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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  November 6, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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it is 9:00 p.m. and the marathon is over in new york, at least. on the campaign trail, it is getting close to the funnish line. the candidates going late into the night. hillary clinton in new hampshire. donald trump running late, expected shortly in western pennsylvania and northern virginia. we'll bring you that when it happens. the story no one saw coming, fbi director comey weighing in on the clinton e-mail investigation again. saying the invest baigation is over. evan perez has been working his sources all night and joins us right now. what was in the letter that comey sent to congress, and does this mean that hillary clinton is in the clear? at least for now, as far as the fbi is concerned. >> anderson, as far as the fbi is concerned and as far as hillary clinton is concerned, she is in the clear. that's the letter -- that's what the letter that jim comey sent
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to members of congress today, that's what it says. the team that would spend a year looking at her e-mails, the private server she operated while secretary of state came back. they worked around the clock, according to the fbi director. part of what he said to congress, read some of that to you, he said, during the process, we reviewed all of the communications that were to or from hillary clinton while she was secretary of state. based on our review, we have not changed our conclusions that we expressed in july with respect to secretary clinton. anderson, investigators did find classified e-mails in this new batch of e-mails they were reviewing. but a lot of these e-mails had been seen before. they were duplicates of e-mails they spent a year going through. the ones that they did look at, they went line by line to make sure it was stuff they had seen before. there was also a lot of personal e-mails and, of course, e-mails that belonged to anthony weiner, whose laptop this was.
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as far as hillary clinton, this is over. the fbi though still has some work to do, especially with regard to huma abedin. she says she has no idea how these e-mails got on this laptop. the fbi wants to do more work there. they probably will try to interview her once more to see if they can get to the bottom of tat, anderson. >> no one was expecting this latest announcement from the fbi that told the public not to expect an update before the election. to expect it after. how were they able to get through the e-mails and come to a conclusion? trump supporters say there was no way they could get through what they say is 650,000 e-mails. though that's not been confirmed. >> the number is irrelevant. the computer belonged to anthony weiner and most of the e-mails the fbi wasn't concerned about in this investigation. they were looking at what belonged to huma abedin. what we're told is they used technology. simply high-tech software, they
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were able to separate the other e-mails they didn't care for. they were able to narrow it down to those e-mails that went through the hillary clinton server. that was the key part of this here for the investigators, anderson. >> evan, thanks very much. tonight and tomorrow in the runrun up to the election, we want to bring you as many live events as is happening. hillary clinton is speaking in new hampshire. let's listen in. >> -- more countries should have nuclear weapons. when a journalist asked him about using nuclear weapons, he said, well, why do we make them? i wonder if he even realizes he's talking about nuclear war. the other day in ohio, i was at kent state university, and i was introduced by a man named bruce blair. he had been in the air force
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decades ago, and he was a launch officer in our nuclear program, which meant that he sat in a bunker during his watch time in case the president, whoever the president was, were to order a nuclear attack. bruce blair knows there is no appeal from a president's order to launch a nuclear attack. there is no veto by the joint chiefs of staff or anybody else. if a president orders a nuclear attack, there is about a four-minute window before it happens. i had never met mr. blair before. he's gone on to have a very distinguished career in security studies. but as he was watching this
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campaign and reflecting on the service he did as a young man, he realized he could never support donald trump. and he called other launch officers, sometimes called m missileers, and asked what they were thinking. to a person, this is unacceptable. this is actually scary. several dozens of them wrote a letter saying that they know what the awesome responsible is, that a president of the united states holds, and they could never support donald trump to be our president and commander in chief. and if you believe like i do
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that our economy grows and america thrives when the middle class grows and thrives, then you have to vote, too. we're going to make the biggest investment in good paying jobs since world war ii. jobs in infrastructure and advanced manufacturing and clean energy, small business jobs. i want to be the best small business president we've ever had. to enable more people to get started and grow their businesses. in contrast, my opponent built his fortune on the backs of small business owners. i'm the daughter of a small business man. i am just so glad my dad never got a contract from donald trump. because so many who did were
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stiffed. but i want to make sure that we have easier access to capital, less red tape, more tax relief for people willing to take the risk of going into small businesses. i also think it is imperative that we make our economy fairer. and that means i do support raising the national minimum wage. >> that's hillary clinton in manchester right now. donald trump expected shortly, just outside pittsburgh. he'll be arriving later this evening. we'll bring you his comments when we can. cnn's sarah murray is in minneapolis where he was earlier. how has donald trump reacted to the comey letter today? >> well, just because comey said that he is going to stick with his decision from the summer does not mean that donald trump has suddenly decided that hillary clinton is free and clear. in fact, he continued to maintain, as he was campaigning in michigan today, that hillary clinton is guilty. listen to what he said.
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>> you can't review 650,000 new e-mails in a eight days. you can't do it, folks. hillary clinton is guilty. she knows it. the fbi knows it. the people know it. and now, it is up to the american people to deliver justice at the ballot box on november 8th. >> it gi gives you an indicatif how trump is going to use this as an issue to benefit him the next few days, regardless of what the fbi director says. >> reopening the investigation, trump has been talking ab inin on the trail basically every day since it happened. >> which is stunning. we saw kellyanne conway out there today saying this has not been a major issue of their campaign. this has not opinion a major messaging point. let's be clear, anderson, this was a political gift when comey originally sent the letter to congress. donald trump and his campaign seized on that. he talked about it at basically
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every trump rally since then. donald trump has insisted to people if they elect hillary clinton, she's going to be indicted and under investigation for years. the notion that donald trump did not use this moment to propel his candidacy in recent days is just -- doesn't bear weight, anderson. >> right. as paul was saying in the last hour,tweeted out the day of the comey letter, this was a good day for the campaign, close to a direct quote. what is the campaign saying about the potential impact the news will have, or are they? >> they're down playing the impact this will have. obviously, it is a short time frame between now and when people go to the polls. many people have already gone to the polls between comey's first letter and his second. the trump campaign essentially says they saw battlegrounds tightening before comey's first letter to congress. it was on the wake of obamacare
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news and the wake of some of the john podesta e-mails we saw in wikileaks as it relates to hillary clinton's campaign. they've seen republicans start coming home. they're seeing independents breaking their way. they don't expect that to change. the question, anderson, is if there are people who were still on the fence, who were still waiting to see, for instance, whether something more would come from the fbi, this could sway them. you know, whether this will maybe make hillary clinton supporters more enthusiastic about turning out at the polls. we have to wait for the next couple days to see what impact, if any, this will have on the race. >> sarah murray, thanks. we had a lengthy interview with kellyanne conway at the top of the last hour. check it out on let's go back to our panel. a radio talk show host, showiho.
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what do you make of comey coming out with the letter? it surprised folks who thought he wouldn't say anything more before the election. >> if he knew there was a prospect of the investigation, the more recent revelations being wrapped up within two weeks, he should never have sent letter number one. i think it is obvious. i don't think it is going to move the needle. it occurs as we are in the final stretch of this thing, that this has been a campaign of tremendous drama. i reflect on the john mccain moment, which i thought would be a game changer. when the comments, the appalling comments that donald trump made about john mccain, respecting the ones that don't get captured, when that didn't move the needle, it should have been a wakeup call. few things were going to. really, there has been a consistency to this election from the get go. when it has been the two of them, it's been somewhere in that three to five range. that appears to be where we are tonight. >> jeff, from the legal perspective, you were surprised that comey came to this decision so quickly after the last letter
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and made an announcement. >> absolutely. i was surprised he made the initial announcement. given how negative the reaction was, you know, among -- republican veterans of the justice department as well as democrats to the first announcement, i thought the best thing he could do was simply keep his mouth shut. i think he felt, again, as he did the first time, worried about leaks from inside the fbi. this time, he was worried that it would leak that hillary clinton had been exonerated. he felt like he didn't want to keep that secret. and be accused of, you know, trying to protect donald trump. he made this announcement today. i think all of it just underlines why he should have kept his mouth shut from the beginning, honored the justice department tradition of not getting involved in the campaigns during this period, shortly before election day. >> when i first heard this, you might think the clinton campaign
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is going to jump on this. hillary clinton will be talking about this in speeches. they are not talking about it. >> any time she's talking about investigations and e-mails, she's talking about investigations and e-mails. if comey was going to have a letter, the fact -- i think they would have preferred this conversation not happen at all. if comey is saying something, you want it to be fbi clears clinton again. intill rather than fbi still needs to interview people. the race has settled back into a static place. it's done that many times. it also has taken wild swings. the "access hollywood" tape. the comey announcement. not just the comey announcement. it came also at a time, the obamacare preem mium increases came. donald trump was on messages, i'll repeal and replace obamacare. that brought republicans home and independents his way.
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in the last couple days, before the jim comey announcement, the race settled there a three or four-point hillary clinton lead. the demographics suggest to you that if her people turn out, she should win the election. doesn't mean she will win the election. doesn't mean donald trump doesn't have a closer race than some of the big, blue battleground states like pennsylvania. closer. but about the same gaps you had in the romney/obama race. a point above in some states and a point below in others. it's a static race. >> i never disagree with you. >> please do. >> expect in days ending in "y." i don't think it makes a difference in the outcome. as a texan, the president lost texas by 16 points. hillary may lose texas but the surge of latino voters there, i'm getting reports from friends and family in texas. lines around the block. one young man talking about taking an elderly woman in her 70s or 80s to the polls in a walker. she waited three and a half hours leaning on her walker to
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vote. something do going on. >> i'm not sure what you're disagreeing with. >> hillary will do far better in the popular vote than barack obama did. >> popular vote? >> yes. >> i think the gap -- >> i hope she can win texas and -- >> you'll will neglecting the fact that black turnout is down and millennial vote is down. what i see as the path to victory, florida, ohio, nevada, iowa, it'd give trump 265. in four of the five states, republicans are outperforming numbers from 2012. there is so much enthusiasm. more votes cast early than 2012 in the five states that would put trump at 265. you're neglecting the new hampshire poll numbers that would put him over the top on tuesday. >> here's the thing, i think the two big surges are happening. there is a latino surge. there may be a big republican surge here. i don't think these things have
6:16 pm
to be -- >> you're right. >> >> aat the end of the day, i think the democrats will have it. we'll have a lot to sort through when we're done. >> there is data. 57% of the voters in florida yesterday were white. 67% of the voters in florida are white. they're losing the early vote. at least match the demographic -- >> more latinos early voted in florida than voted in florida in 2012. >> i heard while we were sitting here from harrisburg patriots ace reporter, who -- >> good reporter. >> reporting on vice president biden's visit today. she tells me that he told the press and told the audience that he thinks the election in pennsylvania is going to be decided by central pennsylvania, scranton and pittsburgh. not the philadelphia suburbs. >> that's where he was. >> he was in harrisburg. >> okay. >> harrisburg. you know, my point here is, she also says between saturday and tomorrow, both campaigns will
6:17 pm
have been in pennsylvania 18 times, which really says they're really trying to begin gin up t respective bases. if it comes down to central pennsylvania, which i can assure you, four hillary signs and there are hundreds of trump signs all over the place. >> david. >> that's data. >> that's political gut. >> is that the internal polling? >> it's the internal signing. the signing. >> singular of data is anecdote. if you get enough -- >> exactly. >> jeffrey, what did your cabdriver say? >> as a matter of fact -- >> can i just say, there is -- do we have the giggles? >> we do. >> anderson, you had a cabdriver. >> i had six uber drivers today. i could go on for hours.
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>> that actually is better than what i was going to say. >> and i left my phone in one of the -- anyway, go ahead. >> call him. >> i got it back. >> the question of whether or not these sort of swings back and forth makes a difference, maybe at the end of the day, not on the presidential level. on the next level down, the senate level, big time. >> mm-hmm. >> there are a lot of people i talked to on the democratic and republican side who think that the late momentum for donald trump and the focus on the e-mail issue is going to help republicans who democrats thought were goners. the income beumbent republicans indiana is one and pennsylvania. i mean, we'll see if pat too kne -- toomey can eke it out. because of the tension and the state of the -- >> and new hampshire. >> new hampshire, like pennsylvania, does not have
6:19 pm
early voting. >> exactly. >> everybody has to vote on game day there. >> tuesday night, for folks at home that want a crib sheet, obviously, florida a state to watch if trump doesn't win there. >> north carolina. >> north carolina. >> 7:00 p.m., polls close. if north carolina starts to lean blue, i as a trump supporter, will be worried. 7:30, florida comes. those two states are must-wins, unless there is a rust belt strategy that takes over. >> north carolina could be close enough that it could take well into the night. >> absolutely. >> bring the espresso machine. >> yeah. >> the atlantic coast, new hampshire, north carolina, virginia. sun belt, florida, colorado, arizona, it's been close, and nevada, certainly. i think hillary almost certainly won nevada with the early vote. then the rust belt states. donald trump was in minnesota, showing he has a sense of humor. possibly wisconsin. certainly ohio and iowa. >> you know. >> new hampshire. >> with all due respect to the
6:20 pm
vice president who knows pennsylvania well he recollec, was playing to the audience he was speaking to. >> no way. >> the democrats need to win center city philadelphia by 200,000 or more votes. they prefer to win by 250,000 votes. jeffrey is right, donald trump will run it up in the center of the state. you want to look there. virginia will probably go democratic. when the vote comes in over the river, across the river, we'll get a sense of how close donald trump is in the suburbs, and that tells you what will happen in north carolina and other places. >> let's take another quick break. coming up, hard facts to go with the uber drivers and the yard signs and folks that ask for photographs on the street, a look at the demographics that we've all been debating. new numbers on how many latinos voted early. the question is is it enough to tip two close states? we'll look at them ahead. (announcer vo) the new pixel phone by google. only on verizon. okay, google, show me korean restaurants in boulder.
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as can candidates wrap up the campaigns, the ground game goes on. could be pivotal with states like nevada up for grabs.
6:25 pm
latino voters mobilize sging is big part it. you have data that sheds light. what are the numbers? >> the panel can argue afterwards. nearly 37 million people have voted in 39 states nationwide. john king, last hour, described this as possibly the year of the latino. right now, 27.3 million hispanics are eligible to vote. 12% of the electorate. let's look at florida. little more than 5.7 million. we think the number is a bit higher now. already early voted in the state that has closed. let's look into the demographics right now. specifically, let's look at these numbers and see what has increased and what decreased. 41% of the white vote increased. about 13% of the african-american vote. look at this number here.
6:26 pm
since 2008, plus 103%. 103% increase from 2008 to 2016 in actual ballots that have been cast by hispanics in the state of florida. let's go to the state of north carolina. there, you're talking about 2.5, maybe 2.6 million people had cast their early votes. look at this right here. as you can see, there is an increase in the hispanic vote and the white vote. we saw a drop off in the african-american vote in regards to ballots being dropped off. when we look at the percentages right now, 24% more for the white vote. negative 5% in the african-american participation in the early vote in north carolina. troubling sign for democrats. this is a good sign right here. 85% increase when it came to actual votes from 2012 to 2016 or ballots that had been put through by hispanic voters. barack obama barely lost north carolina in 2012. of course, they're fighting for
6:27 pm
it right now. republicans and democrats in 2016, anderson. >> i want you to listen, mark, to what the nevada republican party chair said at a trump rally last night. >> last night in clark county, they kept a poll open until 10:00 at night so a certain group could vote. it wasn't in an area that normally has high transition. the polls are supposed to close at 7:00. this was kept open until 10:00. yeah, you feel free right now? >> we talked to kellyanne conway about this in our last hour. what is he talking about there? >> well, he is talking about in clark county, now, talking about polling location right outside of las vegas that was held open late because people were in line
6:28 pm
and couldn't vote. on friday alone, clark county saw an increase, anderson, of 57,000 people actually cast ballots. that is the highest ever for clark county. let's dig a little into the nevada numbers. about 7.7 million people cast -- or 770,000 people cast early ballots in the state of nevada. if we dig in a bit and look at statewide, that's a bit of an increase from what we saw, about 9% across the state. clark county, this is an important number, it was an 8% increase. clark county right now, it is 30% hispanic. hispanics, of course, tend to vote democrat. in fact, in the state of nevada alone, barack oklahobama won 70 the vote. >> joining us now is nia malik henderson. you hear the nevada republican talking about this as if it is a
6:29 pm
conspiracy. people were in line to vote. so they kept it open. >> you hope the folks in the audience already cast their ballots, too. you have all this organization of it, has gone on by the democratic campaigns in states like nevada, in states like florida. we are seeing this latino surge. it was rumored -- >> the point is if anybody is in line at the appropriate time to vote, they should be allowed to vote. >> right, right. from the trump campaign, they have been talking about this rigged election for days and days. the assumption has always been, it will be rigged by certain people. >> to use that as an example of rigging is factually incorrect. >> yeah. >> the "certain people," call them fell low americans, neighbors. >> thank you. >> there will be neighborhoods in the united states, precincts in the united states on tuesday night where there are -- that is
6:30 pm
a trump precinct, that is an overwhelmingly trump area. there will be people in line and the poll closing with come. they better stand there and bring them water. if it takes until sun up, let them vote. it should be easier for people to vote, number one. a republican party that is in a ditch when it comes to hispanic and latino and african-american and asian voters. they vote now against the republican party. the chairman, i hope he was having a bad night. these person people are americans. when people talk like this and the latinos vote for the other guys, you wonder why is this happening. guess. >> it's been the story of the trump campaign. this rhetoric -- >> can i make an observation? i re-read the autopsy report that was commissioned until the aftermath of the romney loss. it was published in 2013. there is a line that stands out. if hispanic americans perceive a gop nominee does not want them
6:31 pm
in the country, they won't pay attention to the next sentence. >> yup. >> it is a lesson that hasn't been learned. >> we're reading into this saying it is a knock on hispanic voting. he said this stayed open and others closed. if you're in line at the appropriate time, you should stay open. by the way, we've got to point out, democrats are playing the same game. when they say republican attorney generals are trying to suppress the vote. both campaigns are on edge. this is a crucial time. >> i'm making the observation that donald trump, to me -- >> repeated what the chairman said and said it was rigged. >> never read the autopsy report. >> democrats are decrying efforts to suppress the vote and the republicans are encouraging. it is not the same. they're both talking about voting suppress. >> fighting voter id is suppression. >> exactly. >> one of the things i don't think we have talked enough about is there is a ferocious fight in the courts right now. unfortunately, it is against republican attorneys general and
6:32 pm
republican legislatures that seemed to almost surgically design new rules and restrictions, that offend the judges. i'm not talking about partisan democrats. it is judges saying there seems to be no logical explanation for some of the new voting rules. except to go after black voters. that's not me but the judges. we need to applaud a lot of young lawyers fighting the fight in the courts and winning the fights in the court, to try to keep these bad laws at bay. >> my point is we see the left use -- voter id is a good example. they say this is the reason there is low black turnout. in 2012 in states that had voter id, black turnout was higher, which negates the argument that black isn't turning out because of the id. you play the same game. >> why was it up despite that? >> we fought back. >> we use that -- >> we fought back. >> used it as a rallying point.
6:33 pm
don't make that -- >> i'll let you finish. there are heros from 2012 like ben jell rowalous and others wh don't talk about anymore. but they put an extra 1 million black voters in the booths just to say, you're not going to stop us. that doesn't mean it wasn't intention -- the intention wasn't to stop us. >> can we talk about -- go ahead. >> this goes to the point i've been trying to make all year. where we have disagreed is that the democratic party's political formula, from the founding, is to separate people by race and then use that as the racial fuel to push their agenda. that's what this is all about. that's what we're missing here. >> it is about justice. >> i think it is about equal opportunity to vote. i think it is about -- >> which is colorless. >> it should be. i wish you'd let your party know that. they keep designing these laws that even judges say are just designed to suppress the black vote. >> what does certain groups mean, in your opinion?
6:34 pm
>> i have no idea what he was saying. if he is trying to use this as a racial thing, of course i'd condemn that. what i'm suggesting to you is the fact that he could mean union members for all i know. he could mean a thousand different things. i honestly don't know. but this is my point, every single thing we do here is being racialized and that's what is wrong. that's what's wrong. instead of treating people like americans, all as americans -- >> he was complaining that people who are in line on time were getting allowed to vote. or whatever you call them. whatever word you use, the people were in line. there is no evidence the people were not there by the time they were supposed to be there. >> if that is the case, i agree. >> we have to take a break. donald trump's five-state sprint included minnesota. what do blue states say about his strategy? turn the trips you have to take, into one you'll never forget. expedia plus rewards. earn points on over one million hotels,
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trump's next top is outside pittsburgh. he was also in iowa and traditional blue tatestates, minnesota and michigan. what should we make about his focus on reliably blue territory in minnesota and michigan. why is trump spending time there? >> can i ask you the question? look, i don't mean to joke about it. he needs states. they're looking at the map and getting calls from supporters in the states saying we think the polls are closer so they're going. he's having a hard time getting to 270. even if he wins the toss up states, wins florida, ohio, gets him to the 250s or 260s. how do you get to the finish line? we go back to 1980 on the map. i'd have to go to 19d72 for a republican winning minnesota. i'll circle minnesota here in case you don't notice. it was won by a democrat. 1984, notice anything?
6:40 pm
only one state. walter mondale's home state, to be fair. it hasn't been won by a republican since 1972. it's usually not close. why is donald trump going there? it is ten electoral votes. he is hoping he can -- lightning will strike as he goes through the states. michigan is 16. if you can't win north carolina, you have to counter it with michigan. if you can't win florida, you have to counter it with michigan, minnesota and new hampshire. >> clinton didn't do well in michigan in the primaries. is the campaign nervous about either state at this point? >> yes. that is the reason you mentioned. i'll try to go back to the other map. see if i can get back to the primaries here. come out to the primaries. back to 2016. takes a little bit to get here. go back to the democratic primaries. if you notice, minnesota st-- sp right there. those were bernie sanders states. there are some concerns.
6:41 pm
david axelrod tells you what happens in a primary usually doesn't carry to a general election. there is concern because of trump's message on trade. he can make the case to voters he is with blue collar voters on the issues. these states weren't kind to clinton during the primaries. you want to triple check. democrats in the states, anderson, have been calling the clinton campaign saying it is closer. tend the garden. >> john, thanks. i want to discuss this. joining us is the political commentator, madden. and the senior political commentator, david axelrod. host of the podcast on and former romney campaign adviser, steward stevet stevens. you all know about running campaign. two days to go, where are you looking at? what stands out to you? how does this look? >> if we're looking at the early voting patterns, that surge of
6:42 pm
latino votes right now is having that we have to watch. it's interesting because you think about where this campaign started with donald trump's speech. announcing his candidacy. you know, it started with an alienation of latinos. i think it'll be interesting that it comes full circle, back to donald trump's alienation of latinos, possibly costing him big states like florida. and other states like north carolina with a surge of latino votes. >> you agree if we can't win florida, that's it? >> yes. he has to have florida. he has to hold on to a state like north carolina. and then find another state. that's where he's having trouble right now. >> in terms of where hillary clinton is right now, how do you feel? >> well, i'm feeling pretty good actually. i just want to comment on what kevin said. yes, latino votes are having an impact in florida but also in virginia, places like north carolina. certainly nevada. i think that is going to be the
6:43 pm
story of 2016. for me as a hispanic woman, it is very gratifying that hispanics are going to be the ones that are going to beat donald trump. i mean, he spent the last year and a half basically insulting, offending, demeaning. i mean, he started the campaign that way but he doubled down and tripled down. never took the opportunity to apologize. now he's really going to pay the price for it. >> as you look at it, you're no fan of donald trump, but if donald trump does lose and it is because of this latino turnout, does he only have himself to blame for this? >> sure. i mean, he is the only one talking about mexicans being rapists and the assault you've had on immigration as a whole. he is in minnesota attacking immigrants. >> especially after the autopsy of 2012. >> the republican party went through a logical coaching process. reince priebus deserves credit, how to win a national election. 1988, we could celebrate on
6:44 pm
election night. we've gone and done now the exact opposite of every recommendation. there was a number targeted. mitt romney got 19%. trump is probably headed to south of 15%. plus, he is losing college educated white voters. by trying to appeal to just white voters, he lost a lot of them. >> the ground game is probably the most often used phrase of this election. when you look at the disparity in the organization, you think it is going to be critical on election day? >> we've never seen this. all the modeling has been campaigns with two equal abilities to produce votes. block and tackle. sometimes you have one better than another. accept for a couple of states. iowa, he has a good organization. trump doesn't have an organization. i think that is going to be telling on election day. >> i mean, one of the things that has interested me, they keep saying, he doesn't have an organization but the republican party has an organization. >> right.
6:45 pm
>> the organization was built to elect republicans down ballot, to bring republican voters out. when you have a presidential campaign, you're identifying your voters. they're not all republican. some are independent. some are democrats. you know who your voters are. you go and get them. there is no indication to me that there is any such operation on the trump side. as to the big problem, you know, ultimately, this comes down to math. in order to win, you have to achieve a certain number. in a country that's becoming more and more diverse, you can't alienate yourself from the most dynamically growing parts of the country and expect to win. this is what the republican party concluded in 2012. donald trump put together a campaign that was designed to win the republican nomination for president. he achieved that.
6:46 pm
in so doing, he made it virtually impossible to win a general election. >> if he does not win, a candidate who said early on, i build a winning organization, surround myself with the best people, hasn't built a winning organization. it may turn out he knows more than anybody else and has built -- >> i know he dade thsaid that. the fact is, everything about donald trump is about donald trump. he is the center of every script. he is the center of every activity. that's the way he's run his presidential campaign. it is not just that other republicans don't want to go out and be surrogates for him. he thinks he is the best person out there at any given moment. he doesn't really, i think, believe in the need for an organization. he thinks this is all an exercise in media and that he is the pest at that. i think that is a big miscalculation. >> how do you see the clinton campaign?
6:47 pm
do you think with this new comey letter, hillary clinton has not talked about it on the trail today. do you think that is wise? earlier on, folks were saying any time she is talking about e-mails is not a good idea. >> that's exactly right. obviously, it is good news for her and good news for her staff. good news for huma. considering what the alternative could have been. she doesn't want to talk about e-mail. she doesn't want to talk about the fbi or dysfunction at the fbi. those words should not come from her mouth. we don't want to remind voters of the server. she wants the end the campaign on a positive note and talk about her message, stronger together. being the president for all americans. >> although she has been, you know -- it is not all high and, you know, sunshine. it's been character attack on donald trump day after day. >> right. since the letter came out, right, nine days ago. now that it is over and done, she can go back and close on a positive message. >> how do you think donald trump -- do you think the comey letter makes a difference one way or another? paul thinks it is baked?
6:48 pm
>> i don't think many americans are saying, am i really going to vote for hillary clinton or donald trump? these are the most poll ri-- polarizing candidates we've had. if comey said the investigation was reopened today, it would have been bad. i don't think at the end of the day that is what people that haven't made a decision are going to make a decision about. >> yeah, i think on the margins, it is not going to matter that much. i think the bigger problem that i would be worrying about if i were inside the trump campaign, is over the last week, they were able to crystallize their message as a contrast message against hillary clinton and bring home some disaffected republicans. you built that closing message on that argument that is now essentially gone. what happens in the next 48 hours? is the disciplined trump we've seen the last 72 hours, is he going to disappear in the last 48 hours?
6:49 pm
i think that'll be what i'd be watching over the next 48 hours. >> it is, i think, the most telling thing, and this was highlighted by the discussion you had with john king, is that in the last 48 hours of this campaign, donald trump is running around the country like willie loehmann, trying to make a sale, desperately trying to find the pieces he needs to put this together. and it is very, very unlikely that he can do that. >> death of a salesman is the production that willie loehmann was in. not a good title for the candidate. do you want to say what you think will happen on election day? >> listen, i think it is going to be very, very difficult for trump to reverse what has happened now. the real thing that i hope will happen is i hope there will be a lot of ticket splitting. i think the republican candidates are, for the most part, tremendous candidates. i think that it would really help us to have a republican
6:50 pm
senate. that can be a big story tuesday night. >> one of the paradoxes is there are a lot of republicans that don't like donald trump, would like to see him tluhumped so th is settled and doesn't spill beyond the election in terms of defining the party. if he does get thumped by a big margin, then you lose the senate and lose a lot of the candidates. there is a paradox here. >> right. >> we have to take a break. thank you. appreciate it. come up, the stars come out for hillary clinton. a shooting star, lebron james. monday, bruce springsteen. donald trump says he doesn't need beyonce. do the celebrity endorsements translate to votes? we'll look at that next. (jessica) the new recipe of beneful is really excellent. the first ingredient is chicken. (riley) man, this chicken is spectacular! (jessica) i feel like when he eats beneful, he turns into a puppy again. you love it, don't you? you love it so much! (vo) try new beneful healthy weight with chicken.
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6:54 pm
>> bruce springsteen will perform at a rally for hillary clinton and chris christie and donald trump have been slamming him and certainly tried to tout
6:55 pm
his own celebrity support. here's what a few stars said about clinton. >> i don't need beyonce and i don't need jay z. i don't neat j-lo. i don't need jon bon jovi. they are all nice, but i don't need them. >> trump said it is demeaning to the cross for clinton to campaign with celebrities. he does want ted nugent. to call him controversial and said obama was subhuman and if if there was a bigger contest with bigger stars, there is no contest. does it make a difference sn.
6:56 pm
>> beyonce and jay z campaigning for hillary clinton. >> look how far we have come from having no voice. >> again, by electing the first woman president. >> i am so energized after this concert. i have got to say, didn't you love the pant suits. >> hillary clinton is deploying an army of celebrities. katy perry in philadelphia. earlier today, lebron james in cleveland. >> you are excited to see her. >> james taylor in new hampshire. does any of the star power translate into votes sn. >> we could never tell the firepower. >> the presidential historian said even when oprah winfrey endorsed barack obama said there was no way to know how many
6:57 pm
voters she influenced and marching out celebrities can be risky. >> a lot of them don't like jay z and beyonce's music and pop stars on the potomac. moments when it's helpful and not in the last hour when you are dumping stars to voting areas and hoping that will flip states for you. >> earlier clinton rallied with j-lo in miami. >> we heard jennifer to perform. let's get loud at the voting booth! >> stevie wonder in los angeles. >> it shows a weakness that you can't generate 20,000 people on your own ready to hear your words. >> which is exactly why sometimes it doesn't work. like in 2004 when bruce springsteen stumped if are john kerry and kerry lost that state.
6:58 pm
brinkley said the last week of an election should be the candidate's final pitch. >> if your closing argument is here's my pal jay z, it makes people wonder whether your campaign is well organized. there is a feeling of desperation if you lean too heavily on celebrities in the end. >> endorsements are nothing new. john f. kennedy got a boost from frank sinatra. >> sammy davis gave nixon a big hug and it showed african-americans could vote republican. >> years later, general campa n campaigned with arnold schwarzenegger. mitt romney had kid rock. the risk for hillary clinton focusing on celebrities is that voters may feel they are not the priority. >> it can work against you and a lot of people say she is running
6:59 pm
around with jay z instead of talking bread and butter issues. >> joining us now from old, all the big name celebrities could potentially hurt a campaign. >> it's a risky move if you listen to doug brinkly. celebrities can big foot a campaign. we are talking about jay z and beyonce and katy perry and more about what they were wearing and less about hillary clinton and the plans for children or working families. the message can get lost in the celebrity mania. you have ohio and pennsylvania and michigan, the whole message is lost in all that. >> we will see what happens. thanks very much. we invite everyone else to tune into cnn sunday -- excuse me. tuesday. tonight even. we will have coverage all day
7:00 pm
tuesday. we are almost there. almost there. that does it for us. thanks for watching. don lemon starts now. see you tomorrow. #. breaking news. case closed. no changes against hillary clinton. this is cnn tonight. james comey sending a letter to congress saying investigators found nothing in the recently discovered e-mails that lead them to recommend criminal charges against hillary clinton. the thousands of new e-mails were mostly personal and duplicates of what had been seen. with the race getting tighter and only two days to go, could this seal the deal for hillary clinton. donald trump about to hold a rally in pennsylvania tonight. you are looking at live pictures. we will keep an eye on that