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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  November 10, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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>> more affordable and better. we're going to do a real job for the public and that's what we want to do. >> reporter: how does it feel to be in washington, the first day as president-elect? >> thanks, guys. >> reporter: are you going to put tariffs on -- >> thank you very much, everybody. thank you. thank you very much. tight pool. out this way, guys. >> you've been looking at pictures here down on capitol hill, first the white house here was abuzz, of course, with
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donald trump meeting with president obama and we'll get there in just a second and i'm brooke baldwin thank you so much for being with me on this yet again another historic day in our nation's capital. let me bring in my panel and we'll parse through what we saw quickly. douglas brinkley, dana bash, david chalian and martha kumar. dana that was your home away from home for many years on capitol hill. and we'll throw the photo back up if we can. you had melania trump, donald trump, speaker ryan and mike pence. and what -- quickly what i can make out is we'll work together. >> i'm thinking of the beginning of the presidential primary season he was making it abundantly clear without saying it that he didn't think there was a snowball's chance in you know where that this moment would ever happen. >> we're staring at it.
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i've been trying to think about the way politics works, think about the moment and been trying to sort of approach this in a very much a glass half full way in that in paul ryan and donald trump you have a policy wonk and a deal maker. and there's nothing that paul ryan likes more than to dig into tax reform, than to dig into budget reform then he has a past of digging into immigration reform and wanting immigration reform and then you have donald trump who wants to be successful. getting the presidency was just the beginning of the prize and he wants to do it and he made it clear a lot on the stump. it got lost in the trumpisms we heard throughout the primary and general election but he meade it clear he wants to do it right if he gets in and so i think they're a very unlikely
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partnership but could be a successful one if they approach it that way. >> i was thinking about how he is such a policy wonk and how you saw speaker ryan standing in front of reporters with papers and stacks and i'm thinking that's not the donald trump we know. >> you haven't been briefed but they had a powerpoint from paul ryan. >> i miss that. >> just stepping back and looking, these images that are coming to us from capitol hill, there you see the president and donald trump earlier today, these last 36 hours it's been amazing to me, for a campaign season that never followed the script, the last 36 hours have all been on script. >> so true. >> starting with donald trump's victory speech and the gracious note he is made about hillary clinton's concession and the desire to bring the country together followed by hillary clinton's concession speech yesterday morning followed by president obama's remarks in the rose garden to really try to bring the country together and to this day today in washington of the very -- >> let's see if we can eavesdrop.
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>> you can see that down there. this is the amphitheatre. >> [ indistinct conversation ] so the trees by the treasury department, the trees of the white house. so the white house is straight up the alley here. [. >> guys let's head out. >> thanks, everybody. thanks, guys.
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thank you. >> it's like photo after photo after photo and, you know, to see the president-elect and the first lady to be giving them -- showing them the lay of the land down the road. >> and that's called the speaker's balcony because it's the speaker's balcony and -- >> one of the best views in washington! one of the best views in washington, almost as good as this and john boehner, obviously paul ryan's predecessor, his favorite thing to do no matter who came he would take them out and look at. >> it i remember seeing speaker boehner and the pope. >> exactly, exactly. there you have it again and obviously paul ryan has the same feeling about it. he's literally giving them the way of the land. couldn't hear exactly what he was saying but they're point in straight up pennsylvania.
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>> what we see is the inaugural platform being built on that side of the capital and i believe what speaker ryan is showing the trumps is where he's going to take the oath of office and become president. >> you are correct, sir. you are direct. >> and i'm sure you're exactly right as usual, david but underneath where they were in terms of the geography of the capital, about two floors down is exactly where the president-elect walks out. i'm going to dork out right now -- >> did you sneak throughout and look. >> well to take the walk the president takes and to walk around the crypt and that door and see what he sees the day of the inaugural is cool. >> 70 days away --ish.
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>>ish. >> douglas brinkley, you're watching this with us a as a historian. what strikes you about this photo here? >> the amount of civility being seen today in washington and it's sorely needed. the country is feeling very divided, i think donald trump is on a listening tour. i hope in the coming days he might meet with congressman john lewis. lewis famously was batesen during the freedom rides and marched to selma and in recent years with his group called politics and faith, he met and hugged the people that beat him, john lewis, he's a moral symbol on capitol hill. it will behoove donald trump to meet with him, perhaps have a meeting down the line with bernie sanders, talked to him about issues. and i think donald trump is doing that today and president obama is going to go out with high marks, he's had a 55% approval rating by the time of the trump inaugural he'll be at
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60% approval rating and because he's showing us what a class act he is today, the transition to power is essential and we're watching it happen in its first phases today. >> we heard from president obama talking not 24 hours ago about how smooth and professional the transition was right from bush 43 and then on to him and the proverbial passing of the baton and then, of course, let's take a couple steps back and the historic moment we saw president and president-elect sitting in the oval office in the west wing earlier this morning, let's listen to that conversation. >> well, i just had the opportunity to have an excellent conversation with president-elect trump. it was wide-ranging. we talked about some of the organizational issues in setting up a white house. we talked about foreign policy, with domestic policy. as i said last night, my number one priority in the coming two
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months is to try to facilitate a transition that ensures our president-elect is successful. and i have been very encouraged by the interest in president-elect trump's wanting to work with my team around many of the issues that this great country faces. and i believe that it is important for all of us regardless of party and regardless of political preferences to now come together, work together to deal with the many challenges that we face and in the meantime, michelle has had a chance to greet the incoming first lady and we had and excellent conversation with her as well
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and we want to make sure that they feel welcome as they prepare to make this transition. and most of all i want to emphasize to you, mr. president-elect, that we now are going to want to do everything we can to help you succeed because if you succeed then the country succeeds. >> well, thank you very much, president obama. this was a meeting that was going to last for maybe 10 or 15 minutes and we were just going to get to know each other. we had never met each other. i have great respect. the meeting lasted for almost an hour and a half and it could have, as far as i'm concerned, it could have gone on for a lot longer. we really -- we discussed a lot of different situations, some wonderful and some difficulties. i very much look forward to
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dealing with the president in the future, including counsel. he explained some of the difficulties, some of the high-flying assets and some of the really great things that have been achieved so mr. president it was a great honor being with you and i look forward to being with you many, many more times in the future. >> thank you. thank you, everybody, we are not going to be taking any questions. thank you guys. thank you. it's a good rule. don't as answer any questions w you're done. >> little piece of advice between the president and the president-elect. these are wow moments, these are words and tone and body language matter. and martha, all this talk of transition, in your opinion charge of that transition between bush 43 and president
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obama eight years ago, when you look at those pictures, when you listen to the words, the meeting was supposed to last 15 minutes, it lasted for an hour and a half. do you feel hopeful? >> i do. and i thought they discussed a broad range of things. they discussed foreign policy issues which is a very traditional thing. but i notice he also talked about the white house staff and and setting up your white house staff early is particularly important because that's your decision making structure and you want to make sure that in all the decisions you make that you have the kinds of information that you want but also the kinds of information you need which may involve hearing from a lot of other maybe outside groups but also government departments that have information that might be
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relevant to the decisions you're making in terms of appointments, and so you want to have a white house structure in place and it's not easy because while you have an opportunity at the very beginning of the administration to reorganize a white house, a better opportunity than you have later on, at the same time you don't have people that have the experience and knowledge of this is a white house and how it should be organized. >> let me just jump in and interrupt, everyone. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell, let's dip in. can we listen? they're just walking past? forgive me, we're juggling, this is how live tv works. we'll stay on these pictures and see if they walk up to any microphone
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microphones so ahead, dana. they're walking around the corner there behind where you're seeing is the senate chamber and they're walking towards the house side where senator mitch mcconnell's office is so the president-elect went to the speaker's balcony and up and around. kind of got a tour. you see mike pence is there, they probably took a peek into what his office will be. >> have we seen anything like this before, a president-elect being walked around the central grounds of washington or is it just because he's never held office he just isn't faliar? >> i think we've seen these pictures before.
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i was trying to remember if i saw president obama or laura bush join their president-elect husbands in these meetings. but president obama was a sitting senator and most people are creatures of washington or politics that notice that. so this is ceremonial, symbolic but for donald trump it's like oh, this is where the senate is, that's where my office is. >> i think this is incredibly -- forgive me, i'm almost speechless listening to this. manu raju, what do you know about these meetings and how
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we're going. >> hey, brooke, it went reasonably with well just judging by the body language. you saw pictures of donald trump going out getting a tour. we didn't get guidance that that was happen iing as we know goin into this meeting the two men want to discuss areas in which they could work together and where their agendas align. donald trump was very divisive talking about building a border wall. i expect that you expect paul
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ryan will want to do things that could unite the republican party. some ideas that could get democratic support like an infrastructure bill and you could talk about repealing obama. that is something they could do is take a significant chunk. they don't have anything to replace it with yet, not anything specifically detailed in legislation. they have broad policy ideas. so presumably they talked about that, how to deal with obamacare and as you just saw right now paul ryan -- donald trump walking with the next person in his meeting list, senate majority leader mitch mcconnell heading into his meeting as well so important for their decision making going forward. they also need to talk about what to do about the supreme court justice. mitch mcconnell said he was
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going to give suggestions to donald trump about who he could select for the ninth supreme court slot so you can expect that to come up a lot. but mcconnell, too, brooke, doesn't necessarily want donald trump to do things that are divisive and that could divide the republican party, they want to show unity out of the gate, that's one reason why they're having the meetings today, brooke. >> listening on unity. this is what what we were going to say about melania trump and donald trump walking hand in hand, holding hands through capitol hill. i want to hear from you in a second but let's just dip into the conversation between speaker ryan and president-elect trump. >> we're going to do some spectacular things for the american people. we look forward to starting. truthfully we can't get started quickly enough. and whether it's health care or
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immigration, so many different things we'll be working very rapidly. we'll be putting things up quick quick quickly. we're going to lower taxes, fix health care and have it affordable and better and we'll do a real job for the public. >> all right, so doug brinkley, i know you have to run so let me come back to you and as we're watching all of these firsts here in washington, d.c. i know that with regard to transition there is have been parallels of this transition, the obama/trump transition parallel to perhaps carter and reagan and how when reagan came in he yanked all those solar panels right off of the white house and not much talking between the first ladies in the limo on inauguration day. is that a fair comparison or should the country give donald
11:20 am
trump more credit than that? >> well, i think donald trump is doing a good job today and barack obama, this is not 1980 the way carter and reagan just started not getting along, it's very clear for barack obama he is somebody who believes in reconciliation, he is a student of nelson mandela and martin luther king and he's got to heal the country right now. the wounds are deep. gerald ford called his memoir a time to heal. today we are witnessing a healing day, a lesson in civility and the world is watching. it's not just about what they're whispering to each other. it's sending a wide message that the united states is here, that this election is over and that we are going to have a sense of unity and purpose. we're not republicans, we're not democrats, today we're americans. >> doug brinkley, thank you so much as always. we are going to sneak a quick commercial break in but you can't turn away. i'm brooke baldwin in
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welcome back, you're watching special live coverage from washington, d.c. it's safe to say there's a lot going on today in the white house behind me. we saw those very first pictures of president obama and president-elect trump meeting in the oval office. there's all kinds of activity down the road, down pennsylvania on capitol hill. we've been looking at pictures of president-elect trump holding hands with his wife melania trump walking through the speaker's balcony and where he will be on inauguration day with house speaker paul ryan. we've seen him with mitch mcconnell and also, by the way, we are watching and waiting for winners to join president obama in the white house momentarily, the cleveland cavaliers, anyone? so this will be president obama's final hurrah with a winning basketball team. and we'll take that as soon as we see it, of course.
11:26 am
the interesting note, lebron james who was campaigning with hillary clinton in cleveland days ago, my, what a difference a couple days makes here, we'll take that momentarily at the white house. but martha join kumar who is in charge of the transfer of power and transition between bush 43 and president obama, let me ask you about the first ladies. we know michelle obama invited melania trump into the white house as well today, we heard from josh earnest that the two enjoyed a tea and tour of the private residence, including stepping out on the truman balcony. what more do you know? >> well, traditionally one of the things also that happens is the chief usher, who is the person in charge of the residence, angela reed is the current chief usher, there are about 97 people who work on the
11:27 am
resident staff. and usually the chief usher is involved, too, and meets the first lady elect and discusses with her what kinds of furniture there are that she can draw on, there are two briefings books. i don't know if she got them today or that will be done later but there are a couple of briefings books that have pictures of the items in the collection that are in a white house so that if they wanted to they could simply choose furniture from that and not have to bring anything into the white house although i don't think they're going to choose to do that. but that meeting her as well as the first lady gives $give her an idea of the staff that she has that will support her. and she will hear from the first lady how many things that they do for their president and first
11:28 am
lady. >> we're also told they talked about having children in the white house, little baron. let's go now to the president and the cleveland cavaliers. >> welcome to the white house and give it up for the world champion cleveland cavaliers. [ cheers and applause ] that's right, i said world champion and cleveland in the same sentence. [ laughter ] that's what we're talking about when we talk about hope. [ laughter ] and change. we've got a lot of big cavs fans here in the house [ cheers and applause ] including ohio's governor john kasich and his daughters emma and reese. we've got some outstanding members of congress that are here and obviously we want to recognize cavs owner dan gilbert who put so much of himself into
11:29 am
trying to make sure this thing worked. [ applause ] one of the great general motorss of a game david griffin. [ applause ] and the pride and joy of mexico, missouri, coach tyronn lue. [ applause ] i also before i go any further want to give a special thanks to jr. smith's shirt for showing up. [ laughter ] i wasn't sure if it was going to make an appearance today. i'm glad you came. you're a very nice shirt. [ laughter ] last season the cavs were the favorites in the east all along but the road was anything but stable and i'm not even talking about what happened on the court. there were rumors about who was getting along with who and
11:30 am
lebron is tweeting and, you know, this was all big news. but somehow coach tyronn lue comes in and everything starts getting a little smoother. and they hit their stride in the playoffs. everybody can sit down. i'll be here for a while. they started setting record after record for three-point shooting but obviously what this all comes down to is a team that for the first time nba history comes back from being down 3-1 in the finals. the first team in history to dig themselves out of a hole like that. [ applause ] and i should add that by knocking off the warriors they cemented the 1996 bulls as the greatest team of all time.
11:31 am
[ laughter ] so your president thanks you for that ch that. now -- i know, it's funny, isn't it? yes, it is. everybody's happy when their team wins. the comeback was remarkable and you learn about people when they're down against a historically good warriors team. the cavs won games five and six by double digits. you had both lebron james and kyrie irving becoming the first d duo ever to score 45 points in a finals game. [ applause ] and then in game seven the cavs fall behind on the road only to fight back and look up the title with an unbelievable two minutes. there was the block, what lebron has said was the defining play of his career.
11:32 am
[ applause ] the shot by kyrie, putting the cavs up five, the stop by kevin love. [ cheers and applause ] boy. l i mean, kevin was moving. hadn't seen defense like that perform but it wasn't just those outstanding players, not then and not throughout the year because this was always a team effort. jr. always seemed to hit those shots -- no, no, don't shoot that, and then it goes in and man that was a great shot. you got tristan thompson who has great of a motor as anybody. and put in extra work to teach himself how to shoot free throws with the wrong hand. i should have tried that with some bill signings around here.
11:33 am
you have channing frye who came in right over the training deadline and change it had tone of the locker room. richard jefferson, dante jones giving us inspiration to the old people that you can still do somethi something. iman shumpert playing not only great defense and scoring but also delivered his wife's baby in the bathtub. [ laughter ] using a pair of head phones to tie off the umbilical cord. now that's something right there. that was an all-star move. got the mcguyver flat top which we miss.
11:34 am
and of course there's the guy lebron calls his favorite player of all time, james jones. the two were a package deal, six straight finals appearances their names even go together -- lebron james jones. [ laughter ] but the truth is lebron wouldn't be lebron without his teammates, kyrie, kevin, tristan michelle's brother, who was an excellent basketball player always says that you can learn a lot about somebody's character by the way they play basketball. and when you see lebron james it is not just his power and his speed and his vertical, it is his unselfishness it is his
11:35 am
insistence on making the right play, his determination all of which makes him one of the great players of all time and you saw in the those last three games put up some of the most staggering statistics in finals history. he did it the year before despite injuries dragging his team along to make a very competitive series. you saw it when this kid from akron broke down and fell to his knees when he realized he had finally fulfilled a promise he had made all those years ago and delivered that championship back to northeast ohio.
11:36 am
[ applause ] this is a player and a team that knows what this title means to cleveland. this is a city that throughout sports history has been through a lot. the fumble, the drive, jordan over elow. but through it all cleveland was always believeland and that's why the cavs have always given back to their fans and which t community that's been so loyal to them. over the 24r5st 2 years they've given over $23 million to local charities. [ applause ] and more than just the money players and coaches have made about 200 visits annually to school, hospitals, food kitchens and more including assisting educational programs that reach more than 100,000 kids in northeast ohio. [ applause ] and these cavs exemplify a growing generation of athletes
11:37 am
that are using their platforms to speak out. we've seen kevin on combatti it campus sexual assault, lebron on issues of gun violence and working with michelle to help more kids go to college. his foundation is doing something incredible, paying college tuition for 1,100 kids from akron. [ cheers and applause ] i should mention that as we were walking out dan gilbert has been unbelievable in the work he's been doing in deroit, his hometown, in giving back. and finally earlier today the cavs met with attorney general loretta lynch and my senior advisor valerie jarrett to discuss steps they're taking to help build understanding between law enforcement and the cleveland community, part of a league-wide effort to build stronger communities all across
11:38 am
the country, including holding open conversations so we can begin to bridge divides and diffuse tensions and see each other as one american family. that's one of just -- a number of recent efforts to we've been proud to partner with the nba during my time as president from the league's support of my brother's keeper initiative to mentoring initiatives to michelle's let's move and joining forces efforts. it's been a model for positive change and the fact that it's not just a responsibility of government, it takes all of us -- businesses, nonprofits, athlete, role models working together to achieve the project we seek. so i know that cleveland could not be happier and prouder of having this trophy but this was already a championship group of guys even before last year and
11:39 am
you should be very proud of them. give it up for the world champs one last time. [ applause ] you want to say anything? >> we'll stay on the picture. you've listened to president obama. it's been a big day at the white house, first president-elect trump now you have the cleveland cavaliers. i should add cleveland couldn't eke it out in the world series, he did invite the chicago cubs to come to visit the white house before he's out of office but i've got david chalian and dana bash sitting next to me as we've been listening to this and thinking about this day and you were sort of saying earlier, i mean you wonder if -- it was a big morning for the president to say the least. >> a tough one. >> and he was probably really looking forward to this afternoon. >> exactly. we were joking that this morning it was like he took his medicine and now he can eat his dessert.
11:40 am
>> ate the vegetables earlier. >> the tough part of the job, one of the toughest, that you have to put your politics aside and respect the office and the fun part that when you're in the office you get the cavs and you get lebron to come to the rose garden and hang out. >> especially when you're a huge basketball fan like he is. he love this is part of the job. >> back, though, on the meetings we've been watching through the day whether it was the president or the president-elect in the oval office or the speaker of the house or senate majority leader, something you noted was when you walk, just even walking around the white house, president-elect trump who's been in many a board room, shaken hands of celebrities, but to be in that building for almost two hours this morning, do you think he appreciated the magic that is the white house? >> i think -- >> the significance? >> looking at him today this is a humbling experience for donald trump i think he wears his humility in that shot in his body language, the way he's sitting there. he even said he had respect.
11:41 am
he was for the king of the board room the guy that can run any meeting, those businesses, he is the decider across the board in his career to come into a place where it's not your home turf when donald trump mostly lives on his home turf is a humbling experience no doubt and that's clear and that lends itself to the piecing together, the repairing the breach from the campaign, that's part of it, too. >> you were reporting, because i'm also wondering, 70 or so days until inauguration and they already are working through -- they being the trump team, the transition team, wanting to get their folks in place, especially the chief of staff. what are they working through and what do you think it will be reince priebus? >> all signs are pointing to the chief of staff being reince priebus. the chair of the rnc who donald trump worked with extremely closely. not just during the general election but obviously during
11:42 am
the primary process when donald trump was new to the republican party never mind politics. and so they do have a close relationship and he is also -- he, reince priebus, is also somebody who not only understands washington, most of the people in that building down there -- that way, i guess, the capit capitol, he helped get elected to the republican majority so he has the relationships which, when you're chief of staff, you need so. i don't know 100%, nobody does if it will be him, we might be surprised but i'm told whomever is it that is a position they want to fast track, they want to do extremely soon, obviously the chief of staff doesn't sneed senate confirmation so it's something he can make happen, he meaning donald trump then the big five cabinet positions, state, defense -- i'm having a rick perry moment. >> it's been a long week. >> state defense, treasury
11:43 am
justice. >> they want to do in the the first two weeks. >> one of the old adages in this town about choosing a chief of staff is finding your best friend that you can trust with everything the real loyalist, that's the one piece reince priebus may not fit. not that he wasn't loyal to donald trump throughout the campaign, but he was also negotiating constantly the divide between the party where there was one between the establishment of the party and donald trump trying to keep all factions happy as opposed to just being a pure trump loyalist. >> i the way, you say loyalist but that person needs to be able to say no. >> you have to speak truth to power, no doubt about that. but i mean that you are a complete believer -- >> off bond. >> exactly. so that's the one piece i question. there's no doubt that reince priebus proved himself quite a bit throughout this campaign. i just wonder if donald trump will dig into the recesses.
11:44 am
>> it might be somebody else. >> on all of that, though, we'll talk coming up here that the making of the president trump cabinet. will he reward chris christie or rudy giuliani. we'll talk to a group of republicans and ask their advice. happening right now, students staging an anti-trump protest in los angeles. we're watching this closely here. live pictures out of l.a. i'm brooke baldwin. we're live in washington, d.c. we'll be right back.
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. welcome back, you're watching cnn, i'm brooke baldwin
11:49 am
in washington, d.c. let's talk more about this transition of power with the trump administration bringing in my political panel, matt katz is with us, a reporter for wnyz and the author of "american governor, chris christie's bridge to redemption." randy evan, former counsel to newt gingrich and dennis hastert and a member of the rnc and chris wilson the former research and analytics director for the ted cruz presidential campaign. gentlemen, awesome to have you all on. randy, let me ask you first since we've talked many times, reince priebus is on speed dial with you. does he want the job? >> well, there's no doubt reince priebus was on the star player
11:50 am
on the trump team. he was there as they made the move to pull off the brexit strategy. the real question is do you want a chief of staff that can reach across the aisle? if you've been the rnc chairman for six years and your job has been to hammer democrats day in and day out it wouldn't seem to be the logical choice to be the person to have the hand reach out across the aisle, on the flip side, certainly a trusted confidante. certainly on the republican side there isn't a member in the congress that doesn't owe something to reince priebus. so i think it will be a real question for the president-elect about how important it is to reach out versus having a confidante you know will watch your back and protect you through the process. >> i feel like that was a yes or a no so it's a wait and see.
11:51 am
chris, what about -- we've been hearing of people being floated out secretary of state or attorney general rudy giuliani was on tv this morning and he was saying i know a lot about justice, not that i'm vying for the job, maybe wink wink. what do you think about names like rudy giuliani and the trump inner circumstancile. >> we'll know more about the trump administration once we see the cabinet playing out. different from the overheated rhetoric of the campaign or the liberal meltdown going on right now, most of the names we see are fairly normal washington, d.c. style names. you mentioned giuliani, i don't think anybody would say he's unqualified. you have chris christie who headed up the transition process. does he take the dick cheney approach and say "i couldn't find anybody else so it should be me." it's -- all the names that are coming out are standard. off few that are a little bit out of left field, they'll bring in somebody from goldman sachs,
11:52 am
that isn't a revolution. so from a typical republican administration, i don't think you'd see -- if any of the 16 candidates had won, there's not a lot of difference in the names we're seeing right now and i agree that reince priebus played such a critical role that if he doesn't have his pick it would be a shame. what the rnc did in pennsylvania and washington is absolutely remarkable and why donald trump is president today. >> president-elect. >> president-elect today, thank you. sorry. >> soon to be in that house. you mentioned chris christie and so, matt, we've talked, you're the guy who's written the book on the new jersey governor so let me ask you, talk about his remarkable political rebound, you have someone who has been the governor of new jersey, wanted to be president, that didn't happen for him. we know everything that's happened with bridge gate, especially what's happened in deport recently and now voila, this is somebody who could be in the cabinet here. >> it's an amazing return to
11:53 am
relevance. on friday two of his top aides are convicted in the bridgegate scandal. a couple days after that a poll comes out with 19% favorability rating, 1-9, in new jersey. he goes to vote on tuesday for the first time since he's been governor, doesn't tell the press when he's voting so cameras can be there. >> under the cloak of darkness. >> yes. under the cloak of darkness at 6:00 a.m. he goes to vote. 20 hours later he's on stage with donald trump as trump becomes our president-elect. really remarkable turn around and now i'm told he's being in the mix for three or four positions. one of those would also be chief of staff as was mentioned and the other would be attorney general. i think attorney general would be his ideal job. he was a u.s. attorney in new jersey. he worked for the justice department. on paper he has the experience and he's got a lot of problems with bridgegate. some of his top aides are going to be going to prison but with a
11:54 am
republican senate he should haven't to worry as much about the confirmation process so i think a.g. would be the gig he wants. i'm not sure if chief of staff necessarily fits his personality as much. >> what about -- here's my question, mark, the trump family and maybe more specifically jared kushner. let me turn to you. jared kushner, ivanka's husband, this is his son-in-law, he was here at the white house when they were meeting with -- he wasn't in the oval office but he was walking around the grounds. this is someone who played an instrumental role in the campaign. this is someone who also has zero political experience. do you think he would want a role? >> for someone who has zero political experience he was probably the most politically apt person on that campaign. watch what he did as senator cruz got out of that campaign and it was remarkable. i think he was probably the best of that group at building bridges and reaching out and so from that -- >> why do you think that was?
11:55 am
you had firsthand experience. >> i'd like to say it had something to do with recognition of competency. i think it's a -- just his personality type. he is somebody who the family he came from and the success they had in business in new jersey and a tough market, he kind of grew up building relationships so from that he knew where to go to build the trump coalition and find people to help make decisions and he also -- the good thing about the excellent role he played is he recognized where they were weak and he found the people who were strong and tried to bring them in quickly. the role -- his role in the white house would be absolutely integral from that because the one thing donald trump has coming in is no experience in political office. some might say that's a benefit but there's a lot of knowing what you don't know and he seems to have a special acumen for that and i think that will be essential. >> randy, you get the last question. when you think of these politicos we talked about, chris christie or the rudy giulianis,
11:56 am
you know, jeff sessions of the world, the folks who really took a risk, first it started out with i don't know how many people during the primary cycle and finally landed to this one but they took a risk joining in with team trump and the reward has paid off, has it not? >> it has and the name that i think the guy left out was jeff sessions. he clearly gets the pick of the litter. here's a guy who is easily confirmed by his colleagues in the u.s. senate. he was there, he was the first senator to endorse president-ele president-elect trump. he was there with him through "access hollywood," past that. i think former speaker newt gingrich, if he wanted something he would be the second one. remember, he was the runnerup in the vice presidential stakes, he was the one who stood there firm day in and day out he was one who occasionally would call trump on the carpet whenever he thought president-elect trump had crossed the line so i think
11:57 am
those two kind of have the pick of the litter if they were interested. i just don't know whether they will be. i had breakfast with speaker gingrich this morning, i think he's leaning against going into the administration but you never know what happens when somebody sits across the table and says mr. speaker, would you like to be the secretary of state? >> when someone says would you like to be part of the administration i think that would be a tough something to turn down. chris and matt and randy, thank you very much on the transition here in washington. coming up, vice president-elect mike pence meeting with vice president joe biden any moment now. that's at the white house. also just a reminder, this, what i'm about to show you, this was three weeks ago. >> the press always asks me don't i wish i were debating him. no i wish we were in high school i could take him behind the gym that's what i wish. >> did you see where biden wants to take me to the back of the barn?
11:58 am
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