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tv   Inside Politics  CNN  November 11, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

9:00 am happy veterans day, everyone. thank you for joining us at this hour. >> and i'm john berman along with kate bolduan. "inside politics" with john king starts right now. john and kate, thank you. welcome to n"inside politics." i'm john king, just across from the white house on a glorious day here. jefferson memorial off in the distance. thanks for sharing your time on this veterans day. just moments ago, president obama at tomb of the unknowns at arlington national cemetery. [ playing "taps" ]
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[ playing "taps" ] it will be president trump leading that solemn ceremony next year. president-elect trump 69 more days and tone and temperament again the talk of the town. pitch perfect yesterday at a white house meeting with president obama. >> mr. president, it was great honor being with you and i look forward to being with you many, many more times in the future. thank you. >> and again, donald trump on message in later visit with
9:02 am
republican leaders on capitol hill. >> we're going to do some absolutely spectacular things for the american people. we look forward to starting, and we can't get started fast enough. >> after returning to new york last night and watching more protests against his election and him, that brought out a familiar response. the attack tweet. one more twist, as the sun was rises in east, yes, still does that, another tweet way different tone. praise to the protestors and a promise from president-elect trump to come together. with us to report insights, maeve reston and cnn's manu rauch xbrooup beg rauch. >> let's begin with the protest feed. the president-elect took offense. look at this. he tweeted this, just had a open and successful presidential election. now professional protestors incited by the media are protesting. very unfair.
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by candidate trump standards, be honest, a pretty tame tweet. but to debate critics on twit jer continue dot that living in the white house? the first about-face of the trump transition. 6:15 a.m. love the fact small groups of protestors last night have passion for our great country. we will all come together and be proud. an important about-face. some people say, why are you focusing on this? we'll get to the substance. get to the names he's considering for his cabinet and for key jobs, get to what he talked about on capitol hill with the president. his tone and temperament is watched in the country and around the world because the election was so divisive and he did have a habit getting up at 5:00 in the morning and tweet attacking, tweet bombing critics. what do you make about the about-face? early this morning clearly deciding to say you know what? fine. protest. it's okay. we'll come together. >> it's such a repeat of the die nam we saw during the campaign. an ongoing struggle between
9:04 am
donald trump and superego and just between the candidate himself and his advisors. seems that a die nam take th ss continue in the white house. he was the same person throughout his life and through the campaign. that person rather erratic. the question is does that really have any consequences or is it just for fun? right? if it's not your hand on the utten, who caut button, who cares if you're going off an twit jter? >> the question, does he want detente or a chance, a little goodwill from african-americans who might think -- again, donald trump might not think their perception is fair but they hon festally believe he was harsh on them. muslim-americans worried about him, latino americans worried about him. donald trump might think there is the wrong impression, not what i meant, not viewing in total context, but they do feel
9:05 am
that way. does he want detente or start with a little attention? >> we'll find out. this is an important moment for him and so much of what happens going forward here, there is no sort of -- prescribed script here. he's going to be the most unpredictable president-elect certainly and probably president. we'll see, but when you talk to people who, who knew him before, they always remind, you know, he was a manhattan liberal at one time. don't believe that -- i spent a lot of nyp manhattan the last couple of days this week. republicans are nervous about that part. >> no doubt about it. >> who knows? she very much a president sort of in the making here. but i think his tweet this morning is incredibly interesting. >> an implicit recognition, his temperament one of the central issues litigated against him in the course of this campaign. he knows the polls, donald trump admits he reads the polls.
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most voters do not believe he has the temperament to be president. he has a hurdle to overcome and convince the american public he can do the job, and that is something they clearly -- he recognizes. >> they were also watching, i think, the power of the office sink in for him. the celebrity of this moment. watching him walking around capitol hill holding melania's hand. that was yesterday. you know, there is a realization happening here for him that, this is a much different role than he has been in on the campaign trail. and you know, the votes are still being counted, but we very much expect that hillary clinton will probably end up with a popular vote, and so he's going to have to think about, you know, yes, people can argue he has a mandate, but there are so many people across the country who did not vote for him who are afraid of what he's going to do. >> and democrats will use that every time they think he has wandered past his mandate and
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everybody president gets a mandate. donald trump has a mandate. how big? even mitch mcconnell senate republican leader, be careful. don't over think your mandate in part because of -- to your point about donald trump growing into the job. striking yesterday, the fact he sat down fon a pleasant meeting with president obama yesterday at the white house. remember, these two men, a lot of bad blood. khmer leader role in the bernaler movement, the harsh things said on the campaign trail about donald trump by barack obama. a cordial meeting and get it over with. playing sound from the two are them here. more than he said, humbled is not a word used around donald trump. to be in the oval office is a different experience. >> i believe that it is important for all of us, regardless of party, and regardless of political preferences, to now come together, work together, to deal with the many challenges that we face. and most of all, i want to
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emphasize to you, this president-elect, that we now are going to -- want to do everything question to help you succeed, because if you succeed, then the country succeeds. >> and we had never met each other. i have great respect. the meeting lasted for almost an hour and a half, and it could have, as far as i'm concerned it could have gone on for a lot longer. he explained several difficulties. some of the high-flying assets and some of the, some of the really great things that have been achieved. >> both men, the president and the president-elect, polar opposites as you can get, sending clear signals to supporters that are very important. president obama sending a signal to supporters we must wish for his success. give him a chance. the country's success depends on it and donald trump calling the president a very good man. a lot of donald trump supporters think president barack obama is
9:09 am
a muslim, an illegitimate president. donald trump saying he's a good man and i'm honored to meet you, look forward to consulting you. will the messages be received i guess is the question? >> why something like an intemperate tweet matters more than, oh, my gosh. think of the sentiment in that tweet. so many of trump's opponents painted him as a autocrat, a strong man figure. for him to say protesting him is unfair, that's a window into his view of the democratic process. is it okay to be dissent? is he building bridges to the other side? the trump of the gracious speech he gave at 3:00 in the morning when he became the president-elect or the trump who thinks anyone who disagrees with him and wrong and when you have the power of your presidency at yo disposal, that matters. >> give everybody grace in the campaign, all tired after what they've didn't through. wake up a legitimate change of heart or go back, in your
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twitter feed, it looked like mitt romney might win the popular vote. he didn't, but looked like he might in the early count and donald trump tweeted back then, we can't let this happen. we should march on washington and stop this travesty. our nation is totally dwighted. winning the popular vote, you should be president of the united states. i think he likes it now, the electoral vote. >> that tweet, it's significant to take note of it is because this isn't the first time that donald trump has said things like that. you can go back to the playboy interview he did where i believe that he talked about, in a complementary way about what had happened in tiananmen square. the people are waiting to see what the evolution of donald trump is now that he has the power of the office, and whether -- >> a great point. talk about the country, what the country thinks of the agenda most of all. a leader around the world, saw them clinking champaign classes
9:11 am
at the election of donald trump. a cove, if we put it up on the screen, showing the end of the world agency we know it. right here. with donald trump. a lot of anxiety and questions around the world, too. so let's move a little to the agenda. went up to capitol hill. this town in 70 days will have a republican-controlled town. the white house, the congress. they're looking forward to getting things done and donald trump up there again talking like a man of action, and quick action. >> and whether it's health care or immigration, so many different things, we'll be working on them very rapidly and i think we'll be putting things up pretty quickly. so we had a very good meeting a very detailed meeting, and we're going do lower taxes, as you know. we're going to fix health care, make it more affordable, and better. we're going to do a real job for the public and that's what we want to do.
9:12 am
>> again, get to the specifics in a minute. i was watching this play out yesterday. a visual way, the system works. the democratic president will hand off peacefully to the republican president. the republican president goes to congress, do legislation, get this done, talk about priorities. it seems in some ways silly having a conversation, but after the tumultuous campaign we just had, the tone and images are just at important, rais right? as the details? >> especially with republican leaders so resistant of donald trump for months. pr paul ryan, a long tortured history with donald trump. and now saying he's very excited to implement his agenda and mitch mcconnell went underground for weeks and wouldn't answer any questions at a press conference about donald trump. for him to be out there talking very openly and positively about donald trump says a lot to their own party, to their own republican party establishment. not quite sure what donald trump
9:13 am
means. trying to shape, they want to influence what direction he takes, of course. >> and also the very gracious tone of the obamas yesterday. i thought it was a really important signal. so many people around the country who voted for hillary clinton, who put up a black wall on their stain graham accounts and are grieving. >> and the democratic leader harry reid on the way out, and be here until the end of the year. a statement saying white nationalist vladimir putin are celebrating donald trump's victory. talking about trump as a hatemong hatemonger. most after eat leklection. harry reid -- >> the obamas, appealful transition of power, breathe with an open mind. important to center on the country. >> and manu made an important point. republicans i've talked to in the last 24, 36 hours think they
9:14 am
can shape the trump administration much more than the previous one. he hasn't given a lot of thought necessarily what he would do in that job beyond a couple agenda items and think they can have a big influence on him and he likes to be liked. donald trump wants to be liked. something to keep in mind going forward. the hill suddenly become as very, very, very much more interesting place, because business is going to get done in this town and they know that. >> and spending more time on capitol hill. a lot more to talk about the trump agenda and trump team. next, democrats in disarray after a painful loss, how to deal way new president. who should lead the party? going to break -- more of a tribute, well-deserved tribute, to veterans. >> veterans day often follow as hard-fought political campaign. an exercise in the free speech and self-government that you fought for. it often lays bear disagreements
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rates are competitive, and they're the only plans of their kind endorsed by aarp. remember - these plans let you apply all year round. so call today. because now's the perfect time to learn more. go long. welcome back. every election teaches us lessons reminding us of truths we perhaps overlooked or simply ignor ignored. switch, donald trump wins electoral college. this is most important lesson of all and tough for democrats. take a minute and take a look.
9:20 am
the presidential election county by county. look at all the little lines. more than 4,000 count kniss the united states. see all the red? a center-right country, conservative especially the heartland than democrats think. watch in the midwest. back to 2012. see all the blue? this is 2016. america went even more into the red, especially in the heartland in 2016. hillary clinton had a lot of problems. did not get the percent of college educated women she thought. macomb county, michigan, that that's red tells you quite a bit. donald trump did well with blue collar union voters, traditionally democratic voters. a lot of problems for hillary clinton but could have 1068 sol them with one solution. macomb county, 67% of the vote is huge, except the raw numbers matter. a lot of african-americans simply didn't come out to vote. next door to wisconsin. down here. look at milwaukee. lost the state by the tiniest of
9:21 am
margins in milwaukee county, african-americans didn't come out to vote. look at the numbers. a lot of problems, again, here would have been the one solution. the democratic vote in milwaukee, down 39,000 from 2012. how much did hillary clinton lose the state by? 27,000. more than enough to keep wisconsin blue. instead it went red. michigan, the democratic vote in detroit, down more than 78,000 from four years ago. the statewide margin, less than 12,000. more than enough there had they voted to make the difference. that's wisconsin, and michigan. over to pennsylvania. the share of the african-american population in the electorate, down from 2012. had they turned out, pennsylvania, michigan, wisconsin, clinton's president if those states are blue. instead, they are red. they are red and the democratic party now, the president's leaving office, the clintons are gone. the party in crisis debating, what about the future? >> they'll be discussions within the democratic party on where we go from here.
9:22 am
i think that -- the republican party now has gone through an incredible change and i think they'll going to have post-mortems too figuring out, we're in the middle of a big, big change and i think it affects everybody. >> just -- as we've been sitting here watching that, look at the map, the counties. i'm a county geek. it's what i do, but when you look at it, it's stunning, and a lot of liberals on the coast, not to be disrespectful, liberals in new york or california don't, they don't know that america. that's one of the problems. sometimes our town forget. the clinton communications director, we didn't blame anyone but ourselves. plenty of mistakes. challenges we weren't able to overcome, also says the only thing apparent was comey. one thing too many. could not overcome it, the fi.
9:23 am
is that why african-americans in detroit and milwaukee didn't vote? why her percentage with college educated women down, why union members went to donald trump? >> it's not why but they believe that shifted the campaign in of the last ten days or so. doing another conference call now with members of the national finance committee top toners, p palmieri and podesta and others. that's not entirely accurate. what about wisconsin? the most interesting state when you look at it. the saturday before the election in 2012, barack obama, sitting president, fighting for re-election, was in milwaukee, wisconsin. hillary clinton did not visit wisconsin, and more importantly spend money there. michigan also, so interesting. yes, the population changed in
9:24 am
detroit, because of the economic fallout, but a lot of people moved to other parts of michigan. they didn't spend any time in kalamazoo, other places here. democrats who really believe the party has gone from a budweiser party, if you will to a chardonnay party, they're really worried about this. look at ranks of governors, others. the democratic party is decimated. >> i want to jump in. this is a stunning part of the obama legacy. he won two presidential elections sweeping electoral college sland slooilandslides. the rest of the democratic party, desolated. look at these numbers. the senate, obama came to power 59 democrats. 48 now. the house, obama's first year, 257. 193 now. majorities to minorities. look at republican governors. most stunning, legislative seats, republicans gained more than 900 state legislative
9:25 am
seats. the bench, state senator barack obama, on the national stage and suddenly is a president. look around now, the clinton chapter of the democratic party is over. that's a long chapter. obama came in the middle but doesn't like the party business. he's about to leave the white house. the clintons are gone. who leads the democratic party? >> a great question. >> such a great question and right now when you look at the age of the leaders of the democratic party, chuck schumer, nancy pelosi. >> right. >> elizabeth warren, bernie sanders. a lot of democrats around the country who vie been talking to in the last couple days saying, we need outside voices to come in here. this is the moment of reckoning for the democratic party that they were not expecting to have, because, really, clinton's election would have masked it, and i think that, you know, certainly the progressive wing of the party really does feel emboldened. they know that that's where the energy was in this race, and how
9:26 am
the rest of the party comes to terms with that is going to be a fascinating thing to watch. >> the question, whether or not the progressive wing wins out that debate, which i presume it probably will, or the centrist moderate democrats did not do well in the middle of the country in rust belt states and some states maybe more conservative have become more more, conservative democratic, conservative republican like a state like kentucky, that had never -- a century or so, not had a state house flip, but the state house flipped on tuesday there. you see that happen in other states like arkansas. republicans -- democrats debating that now. whether or not to shift to the center or -- >> the next big debate, chairmanship of the democratic committee. organizational part but means something, getting hadn't to decide where do we ingest hillary clinton failed to motivate voters. may have had a better campaign
9:27 am
organization. donald trump motivated voters. she did not motivate democratic voters. dpnt donald tru donald trump deserves all credit, he won the race. he was eminent he beatable. she lost. >> without question, and people -- democrats are wondering, you know, why was there such a rush to have her become the nominee? of course, she was waiting in line here. we're about to see a generational shift in the democratic party unlike we've seen in a long time's in more than a generation or so. and there's going to be a -- a reckoning here about what kind of party there is, and as maeve said so smartly, striking how old everyone is. like keith ellison, muslim, progressive. he is emerging as one of the leading -- >> the bernie sanders choice, and brernie sanders archrival,
9:28 am
former govern dean is running. keep your eye. >> keep your eye on keith ellison. do you focus on the growing diversity in america, the -- find the next election two elections, get them back or focus on white blue collar workers? depends where you live. >> the same debate the republican party had after 2012 writing an autopsy. a block of voters we didn't do enough outreach to, have to broaden our appeal can't stick to the old base of old white people. trump came along, threw that out the window and did folk oins the base. democrats have to decide was the problem they didn't do enough, sort of joe bidening in scranton and talking to the white working class voters that bill clinton was yelling and screaming about, joe biden was yelling and screaming about, or about the missing black voters in the cities, and that's who they need to focus on. >> and the thing we don't know, the big uncertainty, democrats have to sort it out. what does donald trump do? demming don't think he'll reach
9:29 am
into these communities, but donald trump surprises us all the time. we'll see, up next, ripping up trade deals, building a wall? what might he get done and where might he find support among democrats? marie's turkey pot pie starts with turkey covered in a rich flavorful gravy, and a crust made from scratch. because she knows that when it's cold outside... it's good food and good company that keep you warm inside. marie callender's. it's time to savor.
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welcome back. a democrat lives in the white house you see behind us, but washington just ten weeks away from complete republican rule and president-elect trump thinks that means getting a lot done, and quickly. >> the people will be very, very happy. >> the top three? >> we have a lot. -- [ inaudible ] immigration. the border. we need health care and we're looking at jobs. big-league jobs. >> they have the vote. they have the vote. the question is, what's the sequencing? that matters. back to the beginning of the obama administration. democrats say it was
9:34 am
republicans. republicans say democrats. environment was toxic. passed initiatives with no republican votes. does trump try to reach out? do something that involves the infrastructure democrats would like or do obama care out of the box and alienate all -- >> a mix. things to do administratively, legislatively, things that appeal to his base. deferred for millions of undocumented immigrants as well as moving on some thing s he could do that would appeal obama care, something to do through the budget process avoiding a filibuster in the senate. replacing it requires bipartisan support. a much harder ordeal and, yes, probably expect some infrastructure bill that could get democratic support, but if it's a spending bill, that's a stimulus that republicans don't like. it's not a very simple task. interesting thing will be how does he deal with it? delegate to republican
9:35 am
leadership and committee chairman, congress to write the legislation or drop it on the lap and try to push something through? >> he is, remember, the art of the deal guy. his whole thing. negotiating. honest during the campaign saying, this is my tax plan, but i have to negotiate with whatever the congress is. i won't get everything i like. continuing the conversation, the tension. said during the campaign, don't believe him. everything he said he doesn't believe. democrats said he has ideas, some are racist, sexist. a little sampling of candidate trump. >> but if i win, i am going to instruct my attorney general to get a special prosecutor to look into your situation, because there has never been so many lies, so much deception. there has never been anything like it. >> donald j. trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states until our country's representatives can
9:36 am
figure out what the hell is going on. >> but we will build a wall, mexico is going to pay for the wall. >> so -- does he appoint a special prosecutor? his base will be furious if he doesn't. it will cause poison in the well with democrats if he does. the muslim ban disappeared from the trump website. he modified it some during the campaign, but the idea's gone. what does he do there? >> one of the things president-elect trump will be a work in progress, grow into this job even in the next 72 days. most republicans hope he does not appoint a special prosecutor. he's proven that point and hints from chris christie and rudy giuliani suggested, perhaps not. perhaps he's not going to dosee. depends which side wins out.
9:37 am
the most key decision, chief of staff. who he puts in that position will tell us which donald trump we'll see here. >> back to the tone. >> right. >> please, everybody, jump in, i want to put up a list of promises during the campaign. said he would build a wall on the u.s./mexico border, mexico would pay for it. muslim ban. repeal and replace obama care. spl prosecutor on clinton's e-mail. renegotiate nafta, the trade deal. and today, build a wall, mexico will pay for it. supporters at rallies didn't believe it. just knew tough on immigration. one of the conservatives in the house conceding even if we build a wall, mexico is not going to pay for it. >> and actually, you know, we've appropriated money during the bush administration that didn't get spent for the wall. >> that's right. >> so it's going to be great to some somebody that's actually following the law. >> essentially saying, look,
9:38 am
we've got the money. we can figure this out our way. >> you notice that that speech that trump gave on election night, or the wee hours of the day after, did not mention the wall. did not mention the muslim ban. he did mention infrastructure and jobs, he mentioned rebuilding inner cities. so that was a deliberate choice and i'm told by someone involved it was trump's choice to make that speech, give that speech the tone it had and mention those priorities. >> and, john, interesting after that meeting with mitch mcconnell yesterday, donald trump walked out and you played that sound and asked specifically about the muslim ban. he walked away. didn't answer the question. that was the end of the press conference. >> i have my own theory. we it talk about it the other day, nixon goes to china. can only donald trump actually pass immigration reform? will he compromise and cut a deal? a theory going forward. up next, familiar and controversial names. the new president looks to fill his team and accuse of embracing the very swamp he promised to drain. first, take ow quiz.
9:39 am
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beautiful afternoon here in the nation's capital. welcome bab. it you're curious about where president-elect trump owns resorts call your travel agent or visit the trump transition website. click on, meet the president looect. includes a list of trump properties, many of which he promoted during had the campaign. there we go. i'm having fun with this. critics saying it's tacky. could have said donald trump is a big real estate invest and not list all properties.
9:44 am
live that to the holder. but it raises the question what does this president do with his business? set up an ironclad trust by an outsider or let's his children run it, democrat will seize on it, asking for conflict of interests. >> this is a candidate who never gave us his tax returns. there's so much we do not know about trump's entanglements and financial, who-dhoosh h -- >> he has the authority to end the audit now. doesn't he? >> exactly. the idea that his children can just move in and, you know, run all of his businesses without there being any kind of repercussions from that is just -- i mean, it's going to be a long time. >> yet he shouldn't be punished for having a business and being elected president either. this is a hard one. >> never been -- one of those many things. we're in sort of uncharted waters on this. his business dealings are
9:45 am
complicated to say the least, what we know of them's as maeve said we don't know a lot about them. of all questions that republican and conservatives had about the clinton foundation and any foreign governments, this is magnified times 100. one of those things democrats in the clinton campaign will say, i told you so. >> a republican congress and senate. you can't haven investigations by democrats but democrats will keep an eye in. look for weakness and a misstep. plenty of republican critics there. we'll see. and waiting. told a chief of staff announcement first. leading candidate, show leading candidates for jobs in the trump administration. steve bannon, brightbar executive went to the campaign as coo mentioned as potential chief of staff. the man ot moment, reince preeb ous, chairman of the party. newt gingrich former speaker mentioned. chris christie is part of the
9:46 am
transition team now mention eedt attorney general and rudy giuliani, homeland security, director of national intelligence. to your point earlier, jeff, who the president picks for these first early jobless set the tone. number one, does need washington hands and government hands. fervor had experience. two, steve bannon, for example. i don't know steve bannon personally but the breitbart website is viewed as a sometimes racist, sometimes nationalist, provocative in your face kind of site. it kwur you're a liberal african-american latino, make that choice, you're making a choice. >> and anger republican leadership. the real issue as well. breitbart has been going after paul ryan, mitch mcconnell so aggressively for such a long time. so has steve bannon. doing that could cause a lot of problems for his own party. >> so priebus -- >> the republican party --
9:47 am
>> preiebus, think about steppig aside. donald trump suspected reince priebus was trying to work the system in case they needed another candidate. >> and think about the different signals by the three you named. bannon provocative but an ideologue, believes trump represents a populist nationalism trying to shape the administration around that ideological agenda. priebus, traditional republican, voice of the establishment building a bridge to the republicans in congress, and newt gingrich is much more about politics. sometimes ban critic of trump when he felt he was being impolitic and big ego. might be difficult for trump to be in the room with him. >> giant question also, how many never trumpers, outsiders, people never on the team is trump big enough to bring in? all part the conversation. told we could get word as early as today, next week to the big jobs filled in.
9:48 am
up next, reporters' notebooks and getting ready for a battle with the new president brewing out west. first results of our quiz. melania trump only the second born foreign first lady who was first? 94% got it right. the internet might have been involved. louisa adams. john kwuquincy adams' wife. we'll be right back. ♪
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let's close as we always do. head across. i usually say around. this is a cross. "inside politics" reporters. jeff zeleny? >> democrats are decimated. one is standing proud. chuck schumer. she the senate minority leader,
9:53 am
or will be incoming democratic leader of the senate. the deals he cuts with his fellow new yorker will be living in that house right there will be fascinating to watch. the donald trump/chuck schumer reship is something i'll have my eye on next year. >> the preexisting condition, as they sathts i am looking at this battle grinning to brew out west. people around donald trump. talking about his proposal for deportation force. how much latitude he would have to start that process with executive orders, but i've tauked to labor leaders and folks like antonio, running for governor of california about what they are planning to do. they are already scheduling meetings, talking to civil rights leaders, talking about how they slow this process down in the courts. how they can fight with everything they have if donald trump does, in fact, plan to move forward with those plans. >> one of the biggest questions
9:54 am
for the new president-elect. molly? >> one of the interesting subplots to the election on stus that marijuana was legalized in at least three states. possibly four. that's recreational marijuana use, and medical marijuana in four more states. big states. recreational marijuana approved in california, medical in florida. so there's a lot of excitement in what's now a very large industry that's grown up around legal pot, but also trepidation. donald trump said he favors medical marijuana but hasn't talked a lot about it. he's surrounded by school drug warriors like rudy giuliani and mike pence. nervousness in the industry what lies ahead. >> we'll see. the attorney general will say a lot about that. >> and yet another unusual moment this year, paul ryan seems to be safe for the speakership and no small part because of donald trump. his coattails hoping to bring a larter majority in the house making ununlikely things will hurt him. freedom caucus focus on donald
9:55 am
trump not courting paul ryan now and paul ryan helping himself going out and embracing donald trump in the last tub couple of weeks. say for re-election in no small part because of the man that will occupy the white house. >> watch the dealmaking moving on. a mix of quick thank yous. today ends our two-month temporary run here on weekdays. fun and fascinating. thank you to the great reporter likes these four and those who juggled campaign schedules to make the hour what it is. a conversation about reporter see and hear on the trail from sources and from the candidates. also thank you to the boss for allowing me the privilege and the team in atlanta getting us on the air every day. i'm a piece of work sometimes. they do a great job. and amaying "inside politics" here in washington. this was a beast but they were angels, even when i was not. thank you for sharing your time with is during this precious and
9:56 am
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hello. i'm wolf blitzer. it's 1:00 p.m. here. it's veterans day in the united states. wherever you're watching from around the world, thanks very much for joining us. as the day ticked down to inauguration, president-elect donald trump and his transition team are wrapping up efforts to form a cabinet and a government. in fact, huddling at trump tower in new york city right now. tweeting earlier today, he said this -- busy day planned in new york. will soon be making some very important decisions on the people who will be running our government. meanwhile, more anti-trump pr


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