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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  November 10, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PST

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cnn go. we'll see you back here tomorrow. ac 360 with andersen cooper begin right now. >> we begin with breaking news. a lot to cover. second night of post election protests in a number of american city, people taking to the streets to protest the election of donald trump. looking at scenes at a number of zis around the country. meanwhile the white house today another extraordinary image. the images you are seeing right now are chicago, denver, baltimore as well. at the white house, extraordinary images. president obama after a meeting with president elect donald trump, trump as you remember tried hard to delegacy president obama or obama's presidency claiming for years that he wasn't born in the united states. on the campaign trail the president said that donald trump was unqualified and trump said the president was to blame for isis. today though it was all about the future. jim acosta reports.
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>> reporter: it was an image design designed to calm a nervous world t president and president elect fresh off the political battle field sitting together in the oval office calling on a divided nation to come together. >> most of all i want to emphasize to you, mr. president elect, that -- that we now are gonna want to do everything we can to help you succeed. because if you succeed, then the country succeeds. >> following his ninety minute meeting with president obama donald trump offered his own display of restraint and respect. >> i very much look forward to dealing with the president in the future, including counsel. he's explained some of the difficulties, some of the high-flying assets, and some of the really great things that have been achieved. so, mr. president, it was a great honor being with you. and i look forward to being with you many, many more times in the
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future. >> thank you. >> and as reporters were ushered out of the room trump added one more comment for the president. >> -- very good man. >> and even got a little advice from the president. >> don't answer questions when -- >> reporter: away from the news cameras, first lady michelle obama and melania trump met in private. others went for a long stroll on the south lawn. it was all a far cry from the down and dirty campaign that just wrapped up earlier this week. >> if his closest advisors don't trust him to tweet, why would any of us trust him with the nuclear codes? >> mr. obama argued trump was unfit for the white house only weeks after the gop nominee finally conceded the president was an american citizen. >> president barack obama was born in the united states, period. >> reporter: their last
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encounter face-to-face came when the president mocked the idea of the trump administration five years ago. >> say what you will about mr. trump. he certainly would bring some change to the white house. >> reporter: top trump advisors like new jersey governor chris christie are trying to lower the temperature, suggesting the new president will not seek to imprison hillary clinton as things suggested during the came. though rudy giuliani made it clear trump is determined to carry out his plans, including the wall on the mexican border. >> the wall, it is going to take a while. he's going to build it. it is a campaign promise. >> and jim acosta joins us. i understand president obama is standing by what he said on the campaign trail about donald trump. what did the administration say about their difference? >> well they still exist big time anderson. i talked to a senior white house official today who basically said listen, people at the white house, including the president,
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they have not changed their minds about donald trump. some of the people here are absolutely mortified that he's going to become the president of the united states. what they are committed to is the smooth transfer of power that's coming up on january 20th. and they are working towards that. but you heard donald trump say today he's looking forward to having the president's counsel. in the future. i bounce that off a senior administration official and that person said that would be, quote, unbelievable. so while this was a good image to show the world today of the president and the president elect getting along with each other there in the oval office. make no mistake they are still i would say bitter political rivals and that is not going to change. it doesn't matter how many times they meet in the white house that is going remain the same anderson. >> this is the dumb follow-up question. but when that person said unbelievable. did he mean like wow that would be unbelievable? or that would be unbelievable, that's not going to happen? >> that's not going happen.
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>> okay. >> but one thing to point out and that has been a question all along is would president obama stand next to president trump at the capitol for his inauguration. remember as we said in the piece a question whether president obama was born in the country and so on and so forth. and look at what happened today. the president is committed to the smooth transfer of power. she's showing respect to the person who is coming in to take his place. so yes you can expect do see the president with president trump on january 20th next year. >> also interesting to be pointed out but both men today, donald trump saying positive things there about president obama. president elect also met today with house speaker paul ryan. showed him the sights and including the platform where donald trump would be sworn in as president. donald trump said the meeting went well. >> we had a very good meeting. very detailed meeting.
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and a --. we're going to fix healthcare and make it more affordable and better. we're going to a real job [indiscernible] >> phil mattingly joins me now with more on that meeting. paul ryan, donald trump's relationship certainly had been fraught during the campaigns but a campaign is one thing. governance is another. he's the president elect. how did things go today? >> well it is complicated is probably the best way to describe their relationships over the course of the last six months but what you note from the comments of donald trump and paul ryan after the meeting is they are looking forward. they are not talking about the campaign. they are not talking about what still remain very real policy differences between the two men. they are talk about what they do together. that is the focus. that is what you are going to see from donald trump and house republicans in the weeks and months ahead. try and find the things they can work on together and move those forward, anderson. >> they do need each other
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obviously in order to make things work. >> that is the big thing. if donald trump has crucial agenda items he needs house republicans. if paul ryan wants to move this six point proposal he's been pushing the last couple of months he needs the white house. and with that in mind i think you are going to see them try and move forward and put the past behind them. >> trump also made with other top republican congressional leaders today. many of whom he attacked on the campaign trail. is there a sense if he was able to improve on some of those relationship, you know, ones which are going to be very crucial, again, to the success of his presidency. >> look, i think on a personal side there is work to do. republicans in both chambers, and republicans off capitol hill. there is work for donald trump and his administration to do. but there is also a cold political claings i think is important. republicans for the last seven years in the house have been passing basically bill after
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bill and it's collected dust as president obama has threatened to veto or it's blocked in the senate. in the senate passing bill after bill and it can't go anywhere. now it can. they have a republican in the white house. there is a lot of enthusiasm. even amongst republican whose have a real problem with donald trump. that is what everybody seems to be grab b onto right now and up to donald trump to see if he can prove that enthusiasm has merit behind it. that is what you are hearing, excitement and enthusiasm, anderson. >> phil, thanks very much. joining me now is the person behind trump's winning campaign. kellyanne conway. congratulations. amazing, incredible victory. a lot of news i want to ask you about. first i want to give you props. in pretty much every interview you were out there talking about the enthusiasm gap you were seeing among voters from your candidate compared to secretary clinton. and her followers didn't have
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the same enthusiasm as trump's. and we saw that enthusiasm tuesday night. we didn't see it there for hillary clinton. were your internal polls showing that enthusiasm gap or just what you were feeling out there on the campaign trail? >> both. i think if you ever showed up at the donald trump rally you would see all the people there because they were part of the movement. and giving voice to the forgotten man or woman. and they were always very happy to be there. i rarely heard people say may have you your out graph. they would say they wee need jobs here and there. and slow down. i appreciate the props but it is just shared by the team and most of all mr. trump and governor pence, candidates matter and he was an amazing candidate. unconventional. non political outsider. exactly what voters have been saying for decades they would like but we never really had
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anybody ascend to that level and become the nominee. >> but certainly when you came on and steve bannon came on. you both clearly helped sharpen his message and keep him on focus a lot more than he had been. so know you want to share the props but i think you get a lot of it clearly. >> there was sara huckaby sanders, a senior campaign advisor said the campaign's internal polling was as off as the rest of the polling. withs us that true? >> actually that's not true. i don't know where that comes from. but in terms of the modelling that we were doing internally. we always saw pennsylvania as competitive. particularly in the last few weeks. as the state that always felt right for the donald trump message. and we kept on. mr. trump and governor pence kept returning there. and ivanka trump. tiffany, eric. all in pennsylvania. and melania trump gave a fabulous speech there a week ago tonight. and people said we were not
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going to do well there. and that is a state where no public poll had mr. trump in the lead in pennsylvania but we didn't much care because we knew that the investment of the ground game t field operation, the state director and his team were fantastic and trump himself. whenever we were in the into the state. we were there last night in hershey pennsylvania. one of the other space stations. 18,000 in and another few thousand. and on the same behalf. you allowed me to have this platform many times during the campaign. and we talked about the ceiling hillary clinton seemed to have and indeed she did. that is something else we focused on. we saw she shad a stubborn ceiling of 47% at the high water mark. in states that president obama had carried twice by well over 50% of the vote. so we saw she was not going to be able to bring together and keep that obama coalition. and i they lot of the external
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polling that cnn talked about and elsewhere, frankly. it was missing the fact that hillary clinton is not barack obama. but it was also missing the fact that donald trump certainly was a very different messenger with a different message than mitt romney or john mccain in your garden variety republican nominee and i think in the end it mattered. >> also interesting. and i was going to bring that up 46% as well. a lot of democrats in the final days talking about no longer an obama coalition but a clinton coalition. and seemed certainly the clinton coalition wasn't as strong as the obama coalition. millions of voters who just stayed home who vetoed for obama. >> first, every candidate is different. and secondly, i don't think cool is transferable. and president obama did his level best to be out there on the campaign trail for secretary clinton. he and first lady michelle obama. i frankly think that i had did their part in campaigning for her. but in the end i think some of her surrogates also showed that she needed them.
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i think when you get the rappers out there and some celebrities out there, it tends to detract from the messenger. and frankly donald trump was his best messenger. you can't take that away from him. the other thing is this was always a change election. and people missed something that was so obvious in front of them. you simply can't say hey, 70% of americans want to take the countfully a new and different direction and yet they are not going to vote for the guy who wants to go a new and different direction. and in modelling the electorate. there were conclusions, politics today puts people in boxes too easily. pundits put people in boxes to easily. the media certainly do. only looking at race, gender, religion. and we need to look at people situationally. if you were one of millions of americans negatively effected by the obamacare premium increases. you heard donald trump loud and clear in the second half of october talking about that
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religiousry every day. if you were in that union household. you looked like a democratic vote are but you were very attracted to his message of renegotiating bad trade deals and the bringing jobs back and mexico and china. >> and interesting. a lot of leaders were vocally for hillary clinton yet the rank and file as folks predicted on the republican side went for donald trump. a lot of news to talk about. we've got take a quick break. if you could just stay tuned for a couple of minutes. we're also keeping an eye on multiple protests going on around the country. a second night of protests. against the election of donald trump. we'll with right back what are you doing? getting your quarter back. fountains don't earn interest, david. you know i work at ally. i was being romantic. you know what i find romantic? a robust annual percentage yield tic. that's what i find romantic. this is literally throwing your money away. i think it's over there. that way? yeah, a little further up. what year was that quarter?
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hi anderson. we are walking along denver's 16th street mall right now. we're in the middle of this group that is a group of people of all age, all walks of life, of all races. the majority very peaceful. this all began with meditation, with prayer. with a lot of peaceful talk at the state capitol in which they said this is not about hating donald trump. this is about stopping hate. it is about rejecting bigotry, racism, homophobia and all of those types of things. oppression. they said this is about creating change and standing up to those things that they reject. and so they want a show of force, a show of unity and a show that there is another way. a lot of the people we've been talking to here in the crowd have expressed fear because what they believe donald trump has represented and a lot of his
5:19 pm
rhetoric that he's said on the campaign trail. and at this point they are trying to channel their energy and emotion in a more productive way, anderson. >> anna, thank you. before the break i was speaking wi speaking with kellyanne conway. let's start by asking about the protests. has donald trump said anything to you about them? >> we have not discussed that anderson. but i would just commend the protesters to listen to donald trump from his victory night speech where he said i will be the president of all americans, including those o who did not support me and who don't support me. i also tell him take a look at what happened today. less than 36 hours after being elected donald trump and his wife melania went down and met
5:20 pm
with president and first lady obama. and i think people should we'll echo what happened today in washington. it was a great meeting. a professional meeting. he was terrific. first lady and melania had a fantastic meeting and he said they could have not have been more warm and more welcoming to the trumps and i think america should look at that and take their cues from that that if president elect and first lady obama and all that could get along than we should do. we all love democracy and i can't help but think what the conversation would be right now in the media and otherwise if this were the reverse, if hillary clinton had been elected and donald trump protesters were out there. everybody would be -- they would be having a canary, really. >> you raise the point we actually discussed last night which i raised, yeah if hillary
5:21 pm
clinton had been elected and there were donald trump protesters out there saying "lock her up" how old people view that? and that is a valid question look at the protesters out there tonight. president elect trump said he looks forward to dealing with the president in the future including counsel. do you expect there will actually be additional face to face meetings between now and january 20th? >> there may be. and i'm telling you mr. trump was very happy with the meeting today. and anderson, as you and i know, it is a very small group of people who are former presidents. and he was all too happy to be there as were the first ladies, if you will. and i also talked to governor pence after his meetings on capitol hill and then government pence and vice president biden met later in the day this afternoon. governor pence tells me that the pence family has accepted the gracious invitation of the biden family to join them for a meal next week at the naval
5:22 pm
observatory. and i just think what you see in common here is people who love this country, are willing to serve for the right reasons. and want to make sure there is a peaceful transition. and i hope the protesters will follow suit. >> this morning as you know trump advisor mayor rudy giuliani said he thought president elect trump should start with tax reform because in his words he's got the votes for it. trump talked about a number of things to start with on day one. he talked about obamacare today. can you say definitively what will be president trump's first priority? >> people saw the 100 day plan and decide for themselves if they could support. and then he did. that would include repeal and replace oback. and would include tax reform. his plan is out there for all to see.
5:23 pm
i they that happens in pieces. maybe rolling back the 600 or so regulations we've had in the last administration. but replacing obamacare is something the house and senate have been society opd many times but you need a republican president to really complete the attraction and you know anderson i can't help but realize that in addition to electing trump and pence as president and vice president, this country also kept republicans in the house and senate. and i think what they are signaling is -- and by the way 69 out of the 99 legislation chambers as well. what they are also saying is we're a tired people of --. whatever the case is. you are able to hides behind. so people are actually saying i don't -- it is not just that i liked being part of the movement. i actually want you do get it done. so they are poised to do that. and i think that is a message that speaker ryan and leader mcconnell are sending out
5:24 pm
tonight. which is we are poised to help pass this legislation. also we have a supreme court judge vacancy. that is also going to be a quick order of business. >> do you -- every president has a different leadership style. jimmy carter, the stories on him was that he read every piece of paper and got mired in the weeds and details of things. ronald reagan was much more big picture, delegating things out to others who were very experienced he brought with him, who were loyal to him. how do you see donald trump as president? do you see him as a detail guy who is up late at night reading briefing books, as people say president obama did? or is he more of an instinctive leader and delegator? >> well he's both and to the extent donald trump ever delegates responsibility, he never abdicates responsibility and there is a huge difference. everyone knows who the leader is here. everyone knows who the president and ultimate decision maker is here. it's how he's run the campaign and his businesses.
5:25 pm
i walk in the trump tower every day and i'm quickly reminded this man did very well for himself. american dream success story writ large long before any of us walked through the door. and as president i think he'll continue to be a very detail oriented decision maker. also his instinct. the man is brilliant. his instincts are the incredible. he reads people very well. he's a attractiontransactional . and he's also on the campaign trail the guy who actually put out the substantive policy. people may not realize it or agree with it but it is there to read, everything from the ten point plan on reforming the veterans administration to the four and five point tax reform plan and the four or five point plan to defeat radical islamic terrorism. the plan t policies are out there. and nobody should be surprised what he does as president. but he's the leader here.
5:26 pm
i think it is a combination of instincts and detail orientation. >> obviously you are not going say who's getting what position. that is still? transition. but you did push back on twitter on some reporting that you were reluctant to take an administrative job. saying quote, false. could bit the sources. could you say what white house job you have been offered? >> that is between president elect trump and me at the moment. and to be frank i'm not that focused on me. we have transition in the government to form and i'll also tell you that yesterday and today some of the younger staff members on our incredible team at trump headquarters who don't get a lot. don't get any air time and probably no recognition. they have been leaving and we hope to see them again. and i want to make sure they know how appreciative we are. we had a fraction of the staff team clinton had. certainly a fraction of the budget. and i just, i can't tell you how moved i am by the young men and women who were part of our team and just huckered down.
5:27 pm
are impervious to the critics and nay sayers. all the slings and arrows and really brooefd in this man and his movement from the beginning. and i also don't want to speculate. this is donald trump's presidency. a government he needs to form. and i just think the criteria are very obvious. he needs people around him who are qualified, capable of doing the job. and also people who are loyal to him. >> as we keep an eye on the protests across the country, should president trump reach out in the name of unity he's now calling for? thoughting on that in a moment. ? you want the whole thing? yes, yes! live whole. not part. aleve. i use what's already inside me to reach my goals.
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number of anti-trump protests happening for a second night in cities across the country. just moments ago in baltimore police chased down some of the protesters. one officer seemed to apprehend one of the protesters. this is just from a few moments ago in baltimore.
5:32 pm
here we go. tackling down one of the protesters. looks like officer put the protester in handcuffs. we're obviously not sure what led to this incident. we're going to continue to monitor the protest. joining me now on the panel, inside politics anchor john kink. kirsten powers. chiefg. kirsten powers. chief and trump supporter kayleigh mcenany and democratic strategist maria cardona and the former -- jack kingston. you heard the talk of the tfr transfer of power. how does it seem to be going to you? >> i think as the remarkable moment and she's right that everybody should watch and this all americans should just feel comfortable that we get this part right. and i think the president has been extremely gracious and i
5:33 pm
absolutely right about donald trump's speech. i do think he's at some pint he's going to have to address the mood of the country. he just won an election though and he's planning an transition that's very important. and i'm sure he's very aware of this. it is his job and responsibility to now speak to this and lead in a way that addresses this. but to say donald trump should come out every ten minutes when there is a protest that's unrealistic. to the point about have the tables been turned? i would hope, had the tables had been turned and the protests are all overwhelmingly peaceful as they are now. they have every right to go out and bare your concerns. and not only is there nothing wrong with it. there is everything right with this. >> the freak outs about democrats and liberals and i'm sure everybody has friends texting them freaking out. the last several days.
5:34 pm
i don't know if it calms people. but everything seems to have have been. if you thought there would be kind of a rod cal revolution in washington. we're seeing the transfer of power as we've seen in years past. >> and we're in a honeymoon period and this is a lot about the respect people have for if office of the president of the united states. and i think donald trump showed up today and showed respect and deference to the office of the president. and i think kellyanne is right. i've interviewed donald trump a couple of times. he can be gracious where he wants. where you have problems is where he feels he's being disrespected and feels he's being attacked. we've already seen mitch mcconnell suggesting he's going to resist on some things. i think maybe then we'll start to see this more pugilistic donald trump when he faces that. >> no question of the honeymoon
5:35 pm
period. but in this day and age, after this kind of election, you know, who knows. and the fact that there is normalcy now? that the president and the president elect are treating each other the way that they should, that the -- i mean, because donald trump was not the choice of his fellow republicans that he and his republican leaders in congress are treating each other the way that they should and so on. says a lot. there is no question about it. i agree with you that he's definitely gracious and charming when he wants to be. but i saw something else this those images from the oval office. he actually looked like humbled a little bit. which is never ever a word i would ever think to describe donald trump. but seeing him sitting in that oval office because it is the oval office sort of realizing that that is going to be his office. sitting next to the guy that he trashed for five years, realizing you know what? and saying he's not that bad.
5:36 pm
a good guy now that that i know his character, not his caricature. amaze. >> another thing sitting there realizing it is about to be your white house. >> and he had visited the white house socially i believe during the reagan years. but never to have a chat with the president of the united states. and i do think. i agree with dana. i don't think he was humbled. he hasn't proposed anything yet. hassent done anything yet. and i was surprised today when he was talk about the president and he said he explained some of the really great things that have been achieved. and i thought well what did the president say to him? what's been achieved that donald trump doesn't know about that he now thinks are really great that he didn't think were so great during the election. >> and van you heard kelly talk about the reaction with the protesters and the would the raction be the same if it was anti-clinton protesters had she won? this going on a second night.
5:37 pm
you talked about this last night about the fear that some people have expressed. how do you see things today? >> this will continue. this will continue. i agree that it is good that it is peaceful. i do think that if the right were marching there would be more of a freak out from liberals because liberals like to freak out about stuff. and also the right doesn't march that o often. so this is almost boar like jeff was saying whatever. i think there would be more of a freak out. i think those of us here would be saying okay, respect those guys rights. i think that if there is one thing that donald trump can do now that might calm some people. we're on track for a tragedy. i predict stuff all the time. people tell me i'm wrong. and then they come back and say i was right. right now there are some people who are reporting from the muslim community that there's been an increase in women getting punched because they have the hijab.
5:38 pm
people being spit on. these kind of things. at some point i think that donald trump could come out and just say we're all americans and speak specifically to the muslim community, specifically to the latino community and show that kind of moral leadership. my concern is if he doesn't we could be on track to some kind of tragedy which then people will say, well see it was because of this, this and this. you have to make these decisions early on to signal to your followers and to the country who you are. it's only been 36 hours. he hasn't done it yet. but i'm telling you right now. right now giving the reports to the muslim community. if some kind of tragedy. he could get out in front of it. >> everyone asks what is he going to do? how is he going to deal with this. we got our first indicator tuesday night. praised his competitor and said i want to lead a movement of all races and religions and inclusive movement and went in the white house today. it was supposed to be 10 minutes and ended up being an hour and a
5:39 pm
half. and you had the president come out and say point-blank if donald trump succeed this is country succeeds. and -- the president of mexico and how is 24 going to be go over. and donald trump came out of the meeting with the president of mexico on board. he's a unifier. someone who can negotiate and that is his best skill set and we're going to see president who makes deals on behalf of the american people. >> i want to say the past 36 hours you could not script a better human being than donald trump has been. you couldn't. if you sat down and tried to come up with up it. e hoe has been spectacular and there are more things he can do to carry this momentum forward. >> and also i'm going also talk to kiz -- kizer khan. >> i'll gladly lend you my copp. p
5:40 pm
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this presidential election has been life changing for many
5:44 pm
parents including the parents of muslim soldier who died in iraq protecting his fellow soldiers. >> donald trump, you are asking americans to trust you with their future. have you ever been to arlington cemetery? go look at the graves of brave patriots who died defending united states of america. you will see all faiths, genders and ethnicities. [ applause ] you have sacrificed nothing, and no one! >> well mr. trump you may recall spoke back in an interview saying that he'd made a lot of sacrifices by creating thousands of jobs. he also tweeted mr. khan who does not know me vitiately attacked me. and another story he wrote more.
5:45 pm
kizer kahn joins me now. we should say donald trump has subsequently said that your son is in fact obviously a hero. tuesday night when you realized donald trump was going to be the next president, what went through your mind? >> of course we were disappointed. we are disappointed. but our faith in the constitutional democracy of united states is affirmed that this process must continue. with that the values of the country are affirmed. we were reminded all day yesterday and today of the peaceful transformation. and that on the next page of the
5:46 pm
constitution are written my rights are written, rights of all citizens of this country, that they will not be intimidated, that they will not be harassed because of their religion, because of their faith. of course we were disappointed because of the results. but with that as i mentioned, our faith is reaffirmed in the process of this country. >> some of the protests, some people are holding up signs saying "donald trump is not my president." will donald trump be your president? >> well that needs -- he is still president elect. and if he does not follow the constitution which has made him president, how would i have my faith? he's been elected president. but he has to earn our respect. he has to earn the position of the presidency. that needs to be seen. these protests are indicative of how many people have been
5:47 pm
intimidated, how many people feel that their rights have not been fully guaranteed. and we appeal to the surrogates of donald trump and to him, himself, that he needs to take the first step to make sure that the concerns that are being addressed. i have just a few hours ago found out that muslims are being intimidated by donald trump's supporters wearing the tee shirts, wearing the caps of donald trump. they are attacking muslims. muslim women. snatching their scarves. in new york. in los angeles. mosques are being attacked by people throwing things. and that needs to stop. that does not hearten that the end of this process, the constitutional values and guarantees on one hand we are reminded peaceful transition. on other hand we are simply left
5:48 pm
on the street, wandering. and these protesters. they are protestic because of the fear. because of the concern. because of the intimidation. >> do you want -- van jones, donald trump in the last 36 hours, he's done pretty much everything he can do sort of try to encourage that message. he said he wants to be president for all the people. obviously that's different interefrom rhetoric we heard during the campaign. what do you want him to? do you want him to actually come out at some point and talk about the importance of respecting the rights of muslims in america? what do you want to hear? >> we see the direct result of that un-american rhetoric -- hating people, sowing the seed of division, sowing the seed of religious hatred. we want him and his surrogates
5:49 pm
to come out and calm down his supporters, so that they will not continue in the mode of election. election is over now. his supporters need to back off. his supporters need to understand that if they had won the election, this intimidation, this harassment of people of faith needs to stop. and he needs to come out and not only speak to them but speak to the nation, speak to people and say that is not -- that is not how we're going to be healing. that is not the path to reconciliation. he needs to stand up and -- and in addition to, president obama is still the president. he has the obligation to express the concerns of these people on the street, people being intimidated and harassed. >> what do you think your son? do you think he would be surprised by how involved you have been. by how public you have been. >> he would be so proud of us.
5:50 pm
he, the last breath that he took it was in care of others. we did not stand up to speak for ourselves. we remain standing and will continue to >> thank you very much. up next, what supporters of president-elect donald trump want to see him do once he's in the white house. we'll be right back. in your mutual fund. we invested in your fund to help us pay for a college education for our son. we've enclosed a picture of our son so that you can get a sense there are real people out here trusting you with their hard-earned money. ♪ at fidelity, we don't just manage money, we manage people's money. ♪ if you have moderate to severe plaque psoriasis,
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what should donald trump do on his first day in office? his supporters have some idea. >> the wiggle moochers from mexico come in, got to get rid of them. >> reporter: if president-elect is looking to organize his to-do list once he's in the white house, he might want to get a listen to the callers in youngstown. >> we need to get people back to work. >> jobs, jobs, jobs. >> reporter: this used to be prime democrat turf. but as manufacturing jobs disappeared and businesses closed, many here like the factories turned to rusty red crossing over to trump. >> i'd like to see him address the health care problem. >> reporter: caller after caller added on to what they want their president to do. >> social security. we haven't gotten a raise in seven years. >> reporter: most want the new administration to focus on immigration. >> send mexico an estimated bill for the wall. >> reporter: get rid of obamacare. bring back jobs.
5:55 pm
and if possible -- >> rip up that iran nuclear deal. go after and indict hillary clinton. >> reporter: at the royal oaks, youngstown oldest watering hole, i talked to more celebrating trump backers. >> i expected this. i was very confident, actually, in the election. >> reporter: jim noviki's been a democrat all his life until now. >> what do you want to see donald trump do first? >> i would -- first thing i would like to see him do is pick a great cabinet. he's got a big job there. >> reporter: dave ogle says the same thing. trump needs to surround himself with the right people. >> i want to see the cabinet. i think he will be a ceo and sit there and let the cabinet do all the work. that's what i think. and then i want be to see who they're going to pick for the supreme court. >> reporter: filling the supreme court's also near the top of many wish lists, but it isn't long before we're back to the wall. >> one of the first priorities i would say is secure our borders.
5:56 pm
>> the wall? >> build a wall, yes, but that is -- that's -- to me that's a rhetorical term. building a wall doesn't mean brick and more tore. >> reporter: you hear that a lot. the wall trump has spoken about a lot to many trump voters is really not a wall at all. the wall. what is that? build it? don't build it? it's a real wall? it's not a real wall? >> yeah, i don't know whether actual physical wall is the thing to do. i think there are probably other ways that he can curb some of it coming in. >> reporter: which brings us back to another favorite thing, obamacare. >> i would get rid of it and start all over. you have to come up with something. you have to take care of people who can't take care of themselves. everybody knows that. >> reporter: but you can't talk to trump voters without talking about something else. all those protesters. >> you haven't even given the guy a chance yet. >> reporter: most i talked to don't believe the demonstrations are spontaneous anger but
5:57 pm
organized. >> reporter: this is the government. they want chaos. they want anarchy and they're going to give it to us. this is just the beginning. this is just the beginning. >> reporter: many of those when they start talking about the protests, the trump voters, they say it's disrespectful, disrespectful of the office of president. disrespectful of the outcome of the democratically run election. they say after all when president obama won in 2008, did republicans storm the streets? anderson. >> good question. martin savidge, thanks very much. a lot more ahead in the next hour of "360." we're keeping an eye on the protests around the country. second night of protests. take you on the streets. have a lot more ahead. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine.
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