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tv   New Day  CNN  November 9, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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frustration to defeat hillary clinton in a stunning upset victory. the president-elect came out two hours ago and talked about how he would unify the country. >> working to the, we will begin the urgent task of rebuilding our nation, and renewing the american dream. i've spent my entire life in business looking at the untapped potential in projects and in people all over the world. that is now what i want to do for our country. >> hillary clinton conceding the race on the phone. she hasn't addressed the american people yet. we are expecting that to happen soon. we do now know that president obama called trump to congratulate him, the two men plan to meet on thursday. republicans had a big, big night, even beyond the presidency. they keep the senate. they keep the house. markets around the world were
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expected to react negatively to trump. they did so in heavy fashion. there's been a little bit of a pullback on that we're monitoring the markets to see how they open here in the u.s. this morning. >> we have the best political team in the business covering it all. john berman who is here to break down all of the numbers. how did this go, john? >> all right, alisyn. a little bit after 8:00 a.m. on the east coast, donald trump has 289 electoral votes. more than enough. he is now the president-elect. he will be the 45th president of the united states. we're still waiting on three states to be called right now. in michigan, donald trump leads by about 15,000 votes. in minnesota, hillary clinton, she has a slight lead of about 42,000 votes. and then new hampshire, just take a look at new hampshire. for those up all night, right now donald trump is 856 votes ahead. that's actually grown since the last time we checked from about 300 to 800. we're not going to call these races any time soon until we hear from those state officials. it's just too close to make those determinations. and they won't change the
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outcome. donald trump has won this race. as of now, hillary clinton 218 electoral votes. the key overnight her blue wall crumbling. donald trump picked up wins in wisconsin and pennsylvania. no republican has won pennsylvania since 1988. no republican wisconsin since ronald reagan. hillary clinton did not even visit wisconsin after the convention. democrats thought they had it in the bag. they didn't. now one of the big surprises overnight, donald trump it turns out, he had coattails. the republicans will keep control of both chambers of congress. the senate, they're going to have at least 51 seats. they don't need mike pence to break a tie. they have at least 51 and that number could grow. and in the house of representatives, republicans once again will be in charge. right now we project the democrats will pick up about six seats but that is way below the number that they had hoped for. particularly a few weeks ago when they thought they may get 20, 25 seats. republicans still at least 235 votes in that chamber. a lot of republicans, or at least some republicans, swept into office despite the fact that they didn't even support donald trump.
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alisyn? >> okay, john, thanks so much for all of that. the white house releasing a statement in just the past hour about these stunning election results. and it reads in part, the president invited the president-elect to meet him at the white house on thursday. november 10th, to update him on the transition planning. his team has been working on for nearly a year. ensuring a smooth transition of power is one of the top prior y priorities the president identified at the beginning of the year and in meeting with the president-elect is the next step. sara murray is live at trump tower in new york with more. what's the scene there, sara? >> well, good morning. donald trump delivered on his political revolution, but he wakes up this morning with a very long to-do list. he now has a transition to go through. he has to pick a cabinet. he has to essentially prepare for a donald trump administration, and this is something sources say donald trump has not been spending a lot of time on in the lead-up until election day. he really wanted to focus on the task at hand. he wanted to win the election.
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meanwhile the transition team, separate from the campaign, was just sort of heads-down, grinding it out. pulling to the what they would need for donald trump to sort of hit the ground running. that included a first 100 day plan. it also included 22 different departments submitting plans to senator jeff sessions, governor chris christie to sort of look over what they would want to do with these agencies. regulations donald trump would roll back on day one. unilaterally. but they also submitted lists for each potential cabinet position so top three picks. all of these people who have been vetted by the transition team, potential people donald trump could put in the cabinet. we are going to hear a lot of these names bandied about in the coming days. so that is why i just want to throw the note of caution out there that donald trump is just now going to begin to sort through these things. he's going to begin to narrow down people who would want in these top slots. even if aides are cautioning it's still very early. and won't be until later this morning that his aides get together here at trump tower and
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sort of figure out where they go next. >> well, we know where one person is going next. sir ra murray, thank you very much. we just heard breaking news in to cnn that hillary clinton is going to speak at 9:30 a.m. eastern, after conceding the race to donald trump by phone in the early morning hours. cnn's senior washington correspondent jeff zeleny has the details. jeff? >> chris, good morning. we are hearing that the speech will come at 9:30 this morning at the new yorker hotel here in midtown manhattan. this is not a speech she expected to be giving. she, of course, thought she would be winning this morning. all those conventions were totally wrong. by her campaign, by others. i'm told by her aides that this will be a speech to talk about the healing the divisions in the country, and the need for americans to support their new president. but last night you can see these pictures here. thousands of here supporters were shell-shocked in the wee hours of the morning as they left the jive its center right here in manhattan. however thought would be a party. she did not give a concession
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speech last night still hoping that her blue wall across wisconsin, michigan, pennsylvania, would save her candidacy. that didn't happen. so after 2:00 a.m., her aides said she wanted to give a more thoughtful speech. that is the speech they said is coming this morning here. but so many questions inside her campaign about what went wrong. her advisers tell me this morning now is not the time for finger pointing here. you can bet those questions will be asked. "a," did she not campaign enough? "b," did they not see this message of movement of change coming. was president obama not helpful on the campaign trail? was there anything they could have done? her advisers say those questions will be saved for a later date. chris and alisyn, the democratic party now is the divided party here. and that is something that is out of power in washington. that is the next conversation moving forward. so we'll hear from her at 9:30. >> a lot of division. a lot of different roads that need to find their way forward and we'll stay on it. jeff thank you very much. joining us now is donald trump's campaign manager kellyanne conway. congratulations, my friend. it's good for you to be with us
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this morning. and i immediately am going to pick you for information. tell us about the call that you got from hillary clinton, and from president obama, and the call to you from huma abedin. tell us about all these experiences. >> okay. well thank you, chris. it's a great day for us here. in trump tower. so we were already headed over to the hilton to do what we had been doing all night long, which is watch the returns, wait for all the states to be called and eventually the next president-elect of the united states to be aunnounced. my phone rang, huma abedin. great to talk to her. she said, secretary clinton would like to talk to mr. trump. so i handed him the phone and they had a maybe one-minute conversation, very gracious, very warm. i heard mr. trump's side of it. he commended her for being smart and tough and running a very hard-fought campaign. and i am told secretary clinton congratulated donald trump on his victory and conceded to him.
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>> kellyanne, tell us about your night before that. what was the moment where jaws were dropping? was it after donald trump won north carolina? was it florida? was the moment where you realized things were really breaking your way? >> so it's been feeling this way for a couple of weeks now and i think last night empirically is when the silly exit polls faded out of view and when the actual election results started to be announced, because those really reflected what people did. and i think when we saw we were able to protect our core four as i was calling it, florida, north carolina, ohio and iowa, then we knew we were on to something because we had a lot of people in our counties giving us information about returns, we were able to compare mitt romney's returns to last night's, what we were hearing and we knew we went into yesterday, we knew we went into election day behind in the early vote. this is not unusual for republicans. but in a place like florida, we
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had cut the early vote deficit that governor romney had against president obama in half. in north carolina we were happy with our early vote, even though we were losing, we were happy with where it was relative to governor romney's in 2012. and so, we knew if we had a strong day of turnout we could protect those core four. then it was a matter of flipping a blue state or two. and this is something that we had in our sights for months, really taking the case right to pennsylvania. always felt right for donald trump. donald trump, mike pence, spent a lot of time and the trump family, melania trump was there last week. so it's a state where we felt the trump message would do very well. we always felt that hillary clinton promising to put coal miners out of work, or steel workers, that wasn't going to go well in a place like pennsylvania. michigan, wisconsin, the same thing. so it just all started to come together. >> so, i loved your tweet last night that stop saying all the pollsters didn't see it. because obviously, kellyanne is a pollster and she obviously saw. new hampshire, michigan, and
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minnesota still too tight to call. won't change the race from clinton's perspective. but would deliver a hefty mandate to donald trump if each breaks his way. how important are they? >> well, they're important, and they're places where we were in the waning days. sometime under a hail of criticism, chris. why are you going to minnesota? well, maybe we saw that minnesota was tight. internally we saw minnesota was negative three for us and felt let's go there. if you work for donald trump it's never a choice between this state and that state. it's just a matter of adding more stops to the calendar, since he's so willing to be campaigning practically 24/7. it's the complete mystery to all of us, president or no president, when this man sleeps. we still don't know. so if he's willing to do six stops a day, if governor pence is willing to do five or six stops a day it's easy to add when you see something in the internal polling. the other thing is we saw, talked about it on cnn again, criticized for doing so, but we saw two things that ended up
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being true. one is the undercover trump vote. these people who want to take the country in a new direction, have an unfavorable opinion of hillary clinton but don't look the part of a republican presidential voter. maybe they voted for president obama twice. maybe they voted for president bill clinton twice. maybe they vote for democrats in the offyear. but it's the combination of the message and the messenger this year and their reluctance to go for more of the same and go for hillary clinton that really made them available to us. the second thing that we saw was that hillary clinton has had a very difficult and it turns out impossible time to bust through her ceiling of 45%, 46% in some of these states that president obama carried twice with more than 50%. so seeing her, that deficit for her, gave us an opportunity to at least try to get to parity with her. we ended up putting mr. trump and governor pence and their ad money in those states where we saw that happening. >> so kellyanne, let's talk about secretary clinton, and let's talk about donald trump's campaign promises, one of them
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was to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate hillary clinton. is that going to happen? >> we didn't discuss that last night. and he did not discuss that with hillary clinton on the phone. >> but i mean for voters who want to know whether or not there will still be division or unity, that was one that was a real rallying cry for some of his supporters, and a battle cry for him and i think that this morning, democrats obviously are waking up somewhat despondent and they want to know what to expect. do you expect that those sorts of investigations from donald trump will continue? >> well, we need unity. that was precisely the theme of trump's victory speech last night. >> true. >> he went way out to make sure everybody heard him loudly and clearly that he will be the president for all americans. and that includes many who did not vote for him and did not expect him to be their president. he also said we need to heal and
5:13 am
bind the wounds of the nation. obviously he's spoen to president obama. obviously he's spoken to secretary clinton. they're two leaders we would like to lean upon to help us do that. we certainly hope we can do that. we certainly hope a number of democrats today feel the same way and even the nonvoters people who don't bother with the syst system. >> what do you do with the disconnect, kellyanne? what do you do with, you know, of course you want to bring people together, that is the responsible thing for the president-elect to do, and i agree with you, he did it well. but there is such a stark contrast between the message he campaigned on, which was certainly one of division to many people's perspective, maybe more than half the country at latest count of the popular vote, how much will we hear from the president-elect clarifying what he will and will not do that matches up with what he promised during the campaign? >> well, respectfully i disagree that he ran on division. he ran on many things. he had a lot of policy proposals that people were hearing and liking and if you look at the
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last couple weeks the divisive negative campaign belonged to hillary clinton. i have to tell you, as donald trump's campaign manager, i was mystified, really excited and heartened, but mystified as to why she would go all negative instead of maybe explaining what her answer to obamacare might be. the affordable care act. it was a huge risk on their part and it didn't pay off. but on mr. trump, and what he would do, he sort of welcomes everyone. you say how can you bridge the rift? i think, chris, that we ought to realize that where we may disagree politically and ideologically, people have far more in common in this country than they may realize in the heat of the political battle. and we need to come together as americans. we need to recognize that we -- there's essential goodness in americans. we have a certain wisdom and discernment and i saw that all across the country in traveling with mr. trump. people just, they love this country. and they love each other. and they really do want the best. and i think people just looking askance at each other because they have a different political view is very your honor
5:15 am
fortunate. i really hope because i've heard a lot of it on cnn for the last year and a half i really hope some people will just tamp it down. lay down the verbal firearms, tamp it down and give this guy a chance. give him a chance as your president-elect like we all did with president obama, and we all did with president bill clinton et cetera. give him a chance and be there for him. come together as a nation. >> but are you saying that the divisive rhetoric was on cable news and not at some of mr. trump's rallies? i mean, let's -- >> no, i didn't say that. >> so let's be honest -- >> i didn't say that. >> mr. trump did have some divisive language. we all have it. we have the tapes that we could rerack. so everybody loves the idea of moving forward and coming to the as a country of course and what i hear you saying unless you correct me if i'm wrong is that you will not press ahead with any sort of investigation or prosecution of hillary clinton because that would not be in keeping with unity. >> i have not discussed that with him, alisyn. especially since he became the next president of the united
5:16 am
states. but let me repeat that there's divisiveness all the way around. and i think that throwing -- you know, you can just go back and reflect for a moment on the avalanche, i mean unprecedented deluge of negative criticism that we've received here at the trump campaign has been laid upon his shoulders. it's truly been unprecedented. you know what? it backfired by and large. because people ended up saying stop telling me what's important to me. stop telling me what to think and whom to vote for and who is disqualified. look at what the clinton campaign did for weeks, for months. they would try to tell people, this is what's important to you. temperament. or this comment that many years ago. or that comment yesterday. the next thing is important to you. and meanwhile people are saying you know what's important to me? whatever is important, i honestly think to the whole political elite media, class all of us, nearly all of us privileged people who have a platform, alisyn and chris, i think the big lesson of
5:17 am
yesterday is, stop listening so much to each other and start listening to the people. they have fabulous stories to tell, they're good-hearted. and i think we've got a lot more in common in this country that we don't. and you see president-elect trump making that promise. >> well, listen, those are the right words to hear on this day, and i can assure you, that this country, because you got over half the country voted for hillary clinton, they're all eager to hear it and to see them put into action moving forward. let me ask you a question, you're still in the afterglow, you deserve to enjoy it. this was hard-fought. transition is going to take time. do you see the urgency being domestic or foreign right out of the box? because you do have these complicated military situations abroad. and you do have complicated political situations at home. but is one of them going to be a more urgent priority early on? >> i think it has to be all of the above, chris. >> hard to do it all. that's why i asked. >> well, but look, good leaders surround themselves with people
5:18 am
who can help them to do that. that's just always the case with our presidents, and it's -- you're right, it's difficult to know where to start. because many things seem like a hot mess here and abroad. but, mr. trump has been very clear about what his priorities are and they do include both a domestic and a foreign agenda. but i think i just have to say on his behalf all of the above. because, as president you can't pick and choose on what you're going to work on. we have a lot of folks hurting in this country. and a lot of folks who feel like they've been left behind, don't have a voice. feel like they're struggling to decide whether to meet the new hikes in obamacare premiums, food or rent. then you have people around the globe that are very concerned about the advance of terrorism, about the changes in their country, maybe economically. and so we need a president i think he said very clearly last night he said i'd like to tell the world community i will always put america first, but i also will deal with you fairly.
5:19 am
and in other words, we'll be a partner around the globe. and he means that. and we need a president who looks upon everything that way. >> what do you expect from the meeting with president obama on thursday? is there any message that donald trump will give to him? >> i'll let those two world leaders decide that, alisyn. i think that they will talk about the things they can maybe work on together in the future. and how to build on what successes president obama had and frankly how to tackle the infinite to-do list that he will leave behind. that has to be a priority. and yet i would note that yesterday's election brought together republicans in the house, the senate and the presidency for all the talk about how donald trump is going to drag down the house and senate, good god how many people sat on your networks and said with a straight face he was going to cost the republicans everything not nailed to the ground and instead they won everything. that tells you something about where america wants to go, though. he's being given a mandate.
5:20 am
and that mandate is going to be somewhat different than what we've had. it's a repudiation of some of the things we've had. but president obama, for his successes there are things i'm sure they can discuss. i know president obama, and president-elect trump very much -- >> we lost our satellite. our thanks to kellyanne conway for coming on "new day." >> very hard-fought battle. and just hours into it. and it's amazing how much played already. >> global markets are down on the news that donald trump's victory so how will u.s. markets open today? cnn business correspondent alison kosik is live at the new york stock exchange keeping an eye on it all. >> good morning, alisyn. less than 90 minutes to go before the opening bell. a 250 point drop on the dow is an improvement from what we saw happen overnight as we were watching those returns come in. globally we're also seeing a recovery in the trading going on there right now. global markets down less than about 1% across the board.
5:21 am
as countries try to figure out what a trump presidency means for them. the mexican peso we're keeping an eye on that because that came a barometer for donald trump during his candidacy. that continues to fall sharply against the dollar and that's because of the big concerns about what trump's trade policies are going to be, and his protectionist sentiment during the campaign. one thing to leave you with, though, one thing to keep in mind, what usually happens the day after election day, you do usually see stocks fall. case in point when president obama was elected in 2008 we did see the s&p 500 fall 5% the day after. chris and alisyn? >> all right, thank you very much. the markets go up and down. volatility was expected. it was sharp but we'll keep an eye on it. in his first speech as president-elect donald trump talked very differently than he has the rest of his campaign. he talked about binding the wounds, and being together. we're going to speak with a trump supporter, wisconsin's re-elected congressman sean duffy. what will that mean, next?
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this is cnn breaking news. >> if this election had a theme, it was division. the question now for the winner, president-elect trump is how do you heal. let's bring in sean duffy, a donald trump supporter, also won his bid for re-election last night. congratulations my friend. good luck in your new term. >> thank you, chris. it's great to be out here this morning. >> so, you whooped up on your opponent last night. donald trump has a big and maybe even a more big mandate at the end of all the counting. we still don't have minnesota, michigan and new hampshire tallied completely. the popular vote just about divided. clinton even a little bit ahead now. so you got a divided situation. you have to figure out how to come together. a little trickier with donald trump because his campaign was so heavy on exacerbating
5:27 am
divisions. how do we move together going forward? >> i think more than division, it's about pointing out the stark difference between what's been happening over the last eight years, chris. he was talking about truly fixing health care. how do we secure our border? issues that i think a lot of americans tapped into and agreed with. moving forward what i saw when i came in in 2010 is if you think you can just have one party rule i washington, or in state government, it never works. you have to bring the other side in, and you have to work together on common purpose. and if you look at the way this is going to be structured in congress, yeah, republicans are going to keep control of the house and the senate, but in the senate the way the rules work is, you need 60 senators to pass most bills and so whether it's going to be, you know, seven or eight senators, nine senators that are democratic are going to have to buy into what republicans are trying to move through the house, the senate, and to mr. trump's desk. and that means you have to work
5:28 am
together to get common purpose, common buy-in if you're going to move the country forward. and if you go my way or the highway, you will see republicans have a historic loss across america in two years from now. we need to fight for the ideas that we ran on. but also bring democrats along with us, and include some of their ideas in the packages that we put together. >> well i get you in terms of the how you do business. and the need for progress and constructive work down in d.c. i think that's all good. what i need your help on is something we talked about a lot during the election. i would often come to you with what trump was saying. and the anxiety and you would constantly wave me off and say look i don't agree with everything trump says but this is the campaign and it's an ugly time, let's see what happens when it's over. so what is your message? to those who are afraid this morning? again you got over half the country in the popular vote went against trump. what do you say to them who feel they're on the outside? they're excluded? they on the list? they're in the swamp? what do you say to them?
5:29 am
>> it was a tough-fought race. and mean things were said on both sides of the aisle. >> true, true. >> and had the race gone another way half of the people would have disagreed with mrs. clinton, so as we look forward, we know these races are rough and tumble, and mean and hard things are said. it always happens. but then once you win, you have to get about the business of governing, and governing means bringing other folks in to move the country forward. and i think mr. trump understands that and will do it and hearing kellyanne on your show just in the last segment, i think one of his top advisers understands that very well. but that doesn't mean, chris, that you don't fight for the things that you ran on. i mean i do think as mr. trump said to have a country you do have to have a border. >> sure. >> that doesn't mean you have to check in your compassion and your heart. you still have a heart. but you want to secure it. we want to crush isis. take the fight to them instead of bringing the fight over here. all ideas that i think half of america has said we agree with and i think the biggest message here is president obama tried to
5:30 am
sell america on a bigger government, some might argue a more collectivist government, and i think whole heartedly in this cycle america said that's not the right path forward for us. we think we can get more opportunity, better wages, more upward mobility if you have a more american-style free enterprise system. and i think that's the big message coming out of tonight. let's reduce the size and the influence in our lives of our government, and let's look back to the american people. with still a government in our life but more limited but letting families and people and small businesses run their lives the way they see fit without this nancy state looking over their shoulder trying to manage their lives for them. >> true. >> i think that's the real message that comes from donald trump. >> true, but look what has people anxious isn't the which tax plan are we going to go with you know how is this going to work economically in terms of our jobs engine. what was dividing the country was more of this cultural play, kellyanne as you know, we've known a long time here, she was saying boy, you guys sure are being negative about this. it's not on us.
5:31 am
the election was very negative so now it's just a practical question. do you really appoint a special prosecutor to go after hillary clinton? or do you deal with what you're talking about? what do you think the priority should be? >> well, i think the priority should be what the main theems of the campaign were. >> that was one of them. they chanted lock her up at all the rallies like of last month. do you deliver on that or do what you're saying? >> well, i think the -- the -- the sentence and conviction came last night in the vote and people said we don't want corruption in washington. we've seen it in the clinton foundation. we've seen it in the clinton state department. we don't want that. and i think that was probably one of the largest drawbacks to hillary clinton's campaign is the scandalous behavior before she ran. and so, yeah, i mean that's -- i think the american voters have done more to her than donald trump will. but again, i don't think the american voter, chris, they don't want to focus on that kind of stuff. they want to focus on working for them. and again, moving the country forward with ideas that are
5:32 am
actually going to -- it's going to build the economy. you and i have talked about this, americans feel like they've been left behind. so many of them in high part of the world that had a historic vote for a republican president, first time since 1984. people are saying, where's the government working for me? or stop -- stop bringing me down, get out of my way, and let me live my life. that was historic in wisconsin. the first time since 1980 that a republican senator won in a presidential year. so i think if we don't get about the business of the people, and that's disregarded and that focus is sent somewhere else, you'll see the people rise up and push back. >> you've got a big mandate yourself over 60% of the vote. congratulations to you. as you know, these ideas for how to make life better for people in america always have a home here on "new day." you're welcome all the time. congratulations, congressman. >> hey, thank you, chris. >> alisyn? >> if you're just waking up to the stunning news that donald
5:33 am
trump won the presidential election, you are not alone in being surprised. up next, ana navarrnavarro. you don't want to miss this.
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this is cnn breaking news. >> we do have breaking news of the biggest variety. if you are just waking up, donald j. trump is now president-elect of the united states. hillary clinton is set to speak at 9:30 eastern. and of course cnn will bring that to you live. we can only imagine what is going on inside clinton's inner circle. this morning. but, on the -- the whole, democrats' heads are spinning. it is safe to say. and so are some republicans who called themselves never trump voters. let's bring in one of them, cnn political commentator ana navarro. >> with my shirt. >> t.g.i.o., thank god it's over. is it over or is it just beginning? >> well, one nightmare is over. another is about to begin. but look, we are all americans. at this point he is president-elect trump. i don't like donald trump. i respect the office of the
5:38 am
presidency. all of us who for the last week have been saying this is not a rigged system, it is a system we must respect well that holds true today, regardless of what the result is. >> yes, sometimes in a democracy you don't win. >> he won, fair and square. we've had 240 years of democratic peaceful succession in this country. and we're going to have four more years. and i think, i frankly think that, as much as i dislike him, he's now my president-elect. he is our president-elect. this country's success is all of our success so at that point i wish him -- >> how about coming out of the box as president-elect wasn't that a message that you would find comforting? >> i found very little comforting last night. >> conciliatory towards clinton -- >> no -- >> said flattering things about her. said i want you all to know i'm for all of you. it's time to bind the wounds. seemed to be a nod that all that stuff i said during the campaign, let's leave it there. that's how some are taking it. >> let's hope so.
5:39 am
let's hope that he was playing a character for campaign purposes. he's an entertainer. let's hope that that's what he was doing and that the trump that becomes president i think feels the weight of the position, the responsibility and duty of the position and realizes that governing a divided country is very, very difficult. it would have been the same thing for hillary clinton. regardless of who would have won, we would have woken up today with 40, 45% of america completely disenfranchised and feeling in despair. and that's what's happening right now. whomever is the next president, with the help of congress, with the help of the american people, needs to figure out a way forward to bring us together. and i hope and pray that the donald trump we saw in the campaign is not the donald trump we see as president of the united states. and i think that all of us who dislike when, you know, some people wanted barack obama to fail from day one. well we can't do that to
5:40 am
president-elect trump. we've got to hope for his success. we've got to hope for our country's success. >> what does this say about the country when you wake up and see all the red on that map behind you today. you're a republican. what does it say about your party, and its future and the country? >> look i think john edwards was a little bit ahead of his time. i think it is two americas. if you walk around today. if you talk to people. it really does feel like two americas. it feels like, and i'll tell you what it feels like, like a white america and a non-white america. so don't go far my friends because i'm holding you up as my white friends, okay? >> well, now, that would seem to be what's in. because you have a very stark divergence in what happened in this election. the irony is you say john edwards. mario cuomo in 1984 against ronald reagan's message of a shining city on the hill argued it's a tale of two cities. the parties have swamped that message. it is your party now that owns the middle class. the question is, can donald trump deliver on that mandate?
5:41 am
>> i don't know. i know that he can't do it alone. i think that if he continues extending an olive branch and being conciliatory, i think we've got to give him the benefit of the doubt. i think he deserves a little honeymoon period, even if it's between now and the inauguration. we've got to see what type of people he appoints to be around him. hopefully folks with gravitas. that i hope kellyanne conway is around because she's the trump whisperer. she can manage him, him persona. i think that what hillary clinton says today is going to be very important. what tone does she adopt? i would tell you the republican party has tremendous problems. so do the democrats. so do the democrats. >> yes, they do. >> i would say, we all own what happened last night. >> sure. >> you know, democrats probably nominated the only person who could lose to donald trump. and she did. and you know, i think she -- she ran a pretty good campaign.
5:42 am
but at the end of the day it comes down to the candidate. and there were things that the clintons did in the last eight years that i think raised a lot of questions for a lot of americans and they turned back into a benefit of the doubt vote for the outsiders. >> let's bring in the rest of our panel. we want to bring in cnn political commentator and senior contributor to the dollar collar matt lewis. cnn's political analyst, washington bureau chief of the daily beast jackie kucinich. cnn anchor of early start and at this hour john berman. matt at the beginning of this morning i said that you yesterday predicted that donald trump would win north carolina and florida, but he predicted hillary clinton would still pull out the presidential win. what are your thoughts this morning? >> first of all, i think that -- that you know look we can talk about the fbi comey story -- >> and do you think that that had a big effect? >> it certainly helped donald trump close much stronger than he ran any other part of this campaign. he was on message.
5:43 am
he was on script. and of course the wind was at his back and hillary was on defense. you can talk about the obamacare premiums, you can talk about the russian wikileaks story. i think the real story, though, is that this is an international trend. and i think donald trump maybe the reason what he was seeing is that america lags europe and whatever europe does we eebtly do and if you look at berlusconi, maybe he sort of played that model out. so i think that this isn't about anything that hillary might have done differently if she had just gone to wisconsin. i think that this is a large trend that donald trump just caught at the right time. >> you don't think hillary's trustworthiness issue, not what she should have done or could have done in the campaign, but you know, what she -- the clinton foundation, the blurry lines between the philanthropic, political and business world of the clintons, huma abedin -- >> the proof is in the performance. i want to get your take.
5:44 am
you both were never trumpers. nw you're moving forward as we all need to. >> call out what needs to be called out but support the president when he's right. >> and that's the proposition that i want to ask you about. because, what we're hearing this morning is guys, don't be negative. don't be negative. it's not that simple. because of the nature of what this campaign was. this wasn't a man who campaigned on i can fix the deficit, and here are my four ways why and i know everybody says it's crazy but i'm a businessman. this was about who we are and who we're not and it was ugly and it was divisive. isn't it legitimate to question now, which trump are we getting? we getting the one who says we're all going to be together and that stuff was just a campaign or is it, i'm appointing a special prosecutor and putting hillary clinton in jail? >> the bottom line is -- it's a legitimate question but the bottom line is we can't answer it this morning. we absolutely can't answer its -- >> he could. the campaign could. he said see i have different priorities. >> we're going to see it through performance. we're going to see it through
5:45 am
appointments. we're going to see it through the people around him. we're going to see it through the speeches he makes. the places he goes. between now and january 20th. and maybe we'll have a better answer then. >> it's a tale of two trumps. is this the donald trump who wanted to ban all muslims coming into america? or is this the donald trump that sounded much more conciliatory last night. i hope like you said that he was sort of fronting a little bit to win the election, and he will actually govern more in a more statesman-like manner. >> go ahead. >> i do wonder if some of the people around him might change. steve bannon, and the breitbart news site has run some pretty terrible, divisive things -- >> but why would he change -- >> well it makes sense. i'm saying that was governing. it's different. he won. if we can't bring people together if you have someone who's put out things that are anti-semitic on their website. >> there is a fear -- >> but it won't be. the republicans have control of
5:46 am
congress. the republicans are a complete utter control and donald trump helped build or maintain at least the majorities in the house. i don't think there's any reason to believe the confirmation process will be anything other than -- >> i do. i do. i do. >> well first of all it requires -- >> -- stand up -- >> lindsey graham, john mccain, rob portman. people who didn't need him to win. look, i think donald trump, he is the dealmaker. he needs to bring in these republican leaders who maybe did not support him. maybe he can figure out an agenda together. paul ryan may it very obvious that he didn't like donald trump. donald trump does not stand for the same republican values he embraced. now we're in for a reality check, right? republican house, republican senate -- >> when he signs the obamacare bill that they pass in the first week they're going to like him a whole lot. >> that's true, too. >> when he nominates the next supreme court justice, that's not merit garland -- >> that's true, too. >> if he sticks to that list of
5:47 am
supposed supreme court nominees that he published, i think they will? i will also tell you if he shows up with a proposal to build the wall the first 100 days they're not going to like it at all. the paul ryan i know, the john mccain, the lindsey graham, the rob portman i know -- >> -- to be speaker, if he's standing up to donald trump on the wall he's going to have a -- >> the wall -- >> so you build a digital wall or make a little bit of a wall here and everyone says they win. the harder thing for paul ryan is when you know, when donald trump passes an infrastructure bill and doesn't say how to pay for it. when donald trump doesn't pay as much attention to the deficit as paul ryan has jealously guarded him said for the last you know twelve years of his career that he cares so much about. that's not -- >> there's also the theory that and this might sound like wishful thinking and quixotic but someone like thomas beckett, right, this is a guy who was a drinking buddy pretty irresponsible guy with the king and then he becomes the archbishop of canterbury.
5:48 am
now he adopts the persona that you would expect from an archbishop and he defends religious liberty, ends up becoming a martyr. maybe that's asking a bit much for trump but sometimes people rise to the occasion and adopt the role that they're supposed to adopt. >> on that note, that silver lining note that everybody is hoping for this morning, we'll leave it there, panel. thank you very much. global markets are in turmoil, though, after donald trump's big win. how will the u.s. markets open this morning? we'll discuss that next.
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this is cnn breaking news. >> donald trump will be the 45th president of the united states. global markets sharply lower on this news. the u.s. stock market set to open in 37 minutes. and it looks as those investors will sell stocks. cnn business correspondent alison kosik is at the new york stock exchange. >> good morning, christine. we are expected to see the dow drop about 200, maybe even up to 300 points when that opening bell ring in about 40 minutes. but believe it or not that's an improvement from what futures did overnight.
5:53 am
as the election came in we saw the dow futures dropping as much as 800 points. so we're not anywhere near that. we're also seeing an improvement in global markets, trading off their lows. so what has got wall street so spooked? first of all the shock of it all. the shock of donald trump becoming the president-elect. what also shocked wall street, or worried wall street is the unpredictability of donald trump. wall street doesn't like surprises. it wants to know what's going to happen. with trump he kind of just threw out the playbook on just about everything where wall street is concerned. one thing to keep in mind, historically the day after elections, we usually do see a sell-off. case in point the day after president obama was elected in 2008 we did see the s&p 500 sell off about 5%. back to you. >> all right. thank you very much, let's discuss, bring in christine romans, cnn global economic analyst and host of quest means business richard quest.
5:54 am
so, ron, the markets, expect a dip happened every time trump made a move in the polls why uncertainty who will he be, what will his agenda be? how deep, how long? >> i think you're going to see a sell-off but i think it's going to be short and sharp and after that the markets are going to rebound to a certain extent. that's typically what happens after any presidential election. markets don't like uncertainty as we know. i think what's going to happen now is any time you get a bit of bad news, soft growth figures in china, a bad jobs report, something problematic happening politically in europe, you're going to see markets react more strongly than they might have preelection because we don't know what trump's economic policies are going to be yet. is he going to be a demagogue or a pragmatic businessman? we don't know. we're going to have to watch who he appoints. we're going to have to watch his rhetoric. >> richard you also see some complications for donald trump himself. >> oh, yeah. >> bus he has some conflict of interest businesswise. >> oh, yeah. he owns hotels. he owns buildings.
5:55 am
his name's on buildings. there's nothing wrong with that. but how do you take those business interests, put them in a blind trust, and pretend they're not seeing them on my tourism policy, no it's not -- my real estate policy, no, it's in a blind trust. i don't know about these properties that have got my -- >> that's the point. >> that's my point. >> you think you can't be seen but the blind trust isn't really blind. >> i get it. >> -- of a portfolio where you could call it and remember, now here's -- if i'm not incorrect i believe when jimmy carter came into office, he put all his farming stuff and everything into a blind trust and when he and rosalynn left the white house they were just about bankrupt. the money -- they were in a really bad way. >> but here's the question, he's got gop control of congress, right? who's going to be the oversight of what he should do. where are the rules -- he's the president of the united states. who is going to -- >> first of all there's no
5:56 am
strict rule with regards to president of the united states with regards to blind trust. it's not like there's a rule that says you've got to do this. he's expected and i have no doubt he will follow the highest standards that are expected of somebody -- >> you do? you don't think he'll just keep his business, his businesses going, because he's broken the rules on so many things? >> taxes, traditional release your taxes -- >> i think we have to give him the benefit of the doubt. the man has just -- no, no. >> i'm sorry. >> the man has just won the election. the man has just won the election. we have to give him the benefit of the doubt -- >> well he's actually -- he has won the chance to get the benefit of the doubt. >> yeah. >> i think that's fair. he won the election. that means he deserves to be given a chance to succeed or fail based on what he does from here. that's easy with this conflict stuff kard to how he has to distinguish his message during the campaign. >> yeah. >> his actions -- >> i completely -- i think that's a great point and i think
5:57 am
that really a lot of what happens in the markets and the economy is going to hinge on is he going to take a democratic with a small "d" approach to government and communication? is he going to be pragmatic? and really live up to our expectations of the leader of the free world. >> but american workers. he got elected because american workers feel like they're not getting a fair shake. >> what if he goes to paul ryan and donald trump having known him a very long time the guy knows how to make a deal he wants to make a deal he never wanted to make a deal more than he does right now he can go to paul ryan and say what do you want that's easy? what can we get done? why don't you give me a list of regulations and taxes that are on businesses right now -- >> that would be -- >> that he wants to go away and he says i'm proposing this. ryan pushes it through, quick, easy victory. that helps the economy. and you -- >> but don't misnumber. he said -- >> it's a campaign promise. >> i'm giggling. >> he repeated it again and again. >> a promise he re350e9ed a lot.
5:58 am
now he is governing and any growth is good growth. pleasing his base. >> but how do you get -- >> will be the easiest job he has. >> when world trade is slowing down, europe is -- >> he has an equal shot of a recession quickly as 4% growth. equal if not bigger chance. >> no, major chance of a recession than 4% growth. >> i agree. >> particularly when he's almost at war with the the, the, the fed chairwoman. >> that's the other big question. >> janet yellen. >> does the fed -- >> in december now, or -- >> or are they -- >> why would they. >> there's a lot of uncertainty now about what the -- what the landscape is going to look like -- >> he'd be mad to. >> i think the question is janet yellen going to step down? trump has publicly disavowed her -- >> that was then. this is now. i know that sounds naive. but again the man deserves a chance. he also deserves a chance to distinguish what he said during that campaign from how he'll be different and hopefully does it through -- >> no, no he doesn't have the --
5:59 am
he deserves a chance but he doesn't vt right to run away from firm policies that he put forward that the american electorate -- >> a policy -- >> 4% growth, immigration, build the wall. >> this is going to depend -- there are people in his team who are very sharp on american trade policy. others who are less concerned about trade policy and more concerned about other program policies and tax cuts. so there's even some warring inside the team. it will be interesting to see what the treasury secretary -- the cabinet that he puts together. >> panel thank you very much for discussing all of these possibilities with us. and thanks to you for spending this momentous morning with us. stay with cnn. we will hear from hillary clinton at 10:30 a.m. eastern. she will be speaking for the first time after conceding the election to donald trump and we'll bring that to you live. >> one of the most exciting moments in our democracy is to see what a new president does in these early moments after this
6:00 am
victory. it was an historic day and it continues with coverage from the "newsroom" with carol costello. carol? >> that it does. you guys have a great day. "newsroom" starts now. and good morning. thank you so much for joining me i'm carol costello in washington, d.c. hillary clinton 90 minutes from now delivering her concession speech after one of the most historic upsets in modern history. we'll carry that speech live of course. that speech coming just hours after donald trump delivered his own as the nation's next president. his win in a word stunning. going well past the 270 electoral votes needed, crushing hillary clinton, her supporters stunned and heartbroken after one of the most polarizing presidential races in our lifetime. president obama congratulating trump, and due to speak publicly later today. a victorious trump changing tone and calling for a divided nation to unite behind his presidency.


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