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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNNW  November 5, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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up next, a special edition of "out front." new poll numbers out showing the race narrowing, and the clinton campaign, are they giving the rapper a free pass. jeanne moos, the funniest moments from this campaign. good evening. i am erin burnett.
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final push, donald trump and hillary clinton with late-night rallies tonight, just really two days to go the way i count, because it's almost sunday. trump rallying supporters in reno, nevada, and he will close out the day with another rally, and still has another stop and this one in colorado, and he turned out big crowds and taken swipes at hillary clinton today. >> on quick notice, on quit notice, we didn't bring any so-called -- so-called stars along. we didn't need them. you know, the reason hillary has to do that is nobody comes for her deal. she can't fill a room. we can get stars. we don't need them. >> clinton appearing moments ago with katy perry filling a room in philadelphia. the latest in a series of star-studded get out the vote
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concerts clinton has been holding this weekend. >> i am very excited. there are just three days left in the most consequenceal election. are you ready? are you ready to vote on november 8th? the polls show the race in a virtual dead heat. tonight clinton has a one-point lead over trump, and the lead overall in the poll of polls here at cnn, clinton is now up by three. it was five last night. so we're now, as you can see, a three-point race. we have reporters across the country tonight with every state, almost every state that we could think of that mattered, and we begin at the trump rally in nevada. >> reporter: erin, you will have to forgive me, as i try to listen here. what we are seeing here at the trump rally is some sort of
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commotion. donald trump was speaking and he was then suddenly taken off stage, and he stopped his message and what you are looking at as our camera is zooming in is something that has happened. you can see that there's a bit of panic, and also people trying to get pictures of whatever happened there. i did not personally see what happened. what i could see is donald trump being rushed off the stage. he is fine. whatever is happening inside there, there's a number of security guards and it looks like local police, and it appears there are people on the ground. we did not see anything, but there was a loud commotion, voices or a ripple through the crowd as everybody said something was happening. the temperature in this room, you can feel that there is certainly a bit more anger in
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this crowd. again, we don't really know what is happening and you can see the reaction of the crowd right now as they all try to also figure out what has happened. we are trying to get some of our embedded reporters a little closer to whatever that is and hoping we are going to get a public announcement about what is happening. i can't tell you if there is anybody injured. it's a little difficult to see, again, because i think whoever was involved in this commotion is on the ground. hold on one second. what is it? what is it? we're trying to get a little more information from one of our inbeds. come here. what? this is noknonoah gray. >> i couldn't see what happened, and somebody was down on the ground and local law enforcement was holding and it looks like they are escorting somebody out right now. it's unclear, but there was some sort of apparent threat for secret service to evacuate the
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candidate backstage, and i was not able to see what happened. the crowd is chanting usa, we are being taken out. >> there's moving whoever was involved in the commotion, and we are not sure if donald trump is going to come back on the stage or not. but -- if you look back on the stage, somebody is coming forward and it looks as if there might be some sort of announcement. >> nobody is going to stop this movement! nobody! your next president of the united states will be back in a couple of minutes, so hang tight. we love you trump train! let's go! >> that was the media director for trump and he will come back onstage, and we will listen to
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that for a second, and we do have the moment -- i don't know what we will be able to see but we have the moment when something happened. let's just replay that for you right now. >> again, you know, john you have been at a lot of rallies and you see what just happened here. this was the secret service coming and rushing donald trump and he did not see any kind of threat whatsoever. >> this is obviously, this is breaking news, and the embed at the site is trying to decipher what occurred, and the detail tasked to him onstage whisked him away, and the secret service goes back to 1968 and the
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assassination of kennedy, and we don't know what sort of threat occurred and there's a reason the secret service is tasked with candidates. this was a scary moment. >> we did see somebody taken out by local law enforcement of the room, and i say taken out and i mean removed from the room. donald trump will come back. very significant. and the crowd maintained its calm. there was a lot of hype going on, but the crowd maintained its calm. >> which is significant because that not always has been the case, particularly with protesters and in this campaign where emotions have been so high, and it has been -- it has been so heated in so many ways, so we will have to wait and see what happened there, but in a crowd situation, it can always be worse if there's a
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distraction. >> it's unsettling and a reassuring he is or if he tries to rif, maybe. it will be interesting. >> there is now -- now there is a lot on him on how he will handle this. you heard his social media director saying he will be coming out in a couple minutes and now we are being told he will come out and address this. >> president bush's reaction said he was trying to keep presidential and not alarm the children, and it will be interesting to see how he addresses the crowd. >> donald trump is walking back out now so let's see what happens here.
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♪ ♪ >> thank you very much. thank you. nobody said it was going to be easy for us. but we will never be stopped, never ever be stopped. i want to thank the secret service. these guys are fantastic. they don't get enough credit. they don't get enough credit. they are amazing people. so let's get back to repealing
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the defense see quekw sequester. right now it doesn't sound that exciteding but it's important. we will rebuild our badly depleted military, and that means brand-new aircraft and an air station, and you know what i am talking. fallon? who is fallon? not far from here, the naval air station. we have aircraft 18 and 20 years old and aircraft much older than that and we can't even buy parts to some of our aircraft, and they are so old they don't make the parts any more. i am honored to have the endorsement of more than 200 top admirals and generals, and 22 medal of honor recipients.
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did you see those medal of honor recipients, when they saw that scene over there, they would have brushed off the secret service agents and took care. the whole campaign has been a beautiful thing. hillary clinton brought death -- i love you, too -- and disaster. you are amazing fellows. i saw what you were doing, and that's a tough group of people right here. thank you, i saw that and that was pretty amazing. nobody messes with our people, right? nobody. she brought death and disaster to iraq and syria and libya, and she empowered iran and unleashed
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isis across the world. she created a vacuum and isis was formed. now she is saying she is going to get rid of it. she has no chance of getting rid of isis. we are going to -- we will get rid of it fast. when we go in to do something, we don't announce it four months before we do it like mosul. we don't announce we are going to go into mosul to get the l leaders as they leave two minutes after they hear that. they -- >> donald trump is speaking in reno, nevada. he is just speaking and his speech was interrupted and he was rushed off the stage by secret service, and there was a threat and somebody was removed and we don't know anything except for what happened at that moment. let me play that again.
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>> you see right before the secret service came out, donald trump put his hand over his eyes looking out as if he did see a disturbance, and we have an embedded reporter and noah what more are you learning about what happened? who was responsible? what do you know? >> reporter: this is unconfirmed about what a local law enforcement official shouted on the ground, and there was a report with a man with a gun in the crowd, and this is not confirmed and we will get more information on this, and trump was taken backstage by secret service, and we were slowly
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escorted out to go back to the motorcade, and at that time i saw a white male in his 30s or 40s being detained by the reno local s.w.a.t. team, and he is being held at some point in the venue here where presumably he is being investigated by secret service and local law enforcement and these are unconfirmed reports, and they were telling the crowd there was a report of a man with a gun in the front and he was being investigated at some location at the venue right now, and obviously not near donald trump and donald trump has taken the stage again. >> noah, thank you, and as you get more, let us know. jamie, you saw what happened, secret service took it serious and they don't do something unless they see something, and you heard noah gray saying reports of a man with a gun and they are questioning a man in his 30s or 40s that they have
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detained. that's what he has at this time. >> you can see as we watch the tape again, there was some kind of commotion that donald trump heard because he stops and he puts his hand up to his head to try and look out past the lights. look, the secret service, it's a high bar, as you said, john, for them to go out and do that. somebody got two shoes off of former president george bush and the secret service did not clear him from the room. so they clearly felt -- we don't know what happened, but there was a threat. the other thing you see, they say to him, i am assuming, duck, because as they are running him off the stage, you see him go down. >> they tried to cover and shield his body with theirs, which is what they are trained to do, and then you see the secret service agent jumping into the well, into the crowd,
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presumably to subdue what the suspect is. >> what do you make of his response? you heard what noah said, and the press core was brought out as if was over and he was done. he took a minute and a half and he is back onstage, back on his rally speech. >> i thought it was a great impromptu moment for him. he said nobody said it was going to be easy for us, and he went right back into his speech, not all of it on prompter and then unfortunately right after started talking about the sequestration process and of course there's military spending that got hit and republicans has held that process hostage since that budget deal, but i will give him credit that he responded the way he should, and he didn't seem scared.
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>> you have to say, he didn't seem scared. he did what he was supposed to do and came back out and didn't miss a beach. >> not to be cute about it, but he got a good piece of video in terms of his response is going to be shown go into tomorrow and the eve of this. i was just texting with kellyanne conway, donald trump's campaign manager and she reiterated noah gray's reporting, there may have been a gun, and there was somebody saying gun but they don't know yet, and the level of coverage by the secret service, you know, on the republican nominee, but i just think in terms of the comment that mr. trump made, you know, not only just saying, you know, nobody said this was going to be easy, but also, we're never going to be stopped. we're never going to be stopped. it goes to the movement idea that he has tried to put forward
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that there's people against us, the trump supporters, and they are trying to keep us down and he's the guy that will come back out and stand strong and defend him. it's a powerful optic. >> paris, i will say, while the video was up and you heard him come back, i saw your face and maybe there was a little trepidation there of what is he going to do, is he going to go back to the speech or freelance, and he responded to it and then right back on to what he planned to say. that's something that seemed to make you feel very good and very calm. he didn't lose his cool or use this as an opportunity to go off the prompter. >> the narrative about trump is he doesn't know how to be a commander-in-chief, and in this moment and many presidential moments they are untested and you have to react and a lot is about judgment and his judgment was spot on tonight and he responded appropriately and went back to his speech and he did not waiver off that and that was
6:19 pm
the important thing to do. and there's an old gospel song that says i don't feel no ways tired, and nobody told me the road would be easy, and that's almost exactly what donald trump said today. i don't know if he is listening to the black churches, but i am telling you -- >> you are going too far. >> i am just saying it's a good moment and will resonate with those black african-americans, and that was a good moment for him. >> and it's striking that he didn't come out like in the primaries and say, get that guy out of here! can you believe it. it's a plant. back in the good old days we would have -- >> yeah, and this is video of the man, the perpetrator here being escorted away, and as we replay it you will be able to see it. i want everybody to know what they are looking at. >> you are seeing a level of
6:20 pm
message discipline and knowing how to react in a moment as opposed to the going half caulked, you know, which he used to do, and still sometimes does. that can become the story, and instead -- >> you know, john, what is interesting, it was trump handling it that way, and trump and also his crowd. he was criticized and rightly so you know, encouraging people in the crowd to pick on the protesters, encouraging violence. not only did that not happen here, everybody in the crowd, they started chanting usa, and there was nobody as that person was being taken down by the secret service, and there was nobody trying to sees that moment from what we could see. >> that certainly has been the case, and there has been a history at earlier rallies where the candidate and the crowd may not have behaved that way. and secret service takes you off and there appears to be enough credible threat for the secret
6:21 pm
service to take action, and the crowd up front to not take the law in their own hands but to clear the way, and that's the best political process which we have not seen enough here. >> it's a reminder of how dangerous the undertaking can be. they are putting themselves out there in crowds, every single day, and it's just -- and, you know, also a reminder of how much the secret service puts themselves out there. it's amazing. >> everybody knows it's one thing to be trained, and you can see you have some sort of s.w.a.t. force, and there's a need for questioning, but we don't know who he was, and we don't know his motive. we know really nothing about him at this point. i will say in the same facility
6:22 pm
where donald trump is right now. >> i want to mention, there are a lot of threats out there and one of our concerns throughout the campaign has frankly been -- we're all thrilled nothing happen there and it was handled very well and he handled it very well when he came back, but let's go back to the past year and how he has riled up the crowds, how he said things about reporters, and how he said things about hillary clinton, and there are a lot of threats in this presidential campaign. >> but we should remember, we should never question the sacrifice both candidates make. and mr. trump is a father and husband and grandfather, and it's a sacrifice for him and secretary clinton, so when you see moments like this when somebody might have had a gun or tried to threaten their lives, we have to pause and say these are great americans doing a good thing for the country, and that one of them will be president of the united states in a few days,
6:23 pm
and we should appreciate the sacrifices they are making and their families are making to serve the country. >> i agree with you, absolutely. i also think when you take a step back and realize how divided we have been because of the differences in policies, and because of the differences in presentation, and frankly many ways in which donald trump has riled pea up this year, and i think this is very important, as we go into the last stretch of the election knowing it's supposed to be the moment where we are rising high and that we remember at our core, at our very basis at the foundation of who we are, we are still human beings and we have to remember to respect each other. >> eloquently said from a trump and clinton supporter here. >> thanks to all for staying with me, and we will take a brief break and we will be back and we will be
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stphaoeufpt breaking news, moments ago donald trump rushed off the stage by secret service in reno, nevada, and he finished his speech and you see what happened. here is what we know now.
6:28 pm
a suspect is in custody and we don't know what the motive is and we are getting more information, and as we get more definitive we will bring it to you in just a minutes. and hillary clinton wrapped up in philadelphia. >> reporter: yeah, that's exactly right. we saw that today when she had a conference call with bernie sanders, and she needs the young people and that was a key part of president obama's coalition in 2012 and 2008. and we saw a lot of suburban moms, and bringing many young ones, too young to vote, and this is so important for hillary clinton as she tried to shore up
6:29 pm
support in philadelphia. that's key to her pathway to the white house. hillary clinton campaigning in florida today. >> it's a big state. a lot of ground to cover. >> the fourth time she has been in the state this week, thanking the crowd for braving the rain to see her. >> my friends, you are a hearty bunch to stand out here in the rain. i don't think i need to tell you all of the wrong things about donald trump, but here's what i want you to remember. i want to be the president for everybody, everybody who agrees with me, people that don't agree with me, and people who vote for me,
6:30 pm
>> a guy who wants to be president getting up at 3:30 in the morning and tweeting vitriol. tweeting vitriol about a woman's body, and her weight and calling women pigs. imagine -- i would get the back of my father's happened quicker than -- no, really. no, i really mean it. you know what i am talking about. can you imagine at your dinner table your father or mother
6:31 pm
allowing you to speak that way. >> and clinton is tapping star power, and she's with a new ad featuring katy perry. >> reporter: of course, katy perry here with hillary clinton, and if you look at where hillary is going here the next couple of days, and she will be back in ohio campaigning with lebron james tomorrow night and then making a mad dash through the battle ground states, she will be in michigan and then in north carolina, and she's concerned about the african-american vote, another key part of president obama's coalition that has not come around to her and obviously supporting her more than donald trump but not as much as they did for president obama in the past two elections. >> brianna keilar, thank you so much in philadelphia tonight.
6:32 pm
i want to go to the breaking story, donald trump rushed off the stage by secret service. and jeremy diamond, you were there and able to get video. we will play that as you describe exactly what you were able to tell us what you saw. >> reporter: donald trump was rushed off the stage in the middle of the speech, and suddenly a lot of the crowd surged backward away from the stage, and that's when you saw people with frightened looks on their faces where it was unclear what happened. i was able to get over the press barricade and get over into the crowd to film what happened and that's where i found a man detained on the floor, and he was lying face-down surrounded by a dozen police officers and secret service agents and an additional unit of s.w.a.t., and they were carrying assault
6:33 pm
rifles as well. that man was on the ground for a period of time in a period that police were searching him, as would be standard practice when somebody is detained. that man was brought to a separate room where we believe that he was in the bathroom of a separate room there where we believe that he may have been interrogated by secret service and local police, but certainly a frightening incident and a lot of people in the crowd were frightened, but donald trump reemerged and he said, thank you, secret service and he said his movement is not going to be taken down that easily. it's unclear what happened, what this man was doing, and some of the supporters that i spoke to in the immediate aftermath said that there was a man who appeared to be a protester, perhaps raising a sign, and it's unclear what happened at the moment, and we are still waiting on more information and details
6:34 pm
from the secret service and the trump campaign, but that's where it stands right now. >> you know, john, what i think is interesting here at the moment it happened nobody knew, and we still don't know who it was and what their motive what, and what sort of weapon, if any this person may have had. but obviously at that moment, they thought it could have been something. they thought it could have been a gun or something like that, and even if it turns out there was nothing like that even there. that's what donald trump and the secret service agents on the stage could have thought. >> at that moment when the secret service took donald trump off stage, that's a moment where their training kicks in, and they thought a threat was credible enough when they took action to remove him from danger. this is breaking news and we do not have details or what sort of threat if any, if there was a gun, and we are getting those initial reports, but we know whatever was occurring in the
6:35 pm
crowd was serious enough for the secret service to take action. >> and jeremy diamond had video, and there are little snippets of what was happening from the different angles, and there you can see the man being restrained. >> it's important to remember we may see people where we hear civilians say things about what they think they are seeing, you know, scared, you know, instant adrenaline reaction, and until the secret service comes up and confirms details, these are unconfirmed reactions. it's breaking news. >> which is important to say, because people will say, oh, he has a gun, and that doesn't mean he did. >> if you have a political rally, you have to go through metal detecters, and they do a sweep with dogs before they let anybody in, and reporters if you are part of a pool or part of a
6:36 pm
press, you are swept and go through metal detecters and they wand you. this is a very usually secure environment. so if, in fact, this person was able to get a gun there, the big question will be how. because you really do have to go through several layers of security no matter who you are to get into the venue. >> if not, jamie, they thought the threat was credible enough and that's why they reacted the way they did. >> it's interesting whether this was a protester or somebody said something that got the crowd nervous or heard something. look how quickly the police, the secret service, the s.w.a.t. team got in there. when you reroll the tape and watch it, they are all over him. you see the secret service jump from the stage and you see the crowd go back. kudos to them. they just handled whatever happened, whether it was just a protester or something more dangerous, they handled it very
6:37 pm
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we are following the breaking news. moments ago tim kaine's press bus in an accident in florida. the motorcade was heading to the airport and a car hit the bus, and details are sketchy, but we do not know of any injuries at we are going to bring that to you. this comes, of course, with the other breaking news, donald trump rushed off the stage by secret service agents in reno, nevada. trump was in the middle of his speech and rushed off the stage by secret service, and several people at the rally say they saw a trump supporter raise up a sign and a scuffle ensued. people not only targeted the candidates but also their supporters. i am joined by van jones and
6:42 pm
scotty hughes. we are in the final couple days here, van, and when you see things like this happening and it's scary and i thought paris and angela both spoke eloquently to the fact that they thought donald trump handled himself well and you don't want to see anything like this happening. but the tone in this country has been so nasty for the past well over a year, and you went out there and you went into one-on-one after a trump rally into the home, not just outside the rally, but into the home of a trump supporter, and you obviously, as somebody that worked in obama's white house and a clinton supporter and you had a one-on-one conversation, and you described pictures of their family around and let me play a clip of what happened. >> what i am trying to figure out is how did it get to the point where when you disagree with somebody you have to be their enemy. that's how you get to the civil war? >> that just happened to me this
6:43 pm
past week, and one of my friends blasts me on social media how can a mother who professes to love her children support donald trump, and how did my mothering come into play with who i am supporting for president. how dare you put me out there to be this evil individual. it broke my heart. >> she was -- she was crying there. >> yeah, and you know, this is what is happening all across america right now, and people are losing friends, and somebody at defriended her on facebook who she loved and cares about. this is happening all across the country. and hopefully tonight maybe we will get all more sobered because of what we just saw, and i have to tell you, the courage it takes as a conservative to
6:44 pm
bring a liberal like me into your home with cameras, and it's just volunteers. >> more than 1 million people have watched. >> you don't have to agree with somebody, and in democracy you don't have to agree, and dictatorsh dictatorship, you don have to agree, but you don't have to hate each other. >> what this campaign came about is hating the other side. when she said something about people questioning her mothering skills. some are saying if you support donald trump as a woman, how can you do that? >> it has become extremely personal on both sides. i always said we as a country need to have a conversation, and it scares me when we go silent and when we are not interacting. when they see pundits on television clawing each other's
6:45 pm
eyes out and fighting, no wonder. and we have to start healing as americans. there's lot of things we have in common. a lot of times if you can start that foundation, which is what his piece did and it brings healing. >> and it took for you a lot of cuourage and an open mind to her what somebody was saying that comes from the other side. >> i have had a chance to make friends with people i don't agree with. listen, these are real differences. but you don't want the inflammation to be so great that the surgeon can't even figure out where to cut. >> there's no humanity left. >> the reason we did this thing, and we call it the messy truth, and you have to go on my facebook page to see it, and you see the videos and we are talking to people and we get deep and it gets tough, but at
6:46 pm
the end of it, that respect is there because at the end of the day we are all americans and human beings. >> and what is amazing, we have the conversation and nobody sacrifices where they stand, and they merge but both hold strong. >> and in the end not everybody is agreeing. >> that's not the point of wha it's about. >> empathy does not require agreement, it just requires understanding. if she says something that strikes me the wrong way and i can go and cut her off and say mean things, and i can say, why did you say that? >> i want now -- the other breaking news tonight with donald trump at that rally, and i want to go back quickly, and you have information for us on the perpetrator. >> reporter: we want to go back and actually talk about what we exactly saw. we went into the crowd and talked to people who were standing right there as this man or maybe a couple different people who were tackled. we know one of our inbeds was
6:47 pm
able to capture good video of one man being taken into custody. i can tell you from the people i spoke to, and i looked at their video, their cell phone videos, there does not appear on video to be any sort of weapon. we want to remind everybody before you can enter an event like this, you have to go through a magnetometer. it would be difficult to smuggle one of those things in here. so it appears right now that from the people we spoke to off the record, who were very close to the actual event, some of the witnesses who were there and showed me their video, nobody actually saw a gun. they heard a lot of people in the crowd saying there may be a gun, and then you can understand there's a panic in the crowd, but nobody actually had eyes on a gun, that it may have been somebody carrying a piece of paper in his pocket. so at this point we have nothing to confirm that this was somebody who was armed. we want to remind everybody,
6:48 pm
again, you go through a magnetometer before you come in here and it would be extremely difficult to bring in something like that. >> it's good there was not, and in terms of the secret service response and donald trump response, it's irrelevant whether there was or not. >> i have to be clear, nothing is perfect. all it takes is one moment of inai inadd srurtance. that could have been something negative given where we are, and we to bring the temperature down. up next, jeanne moos to go back and look at some of the funniest moments in this unpredictable year in politics. this is a special edition of "out front." ♪
6:49 pm
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donald trump and hillary clinton have been on the campaign trail for more than 500 days, and there have been laughs along the way. here's jeanne moos.
6:53 pm
>> from the moment donald trump took an escalator to announce his presidential see, from awkward air kissing to sniffing. to coughing. >> every time i think of trump i get allergic. >> and the donald is not allergic to kids. actually i was only kidding, you can get the baby out of here. and then there was mini trump. do you want to go back to them or stay with donald trump. >> trump. a crowd pleasing answer to realize many trump pairants, the last word he hears. >> what is your name? >> nate. >> and then the child-like delight in balloons. hill and bill batted and kicked them. >> it seemed like he had seen balloons for the first time in his life.
6:54 pm
>> the donald seemed delighted with his own pronunciation. >> nevada. nobody says it the other way. >> actually, wrong, donald. this is right. >> nevada. >> at one rally -- >> get this thing out of here, will you. at one rally, he attacked his teleprompter. remember when hillary barked into her mike, and then this happened at a trump rally. this is something -- what was that? was that a dog? >> hillary. >> and hillary appeals to flies, if only time would fly so we can get relief from the constant buzzing of the candidates. >> i don't like mosquitos. >> jeanne moos, cnn, new york.
6:55 pm
>> in a tough campaign, good to know there are moments when everybody laughed. thank you for joining us. cnn continues next. at planters we know how to throw a remarkable holiday party. just serve classy snacks and be a gracious host, no matter who shows up. [cricket sound] richard. didn't think you were going to make it.
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>> announcer: the following is a cnn special report. this is the story of my mother, hillary clinton. >> the most famous woman in the world. and perhaps the most controversial. >> i don't remember a time when my mom wasn't being attacked. >> what difference


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