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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  November 5, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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welcome back. sunny skies. i'm fredricka whitfield. in washington, d.c., hillary clinton and donald trump want to end up in this place right behind me, the white house. they are making their last stitch efforts today, firing up voters and getting them to the polls. both candidates this afternoon. clinton, a rally in pembrook pines, florida. trump a battleground state. he was introduced by his wife, melania. trump's travel schedule is backed in these final hours with republican nominee crisscrossing the country to vote. clinton and her top surrogates are on the ground in several battleground states. a big rally with katy perry late they are this afternoon.
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the latest cnn poll of polls shows clinton maintaining a five-point lead over trump. we have reporters all over the place. they are following the candidates. sunlen serfaty and jeff zeleny are with me. let's begin with you, clinton wrapping up a rally in florida. her voice, she was holding on to it as best she could. >> reporter: indeed, fredricka. there is one way to keep a politician's speech short. that is mother nature. this is one of the shortest speeches i have heard a presidential candidate give, hillary clinton in particular. she stood for about six minutes, rallying the faithful, broward county. it is the third time she has visited this county in the last week. they are trying to get out this early vote. you can vote until tomorrow evening at 7:00 p.m. here in florida. that was largely her message. she had that concert in cleveland on her mind with
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beyonce and jay-z. >> just in case you didn't notice, last night, i've got to say, i was with jay-z and beyonce. they were amazing. my personal favorite part was beyonce had her backup singers and dancers in pantsuits. but what was really touch tog me is both of them talked about what this election means for their daughter and for all of our daughters and our sons. every single child. >> reporter: so fredricka, you may ask what all these star events and rock can seroncerts o do with turning people out to the polls. their most important work is happening behind the scenes.
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er every person that attends the concert, they are collecting information, someone's e-mail address and their text. they are texting them to get out to vote. it is an organizing effort and tool to drum up enthusiasm. as we head towards election day with three days left, that is what is going to make up the drifr difference, the campaign machinery. it is one of the reasons the clinton campaign is confident despite this last-minute surge. it is all about turnout, of course. they are counting on all the people who have come to see her or one of these stars turning out on tuesday or perhaps in one of these early voting states before then. fredricka. >> jeff, when hillary clinton was appearing there, that was kind of one of her shorter stump speeches. you made reference to her voice being maybe one reason why the speech was so short. was that the case?
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did she have more planned or is she falling under the weather? is she feeling all right? >> reporter: it was the rainstorm that shortened her speech. no question about that. it was really raining pretty hard. you can see the stage behind me. she was under a roof. her supporters out here were not. they were getting drenched. that's why she kept her speech short. i think we have some sound here. we can take a listen to what her message was to the few hearty souls that stuck it out. >> i have spent my career fighting for kids and families and if you elect me,hat's what i'll keep doing. now, my friends, you are a hearty bunch to stand out here in the rain. i don't think i need to tell you all of the wrong things about donald trump. here is what i want you to remember. i want to be the president for everybody, everybody who agrees with me, people who don't agree with me, people that vote for me, people that don't vote for
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me. get out. let's vote for the future. let's vote for what we want for our country and our children and our grandchildren. god bless you. >> that was a bit of a closing argument there, an abbreviated version of the clinton campaign. you get the point whar, what sh trying to do here, trying to pivot in these final hours from drawing contrast with her rival, to the future. if anyone has not voted and they have encountered some of these campaign volunteers, they are going to get door knocks, a phone call. the campaign are in aggressive overdrive turnout mode here. that will be the ultimate question. who gets their people to the polls here. so many people inside the clinton organization worked for president obama, who was successful in '08 and '12 in the
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state of florida. few states are as close as this. 29 electoral votes here on the line on tuesday. fr fredricka. >> thanks so much, jeff zeleny. donald trump in the battleground state of north carolina, he is holding the second of four rallies that will see him crisscross the country. sunlen is yoserfaty is in wilmi where he is campaigning at this hour. >> reporter: the state of north carolina is essentially a must-win for donald trump. we are seeing nearly the full con t contingent of the trump campaign. trump will return on monday for a rally in raleigh, north carolina. the trump campaign calling up some reserves as well today. a late add of melania trommel to the schedule. she just introduced her husband in a role we typically do not
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see her play. here is melania trump a short time ago. >> i have known this man, donald trump, for 18 years. donald is a wonderful husband, father, and grandfather. he is strong. he is determined, bold and decisive. he is also compassionate, thoughtful, giving and loving. donald cares. >> so a nice moment there for the trumps. this is the second of four campaign rallies trump will have over four battleground states today. he is off to fef nef and colorado after this. today, here in north carolina, this is the last day of in-person early voting. certainly, the trump campaign trying to make a big push and make sure the people who are here at this rally actually go and translate their support here to a vote in the polls.
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fred? >> sunlen ser faty, thank you so much. let's see how this is comparing to the 2012 elections with john king. >> we are into the final weekend. hillary clinton at 268. donald trump at 204 in the electoral votes. the gold states are the tossup. donald trump is in the hunt. advantage, hillary clinton. how does she look compared to president obama four years ago? is she in the position the press was in when he won a big victory? 2012? first way to judge, the nationals polls. hillary clinton ep four points in our cnn average. clinton, plus four. that's much better than where the president was four years ago. a lot of people forget this. heading into the final weekend, this race was a dead heat.
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we pick presidents by state. you compare obama and clinton now. let's look at the states. in states where clinton is running even with where the president was four years ago, they include nevada and arizona, they include these important blue battle grounds and one of our toss-up states, new hampshire. the gold states are tossups heading into this final weekend. president obama won one, two, three, and nevada, four of these states. hillary clinton in the same place the president was. she heads into the weekend about even with four years ago. these are the states clinton has to worry about. she is junderperforming presidet obama in battleground ohio and iowa. we lean these to donald trump because he is running much better than mitt romney did four years ago. he has a lead. clinton is underperforming obama in those two states and by a bit in pennsylvania. she still has a lead. it is not quite as big as president obama.
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heading into the final weekend four years ago. she is stronger than the president was heading into the final weekend in colorado by a little bit. in virginia, by a bit. significantly in north carolina and florida. president obama trailed in north carolina. he trailed in florida heading into the final weekend. he ended up winning florida by a tiny margin. the closest race in the country. he lost north carolina. he was trailing heading into the final weekend in one of those two. she is ahead in both of them. that's a big deal as we go back and look at the map and say, how does clinton get to the finish line and compare to the president four years ago? she thinks she is going to hold these blues up here. she hopes to turn ohio. let's see what happens. there is some talk from the democrats they could pull back in iowa. we'll see what she does on tuesday. significantly, they believe because of early voting they can win out in nevada. most republicans in nevada are starting to think that too. that would get her over the finish line.
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that's enough. because she is in a better position than the president was four years ago, they shi she can win that. if that were to happen, if clinton could win florida and north carolina air and add new hampshire, that puts her in the ballpark of where the president was four years ago. is that guaranteed? absolutely not. donald trump is nighting in those states to the end. if you are asking the question, how does she look now compared to the president then? she enters the weekend in a contested race with donald trump but confident the outcome will look a little bit just like it did in 2012. >> thanks so much, john king. coming up, top democratic lawmakers calling for an investigation after allegations of fbi leaks coming from trump adviser, rudy julie giuliani.
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welcome back. rudy giuliani is changing his story whether he got leaked information from the fbi. james comey announced they were reviewing e-mails that might be tied to his server. here is what giuliani said two days before the announcement. >> i think he has a surprise or two that you are going to hear about in the next few days. i mean, i'm talking about some pretty surprises. >> what do you mean? >> you will see. >> naturally, people wanted to know if julgiuliani had been gi a heads up. listen to what he said in two separate interviews? >> you had a general idea something was coming. >> i had expected this honestly to tell you the truth i thought
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it was going to be about three or four weeks ago. did i hear about it? you are darn right i heard about it. >> the other rumors that i get that there is a kind of revolution going on inside the fbi about the original conclusion being completely unjustified and almost a slap in the face of the fbi's integrity. i know that from former agents. i kn i know that from a few active agents who obviously don't want to identify themselves. >> he deny what is you heard there. here is what he told wolf blitzer. >> did you know, mr. mayor that, comey was about to make this announcement? >> i did not. >> in the interview this morning, you seemed to say, did i hear about it? you are darn right i heard about it. >> i was refer tog the consternation within the fbi
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that "the new york times" and "the wall street journal" has reported on. that's what i was referring to. >> we listened to the audio and you were talking about current fbi agents in that radio interview with lars larsen. >> the information i have been getting is from former fbi agents. >> so you misspoke? >> if i did say that, that was wrong. >> let's talk it over with my panel. rebecca burr, cnn political analyst and national reporter. tim natali, a cnn presidential historian, meg rest en and tom pe puentes. if he is receiving information from former or current fbi, how serious would that be in. >> if he heard from former
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people, i naugthought it really wasn't true. i would like to add, i've been to two major police and fbi conventions in the last three months. the day before comey'sler to congress, i was at a retired fbi agent's luncheon where former and present executives were there. i hung around and hour after the luncheon and we chatted. not one word that the fbi had weiner's computer, that they were studying it or that comey was going to send aler. >> everyone in that room at the fbi and senior management know i am cnn's senior law enforcement analyst. >> would that be enough to cement your view that no one else would defy that same kind of level of secrecy and tell someone whether they were part of a campaign or not? >> yes. i have been meeting with my friends, former and present colleagues all through the summer. none of them, some of them work as mid and senior level
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managers, not one of them ever brought up any of these cases. we talked about just generality things but not whether cases were on going or nonon going. his statement that many fbi agents were unhappy. i have not heard there is a rebellion brewing. the idea that agents are unhappy. where that unhappiness is coming from started when director comey made his announcement on july 5th not recommending charges after listing a bhowhole series violations that everybody knows i against the law. when everyone thought he was going to list charges and he didn't, there was a shock. >> would that give the impetus to learn that there was a review of e-mails that would enough to leak share? >> no. back to july 5th, then what happens is many agents are just confused, don't have all the
11:20 am
information. i met with many of them. they said, we just don't understand what happened here. as the summer goes on and director comey gives testimony to congress and when judicial watch and wikileaks and other sources come up with what aspectings of the investigation were done or weren't done, that's when this -- i wouldn't quite call it anger but the concern of fbi agents is, wait a minute. we gave you the benefit of the doubt on july 5th when you said, we don't have enough evidence to prosecute her. now, we realize that the fbi agents were conducting an investigation with at least one arm tied behind enter back. they weren't using the normal techniques that you would do in a major investigation like this, like bring people before the grand jury, number one and have them make statements under oath without their team of advisers and lawyers present all by themselves and have those questions come from a prosecutor, even just that step that's done normally routinely
11:21 am
in major investigations. when they heard that, when they hear other thing coming out, that wasn't being linked out of the fbi. >> a lot of concern expressed from members of the hill. other letters have been written as a result of comey'sle letter. they wrote, it is absolutely unacceptable for the fbi to leak unsubstantiated and in some cases false information about one presidential candidate to benefit the other candidate for these reasons we are calling on your office to conduct a thorough investigation to identify the sources of these and other leaks from the fbi. what's the real chance of an investigation of the investigation? >> it tells you democrats clearly feel that ins stutituti like the government are under attack, the fbi.
11:22 am
this idea that you have house members talking about a possible clinton impeachment. you have a very toxic and angry culture in washington. all of that leads to what is going to await the next president after tuesday. if that is hillary clinton, she has such a huge task on her hands in terms of governance and bringing the country together, particularly because this race is closing very close and down to the wire. it is not like she would potentially be walking in there with a mandate if she wins. >> how concerned are you that the investigations, reporting of investigations, et cetera, undermines in large part these agencies that are supposed to be impartial and with the discussions now, there is a view by many that they are less than impartial? >> oh, i'm very concerned. this country, our country needs a nonpartisan fbi, an fbi that can go after scooter libby and
11:23 am
do the investigation, if need be, of hillary clinton. we have to feel that this isn't the fbi of the time of j. edgar hoover when they played favorites. some people with all of the so-called leaking, people of a certain age think back to the hoover area when information about martin luther king and other civil rights leaders used to be leaked to damage them. i don't think this is the same period. what we don't want is for people to assume it is the same period that we are back with a politicized investigative team. am i worried? super worried. when you hear congressman javitz predict that if hillary clinton wins, he is going to start investigating her from day one. we have gone too far. we have criminalized our disagreements, not all of them deserve to be criminalized. few of them do. i am worried.
11:24 am
there was a time when you could hope that, i hate to use the word establishment, because no one can say that anymore. when the leaders of the two parties would calm down some of their partisans and say, you know what? we need government to work. i don't know if there are such leaders at the moment. this will be a true test. the fbi, comey, those of us who have studied this man remember him for what he said about the tsp. in 2004, he said, i will not as the acting attorney general sign on to this program, the surveillance program. he is a man who at least his public career is that of unimpeachable integrity. it is very hard to understand what's going on an whether he has lost control of the bureau. what role the department of justice has put him in perhaps beyond something he wanted. combmy's reputation is also at ris nk t risk in the future. >> reminders of yesteryear.
11:25 am
>> your take on this and how influential this is to the race. how the race is influential to what should be unbiased department, agencies? >> it clearly shapes the race at a few junctures, when come ychl came forward and explained why he was recommending that the d.o.j. not prosecute hillary clinton. that was a remarkable moment that lacked any sort of precedent in the modern history of the fbi and the bureau. now, there is this recent moment of comey writing thisler to congress without any sort of precedent. both of those moments were remarkable junctures in this presidential race that shapes the course of it. first, giving hillary clinton a chance to say that this investigation is closed, that questions about my e-mail server are no longer appropriate, because the fbi has made this decision. now, she faces this question of,
11:26 am
why are you under investigation again at this very critical moment in the race. we have seen the results in the polling. suddenly, people are starting to second-guess hillary clinton and look toward donald trump, specially republicans. i think that's been a big part of why we are seeing the polls tighten right now. >> and we are presenting so many what-ifs. >> of course, you are going to see the polls tighten at the en. how much of an impact the comey announcement had in terms of depressing her support. if the government decided she couldn't be indicted, how was that going to be conveyed? i think the problem relies in the fact that the fbi made that statement and not somebody in the justice department. the reason it wasn't made in the justice department, everybody would have said, it is the obama justice department protecting his successor. that is the key problem here.
11:27 am
>> tim, thank you so much. rebecca and tom fuentes. appreciate it. so much more straight ahead. the race to the white house remaining tight through utah, which has emerged as a three-way battleground state. stephanie elam is there. stephanie? >> reporter: so what happens, if you in never hillary and you are not feeling what donald trump is saying? some folks here in the beehive states are finding some strength to put behind evan mcmullen coming up.
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welcome back and less than three day toss go. both presidential candidates are hitting battleground states. here is our latest map. take a look at utah, which is a light red state for now. right next door, colorado, which is light blue. that means those are up for grabs. it is contentious. let's talk about utah now. we find out about a third capped date who is in play in a big way. >> reporter: take a look at utah, the last time this state went blue was 1964. at this point, it probably will
11:32 am
still stay red as it has this year. what is different is the advent of evan mcmullen, a native son running as an independent. he has voted republican for most of his life. he is a mormon. his message here of conservatism is resonating with a lot of people here. when you take a look at a poll that was done yesterday, it says donald trump at 33% and evan mcmullen at 28% and hillary clinton at 24%. that's within the margin of error there. too close to call what will happen. obviously, the fact that he is so close to donald trump is giving some people here a reason to say, i have to vote my conscious. i am not liking what donald trump is saying. it doesn't fall in line with my values. i am going to vote for evan mcmullen. you will hear for people who are voting for hillary clinton. i spoke to one supporter yesterday. he said, it feels good to
11:33 am
finally feel plik like he is maa dent. for the first time ever, i have been able to vote and feel like it is actually counting or has a chance to be counting. it has always been republican or death here in utah. that's exciting for me as a hillary clinton supporter. >> interesting turn of events in a state that is so deeply red. >> when push comes to shove, they do believe that the state will stay red and donald trump will likely win. what evan mcmullen is hoping is that they will put enough of a push that it is not clear and the six electoral votes will be up for grabs and they will have to take it to congress. that's what they are hoping to do here in utah. >> thank you so much, stephanie elam. appreciate that from salt lake city, utah. on to colorado where it is a dead heat. both candidates with 39%.
11:34 am
anna cabrera is there. how does it look for either side as they try to get that last minute stumping in? >> this is a battleground. it is definitely a battle here. both sides seeing a potential opportunity in the state. clinton campaign had the early momentum many weeks ago. now, republicans are seeing a potential opportunity and some real vulnerability with democrats in this state. they have been putting a lot of resources into colorado. the voting has been under way for some time. everybody here in colorado got a mail-in ballot and they were registered earlier on. they have the option of sending these back in, dropping them off at one of the dropoff boxes. these are the boxes where voters in jefferson county can take their ballots. a lot of security on those boxes with all those cameras. they are brought to these election centers in jefferson county where all the ballots end up being funneled. you have signature verification going on. people are working on the
11:35 am
weekend trying to process all of these ballots that are coming in. they have already had been 50% of the vote returned to jefferson county. in this room is where they are now taking the ballots out of the envelopes, separating them from their signature yurs after they are vire fierified an they be ready to go through the counting machine. the vote is not tallied until election night. they will run them through and hit that button. i can tell you, we are seeing party affiliation and getting some early return when is it comes to who is sending their ballots back. more democrats have sent back their ballots than republicans so far in jefferson county, the bellwether county, as well as statewide. in 2012, it was split. republicans had the lead in early ballot returns and yet colorado still voted for obama. now, good news for republicans is the gap is closing quickly. you do get the sense that this race is narrowing, not just because of the polls but because
11:36 am
both campaigns are really sending resources here, in the tv add spending where we have seen the two campaigns each invest over $1 million in television ads. we have seen bill and chelsea clinton and donald trump, himself, coming to colorado tonight. mike pence was here on wednesday night. the battle is on as each side works to turn out their voters as well as to win over some of those that still may be undecided, fred. >> down to the wire. thank you so much, anna cabrera there in colorado. both campaigns are out fighting for votes on the campaign trail. these are intense battles going on behind the scenes in the run-up to election day. take arizona, the supreme court upheld a law barring organizers from picking up ballots an delivering them to polling stations on behalf of other people. democrats had argued those living in towns near the border and on reservations may not have reliable mail service and
11:37 am
therefore activists should be allowed to collect ballots and turn them in. in ohio, the trump campaign challenging a restraining order handed down by a federal judge that limits ballot security and voter efforts. this after donald trump has said his campaign will have people watching the polls on election day. then, north carolina, another win for democrats. in a move that could affect thousands of voters. a federal judge ruling that residents whose voter registrations were canceled in recent months must have their registrations now restored. the case came after lawyers argued more than 4,000 voters were purged from the polls after mass mailings were returned as undeliverable. the u.s. is concerned about the possibility of an election day
11:38 am
cyberbreach. while the dhs is worried that a breach could cause confusion, they say they are confident no breach would affect the outcome of the election. now, to this. while at a rally in new hampshire, cnn found one undecided voter hoping that seeing the candidate in person would mher feel better about he vote. >> i am undecided, really confused. i think seeing him today, i really wanted to feel something. i am more of a passionate person. i like to go by the way someone's facial expressions or body movements are. i really wanted to come here and feel how he presented himself in person and see how passionate he was to help me sway my vote. >> coming up, our panel just might be able to help undecided voters by laying out where the candidates stand on the issue that is matter most to voters. we'll be right back live from washington, d.c. ♪
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welcome back. fiery rhetoric and insults have dominated the campaign trail often steering it away from discussing policy. a recent poll of polls listed the top issues she cared about, economy, terrorism, the u.s. supreme court and health care. to help sort out where each of the candidates stand, i am joined by cnn political commen d tay tore, alice stewart and hilary rosen. this is what we are going to do. as we go through these top agenda items for voters, you each have 30 seconds to save the
11:43 am
case. donald trump's best pitch on the economy to voters. >> his plan to cut taxes and reducing and reducing the income brackett, his experience in the private sector, has shown he can work to reign in spending. his idea to drain the swamp in washington and washington will go a long way to keep federal spending under control, which is critical. and his commitment to repeal and replace obama care will go a long way to helping the economy. it matters what is important to people's pocket books. >> the good news is that you'll of hillary clinton's plans are on her website. she has three basic parts to her
11:44 am
plan for the economy. one is to move quickly on infrastructure investments, which creates jobs and helps our roads and bridges. second, investing in investigation. there are job as available. people aren't getting enough training for them. making sure college is debt-free. it will be a significant focus. wage increases where it is appropriate. she has called for minimum wage increase. someone working at a minimum wage job cannot support their family. it has to be number one every election season. >> the state of affairs has it such as terrorism, national security is another key issue
11:45 am
for voters. >> one of the things that donald trump has that hillary doesn't, he is not afraid to call rad dal islamic terrorism for what it is. hillary will not do that. it is important what he has said with regard to suspending visas for areas we can not properly vet those that are coming in as well as his strong stance on immigration and a tighter screen for those that come into this country. >> we hope we are going to have significant choices over the next couple months. hillary has called for a no-fly zone being more aggressive nan president obama has been. unlike donald trump who is focusing more on helping putin in syria. we need to push back on assad and get the current regime out
11:46 am
of syria. immigration is an important part of anti-terrorist activities. the answer for hillary is not to close our borders but to continue to do tough background checks and the type of immigration reform we have been doing and been successful in doing. we have had some domestic terrorist problems in the last couple of years but they have not come from immigration. we have to fix that. >> at the root, as both candidates are trying to state enter cases, there has been either criticism of very little detail on a plan or perhaps there is criticism of a continuation of the current administration. how does donald trump make his last kind of closing argument to voters there on some real clarity on some of the detail that many voters have felt have been missing.
11:47 am
as hillary mentioned, anyone that wants more clarity on any of these issues can go to their websites and go to donald and see specifics. i'll admit, some of them were rolled out a little bit later than would have been helpful for a lot of voters. all of these issues they have flushed out in great detail. it is not a matter of persuading voters on specific issues. it is about motivating voters to get out to the polls. how does hillary clinton strike a balance? >> some things have been good. that's why president obama has an almost 60% approval rating. i do think it is important that on the economy and producing jobs we keep moving forward. the other thing that president obama has done, which is an important part of education and young people and optimism and hope is this sense of
11:48 am
inclusiveness that we are a community and country that values diversity and each other. it is really important in these closing days that hillary clinton says what she said today at her rally which is i want you to know, i want to be everyone's president, whether you voted for me or not. i want this to be an inclusive country. we have to move forward together. stronger together. >> hillary, alice, thank you so much. we are going to discussion the other issues so important to voters, including the u.s. supreme court next. diabetes can be a daily struggle,
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also, someone that will protect freedom of the press and speech. he will appoint justice that is will strictly adhere to annual supreme court. they want to protect women's reproductive freedom. when the supreme court two years ago legalized same-sex marriage. i am gay. it changed my life. it changed the life of so many people in my life and that i care about and my family. donald trump has promised to
11:54 am
undo that. that is just untenable for so many people. we can not go backwards when it comes to racial equality and individual rights and liberties. the supreme court that hillary clinton is going to appoint will recognize that. >> health care is also an issue that is contentious from voters. they want to hear from each candidate. back to you from hillary clinton and the position on maintaining obamacare and making changes. >> obamacare has become extra controversial over the last few weeks. we have seen premium increases. i think it has gone in a sea of bad facts. premium increases affect 2% of the population because the 10% that's on the exchanges are getting subsidized health care through those exchanges. most people still get their health insurance from employers.
11:55 am
it is important we recognize what hillary clinton has said. the 20 million people that have health care, we don't want to take it away and take away from the 18-25-year-old kids. we have to fix the problems. we don't want to appeal obama care. >> what is the plan going forward for donald trump as what is the answer to the 20 million people that have insurance? >> we have to go back to 2010. barack obama promised, if you like your doctors, you can keep it. if you like your health care, you can keep it. premiums will go down. when in actuality, they are going up. the plan, donald trump wants to repeal and replace obama care in exchange for health savings accounts to save money tax-free to pay for your medical expenses and work to create high-risk pools for people that need insurance and allowing people the possibility to purchase
11:56 am
health care across state lines. all of these are great way toss help bring health care costs down and put the decisions back in the hands of the citizens. >> alice stewart, hilary rosen. your candidates are very happy to help the undecided voters all together. thanks for being with me, i am fredricka whitfield, so much more straight ahead. thanks for being with me in the nation's capital. vote, three days away. our special coverage continues after this. an important message for americans eligible for medicare. the annual enrollment period is now open. now is the time to find the coverage that's right for you the right price. the way to do that is to explore your options. you can spend hours doing that yourself ... or you can call healthmarkets ... and let us do the legwork for you - with no cost or obligation. we'll search a variety of plans from nationally recognized companies to find the coverage that's the best fit for you ... at a price that fits your budget. and we'll do it at no charge to you. you can talk to us over the phone ... or meet with
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a local licensed representative in person. why pay a penny more than you have to for insurance policy. in the past 3 years, healthmarkets insurance agency has enrolled americans in more than 1.1 million insurance polices ... put our free service to work for you at no charge. call now and let healthmarkets find the right medicare plan for you - without cost or obligation. call this number. call now.
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top of the hour, 3:00 p.m. eastern. for the presidential candidate candidates, crisscrossing america, it is noon in reno, nevada. i am poppy harlow in new york. so glad you are with us. buckle up. it is the final or the finale of the wildest election season perhaps of your lifetime. you have a front row seat. this hour, we will take you live to the battleground states and we'll decide who wins the white house. you are watching cnn's special, election coverage. you are live in the "cnn newsroom." take a look at this. i want to show you exactly where donald trump and hillary clinton are focusing their efforts today. what a day it is on the campaign trail. donald trump is on his way to nevada and colorado after sto


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