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tv   New Day  CNN  November 10, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PST

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a lot of angry voices. >> reporter: a lot of angry voices and people chanting not my president. also, hey, hey, ho, ho, donald trump has got to go. you could feel this in the streets here and across the country. people feeling that hillary clinton who predicted to be the winner of the election having failed to clinch the win. they are very upset and disappointed and they are taking that anger to the streets. >> not my president. not my president. >> reporter: protests breaking out in at least 25 cities. hundreds of demonstrators stopping traffic in los angeles on the busy 101 freeway. while thousands more protested on the streets of l.a. burning trump's head in effigy. police arresting hundreds. in chicago, thousands marching
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down the eight-lane highway to the site of donald trump's hotel. the disappointment of some voters. turning to anger. >> hillary had more votes. more human beings voted for hillary. this isn't fair. the country needs you to stand up and say one vote equals one vote. >> reporter: in new york, at least 5,000 people, including lady gaga, protesting outside trump tower. >> you saw this qualified woman to be president being superseded by a man with no qualifications. >> reporter: thousands more targeting the newest hotel in washington, d.c. blocks from the white house. the march turning to peaceful demonstrations and vigils. most of the protests erupting in major cities where hillary clinton won. like portland, oregon.
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and denver, colorado. and chris, as you spoke to many of them last night, the interesting thing is there's a lot of disbelief. a sense this was not the outcome these people had wanted and that's why they're here. they said they are fighting racism and sexism and islamaphobia. alisyn. >> deb, we heard from people and they say this is a surreal dream. they continue living in this and they are trying to process it. deb, thank you for the reporting. president obama and president-elect trump will meet at the white house. the first public step to the peaceful transition of power. there has been a lot of bad blood. we have athena jones live in washington. >> reporter: alisyn. this is not a meeting the president wanted to have or ever thought he would have.
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he spent months saying donald trump was unfit to be president. now trump has won and the focus shifts to this peaceful transition of power. we heard the president and his team talk about how much they appreciated how smoothly and professionally george w. bush's team handled that transition in 2008 and 2009. we heard the president say in the speech in the rose garden he instructed his folks to follow the example set by the bush team. he also spoke yesterday repeating some of the themes we heard from him way back in 2004 when we were first introduced to obama. talking about red states and blue states. listen to some of that. >> now, everybody is sad when their side loses an election. but the day after we have to remember that we're actually all on one team. this is an intermural scrimmage. we are not democrats first.
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we're not republicans first. we are americans first. >> reporter: we are americans first. echos of 2004 there. white house press secretary josh earnest said it is too early to say what the impact of trump's election will be on obama's top policy priorities. we know donald trump ran on promises to undo much of the president's legacy. we expect to see him try to repeal and replace obamacare. he wants to reverse executive actions on immigration and on power plant regulations. he says he wants to withdraw from agreements like the iran nuclear deal and trans-pacific partnership and the climate deal. the tpp most likely is dead as we heard from congress. a lot could change. i should mention after the meeting at the white house with trump, pence will meet with paul
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ryan. >> you have the policy parts and people in the streets in new york, at least, last night which i was seeing this is about the legacy of tolerance. what will america become under a president trump. another big list of questions, who will be part of the government? trump has a couple of months to fill thousands of jobs to prepare his administration. one of washington's favorite games. who gets which spot? cnn's sunlen serfaty is live in washington with the look at names floated. what are you hearing? >> reporter: chris, it is interesting. president-elect trump and his team have been hunkered down and huddled behind closed doors going through candidates. many of the names they will not surprise you. a lot of them pulled from his tight inner circle from the campaign and now could go on to fill out his cabinet and circle in the white house. on day two as president-elect.
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donald trump now looking to turn promises into policy. beginning with his call for unity. >> now it's time for america to bind the wounds of division. >> reporter: words echoed by president obama and hillary clinton. both pledging a peaceful transition of power. >> we are all rooting for success. >> we must accept this result and then look to the future. donald trump is going to be our president. we owe him an open mind and the chance to lead. >> reporter: trump now in the throes of building his administration. potentially rewarding some top supporters. republican national convention chairman reince priebus. one option for trump's chief of staff. >> i haven't thought about it. right now, i'm chairman of the party. >> reporter: chris christie who has led his transition team also eyed for top posts.
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rudy giuliani, former new york mayor, under consideration for secretary of homeland security. newt gingrich being floated as possible secretary of state. and jeff sessions for defense secretary and billionaire businessman carl ichan. when trump takes office in january, he will have extraordinary power to push through his agenda with major y majorities in both houses of congress. >> he heard voices that other people weren't hearing. he just earned a mandate. >> reporter: and new attention is paid to what candidate trump said about his first 100 days in office would look like. he made several broad promises like cleaning up washington and protecting american workers and restoring the rule of law. he also made very specific promises on the campaign trail to repeal obamacare and ren
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renegotiate trade deals and the promise to build the wall. >> cleaning up washington. sounds nicer than drain the swamp. now how do you translate that? sunlen, thank you. let's discuss the meetings and protest with washington bureau chief jackie kucinich. and we have jason johnson. and washington post reporter abby phillip. let's deal with the big meeting that is coming today. you cannot have a starker contrast than trump and obama. clearly, jackie, trump's election is reaction formation in part from president obama. president obama is a man who is known for tolerance of criticism and struggling to find a way to meet with somebody else. trump got in because he tolerates no critics. is this about them today when
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they meet or is this just a formality? >> this is about the country. this is about the transfer of power. they have to make this work. and these are also two people who don't personally like each other very much. you know, they have to power through it. >> jason, why does president obama have to be gracious? i'm scurious about the optics? will he and michelle obama glue smiles on their faces and greet them with open arms who questioned his birth and citi n citizenship or can they open the front door with an intern? >> this is always been president and senator barack obama. he has been the dad in chief. he wanted to be the one more gracious and noble. it is in fact one of the things he thinks has defined his presidency. his desire to be reasonable.
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i'll be honest with you, i don't think it will be like that in private. i think it will be more contentious. obama recognizes no one benefits if they appear to be contentio s contentious. >> you think they will go at it a little bit? >> i think at some point, obama will say i dealt with it fine. if you take that attitude to running this country, you will see a revolt at the state level and in congress at likes you could not realize. he will tell him that. >> look, it is not about him. it is not his house. it's the white house. transition of power has to be done. the president recognized that. abby, what we are seeing on the streets in the cities is not unexpected. there are a lot of hard feelings here and people are trying to deal with the jekyl and hyde.
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let's bind the wound and be together. for many people on the streets, he created the wounds. somehow do you deal with that contrast? >> i think you can't really blame folks for taking donald trump's actual words at face value you. and frankly, for most people who are elected to the presidency, what they say they will do is the strongest indication of what they actually do. it is not surprising to see that. this is also the sort of perennial monday morning quarterbacking in which everybody says we should get rid of the electoral college because it is not working out. it is a wake-up call for people who are not paying close attention to the electoral process. this is in fact the way it works where one candidate can win the popular vote and the other can win the electoral college and become president. i expect the tone at the white
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house today will be entirely set by trump. you know, if he comes out the way he did on tuesday night and is very conciliatory and has a plan for how he will express desire to bring the country together, i think this will be a meeting that is cordial in public and cordial in private. president obama doesn't feel this is the time to settle scores with trump. >> jackie, i predict it will be cordial in public and private because when you meet with trump one-on-one, he is polite and he is connected and he does sort of feed off the dynamic of wanting you to like him. all of that stuff. i think it will go so much differently than it ever did in public between these two. >> i agree with you. a lot of what donald trump did and does is for the show. now, should he temper that now he's the president-elect of the united states? yes. he should. it will start having real life
2:13 am
repercussions if he goes off rails on television. >> and also, look. i forget who it was. somebody in the atlantic talked about the difference between the media and the trump followers in terms of how they view trump. the media takes trump literally, but not seriously and his followers take him seriously, but not literally. so, he has an advantage in this which is pleasing his base is the easiest thing for him to do. they got him in there. they feel vindicated. now his task is to walk back all of the ugliness that not just has people in the streets, but more people in the country voted against him than for him. thinking this guy represents us at our worst. >> and economic markets are concerned and foreign leaders are concerned. the '72 movie "the candidate,"
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at the end, the guy says what do i do now. if this is civil, it is trump showing humility and says can you help me. that would be amazing if he did. i recognize i have never done this before. obama, give me two pieces of advice. if that happens, that will be a good sign. >> unfortunately, we will never know. this will happen behind closed doors, abby, we won't know what they will say. they won't come out and reveal it, i don't expect. you know, it will be fascinating to watch this from a distance. >> the best we will get is a photo op that i predict. this is the one thing i will predict. it will look extremely awkward. we will have two people who really hate each other sitting next to each other on the couch with cameras flashing. that's what we do in this country. that's what we will see today.
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i don't expect to see drama. i also don't expect that donald trump who has not had a history of reaching out to people in this way for sort of advice or anything. i think he believes he can do this job and he will go into it believing that the guy who did it before him didn't do a good enough job. that's why he was elected. >> panel, thank you. stick around. we want to talk about the donald trump transition team. he is working to prepare the president-elect for the first 100 days in office. so what will it look like and how will donald trump govern? all of that is next on "new day." our mission is to produce programs and online content
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let's bring back the panel for insights. we have jackie kucinich and manu raju. manu, he said he wanted to drain the swamp on day one and reduce federal regulations and have x-government officials wait five years to become lobbyists. how much of that is doable? >> some of that he can do on his own. including reducing regulations and freeze government contractors. the stuff he needs to do legislatively, a lot harder, alisyn. yesterday, mitch mcconnell, the senate majority leader said term limits well not happen. donald trump has made that a
2:21 am
centerpiece his drain the swamp campaign. there are a number of issues that he will have a difficult time getting through a republican controlled congress. particularly the senate which has 52 republicans and getting anything passed requires 60. i asked mcconnell if he supported a wall on the border with the u.s. and mexico. he would not say. he just said i believe we need to do something effective on border security. he knows that is a difficult thing that republicans could get behind. it shows it is uncertain. republicans don't know if donald trump will come in and push republican ideas like tax cuts and overhauling and repealing obamacare or champion the very controversial proposals that helped propel him to office. >> campaign and poetry and govern and prose, jackie
2:22 am
kucinich. it is nothing poetic what donald trump was saying because it was ugly and divisive. he will not lose his base. he doesn't have to build the wall on day one. he doesn't have to go on an intolerance campaign. there has to be a list of things that will look like progress and quickly. >> donald trump has problems maybe another president-elect doesn't. the story today that they are having trouble even staffing the intelligence and national security -- not just the cabinet secretary. the people who make the government run day-to-day. most of the people who are the top republican officials signed letters saying they would never support donald trump. he is having trouble filling the critical positions. >> his team is calling people in the national security sector. >> and they are saying no. i don't want to be part of the trump administration. >> yes. that is daunting.
2:23 am
that will be an early problem for him that we haven't seen before. >> he said he had that list of almost 100 big shots, past and present, who wanted to be with him. aren't there plenty of human capital for those positions? >> not in terms of who have done this before. he will say i don't want this, guys. there's more than 100 positions to fill. >> abby, it is incredible. it is like let bygones be bygones. you see high profile democrats say let's work together, but behind the scenes, it is different. it is interesting to hear mcconnell say what he said today versus what he said when president obama was becoming president. listen to how he said they will work together. >> i think it is always a
2:24 am
mistake to misread your mandate. i don't think we should act as if we will be in the majority forever. we have been given a temporary lease on power f you will. we need to use it responsibly. i think the american people are looking for results. and to get results in the senate as all of you know, it requires some democratic participation and cooperation. >> abby, it will require participation and american people want results. the same man who was part of the meeting before president obama actually took office and said we will block him at every step of the way. he will get nothing out of us in terms of cooperation. >> there is nothing like having a clean sweep to change your mind about that. also, i was surprised by the reaction among democrats as well. you got some statements from the
2:25 am
hill from elizabeth warren's office and sanders' office. saying if donald trump wants to help the middle class, we will help him. chuck schumer is stating early on it is worth to see how they can make the government work. i think there is an important reason for that. it is because of how donald trump is sort of in the weird ideological space. he is neither very conservative on a lot of policy issues nor liberal on other issues. so, both republicans and democrats are realizing they cannot necessarily count on trump to draw the ideological line. they have to be the ones to do it. that will create interesting d bedfellows in congress in the next few years. it is unclear how that will work out. so far, it is a positive sign to see democrats and republicans suggesting they can actually work it out. >> manu, quickly, do the
2:26 am
democrats have the ability to block? the republicans organized differently. they work unanimously than the democrats do. >> they do, chris, because the republicans will have 52 seats. they need to get 60 to get most legislation passed. there are five red state democrats who will be up for re-election in 2018 who will probably be signing with republicans on a lot of key votes. that is only 57. that means you need three more. that's not easy. particularly if trump is pushing controversy bills. >> thank you, panel. a gearshift here. surgeons operating for 27 hours to separate the two little boys here in new york. they were joined by the head. this morning, we have an update on their condition. could they be back home by christmas? answers ahead. ♪
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some headlines for you. the reminder of the gunfire erupting in downtown seattle. crowds marching in the anti-trump protest. two shot and in critical condition. an argument broke out outside a 7/eleven. the police say the shooting is unrelated to the rally. a deadly rail accident in south london. seven people killed. more than 50 injured when the packed tram derailed and
2:32 am
overturned. british police say the driver has been arrested on suspicion of manslaughter and may have fallen asleep at the controls. scary situation. two marine pilots survived after their jets collided in mid air off the coast of san diego wednesday. one pilot ejected and rescued from the pacific ocean. the other landed safely at a nearby naval air station. the faa team hornets were taking part in the training mission. both pilots are in stable condition. good news on the story you have been following. an update on the conjoined twins separated in the risky 27-hour surgery. the lead neuro surgeon saying the two are progressing right on target if not ahead of schedule. both infants had breathing tubes removed since the operation last month and jaiden regained
2:33 am
movement on the left side after partial paralysis. doctors hope to release the boys in the coming weeks to enter rehab. >> they may be home for christmas. >> it is wonderful. again, the neo-natal progress that modern medicine has made is remarkable. >> good for the parents. so when it comes to the election, it's over. but the job of governing is just beginning. who will be in trump's cabinet? you could say these are the most important decisions that he will make early on. we have some tips ahead. okay ge, show me korean restaurants in boulder. google assistant: i found a few places. vo: the new pixel, phone by google. exclusively on verizon. the only next gen network that lets you get the most out of it. how is this possible? vo: because verizon lte advanced delivers 50% faster peak speeds in 450 cities, coast to coast. buy a pixel and get up to $400 back. and get 20 gigs of data with no surprise overages,
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sign up at and get up to six hundred dollars. ♪ everything your family touches sticks with them. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox. what a moment you will get to see today. president obama is going to meet with the man who spent so much time trying to convince the country he was illegitimate and is now president-elect of the
2:38 am
united states. donald trump. the transition of power has to happen and this is the process. the question is who are the people who will populate the power positions. let's look at names being eyed with ellis henican. good to see you. so, let's skip. we have the loyalists. >> his loyalty counts. >> these guys will be asked to do different things. i want to skip for a second to this man. here's why. big name. early guy to jump in. chris christie going to kiss the ring before anybody else did. all this talk about him. can he survive a vetting process? >> you know what? maybe not. officially he is unpopular at home. he is in the middle of the bridgegate. >> the last three weeks of the campaign, he was pretty scarce. we did not see chris christie in public. >> people will say the gop is in
2:39 am
control of the confirmation process. the question is do they want with the drain the swamp talk to have someone who is caught up why swampy business? >> is that alligator number one if you want to drain the swamp? >> do you think he taps him for a big post that requires confirmati confirmation? >> there are a lot of big jobs that don't require the vetting. i'm not saying chief of staff. >> does chris christie take it? >> i don't think he's got a lot of choice at this point. he will not run for another office. i think he wants to be relevant. >> let's talk about these cats. first up, rudy giuliani. everybody knows who he is. he is talked about ag or homeland security. >> i think he would take it in a minute. the question is does he need more money? he is making a lot of money right now. i think rudy likes the spotlight. >> you do? he worked hard to build his
2:40 am
businesses. spends time traveling around. he loves his wife. that job takes you out of pocket. >> you have been around rudy. he likes the spotlight. >> newt gingrich. sorry. didn't mean to hit you in the face that hard, newt. chief of staff is under selling. >> i don't think so. i think he would take that in a minute. to me, he feels more in the senior statesman category. it's been a long time. >> and ben carson. education secretary. is he qualified for that job? >> no. maybe surgeon general. >> do you think that ben carson makes the cut for someone who will have that executive authority over the operations of government? >> you know, i would doubt it on ben. he's a little bit of a loose canyca cann cannon. >> one more. from the group of political
2:41 am
guys. jeff sessions. i think he was with him early. the senator. this is a serious job. defense secretary. you have to have the right person. he would be picking a political worker to go in as defense secretary. that could work. >> it could. i would bet on that one. he is a serious enough guy. he actually cares about the issues. loyalty again. it is about the loyalty. there are not that many people, chris, who were loyal as long and thoroughly as jeff sessions. >> this is a good education for those at home. in politicals, they do this the same way any job. loyalty counts. you have to know they will stay on message and not stick it in your back. they will defend you. we have 90 seconds. the private sector. this is the best sell for trump. all of my friends will come for me. this is a short list. >> where are all the big? >> the big shot is carl icahn.
2:42 am
>> he will not go into the administration. maybe some ceremonial role or commissioner something. you think he will be the treasury secretary? >> why wouldn't he do it? would it be any of the vetting? we want to see information about you or just it is beneath him? >> and where he is in life. i didn't look up his age. carl icahn's up there. >> maybe he is active. his business is killing him? lucas oil. forrest lucas. >> a lot of complex regulatory. out of the oil industry, that is a broader company. not just oil company. i think it is a credible choice. he is a business guy who has been with him all along. he has credibility in the private sector. why be a businessman unless you put titans in. >> that is the minutia.
2:43 am
a lot of the bankers did not want to help trump. >> to the extent there was a fund raising operation. >> he was on it. >> deeply. >> ellis henican, thank you. it shows alisyn, inside the mind and thinking who trump wants means what type of personality he wants for his government as well. >> i like parlor games. we will play more on the program later. like this one. the media and the pollsters under fire for getting the presidential predictions wrong. how did this happen? we dig deeper with our panel next. hello, an idaho potato farmer and i finally found our big idaho potato truck. it's been touring the country telling folks about our heart healthy idaho potatoes, america's favorite potatoes, and donating to local charities along the way. but now it's finally back home where it belongs. aw man. hey, wait up.
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millions of people across the country were stunned tuesday night when donald trump won because poll after poll predicted that would not happen. this morning, there's a circular
2:48 am
firing squad in the media about who is to blame. new york times tv critic, to cover hillary clinton like the next president of the united states like a ratings cash cow. let's bring in the experts. brian stelter and analyst bill carter. guys. >> good morning. >> our consciences are clear on this issue. >> on this issue. >> i know what chris said. i know what i said. we always said all along from the beginning of the primary, yes, donald trump can win. he might likely win. he should be taken seriously. but it doesn't -- first of all, not that many people asked for our opinion because we're journalists and not pundits. i don't accept responsibility that the media got it wrong. the pollsters got it wrong. >> there was a clear series of
2:49 am
failures with the data. this is because trump supporters did not want to share their preference and some were not reached by the pollsters. it will take months to unpack what went wrong on the polling community. >> on the state case, yes. on the national level, it was 3% or 2%. it was not substantially wrong. >> we report polls. that's what we do. we don't say these are wrong. that's how it works. >> also part what is feeding this? the media loves to attack itself. there is a little bit of space to push back to say i'd like some of the people telling me i did not do my job to say what they did during the race. i don't care about that. i don't care what the media says about me. i'm not a fan of it either. i get why people are angry. donald trump was -- there's a part of me that really hates it. donald trump says the polls are rigged. donald trump was feeding this.
2:50 am
that fed the collective paranoia of what is going on. when you look at it, it is simple. i did some talk last night. she under performed. he overperformed. with a base of people who don't always vote the way they did in the election. >> over performing is relative. he got fewer votes than romney or mccain. >> true. >> his performance was not out of line with expectations and much as hers under performing. i think if you look at the whole broad picture, she just didn't turn out voters. >> they did not come out and vote. and i was saying that to protesters in the street. never a smart thing to do. i said where were you guys a couple days ago. minorities did not come out and did not vote for her in the percentages that reflected why obama was able to use them to get the white house. neither did women nor college
2:51 am
educated. >> more minorities voted. brian, what should the media soul searching in how we dealt with the last 18 months? >> the bubble was real and the bubble was a huge problem. this is the biggest media failures in many years. i'm not talking about the polling, but going into tuesday night believing that clinton was almost guaranteed to win. >> 90% guaranteed. >> journalists who believed it and clinton. this is a number of failures on a number of levels. part of that is wishful thinking. part of that is the corridor bias. new york and d.c. bias. bottom line, a mass delusion. >> hold on. i have to challenge you. even trump supporters, some of my cousins are trump supporters. they said he is not going to win. they felt also dragged by the thing. we love him, but he will not win. it was everybody. >> you had a reporter on the
2:52 am
air, jim acosta, in trump headquarters, they had no hope. >> that means this was a failure of imagination. we need to keep the door open than we did. and i feel that personally. >> it is always the case. the polls drive too much coverage. while that is going on, you are not covering other things. there were a lot of other things. >> that's a different point. that's why we got it wrong has two parts. the part that matters more to me is what do you think the media was supposed to do with trump that it wasn't doing? we had carl bernstein saying you did not dive in early enough. what was wrong of what you saw in the media? >> to me, there was almost too much coverage of individual gaffes and mistakes by trump which happened so often, it was a volume of it. it never sustained. there was one issue on clinton and that was the one that always
2:53 am
sustained. and so there was a balance which he had all of the things that happen. putin and the comment about women and the university. it was like some of the print outlets were competing for the next thing they could break about trump. the last one just went away. i think the impact was muted in some fashion. there was massive impact on her for the e-mail. >> i think it is different. something is profoundly broken. regard to fact checking or fact-based society. voters knew the good, bad and ugly about trump and good, bad and ugly about clinton. the voters decided and many of them, about half of them, rejected a lot of the journalism produced. the facts on the table. that is not just the media failure. that is something broader. >> i don't know what we do about that. >> what do you do if you tell
2:54 am
the truth and they don't believe it? what do you do? it is the candidate is impervious to the mistake. in the past, he was shamed by it. not this guy. he pushed it aside and it did not effect him the same way. >> this is why i'm a bad guest today. i don't have answers. >> we have to figure it out for the next four years about what we want our role to be and what it should be. we will have that conversation as well. guys, thank you very much. protests erupting in cities as donald trump takes the first steps toward the presidency. we have all that for you next. the world is full of surprising moments.
2:55 am
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now it's time for america to bind the wounds of division and
2:59 am
unify our great country. >> we must accept this result and then look to the future. >> not my president! >> this needs to be a time of redemption. >> i promise you i will not let you down. >> we who believe in freedom will not rest. >> we're not democrats first, we're not republicans first, we are americans first. this is cnn breaking news. good morning, welcome to your new day, thursday, november 10th, 6:00 in the east and we begin with breaking news. protests on the streets across the country, mostly on clinton turf because of donald trump's victory. people are blocking freeways and some even setting fire in the middle of the street and others chanting, not my president. >> the country bitterly divided over the outcome. this as donald trump heads to washington to meet with president obama to begin the transition of power. we have it all covered for you.
3:00 am
let's begin with deborah feyerick outside of trump tower in new york. how is it looking, deb? >> right now it is very, very quiet, alisyn. last night the speed at which these crowds seemed to grow. the word of this protest spreading on social media and taking place all across the country. here in new york started down at union square and protesters blocked traffic up fifth avenue for more than two miles chanting, donald trump is not my president, donald trump has got to go. protesting trump's bigoted and racist agenda but in the crowd there was a deep, deep sense not only of disappointment, but disbelief. >> not my president! not my president! >> reporter: protests breaking out in at least 25 cities. >> donald trump has got to go! >> reporter: hundreds of demonstrators stopping traffic in los angeles on the busy 101 freeway. while thousands more protested on the streets


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