that 218 vote threshold to be
8:33 am
re-elected speaker. one thing he has going for him, who will run, who will become speaker if he's not? there's no obvious alternative at this point. >> all right. manu raju, drama on capitol hill. they are not even on capitol hill right now. thanks so much. appreciate it. let's bring in mary katherine ham, cnn political commentator and senior writer for the federalist and margaret hoover, veteran of two presidential republican campaigns. when it comes to the republican leadership, post-election, what do you think is the most likely scenario for paul ryan? >> i think it's highly likely paul ryan returns to the house as manu said with a narrowed majority but still a majority, and he's elected speaker. can i just give you context on this? i talked to a freedom caucus member this morning to figure out the story behind the story. actually, what this posturing is about, they are saying we're not talking about it until the election. this is actually about rules changes in the house of representatives, that the
8:34 am
speaker and leadership want to pass rules changes the freedom caucus doesn't like. what they have as leverage is simply their caucus vote of 40 to say if he passes these rules changes, we aren't going to vote for him. they are negotiating and doing fancy footwork now in order to prevent rules changes like vacate the chair motion which was the motion that led to speaker boehner's downfall. >> sounds like the type of thing we have heard before. >> posturing? what? >> harumphing. posturing. mary katherine, there is this question about whose party is it after this election. the question is being asked right now and it will really be asked after this election, look, if donald trump wins there's a clear winner, a clear answer to whose party it is. if he loses, what's the answer? >> yeah. i think the fight is raging as margaret points out, that's going on behind the scenes right now. a little more context, one of the happiest men in america is john boehner, who kicked back with a 9 iron and bordeaux.
8:35 am
then paul ryan, the whole time he's been speaker, i wasn't even supposed to be here today. it's not the most fun job in the world. but i think he wants a seat at the table in figuring out what that party is going forward which is why he will negotiate with these guys and will he likely run for this again. he didn't want to do this last time he got the call-up which is another clash reference, you're welcome, so here we are. >> she does, this is what's impressive. >> i know. she didn't read my intro. just blowing my mind. here's a tweet. try this on for size. mike huckabee, a republican, you know this, writes this on the twitters. trump may be a car wreck but at least his car is pointed in the right direction. hillary is a drunk driver going the wrong way on the freeway. this leads me to one of those classic questions. with republican friends like these, what could possibly go wrong coming up? if mike huckabee thinks donald trump is a car wreck going into this election, what happens
8:36 am
post-election here? >> look, paul ryan wants a seat at the table but it's more than that. he wants to set the direction. he wants his vision for what republican party it's going to be to be ascendant and succeed. then there are the mike huckabees and donald trump, the freedom caucus version, this version that wants less emphasis on trade and immigration, more emphasis maybe on white working class economic policies. whatever it is they want. there is going to be an all-out fight for what the republican party is going to be. >> margaret, mary katherine, stand by. we have breaking news for you. the breaking news is on the bridgegate trial from new jersey. big news. deb feyerick, what did they say? >> reporter: the jury found the two defendants guilty on all charges and only in new jersey can gridlock be considered a
8:37 am
form of political retaliation. at least that's what federal prosecutors succeeded in showing during the course of this six-week trial against two of governor christie's really political operatives. now, both have been accused of conspiracy and fraud for allegedly manipulating lane traffic and creating four-day long gridlock at a very busy crossing, the george washington bridge, which connects new jersey into manhattan. federal prosecutors had said the two officials did it in order to punish a local mayor who essentially had refused to endorse chris christie for his re-election campaign. lawyers for the two defendants however had argued during this trial that in fact, this was simply part of the legitimate traffic study. now, the two who have been found guilty include christie's former deputy chief of staff, bridget kelly as well as the former deputy executive of the port authority which handles the bridge. they are asking, their lawyers are asking for a mistrial because during the jury deliberations, the jury had asked did they have to find that
8:38 am
there was a conspiracy or could they find a conspiracy if in fact there was no evidence that this was a form of punishment to this new jersey mayor. the judge came back and said yes, you can determine there was a conspiracy because what is at issue here is did these two conspire to misuse government resources. so now these two individuals, bridget kelly, bill barone, their lawyers asked for a mistrial and it is likely the two of them will appeal. kind of a blow to governor chris christie, who has denied any knowledge of this. but during this trial, at least five witnesses, some of them very loyal to the governor, actually said he was aware of these lane closures and that it was being done because of the actions of the mayor who refused to endorse him. so this continues. governor christie leading up donald trump's transition campaign should he become president. >> so deb, on that point because this is what people are asking, these two defendants found guilty. both defendants said actually,
8:39 am
their defense put up that chris christie knew more about this than we have been led to believe. from a legal perspective, what does the fact the jury found them guilty portend for chris christie? >> reporter: well, it's interesting. there have been three investigations, one of them which was commissioned essentially by the governor, paid by taxpayers, one of which was commissioned by him, didn't find that he knew about this. the state legislature looked at this as did federal prosecutors. the fact you have these two people so close to the governor knowing or at least being found guilty of conspiring to manipulate bridge traffic, that will not necessarily bode well for the governor. there is a citizen who actually filed a complaint basically saying he should be held responsible, should be held accountable. it's certainly a thorn in his side and it won't be going away any time soon. >> many say one of the reasons factored into why he was not chosen as vp is some of the
8:40 am
conversation when you look at presidential politics. thanks so much, deb. deb has the breaking news. she will continue working on that. let's bring in gloria brown marshall, constitutional law professor. gloria, as you look at this, this has been -- this story has been around for a very long time. it was a very -- it is, continues to be, it's a big deal for chris christie. the governor of new jersey. deb gave us a little slice of it. from your opinion, you have this -- you have these two people found guilty. what do you think this means for governor christie? >> i think this is going to be following him for a very long period of time. it's already followed him. it's going to follow him into the future because if there is a donald trump presidency, there's a hint around there's going to be a position there for christie. so this could also tank his ability to ascend to that position. >> what's interesting again, though, in this case to me, is
8:41 am
that these defendants, part of their defense was look, the governor knew more about this than he's letting on. his story is different, they say, than has been out there in the public yet the jury, because they thought that would somehow help them in their case. i'm not quite sure i understand why. but the jury said no, you two are the guilty ones. is it possible, i suppose this is more of a political question than a legal one, he could say all right, these two people were found guilty, it wasn't me, it was them, they have been convicted. >> certainly. if they are not going to turn around and say i have got the evidence to prove he knew more and that i think is part of the problem. where is the evidence that links this with him. right now it's pretty much circumstantial. >> one could argue that this ends it. just like you're saying. they have been found guilty. this is where this ends. if they haven't produced evidence against him to this point, there's nothing there. could this, the flipside of what
8:42 am
i asked before, could this end a very difficult chapter for him? >> there is always the appellate process. this is america. people appeal. we don't know, it could go up on remand, come back down and there could be some evidence not allowed to be exposed to the jury, so therefore, they are saying the smoking gun was there but the judge didn't let it in. who knows what it's going to be on appeal. but it's not going to end here. it's going to be ongoing and it's going to be something i think for the most part that is legal and political and where these things come together, that's where the tragedy is because at the end of the day, that bridge was closed. we know that happened. and the different tentacles of the people involved, we may never know all the people that had roles in this. >> at a minimum we know there are convictions in the bridgegate scandal. a jury has decided people broke the law here. that is significant. thanks so much for being with us. >> thank you. ahead for us, terror threats and the election. officials are monitoring the concerns of terror threats around election day include
8:43 am
intercepting conversations among al qaeda overseas about targeting three states in particular. details on that coming in. you pay your car insurance
8:44 am
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all right. officials are now monitoring concerns about terror threats surrounding election day, including intercepted al qaeda conversations overseas. cnn justice correspondent pamela brown has the details. what are you hearing? >> in those conversations intercepted by the intelligence community, there was al qaeda adherents overseas talking about targeting new york, texas and virginia according to officials we have been speaking with. we want to emphasize officials say this was non-specific, that it could just be idle chatter
8:48 am
and this is not being treated in the intelligence and law enforcement communities as an imminent threat but of course, it is something law enforcement is aware of. new york law enforcement said in a statement they are aware of this intercepted chatter and that they are on heightened alert. we know new york already has heightened security because the marathon this weekend of course draws big crowds, voting on tuesday and the anticipation of the election night parties in the city. so with that in mind, of course, they are looking at this intercepted chatter as a potential threat but nothing to verify it as substantive or something imminent. texas also just released a statement saying it is unaware of this, nothing specific or credible regarding the election and threats surrounding it but i will tell you in talking to law enforcement officials, there is concern. this concern is compounded by the fact of how divisive this election season has been and there is concern that perhaps people who are agitated by the toxic environment may want to act so there are several
8:49 am
security precautions in place not just in these three states but also across the country. >> pamela brown, thank you so much. great to see you. coming up for us, very soon we will hear from both donald trump and hillary clinton. their closing arguments to voters in two crucial battleground states. we will bring you there live as soon as they take the stage. ♪ approaching medicare eligibility? you may think you can put off checking out your
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all eyes are on the great state of florida. home to disney world, key lime pie and voters that can single-handedly decide the outcome of the election. >> happens from time to time. >> came down to florida in 2000. trying to win the state this time around. >> adam smith, political editor of the "tampa bay times" joins us. adam, give us the state of play. big early voting state and oh,
8:54 am
so close right now. >> yeah. it's florida. so it's usually a toss-up at this point and that's what we have. we've had about 5 million votes cast already. n more than half the votes cast and i think looking at party breakdown of whose casted votes, a lot of reason for republicans to feel optimistic, but it is really tight it looks like. >> when you look at kind of seed-ends, early voting estimates, republicans have a lead in terms of the early vote, but it's tiny. i mean, it's small. compare it to 2008, the last one we're kind of comparing, dems up at this point by 70-plus thousand ballots in terms of early voting. so, i mean, when you look at that, should dems be nervous? >> you look at that, dems absolutely should be nervous but it's hard to compare 2008 to this time, 2012, to this time, because there's been a lot more early voting. so we don't know how many of
8:55 am
these republicans would be voting already. the early votes are cast at a time many of them when clinton was up ahead in the polls sort of presumably she banked more, knows npas, independent voters obviously we don't know about. both sides tend to think it's a pretty well eastern split, but it is tough and both sides can spin the early numbers to suggest they are better off than the others. bottom line, democrats were better positioned four years ago than they are today. >> democrats will tell you they're excited the latino vote has a proportion of the overall vote. who knows. adam smith, thanks. >> appreciate it. >> the cubs victory parade, hillary clinton and donald trump all live this hour. we'll bring you all of these big-league events, yep, i did that, as they unfold. we'll be right back.
8:56 am
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8:59 am
the mind-set and the idea is that it can be lavish and economical. you can do all these and half this for half than housing the prison community for a year. we understood while women were doing amazing work, they were shill dirt poor. on average the last 20 years the women we serve the first sexual assault is between the ages of 7 and 11 years old. the stories used to undo me they're so horrific. trafficking is so big. it doesn't have to be the ends of the story. it's a-part big part of the story but it's not the end. it's just a chapter in it. >> vote for any of your favorite top ten heroes now at >> thank you for joining us at this hour. >> "inside politics" with john king starts right now.
9:00 am
welcome to "inside politics." i'm john king. thanks for sharing time with us. four days to the vote. whoever win, will win ugly. >> hillary, therefore, committed perjury. absolutely. because of her statements. in addition to all of her other crimes, this is a person that's running for president? >> he has spent this entire campaign offering a dog whistle to his most hateful supporters. he retweets white supremacists and spreads racially tinged conspiracy theories. >> tough talk on the trail and breaking news starting the hour. late changes to our cnn electoral map. this morning, hillary clinton 272. donald trump at 179. that point, across the finish line. he is well short. but making late changes as we head into the final weekend. bring them up and give awe


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