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tv   New Day  CNN  November 7, 2016 3:00am-4:01am PST

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good morning. >> worked around the clock to review the large number of e-mails and key to this effort was software that was refined from its previous use for the initial server. one official said without this technology this would have taken a lot longer. it turns out most of the e-mails were personal or duplicate e-mails that had already been reviewed by the fbi. so, the probe is considered over for now when it comes to hillary clinton with the fbi sticking to its initial recommendation of no charges. though with not all the deleted e-mails recovered and not all the devices in the fbi's possession, it's always possible, of course, something else could turn up that would require more review. as for the others that were part of the probe, including huma abedin. the fbi is looking to conclude how the e-mails ended up on this laptop. a ten-year-old laptop, an older
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one in the first place. abedin's attorney said she doesn't know why those e-mails were there because this wasn't a computer that she used. investigators will have to talk to abedin, again. it isn't uncommon to come across new evidence after concluding a probe. normally investigators take a look to see if anything changes in their conclusions and it's not a controversial issue. but, of course, this case isn't a normal case given the election and the stakes. now, all the focus is on comey and his decision he made to send that letter in the first place alerting congress. chris? >> his decision in july started all of this. no question about it. pamela brown, thank you very much. how are the campaignis reacting to this fbi director. the clinton campaign breathing a sigh of relief, but staying pretty quiet about it. that is not the take of donald trump. cnn's phil mattingly joins us with that. >> quiet for a reason. this is good news for the campaign. good news that hillary clinton doesn't want to talk about right
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now on the campaign trail. here's why. when it comes to this campaign and the message the clinton campaign thinks gets them over that line of 270 electoral votes on election day, it is a message that needs to be not about the fbi, but donald trump. with mere hours left on the campaign clock -- >> this election is a moment of reckoning. it is a choice between division or unity. >> reporter: hillary clinton hitting the ground in ohio and new hampshire. making no mention the fbi director's conclusion that she should not be charged in the latest e-mail probe. instead, clinton focusing on uniting a divided nation. >> i'm asking for the support, not just of democrats, but also republicans and independents in this election. >> reporter: clinton aides tell cnn questions still linger about whether the damage has already been done. >> we are glad to see that as we were, that he has found we were
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confident he would, that he has confirmed the conclusions that he really reached in july and we're glad this matter is resolved. >> reporter: clinton trying to rally voters, deploying yet another big name to get out the vote. cleveland cavaliers star, lebron james. >> president hillary clinton. >> reporter: and in new hampshire, the gold star father who gave a rousing and emotional speech at the democratic national convention. >> thankfully, mr. trump, this isn't your america. >> reporter: clinton also pinning an op-ed in "usa today." listing her top four priorities for her first 100 days in office. saying to voters, we have to decide who we are. >> alisyn, if you want to know the priorities for the clinton campaign. take a look at where clinton is going to be today. on defense in michigan making a stop in grand rapids and then off to pennsylvania. a huge rally in philadelphia. in front of independence hall
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with president obama. first lady michelle obama and former president bill clinton and all there trying to get the final primetime moment for voters. a final midnight rally in raleigh. if she can defend michigan and pennsylvania and flip north carolina, guys, she will be in very good shape. ali alisyn? >> phil, when you want to close the deal you call in the boys from new jersey. that's what she's doing. saying james comey's decision to clear clinton is proof that the system is rigged. trump -- >> trump is sticking to this message that he thinks hillary clinton is guilty and that is, of course, in defiance with what the fbi director now says. this is, in essence, a closed matter. trump is now casting doubt on the broader conclusions of the fbi as part of his closing message telling voters it's up to them to bring justice.
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>> she's being protected by a rigged system. >> reporter: donald trump trying to undermine the fbi's announcement that they have cleared hillary clinton, again. >> you can't review 650,000 e-mails in eight days. you can't do it, folks. hillary clinton is guilty. she knows it. the fbi knows it. now it's up to the american people to deliver justice at the ballot. >> reporter: but law enforcement officials tell cnn they worked around the clock and that the e-mails were mostly personal and duplicates of what had already been reviewed. trump's reaction, a complete 180 from the praise he once expressed for the fbi director. >> there's little doubt that fbi director comey and the great special agents within the fbi will be able to collect more than enough evidence to garner indictments against hillary clinton. >> reporter: now facing the final day of campaigning,
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sprinting to the finish, trump traveling across a whopping six states on sunday alone, keeping up his attack on clinton, cauline aa push in virginia. >> hillary fast asleep. >> reporter: offering his contract with the american voter outlining what he calls a 100-day action plan to clean up corruption and bring change to washington. and trump has another marathon day today campaigning in the must-win states of florida, north carolina and then it is on to pennsylvania and new hampshire and michigan for him. his last rally tonight in michigan a late in the game ad and new focus by the trump campaign. this is a state that has not gone republican since 1988. the trump campaign, as clinton is clearly playing some defense there, sensing some opportunity to flip this state. chris and alisyn. >> we have our political panel ron brownstein, errol louis,
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jackie ku skrcinich. are you surprised that he breached protocol? >> to me as an outsider looks like chaos within the fbi. leaking like a sieve, statements from people like rudy giuliani saying we have something up our sleeve and i am hearing from people in the agency and then this back and forth. it seems like some of this is being driven by comey trying to get ahead of leaks out of his own agency, of which he has clearly at least partially lost control. >> he did really make it about him. he had an insurrection this summer. he felt he had to come out in july and explain why he wasn't recommending charging. and then went completely breaking protocol said, nobody would have charged her. it was not even a close call and then also criticized her.
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starting something he couldn't stop. and then he kept putting some on the scale nine days ago, putting out this letter when it was all hands on deck and look at this and make a determination, why publicly announce the probe. >> but he had to come out and do this last announcement because if he hadn't and they had found that -- >> i don't know about nine days ago. >> not the original. i'm saying coming back yesterday and saying we didn't find anything. they had to do that because they came out with the first one. >> they went through it so fast with the advance technology they have makes it more expoliticable and without going through it and determining if there is any relevance. the only explanation is that he felt he was going to be kind of blindsided by leaks in his own agency if he didn't do it. it is really an indefensible series of decisions. 41 million people have voted. we updated the number, we talked about it in the last hour. they voted while this cloud was
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out there, it's just an extraordinary moment. >> any idea what effect it has had all of this comey effect. >> not just hillary clinton where her momentum was clearly hampered and the entire sort of brand. the democratic brand took a serious hit so that people and maybe had some hesitation and who knows what those tens of million people did. >> over 6 million people have voted. this is an incredible number and they were all voting with this kind of nonevent kind of -- >> but you had 40 million. 41 million. all right. you're going to have twice that vote tomorrow. we're good with that. with the numbers, ron is not on your side, you have a steep fall. so, the last image that they're going to have of these two people and trump's case is him having forwarded bogus accounts of an indictment coming and
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whether or not he believed them. he ran with them and now he has gone back and forth about comey based solely on whether or not he likes the outcome. what can that do if you are one of those people, look, i'm a gop and i don't like cheating on my team. but this guy, i don't know if i have a role putting him in a seat. if you see this behavior right before election day, can it matter? >> i think it can. one of the things you saw prior to nine days ago that comey letter coming out. this campaign was all about trump's fitness for office. his greatest vulnerability that most americans don't think he's qualified or temperamentally fit to be president. it then became all about her. in the last 48 hours we're seeing trump frankly talking like a tyrant, again. i may not accept the election results and that was vice president saying, oh, no, she committed a crime by mishandling classified data. in contradiction to what comey said and he's saying, trump is
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saying that this is all rigged, again. again, this is not somebody who sounds like he loves america and loves american institutions he can remind people what they found unhinged about him. >> the difference between when she's up two, three, four or five, six, seven she is not honest and trustworthy and donald trump is not qualified and doesn't have the temperament to be president. comey shift their focus more to their doubts about clinton and maybe have an opportunity that flow back to their concern about -- >> also recovered some from the hit she took from comey. we have seen for the last few days and gain an advantage. >> i don't know, jackie, we may be looking at this in too nuance a way. e-mails equal bad. that's it. they just made up their mind. all this stuff and all these different nuances with comey. they already decided something stinks. >> a lot of those people are probably voting for donald trump or gary johnson or jill stein.
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>> they're not going to decide the race. that group. >> there is a reason she did not bring up the e-mails after this happened. she did not go on stage i was vindicated. >> didn't break the law. >> exactly. high fives all around. >> why do you think she didn't? >> she doesn't want to remind people. >> it's got to be bad. who determines this election. people who think e-mail equals bad aren't going to determine the election. >> i think it's -- that's really the issue. who's going to come out? who is going to feel the most motivated. she got a bum wrap here and maybe extra motivated to come out. we're talking about the surge among hispanic voters around the country. such high enthusiasm. the economy, increasing wages and seeking immigration reform and the trump effect there. so, i mean, there is part of her coalition that may feel like, yeah, we have to get out there because this is all -- >> or it's voters who are saying, look, i'm a gop. i back my team and i can't back this dpi.
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hearing that, wow, he was so wrong about it. they were just dead wrong. but that makes it even worse. they couldn't go through the e-mails and they're still a crime. if you're one of those people, do you stay home. >> this is what clinton and her surrogates have been pounding home the last week or so. this is somebody whose facts are wrong. whose temperament is off base. who can't be trust would the nuclear codes. you can't do this. this has been the disqualification game that she has been playing really from the convention on. >> all right, guys. stick around. you're not going anywhere for about 30 hours. robby mook trump's senior communication adviser, jason miller. the battle of the spin begins. janet reno has died. her sister tells cnn that reno had battled parkinson's disease for 20 years. she was the first woman to hold the post of attorney general and
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becoming one of the most recognizable and polarizing figures in bill clinton's administration. and elian gonzalez custody battle to be returned to his father in cuba. reno ran unsuccessfully for governor of florida in 2002. she was 78 years old. so, tomorrow, it's all about how you get to 270. what would a clinton win look like? what does trump need to do to win? we'll show you the paths to victory for both. next.
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scenario. >> thank you, chris. very exciting. i think there's three themes to look at here as we look at this race to 270. is there enthusiasm, momentum for donald trump. the distinction between the white and the nonwhite vote and the fact that hillary clinton has so many ways to get to 270. she is already at 268 in our projection. it gives her a big advantage as she tries to put states together. if we look at clinton here, so much focus on the big battleground states. how about just holding on to nevada. it's done for hillary clinton. if she wants to expand that map, she has new hampshire here where she's looking good at the polls. she's at 278. we're talking about white/nonwhite votes. maybe that helps her down here in arizona. maybe it tilts the balance in
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battleground north carolina. that gives her a very comfortable margin at 333. for dawned trump, you look at it differently here. and that is, he's got a much steeper hill to climb. we talk about the battleground states. he's really got to run the table. if he has momentum, he has to do that. you have to give him nevada. and he has to hold arizona down here. win florida, north carolina, new hampshire and then he's only at 269. that's where if he really has momentum can he go to states that are largely white and noncollege voters like a michigan. that could put him over the top. if not michigan, maybe pennsylvania. maybe too steep a hill to climb but that's what he has to do to get to 270. >> thank you, david. come on over. >> don't forget that second cd in maine, david. that could be his 270. >> that's true. >> maine and nebraska -- >> those are the two. they never have. >> the second district is rural, more rural, not as urban and there are certainly trump fans
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who have your 269 plus maine and you're at 270 and they get there. >> all right, errol -- >> i set you up for that. >> totally. >> leave an opening for ron to dive through. very nicely done. is there really some scenario or is this just a dream of 269/269. >> look, the whole point is trying to think through the dynamics that would lead it to one outcome or the other. the 269. you know, we all sort of played with that. they were doing that with obama in 2008. hoping that omaha -- it's -- right, exactly. talked about all those scenarios, too. is there going to be a long-term realignment. you know, does arizona go democratic for the first time in a generation. that's an important question. does north carolina, which, remember in '08 it was democratic. in 2012 the closest state but it went republican. does this now go back to the democratic column?
3:22 am
those are important questions. that will lead to questions about what the party stands for and who their main constituents are and what does the clinton coalition look like is it a viable path for democrats. >> the answer to your question is clearly yes. the geography is follow hg demograpdemo demography. the nbc/"wall street journal" poll had trump leading. on the other hand, as we've seen, he is facing historic resistance from minority voters and he is also at risk of becoming the first republican to lose college educated whites in the history of polling. which means the rust belt states which have been reliably democratic places like wisconsin, pennsylvania, and less ohio and iowa where the trump coalition is powerful. he is just battering on the doors. his weakness are strengthening
3:23 am
the democratic possession in north carolina, florida and colorado and nevada in the southwest and then adding georgia and arizona one step behind. there is a historic reversal under way in this election even if many of the states don't tip, the fact that he gets close to michigan and she gets close to arizona, a forecast where we are going in the next 10 or 15 years. >> trump even on the precipice of accomplishing is still smacked in the face by the future of this country demgraphically. and everyone who has looked at this in politics, particularly republican politics is trumpism in the shrinking of the party making it a whiter coalition. they see about how to take conservie isatism and expand it reach. >> let's put the numbers up that we've seen so far with the latino population in the key states. florida, north carolina and georgia, which has been pink. so, you see ron says the florida number's low. that he's read it's about
3:24 am
900,000. you have 100% change. so, jackie, these numbers are as of saturday night. when you look at this, is this enough to offset the white anger of the legitimatically frustrated working class people that trump has become a proxy for. n numerically it hasn't. is that an even trade? >> the outcome tomorrow. the country is going to be in the same place, no matter who is president. there are still going to be people who are angry and feel disenfranchised and people who don't, who feel like, you know, their guy didn't win. so, whoever is going to be president has a lot of work to do. you know, from the get go. but i just want to talk about florida for a minute. even the hispanics that would normally go republican, cubans, univision poll. they're not all in for trump. it's split. i think like 49-43. they're usually reliable
3:25 am
republican votes. >> huge family values, though, the cubans. very strong catholic community. they take values and lifestyles very high on their list of priorities. maybe it is working against them. >> you know, to your answer, though, chris. you have two dynamics on each side. for trump you have the possibility that he will, obviously, improve among the blue collar whites in all of these states but lose ground among the white collar whites. the other one is that clinton increase latino turnout and may suffer a dip in african-american turnout and how those two offsetting dynamics play will decide places like north carolina and florida where you have all four of these factors in kind of motion. >> errol, let's look at where the candidates are today. >> we think we work hard. >> trump going to pennsylvania, new hampshire and michigan. wow. hillary clinton is going to pennsylvania, michigan and then north carolina. what do you see here? >> pennsylvania and michigan are because they're not early voting states.
3:26 am
you really have sort of, whatever you have to get, you have to get it today for tomorrow being election day. north carolina is a sentimental favorite for the obama folks. they were really upset about losing it narrowly. the president has gone there himself repeatedly, as has michelle. it's kind of a dagger through the heart of her opponent in this particular case and portends well for the future. it's also got some state legislative races and a senate race there. a lot of reasons for her to be in north carolina. >> it's interesting to look at pennsylvania versus ohio. if these are states that both of them with white working class voters that should be a target of opportunity for donald trump. if you are a democrat, you can overwhelm nonwhite turnout in philadelphia on election day. maybe you can't do that, as well, in ohio. >> more college whites in pennsylvania. the suburbs of pennsylvania, philadelphia are the difference why ohio is tougher for a democrat. >> the smerconishes.
3:27 am
he always says the people who live where i live say -- >> panel, thank you very much. stay with cnn all day and night tomorrow for complete election coverage. we have every race covered for you and every result. trump and clinton. as you just saw, they are leaving it all out on the field. how's it shaping up for each candidate? we'll take you to the key battlegrounds and get a feel on the ground, next. when heartburn hits, fight back fast with tums smoothies. it starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue. and neutralizes stomach acid at the source. ♪ tum -tum -tum -tum smoothies! only from tums
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hillary clinton and donald trump launching battleground blitzes today. so, our correspondents have spread out across the country to take the pulse of the voters. let's check in with cnn's martin savidge. he is live in cleveland, ohio. we also have boris sanchez and jessica schneider in ann arbor michigan. let's start with you, martin. tell us what is going on in cleveland. >> cleveland saw a real spike in early voting over the weekend. they have been holding early voting in the state since
3:32 am
october 12th but huge numbers here in cleveland and huge numbers all across the state. in fact, in a lot of places they broke records. early voting continues today and it goes until 2:00. they shut down just so they can start the regular voting tomorrow. that would seem to bode well for hillary clinton. >> all right, so, let's bounce over to you, boris. obviously, early voting with the latino population in florida and it's up over 100% from the last cycle and a big question comes down to that cuban vote, especially down there in south florida and which way they go and why. what's your feel on the ground? >> hey, good morning, chris. early voting ended just yesterday. there were lines all across cuban neighborhoods here in south florida. if you talk about miami-dade county. 80% of the turnout we had in 2012. it has been explosive. i would say things are divided generationally between the older cub cubans which are more gop
3:33 am
leaning. the other question is that i-4 corridor that we have been talking about. 1.2 million people have already voted in that area and right now democrats have a five percentage point advantage. the big question is, though, as we get closer to election day, will that advantage last? remember, president obama had a 100,000 vote lead going into election day and that went down to 70,000. right now split between democrats and republicans in florida is at about 30,000 votes. >> okay. thanks so much, boris. let's check in with miguel marquez in pittsburgh. what are you seeing, miguel? >> well, we are seeing pennsylvanians ready to vote. there is no early voting here. so, all the action happens tomorrow 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. here across pennsylvania. both clinton and trump have made a huge play for this state. it is a blue leaning state. a republican hasn't won here since 1988. clinton was here on friday. she was then in philly on
3:34 am
saturday. she will be back in pittsburgh today and then philly later tonight to make her closing argument tonight with the president and his wife. trump will be here tonight, as well. do you think they want pennsylvania? they absolutely do. for the clintons, it is a firewall against donald trump having other options. for donald trump, it is an absolute must. he thinks he can get those rust belts, blue collar, white voters out there in big enough numbers to overcome any clinton lead that is going to be a very big uphill battle. alisyn? >> thanks, miguel. let's go over to jessica schneider. that's traditionally a democratic state. trump thinks he has a shot. you are in ann arbor, university of michigan big campus there. millennial vote for the clintons. what are you seeing there? >> chris, it has been a folks for the clintons, especially since bernie sanders eked out a win in the primary here by about one point. the president of the united states will be here on the university of michigan campus
3:35 am
around noon today trying to energize that millennial vote. they want people to get out to the polls because like pennsylvania, michigan does not have an early vote. they need to keep their base energized up until tomorrow and actually get people out there. donald trump is making a play here in michigan because the polls here have tightened considerably in the last few days. a poll that came out at the end of last week showed hillary clinton up four points. that was a stark difference from the poll that was taken in early october that had her up 11 donald trump has been concentratin concentrating, donald trump's thinking that if he could flip mccomb county which in the past two presidential elections voted for president obama and if he can flip that and perhaps if turnout isn't as great in detroit, he could take michigan. >> victor blackwell.
3:36 am
obviously, all eyes on north carolina. that seems to be the watershed state this time around. what are you seeing? >> yeah, this is the big battleground county. wake county here in the battleground state. of the last six elections, democrats have won three times and republicans have won three times and the big story here is also early voting. wake county smashed the records of 2012. this cycle with more than 300,000 early votes cast in 2012 about 360,000 votes cast. let me put that into context. more people here in wake county have voted than the total number of registered voters in north carolina's 100 counties. but the candidates will be back to clean up the rest of it here in wake county and xrooacross t state. former president clinton will be in greensboro to the west and tim kaine will be in wilmington on the coast and the clintons. hillary clinton, bill clinton and chelsea clinton will be back
3:37 am
here for a midnight rally in raleigh tonight. >> all right, victor blackwell, thank you very much. it's certainly going to be a bellwether. what happens in north carolina, people will keep their eyes on that. thank you to all of you. >> bells, water, they all go together. all making weird impacts on us. so, this is your big day tomorrow. what are you going armed with? hopefully information about the ideas that matter for you. we've been doing this for the last week. all the different issues. how about immigration? comprehensive immigration reform is a goal that has alluded congress for years. hillary clinton and donald trump are making big promises, but those promises take the country in vastly different directions. let's look at each. we'll start with, well, whoever you want. >> let's do trump. >> okay. >> the cornerstone as you know, chris, of trump's campaign to build a massive wall on the u.s./mexico border that he says mexico will pay for. trump's wall has become a rallying cry for his supporters.
3:38 am
>> and we're going to build that wall that is going to be a great wall. let me just tell you, mexico's going to pay for the wall. we're going to have big, beautiful doors on that wall and people are going to come into our country and they're going to come into our country. people, lots of people are going to come into our country. but they're coming into our country legally. >> chris, as you know, in addition to the wall trump also initially called for the mass deportation of 11 or 12 million undocumented immigrants that are estimated to be living in the u.s. but since winning the republican nomination, he has softened that hard line stance. he now says he will focus on deporting the criminals and the gang leaders and tripling the number of immigration agents to help handle that job. >> come is essentially the mission right now. it's interesting, even his tone has changed in talking about the wall. used to be so angry and every time he didn't like something, the wall would get higher. now, different trump. put forward a number of proposals to strengthen
3:39 am
immigration laws and the so-called catch and release program reversing president obama's efforts to protect so-called dreamers. implementing a nationwide everify system and stopping birth right citizenship. >> the final proponent is that ban on immigrants from countries that says are compromised by terrorism. that includes syrian refugees. initially proposed banning all muslims but he has since shifted. hillary clinton the centerpiece there is a pathway to full and equal citizenship for undocumented immigrants. she has also said she is going to defend obama's executive actions to protect dreamers. here's a sample. >> i don't want to rip families apart. i don't want to be sending parents away from children. i think we are both a nation of immigrants and we are a nation of laws and that we can act accordingly and that's why i'm introducing comprehensive immigration reform within the first 100 days with a path to
3:40 am
citizenship. >> in that plan, clinton says she's going to focus resources on deporting only undocumented immigrants that pose a threat to public safety. >> to make it easier for immigrants to integrate and welcome as many as 65,000 syrian refugees into the united states. >> that's still nothing like european countries are pledging to do. clinton has not laid out specific border security plans but does pledge to protect the u.s. borders and calls trump's wall a fantasy. >> so, there you have the difference on their positions on that. we hope it helps you tomorrow. meanwhile a chilling account into reclaim mosul. arwa damon and her team survived an attack by isis. we're going to show you their incredible video and speak to her about these moments, next.
3:41 am
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there's a bloody and dangerous fight ranging in mosul to take back that city from isis. arwa damon has been reporting from the front lines and this weekend she was trapped in the middle of the fierce gun battle
3:45 am
with iraq. after surviving a 28-hour siege. we know you have had a harrowing past 28 hodays. tell us everything you saw. >> it was me and cameraman and i have to say, alisyn, when it comes to the battle against isis in mosul there is absolutely no room for error. after three weeks of this offensive, the iraqi military is at last about to enter mosul. the men of the elite counterterrorism force are in high spirits. but after the open plains of northern iraq, they are about to meet a terrible new reality. this is not a place these soldiers know, but their enemy does. the challenge they're facing right now is that there are snipers on rooftops and receiving incoming mortar that
3:46 am
civilians which makes it almost impossible for the counterterrorism units to be able to fire back. the three cars have disappeared down the side street. to the right. >> reporter: already there is a sense that this will be a different battle. civilians are still waving white flags, but the roads are getting narrower. we're in isis territory, it's clearly marked. the convoy slows down. and on the soldiers' faces, nerves begin to show.
3:47 am
and then the roads give way to muddy allies. tlez there's no where to turn. . it's heartbreaking that some families are still here. his 19-year-old daughter. >> she's crying. she's accepted into the university, but she never went. her brother is paralyzed with fear. cowering with his mother in the back. then a car approaches. frantic shouted warnings.
3:48 am
clearly, he's not a bomber. but he's critically injured. minutes later, he is dead. an innocent taxi driver, it would seem. in the wrong place at the wrong moment. now there's more incoming fire. they have been coming across quite a bit of sniper fire, gun fire, mortar rounds, rocket-propelled grenades and, of course, those car bombs. >> reporter: even in the midst of battle, moments of humanity. but they're all too fleeting. isis fighters are on the rooftops. three grenades land in the
3:49 am
street. >> just i look at this. >> reporter: how did you get this? >> grenade. >> reporter: bullets ricochet off our vehicle intensifying as we go forward. then a suicide car bomb weright behind us. there was a flash of orange. ears ringing. then, another. that was the second massive explosion like that. the first one we heard was a suicide car bomb. and it exploded on the vehicles that are just behind us. there are a number of soldiers just running in the street. one was carrying his buddy who seemed to be wounded.
3:50 am
they spot enemy movement. the incoming fire is now intense. the bulldozer is hit. our vehicle takes more fire. soldiers shoot at a motor bike racing towards us. it's hit. we hear the hiss of a tire losing air. we realize we're trapped. vehicles, wreckage, everywhere. takes a direct hit. [ bleep ].
3:51 am
>> what are we doing? >> i don't know. i honestly don't know. >> we need to go in this house. >> he's in there. we take cover. injured soldiers and a terrified family. reece, too, has a small head wound. more wounded arrive. injured himself, staff sergeant ahmed treats hiss head wound. isis has systematically targeted and disabled almost every vehicle in our convoy. there are only three working humvees. it's been hours since they
3:52 am
called for backup and none has arrived. they need to evacuate their own wounded. they don't even have enough vehicles to get everyone out and that's assuming that they would even be able to do so because they say there's still isis fighters on all sides. later, isis released its own video of the battle. they had filmed the very house where we were taking shelter from just across the street. it's almost dark. the front line has moved right next to the house where we have sheltered. we need to move, but every time we try, gunfire drives us back . it's complete chaos and absolutely terrifying. we need to get to a humvee five steps away. finally, we make a run for it. clambering in as quickly as we can.
3:53 am
but there are so many damaged vehicles in our way, our humvee gets entangled in another. we break free, but go just ten yards. a long and frightening night in hiding follows. we had no idea that isis fighters were filming the war they recovered from the regimen's wrecked vehicles just down the street. it's dawn and we're still alive. we're with more than a dozen wounded soldiers. only six who are not. ammunition is running low. it's been almost 0 hours since
3:54 am
they first called for backup and sent out the alarm that they were surrounded and we are still waiting. the soldiers with us are exhausted, but determined. they know they're in this fight alone. on the rooftop, they scan for isis fighters. the soldiers get ready for the attack they know is coming. someone has been shot. the grief of a woman yards away is almost hideous. where is she, he yells. and then it erupts, again. isis has the house surrounded. our only defenders are mostly the walking wounded. a grenade lands in the courtyard. more wounded are brought in.
3:55 am
they tell us it was tossed by an isis fighter in the house behind us. an air strike hits the house and brings down the outer wall of the home we're in. the family we're with hide underthe staircase. one of the boys cries, i don't want to die. hours later, a moment of other relief. our regim our regimen arrived. we are lucky, we can leave the combat zone. these men will have to return. the battle for mosul has only just begun. >> arwa, you made that very
3:56 am
powerful point there at the end of it. amazing piece of the reality of war, which is for those men, this is every day that they have to stay there. how are you doing? how is your photographer? >> we're good, chris. we're fine. we're very lucky. we're very relieved and i think we've walked away from all of this with a greater level of understanding of what it means to be in the middle of this fight against isis. hopefully that has also been conveyed to our viewers because it is incredibly important that they understand what they're trying to fight against and we also have a much greater degree of empathy for the civilians that are trapped in all of this. to see them and to feel as frightened as they were in some of these moments hiding helpless, not being able to protect yourself, not being able to protect the people you love. hopefully that's been conveyed to the viewers, as well. because it's just as important that we do understand what it is
3:57 am
that these civilian populations are going through. not just when it comes to what life under isis is like, but when it comes to the battle raging around you. >> arwa, we can't remember a more vivid depiction of what people live there than what you have just given us. so many chilling moments of your video and everything that you just lived through. when you had to wait, why did you have to wait 20 hours for backup to come? >> backup couldn't get to the unit to put it very simply. isis had very carefully planned this, it would seem. they lured the troops in. there was very little resistance in the first two neighborhoods that we went through. they waited until they were stuck on the very narrow streets that you cannot retreat from easily and then they launched that complex. you saw unfolding there for 28
3:58 am
hours. the backup units. two units were sent out and both could not arrive because they both got bogged down because of the fighting that they encountered. they encountered against isis. the other take away from all this is not just how sophisticated of an enemy isis is but intelligence known. prior to this a lot of the reporting and intelligence that we were getting and others were getting from numerous different sources is how isis was moving its fighters and assets from the east to the west. everyone pretty much expected the east to relatively speaking fall very quickly. obviously, that is not the case. i think in talking to the soldiers, as well, they knew the battle was going to be tough when it came to mosul. they all said they did not expect it to be this tough, not in the initial stages. >> all right, arwa, thank you very much. nobody knows how to do the job any better than you, but, please, stay safe and stay in touch. two big take aways there.
3:59 am
used to seeing journalists like us in harm's way at war, but usually with american troops. very different deal with these coalition forces. arwa has an organization called nrara to take care of those families that get injured during this fight. that foundation is one of the few. >> i'll tweet it out and put it on facebook for you. a lot of news. tomorrow is a big election and you just saw part of the stakes. this is a world at war. let's get to it. >> it's time to close the history books on the clintons. >> are you ready to vote on tuesday? >> you can't review 650,000 new e-mails in eight days. you can't do it, folks. >> the fbi clears hillary clinton, again. >> we're glad to get that news, but not surprised. >> this is a marathon. we're not playing games, right? >> i'm really ready to get to work. >> don't vote for her. she'll be a lousy president anyway. believe me. >> it is a choice between
4:00 am
strong, steady leadership or a loose canon who could put everything at risk. >> this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyon camerota. up first this 11-hour break for hillary clinton. the fbi deciding not to charge her with a crime after reviewing thousands of newly discovered e-mails. trying to get past the cloud of suspicion and reuniting the country. >> this is proof that the system is rigged and he does not believe that the fbi could go through the e-mails they say they went through. he is asking for the american people to deliver justice at the polls. now, the candidates are staging a battleground blitz. you will not believe how many places they're going in one day. we have it all covered for you. let's begin with cnn justice correspondent pamela brown live in washington with the latest


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