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tv   The Lead With Jake Tapper  CNN  November 4, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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thank you so much for being with me. we'll be back through the weekend. i'll be back on sunday 2:00 to 4:00 sunday from washington. we'll see you then. in the meantime, thank you for being with me. we'll go to washington now. "the lead" with jake tapper starts right now. i want to welcome our viewers here at home and around the world. hillary clinton dropping below the finish line. "the lead" starts right now. breaking news, with four days to go cnn's brand new electoral map shows a little less blue, a little more concern for hillary clinton, and a little opportunity for donald trump. protecting the grid, protecting the election, protecting you, the voters. brand new information today about possible threats from russia and terrorist groups overseas. is there a credible danger? and the final weekend. a last-minute scramble for votes getting uglier and more focused on states, counties, even specific street corners that
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could help decide the next president of the united states. welcome to "the lead." i'm jake tapper. in every single cnn analysis of the electoral map, hillary clinton has started at or above the magic number of 270 electoral votes. that means irrespective of how the battleground states would break, she had enough electoral votes to secure the presidency. that is until today. david chalian is over at the magic wall. david, four big shifts in our labeling today, all of them moving towards trump. >> that's right, jake, four moves towards trump. this is the old map. this is the new map. we moved new hampshire from lean blue to ballots ground, ohio and utah went from battleground to lean republican as did the congressional district up in maine. and look at what this new map means for donald trump. take a look. he needs to do a clean sweep of
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all the battleground states. everything on our map that is yellow, and that gets him to 269. he then has to win that one last battleground we have in nebraska, the second congressional district there. if he can get that one electoral vote, he's at 270. jake, that's a little different than hillary clinton's path on our new map. as you noted, she dropped just below 270, but, let's see, pick any state you want here, she only needs one. let's go to the smallest one, new hampshire, four electoral votes would put her back over the top. hillary clinton only needs to win one battleground. donald trump needs to sweep the map. that's the math. his hill got less steep to climb, but it's pretty steep nonetheless. hillary clinton, she has to flip one battleground state, jake. >> david chalian, thank you. and with just three days and change until lines start forming outside polling places, there are growing concerns about a possible al qaeda terrorist plot in the works along with the ongoing threat from russia's
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cyber terrorists. cnn's chief national security correspondent jim sciutto is following all the threads and joins me live. jim, a lot of fears out there today. >> there are real security concerns around this election. one of them is terrorism. there's always concern that terrorists and terror groups will use the election as a time to maximize any attack. when it comes to russia, there's enormous evidence that a massive information operation as intelligence agents call it is already under way to discredit and sow doubts about a very crucial american presidential election. tonight, growing concerns that russia is waging an information operation to sow doubts about the u.s. election. several u.s. officials tell cnn. >> this is something that the department of homeland security along with state election officials have been very, very focused on. i have a lot of confidence in the integrity of our
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ballot-counting process. i have a lot of confidence in the security and cyber security around the process run by state and local election officials. >> reporter: here at the department of homeland security's cyber command center, they're now monitoring multiple threats. there's growing concern that more hacked documents and e-mails targeting campaigns could be released in the coming days, including potentially documents faked or altered by russia. the u.s. has also detected the probing of state voter registration systems, at least one of which has been linked to russia, though they have yet to see those systems tampered with. dhs is coordinating efforts with 48 states to prevent hacks, scamming computer systems to identify vulnerabilities. however, u.s. officials and cyber experts make clear that the risk of actually changing the election result is minuscule. >> these machines are most low offline. there's paper ballots that can be checked and verified that the
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electronic result matches to what's printed ot ballot. it's certainly possible to claim it's hacked and to try to influence the public that way. >> still, sowing doubts and disrupting the voting process is easier. the department will monitor for denial of service attacks, targeting voter information, mapping and news websites. today a russian-linked hacking group tweeted what appeared to be a threat. i'll be an independent observer at the u.s. election 2016. i call on other hackers to monitor the election from inside the system. this minutes after another tweet accusing democrats of rigging the vote. this as law enforcement officials already on high alert are monitoring intercepted conversations among al qaeda adherence overseas about potential plots targeting new york, texas and virginia. but officials stressed to cnn that the threat is nonspecific and could be idle chatter. >> it's nonspecific and right now we're assessing the
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credibility of it. we're geared up to go all the time. >> reporter: another concern, cyber attacks that disrupt how the vote count is reported to news organization, including our own. all of these styles attack are straight out of the russian playbook. they have done attacks like this before in eastern europe, including ukraine. we should not be surprised if we see something along these lines on election day. >> jim sciutto, thank you so much. joining me now is adam schiff, the ranking democrat on the house intelligence committee. congressman schiff, thanks for being here. you were just briefed. is there a credible threat to the homeland from al qaeda or a terrorist group? >> there is a threat. we often see around pivotal events like an election, like july 4th, an increase to the threat of the country. here you have al qaeda that is still trying to prove that it's lethal, still trying to compete with isis. isis losing its caliphate trying to lash out.
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so there are heightened worries around this election. put those in context and we have those concerns every election but i think there's more concern this time than i have seen in the past. >> what should people out there be on the lookout for? >> i'm not sure there's specific enough information to help people be on guard. obviously people are well to be cautious, to let law enforcement know if they see something out of place around an election site, but there may be other areas that would be equally traumatizing that would also be of concern. but unfortunately not a lot of specifics that can help warn the public. >> there's also some threat of a cyber attack, specifically from russia. nearly every state has asked the department of homeland security for protection. is russia definitely trying to do this? >> russia has definitely been interfering with the election. they have been hacking and dumping of documents as the administration has acknowledged.
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they have also been probing the state voter databases. so they have prepared the field if they want to escalate either in the run-up, immediate run-up to the election or on election day. they are capable of doing damage. they are capable of sowing further disarray. will they end up doing it? we don't know. i think we're taking all of the precautions that we can. the department of homeland security working very hard with the states to prepare them. there are also the risk of nonrussian actors like we saw with the denial of service attacks that could provide a massive disruption in terms of prop debating information about the election. so these are all worries that we have going in. i don't think any of us can say specifically what steps the russians or others may take. >> speaking of intelligence, one week ago today, fbi director comey said they had discovered e-mails they didn't know about that were on anthony weiner's
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computer. two days before that, rudy giuliani was on fox and he said this. >> and i think he's got a surprise or two that you're going to hear about in the next few days. i'm talking about some pretty big surprise. >> i heard you say that this morning. what do you mean? >> you'll see. >> stay tuned. rudy giuliani. you're lucky because we've got to go. i'm out of time. >> we're not going to -- we're -- we're not going to go down and we're certainly not going to stop fighting. we've got a couple of things up our sleeve that should turn this around. >> couple of things up our sleeve. we should point out giuliani is an advisor to donald trump. this morning rudy giuliani was asked how he knew this. take a listen. >> i had expected this for the last -- honestly to tell you the truth, i thought it was three or four weeks ago. i did nothing to get it out. i had no role in it. did i hear about it? you're darn right i heard about it. i can't even repeat the language that i heard from the former fbi. >> what's your reaction?
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i know you're a hillary clinton supporter, but also as somebody who is the ranking democrat on the intelligence kbhcommittee. >> deeply troubling. if he's telling the truth that he had advance notice that the fbi was looking at anthony weiner's laptop and there was something that might refer to the e-mail investigation and he was tipped off by people within the bureau, that is appalling. all of these leaks that have come forward in the last few days i think tremendously undermine the bureau's credibility. they inject the bureau into the presidential race. it's going to do long-term damage to the bureau, which is going to be difficult to repair. if indeed they were communicating with the campaign itself, the trump campaign, that is among the most appalling things i've heard. >> adam schiff, thank you very much. good luck in your re-election, sir. >> thank you. coming up, in the final days of the campaign, both clinton
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and trump are hoeping to drive p enthusiasm among their supporters. will they all turn out to the polls? that story next. ( ♪ ) ♪ they tell me i'm wrong ♪ ♪ to want to stand alongside my, my love ♪ ♪ whoa, talkin' 'bout my love ♪
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ii could stand in the middle of aa5th avenue and shoot♪ somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? and you can tell them to go f**á themselves. you know you could see there was blood coming out of her eyes,
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blood coming out of her wherever. you gotta see this, i don't know, i don't remember. he's going like 'i don't remember.'
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welcome back to "the lead." with four days until election day, donald trump and hillary clinton are ramping up their stops in the key battleground states and calling out what they see as each other's flaws. donald trump is visiting three states he'd love to win. he started the day in new hampshire where polls have the the candidates neck and neck but then to ohio where mr. trump has a slight edge and tonight he'll head to pennsylvania where clinton has a slight eng. jim acosta is in wilmington, ohio, where trump is now. jim, this is mr. trump's 13th visit to the buckeye state since the convention. what are we hearing from the republican candidate today? what is his closing argument? >> reporter: hey, jake. if we're in an airport hangar, we must be in the final stretch of a campaign. donald trump will be here in just a few minutes in wilmington, ohio. he is making that closing argument to voters. it is basically all about hillary clinton, saying that the former secretary of state is
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unfit to lead this country because of her latest e-mail controversy. that fbi investigation into her e-mails. it's a message he delivered to voters earlier today in another battleground state, new hampshire. here's what he had to say. >> she illegally destroyed federal records, including 33,000 e-mails, which she deleted after getting that subpoena from congress. if she were to win, it would create an unprecedented constitutional crisis. what a mess. she's likely to be under investigation for a long time, concluding in a criminal trial, our president. america deserves a government that can go to work on day one. >> and, jake, one other thing we're hearing out on the campaign trail at just about every rally are the words "drain the swamp." it is a battle cry donald trump has been using now to say that change must come to washington.
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a change to the culture of corruption in washington. he says hillary clinton embod s embodies. but we should point out earlier today there was a bit of a roadblock, you might say in that message, in that two former allies of new jersey governor chris christie, who was a top ally to the gop nominee, heads his transition team, they were convicted of conspiring to shut down the george washington bridge as part of a political payback scheme to punish a mayor there in new jersey what wasn't supporting the new jersey governor. you'll recall during the primaries, donald trump said christie knew all about this in front of supporters leading up to the new hampshire primary. at this point, jake, we have not heard from the trump campaign. we've reached out to a number of advisers to find out whether or not christie will continue on on the head of that presidential transition team for donald trump. we have not heard back from the campaign on that or whether or not christie will continue on with a scheduled stop he's supposed to make over the weekend. he's supposed to campaign on behalf of donald trump this weekend.
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no word on whether that changes either. jake. >> chris christie, of course, denying that he knew anything about the plans of these two aides who have been found guilty today. jim acosta, thank you so much. we're just moments away from, we saw the nation's first dad in action at a rally for hillary clinton in fayetteville, north carolina. president obama chastised the rowdy audience after a trump supporter popped up to sbluintet him. it took a few minutes for the president to get the crowd to settle down. >> first of all, we live in a country that respects free speech. so second of all, it looks like maybe he served in our military and we've got to respect that. third of all, he was elderly, and we've got to respect our elders. and fourth of all, don't boo, vote! >> cnn senior political correspondent brianna keilar is live for us in cleveland, ohio,
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where hillary clinton will appear with rapper and mogul jay z this evening. what is clinton's closing message to voters? >> reporter: the same as president obama's, jake, so vote. this will be the culmination of hillary clinton's day, her third stop today. earlier in pittsburgh he was stocking about the economy and specifically tailoring it towards women and families. but here in ohio she's targeting young african-american voters and this is a voting bloc that hasn't really gotten behind her. we actually saw in the primaries that unlike her parents and an older generation, they split. so that's part of who hillary clinton is going to be talking today. looking outat the crowd today, she's got a pretty young crowd for a hillary clinton event. one of the reasons that african-american voters, especially young african-american voters have not rallied behind hillary clinton, even though she is talking about
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supporting criminal justice reform, they have heard her comments from the '90s where she was full-throated support for her husband's crime bill. that's something that doesn't sit well with a lot of them. that's been part of the reason why they have been slow to support her. there's been rumors about beyonce coming here tonight as well. what we are being told pie tby campaign is she is not. cnn changed the electoral map for the first time to show clinton below 270 electoral votes with three states shifting toward donald trump. what has the reaction been from the clinton campaign to this race tightening? >> reporter: i think there's some frustration for sure about her e-mail controversy bubbling up again. i think if they had had their way, there would have been an election about eight days ago. but talking to sources, they still seem cautiously optimistic that she is going to prevail and they're looking at the early vote. they are looking at how latino voters are turning out and they
1:21 pm
think this is really going to help them in battleground states like florida, like nevada, like arizona. one of the other things she really has going for her is just a big bench of people backing her up. she is out campaigning but so is her husband, so is her running mate, tim kaine, bernie sanders and vice president joe biden. they are blanketing these battleground states as they try to help her over the finish line. >> all right, thank you so much. brianna keilar reporting on how african-american voters are clearly behind the clinton campaign but they are not turning out in the numbers that they turned out in 2012 for president obama. tune into c. -- cnn on tuesday for election coverage. coming up, where the trump campaign could be the beginning of the republican civil war. is there a conservative plot to get the gavel out of speaker paul ryan's hands? then from russia with love. if you think this election is ugly, wait until you see how it's been reported in russia. that's ahead.
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welcome back to "the lead." one of the fascinating subplots in this election cycle has been the very real tension between the republican presidential nominee and the republican speaker of the house. it's a fight that will continue after tuesday, regardless of whether trump wins. today house speaker paul ryan formally announced he is going to run again for speaker. now, three times yesterday ryan's supposed friend, indiana governor mike pence, and mr. trump's running mate, begged off answering whether he supported ryan to run for re-election to speaker. on the fourth time pence came around and said yes. but members of the more
1:27 pm
rebellious freedom caucus, well, they might not feel the same way. manu raju has been working his sources on the hill. this conservative bloc of house republicans now want ryan to agree to preconditions before they back him? >> that's right. we have surveyed the 40-member freedom caucus and very few are willing to say they will support ryan for speaker, including the leader, including jim jordan of ohio, nick mulvany of south carolina and nick meadows. there was a private meeting where they talked about the way forward. at that meeting the conservatives talked about urging ryan to give them assurances that the rank and file would have even more power and influence in the next congress. i'm also told there are members not part of the freedom caucus that are trump supporters and they believe the speaker has undercut their party's nominee and those members may not be
1:28 pm
willing to back ryan again. one member who voted against ryan said ryan would have to commit to a range of policy ideas before he'd commit voting for him. this is all significant because every vote will counting. if the republicans keep the majority, there will be a smaller majority, a boulder conservative wing and ryan will need every vote on the floor to get the votes he needs to be re-elected speaker. >> and we should note that ryan is campaigning with mike pence this weekend which seems odd given that it did take pence four times before he said that he does want ryan to remain as speaker. >> and also odd because ryan said he could no longer campaign wth donald trump. really what they're there for is to campaign for ron john son. he's now within striking distance of winning his senate election which almost assures the republicans keep the majority but both pence and ryan trying to show some unity after
1:29 pm
weeks of discord within their party. >> manu raju, thank you so much. joining me now, steve king. congressman king joins me from des moines. thanks for coming in today, we appreciate it. >> thank you, jake. i appreciate it. >> let me ask you, congressman, will you back paul ryan in his bid to continue serving as speaker of the house? >> well, i don't know the answer to that yet. i believe i enjoy a good friendship and working relationship with paul ryan. i've had some success doing business with him. he's a person i like to work with. we'll see how this unfolds. i think it makes a difference whether it's hillary clinton or whether it's donald trump that comes in as president of the united states. and what kind of an agenda trump might mush that could cause friction within the conference or what kind of agenda might be pushed by hillary clinton. for example, paul ryan signed a letter that he wouldn't bring an amnesty bill before the house of representatives as long as barack obama is president. now, if he's willing to substitute barack obama for any
1:30 pm
other president within that commitment, that helps me get closer to being fully supportive of paul ryan. >> are there other people talking about running for speaker that you're interested in hearing more from? >> you know, i'm not hearing that. some of that dialogue was taking place nearly two years ago as we built up to that time that john boehner was challenged on the floor. i'm not hearing names right now. but i think too that having a meeting to plan what you will do after the election is hard to do that with the contingencies. i think we're going to know tuesday night. if you want to have a meeting wednesday morning, thursday, go ahead and do that and then plan your strategy. it's a lot easier to see the path to follow with clarity when you know the results of the election. i think too with paul ryan when he announced he wouldn't go out and campaign for trump or wouldn't defend him any longer, that call that he made that he knew would go out to the press was the morning after debate
1:31 pm
number two when donald trump had a great night the night before. i don't know that he considered trump's great debate night. this is one of those similar circumstances only the onus isn't on paul ryan. it's on others that may be making a commitment before they know the results of the election. i just don't think we processed very well on hypotheticals. >> after that "access hollywood" video came out when donald trump bragged about grabbing women by their genitals, ryan came forward and said he could no longer defend trump. you said at the time that ryan was dividing the republican party. do you still feel that way? >> well, that was -- that event did divide the party. it gave members of congress and candidates and republicans license to walk back or away from trump. and that was actually part of the directions that were made there. and i believe from well before that day and i believe to this day that we are joined at the
1:32 pm
hip with our nominee. you can't separate yourself from the nominee. if you're the republican party or the democrat party for that matter, you're joined at the hip. so the best thing you can do is support your candidate, lift your candidate up and in doing so that lifts up the house races and the senate races. i think that was a political miscalculation and we'll see how this works on tuesday night. i've seen the pattern of this before enough to be convinced that as i said we're joined at the hip and will have to ride with our nominee. i'd rather be riding with donald trump than i would hillary clinton right now, jake. >> congressman steve king of iowa, thank you so much. really appreciate it, sir. >> thanks, jake. >> sorry, i'm used to covering the battleground state of ohio. it's one of bill clinton's most famous lines. now a republican is bringing it back to attack hillary clinton. that story next. probably gonna double.y insurane but dad, you've got... allstate. with accident forgiveness they guarantee your rates won't go up just because of an accident. smart kid. indeed.
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welcome back to "the lead."
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let's stick with politics. my political panel jounz joins me now. we have kayleigh mcananny, celise doyle and michael schmidt. kayleigh, this afternoon trump supporter john snu new had this to say. >> do you think bill was referring to hillary when he said i did not have sex with that woman. >> mr. trump has been very disciplined. his surrogates necessarily not so much. new hampshire a very contested state. you guys need women votes. that can't help. >> yeah, i don't think it's going to hurt or help, but i think it's important for every surrogate to stay on message too. we're talking about this right now. we could be talking about trump gaining in the polls but when you make a comment, it becomes
1:38 pm
newsworthy so i think john john sununu should be more on message. this morning rudy giuliani said he had been hearing from fbi agents about this internal rebellion and people wanting comey to go forward. this can't please people in the fbi that this is playing out like in. >> in case this needs another development, you can now have a leak investigation into whether rudy giuliani got information incorrectly from the fbi. would rudy giuliani claim he's a journalist and doesn't have to give up his sources or how would that work. there was just a call from people on capitol hill to start a leak investigation so now all of these stories have come out have spurned this and democrats are saying this isn't fair, it's unfairly tainting hillary. >> let me ask you, patty,
1:39 pm
hillary clinton still has an edge but cnn putting several states in the leans republican and also putting new hampshire from leans democrat into toss-up. what's going on? >> well, look, i do think that the fbi, comey's letter to the hill, sort of moved some numbers in the wrong way for hillary clinton. but i think in the end when the books are written about this election, i think the people who are going to win this election for hillary clinton are hispanics and suburban women. we see all the early vote and hicks pani hispanics are picking up. if she wins one of those states, she wins the election. >> you're an undecided voter. >> lord knows i don't have much time left. >> the clock is ticking. >> i think there's a bit of momentum on trump's side. the map is challenging for republicans and so very many things have to go right and he has been more disciplined over the past little bit than he has
1:40 pm
in the past but it would take a very disciplined candidate with a near perfect game for the remainder of the election and before now to have pulled off everything that needs to go right plus a couple of other sort of lucky happenings. i'm not sure that the map will make that happen. >> i think the path is florida, ohio, nevada, iowa and any one of six or seven states. now we have new hampshire in the bottle ground column and maine's second congressional district. that's a path. also michigan, the polls are tighteni tightening. so i think it can be done. i agree with mary katherine, it has to be perfect but i think it's a lot easier today than it was last thursday. >> michael, as someone who covers law enforcement issues, you broke the story about hillary clinton's private e-mail issue. is it on for you that the fbi has become such an issue in this campaign? her server obviously became an issue as soon as you broke that story march 2nd, 2015.
1:41 pm
but now it's almost as if the competing leaks -- if almost as if the factions in the fbi are becoming weaponized. >> it's been politicized in a way it never has been before. it they like to just follow the facts and be as far away as possible. these stories make it seem like there's a civil war going on. i don't think it's that bad but they don't like to be in the headlines. they're certainly not going to say anything between now and election day. i think the less they do, the better. i think there is some window of thought they could do something today but they're certainly not going to say anything on monday. >> there was news today, two of chris christie, the governor of new jersey, two of his former aides convicted in that bridgegate trial and there's questions right now about whether donald trump, who his closing argument theme is "drain the swamp," whether he should
1:42 pm
campaign with chris christie. if you were advising donald trump, would you say don't do it, don't appear with chris christie? >> well, hillary clinton certainly made hay out of it. i'm not sure how much christie is bringing to the table with his 20%ish approval ratings in new jersey. >> in a blue state. >> yeah. so i'm not sure that he's doing a bunch as he is so i might cut him loose. he's certainly done it before, tell him to go home. >> he's going to stay loyal to christie. christie was the first of the presidential contenders and i appreciate the loyalty. >> i bet he's breathing a sigh of relief he didn't pick him as vp. >> perhaps. we'd have a lot more to talk about. bill clinton weighed in on the melania trump speech about cyberbullying from yesterday. take a listen. >> yesterday, i never felt so bad for anybody in my life as i
1:43 pm
did for his wife going out giving a speech saying, oh, cyberbullying was a terrible thing. i thought, yeah, especially if it's done at 3:00 in the morning against a former miss universe by a guy running for president. >> kayleigh? >> look, i think attacking melania trump probably not the wisest move. >> it wasn't really attacking her. >> it was a little jab. >> it was through her to donald, i think, right? >> perhaps, yeah. >> but what did you make of it? >> i'm not even sure that melania and the trump campaign aren't just messing with us. >> you think they're just trolling us? >> i do think like one of trump's great gifts is to get a lot of attention for doing things that aren't necessarily that noteworthy. this is a potential first lady coming out and saying that i'm
1:44 pm
going to take on this cause and it's a cause that we all agree with. but it's getting a ton of attention for this reason. i don't think they really mind what kind of attention it is. >> is this conscious, trump has not made any big headlines in the past week. was this a conscious thing that he did or he's just becoming a better campaigner. >> you tell us. >> look, i think that melania trump cares deeply about this cause. if he wants to make this her cause, she should. i think there's a big difference between donald trump punching back at an opponent and young women being attacked on social media and it ruining their lives in some cases. >> the counterargument would be that a president is an example for children and his behavior online certainly fits all classic definitions of cyberbullying. >> melania has said she hasn't agreed with some of the things he's said or done and i think we should applaud her for wanting to do good. >> thanks all for being here. guys, we sure to tune this this
1:45 pm
sunday for a special edition of "state of the union." we'll have limited commercial blaex. coming up, the trump-putin bromance. why does russian media fawn over donald trump. an anchor on russian tv will answer that question, next.
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in our world lead today, from russia with love. love for donald trump, that is. as we've reported earlier, during the final stretch of the presidential election, u.s. officials say they are worried about potential threats from the russian government, sowing the seeds of doubt rhetorically lieutenant legitimacy of an american election. this is an election where it seems clear that the kremlin has in many ways picked a side, either through the activities of russian hackers or rhetoric from
1:50 pm
russian leaders. let's bring in clarissa ward who joins us from moscow. clarissa, given that the russian government controls the russian media, what are the country of that -- the people of that country being told about the election? >> this is extraordinary. i've lived in russia twice before and i've never seen a u.s. election being followed. what they're being told is the election is rigged. some media channels are even saying that they believe that donald trump could be assassinated by u.s. special services op raceratives who do believe that he belongs in power. >> the american dream is dead. >> reporter: russia's media is relishing every minute of this u.s. election, presenting it as an epic failure of american democracy. it's not hard to see who the
1:51 pm
favorite is here. the republican candidate is presented as a maverick underdog, a political outsider who speaks truth to power. hillary clinton, on the other hand, is cast as a dangerous russia hater, whose election could lead to world war iii. russian media frequently labels her a witch, with one tabloid even calling her evil incarnate. a tv anchor says it's a response to clinton's aggressive attitude. >> clinton is someone hostile to russia. she's done all those anti-russian statements whether it's about hacking or putin or russia. >> reporter: president putin has dismissed allegations that russia is playing favorites in this race, but as the polls have tightened, russian media is now
1:52 pm
suggesting that the election is rigged, that the establishment won't let trump win. one channel has predicted bloody social unrest if clinton becomes president, followed by the overthrow of the corrupt regime. >> it is a very effective message for the russian audience because the russian audience is very suspicious of america and western democracy and someone who rebells against the system definitely looks very good in the eyes of russia. >> reporter: which is why media here is happily milking this election for all the propaganda value it can get. c clarissa ward, cnn, moscow. so why is this election providing so much propaganda value? essentially there's two reasons here. on the one hand for russians, this makes america look bad in their eyes.
1:53 pm
they are presented america as a divided, dysfunctional and dangerous country, but perhaps even more importantly, jake, focusing on the u.s. election allows the leaders in this country to avert attention away from their own problems here at home in russia, which are significant, jake. >> clarissa, how were the russian people reacting to the accusation that the russian government is trying to hack into u.s. election systems? >> reporter: well, this is an interesting one, jake, because people on the surface claim to be flabbergasted and outrage. they say there's absolutely no proof, that it's a completely baseless allegation, and they in fact even turn it on its head and say actually this is evidence not of any russian wrongdoing, this is evidence of what they see as pervasive american russaphobia. they believe that american authorities and particularly hillary clinton, they are very much focused on hillary clinton in terms of her desperation in their eyes to prove that russia
1:54 pm
is somehow culpable, that russia is somehow trying to interfere with the american political system as it plays out. but they have said it once, they have said it twice, president putin has also said it. there is no interference according to the russians from any russian authorities with the u.s. election, jake. >> all right, clarissa ward in moscow, thank you so much. we're getting that last look at the health of the u.s. economy before november 8th in today's installment of america's debt and the economy. october jobs report is out showing a solid gain, adding 161,000 jobs dropping unemployment to 4.9%. a highlight is that average hourly wages for american workers went up nearly 3%. that is the fastest pace since the recession. all of these numbers may suggest the u.s. economy is on the right track, but the overall economic growth this year still stands at 1.7%. that is slow compared to historical standards, which is why donald trump is calling
1:55 pm
today's jobs numbers an absolute disaster. noting accurately that the u.s. economy under president obama has not seen a year with 3% growth. of course democrats would note when president obama took office after the great recession that started under his predecessors, nearly 600,000 people lost their jobs in january 2009 with the unemployment rate of 7.6%. trump surrogate and former new york city mayor rudy giuliani said he was given an early heads-up about the new fbi probe into clinton e-mails and he will be live on cnn, next.
1:56 pm
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go long™. ♪ happening now, breaking news. the final push, locked in a very tight race, the candidates are going all out to round up votes on the last weekend before election day with help from family and high-powered friends. cnn has learned donald trump is going all out, spending millions of dollars on a very unusual last-minute ad strategy. long and narrow road. our new map shows hillary clinton right now is short of the electoral votes needed to win the white house, but she's clinging to a lead and trump still has a very difficult path to get over the top. election day threat. growing concern that russia will launch cyber attacks in a bid to undermine the voting in america. and law enforcement is also on alert for potential terror attacks tied to the balloting. plus fox and hound. star news anchor