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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  November 7, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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at the supermarket buying cheese. scandal alert! flo likes dairy?! woman: busted! [ laughter ] right afterwards we caught her riding shotgun with a mystery man. oh, yeah! [ indistinct shouting ] is this your chauffeur? what?! no, i was just showing him how easy it is to save with snapshot from progressive. you just plug it in and it gives you a rate based on your driving. does she have insurance for being boring? [ light laughter ] laugh bigger. [ laughter ] here we go. we are live in washington, d.c., the beautiful shot over the cnn, the white house, the washington monument, blue skies on this monday afternoon. thrilled to be here live in our nation's capital. i'm brooke baldwin. thank you for being with us.
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i just want to welcome viewers here in the united states and all around the world. you are watching cnn's special coverage of the presidential election. one more day until, as both candidates are calling it, the most consequential day in modern political history. americans, you will be choosing the president tomorrow. and the race will go all the way past midnight tonight. hillary clinton and donald trump, are both due to speak at rallies well after the prime time hours tonight as they bombard these battleground states. hillary clinton has four events, including one moments from now in michigan. we'll dip in. also donald trump will be speaking shortly from north carolina, one of five states he'll be covering today. let's begin the hour on the
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campaign trail with her campaign. brianna keilar is in pittsburgh where she kicked off her final day of her campaign. you have been on the bus for us. a fresh view from the trail. nice digs. tell me -- or are you on the plane? have you gone from the bus to the plane? >> reporter: we're on the plane right now. if i have to say good-bye abruptly it's because we're about to taxi momentarily. i want to give you a peek into what it was like on the plane. you are in the press cabin of hillary clinton's plane. this is full of reporters, photographers, still photographers, tv photographers, all of these people who have given the better part of the last year of their live to covering this campaign day in and day out. at this point in time, without a whole lot of sleep. we're getting ready to head from pittsburgh, which is where we are currently. then we're going to go to grand rapids, michigan, for the second
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of four stops that hillary clinton is going to be taking today. after grand rapids, she goes on to philadelphia. so, you know, pennsylvania is so key when we're in pittsburgh, heading to michigan, then coming back to philadelphia and she'll end the night in ral leieigh, n carolina. north carolina so important to her path to 270 electoral votes. when we began this trip in white plains, new york, and hillary clinton said, of course, that she's happy that we're nearing the end here and it's all about turnout, which is really is. but she also said that she realizes she has work to do to bring the country together. of course, talking as if she is going to take the white house. there is some confidence. i'm sure you've been hearing this from clinton folks that they put in the work and that they will, with some of the early votes that they're seeing and some turnout, especially with latino voters, that they
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feel like they'll be able to have a success tomorrow. of course, we don't know at this moment. this is the last mad dash. >> i'll let you sit down for the dash. buckle up. brianna keilar on her way to michigan. she mentioned the latino vote, and the segue is north carolina, which could be a game-changer. donald trump has a very narrow path to victory if he loses the traditionally red states. according to cnn's poll of polls, it's tight. right now hillary clinton holds 45% of support from likely voters compared to trump's 43%. let's go to gary tuchman in charlotte, north carolina. this state, underscore how key it is for these candidates come tomorrow. >> reporter: extremely key, brooke. we sense a lot of enthusiasm here on the campus of unc-ch unc-charlotte and throughout
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north carolina. not because of a love of the candidates but because the recognition this state is so primo. our polls show hillary clinton up by two points. if she wins it would be the last time in 40 years a democrat has won in the state. barack obama winning in 2008 by less than one percentage point. in 1978 jimmy carter also winning. hillary clinton would love to win again. donald trump would love to win. donald trump probably needs to win. it's hard to envision the mathematics necessary to win the presidential race for donald trump without winning the state of north carolina. there's 16 days of early voting in this state. 3.1 million people voted in the earlying voting. what that all means is this, it's 15% higher than four years ago. it shows you that level of enthusiasm and the level of awareness. that's one of the things, brooke, that's really impressive. not just here in north carolina but around the country. i've covered a lot of presidential elections. the awareness people have been-b this election, paying attention to all the facts and figures and
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watching all the television news about it. i've never seen recognition in all the years i've covered presidential elections. back to you. >> we were talking, the increase of latino turnout just in florida from 2008 to 2016. gary tuchman, thanks much in charlotte. let me bring in my panel and we can parse through this. glor glor gloria borges, dana bash and cnn political commentator, writer at "the federalist." happy to see you. >> happy to see you. >> can you believe we arrived at this moment? let me springboard, michael, off gary tuchman's topic about hispanics. i saw on twitter you had -- >> i want to be on record. >> you are officially. >> every december we have that debate on my radio program.
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we bring a gust from "time" magazine on. there are the usual suspects. this year i think it might be obvious that the hispanic voter -- i've been rereading that autopsy report commissioned by ryan priebus and there's a particular line in there saying if hispanics perceive their nominee doesn't care about their presence in the country they wouldn't follow the next sentence out his or her mouth. that might come back to haunt. >> you agree? >> totally. >> 100%, 100%. i think you're exactly right. you know, not unusual, of course. >> oh, yeah. unusual when it comes to trump. you don't know my record. >> i do. that was a little sarcasm. but seriously, i think there's no question. and just look at the early voting. we were talking about it all -- backstage about the early voting in florida, in particular, which is always a bellwether state. donald trump has said explicitly that he needs to win florida to win the white house.
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i mean, he could win without it, but it's very, very difficult. and just the explosion of the latino vote is not something that is unexpected. that's the other thing, is that, you know, anybody who has studied politics even a little bit and demographics as they relate to politics saw this is coming from a mile away about the increase in the latino vote. combine that with what seems to be a fervor for hillary and maybe more importantly against donald trump, that i totally agree is probably going to be the story tuesday night. >> in the autopsy report when they tarp you can being the latino vote, it wasn't getting at latinos to vote against republican. >> exactly. >> it was getting latinos to vote for the republican presidential candidate. and i remember talking to mitt romney after 2012, and he had 27%, i believe. >> 27%. >> of the latino vote. he said to me at the time, if i only had a few more points in the latino vote, i could have -- i could have won the presidency.
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now, that may or may not be true, but that was his thought. what republicans needed to do was get out the latino vote but not for -- >> that's part of it but had when you look at the other states they're swinging through, just today, and there's a possibility tomorrow, traditionally when they would both be voting in new york, that they could add campaign stops. on the blue wall we talk about these blue states that traditionally go democrat. to you, let me just ask, the fact that we will be seeing the president in michigan, hillary clinton, we saw the campaign plane heading to michigan. does that signal fear ordoes that signal, we're not taking anything for granted, we're here, we need your vote before we roll on to philly? >> this is the strange power of donald trump is that he request have more appeal in a michigan, a pennsylvania, a ohio than mitt romney did, even when he doesn't have a ground game, even when he may not be spending money on tv, he can still be powerful in those places. they know that. the thing about where they are,
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is they're throwing blocks, though. >> who's the they? >> hillary clinton's campaign is throwing blocks. north carolina is for donald trump, a must win for them is we're going to block your path. and the problem for him remains, he has to do things right in so many states. and she just has to block his path. >> you were saying earlier, he kind of has to be perfect. he kind of has to be perfect and perfection is -- >> he will tell you he is but i'm not sure the operation will be in each of these states but he has to have things fall his way. >> you all have covered so many of these different campaigns, gloria, and i would defer to you on in the final 24 hours, the where they are versus the message, the we will win, we are on offense. >> well, they both want you to believe they're on offense. first of all, we've had 40 million early votes at this time. it is -- it changes the face of where they're going and the
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entire race. we -- >> more people have voted in florida, already early voting and absentee in all of 2012. >> that's correct. i think you see hillary clinton focusing on states that haven't early voted, pennsylvania, michigan. you want to help your get out the vote effort. politics has become -- it's a game of love, of course, because you want to like the person you're voting for. but it is also a game of science at this point. data analytics, both sides, the republican national committee has upped its game tremendously from 2012. they knew they had a problem and they have handed their an lit ibs working hand in hand with the trump campaign. the democrats already had a great ground game. they continue to still have a great ground game. what they're trying to do now in the last minutes of this campaign is get people to the polls whatever way they can. that's why you see donald trump in five states because he's got
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to turn one of those blue states red. he knows it. >> and to your point, you know, the campaigns and the political parties have adopted so much of the way that they try to get voters to sign onto a candidate from the business world. i mean, they're kind of trying to sell donald trump and hillary clinton the way kellogg's sells a cereal. it's obviously incredibly different in terms of the product -- >> really bad cereal. >> well, yeah, that's the thing, but if you're hungry, maybe not so much. but, you know, to the point where, you know, they go in and they know you, brooke baldwin, you like x, y and z. your issues are on foreign policy, you care about what's going to happen with the environment, and then they try to sell you the candidate based on the issues that you care most about. now, when there's a wave election or something that is beyond the data or bigger than
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the data, that might not matter, but for many voters, that is how these parties and these campaigns try to persuade. >> we have more on candidates and cereal and your hometown of philadelphia, mega party happening later. stick around, please, because let me remind you, donald trump, ivanka trump, president obama, hillary clinton all out making their last pitches to you today. we're standing by on monday, the day before the big day.
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you want the whole thing? yes, yes! live whole. not part. aleve. that just tastes better. with more vitamins. and 25% less saturated fat. only eggland's best. better taste. better nutrition. better eggs. welcome back. you're watching cnn special live koj here in washington, d.c. i'm brooke baldwin. let's talk about another huge factor tomorrow on election day, the weather. right now looks like voters in all-important battleground states, the ones here on your map in yellow, won't have too many issues with the weather but let's triple-check with meteorologist in the cnn weather center. tom, what's the headline? >> how about two words va haven't been used to describe this election, pleasant, calm. really looks good.
11:18 am
there are some trouble spots. it seems like the last year and a half it's been building high pressure with intermittent spells of hot air. this is what's going on. rain will stay out of portland and seattle until polls close. all west coast looks great. a lot of sunshine. we have a storm system in the middle of the country. nothing severe, great news. the only accumulating snow, parts of alaska. history does show us, turnout is a big thing when it comes to the weather. this are a couple interesting little spots we're going to watch. cold front in the middle of the country, isolated showers in texas to louisiana. nothing that's going to keep people home. take a look at ohio. when we look at old reports of weather and forecasting, if it's prolonged rain, elderly voters will want to stay in. this moves in around 11:30 in toe looid lead dou toledo. nothing heavy, nothing severe but it could be a little uncomfortable for standing long
11:19 am
periods of time at the voting booth, volunteers, pollsters. this will stay here until the polls close. michigan is another one. doesn't move in until around 11:00 but we'll find it heavier to the south and it will stay in the detroit area until the polls close. this is where it will get a little more cool rain, more chilly, uncomfortable again. florida is interesting. they've got an east wind but the weather is cooperating. what we saw in 2000 was many reports say al gore could have won florida if they didn't have wet weather all day. keeping some voters away. no problems there. overall, it will be cool. most locations by the end of the day, brooke, will be 15 degrees warmer than average. you can't ask for more than this. most of the activity will be in michigan and ohio. let's hope for a cold front just to cool everybody down for a while. >> i like it. so gorgeous here in washington. we were just thinking, it's so odd it's so beautiful here in november. tom, thank you. let me bring back my panel here. all these voices. to the guy who lives in
11:20 am
philadelphia, you know, big night in your town tonight. you have the clintons, you have jon bon and bruce, a little thunder road, and, of course, the first lady and michelle obama. this is unprecedented. let me say this, unprecedented to have a president being such a central surrogate in any campaign. >> bon jovi signed on first and now it's the boss's show. the big story from help, the septa strike, mass transit, is resolved. i knew that was a case. bob brady, chair of the democratic committee and has labor cred. i knew he wouldn't let that stand in the way of an election. no one has an excuse to not get out and vote. the president's role is to energize the african-american base so hillary clinton can come out of philadelphia with a head of steam to offset the losses she'll sustain elsewhere in the
11:21 am
state, neil oxman said it first, that alabama that exists between philadelphia and pittsburgh. i live in the philadelphia suburb. i would be wealthy if every time someone invoked the philadelphia suburbs. my entire family votes. i've already voted. it's not the suburbs. it's the lehigh valley. the busrbs are going for her. tell me what happens in the lehigh valley, which is on the edge of poconos and trump country. don't underestimate the role of the boss. i'm reading "born to run," his memoir. it's fabulous. he writes about and knows that trump constituency. >> this is where i'm going to disagree with me. this is hard as a jersey girl, as you would say "sophie's choice "request, when the boss shows up, you have to step aside, maybe even bow.
11:22 am
>> agree, agree. >> one for team bon jovi over here. >> you can have it. >> bruce, bruce. >> let's focus. let's focus. you're right about lehigh valley. the one county, not to get too really into the weeds but this is what -- >> we love your nerdiness, lay it on us. >> i wear it well. chester county is the one area around those collar counties, the four counties around philadelphia -- >> isn't that where ivanka was? >> yes. that went for mitt romney. barely but went for mitt romney. it will be interesting for me to see if even that county goes democratic this time. i don't know, you know the area -- what town did you live in? >> i was born and raced in bucks county and have been in montgomery county -- >> definitely going hillary. >> definitely. usesd to be competitive. >> we'll see if we see this realignment that donald trump was talking about after he won the primaries, which was
11:23 am
effectively taking states like pennsylvania, states like ohio, michigan, maybe wisconsin, but, you know, taking states where he could grab the working class voters who feel so disenfranchised by the republican party and the democratic party and that he would be able to carve out victories in states republicans normally don't win. break through the blue wall, if you will, and even then some. he was talking about jersey, if i recall, jersey girl. >> he was, he was. >> he was talking about a huge realignment. we'll see if he can get a piece of that or if the demography is changing so quickly that the demographics favor the urban areas, the diverse areas. >> he's keeping it close without doing, let's be frank, the basics of the campaign. he's not spending the amount of
11:24 am
money you would normally see on tv, he doesn't have this ground game you would normally see. he's in dispute with his intern pollster whether they've been paid. it's a very different kind of race he's running. if he had done some of those things, i think he would have a much better chance of polling across the line and seeing that realignment. there were moments where you see that light and that possibility of a rust belt realignment but i'm not sure without the blocking and tackling they can do that. >> they're getting the models from the rnc. the question is whether they can use it. >> i think it's better model -- >> absolutely. >> ladies? >> thank you. >> thank you all. just a reminder, we'll have all day coverage of elections day on cnn. coming up, donald trump's campaign manager says donald trump has six different paths to victory tomorrow night. next we'll take a look at three battleground states out west that are likely part of trump's election day game plan. i'm brooke baldwin. here in the nation's capital.
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welcome to washington, d.c., i'm brooke baldwin. election day is hours away. hillary clinton and donald trump are making their last stands across key battleground states in this country. they have hit the ground running with final pitches to american voters and cnn is spread across the electoral map watching early voting numbers. let's begin with cnn national
11:30 am
correspondent in vegas, stephanie elam in salt lake city. >> reporter: they have taken the early voting numbers at this place. this is the culinary union 226. we're going to walk you through what is their phone banks. so, it's the early voting numbers that they're looking at and then they're individually going through that list, finding out who hasn't voted. if you look through each one of these booths, they're calling voters individually and asking them, have you voted? it says the secretary of state shows you haven't voted yet. we're hearing languages like spanish, what this union says they can do is they can bring out the latino vote. the latino vote here in nevada, absolutely critical. there are record numbers and democrat-leaning carr county. they say the people who have not voted in early vote, they're going to take them to the polls on tuesday and physically pick them up and drive them.
11:31 am
they made 25,000 calls from this phone bank, 400 people out on the road right now. they're going through the numbers here still, trying to make sure they can get as many to the polls as possible on tuesday. brooke? >> look at those volunteers. kyung, thank you n vegas. this time an independent candidate is turning utah into a three-way battle ground. let's go to stephanie elam in salt lake city. hey, stephanie. >> reporter: hi, brooke, yes. when you take a look at the election here in utah it's different because evan mcmullin is giving the two candidates a run for his money because he's a native son here. when you look at a local poll done on friday, he's in second place. it really is a very tight race here. so, here is what the situation looks like in salt lake county, one of the most densely populated counties in utah. pp they're processing ballots.
11:32 am
this is the only county with this machine. they have 245,000 ballots back by mail in this county, salt lake county, and 15,000, just under that, took advantage of early voting which wrapped up on friday. now, if you look at the big picture, 510,000 people are actively registered to vote here in salt lake county. they say they're sort of preparing for a tsunami. though just don't know in which way because they have to figure out whether or not more people will show up to vote or more ballots will come back. they have more drop boxes throughout the county. as soon as they finish this process, they take them, they count them, bring them over here. after they verify the voter information, they slice them open and drop them -- you can see she's doing that back here. slice them open, drop off the information, whose ballot it belongs to and they start opening up the ballots to see what these people are voting for. i can tell you a lot of people
11:33 am
are writing in mitt romney. the problem with that, in 2012 he came away with 87% of the voter turnout in this county, very different this time. a lot of people writing in mitt romney's name. he did not say he wanted to be a candidate. he had to do that by september 9th. a lot of people writing a lot of different names, mickey mouse, things we're seeing on the ballot. still not clear what's going to happen here but just pointing to the fact that a lot of people just looking for different conveys to vote this time around, brooke. >> stephanie, thank you for the behind the scenes look there in salt lake. let's go to arizona, another state in the west turned into a surprising battleground. trump holds a narrow lead in the polls as hillary clinton hopes for a boost from hispanic voters. dan simon is live in phoenix. what are you seeing? >> reporter: hey, brooke, we're at the arizona democratic headquarters. all of these people behind me, these are all volunteers calling supporters, trying to get out the vote. they also just got their boxes of kfc, so it's all good.
11:34 am
but this is a reliably red state. only one democrat in the past 64 years has carried the state of arizona. in case you're wondering, it was bill clinton in 1996. they think they have a legitimate shot this year with hillary. one reason why is the hispanic vote. they think if they can get large numbers of latinos to come out and vote, they can actually carry the state. they say they're seeing some positive evidence. when you look at the early vote, they're seeing a surge of latinos casting their ballots early, more than double in terms of what they saw in 2012. if you look at the entire landscape in arizona, early voting has been off the charts. more than half the folks have already cast their ballots. a lot of people are saying this is a must win state for donald trump. he's ahead right now by five point. he's been here seven times. he's put a lot of resources into this state but once again, the democrats think they have a shot. there's a reason why tim kaine was here last week speaking to voters spirely in spanish. we'll wait to see what happens.
11:35 am
the nation will be watching to see which way arizona goes. brooke, back to you. >> dan, thank you so much. for the look at arizona, fried chicken makes everything better. coming, donald trump speaking at any moment along with his own daughter, then president obama and hillary clinton will appear. plus, both candidates within a mile of one another tomorrow night in new york. did you realize that? same city, mile apart. what will they be doing up until then? how will they be spending election day? we have new insight into that. (vo) what's your dog food's first ingredient? corn? wheat? in purina one true instinct grain free, real chicken is always #1. no corn, wheat or soy. support your active dog's whole body health with purina one.
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we are waiting for donald trump to take the stage at the stair fairground in raleigh, north carolina. it's wedged between florida, michigan, new hampshire. she's busy, busy. so is she. on the left-hand side of your screen is president obama, who will be speaking shortly in new hampshire. nice to have both of you on. happy election eve. let me begin with you because we know that the clinton plane is en route to michigan. the president will be speaking in ann arbor. why this 11th hour stop in michigan? is it nerves for the democrats? >> no, it's not nerves. i think that what we're talking about in these last 48 hours before the election are states that vote on election day. you saw hillary clinton and her powerful surrogates even beyond,
11:41 am
say, in ohio the other night. i still can't get over that. you saw surrogates that went to states with early voting. now in these last few days here you saw her go to michigan, new hampshire, states that vote on election day, to make sure our field operation has all of the volunteers, enthusiasm and organization to get out the vote tomorrow. >> and to matt on the trump campaign. five states, it's incredible how they managed to zigzag up until the last moments, even potentially tomorrow. is there anywhere you wish you had seen more of mr. trump, anything he should be saying messagewise the last 24 hours? >> you know what, he has been so on message. you know, i think that's been the most shocking thing, is that he has been scripted -- >> stay on point, donald, stay on point. >> he even channeled out loud that's what he wants to do. i think that's why his poll numbers have been so healthy. i love the fact we're playing in
11:42 am
these states that six months ago democrats would have said they had in the bag. i love the fact he's in michigan talking about wisconsin, spending so much time in pennsylvania. i think he's actually going to win new hampshire. and then we have these closed states like florida and north carolina. i love the fact we're playing on their turf. and i love the fact that they're also playing on their turf. what's strange is you don't see her going to oklahoma. they got cocky and talked about going to texas. that's not where races are. the race is in these blue to purple states. if donald trump picks off just one outside the states we normally get, he could win. >> what could hurt him, though, is the hispanic turnout. >> sure. >> that's the final -- that has been the surprise for a lot of folks, just looking -- even the state of florida, for example, hispanic turnout is up 103% this year over, say, 2008. that said, what hasn't been as high as been the african-american vote. we know the president and first
11:43 am
lady will be stumping in philadelphia reaching out to black voters. why do you think those numbers are down? >> look, when you're comparing yourself to the first black president, that's an uphill battle for anyone, any candidate. and i think that when you look at north carolina, the last day of early voting in north carolina, african-american turnout actually exceeded 2012 levels. so, what we're seeing now is african-americans getting mobilized, getting organized in order to go to the polls tomorrow. and i think that things are looking good. i was just in philadelphia this weekend. the line for volunteers was out of the door and around the block. i think that when you're talking about enthusiasm, certainly, with early voting, folks are coming around, making sure they have all their documentation, they know where their polling location is. they're being directly contacted by our 1 million strong army of volunteers all around the country to ensure that folks are showing up tomorrow on election day. so, hopefully we'll be successful. i think when you're comparing
11:44 am
yourself to the first black president, i think that's going to be a little tough for anybody involved. maybe not beyonce, but anybody else it's going to be a little hard. >> all right. i feel beyonce love from you today. i feel it. but -- >> i just have to keep saying it. >> i know. she's awesome, but she may not translate to as many hopes as you hope for. when you look at the "dolans unscripted," it-- dow, it's gan busters. we were talking about how citigroup came out they think if trump wins the presidency they think stocks will go down and the dow up so incredibly maybe because of comey's announcement yesterday clearing hillary clinton. what say you. >> this town behind me, washington, d.c., and manhattan wants hillary clinton to be president. no question about it. that donald trump is taking on both those cities. it doesn't surprise me that all those folks, all those institutional investors on wall street are feeling confident
11:45 am
that they see some polls, feel confident and the stock market goes up that should be a message to voters. if you want to change the way wall street does business, the way washington does business, that's one way to do that. that's to vote for donald trump. that's why these undecided voters in these polls, there's still a few percentage of voters who have not made up their mind. i think they break for donald trump for that very reason. they want to change things. >> you hope he's out and about campaigning tomorrow. do you know what hillary clinton's plans are for tomorrow, for election day? >> i don't know exactly what her plans are for election day. i do know we're going to be make shurg we're making as many direct voter contacts as possible. it's not necessarily about what hillary clinton is doing but it's about what our million strong army of volunteers are doing to ensure that we're making sure everybody's getting to the polls. that's where our focus is. anything you hear hillary clinton say from now until tomorrow night is all going to be about making sure that we're getting people to the polls because that is what this is about.
11:46 am
>> thank you so much. i appreciate it. we're getting news into cnn here. the clinton campaign is responding to ads claiming she is under investigation. the campaign has now issued a legal warning. let's go straight to our justice correspondent, evan perez. what is this about? what are you hearing? >> that's right, brooke. what's happening is the campaign has sent legal letters to broadcasters say they shouldn't any longer air these ads from pro-trump super pacs that claim hillary clinton is still under investigation by the fbi. the letters from the general counsel for hillary for president, they claim they are no longer true, provably false is the language they use in in letter. it lists some pro-trump pacs including rebuilding america now and future 45 and lists the
11:47 am
title of these ads. these are pretty tough ads that basically say clinton when she comes into the white house, if she is elected, is essentially going to bring not only her baggage but actively under investigation by the fbi. obviously, everything changed in that respect after the director of the fbi, james comey, sent a letter yesterday saying essentially the investigation was over and that they were sticking by their determination back in july that there should be no charges against hillary clinton for her use of a private server while she was secretary of state. what's interesting about this, brooke, is that obviously we're talking about hours left in the campaign, just over a day now. and the campaign wants to make sure that those voters who are still there, trying to make their decision, aren't getting bombarded by these ads that are pretty tough that say clinton is still under investigation. last night, by the way, kellyanne conway, the campaign manager told anderson cooper, i guess, now that comey has made
11:48 am
his announcement, they have to remove some claims from those ads, brook. . >> evan, thank you so much. do you to want have a chance to be featured in cnn's election day coverage? tag your instagram post wi with #myvote. let us know who you voted for and where. and we will show them throughout the day here on cnn. again, #myvote. we are keeping tabs on you'll these candidates and sure gates today. live pictures. donald trump set to speak in the key battleground state of north carolina. we will take that live. i'm brooke baldwin and this is cnn special live coverage.
11:49 am
11:51 am
11:52 am
. welcome back. we're live in washington, d.c. i'm brooke baldwin. let me throw this out at you. tens of millions of voters have already cast their ballot but it's the surge in latino early voting that could signal trouble for donald trump's campaign for president. his hispanics have turned out in
11:53 am
record numbers compared to 2012 and 2008. if those voters are supporting hillary clinton, they could make donald trump's path to 270 quite difficult. nate reston is here with me, but mark, let me go to you first. the numbers are so key, especially in the battleground states, florida and north carolina. >> yeah, let's take a look at those right now. overall, brooke, in 39 states, more than 37.5 million people have already cast an early ballot. now, that's a conservative estimate. we expect that number to be higher now than the latest data we have seen. as you said, let's go into the state of florida right now. 6.4 million people, more than that have actually cast early ballots in the state of florida. what is the breakdown in the end? well, let's see what the increase is. we saw 41% increase amongst white voters, 13% increase amongst black voters. look at that bottom line right
11:54 am
here. 103% increase in ballots cast by hispanics from 2008 to 2016, which is significant. let us now go down to north carolina. we look at north carolina. about 2.6 million people have cast ballots. that number could be a little higher. a little into the weeds a little bit and a little into the numbers. we look at the percentage changes from 2012 to 2016. 4% increase amongst white voters. 0.5% for african-americans and a lot of talk about the drop-off in the african-american vote, a lot of democrats are hoping that the hispanic vote fills that void. >> and that said, if these -- this historic sort of turnout of latino votes do spell good things for hillary clinton, my question to you, maeve, is then would donald trump, how would he have a path to victory? would he? >> i mean, it's just really
11:55 am
difficult to see when you look at those numbers in nevada and florida and north carolina. although a cnn analysis we did of early voting showed that she was underperforming where president obama was a little bit in north carolina, so maybe he'll have an edge there. but this may be the year, everyone talks about the hispanic vote as being the sleeping giant. they have a much larger share of the eligible vote population than turn out. this may be the year that donald trump galvanized voters for hillary clinton. so -- >> is it because what donald trump when he descended the escalator and made those comments about mexicans? do you think that's what galvanized latinos in this country or more than that? >> i think it started at that moment but having gone to citizenship workshops and places where they're registering voters all year, it was -- it was just sort of a repeated series of assaults that people felt like we're an assault on their heritage, particularly with the
11:56 am
judge, for example, that was almost like the straw that broke the camel's back because it was viewed as going after mexican-americans at that point. and trump has never done much to undo that damage. clearly he has galvanized voters. that may be the big story tomorrow night. >> let's dip in and hear some of his final pitch. here he is speaking to a crowd in raleigh, north carolina. donald trump. >> so, we have thousands of people outside trying to get in, but we should start. do we agree? we should start so they'll come in. first of all, i want to thank you, special, special place. it's a special place with incredible people. in one day, do you believe this, in one day we are going to win the great state of north carolina and we are going to win back the white house.
11:57 am
this election will decide whether we are ruled by a corrupt political class, you're seeing what's happening. everybody's watching. or whether we are ruled by the people. we're going to be ruled by the people, folks. that is going to be the choice. our failed political establishment has delivered nothing but poverty, nothing but problems, nothing but losses. nothing but losses. we don't win as a country anymore. we're going to start winning again. they get rich by making america poor, in many cases. it's time to reject the media and political elite that has bled our country dry. this is among the most dishonest
11:58 am
people, folks. they rarely give you the truth. you know it and they know it. that's the scary part, they know it. it's time to fight for america. i'm not a politician, i can say proudly. my only special interest is you. it's you. we're going to bring back the jobs that have been stolen from you. we're going to bring back the wealth that has been taken from our country. we're going to bring back the miners and factory workers and steel workers. we're going to put them back to work. the economic policies of bill and hillary clinton have destroyed manufacturing in your state and throughout the entire country. the corrupt clintons gave us nafta. china's horrible entry into the
11:59 am
world trade organization. one of the disasters. the job-killing deal with south korea. that was a hillary clinton beauty. and the transpacific partners p partnership, which will be a total disaster. that hillary clinton said, this is the gold standard. and you know, it is -- she lied. she lied during the debate. she said -- hey, by the way, who won that debate? did we win that debate? but she lied during the debate. she said it was the gold standard and then she said she never said it. don't worry about coal. don't worry, we're bringing back coal. clean coal, clean coal, right? we're going to do clean coal. the miners are going to be back. not if hillary clinton gets in. the miners -- i guess you got to start thinking about something else, but the miners are going to be back. clean coal. clean coal. thinking about it, though, also
12:00 pm
people -- the press doesn't talk about it. donna brazile gets the questions during a debate, then it turns out to be a number of debates. who cares about donna brazile? she's turned out to be not what people thought. she gets -- illegally, illegally, she gets the questions to the debate. she then takes those questions and gives them to crooked hillary clinton. now, does crooked hillary report it? does she say, i shouldn't have these questions or these answers? i think they gave them the answers also, right? no she doesn't. i wonder if she had the questions in my debates? i don't think so because she didn't do that well. i don't think so. i don't think so. but the years of betrayal will end and they will end and they're going to end quickly. they're going to end as of the