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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  November 5, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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hello, everyone. welcome to gorgeous, sunny, the nation's capital. i'm fredericka whitfield live from washington, d.c. just three days, can you believe it? just three days away until election day and both campaigns are pulling out all the stops to get into that building you just saw. swarming battleground states in a last-ditch effort to fire up supporters and get them to the polls. donald trump starting his day in tampa, florida, where he made this pledge to supporters. >> in three days we are going to win the great state of florida and we are going to win back the white house. >> all right. that's just one of four stops he he's making today as he as his
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sure galts crisscross the country. the democrats are just as busy. hillary clinton and her top surrogates are on the ground in several battleground states including a big rally with pop star katy perry in philadelphia. so this as the map shifts slightly in donald trump's favor as utah and ohio move from battleground to republican. and hillary clinton now just below that magic number of 270 electoral votes. our team political reporters and commentators, fanned out across the country covering every aspect of this campaign. we'll hear from them throughout the hour. all right. let's begin our team coverage in florida. cnn's jason carroll is in tampa for us where donald trump is holding the first of four rallies in battleground states today. so jason, polls show florida is a very tight race. how does the trump campaign plan to secure this must win state?
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>> reporter: the trump campaign feeling good, feels the momentum is going in their favor. he's basically been staying on message. at one point bringing a baby up on the stage and having a good time with the baby, calling him one of his earliest trump supporters. so it seems like he's having a good time here in this state. again, they feel as though the momentum in in their favor. the candidate doing what he can toy to stay on message, talking about common theme, repealing and replacing obamacare, talking about hillary clinton's stamina to be president, talking about the e-mails, the clinton foundation, these are some of the themes that we've heard repeatedly throughout the campaign, the themes that resonate with his supporters, with his base, if you will. at one point he did go off topic just a little bit. we saw him do this yesterday. he did it again today. criticizing hillary clinton for getting celebrity support from the likes of jay-z. >> and we don't need jay-z to fill up arenas, you know.
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we do it the old fashion way. we do it the old fashion way, folks. we fill them up because you love what we're saying and you want to make america great again. that's about it. >> reporter: fredericka, so much talk about battleground states. donald trump here today promising to go to traditionally blue leaning states, states like minnesota, telling the crowd that he is going to go to minnesota even though that's not on his official schedule but plan for him to head for minnesota as well. fredericka? >> all right. thanks so much, jason carroll so hillary clinton meanwhile is trying to strengthen her lead by getting help from the biggest of celebrities. ♪ beyonce and jay-z headlining a free concert for clinton in cleveland last night. and you notice the dancers there wearing pantsuits. clinton took the stage with some of jay-z lyrics.
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>> and remember jay memorably said something we all should call, rosa park sat so martin luther could walk and martin luther walked so barack obama could run and barack obama ran so all the children could fly. >> all right, clinton is certainly hoping these big names translate into votes, especially in key battleground states like florida, among millennials in particular. cnn's jeff zell any is north of miami where clinton will fold a rally soon. he's joining us by phone. no big events, endorsements like last night's hopefully for this candidate or translating into a lot of support. >> good morning, fredericka. hillary clinton arrived in miami early this morning after flying from cleveland in that concert you just saw there with beyonce
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and jay-z and those in cleveland. obviously important of all battlegrounds. but florida is equally important as well. perhaps more important. these 29 electoral votes in florida are key to the clinton campaign's effort to block trump's path at presidency. it's why she is back today in broward county, florida, north of miami. we're waiting to get into the rally today. she is trying to fire up these, you know, voters who who have not yet voted. i can tell you, fredericka, 5.3 million floridians have already voted. some 60% of the electorate in. she is here today to try to get out more of those votes. there are about a million democratic ballots that have not yet been sent in or dropped off at an early voting site. that's one of her missions today. but she's also still has those sounds of beyonce certainly ringing in the campaign's ear. let's take a listen to beyonce's message last night.
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>> there was a time when a woman's opinion did not matter. if you were black, white, mexican, asian, muslim, educated, poor, or rich, if you were a woman, it did not matter. less than 100 years ago women did not have the right to vote. look how far we've come from having no voice to being on the brink of making history. again, by electing the first woman president. yes. but we have to vote. >> certainly the point of this is to add a little bit more enthusiasm to a campaign that has lacked enthuse am in some respects trying to get out the vote. no coincidence that the concert last night in cleveland next to an early voting center as well.
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people stood in line for hours of course at a clinton campaign hopes they heard some free music but more importantly voted before or will this weekend before that -- these three days finally wrap up on tuesday. fredericka? >> all right. jeff zeney, thank you so much. i'm joined by lynn sweet, "chicago sun-times," political adds cyst tant editor at "the washington post", david and may resten. all right, so, may, it has been an aggressive push in particularly these battleground states. when you have big names rolling out like that for the support of hillary clinton. is it her feel that this is what it's going to take, especially to get some rather epithetic me lennials engaged? >> that is the biggest concern for the campaign for quite some time now. and there was a lot of concern, you know, earlier in the week that african-american turnout, for example, was down so they have been making a huge push to
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get those millennials out there, beyonce, jay-z last night, you know, clinton hitting these -- hitting these spots where they really need to drive the turnout. and it's interesting because in some ways perhaps the news earlier this week that the turnout was a little bit down does seem to have galvanized voters. we're seeing record turnout among latinos in a lot of states. clinton campaign is bullish about nevada, for example, because so many young latinos got out to vote early. so i think they're feeling pretty good, a little bit nervous, but like things are working for them. >> so, david, it appears this last-minute strategy particularly for donald trump campaign has been to try to change the minds of anyone out there who is undecided or at least secure with this blitz of the country. effective strategy thus far? >> well, i think it's remains to be seen but i think that's what they have to do.
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look, this has always been sort of a turnout election where clinton's challenge as may said is hold on to the obama coalition. me lennial voter, younger voter, voters of color, voters in the suburbs who have college education, whereas trump's challenge was to expand the map. mitt romney got 206 electoral votes and he needs 270. you've got to go look for them. fighter for florida, 29. fighting for big states. why not try and around the edges with these smaller states like nevada a only asics electoral college votes but could make a difference in a very close election. >> lynn, is this how the clinton campaign wanted to spend the last three days before the election talking about what you don't want as opposed to this is what i could bring and this is what you do want? >> let mehdi vid your question. no matter what he would have ended up in trump in the broubd states. that's just where the election is being fought. but then you say, what's the message? yeah, he would have liked to have kind of the more joyful upbeat closing argument, more
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aspirational to get people to the polls. but i don't think you're working really on persuadables, you're wrking on people who you do have in your camp who haven't early voted, who you've got to get to vote on tuesday. and all that is only taking place really in the battlegrounds in america. >> they have that, you know, the problem with the damage in enthusiasm after the fbi comey announcement, clearly they are working to shore up their voters because of that and i think that's why the final ads we're seeing are very, very hard hitting on donald trump and certainly that's not where the clinton campaign hope to be but most effective in driving out women voter, for example, to vote against donald trump. >> and maeve, here we are, you've got "the washington post" talking about the mindset of many post-election, particularly if it is hillary clinton win of a piece talking about republicans now vowing total war, the consequences would be immense, the writer paul waldman
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saying this, quote, so now they are making it very clear that from literally the day hillary clinton is inaugurated they will wage total war on her. there will be no rule or norm or standard of decency. they won't flout if it gets them a step closer to destroying her, no matter what the collateral damage. is this fear in a different way on the campaign trail? >> it is. but i think that, you know, i think that we have to wait and see what happens on tuesday. you know, what potentially what the margin of the win is. i mean, i think that democrats do feel that they're under a sustained attack. you know, everything from the institutions of government, the fbi, to, you know, potentially keeping the supreme court tied into the near future. but i think that a lot of that could potentially change once we figure out what happens tuesday. >> and here's a point when you ask like what's different because of the fbi and the
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ending, one of the things that hillary clinton camp wanted was a mandate, a commanding mandate, so, one you, get rid of the talk that the election was rigged and that maybe somebody won only because of a finagling. you wanted a commanding win in order to try and tell congress let's not have this polarized atmosphere. >> now as a result in large part of the fbi -- >> yeah, to maybe make the senate democratic, which is still a potential out there, because you have some viability of getting those four pick-up seats. instead of saying i got to get out there and get 270 electoral votes. >> that would allow her to assert some control, especially if democrats gain control of the senate. i don't think the house is realistic for them at that point. but to a certain degree maybe in terms of paul waldman's article, my "washington post" colleague, the fact that republicans have been so explicit about this is
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maybe a little bit of surprise but i don't think it should be a surprise to anybody. obama era is government shut down, threats of government shutdowns and this is not a positive healing election that was going to bring people together. clinton may win but people aren't feeling like sort of uplifted by anything. >> any way to classify this election, 23 that was the healing election, this one would be what? >> i'm not even saying that the obama election in 2008 was the healing election but this one certainly was not. >> was the election of division and two of the most polarizing candidates we've ever had. >> right. >> i think that the bigger question for all of us is whether there really is going to be any kind of mandate for governance after this election, particularly if it comes down to the wire and is as close as it is, as it looks right now. >> we've had -- going into this with gridlock. we're going into this with acrimo acrimony, with a congress that hasn't functioned, we're going into this with a senate that won't deal with the supreme court nominee. and if you're asking us to predict, will this change after
8:14 am
tuesday? i don't see it. >> that's not promoting a feeling of, you know, relief after all of this excite, leading up to people are saying i can't wait until election day and now it's going to be the trepidation, the worry post-election? >> no, because even if clinton, as you say, has a fairly nice margin in terms of the electoral college, in the popular vote this is still going to be a fairly close election. you're going to have 50, 55, maybe 60 million people vote for donald trump and if he does not win, or similarly you'll have 60 million people vote for clinton, whichever side doesn't win their supporters are going to be disappointed. if there's a silver line for clinton in the white house, she was in the senate longer than barack obama. she knows how to work the levers of congress in a way that maybe he didn't. so there may be an -- and she didn't promise that much in this election. she promised some very manageable -- >> was a mistake but that was the criticism and now. >> it could help her out. >> stick around. we're going to talk -- >> the level of disgust among the american people, you would think there would be pressure to
8:15 am
actually work together, do something at the end of all this. >> hold it right there. we're going to be right back. much more to talk about with our magnificent panel here in this glorious backdrop. is that not killer? still ahead, taxes, jobs, health care, the economy, still number one. it's the issue among voters that is in large part dictating which way they go. so which candidate is better for american's wallet? we'll debate that straight ahead. say hi to xiidra, lifitegrast ophthalmic solution. the first eye drop approved for the signs and symptoms of dry eye. one drop in each eye, twice a day. common side effects include eye irritation, discomfort or blurred vision when applied to the eye, and an unusual taste sensation. do not touch the container tip to your eye or any surface. remove contacts before using xiidra and wait for at least 15 minutes before reinserting them. if you have dry eyes, ask your doctor about xiidra.
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and president obama has been hitting the trail hard for hillary clinton in this final sprint of the presidential race. we've just three days away. listen to what he told bill mayer on what could be making him nervous. >> the stakes are high. i know we're getting the -- we're getting the gong, but i will say this, the choice in this election should be really clear. and anybody who's watching your show and was a supporter of mine, was a supporter of bernie's, you know, is a progressive generally, this idea that somehow, well, you know, both of them have problems and nothing will change, listen, i have worked with hillary
8:20 am
clinton, i know her, and she is somebody who cares about these issues. she does her homework. she cares deeply about ordinary folks. her policies are aligned with yours and mine. and, yes, she is somebody who believes in compromise and you don't get 100% of what you want. but you know what? that's the way this democracy works. anybody sitting on the sidelines right now or deciding to engage in a protest vote, that's a vote for trump. and that would be damaging for this country and it would be dach damaging for the world. >> yeah. >> no complacency this time. >> so get out there. >> get out there. >> all right. in just a few minutes, vice president joe biden will be holding an event near pittsburgh. as part of the get out the vote
8:21 am
effort to drive voters to the polls. he will be there in full force where we find cnn's miguel marquez live. miguel, clinton edging trump out by just four points in pennsylvania. what are you hearing from voters there? >> voters are ready to get to the polls on tuesday and ready for this election to be over, to be sure, on both sides. although certainly both sides want their candidate to win. enormous here in south allegheny county, south of pittsburgh. the vice president of the united states will be here at union steelworkers 227 west, way south of the city. this is the area they want to be competitive in. it is in allegheny county, philadelphia, and the suburbs. if you add those up, you're talking about about 50% of the voters in the entire state in just those counties alone. for an example, president obama won only 12 counties in pennsylvania in 2012 and he took the state by about five points.
8:22 am
he lost 55 counties of the 67 here, only 112 and was able to win. allegheny critical to the effort here. >> sorry about that. we lost that signal. we will try to get back to him there in pennsylvania. presidential biden making his way to that stop soon. miguel marquez, thanks so much. up next, it's the number one issue for voters. we're talking about the economy and the strategy that each candidate is touting to boost growth. next. hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. vo: in times of crisis america depends on steady leadership. donald trump: "knock the crap out of them, would you? seriously..."vo: clear thinking... donald trump: "i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me."
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welcome back to beautiful washington, d.c. we now have the last monthly employment report before the presidential election. 161,000 jobs were added in october. slightly below wall street estimates. the unemployment rate ticking down again to 4.9%. let's talk about the impact of jobs and the economy. on tuesday's vote, lynn sweet is the washington bureau chief for the "chicago sun-times." david is a cnn political commentator ands assistanted for of the "washington post" and also the cnn money correspondent christina. all right, so, lynn, hillary clinton has been riding the
8:27 am
coattails of barack obama particularly on the economy. how has this best served her? >> it shows that there's growth in the economy. it is a rebuttal, powerful rebuttal to donald trump's argument that the economy is stagnant or losing. and by the way, these are numbers that in 2012 barack obama would have loved to have had in his battle against the mitt romney. back then every first of the month we were looking for numbers just to be eight or below. so this is very good news for hillary clinton. who knows if there's really time for this to be absorbed into the electorate. as we've been talking about, voting has been going on for days right now. and you want to bake this in to a conversation that some people have already finished. but it's still -- >> people don't feel like they have a chance to get a job, their wages aren't -- >> that is out there. if i could just quickly finish my thought. so while it's good on the macro, if you're appealing to individual voters right now, especially those people that
8:28 am
think they still need more information to cast their vote, all they care about is themselves, their family and their friends. >> david, donald trump has ascended in large part criticizing the economy. so that when you have numbers 4.9% from 5%, does that mean his criticism is empty? >> no, the criticism is not empty. as we're saying, if you're one of the particularly blue collar workers who may be worked in a manufacturing sector, making solid 30, 35, $40 an hour, to have a middle class lifestyle without a college education in years past, you are hurting right now in a lot of places in the country, particularly in the rust belt. if you're looking at the unemployment number overall, at the stock market, which is 18,000 at the beginning of 2009, it was down like 7, it's gone up tremendously in president obama's term, unemployment has gone way down. but that doesn't tell the whole story. >>kristina how does donald
8:29 am
trump fill in the blanks? >> it's not the disaster that donald trump says it is. this is a strong jobs report. 161,000 jobs. strong number. but it is not a sign that the economy is taking off as hillary clinton would like most voters to believe. right? because there is a deceleration this year. there are still so many underemployed people in this country. that's concerning economists and causing the feelings of anxiety. on the bright side you did have one indicator that was lagging for a long time since the financial crisis, which is wage growth. that was the fastest growth that we've seen since the financial crisis. that means that more people are getting jobs and perhaps employers have to pay people more because there is less unemployment out there. so definitely a positive on that front. >> isn't the obama administration as well as clinton trying to remind people
8:30 am
that we're talking about in comparison to 2008, that's a comparison that when you talk about improvements, it's from that level? >> but that actually in political years is a long time and if you're talking about getting out the millennial vote, it's probably -- >> they have no reference to that. >> that's why it's a hard one. and i think in the very end, people, if they're truly undecided, and my deer colleagues here, i don't know what facts are still out there that people need who are undecided that they don't know, if you sometimes in the end you vote then in your self interest which goes to the point, do you think there's an argument out there that either of them are making to help you and that could help you decide. >> that's the problem. wage growth is up. stock market is up. unemployment is down. and even though it's sort of small, there is gdp growth. the problem for clinton has always been trying to say to people this is good news and not everybody sees all of that as good news. if they're not feeling the benefit of it. >> right. if you don't have a job, if your neighbors don't, if you're feeling the burden it's hard to tell people we're still in an
8:31 am
era of historically low mortgage interest rates. these are good things for the economy. but if you can't even get money for a down payment, what good is it? >> exactly. >> these are the closing arguments these candidates have to make in now three days, how does donald trump use this to his favor, how does hillary clinton distinctively use it to her favor? >> i don't think anything is going to change from a policy discussion, right? all of the candidates are making the case that their policies are going to generate growth. trump wants to do it by cutting taxes, getting rid of government waste. hillary clinton wants to do it by social programs and other things that will alleviate some of these very major problems like the cost of college tuition going up, which appeals to little menials, child care costs going up, which also oop pales to young voters. and at the end of the day what's really important here is how are these candidates going to impact your wallet, right? >> have either of these candidate, david, made a good sound argument on any of those
8:32 am
issues of taxes, day care, college costs, that concretely are being received by these voters come tuesday? >> they've both made good arguments. the problem is in trump's case he's saying tax cuts are going to stimulate the economy but stachlt he's promised to increase the social safety net. not something republicans normally do. >> yeah. >> and then secretary clinton's side, she has promised an gone along with the bernie sanders line of increasing the minimum wage which is popular and people want that and that may be -- that's kind of thing is she going to be able to get that through a rch republican congress? >> only hillary clinton and the democrats are really talking about things to do to help students pay for college. you don't hear that in the trump stump speech at all. >> thanks to all of you. appreciate it. thank you so much. much more straight ahead. up next, north carolina by the numbers, a state as a must win by donald trump to 270. it's endless shrimp at red lobster. with another new flavor you never saw coming...
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welcome back. i'm fredericka whitfield in washington, d.c. so donald trump, hillary clinton, they're chris crossing battleground america in these final three days of the election. our reporters are scattered across the country. cnn's martin savidge is in the all important state of ohio and cnn's gary tuchman is in charlotte, north carolina, a state that has become a must win for donald trump. so gary, let's go to you first. what's happening there? >> fred, good morning to you. the number of the moment here at this early voting polls place is 610. 610 being the number of people i just counted in line to vote. there are 11 voting machines inside this library in charlotte, north carolina, doing some math. some people could be waiting up to five hours to vote. it shows you the enthusiasenthu awareness of this election, that so many people want to be or how many you've been waiting in line right now? >> about two hours. >> a little over two hours. okay. but this is the middle of the line. gives you an idea. the line has gotten longer. early voting polling place up
8:37 am
from 9:00 a.m. eastern time to 1:00 p.m. if you're in the line by 1:00 p.m. you can still vote. if there's a four or five-hour wait it could be open until 6:00 tonight for people here in north carolina. incredibly important state. the math is not kind to donald trump. if he doesn't win here in the state of north carolina. hillary clinton doesn't need to win here but that's why she's working so hard to try to win because if north carolina is projected to go her way after the polls close it could be over for donald trump. so president obama has been coming to north carolina to campaign for hillary clinton, to try to get out the democratic voters. this state more than 21% of the people live in north carolina are african-americans, traditional part of the democratic base. and president obama has been working hard to try to get out african-americans and the rest of the democratic base. take a look. >> the lines are long for this hillary clinton rally, except clinton isn't actually here. >> hello, charlotte! >> reporter: instead, it's her
8:38 am
surrogate-in-chief, nation's first african-american president. >> are you here more to see barack obama or more to show your support for hillary clinton, which one? >> more for barack obama. >> reporter: it's not a big sur price many people say that. are you here more to see barack obama or to support hillary clinton? >> i say barack obama. >> reporter: seeing a president in person is often a once in a lifetime opportunity. but with early voting polling numbers showing african-american votes down in several swing states compared to four years ago, the clinton team is battling an enthusiasm gap within the african-american community. are you as enthusiastic for hillary clinton as you were for barack obama, when he ran? >> honestly, i would -- no, i'm going to be honest. >> reporter: avery miller voted for barack obama twice. are you voting for her? sglum i'm undecided at this point. >> reporter: whom might you vote for? >> i really don't know. >> reporter: donald trump? >> definitely not. but i just -- >> reporter: third party? >> maybe. >> reporter: but his indecisiveness does not appear to be the norm.
8:39 am
as many aren't as gung-ho for clinton as obama. >> are you as exciting about hillary clinton as barack obama? >> not really. >> reporter: almost all the african-american voters we talked to said they already voted or will vote for hillary clinton and some voters -- are you here more to see barack obama or to support hillary clinton? >> support hillary clinton. >> reporter: -- are more enthusiastic about 2016 than they were in 2012 or 2008. >> i'm very excited about a female getting into office. and i think she has a lot to offer our community and the nation. >> well, his term is endsing. so he had his spot in the limelight. i'm very pleased with his time in office. and i'm here to support her. >> reporter: maxine goodson came to this rally with her grown-up twin daughter, all eager to see the president. does he enthusiasm for obama carry over for clinton? >> are yous a enthousiastienthu? >> absolutely. i work for her every day. every day i go to the office or i give out literature or do
8:40 am
something that's going to help her win. i want her to win. >> long wait but people here are very patient and a shoutout to a local domino's that came out with pizzas giving slices to everybody, whether they're democrat or republican or independent. fred, back to you. >> all right. some dedicated voters there. thank you so much, gary tuchman, there in charlotte. to martin savidge in cleveland, ohio. a state decided by less than five points in every election going back to the 1990s. what are voters telling you today, martin? >> fred, the polls open here around 8:00 this morning. already people in line standing in the dark and in the cold. first couple of hours they were sloat voting at a rate of 4 to 500 votes an hour. it's been very brisk. they expect the numbers here today to be up for a couple reasons. number one, last weekend of early voting and, number two, it was a big endorsement for hillary clinton, that coming from jay-z and beyonce that held a free concert last night. it is designed to get out the
8:41 am
vote and designed to get out voters in favor of hillary clinton. that kind of effort is going to continue tomorrow. hillary clinton was at that event last night. she's going to be back in town tomorrow. this time the king is going to be here, lebron james of the cavaliers. the reason being, hillary clinton has to get a strong turnout of democrats and in this county it's 30% african-american. they need a strong turnout of the obama coalition because that is the only way she's going to offset the vote she's not going to get which are the farther south you go in the state of ohio. one of the key aspects of donald trump that has allowed him now to at least according to polling have a five-point lead is the fact that he has appealed to blue collar or former blue collar workers. as a result of that you've got crossovers. usually solid democrats. now moving over in his direction, it's the economy, it's the issue of trade. and right now it apparently has him in the lead. fred? >> all right, martin savidge in cleveland. thank you.
8:42 am
appreciate it. north carolina and ohio are just two of the critical states in play. up next, colorado, utah, and the other battleground regions that could shape tuesday's results. when you have type 2 diabetes, there's a moment of truth.
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8:46 am
one-on-one time with people who are potentially voting today. at least right there we can see, they want to take pictures. that's what's happening there. we're going to continue to watch. meantime, polls are showing a tightening presidential race and new battleground states are emerging now. let's bring back our political plan nell. lynn sweet from the "chicago sun-times" and david, editor for the "washington post." florida, always so important. lynn, is it different this go around? is it that much more important for these candidates to really get in their campaign and get those last-minute support votes? >> it's always important. it's even more important but the florida of 2016 is different than florida of 2012 and 2008. >> why? what's going on? >> you have shifting demographics. it is not hom monlg noogoneuos, alliances on it. so there's different voting
8:47 am
blocs between the different parts of florida, above and beyond that i-4 corridor where people go. the senior vote, the jewish vote. you've got the whole, you know, you've got the whole loaf, many love loaves. you have marco rubio in the senate race who if we roll back time a little bit was one of the biggest critics of donald trump during the primary. one who never got it out effectively but did attack donald trump on some of the themes that democrats would much later pick up on. from trump university, from the business dealings, to just his treatment of small business vendors. >> real estate with his name on it but then people don't necessarily -- there are some residents campaigning to get it off certain properties in florida. >> rubio never mounted the argument and now they're all -- challenge for republicans in this crucial last weekend. we can't say it enough. a lot of people are ready but if they haven't voted you've got to get them out to vote.
8:48 am
so they have -- within florida you have to get your republican family together to get your voters out. clinton has to just get out the votes, which they can identify. they're not trying to turn out votes for trump. they're have to get out the people they know who are there. >> florida critical this go around. very different in part of what lynn was talking about. but north carolina is vitally important. perhaps north carolina would be what people saw in florida back in 2000 in terms of it being a very important race going in to. no one knows what the outcome will be. why is it north carolina has become a neck and neck race for donald trump and north korea? >> north carolina, my home state, the most fascinating state. ohio in my view is starting to slip away from the clinton camp. florida, there's some encouraging signs for clinton. with 29 electoral votes that might be the key. north carolina, a state that obama won by a mere 14,000 votes in 2008 that he lost --
8:49 am
>> michelle obama likes to remind people a difference of two votes per precinct. >> right. in 2012, mitt romney won it. now as you're saying, right, there's a different demographicship. there are a lot of transplants, college educated white voters, the latino population is growing. there is a motivated progressive movement in this state, reverend barber who is on cnn from time to time, that is driving people out. there are some numbers -- >> donald trump in wilmington, north carolina, today. >> latino votes at this time in 2012, 1.2% of votes cast, this time last night it's 1.8% of latino votes already cast. it's not a huge increase but an encouraging sign for hillary clinton. >> is it a message north caroli carolinans want to hear when he's in wilmington today or that hillary clinton can press three days ahead of this race? election day. >> you know, it is this intangible thing that you have to get out there to figure out
8:50 am
what is it you really don't know this late in the game? and it could be that you just need to be motivated, that you really were kind of in a camp, you didn't want to confirm in some ways, this negative campaigning you are hearing in the end is trying to say, you might not like me, but i'm better than my rival. >> right. >> the negative message against the other candidate has been the best message for both candidates. >> if you can't make the sale for yourself, say i might not be the best thing, but this person is totally unacceptable, which is why you are hearing donald trump say that more. hillary clinton has been on it. >> lynn, david, we'll be back with more after this.
8:52 am
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8:54 am
welcome back. the department of homeland security is very concerned about the possibility of a cyber security incident on labor day. they are confident that no cyber breach would affect the outcome of an election. pamela brown has details. >> heightened concerns to undermine the u.s. election. u.s. officials warn that hackers could tamper with local data bases with voters names and addresses to cause confusion at
8:55 am
the polls. >> we don't know what we don't know. there may be hacking tools and software in systems around the country waiting to be used on election day. it would be hard to detect. >> reporter: the department of homeland security uncovered signs hackers from russia tried to penetrate voter systems. there's no indication they have been tampered with. dhs is coordinating efforts with every state in the nation. scanning computer systems to identify vulnerabilities. in washington they are monitoring networks for denial of service attacks. such an attack on election day could take down websites voters use for news and information. >> if you shut down or disable or undermine the communications people are using to figure out where to vote and to actually deal with traffic and things like that, you could create massive delays and lines. >> reporter: u.s. officials say
8:56 am
russia has been waging an information operation for months with doubts about the votes including e-mail hacks of the democratic national committee. widespread hacking in the voting machines in 9,000 jurisdictions would be a tough task since they are not connected to each other or the internet. they will look for trolling information and tampering. >> it's almost impossible to hack it, but possible to claim it hacked and try to influence the public that way. >> reporter: law enforcement on heightened alert for terror attacks around election day. they intercepted overseas chatter among al qaeda adherence, texas, virginia and new york. >> not specific. we are addressing the credibility of it. we are geared up to go all the time. pamela brown, cnn, washington.
8:57 am
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