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tv   Inside Politics  CNN  November 4, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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politics." i'm john king. thanks for sharing time with us. four days to the vote. whoever win, will win ugly. >> hillary, therefore, committed perjury. absolutely. because of her statements. in addition to all of her other crimes, this is a person that's running for president? >> he has spent this entire campaign offering a dog whistle to his most hateful supporters. he retweets white supremacists and spreads racially tinged conspiracy theories. >> tough talk on the trail and breaking news starting the hour. late changes to our cnn electoral map. this morning, hillary clinton 272. donald trump at 179. that point, across the finish line. he is well short. but making late changes as we head into the final weekend. bring them up and give awe show. right now moving hillary clinton
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down to 268. donald trump up to 204. how do we do that? utah from toss-up to lean republican. significantly, ohio, the big midwestern battleground moves from toss-up to lean republican. maine's second congressional district. maine by cd goes to lean republican. and a new gold on the map. toss-up state. moving new hampshire from lean democratic back to battleground toss-up. the new map, hillary clinton i noted below 270. above it a long time. significant. donald trump now above 200 puts him in the hunt but not there all the way. today on the trail, reflects this urgency here. the race now to 270. both trump and clinton campaigning in pennsylvania. and in ohio. donald trump also in new hampshire this hour. we'll take you there. hillary clinton adding michigan to the final day, the friday agenda here. keeping score at home, more than 30 million votes already cast this weekend. not so much tuesday, this weekend, critical to be business
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early voting democrats are convinced will help them. nevada, maybe more, north carolina. >> go boo! go boo! go blue! come on, you guys know that! you already knew that! you can't boo, he can't hear you boo but he can hear you vote! >> that's the president of the united states on the campaign trail busy, too. welcome viewers in the united states and around the world. with us to share reporting and insights, maeve reston and manu raju, and malika henderson from cnn. first time hillary clinton below the finish line 268. they think they can get nevada. nevada gets them across the finish line. donald trump above 200. she is campaigning in traditional blue states. is it defensive or cautious? a mix of both? going back to michigan? going to be in pennsylvania. >> look, one of the defining gambles of the campaign for hillary clinton to treat a
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number of the states in her core 272 as essentially done deals for most of the campaign. in that original 272 you had, only, really, pennsylvania and new hampshire have they treated as true swing states. look at colorado, michigan, wisconsin, when you look at virginia, they have treated all of those as essentially done, while they've devoted enormous amounts of time and money to north carolina, florida and ohio. in particular. so now donald trump is kind of calling their hand on that, making a late push. still an uphill climb for him in the four states i mentioned. colorado, virginia, wisconsin, ohio, putting ads on the air and the question will be whether in effect they left the back door opening by focusing so much on the nice have rather than the need to have. >> and some of the states ron mentioned, clinton has been outspent on tv by donald trump. trump actually waited a while to spend money in this general election campaign, like in wisconsin, for instance.
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trump was spending more on tv than hillary clinton. that's had an impact also down ticket, in that senate race. suddenly ron johnson, republican senator left for dead months ago, now within striking distance holding on to his seat which could impact the entire senate majority. clinton has the upper hand to win the white house but potentially much smaller. if much small less of a mandate going in. a huge impact on the president irchlts look . >> if you look at the map, i agree. calmer look at the map going into this urgent weekend. trump in better position in ohio and iowa than -- versus romney/obama race four years ago. republicans in better shape in iowa and ohio. her lead in the states of mentioned, essentially the same, give or take a half point than obama in 2012. closer than ten days ago. should democrats be concerned, not panicked? is that the question?
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>> i'm sorry. >> they're nervous. just got off the phone with a democratic pollster, asked how he was doing. he said, a little nervous. they are seeing softening of support. polls obviously show that. in talking to this pollster who specifically talks about north carolina. again, she doesn't need to win, but it's part of her insurance policy, part of her firewall of them seeing dip in swit powhite support. talked about an increase in latino support, a softening in the black support in states like north carolina, but they need to match obama if not exceed him in terms of the white support in a state like north carolina, they are seeing softening and imagine seeing the same in states like pennsylvania. >> you have to wonder whether all of those days she took off the trail preparing for the debates, for example, donald trump at times had a much more vigorous time on the campaign
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trail and would have had an opportunity do four states a day, pop into these states saernld to, you know, generate more nenthusiasm. the big fear coming out of the comey situation e-mail situation, that turnout will be depressed for her. so i think we really are going to see her move into high gear over the weekend. >> john, i mean, look at early vote in nevada. probably the best news democrats have gotten. you could have had that as light blue. hold new hampshire now the public polls -- and 278, gives them the ability to sleep at night, but says also you have no margin for error. can't lose a colorado or a michigan which would be the only ones in there that would seem to be truly at risk. but even those, the ball is still on her side of the field. >> right. >> romney was, campaigning tons in michigan at this point and then ended up -- >> and pennsylvania. >> yeah. >> and democrats still, the democrats i talk to still sort of see michigan and pennsylvania as a rabbit hole for republicans
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if we go back almost every election at this point, there is hope that republicans can win, and it never pans out. >> interesting. talk to people inside the trump campaign, some say they have a better chance in michigan than north carolina because of the diversity issue in north carolina. watch as this plays out. international viewers, might be on the internet looking for what is the electoral college? we elect presidents state by state not the national vote. last word on the american economy came out today. unemployment in october, 4.9%. 161,000 new jobs added. a decent, not booming number, but decent number. the 4.9% especially going back, back in history. had president obama took office, 7.8% unemployment in the country. remember, beginning a recession then. it went at high as 10% in october 2009. now it is half that. 4.9%. sometimes it takes a little while to sink in. some pockets of the country it's higher than 4.9%. people don't believe it. but more globally and especially in the battleground states. looked at these numbers last
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week. every key battleground state, unemployment half or less than it was when obama took office. is this a boost to hillary clinton? >> yeah. i mean, not just the economy, but also the president being popular, both a boost to hillary clinton. the challenge for hillary clinton is that a lot of voters just are not feeling that. they feel they've been left behind. while as you noted 161,000 jobs. of course, that's positive. economists say you should grow 200,000 jobs or more to get to a pace and the economy where it could be potentially roaring again. that constant challenge that the president faced where the economy's going doing better but not great. >> she has to moderate her tone how she talk about these numbers. so many voters we've talked to in different battleground states, even if they are not out of work, they say they have friends that are out of work, or having to work several jobs. the whole perception thing makes it tricky for clinton, because she has to say, we're part of the way there, but not all the way there. >> interesting today, because she's in pittsburgh talking
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about the economy. and mostly going to talk about how she thinks donald trump would hurt you. interesting to see if she can get to the point. one of her officifacial failur campaign against bernie sanders. >> this campaign will produce the widest gap ever between the way whites with a college education vote, with clinton doing better possibly than any democratic nominee ever and whites without a college education, where in the abc washington post poll this week, at various points donald trump equally or exceeding ronald reighening's margin. a lot is culturacultural, add t muslims and all that. youflected in the map, and trump is making that economic argument, making the nafta argument, making the
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argument about shut down factories, but it really is a cultural argument. right? it's about the decline of america from its past glory days, and he pins that on this idea of open border, right? and that we don't have a country, more because we've let too many people in, and that really, i think, hits the has wro zones puculturally and economic does doesn't include them. >> and the challenger, hillary clinton the democrat. president obama been in office two terms. she is continuity pip wants to say, things aren't great but getting better and this president got us off the ditch. i want to get us further out of the ditch. trump has to look at the glass at half empty. not half full. 4.9% says disaster rout rouse. people say, noics pr icno, pret. growth not big enough. final daying not hearing donald trump lead in any way, how life
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would be different, her saying that, you hear a negative campaign. scorched earth, disqualify the other one. here's donald trump talking on the trail wanting to raise invest investigations about hillary clinton, she's not honest. live to donald trump. >> here we go again with clinton. you remember the impeachment and the problems. she is likely to be under investigation for many, many years. also likely to conclude in a criminal trial thp this not what we need in this country, folks. we need somebody that's going to go to work. >> a little scorched earth from donald trump saying she'll be tied up in investigations won't be able to get anything done in washington. here's hillary clinton saying you can't elect donald trump because he evokes hatred, fear, worse. >> -- just a few days ago, donald trump was endorsed by the official newspaper of the ku
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klux klan. you've got to ask yourself -- do any of us, any of us who believe in our constitution, who believe in the rule of law, who believe that we are stronger together, who believe that we want to keep moving positively towards the vision of freedom and equality set forth by our founders, do any of us have a place in trump's america? >> scorched earth from both candidates in the final days. i understand you're supposed to, you know, say why the other guy or girl is not qualified, but -- >> you really want to be getting to a positive message at the end. so reflective of this very toxic campaign and the culture, the entire campaign, that you see the, the ads that both of these candidates are putting out in the final days are just about as hard-hitting as you can get. and that shows the position that they both feel that they're in. and i think there's so many americans that just are so sick of this. that don't even want to tune in
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to the final stretch, but it's -- it's certainly more about, you know, fear of the other candidate that motivates people out there. >> and reflects the tension. the tension a week or so ago people thought this was a done deal. going into the final week, tension, whoa, this is still in play. >> the last three points of the electorate, national polls tilting back towards her in the last 48 how tightened it up, republican leaning people who don't imagine donald trump as president. the comey announcement shifts the focus. what they don't like about clinton is front and center and clinton is trying to return them to looking at what they don't like about trump. >> still her race to lose, when she's the issue, she struggles more. up next, teleprompter is suddenly donald trump's best friend. but can he stick to the script, as measure builds? ♪ eyes open? good.
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welcome back. just a gorgeous day here in the nation's capital. four days to election day. donald trump largely sticking to script means this teleprompter is nowhere near as entertaining or controversial as the free-wheeling say what he wants trump we saw most of the campaign. mr. trump thinks he's proving a point. >> she always talks about me. i have a pinning temperament. i have a winning temperament. hillary is an unstable person. best thing i have is my temperament. we know how to win. we know how to win. >> he didn't get the point, the best thing he thinks he has is his temperament. hillary clinton, she thinks he's selling snake oil.
9:19 am
>> donald stood on a stage and said, and i quote -- "i'm honored to have the greatest temperament that anyone's ever had." now, he -- he knows we can see and hear him. right? this is someone who at another rally yesterday actually said out loud to himself, stay on point, donald. stay on point. his campaign probably put that in the teleprompter. "stay on point, donald, stay on point." >> that's actually pretty funny. >> we haven't had much humor in this campaign. there's a little for us heading into the final weekend. donald trump did make fun of himself. stay on point, donald. stay on point. >> it's the george h.w. bush moment. reading cue cards. message -- i care. it's like, are you talking out loud? >> air voice.
9:20 am
>> inside. >> inner voice coming out, you have to wonder, though. the many voters who are concerned about his temperament. particularly women. they say that they're the second biggest concern about donald trump is his temperament after control of the nuclear codes. that -- that, you know, just the fact he can stay on teleprompter a few days and jokes about it, how would that change the way they viewed the entire trajectory of the campaign? and so i think that it's -- it's funny and it's interesting he's actually had us, a string of good days over the last couple days but hasn't been able to do that throughout the rest of the campaign. >> yet it's worked. they're not three aides running around in front of you when you're president with a teleprompter. you have to make decisions in meetings and negotiations and on the fly. if you wake up at 3:00 in the morning tweeting when north korea launches a missile test or something. but he's succeeded in doing this. his staff brags about it. keeping him on prompter, off
9:21 am
twitter. he has succeeded and she is fave forward win but he's back in the hunt because of it. >> and clinton is saying what she's saying, trying to tell voters, this is not the actual donald trump. remember that other donald trump. this reminds me of that period in the run-up to the first debate when things were looking pretty good for donald trump because he was delivering succinct message, going art clintons in a way that he really has not done through the course of this campaign. he's been able to do that now. why he's trying to -- restrain himself and focus on the clintons' attack. >> and all fall in the debate, the best most generic. the most generic republican. >> what does that sigh? >> i'm going to cut your taxes, repeal obama care, if you think that the last few points in this race arerepublican-leaning voters, lots of problems with donald trump. what he's basically able to do the last few days is basically remind them, hey, i'm the republican. the one that will cut your taxes. >> and the fbi helped him remind
9:22 am
them of that. i mean, his timing is great, because he's on script, and the fbi comes out to remind everybody, all of these republicans, why they can't stand hillary clinton. >> his biggest issue, biggest obstacle in the campaign, you mentioned in the last block, college educated white women? >> yeah. >> you find a lot of them in places like chester county, pennsylvania. find a lot in battleground north carolina. find a lot of them in battle ground ohio. suburban women decide close presidential elections in america. period. that's the way it goes. melania trump, we haven't seen in public since the republican convention goes to berwyn parks pa yesterday in chester county. 49% for mitt romney. 48%, barack obama. obama wins pennsylvania, he's the president. melania trump trying to be a character witness for her husband, making the case that he's a nice guy. what she says, and as first lady she would make her issue bullying, and the tone of the conversation in social media. >> our culture has gotten too
9:23 am
mean and too rough. we have to find a better way to talk to each other, to disagree with each other to respect each other. >> i remind you -- >> so many things she could pick to focus on, as first lady, and to choose the one thing that basically defines her husband, and who he is, sort of brings everyone's minds back to the bullying that he's done on social media throughout the year. >> and response, come on, melania! have you met your husband? so odd, and all the headlines, exactly that. >> i find her mysterious, because we don't know her. you want to learn more about melania trump. haven't seen her that much. you're right. calling it staff sabotage, send her out to do that message, online bull ig? the tone of our conversation, respect and compassion? and could have made a joke.
9:24 am
>> could have made a joke. >> my mission starts at home. >> talk to donald trump first. >> yeah. >> surprising about that speech, you thought there would be more discussion to present donald trump in a softer light. especially in light of all of the allegations by these women that have come out. we didn't hear much about that and the focus taurn turning to the issue about cyber bull ig. the staff had to have read the speech beforehand. >> is there one story about donald trump teaching baron to tie his shoes? maybe not. >> because she hasn't -- been so limited in what she's done on the campaign trail, she hasn't really been that character for her husband. >> even -- >> when trump's family talks about him, noticeable lack of personal -- >> the way they are. >> conservative, whatever. up necessaxt, the map shift favor's donald trump, but hillary clinton still has the high ground.
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it's time to vote yes at the marine mammal center, the environment is everything. we want to do our very best for each and every animal, and we want to operate a sustainable facility. and pg&e has been a partner helping us to achieve that. we've helped the marine mammal center go solar, install electric vehicle charging stations, and become more energy efficient. pg&e has allowed us to be the most sustainable organization we can be. any time you help a customer, it's a really good feeling. it's especially so when it's a customer that's doing such good and important work for the environment. together, we're building a better california. welcome back. quick update on the state of the race including the electoral map and then back to our conversation. first, where do we stand in the final weekend? national polls, four-point edge.
9:29 am
46%-42%. hillary clinton leading in the final weekend. significant back to 2012, obama/romney race a tie at this point. in this map, hillary clinton suffers down from 272 to 268. donald trump up a bit. what have we done? yew taut, toss-up to lean republican. ohio moves from toss-up to lean republican. new hampshire moves from lean democrat back to toss-up and leaning to lean republican here. donald trump above 200. 204. hillary clinton, 268. that tells us going into the final weekend? map it out. if democrats get this? kwh whats? look. one two, three, four, even if donald trump ran the board, he would be short. be clear. hillary clinton leads here in florida, leads here in north carolina. city thinks she has a chance in new hampshire and in arizona.
9:30 am
fight this out threw the final weekend. advantage clinton. steep hill for donald trump but less steep than a week ago. final stretch, hillary clinton knows there's a parade in chicago today. thinking, history. >> it's been a long time, 108 years. to win a championship, and so last night was very special on lots of fronts, and who knows. maybe we'll see even more history made in a few days. >> you know, the last time the cubs won, women couldn't vote. i think women are making up for that in this election. >> and here you see pictures of that parade of which i just spoke. the chicago cubs marching through, driving through, chicago on the double-decker bus there celebrating, a well-deserved world championship. fascinating here in the united states. celebrating. manu gets a sentence or two because he's mr. chicago.
9:31 am
celebrate. >> a life-long and long-suffering cubs fan, one of my top five moments. try not to pull a john boehner weep onset. >> on behalf of fans you're welcome for theo. >> red sox nation broke their curse in a presidential election. 2004. which great things happen. >> see ow on-message hillary clinton was? tie it back to the women's vote? >> yeah, masterful. >> and poll massachusetts whether the red sox or john carrey, wasn't a competition? >> teddy roosevelt last time they won. congratulations, chicago. bring up the "washington post" abc poll. candidate on issues. you want to be convinced how evenly divided america is, look at this. issue of corruption, donald trump advantage. on the economy, 47-47 terrorism, 49-45. health hair, 49-48. immigration, 46-48.
9:32 am
why the election is relatively close. polarizened and eveningenly divide and these issues. the question i have, the concern, have any of them actually been litigated? winner of this election, able to say the american people want me to do this on health care. american people want this on the economy. >> heck no. >> it's all about character. he's unstable. you can't trust him. she's crooked and corrupt. >> yes. not a policy debate. it's been a personality debate. that is why hillary clinton, one of the reasons she was focusing a lot on the red states to flip the red states. she wanted to have a massive landslide win in the electoral college saying that the party, the country's behind me. i have a mandate. we should reform the immigration system, but if she limps to the white house, how do you make that case? especially in the campaign that's been all about trying to disqualify the other guy on personality. >> and one of the places fighting for tonight, state of michigan. again, not since 1988 has michigan voted republican for president.
9:33 am
still has a lead there. a little above five points. thinks she still has it, being extra cautious, trying to turn out african-american votes in detroit. mike pence is there trying to make direct blue collar feel what in the old days we would call reagan democrats. >> hillary clinton's plan, more of the same. more taxes. more regulation. i mean, more of the kind of trade deals that are shipping jobs overseas. i mean, more -- more of the kind of policies that are stifling america's economy on energy and -- and more obama care. >> it's the -- >> one guy actually talks about policy. >> doesn't need a prompter. >> even if he doesn't get over the top in michigan we are, i think, seeing in this election, historic reordering of the battlegrounds states. democrats have done better, iowa, ohio, michigan,
9:34 am
pennsylvania, than in the sun belt, virginia, north carolina and nevada. in this election trump will flip iowa and battering at the doors in the other three with strength among blue collar workers. on the other happened, you see a nevada, colorado and virginia where you have the combination of diversity and white collar whites moving more towards democrats and potentially georgia and arizona joining that list. again, even if she doesn't -- >> north carolina and florida not far behind. >> if she gets close, signals where our politics is going and an older blue collar republican coalition versus younger centered in the sun belt a. different candidate, though, running against trump it could be an entirely different ball game on those states? hillary clinton has never been able to find the right message, to target those voters and really connect with them in the
9:35 am
awe' way her husband did. >> some of it basic demographics. >> take the trends and turbo charge them. >> hillary clinton will be in pittsburgh, pennsylvania, in a short time today. used to be a steel town. now it's biomedical. pittsburgh's coming back again. sho she going to talk there and also mark kuhn, billionaire, hillary clinton likes to question if he's a real billionaire? is donald trump is billionaire? mark cuban will poke donald trump you don't pay your taxes not really a billionaire, don't really know thousand rahn businesrahn -- rahn business. and listen to how the word bravery was recast. >> there's so much more brave than me i wouldn't have done what they did. i'm brave in other ways. i'm brave -- i'm financially brave. big deal. right? >> i think he's trying to be funny. trying to be funny but one of those lines that make you go? >> yeah. no. a little off-message there.
9:36 am
north carolina in terms of military bases, a really important state. largest military base there, fort bragg and other states. virginia, florida. big military population. so smart of him to be talking to that group, but financially brave? he is not -- >> underscores the fact he's a risktaker, unpredictable. all of those things he doesn't want to reinforce. >> and brave enough to get good accounts and not pay taxes, what the democrats say. close on this. talking about the obama coalition. won two convincing presidential elections with young voters, diversity, running it up with african-americans and latinos, college educated whites. hers is different. expects african-american turn outto drap because of loyalty to barack obam and here's a little, her surrogates on the road trying to put together the pieces of the puzzle. >> i'm not on the ballot this time. but fairness is on the ballot. decency is on the ballot. justice is on the ballot.
9:37 am
all the progress we've made is on the ballot. democracy's on the ballot! >> this campaign is not a personality contest. we're not voting for high school president. we're voting for the most powerful leader in the entire world. >> [ speaking in foreign language ]. hillary clinton [ speaking in foreign language ]. >> the president, her former primary rival and vice presidential running mate all in spanish, that speech in tim kaine targeting latino voters. stay with us, and on tuesday, don't miss any of cnn's coverage day of election day here in america. every election, every race, all day. trust me all-day coverage this tuesday. up next, your take on a campaign toxic to the end. including threats of impeachment even before we know who wins. ♪
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welcome back. the final dates of this presidential campaign, listen here. this sure sounds om nuss. >> ominous. >> the fbi is investigating hoare hillary clinton put the office of secretary of state up for sale in violation of federal law. the investigation is described as a high priority. it's far reaching and has been going on for more than one year. it was reported that an avalanche of information is coming in. the fbi agents say their investigation is likely to yield an indictment. >> wow. right? game over? except it's not true.
9:43 am
also reported pig flies and cupcakes don't have calories. trump was borrowing from a fox news report cnn and other network checked out and found to be, emphasis on "not" true. even republicans walked back the story. don't expect that from trump. there is plenty of the wikileaks, documents, print tle make a case, but that's just not true. >> and just the implications after this election of elements in the fbi being willing to kind of promote this story, and injecting the fbi into the last week of a presidential campaign nap is an extraordinary neemome that will cause -- republicans are the ones usually worries about excessive federal power. this is ominous -- >> why the letter was so damaging, so vague about exactly what they were looking into, whether or not this leads to anything. maybe very serious. maybe donald trump will
9:44 am
eventually be right, but maybe he'll have no bearing whatsoever, to have any effect. >> jim comey didn't just fall off the applecart. been in the business a long time. didn't know it would be spun this way. of course he knew. >> almost like the evolution at the rnc nomination convention. chanting, trumper up. so for trump, even though what he was saying isn't true, it's fertile ground. more fertile than talking about obama care. >> there is an investigation, they're look at e-mails. nobody has any idea what the e-mails are. you're heal republican conservative websites say what they're talking about, but they have no idea. some republicans including republicans with titles like chairman in this town already saying if hillary clinton wins, we're going to probably impeach her. >> assuming she wins, and the investigation goes forward, and it looks like an indictment is pending, at that point in time under the constitution, the
9:45 am
house of representatives would engage in an impeachment trial. it would go to the senate, an p removal would take place a. couple of "ifs" in there, but why talk about this in a town already toxic? you ask -- ask knme that after e fbi reaches its conclusion. >> can reminds all republican, moderate republican voters thinking, maybe, they could vote for hillary clinton, reinforces, again, what they don't like about her. this cloud over the clintons that we've had for many years, and -- >> doing it in a slightly less alarming way. can't you? >> and don't forget, politics in this, mike pence may potentially run against ted cruz in 2018. of course -- >> the mistake, our assumption most of the past 20 years, toxicity is confined to this town, in the political system
9:46 am
and political leaders. look at polling in this election, 90% of clinton voters have a highly unfavorable view of trump. 90% of trump voters -- 1980s, people voted for bill clinton and respected bob dole or -- a lot of people who voted for bush or gore could have lived with either in '08. this election, it really feels as though the candidates are running to be the president of different countries, with two different electorates that not only don't like the other guy, but don't really like the other electorate. the other american. >> a phase of the campaign where we should just expect all kinds of fact-free things to be thrown into thehe ether. missing weapons of mass destruction, what you can't prove, throw them out there before election. >> as long as they bring me a calorie-free beer. we're about to close. show this. there's one bipartisan agreement on this. american people say they're disgusted. 82% in the cbs "new york times" say the campaign made them feel
9:47 am
more disgustsed. 3% neither.ited. >> you want to feel disgusted when you go to vote. everyone, yeah. people want this to be over. over soon. >> it will be over soon, but, please, no matter how disgusted you feel wherever you are on the spectrum. vote. voice your frustration that way. reporter shares from their notebooks including the key role single voters may play when we count the votes, come tuesday. m, jack knocked over a candlestick onto the shag carpeting... ...and his pants ignited into flames, causing him to stop, drop and roll. luckily jack recently had geico help him with renters insurance. because all his belongings went up in flames. jack got full replacement and now has new pants he ordered from banana republic. visit and see how affordable renters insurance can be.
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all right. about to close here on this beautiful day just above the white house. head across the "inside politics" table, ask reporters to get you out ahead of the big police news. >> mae reston? >> tuesday night what we're see from single women voters. obviously, people thought think
9:52 am
w this would be a record year for female turnout. we don't know what the fbi announcement will do to suppress unmarried women. still believing a galvanizing force for gsingle women and getting them to voter, get them out there. may potentially see a record turnout by single women tuesday night. >> crunch the numbers. manu? >> paul ryan is in a bit of hot water with the right wing of his conference. some not happy about the way he's handled donald trump. others want reforms to the way the republican leadership has run the conference. he has a key speaker vote after the election assuming republicans keep the majority. the challenge for him, keep majority, narrow majority. the tevtives emboldened, fewer moderates and if they decide to vote against him on the floor, he could not get the 218 vote threshold to be re-elected speaker. he's got lobbying to do in order to win back support. he says he's absolutely running for speaker but could be a
9:53 am
challenge for him. >> a lot of fights and fissures on election day. going on a while. >> through the end of october hillary clinton spent $180 million on television in florida, north carolina and ohio combined. three states that are part of her insurance policy. she has spent a combined $17 million on television at that point in colorado, michigan and wisconsin. three states that are in her inner core of getting to 270 electoral college votes. we'll see in a week whether that gamble that they focus so much on the reach states will pay off. >> better advice there? >> a lot of questions where michelle obama has been over these last days. so effective in being out there in visible in different states. she has been all over black radio, really, the last days. that's going to continue. on the rickey smiley show, erica campbell, steve harvey morning
9:54 am
sh show. a show that gets 6 million listeners a week on 60 stations across the country and the message is simple. if you love the obaobamas vote hillary clinton. and down ballot candidates, you expect to see her on the stump with clinton on monday. >> in pennsylvania. >> mega panel of folks. >> that's an important event. pennsylvania, no early voting. no early voting. >> exactly. >> almost as good as an "inside politics" panel. almost. almost. >> all things relative. closing with a big rally crowd more important to donald trump and his campaign than smart targeting? tuesday results tell for sure. last night offer a telling example. trump visits a lreliable count north carolina. the "washington post" notices today, mitt romney, more than 2.4 million, just 48,000 from
9:55 am
rural johnston county. a friend of mine withcampaign experience makes this observation. seems to about violation of the legendary rumsfeld rules. you know, the defense secretary in the bush administration. a leader in staff not appreciating, rummy puts it, wrongness of wafrt and misuse. in this case, wafrt and misuse of the principal principal's ti. trump is more than happy to be in conflict with the rumsfeld rule. watch us, donald trump campaigning live in atkinson, new hampshire. let's go. >> -- figured there has to be some surprises. wait until you see what they find in those 652. it won't be pretty. hillary clinton lied to d ed td
9:56 am
meaning she may fate major problems for perjury. how can hillary manage this country which she can't eastern manage her e-mails? folks, forget all of this stuff. what a mess. what a mess. and all she had to do follow the rules around soup peop s and as watching or listening. who cares. what a mess. for what? and now we're going have her running country for four years? what a -- honestly what a terrible, terrible mess. over, over what? over nothing. over what should have been nothing. all she had to do was follow the rules. unbelievable. and now she's going to run the country. she'll be under investigation for years. she'll be with trials. our country, we have to get back to work. right? [ chanting "lock her up" ]
9:57 am
>> well, one of her top people, i guess, her top person, said -- wikileaks. said that she has bad instincts. what a bad thing. bad instincts. she should fire him. honestly. that would be go -- she should fire him. john podesta. in an e-mail, said, hillary has bad instincts. do you want that for your president? and bernie sanders said bad judgment. in all fairness, he was running against her. so he said, bat judgment. the guy running her campaign says hil hillary really bad instincts. then we're going to make her president. the fbi agents say their investigation is likely to yield an indictment, however, the report also showed that the political leadership at the department of justice is trying as hard as it can to protect their angel. hillary clinton. why didn't they protect general
9:58 am
cartwright? and why didn't they protect general petraeus? and why didn't they protect a kid who's taken a couple pictures of a submarine that's an old submarine and they put him in jail. they put him in jail. lovely family, lovely mother. put him in jail, because he wanted to have some remembrance where he worked. old submarine. believe me, pick commeture of t submarine probably know knows about. put him in jail and they see what she does and shes allowed to run for president. you know what that tells you, folks? the system's rigged. i've been telling you that for a long time. hillary engaged in a massive criminal enterprise and cover-up. she created an illegal e-mail server to shield her criminal activity and corrupt pay for play. she illegally transmitted confidential nfrinformation. you're just not allowed to do that. forget about the second go-round
9:59 am
which she's in now. the first go-round you're not aloued to do it. you're not allowed to delete after you get a subpoena. illegally destroyed federal records including 33,000 e-mails which she deleted after getting that subpoena from congress. if she were to win it would create an unprecedentsidents constitutional crisis. aren't we tired of this stuff? she's likely to be under investigation for a long time, concluding in a criminal trial, our president. america deserves a government that can go to work on day one, get it done. real change begins with immediately repealing and replacing the disaster known as obama care.
10:00 am
and obama's -- he's campaigning all over the place. i left miami yesterday. there was the plane. he's campaigning, campaigning. he ought to be in the white house working and getting our jobs back. and building up our military, and creating some semblance of a border which we don't have now. it's just been announced that americans nationwide are going to experience a massive double-digit premium hike in obama care. in the great state of arizona where i just left -- and i'll be back -- premiums are going up more than 116%. arizona. 116%. over 90% of the counties in new hampshire are losing obama care. they're losing the insurers, and that's going to be next year. so lots of luck negotiating, folks. 90%


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