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tv   New Day  CNN  November 9, 2016 4:00am-5:01am PST

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president of the united states. the president-elect pulling off a stunning upset over hillary clinton. 289 electoral votes at last count. three states still too close to call, but they won't change the outcome for clinton. they could expand the mandate for trump. the billionaire businessman now facing the daunting task of uniting a very divided nation. here are some of his first words as president-elect. >> i just received a call from secretary clinton. she congratulated us, it's about us. on our victory and i congratulated her and her family on a very, very hard-fought campaign. i mean, she, she fought very hard. >> all right. so as you heard, hillary clinton conceded the race to donald trump. she did not speak publicly last
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night, but she is expected to speak now within hours. president obama called donald trump to congratulate him and the two will meet at some point this week. republicans who maintain control of the u.s. senate and the house of representatives. markets around the world are in turmoil at this hour over donald trump's astonishing victory. we have the best political team in the business covering it all for you. let's begin with john berman to break down the numbers of how we got here. john? >> good morning, alisyn. as of roughly 7:00 a.m. this morning, we have a new president-elect. that is donald j. trump. as of now, he's got 289 electoral votes, at least. hillary clinton with 218. there are still a few states that we have yet to call. look at this, michigan, minnesota, new hampshire and michigan. you know, donald trump 15,000 votes ahead. 42,000 votes for hillary clinton in minnesota. and if we can look at new hampshire, this is a big wow. new hampshire just 307 votes separate the two. we're not going to call these
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races any time soon. we're going to wait for the secretaries of state of these states to tell us what happened because they don't change the outcome here. donald trump is the president-elect. hillary clinton with only 218 electoral votes. the big story the blue wall, her blue wall crumbled. donald trump picked up wins in wisconsin and pennsylvania. no republican has won in pennsylvania since 1988 and no republicans won in wisconsin since ronald reagan. hillary clinton didn't even go there after the convention. they thought they had it in the bag. one of the other big surprises in the slew of surprises overnight, donald trump had coat tails for hebs of congress. republicans will keep control of the senate. they have at least 51 seats. mike pence doesn't need to break any ties. they have the majority. and in the house of orepresentatives, republicans also are still in charge. democrats pick up six seats. you look at that and say, hey, they had a good night. no way. democrats were hoping they would get double-digit gains maybe as much as 20 or more. that did not happen. donald trump helped sweep some
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republicans into power and including at least some who did not support him. again, more numbers throughout the morning. we'll get them to you as they come in. >> thanks, john. donald trump addressing the nation for the first time as president-elect. it was just before 3:00 in the morning. he started off positive and he stayed there. he was conciliatory towards hillary clinton and didn't mention putting her on trial as he did throughout the election and time for unity and only history when he does a great job. here. >> i've just received a call from secretary clinton. she congratulated us, it's about us, on our victory. and i congratulated her and her family on a very, very hard-fought campaign. i mean, she, she fought very hard.
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hillary has worked very long and very hard over a long period of time. we owe her a major debt of gratitude for her service to our country. i mean that very sincerely. now, it's time for america to bind the wounds of division. have to get together. to all republicans and democrats and independents across this nation y say it's time for us to come together as one united people. it's time. i pledge to every citizen of our land that i will be president for all americans and this is so important to me.
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for those who have chosen not to support me in the past, of which there were a few people. i'm reaching out to you for your guidance and your help so that we can work together and unify our great country. >> we want to go now to cnn sara murray live at trump tower, as she has been for hours. it's in new york, of course. to tell us what the scene is and what is next for president-elect trump. >> well, good morning. look, donald trump promised a political revolution and it took him until the very wee hours of this morning to deliver on it, but he certainly did. and now is the moment for the trump team to really kind of regroup. it does appear, though, that donald trump is getting an early start to his day or at least his twitter account has been fired up. want to show you what he is tweeting so far this morning. such an important and beautiful evening. the forgotten man and woman will never be forgotten again. we will all come together as
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never before. donald trump is going to have a pretty long to-do list today. now that he is the president-elect, he has to turn to his transition planning and turn to building a cabinet and we're told that donald trump didn't engage in these conversations leading up to this. he really wanted to focus on the campaign, on the task at hand. and he didn't want to jinx himself by planning ahead. obviously, the time for that is coming to a close and there may be no bigger sign of that than the potential of a donald trump/president barack obama meeting coming up this week. we've seen this in the past. the peaceful transition of power. we're expecting that to happen, yet again. but two men who have exchanged very barbed words on the campaign trail. president obama made it clear when he was campaigning for hillary clinton that he didn't just dislike donald trump, he was fearful of him leading the country. so, the meeting between the two of them, whenever that is finally set will be very interesting to watch. back to you guys. >> especially interesting, sara, because we're used to seeing the
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two sides come together but not after a race like this. this was not ordinary. this was deep, this was about hate and it was real. now, on the other side of this coin was hillary clinton. she conceded in a phone call. she did not address the american people last night. but we understand she will soon. cnn's jeff zeleny has more on that. what do we know? >> hillary clinton is scheduled to give her formal concession speech later this morning. a speech she did not expect to be giving. her campaign and the entire political establishment simply did not see this coming. now, thousands of her supporters were shell shocked early this morning as they left manhattan. her campaign planned to be a victory party last night that turn under to anything but. she decided against giving that concession speech last night as the votes came in, hoping her blue wall across michigan and wisconsin and pennsylvania would save her candidacy. when that didn't happen it was after 2:00 in the morning and her aides said she wanted to give a more thoughtful speech. so john podesta addressed
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supporters overnight saying she would wait until all the votes were counted. it quickly became clear that wasn't enough, so she conceded in that brief phone call to donald trump. this is a repudiation of her and her biggest partner on the campaign trail, president obama. and she was unabashedly running for his third term. i am told her speech this morning will be focused on trying to heal the nation. her adviser said it's not time for fingerpointing but so many questions this morning on her side of the aisle. did she not campaign enough? why didn't she visit wisconsin? did that private e-mail server sink her candidacy or a changed election from the very beginning that her advisors miscalculated? >> so interesting to hear from her and hopefully healing for all the democrats who are sort of very disoriented. >> some division, as well, as some healing before that healing. >> jeff, thanks so much. global markets are down sharply on the news of donald trump's victory. how will u.s. markets open?
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cnn business correspondent alison kosik is live with more. what do you predict this morning? >> when markets open in a couple hours, buckle up. we are seeing dow futures down as much as 370 points. believe it or not, that is an improvement. overnight as those returns came in, we saw the dow down almost 800 points. but at this moment, as i said, down about 370 points. the nasdaq and the s&p 500 down about 2 to 2.6%. globally, as you said, yes, global markets are feeling the impact of this win for donald trump. we are even seeing the mexican peso which became a barometer during trump's candidacy. big concern about trump's trade policies and his protectionist sentiment during his campaign. so, what's got wall street all spooked? well, first of all, this came as a big shock. investors as a whole didn't expect it. secondly, investors don't like unpredictability. and that's what donald trump
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represents. so, you've got, you've got the uncertainty in the mix. it's not something wall street really welcomes. one thing to keep in mind the day after a presidential election, the markets usually fall. case in point when president obama was elected in 2008, the markets fell 5%. alisyn and chris? >> thank you very much. i'm looking down at my blackberry because we believe we just got a statement from the white house on trump's victory. and, yes, here it is. i will read it to you. this is a statement from the press secretary at the white house. from the white house donald trump to congratulate him on his victory early this morning. the president called secretary clinton and expressed admiration for the strong campaign she waged throughout the country. the president will make a statement on wednesday to discuss the results and what steps we can take as a country to come together after this hard-fought election season. the president invited the president-elect to meet with him at the white house on thursday, november 10th, to update him on the transition planning his team has been working on for nearly a
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year. ensuring a smooth transition of power is one of the top priorities the president identified at the beginning of the year and a meeting with the president-elect is the next all right. let's talk about all this. donald trump's historic win. we want to bring in the republican party chief strategist and communication director sean spicer. great to have you here. congratulations. >> thank you, good morning. >> at what point last night did your jaw hit the ground? >> i honestly can't remember. >> because you were in a haze. >> it probably hit multiple times. you saw states like north carolina, ohio come through and piece by piece we knew that there was a wave happening. >> so, when north carolina went his way and florida went his way, you thought something's happening here. >> it was state by state. and just watching the reaction on people's faces and knowing that there is more to come. watching some of the senate races and house races that predicted that we wouldn't keep and knowing that there was
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something happening in this country. >> so, now, here is the situation/the predicament. ordinarily in a victory speech or acceptance speech the man and woman only comes out, usually man in the case of presidency. okay, thanks to you, thanks to them and here's what we're going to do. you remember what i campaigned on. not this morning. that was refreshing to many p p people, especially those on the outside of this election. trump came out and he was con l conciliatory and he didn't mention walls and what was going to happen. but here's the predicament. we are in a position to hold him to account for what he promised to do during the election. the wall, the muslims, keeping them out, all those different things. prosecuting clinton, who he was complimentary to. are those things not going to happen now? >> we're three hours after. i'm not saying it doesn't matter. i'm just saying, let us saver
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the victory a little bit. he's going to put a plan together. we have three months before the inauguration and he's going to lay out a plan and get his team in place. there are a lot of pieces that have to happen. today he'll start having those meetings and talking about the people that are going to be part of a trump presidency. talking about how to move those policies forward. but i think give us 24/48 hours to enjoy the victory, not only at the top of the ticket, but all the way down. and then put those people and pieces together to allow this agenda of change to move forward. >> sean, you've been on our show a lot and you've been an energetic, vocal supporter of what you said was going to be the really sophisticated ground game that the rnc was going to bring. you did that. but today you seem rather shell shocked and subdued. >> i'm tired. >> he hasn't slept in like 30 hours. >> but, in other words, you're surprised. >> look, you spend four years
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working for something, sleepless nights, not just me, but you look at donald trump. rally after rally and he didn't leave anything on the field. both him and governor pence, you know, they went up to the 11th hour and there's a lot of staff and there's a lot of volunteers that knocked on doors and made phone calls because they believed in bringing change to washington, d.c., and making people's lives better. and i think when you realize you did it, you want to take some time and have a breath. but this is an amazing victory not just there the people who made it happen, but hopefully for every american out there who has felt as though they had a government that hasn't listened to them or they felt that the policies aray s araren't helpin forward. hopefully this isn't just a victory for everyone who made phone calls and knocked on doors and voted for donald trump, but frankly for every american who hopes we can be a better country and move forward. >> right, but, again, this isn't born of cynicism, this is born of being constructive because now it's the work of every
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different aspect of society to figure out how you move forward from here. this isn't the usual election because of that last part of what you just said, which is everybody needs to come together. that's not how donald trump won. he said we are divided for bad reason. it is rigged. people are out to get you and hurt you and i will stop them. so, now, you have people in this country who are afraid of this result and it's his job and your job to give them comfort. >> and i hope over the next three months that we show them that this is going to be an administration that donald trump,/mike mike pence want to work for every american and instill policies that lift up the american worker and the american business people and the american individual and make this country better for everybody. i hope, look, you look at the exit polls. it was, it was across demographics. i think people were ready for change. i think you have to earn that change. you have to earn that trust,
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rather. i frankly hope over the next four years that the trust is earned and we have policies and solutions that everyone in america can feel proud of. >> how much credit do you take for the ground game versus that it was just a change election and there was momentum? >> look, donald trump was the man, the mesage and tsage and t movement. reince priebus and you have to combine those two things and say we know who to go after to talk aboutthat message and bring them over the top with the ground game. not just at the top of the ticket, but, again, maintaining the senate and main tataining t house and flipping the kentucky house that hasn't happened in 100 years. >> how important is all of that in creating peace within the party going forward? how much of it was taken care of -- >> winning solves a lot of problems. >> look, we weren't together and
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now we are. >> i think when you look at that win, 289 electoral votes. >> maybe more. >> maintaining the house and maintaining the senate and flipping down ballot, city councils and state legislative races. i think winning solves a lot of problems. again, not just that but governing and hopefully that we can enact policies and solutions that make everyone proud to be an american that make them want to be a republican hopefully. >> sean, thank you so much. congratulations. >> congratulations. enjoy your moment. >> get some rest. coming up on "new day" trump's campaign manager kellyanne conway will join us live in the next hour to discuss how this happened and what happens next. the white house is reacting to donald trump's win. let's get right to athena jones and she is telling us about when president obama will meet with president-elect trump. >> the president is planning to meet with president-elect trump
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tomorrow on thursday, november 10th, at the white house. we heard from the president putting out a statement. and the white house press secretary putting out this statement just a few minutes ago saying that president obama called donald trump to congratulate him on his victory and also called secretary clinton and expressed his admiration for the strong campaign she waged throughout the country. we will see president obama later today to talk about the election results and talk about the steps that need to be taken for the country to come together. and more from the statement. it says the president invited the president-elect to meet with him at the white house on thursday, november 10th, to update him on the transition planning his team has been working on for nearly a year. ensuring a smooth transition of power is one of the top priorities the president identified at the beginning of the year at a meeting with the president-elect is the next step. now, of course, a president-elect trump is not the person that people here at the white house wanted to see president obama meeting with.
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we know obamas trying to get clinton elected. as it stands president-elect donald trump that is going to be coming here on thursday to meet with president obama. back to you guys. >> all right, athena, thank you very much. so, one of the big questions this morning is, how did this happen? well, you're going to look at the voting blocs and realize this was not about the size of the pie, it was the size of the slices of that pie that each candidate got. we'll break it down, next.
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donald j. trump will be the 45th president of the united states. let's look at some of the deciding factors that led him to victory. christine romans joins us with the exit polls. it wasn't about the size of the pie, my friend, it was the size of the slices of the pie. >> it's true. but think about the last couple
4:24 am
of months, though. all the news of the last couple of months. a majority of voters made up their minds by the end of the summer. 60% said they decided before september and that early vote favored hillary clinton. but among those who decided after september, trump had the edge. won by ten percentage points against clinton there. the late momentum for trump, despite a pretty high unfavorable view of him. 60% of voters have an unfavorable opinion. we asked voters, does donald trump have the temperament to serve effective as president 35% said yes and 63% said no. of those voters that said trump does not have the temperament to be president, 20% still voted for him. this is the reality people are waking up to. how voters felt, 13% excited and 27% optimistic and 20% are scared or concerned. that just doesn't matter to some. those who are concerned of a
4:25 am
trump presidency, 34% still voted for him. >> christine, thanks so much for giving all of that to discuss. we want to bring in our panel. jackie kucinich, david gregory and john berman. for people just waking up, how do you get your head around what happened last night? >> a stunning victory in line with everything that trump has done this campaign season. he understood the american voters who rovoted for him bett than the media and democrat and republican. >> he didn't just get lucky he understood something. >> he understood something that we did not and it it was informed by a gut sense of how to connect this energy that was bipartisan energy. that was rebellion on the left and rebellion on the right. he became the change agent. i think this came down to something very fundamental. this was a sour electorate. a frustrated, anxious, scared. they wanted radical change
4:26 am
versus what hillary clinton represented, which was the ultimate insider establishment figure. and he won. he won that bet. >> but now what do you do? matt lewis promises were made. this campaign was a function of very specific intolerant talk from trump. now he comes out and says we'll all be together like never before. those two things don't go together. someone is going to be disappointed. how do you lead? >> i thought he could be this authoritarian strong man and be horrible for the country and i think he can be theodore roosevelt. i know that sounds grandiose. >> what does that mean that he could be theodore roosevelt? >> that could be good or bad, but the other thing is that he is not anidia log and some form of immigration reform and i know
4:27 am
that's a conversational thing. >> he was not elected to build a bridge and not elected or tweak a system. they want him to build a wall and drain the swamp and lock up hillary clinton. does he have to deliver on those things? >> build a wall and then maybe have some sort of, we won't call it amnesty but immigration and infrastructure and let bygones be bygones. i think a lot of voters who supported trump knew he was brag doeshs. if he's promising to do ten things and maybe he'll do a level five. >> he has achievables. he can repeal obama care or change it drastically and that will satisfy a huge percentage of his base. but let me just add one thing to the mix of the difficulties here. he's losing in the popular vote right now. all of a sudden in the last
4:28 am
hour, hillary clinton has overtaken him in the popular vote and i think that's still the case. this should grow over the course of the next several hours. >> why? >> california, washington, oregon are still going to come in. she could win the popular vote. you know, by 1%. that is going to mean, by the way, the polls weren't altogether wrong. >> a mandate problem. i think this is arguably a very bad thing for america is to have this muddiness -- >> it says something about how democrats may approach this. don't forget, mitch mcconnell and the republicans made a decision. they said i know, let's block everything that obama does. >> on day one. >> and that was a strategy and there were tests for that and democrats have a decision about how much healing they want to do. hillary clinton is going to speak about this. president obama is going to speak about this when he meets with the president-elect on thursday. they have a decision to make. >> what will that look like? democrats are not known as the party of , but everything has
4:29 am
been turned on its head. remember when george w. bush, they popped off all the ws. >> that's how they see themselves. >> they passed george w. bush's tax cuts. not having as much steel in their spine when it comes to the bare knuckle brawls, that is three cliches at once. >> i disagree. you know who's different in that regard was nancy pelosi when she was speaker. she put it all on the line and she lost at the end of the day. she lost the house to passing obama care and that said, they don't have any skin in the game, except to be obstructionist. >> they have no stars. is it going to be -- i wonder if the president of the united states now plays a larger role in the post-presidency than he might have otherwise. >> that's another thing i would point out is i think the untold story here is that barack obama
4:30 am
is a rock star. but what we didn't know was, because he would win elections, turn out millennials, african-americans, hispanics and then you had the mid-terms where republicans would win. and i think the theory was, yeah, but the universe is changing. so, when hillary clinton comes along, obama can sort of transfer that base. it doesn't -- >> they got -- look, plenty of time for but there was an early red flag. bernie sanders the republican on the left and all the supporters represented. she put down that rebellion and it didn't mean that the party didn't get a real warning sign about what kind of candidate she'd be. >> you are already starting to hear bernie sanders fans say, look what they did. if the dnc played by the rules and bernie sanders got in the right spot, we may be in a different spot. >> are they kidding themselves that bernie sanders could have
4:31 am
beaten donald trump? does anybody think we'd be in a different situation? >> trump is a weird candidate. nobody thought he would win. we don't think bernie would win -- >> we can't predict anything. >> let's go with that. >> all right. >> fair enough. >> fair point. it hurts. it hurts all of us, but we have to own it. the process worked and that's good. >> the process did work. this is democracy. some other breaking news that the global markerates dotsn sharply. how are leaders around the world reacting this hour? we'll tell you that, next.
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this is cnn breaking news. once the election is over, things start to happen very quickly. we're getting reaction from leaders around the world giving their take on donald trump's stunning win. cnn senior international correspondent clari tta ward. putin weighed in early and positively. >> that's right, chris. i mean, we've seen global markets tumbling at the news that donald trump will be the
4:36 am
next president of the united states. with one exception and that is russia. russia's markets are holding steady. they're doing well. president putin has already reached out and sent a message congratulating donald trump saying that he hopes that there will be an opportunity now to improve the u.s./russian relationship, which it is no secret have been incredibly tense over the past few years. on the surface of things politically what you're hearing is a typical restrained, but polite congratulations. when you talk to people privately, chris, you're getting a very different sense of things. one russian senator told me jokingly, today is actually my birthday, but this is the best gift i could ever get. certainly when you're out there on the streets in moscow talking to people, they will tell you the same thing. that is not so much a product of the fact that they love donald trump, but they really dislike hillary clinton. people here in russia see her as
4:37 am
dangerous, anti-russian, and they're optimistic that things could be better with president trump. >> such an interesting perspective, thank you very much. cnn senior legal analyst jeffrey toobin and host of "quest means business" richard quest and christiane amanpour w. what did he have to say? >> yes, the russians definitely wanted not to have hillary clinton as president, but not just because they hated her, but because the russians, it is analyzed and the view is that the russians want to mess with the very heart of america's global brand, which is democracy, free and fair elections. this whole notion of how they were hacking in, according to all the american intelligence agencies. how they were trying to disrupt, not necessarily on one side or
4:38 am
the other, but to make america's democracy appear ilegitimate. now that they have the candidate they wanted, they are making nice sounds. and i did pose that to the secretary-general of nato because, of course, donald trump made huge headlines when in one of his first ever international interviews he said that nato is obsolete and allies would have to enter a transition aal pay t play relationship. >> donald trump has clearly stated that he's a big fan of nato and that has been the case for all american presidents. so, i will discuss with president-elect trump the way forward regarding how nato shall continue to respond to a more
4:39 am
dangerous world. >> all right. so, let's discuss with the panel what the impact of this is. and a little bit of, and he said, give us a moment, let us enjoy. let us saver. y not a realistic point when it comes to the presidency. >> hang on a second. hang on a second -- >> what happened? they took out the last bit of -- >> donald trump's problems and policies begin today. particularly, for example, conflict of interest. remember his latest -- when he was opening his hotel in washington just a couple of weeks ago. now, what does he do about -- >> he steps away from the business. the kids run it. >> no, no, no. it's one thing to have a blind trust with the portfolio of stocks and shares that can be changed by your blind trustees. but when your blind trust is accompanied with your name on it
4:40 am
and real buildings and your brand name, how does he not know what is happening in the trump organization. >> and your children are involved. >> i'm not saying it is impossible. i'm just simply saying real structural conflict of interest problems that start today. >> and transparency. he's going to be under so much more pressure now to just release what are the financial deals overseas? we never really got that in full prior to the election. >> or being elected president -- >> wait a second. can i just say something? >> sure, jeffrey toobin. what pressure is he under? he just won. he's never going to release those tax returns. we're never going to see them. this is a guy who just won. this is what worked for him. why should he feel pressure to do anything? this is a guy who made campaign promises and, like most politicians, he is going to keep
4:41 am
those campaign promises. have mass deportations and have an investigation and prosecution of hillary clinton. this is what he ran on and this is why he won. >> and he's going to have to deal, though, with the economic consequences of all this, which is very different than stumping, having a lot of populous rhetoric and talking about 4% growth. he is now going have to deal with the fact that if he implements these policies and tax cuts that are unfunded and run up the deficit and sets off a trade war, we're going to end up in recession. you better believe he's going to be under pressure then. >> and he is going to have, if there are legitimate conflict of interest questions that arise, there will be investigations. >> who will do those investigations? there are no democrats in charge of any committees in congress. there is going to be rudolph giuliani as attorney general. >> maybe. we don't know that. >> or someone similarly allied to da to donald trump. maybe chris christie. the democrats have no power to
4:42 am
investigate him. so, the idea that he is somehow going to be on the defensive, he is going to be on the offensive with a compliant congress and he can do what he wants. >> and he has rewritten the rules. i mean, the rules are now donald trump's rules. when you talked to the nato secretary-gener secretary-general, which word was he taking donald trump at? >> well, look, you know, let's face it. every single world leader has rolled up and done what they do after every single u.s. election and if congratulated the result of a free and fair election in the united states. however, many of them talked about the results of the future. the comments that donald trump had made during the election. what is rather troubling is that some of the most eager and jubulent congratulations come from the far right who jumped up and down tweeting now it is time
4:43 am
for netherlands to take back their country and the dutch read keep others out and farage, this is what he tweeted two big revolutions in 2016. trump is the pioneer of a new authoritarian and chauvinist international movement and he is also a warning for us. so, that inkap capsulets the fef what is going on out there and all the way to china, very afraid of trade barriers and tariffs and things like that. japan, south korea, he's starting to pull the protection on that, as well. >> jeffrey, one quick point. don't forget about us. we are the ones that started asking the questions about his taxes and conflicts. the media doesn't go away. >> how did that work out? >> you can't reject the process. you know what i mean. you ask the questions and you
4:44 am
test the candidates and the people vote and the decision is made. that's how it works. now that he is in power. you check power. you speak truth to power. ask about his taxes and ask about his conflicts and you keep doing it and the people decide what is important and what isn't. >> and a whole variety of regulatories that will look into it. i am not saying it is going to be easy. very real conflict questions and they begin today, even in the transition. >> panel, thank you very much. what should we expect from the new president-elect? as well as congress. we'll speak with two senators about last night's historic, stunning outcomes.
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this is cnn breaking news. despite predictions, models, polls, the republican party kicked butt all night long. they kept control of the senate, the house and they took the presidency. one of the seats that was thought to be at risk was senator ron johnson but he went on to win the seat and beat russ
4:49 am
feingold. he joins us. your seat to keep. congratulations, again. how do you describe what happened in your state last night? it was a surprise, not so much your seat, little bit, but how it went with the presidency? >> well, certainly in the last couple of weeks you just saw a seat change here. a lot of enthusiasm and people were looking for real change and they realize career politicians like russ feingold and hillary clinton helped create this mess and helped build the swamp and i don't believe people thought they could fix it. a businessperson in the white house and somebody i could work with and somebody who understands how business is and create the kind of opportunity and prosperity that certainly every american wants. i am really looking forward to the next six years. >> if only it was as simple as, the status quo. half or more than half of the country because clinton is ahead in the popular vote right now.
4:50 am
who are, in different measures, afraid that they'll be excluded and they'll be targeted. that donald trump ran on a message that which was one of kifgs and anger. what do you say to those people? >> well, first of all, just take a look at how i conducted myself as a u.s. senator. i'm looking for areas of agreement. we use a great, wonderful man, pastor jerome smith identifying people and getting people to succeed in inner city milwaukee, connected them with life transforming jobs. so, you know, donald trump is going to be the president of every american just like i'm the senator of every wisconsinite and what you're going to find out of a business person is someone who's used to accomplishing things. getting results. and not being divisive but actually looking for areas of agreement. that's how you accomplish things in business. it's going to be completely different perspective than what we get out of career politicians. i think americans will be amazed at how quickly we can turn this economy around. >> except that that's not what he said, senator.
4:51 am
you know, i mean, he is president-elect donald trump and he did say that there are meaningful divisions in this society that he hopes to expose and make more obvious to people whether it's the wall or how he feels about muslims. those things matter, too. he got elected on the basis of those. he does have to deliver in an ironic way, no? >> i listened to him last night. he said he wanted to be -- and i think business people just bring a totally different perspective to this thing. business people in the political realm, this is like an ultimate universe to us. we're just not used to the kind of demagoguery, demonization. we try to accentuate the positive, find areas of agreement -- >> but that's not how he campaigned, senator. that's not how he campaigned. >> now he's really president, now he's going to govern, he's going to have republican majorities in the house and the senate, folks that also are
4:52 am
serious, certainly i'm serious about solving these problems and it starts with economic growth. and who better than a business person in the white house understanding the economy, how we need to reduce regulatory burden, have competitive tax system, utilize energy resource, people energy prices low so we can compete. it will be a completely different perspective. i really do think that it's just not going to be that hard to get the economy moving again with that business person perspective. >> well it's not just moving again, right? he says 4% growth. is what he wants to see out of the economy. and we haven't seen that in a very, very long time. so let me grant you, especially in this afterglow of the election, right, we're just hours into these victories, that some of these more obnoxious things that were said during the campaign aren't put at the top of the list. okay. your practical concerns where president-elect trump has very stark disagreement with speaker of the house paul ryan whether it's trade or building a wall, what do you do there? >> well, again, someone who's
4:53 am
been in business, you sit down with your negotiating partner and you lay out all the areas of agreement. you don't accomplish things by arguing and dividing. so as a business person, my assumption is, and listen, i've talked to donald trump, i've talked to his son, talked to just traveled with eric trump. he knows both people very well. he thinks speaker ryan and donald trump will get along just fine, and certainly i'll do everything i can to bridge that gap as well. again, donald trump ran because he's concerned about americans. so am i. so is speaker ryan. paul ryan has an agenda, it's a really good place to start. donald trump i thought did a good job last night saying he's going to be president of every american. let's accentuate the positive. boy you guys are starting out pretty negative today. let's accentuate the positive understanding that we all share the game goal. we all want a safe, prosperous, secure america. if you start there, keep it positive, guys. i think we can really accomplish a lot. >> senator johnson i couldn't agree with you more about keeping the positive. but for you to put it on the
4:54 am
media for just repeating what donald trump said and you ducked for your entire campaign is a little -- little hard to swallow. but i will put it this way, we all want to see better days ahead. let's hope they happen and soon. senator, congratulations on your win last night. >> have a good day. >> alisyn? >> joining us now, independent senator from maine, angus king, member of the intelligence and armed services committee. he endorsed hillary clinton. senator, good morning. >> good morning, alisyn. how are you? >> i'm doing okay, senator. how are you, and where were you last night at the moment where you realized that things were not going your way? >> you know, i think one of the first moments that i realized that the election was going to go to mr. trump was early -- very early on, when your guys were doing the exit polling and they said that by 68% change was the highest priority for the
4:55 am
voters. and i think that was a -- a key moment. and i want to just momentarily compliment john king and his -- the software team. i thought his analysis last night was the most useful, informative, comparing, you know, 2012 and now and all these counties where the votes are, that was a virtuoso performance. no relation to john king but he did a great job last night. >> well i will accept your compliment on his behalf. we were all obviously very proud of cnn's coverage last night. but, do you think it was that simple? was this only about change? is that it? could any democrat have won? or do you think that there was something different and special that donald trump did? >> well, i think, you know, this is a world wythe movement. you have to put it in perspective, more nationalistic
4:56 am
ice lalgsist movements, if you will, around the world. brexit. this was really very similar to brexit. i think people were voting for change, even though they didn't fully know what kind of change they were going to get. they just wanted something different. and i think secretary clinton, you know, in this political world, sometimes qualifications can be a disadvantage. and she just looked -- she was running as a kind of quasi-incumbent. and it was -- it was a combination of a lot of things coming to the. the other thing is, we got to realize how close this was. i did a quick calculation this morning. i figure if 150,000 votes are so had changed in pennsylvania, wisconsin, michigan, you would have had an entirely different outcome. she's already leading in the popular vote. you know, a couple hundred thousand votes out of 117 million, that's one tenth of one percent. if nothing else this election is going to be an all-time argument for everybody get out and vote.
4:57 am
>> well, senator, now what? i mean, now that the republicans hold the senate, and the house, and the white house, how do you an independent and your democratic colleagues, how do you get anything done? >> well i think the first obligation, he's going to be the president. and i think you call balls and strikes. my philosophy always has been as i call them as i see them. and if he comes forth with a policy that i think is going to benefit the country, for example, more -- better negotiated trade deals, that's going to be a good thing. on the other hand, if he is comes up with a discriminatory policy towards some segment of our population, you know, i'm not going to support. we do have a system of checks and balances. >> yes. >> i think the other thing that's very important, alisyn, is the president has enormous unilateral authority in foreign policy. and i really hope he gets
4:58 am
quickly up to speed. he should talk to general dunford the head of the joint chiefs of staff, admiral harry harris head of paycom. really impressive military people. checks and balances don't work all that well when it comes to foreign policy. so, that's an awesome responsibility that i hope he'll dive into, and not take lightly. president's words can change things very quickly. >> well, senator, we had a couple of those surrogates on this morning and they say that his first order of business will be to repeal and replace obamacare. how do you feel about that? >> well, you know, i've often heard this repeal and replace but i've never hear the replace part. i've heard something about selling insurance across state lines. that already happens. we have large insurance companies that are selling health insurance across state lines. i think it would be a tragedy, and i certainly won't in any way cooperate or work with an effort to take health insurance away
4:59 am
from 20 million americans, go back to the days where if you had a pre-existing condition you could never get health care. all of those kinds of things. so, i think, you know, it -- everybody has been saying, i've been saying for four years, it needs to be fixed. it needs to be adjusted. but, repeal i've never thought was the answer. i think that would be a tragedy, wrong policy, and i will certainly oppose it. >> all right we shall see what happens in the next 100 days and beyond. senator angus king thanks so much for being on "new day." >> thank you, alisyn. we, of course, have much more coverage of this historic election, including a live interview with donald trump's campaign manager. let's get right to it. >> this is cnn breaking news. >> we want to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. you are watching "new day." and what a morning it is here. the american people have spoken. and donald trump will be the 45th president of the united states. trump seizing on voter
5:00 am
frustration to defeat hillary clinton in a stunning upset victory. the president-elect came out two hours ago and talked about how he would unify the country. >> working to the, we will begin the urgent task of rebuilding our nation, and renewing the american dream. i've spent my entire life in business looking at the untapped potential in projects and in people all over the world. that is now what i want to do for our country. >> hillary clinton conceding the race on the phone. she hasn't addressed the american people yet. we are expecting that to happen soon. we do now know that president obama called trump to congratulate him, the two men plan to meet on thursday. republicans had a big, big night, even beyond the presidency. they keep the senate. they keep the house. markets around the worlder


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