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tv   CNN Newsroom With Erin Burnett  CNN  November 8, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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good afternoon, welcome to our viewers across the united
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states, around the world. i'm erin burnett. it's election day in america, the first polls close. let me tell you what we're looking at here. indiana and kentucky just three hours from now. we are live at polling places across the nation. we'll bring you updates throughout the hour. you can see the lines, americans turning out to do what is our great privilege, vote. in some areas turnout described as heavy and robust. in wisconsin and milwaukee county an election official calls turnout pretty strong, not enough to read into their record or not in terms of early voting irregularities, which is something many people were talking about. in north carolina, durham county officials tell cnn they've requested voting be extended by 90 minutes because there was a glitch in their electronic voter check in system. they had to go to paper. they need 90 more minutes. we'll have more on that later in the hour as we go through irregularities across the
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country. the electiresults of this will history. first woman president if hillary clinton wins, donald trump, the first washington outsider if he wins. we begin with jeff zeleny at the clinton headquarters in new york city. there's a glass krieling where you are. you pointed out something if she wins will play a large role in their comments. >> reporter: no doubt about that erin. she is preparing that speech but i'm told she's preparing another speech, very common for presidential candidates to have speeches on both sides but they are confident and spending much more time on a winning speech but they don't think this election is won by any means. erin, at this moment talking with aides within the last hour, this is where her team is looking right now. they believe that florida looks good for them. they feel confident about florida. they are keeping their eye closely on michigan and north carolina. they believe those two states
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will be among the closest of all. michigan is so interesting, erin. it's gone democratic in the last six presidential campaigns but at the end of the race became ground zero. donald trump held a rally in ground rapids shortly before midnight and she was there earlier in the day. so michigan will be the place to keep an eye on. the clinton war room is focusing on michigan but they believe they have many paths to 270 so when she comes here to the javits center on the west side of manhattan, her supporters are already are standing in line. there were at least 100 supporters lined up. the most important is going on in the battleground states. they are still trying to get out the vote, confident but not arrogant is how i would describe their mood inside the war rooms here at the javits center. >> jeff, thank you. now let's go to jim acosta also in new york where trump election
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headquarters are. jim, we were talking about trump. what do you do in these final hours when there is nothing to do? you've done any last phone interviews, you are sitting around. what is he doing? >> erin, he did do interviews earlier today on radio stations and it might be a preview of coming attractions. he was indicating in the radio interviews that if they smell trouble or what they perceive to be election trouble this may not end tonight in the view of the trump campaign and in the view of donald trump so that's something we have to keep our eye on. keeping in mind what he said at that last presidential debate in las vegas where he said "i'll keep you in suspense and let you know if i will concede if i lose this election." so that's something the whole nation will be watching. erin, i can tell you donald trump as we've been showing viewers all day, he voted earlier this morning. he got some boos as he walked into the polling place and there was the shot which showed donald
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trump watching his wife voting. and tonight he'll be at the mill top and midtown manhattan to watch these results come in and we'll hear from him later on this evening. jeff mentioned the state of michigan. i agree -- maybe this truck driver also agrees michigan is very much in play. they focused energy, time, and attention at the end of this race. donald trump was there at midnight raleigh supporters. internally they feel like they can -- michigan is one of their strongest states that they may potentially flip later tonight and if that happens hold on to your hats because if donald trump can win florida -- this is the theory insiede of the trump campaign, if he can win florida, ohio, north carolina and michigan, this night becomes more interesting and more
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suspenseful than people were expecting. one last thing i want to point out is that in the state of nevada trump campaign officials have filed a legal challenge. they are upset over election officials who allowed early voting to go bast their closing time, people who were standi ii in line were allowed to go past closing time. they're filing a heel challenge. that's not unusual but what's interesting is that the trump campaign is worried about the latino vote in nevada. they are concerned that may swing a state they need into hillary clinton's column tonight. erin? >> thank you very much. it's really about the road to 270 on both sides. mapping it out moment by moment obsessively in the final hours. david chalian is at the magic wall. david, what are the core states you are looking at as you take into account what we've seen today, turnout, for example, in these crucial battlegrounds.
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>> let's listen to what jim and jeff just told you about the map. remember, here's our battleground map. five remaining battleground states. hillary clinton only two away from 270 electoral votes. let's say the clinton campaign is feeling fantastic about nevada. let's give her that you heard jeff zeleny say they're feeling good about florida. i want to show you how important that michigan area is jim was talking about. let's give donald trump arizona. let's give him north carolina and the remaining battleground up here in new hampshire. if hillary clinton wins florida and nevada, those battleground states, she's at 303, he is still a good 36 electoral votes away. he would need not only michigan at that point, he would need pennsylvania. that would get him to 270 so just digging into michigan may not be enough if hillary clinton is putting those battleground states on the board so that's -- i think you should look very closely tonight at florida -- that's virginia, hang on. florida, north carolina, and
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michigan. those states will tell the story tonight, erin. >> thank you very much. what counties, before you go? what counties? we talked about states but there are counties perhaps in other states that might give you a sense, are there any that stand out? >> i'm looking at three counties. this is the 2012 map. this is the obama/romney race. let's start early in the evening in virginia and i'm going to go to fairfax county. barack obama won it by 21 points so it's not a battleground county but it's a suburban county that used to be republican that democrats have been digging into. margins matter. this is where we're going to see if donald trump is starting to overwhelm perform mitt romney or john mccain in a significant way. if this gap shrinks, look at the suburbs in other key states as well. another county is the battleground state of florida the tampa area in hillsboro county. barack obama won by seven points. he has been trending democratic
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of late, this is the place to look early on. polls close at 8:00 eastern in the state of florida. look at hillsboro county around tampa and look to see if donald trump is overperforming mitt romney or is hillary clinton extending the democratic edge there? finally erin, in indiana, this is more for fun than anything else, vigo county, it's only gotten it wrong twice since 1888. you see how close it was here in 2012, 49/49. look at the results in vigo county, indiana, near terre haute. >> all right, thank you. joining me now, mark preston, the executive editor for politics, maeve reston, political reporter manu raju, david gergen, bakari sellers, scottie nell hughes, maria cardona supporting hillary clinton and paris dennard supporting donald trump. interesting, david, we're talking about count iies and yo
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heard david talk about fairfax county, prince william is another one john king raised. it's the crucial suburbs trending democrat and help's saying not because of your college educated white suburban voters but because of a quickly growing latino segment. >> well, i think at the end of the day looking at prince william and looking at nevada, the sleeper story of the day may be the latino vote. i don't think anybody foresaw that we would have the outpouring of latinos in early voting we've seen. >> i did. [ laughter ] maria has been pushing on this thing for a long time but very few foresaw anything like the numbers that voted in florida in early voting and if latinos drive florida into hillary camp, it will be so crucial. they're very important in nevada, they're important in colorado, important in arizona. but, listen, i think it's going to change our politics if the
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latino vote -- it's always been lower than the black vote, other groups. if it comes out like this, one of the things it will do is put pressure on the congress to pass an immigration bill. the republicans will have to an immigration bill if he has any hope of becoming a majority party. >> is it a one-time wonder, maria, because they dislike donald trump as opposed to this is a seismic shift in this country? >> no, and let me tell you why. it's the one demographic growing that is growing gang busters. 800,000 latinos turn 18 every year and that will be the case for the next 10, 20, 50 years for the foreseeable future so these are trends republicans aren't -- they're not changing their politics to match that. they'll be in big trouble if they don't do what david said. latino decisions, which is one of the premier pollsters who know how to poll latinos did an election eve poll last night and what they demonstrated is
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something that to me demonstrates how the immigration issue and the rhetoric that donald trump and the republicans have been using against latinos is focused on their mobilization. the immigration issue came out on top of jobs and the economy for the first time in a very long time in terms of the number-one issue that latinos are going to the polls to register their concern and intensity about. >> but it's not just -- and it's not just in some of these swing states. that's what will be fascinating. in california you have seen huge, massive increases in latino registration which could affect other races all the way down to, like the mayor's race of l.a. and i think that there is -- i mean, i think there is a one-time effect here in some ways with donald trump because so many of the voters we've been talking to in battleground states, latino voters are so angry at what he's said over and over again and they could not wait to get out there and vote
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against him and were making sure members of their family were register sod there is a clear effect in terms of him value vannizing the latino vote this year. >> mark? >> we're talking in broad sweeps about how important they are but let me give you raw numbers of where we stand based upon early vote. only a few states require to give you the ethnicity of early votes. in florida alone we are looking at 428,000 more latinos voted early in 2016 than in 2008. that's significant. that's not just the cuban vote. that's the puerto rican vote. >> south american. >> in colorado where we do not actually have ethnicity data, i'll throw out the numbers. the republican party has a 7,000 early-vote advantage over democrats. if you go back to 2012. their advantage was about 30,000. now, pause. if you look at colorado right now, 20% of the population right
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now in colorado is hispanic. they tend to be democratic voters. you have to link those two together and say the democrats were able to get out the hispanic vote and if you look up in north carolina where we've seen a decrease in the african-american vote by 33,000 people, right, for whatever reasons, you've seen an increase by about 30,000 new hispanics voting. >> and if that does go democrat it makes up that deficit. >> you also have in other counties here totally different demographic but crucial for donald trump. he has to win pennsylvania. to do so, he has to do well in places like bucks county, blue-collar philadelphia suburb. can he do it there? is that going to be an early county you'll be watching the results to see what kinds of margins he could run up? that would be a bellwether for, let's say, michigan. >> absolutely. listen, i think the point you made maria about immigration taking the lead, jobs and the economy for the first time, i think it's important one but i don't know if that will necessarily translate to the rest of the country, especially
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in places like pennsylvania where jobs and the economy will play a role so mr. trump can do very well in count ease yiies l, it will be a direct translator to michigan, nevada where jobs are number one on the minds of the american people. we can't let anything off the board as it relates to this election because it's so critical and the major thing is we keep coming up with these scenarios and theories but at the end of the day, toss everything out because i think there's a lot of african-americans -- you talk about the black and brown, there's a lot of them voting for mr. trump but not saying it so be careful at how we look at this polling data because a lot of people will vote for mr. trump that look just like me bakari's registration. >> i don't know about that. >> they're hopeful. >> it's a hopeful election.
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>> in paris's point, you have to look at philadelphia, you have to look at detroit, columbus and cleveland where you have large bastian of voters. broward county will be important. hillary clinton's plan tonight and it has been in florida is to run up the vote before you get to the 8:00 moment where the panhandle comes in. along the panhandle, mitt romney beat barack obama by 150,000 votes. it wasn't enough. if hick runs up a margin of between 300,000 and 350,000, you can give him 200,000 and he can't make it up. >> and what about the college educated white vote? that will be critical in terming whether or not republicans can win, not just keep control of congress but there are polls in recent days suggesting hillary clinton is doing better with a group that traditionally voted
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veeb if clinton does well with this group, particularly in the suburbs of philadelphia and in areas of florida, that could be hugely problematic. >> well, if she does well with all of the groups she's talking about, scottie, you're talking about a landslide of the night. >> why we're talking about michigan and pennsylvania, is yes, the republicans might not have addressed the hispanic community, the democrats have forgotten about the working class, that's why pennsylvania and michigan is in play. allegheny county, we need to be looking at western pennsylvania, urban/suburban mix. trump might not win it but we want to make sure that the turnout is low. that will be a direct reflekts of what's going on in michigan where you had the fourth-largest obamacare insurance premium, hence why michigan became play for the donald trump campaign. all day with me. next donald trump has said the system is rigged. he's given specific examples of things he says are happening at polling places so we'll go to the ground, check the facts. and trump's daughter-in-law
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opening up about the impact the race has had on her family. she will be my guest right here coming up.
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. breaking news, a nevada judge ruling against the trump campaign in a dispute against early voting. the trump campaign said that polls were open two hours after closing time. jim sciutto is out front. what was the campaign looking for? >>. >> reporter: this looked like the campaign laying the ground work for possible legal challen challenges after the election. they said these polling stations were kept open because the lines were so long. that follows state law. if you're in line when polling stations close, at many states in the union, they keep those stations open to give you a chance to cast your ballot here
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but this state judge took this case from the trump campaign, dismissed it very quickly. have a listen to how she answered some of the questions. >> i'm going to deny this as a writ of prohibition for a man dam damas. the secretary of state is the one who tells us if, in fact, she needs this information for her inquiry. >> reporter: the trump campaign there was trying to get the names of poll workers made public. and the judge denied it saying "why would i unleash twitter toll froms on those people." so the trump campaign losing all their challenges there. knocked down by the nevada state judge. >> trump was asked whether or not the election would be over tonight and he answered that question in part with this
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concer concern. >> there are reports that when people vote for republicans the entire ticket switches to democrat. you've seen that. it's happening at various places today. it's been reports. in other words, the machine, you put down republican and it registers as a democrat. we have to be careful, we have to see where that is. >> jim as you've been covering the irregularities, any of them snowed have you seen evidence of that? >> reporter: short answer is no and we have a big team at cnn watching from districts around the country and for the kind of fraud donald trump is talking about, machines that switch your vote to a different party, we're not seeing that or other cases of fraud he's alleged before, dead people voting or people voting two times or voting under names other than their own name. we are seeing other things, sort of equipment failure cases in north carolina, old electronic equipment didn't work there so they had to revert to paper
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rolls to check the i.d.s of voters as they came in there, in van nuys, california, there was one district where the polls opened and there was another case in broward county florida where two clerks were fired because they were arguing over elderly voters coming in with their health aides. one of the clerks arguing those health aids are telling the elderly people how to vote. but really those kinds of things very isolated, nothing of what donald trump was reporting there. >> mark preston, let me start with you? with the focus on this and trump telling people go to polling stations and watch for irregularities, thus far we have not seen, just these very few sporadic reports. >> yeah, and things that if, in fact, they did happen won't change the election. if you're going do voting fraud,
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you won't do it on a piecemeal basis one voter at a time. you'll try to get into the systems and turn a lot of votes or have some kind of system where you're going to steal massive quantities of votes. we're not seeing that. we haven't seen that donald trump was irresponsible to say that several weeks ago. look, our voting system is done by the people, they're done by volunteers, they're done by local officials and there are going to be errors and we have to live with that. >> because manu, like one of the things we have heard, we talk about north carolina, in one location they have to keep the polls open 90 minutes later because you have people checking people in as opposed to the electronic voting machines. so if anything, our system is so sclerotic and human-based that it would be impossible for large-scale voter fraud. >> each state has its own rules. so it's hard to say there's hassive conspiracy happening right now but i think what we've heard from donald trump for several weeks is laying the
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ground work for something to blame in case things don't turn out the way he anticipates tonight. what you're not hearing is other republican officials saying this process is ricked or that there are widespread problems in the electoral process. but we are seeing irregularities here and there. nothing on the widespread basis trump was warning about. >> and in these battleground states you're talking about republican secretaries of state responsible for overseeing this the very people if anything trump would think he could rely on and they have at this point seen no evidence of anything. >> and what people have to remember is that ballot integrity programs by both campaigns are pretty routine in elections, particularly national elections and, you know, i think legal actions are also pretty routine but they're based on individual events that happen here or there where they feel like the integrity of the process needs to be upheld but why there's a hypersensitivity
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to in the this space continuum is because of the pre-election rhetoric we heard from donald trump that questioned the integrity of not each state but the system itself. that's why so many secretary of states who are republicans and democrats have been so vigilant in assuring the public that they have maintained the integrity of the system. >> which is why it should be of great relief to everyone regardless of who you want to win that there have been almost no reports of any issues today. >> it's of great relief but if you're a clinton supporter like myself and definitely maria and a few others, if you want to bring the country together after tonight's race then one of the things hillary clinton has to do -- and i don't mean to heap on my expectations is shi has to win this race and she has to win this race going away. that's the only way you can put away any of donald trump's concerns -- >> you mean by a large margin. >> i do appreciate him going away, though. >> i don't think the trump campaign went into this thinking they were going to win.
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judge gloria stuhrman ended this case. it was in clark county, very much a democrat county. i think it was putting them on guard. >> why did they do it? >> i think it's putting on guard saying yes, we are watching, we are going to challenge. >> challenge everyone you can. >> there's nothing wrong with that. just to be clear. >> they have a right to do that. >> but to be clear, if that's the logic behind the campaign that just shows you there is some irresponsibility going on -- >> that's not irresponsible. >> the fact of the matter is in this country if you are in line -- and this's something every viewer needs to understand -- if you are in line when the polls close then you have every right to vote so if the polls have to stay open until 10:00, that's not illegal. >> but you know what else it underscores? >> quickly. >> who are the majority of the voters in clark county in that line? they were hispanics. so for the trump campaign to do this now is yet another indication of how much they have
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wanted to just disrespect the hispanic community. >> that's irresponsible. >> there could have been anybody there there. >> we will speak to julian castro. but if you're in line, you get to vote if you're in line before the close. hours from now when the first polls do officially close, pennsylvania will be one of the first states to watch. that's where miguel marquez is. he's been there throughout the day. miguel, pennsylvania has not gone republican since 1988. donald trump, though, thinks he can change that. he needs to change that for his path to 270. >> reporter: he absolutely needs to change it. if he wins pennsylvania, it opens up so many doors for him to get to 270. this place will be music to his ears. this is washington county, a county that romney won. it has more registered democrats than republicans but romney won it.
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the line has been heavy all day long in the true technogeek way, we have a drone that can show you how long this line is. this is what we're seeing in front of the door. it has been an hour long for most people to get through here but this as you watch that drone rise over and we walk toward the end of the line, it's about an hour to the end of this block here but now it's snaking around into the parking lot. that's probably an hour and a half, 1:45. officials are able to get through about 150 voters every hour, they have about only six or seven protestavisional ballo that have been filled out. people where there is some issue with their registration. those ballots will be give on the the court and counted later. so far very heavy turnout in washington county. erin? >> miguel, thank you very much. joining me now, julian
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castro, secretary of housing and urban development, a hillary clinton supporter. we were talking about the crucial nature of the hispanic vote. perhaps the most important group of voters in swing states. you've seen a surge in hispanic turnout, florida 89% from 2008. that's more than 400,000 people. georgia, north carolina seeing relative to the population a significant increase. do you believe it will be the hispanic vote that determines who wins the white house tonight? >> well, first of all, thank you, erin for having me and i want to note that i'm here in my personal capacity, not my official one. the hispanic vote, i believe is going to be a major reason that hillary clinton wins tonight. donald trump started his campaign off in june of 2015 by insulting immigrants, particularly mexican immigrants. he was very denigrating 2w0rd judge curiel, said that he couldn't do his job because his parents were mexican.
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he was of mexican descent. and for decades folks have talked about the hispanic community and their voting potential as the sleeping giant. what donald trump has done is he has awoken that sleeping giant and when 7:00 comes around and polls close in florida and they release the early vote, he'll see the power of that sleeping giant. >> now, do you believe, though, because you're talking about this relative to donald trump which is a crucial part of it but are these voters turning out to vote against donald trump? that's one thing and it might help hillary clinton win but it's very different than voting for hillary clinton. >> i also think that it's a credit to her that she's had a long standing relationship with the latino community. in fact, she started her political work out the george mcgovern campaign in the early 1970s registering latino voters in south texas.
12:33 pm
she's talked about immigration reform and getting that proposed within the first 100 days of her administration. she's talked about issues that matter to the latino community. so this is both respect and appreciation for hillary clinton and, of course, a recognition that donald trump is the most ain't latino candidate to come along in quite a while. >> so one thing that perplexes me and this is the most recent data we have, we'll see what happens tonight. but "usa today" poll from late october showed 18%, 18%, of hispanic voters were undecided. to the point you made, this is more than a year after trump called most mexicans rapists and pounded the table daily about building the wall. yet 18% are undecided. is that a warning sign to you? you would think with stuff like that and the way you're speaking it would be 99%. but people were already decided, 18% undecided. >> yeah. as you know it's hard to get 99% of anything in politics. let me say this and others have
12:34 pm
said it before that pollsters have not had the best track record in polling the latino community. and because of that what you've seen polls that have been outliers or don't show as strong support, they show latinos that are up in the air. what you'll find is that hillary clinton will do better than the 71% that president obama got four years ago with the latino community and that will make the differences in places like florida and nevada and other battleground states. >> secretary castro, thank you very much, appreciate your time. we'll see what happens tonight. >> good to be with you. next, donald trump and melania trump voting today. what is he doing in this picture? is he checking out her vote? and lara trump on how her father-in-law is doing today, what he's doing this afternoon as he waits. she's my guest and she's next. my wife and i are now participating in your mutual fund.
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you are looking at live pictures of voting lines in pennsylvania. the results come in in a couple hours as polls close. hillary clinton and donald trump going to be less than two miles away from each other in manhattan tonight. clinton hosting her election night party under an actual glass ceiling at a convention center. trump and his supporters will gather nearby at a midtown hotel. joining me now, trump's daughter-in-law lara trump. she has been a big presence on the campaign trail for her father-in-law. lara, 17 months almost since your father-in-law launched his campaign. it all comes out there today. you've been out there today, five events in the past three days. how is he feeling today? >> i think he's feeling great today. none of us can actually believe -- and i think i speak for most of america -- that it's today because we have been feeling this for some time, the
12:39 pm
anticipation, the buildup and we've been on the campaign trail working so hard but we're feeling good. we left nothing on the table so today is the big day. >> what is he doing this snarch he has be -- afternoon? he's been at a frenetic pace, rally to rally to rally. now he has to sit and wait like everybody else. have you talked to him? >> well, i've seen pictures from people texting me from the war room, from our headquarters at the campaign office that he's been checking in with people, talking to people, thanking volunteer, thanking the whole staff because we've worked hard this past month. he's been getting phone calls, i'm sure, so we're all eerily anticipating the next couple of hours but he's keeping himself busy. >> you brought up pictures. there's a video of your father-in-law getting a lot of
12:40 pm
attention. i don't know if you've seen it, but they're voting and then you see him -- well, i don't know what he's doing there but obviously people are chuckling about this and we saw the photo when you went to vote this morning and i know it's your anniversary, you and your husband went to cast your ballots and he appeared to do the same thing. what's happening here? >> i haven't even seen either of those and i didn't know my husband was checking it out but i think we can all feel safe in saying that melania and i both voted for donald trump for the presidency of the united states. i don't know. that's the first time i've seen that. that's very funny. it shows you the similarities that i guess eric and his dad share. >> now, on a serious note, lara, you've done about 50 rallies for your father-in-law. i was being serious when i said you have been been a big presence on the campaign trail for him. women for trump was the bus tour you did. but you know the numbers, the latest poll from fox news has him down 12 points with women. do you understand why some women
12:41 pm
are not supporting your father-in-law? >> yeah, well, listen, i know there's been a narrative from the beginning trying to paint my father-in-law in a certain light but that's why i got out on the campaign trail and said i want to get out and talk to women because the way that the media was portraying him because not the donald trump that i knew and that's why we really undertook this mission, this bus tour across the country to talk to women and men alike, all voters, really, about donald trump and the amazing things he wants to do for the whole country, women included. i have to tell you, we have so many women that come to our rallies. and i'm not the candidate, i'm niz caught t his daughter-in-law. so i think the polls might be a little off. i think we'll see a big turnout for donald trump with women at the end of tonight. >> and, you know, maybe we will see that by one thing, i don't know if you saw this, either, a lot of voters were visiting susan b. anthony's grave site, she fought for women's suffrage
12:42 pm
and they were putting their "i vote" stickers on the grave and decorating her tombstone. this is a personal question for you and i know he's your father-in-law, you support him, you put your heart and soul into it. if hillary clinton wins tonight she will make history, the first woman to be president of the united states. as a woman, as a millennial woman, lara, how would you feel about that? >> i have to tell you i wouldn't feel great about that. this is not the candidate most women would choose as our female president and appreciate the milestone that would be reached and the fact that she is the first woman nominated to be nominated but we can do so much better than hillary clinton. you see the scandals and corruption and what's been going on within the clinton campaign with the e-mails we've seen come out. she's under criminal investigation. this is not the person that i would choose to be the first woman president personally. >> all right, well thank you
12:43 pm
very much, just to be clear, not criminal investigation and the fbi resting that case. >> well the clinton foundation case is still under investigation for sure. >> thank you very much for your time tonight. you and your family will have a big night tonight. the county we are watching closely for a big night collection surprise is going to be in michigan. and live to nevada where pot is on the ballot. in other elections you've talked about things like abortion and whether that could turn an election. this time it could be pot in crucial states. nevada one of five states that could vote to legalize recreational marijuana. [ sighs ]
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[ rumbling ]
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counting down to the first results coming in. just about two hours close. pot is also on the ballot in nine states. some of them battlegrounds.
12:47 pm
arizona among them. massachusetts, nevada, and maine. several are crucial battlegrounds. arkansas, montana and north dakota are voting on legalizing it for medical purposes. kyung lah is at a polling site in las vegas. kyung, this is one of those issues that for a certain group of voters matters deeply. what are you hearing there? >> reporter: matters deeply because it's personal whether you are the mother of kids, whether you're a schoolteacher or police officer. this issue gets to quality of life, safety for a lot of people and education so this is one of the big issues that is bringing people to the polls today. this is a state that has had medicinal marijuana since 2000 so they are used to the idea of maisch wanna. what this does though is it makes it recreational. it allows people to buy pot
12:48 pm
essentially at a store. so this is legalization of pot in this state what we are hearing from voters is, yes, the presidential race is very important but this is the issue on quality of life here in nevada. here's what they told us. >> no way. no way. things are bad enough as they are right now. we don't need it. sorry, but that's my opinion. >> we also heard from another vot voter, another voter that said she supports it, here's why. >> it's just, like, the same thing with alcohol. they're going to put an age limit on it, it's going to be 21 and over, right? so you should be an adult to use that just like you should be an adult to use alcohol as well. >> reporter: we should point out, you were mentioning those states, erin. if you put arizona, nevada, and california together, those three states in the southwest, you would have, if they do pass, if
12:49 pm
recreational marijuana passes on those state ballots, you would have a block in the west where marijuana would be legal for recreational use. erin? >> kyung, thank you very much. my panel is back with me. how big of an issue is this going to be? to be clear, bakari, clinton and trump have said they are in favor of medical. >> you came to me? [ laughter ] >> you happened to be sitting here, i won't pass judgment on your current state. >> it's going to be a good night tonight. but what we are seeing is where these amendments and where these referendums are popping up and one of the things we need to look closely at is amendment 2. one of my good friends in florida, john morgan, a big democratic donor, is running a campaign on amendment 2 which will pass tonight on medical marijuana. we're seeing when you have these issues on the ballot, it's a very personal decision for many other people and it drives the interest in the race, puts more money in the races and so it's an interesting phenomenon. i'm interested to see because in south carolina, we are pushing
12:50 pm
towards getting to a medical marijuana proposition because i think it's morally okay so i don't have a problem with it. >> but in terms of what its effect is going to be on the presidential race, you get turnout. because you only have gary johnson as someone who favors recreational >> i think it has more to do with how it shapes the touurnou of the electorate. >> in 1992 we had a candidate who swore he didn't inhale. in 2016 we're dealing with ballot initiatives on this issue. it shows you how it's progressed. as the kevin madden the college professor speaking not the cl t college student. we've seen less of a fight for candidates to go on one side of the criminalization issue. instead it has to do with whether it's appealing to
12:51 pm
millennials as a turnout vote. >> like in nevada, a close senate race. there is a house race in montana. >> medical marijuana. >> a republican congressman, democrats have an outside chance of defeating him. one reason why, it could drive up some the liberal voters, college students in the state. this is perhaps one reason why. >> the one point we shouldn't make is that this is a democratic/republican issue. a lot of democrats are more conservative and in line -- >> clinton and trump both agree. they're on the same side and support medical but not recreational. >> you could see this driving more liberal minded and libertarian voters to the polls. >> i agree but it's also a younger voter. i think it draws a lot of young voters of color out as well. >> i agree. >> one of the things we realize
12:52 pm
in criminal justice reform -- you have kids who get one or two charges with marijuana and you see the disparities between white young people and black young people. >> it's a big issue in the criminal justice arena with black and latino voters. but also, you know, as a mother, i saw sanjay gupta's special on medical marijuana. it was incredibly impactful. if you're looking at this from that standpoint, i think mothers and people who are dealing with children who really need this can have a big impact. >> a big difference between medical and recreational when it comes to voters. michigan, part of clinton's blue wall in the midwest. as we all now know it's part of trump's plan to win. he needs it. we'll go live to one county that could hold the answer as to whether he is successful. donald trump campaign buttons
12:53 pm
(chanting) love trumps hate! did you happen to see this dog out in the parking lot? i am trying to find his owner? he's really really sweet. is he a stray?
12:54 pm
he was running with a leash so he's obviously someone's so we're looking for the owner. you're a hilary supporter are you? i am are you a trump supporter? and you're, huh... (laughs) i am hey there little fella' what a beautiful dog. michael would you like to pet the dog? aw look at that. i have my own dog so i wouldn't want to have my dog lost or anything. yeah definitely, i have a golden retriever too. i've been a dog lover forever. i am too! dogs don't criticize. if this was my golden retriever he'd be laying on my feet right now. oh look that's my dog. there she is. oh my god! i love that apparently when it comes to dogs there are no
12:55 pm
political parties. i didn't ever expect myself to agree with a trump supporter. we do agree that we love dogs and dogs love us. i think fundamentally if you talk person to person they care about each other and they care about kids and they care about dogs and unfortunately that's not what gets out in the media things like this give us hope that we can all find common ground in some places and that was what we were just a part of. we all have our differences but everyone loves dogs. welcome back. counting you down to the hours here. first polls closing at 6:00 eastern. a lot of attention off michigan. both candidates were there
12:56 pm
yesterday. donald trump holding the last campaign rally of the election there in michigan. he needs to turn it republican. jessica snyder is there in w.a.r.i warring, michigan. this is a battle fought at the micro-local level. what are you seeing? >> reporter: erin, donald trump is banking on exactly where we're standing in mccomb county. this is the land of the reagan democrats. the blue collar suburb of detroit. i just got off the phone with the county executive here. he says he is seeing turnout like never before. we are at one of the polling places here. the line has been steady here. nothing too overwhelming. i hear five miles away the lines are two hours' long. they're telling me they're on par to hit some record turnouts. turnouts they haven't seen since 2008 and even 1980.
12:57 pm
a turnout of about 69% of registered voters. so a lot of enthusiasm here, but it's unclear as to exactly who that enthusiasm bodes best for. will it be donald trump? a lot of people here have been telling me that they've been seeing a lot of signs. signs are not votes. or will it bode better for hillary clinton? i've been hearing people on both sides of things. if nothing else, there is a lot of enthusiasm here, a lot of people getting out to vote, what they say could be record turnout tonight. erin. >> thank you very much. my panel is back. i guess the big question is could we be surprised, mark preston? the polling all coming in, hillary clinton was on top in all of them. the one thing we've learned this year, the polls can be very wrong. >> they could be wrong. it's going to be a late night. it's not going to be an early night. donald trump has a very difficult path. not an insurmountable path to winning the presidency. >> i mean, the idea that he would win michigan would be such
12:58 pm
an amazing surprise. >> right. >> just not only because he hasn't spent a lot of time there, he has not invested in the ground game there, and you have president obama going out there over the last couple of days making sure that that african-american turnout, you know, comes out for hillary clinton. so i think that would be very surprising. >> what are you watching for? >> the debate tomorrow within the republican party will be fascinating to watch and completely conkerri walsh jennings -- consequential. particularly if donald trump loses. do the conservatives say we need to fight for our ideals or say we need to cut deals with democrats say on immigration. it will go a long way to shaping the first few years of a clinton presidency if she wins. >> as far as michigan, i think in a year that's made "house of cards" look like a documentary, nothing would surprise me. manu is right. whoever comes into office tomorrow comes in with extraordinarily high unfavorable ratings and probably without a mandate. it will be tough no matter who
12:59 pm
is in there. >> top thing you're watching for tonight. >> when you come down the east coast, new hampshire, virginia, north carolina, florida, it may not be as late a night as mark said. i think hillary clinton gets 323 electoral votes and people like my daughter can actually say there is a female president of the united states. >> cautiously optimistic. republicans looking in mccomb county where there are a lot of reagan democrats who have all of a sudden come in play. the fact that we're talking about michigan shows that pennsylvania would also be in play. it will be a late night if we even get a conclusion. >> i'm so happy the story will be about the hispanic turnout. if hillary clinton wins which i believe she will, it will be because of the hispanic vote. it will be a brown, beautiful wall built by hispanic voters that keeps donald trump out of the white house. >> i'm looking for the new coalition of voters, the new coalition that voted for donald trump.
1:00 pm
i believe it will be a lot of people who look like me and a lot of beautiful people who look like you who voted for donald trump today. >> what about me? i'm beautiful. >> i knew somehow preston would get the last word. talking about his beauty. who would have thought. >> fact-check that. >> thank you. cnn's election night coverage continues now. welcome to our viewers in the united states and around the world. i'm jake tapper in washington, d.c., and there is just one single lead on "the lead" right now. nash, global, political, metaphysical, all wrapped up in one millions of americans going to the polls choosing either the first female president or the first president to have never served in government or in the military beforehand. a true outsider. whomever wins, it will be one for the books. and signs are, voters know that. turnout appears to be quite heavy. we have seen hillary clinton and


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