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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  November 12, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PST

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first lady. we have so much more straight ahead in the news room. it all starts right now. hello again and thank you so much for joining me, i'm fredricka whitfield in washington. anti-trump protests erupt across the country, once again, some with violent results. police and protesters clashing in portland, oregon overnight. officers had to use flash bangs to break up crowds after protesters began throwing things at police. meanwhile, the hunt continues for a gunman in the crowd. protests were seen across the country, demonstrators blocking interstates and burning flags and chanting, not my president.
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this, as president-elect trump signals he may be open to compromising on some of the campaign promszs that propelled him to victory. most notely, the pledge to repeal and replace the health care act. >> let me ask you about obamacare, which you say you are going to repeal and replace. when you replace it, are you going to make sure the people with pre-conditions are still covered? >> yes, because it happens to be one of the strongest assets. >> you are going to keep that. >> also the children living with parents for an extended people. it adds cost, but it's very much something we are going to try to keep. >> there's going to be a period, if you repeal it, before you replait it when millions of people -- >> we are going to do it sign taniously, it will be fine. that's what i do. i do a good job. i know how to do this stuff. we are going to repeal it and
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replace it. we are not going to have a two-day period or a two-year period where there's nothing. it will be great health care for much less money. >> so, this change in tone comes as president-elect trump shakes up his transition team. vice president-elect mike pence is stepping up to take over the role previously held by chris christie. chris is joining us. what is the with shake up. >> mike pence taking over the transition effort and replacing chris christie which he led since may. he was is now the vice chair. guys like steve bannen who ran hs campaign, they are in the running to become white house chief of staff.
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now, the christie camp saying it is not a demotion. the vice president-elect often takes over. dick cheney did something similar. cheney didn't have the cloud over his head like chris christie does with bridgegate. two top allies were found to have caused huge traffic problems as political payback against the democratic mayor who didn't endorse chris christie. he said he didn't know about the lane closures. certainly, that's hanging over his head. our colleague, michael smerconish asked why christie was moved. here is what he had to say just this morning. >> let's talk transition. what happened to governor christie? >> i don't know. i know that, obviously, you know, mr. trump has a ton of
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faith in governor pence and his connections and his stature in washington. he's been a very successful governor and a very successful member of the house of representativ representatives. i think now that we are in that faze, he obviously wanted to look at some of the people that would lead that transition more carefully, more thoroughly and he made a decision. >> reporter: sean spicer dodging the question about what happened to chris christie and not talking about the shake up. he talked about bringing the country together, unity and donald trump talking about winning. we'll see how things shake out. this is a favorite washington parlor game, who is in charge of the transition and who is going to be in charge. fred? >> very fascinating. chris frates, thank you.
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in nearly as many days, overnight, thousands continued to gather in massive anti-trump protests across the country from portland, oregon to chicago and in michigan. to trump's hometown of new york city. brynn joins us live from union square where the protests are planning to unfold again today. so, what's happening? >> fred, i can tell you, yesterday, about 1,000 people marched from downtown manhattan, washington square park up to trump tower. i walked with them for four hours in their protest. today, since it is a saturday, we are expecting a large number of protesters. again, they have already started gathering before we came on the air, they yelled out, we are going to march that way, which is the direction of trump tower, in five minutes. this group does think they are going to move throughout the streets as we have seen all
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across the country for the last four days. after they pointed in that direction, they yelled, we are not going to be tolerating any sexism or homo phobia or racism. that is the message. all the protesters coming together, frustrated, angry and directed at the president-elect. you can see all the signs people are carrying. again, many different messages. a girl with her parents here. girls are important. one of the many signs we are seeing. you can see the crowd now, they are starting to move. that five-minute warning has expired. this is the direction we will be going, usually. this leads up fifth avenue to trump tower. we'll see how it goes. yesterday, 1,000 people walked for four hours. in new york city alone, there were 11 arrests, disorderly conduct. mostly the reasons for the arrest, according to the police department. yesterday they have been
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peaceful here in new york unlike cities across the country. we are going to keep walking with them and let you know how it goes. >> let's look at the other cities. we have been talking about the anti-trump protests breaking out from new york, chicago and portland, oregon where things really get heated there. tensions remaining very high. in fact, one person was shot and police are still looking for that gunman. let's go to cnns polo sandoval and the protests dotting the map. what's going on? >> fred, as you mentioned and we saw, day four of the demonstrations getting under way. if you look back, some of those, very few turned violent. one in particular in the city of portland, oregon. a third night of nationwide protests since thousands march down streets and interstates.
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most were peaceful. there was some violence. in portland, police used flash bang to dispurse the crowds after burning objects were thrown at the officers. the shooting happened after an apparent confrontation. the unidentified man was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. los angeles police arrested protesters in the downtown area, but not provided details on numbers or charges. in atlanta, an american flag was burned near the georgia state capital building. police reported no arrests. in miami, protesters walked along interstate 95 forcing four lanes of traffic to come to a standstill. and angry crowds gathered once again outside the 58-story trump
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tower, the president-elect's home in new york. there have been nightly protests and more demonstrations are expected through the weekend. >> donald trumpl, go away. >> you speak to the peaceful protesters, they say their main message is they hope to protest against some of the policies that donald trump proposed during the campaign. of course now they are very well aware there's nothing they can do or necessarily say to be able to change the outcome of the election. the other message, that's what they want to get across as we see more demonstrations. we saw a few moments in new york, one we should be looking out for, fred is mcarthur park in los angeles. it's where the latino population is large. it's an area to keep a close eye on today. >> keep us posted from atlanta. thank you so much. as the protests erupt from coast-to-coast, how will the president-elect unite a divided
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as anti-trump protests enter their fourth day now, one of donald trump's first obligations will be to help unify a country that feels more divided since he was named president-elect. so, here is a sampling of today's headlines at major newspapers across the country, words like gop victories don't guarantee unified government, unease, different americas. so, does this underscore the divide, the great divide in this country now, during the campaign trail and now post election? let's talk about this. how can president-elect, donald trump, help bring the country together, help narrow these divided. david, cnn commentator and editor for "the washington post." also cnn political annist, ron
9:14 am
from los angeles, a senior editor for the atlantic. good to see both of you gentlemen. let me begin with you, david. last hour, the president-elect tweeted out, saying, quote, this will prove to be a great time in the lives of all americans. we will unite and we will win, win, win. in previous tweets, he acknowledged that the protests were disruptive, that the media helped navigate that. helped fuel them. how does president-elect, donald trump, begin healing or begin narrowing a divide which is clear and apparent? you saw the headlines there. is it his responsibility as it has president-elect to do that? >> it's absolutely his responsibility. the last tweet you put up is the right tone. he sounded mostly the right tone
9:15 am
for the last few days since he was elected other than the tweet blaming the media for protests on the streets. not only -- he owns this for two reasons. one, because during the campaign, he was one of the main sources of some of this division through some of the statements he made about the judge, being the public face of the birther unit, talking about muslims and about women in a way that were ugly. it's his responsibility to clean that up. it's also his responsibility because now, he has become the president-elect, soon president of the united states and he has to show, it's on him, that he can lead all of americans, not just the americans that elected him. >> this is one tweet that you said might be a starting point. but, does he need to address this in some other fashion and does it happen before inauguration? >> i'm not sure how much unification or bridging there really can be.
9:16 am
i think that, you know, we have two central dynamics here. one is that the divides, as you say, were almost unprecedented. it was two americas meeting on the battlefield of this election. the 100 largest counties in america, hillary clinton won them by 12.5 million votes, which is about what president obama did. the rest of the country, the other 3,000 counties in america, she lost by 12 million votes, maybe a little under 12 million. an enormous divide between urban and nonurban america. more culturally traditional. it was very different americas that elected each candidate. the second thing is far more than in the past, the voters for each candidate had an overwhelmingly negative view of the other. i started covering politics in the '80s and '90s. that was not the case in this election.
9:17 am
90% of clinton voters had a deeply unfavorable view of trump and vice versa. that is a straining factor to bridge this divide. the final point is, the real question isn't the tone, it's the agenda. if donald trump implements the agenda he ran on, which most try to do, they are clear about that. if he tries to implement that agenda, we are guaranteed intense division. in the parts of america that rejected him, that agenda and his words are -- >> the agenda and with whom you are surrounding yourself and right now, while the transition team is getting together, trying to block who gets what job, et cetera, the names and faces that have been floated around are mostly white men and many of whom have their own baggage or are considered polarizing to some degree. so, when you talk about the responsibility that the president-elect has to help be a
9:18 am
unifier, a unifier in chief, the mantra that president obama was given, particularly when he was compelled to address racial issues. one can't help but have visions of that. do you see that donald trump will have to do that? will have to, in some way, address beyond agenda, beyond who he names in the transition team, find a way to say i want to be a healer? >> yeah, i think so. i agree with ron that a lot of this will come down to what agenda, what legislative agenda, what issues president trump pushes with a republican congress. if he pushes, the issue that is are unfavorable to clinton voters, those in the urban suburbs of america, the more diverse that ron has talked about quite a bit and educated us about over the course of this election. it is going to be -- there are going to be head winds for president trump.
9:19 am
in terms of the message he puts out from the bully pulpit, i think there's potential for him to change tone and turn around. >> does that happen while you are president-elect or does that need to happen after inauguration? >> it has to has been in stages. here is the thing, trump made enough ugly, divisive comments it won't be just one speech. he should give a race speech. >> something now? right now, you have protests. right now you have the headlines we showed you across the nation. >> i think he should say something now. he will continue to say things throughout the course of his -- the early days of his presidency. he will have to think about the people he surrounds himself with. there's talk about appointing steve bannen. he is a smart, capable guy but also a divisive guy. if you put him in as white house chief of staff, that changes the tone of things. >> ron, punctuate.
9:20 am
>> i think every president in their formal remarks are going to talk about being the president of the whole country. this is an election that has divided us in unprecedented ways in a cultural civil war between the america that is comfortable with the changes and those uneasy about it. donald trump spoke to that powerfully. he's going to lose the popular vote by more than any winner ever. you are talking about a deep divide and i do not believe words alone are going to cross it. ultima ultimately, if he tries to implement the agenda he ran on, we are going to see significant levels of conflict. look, he won. that is his right. that will be the price. >> all right ron, thank you so much. we are going to have more in the hour. hillary clinton acknowledged these tough days she has been enduring since her huge defeat, he wants to bestow a sense of
9:21 am
calm, particularly to her campaign volunteers. take a listen to a conference call that took place last night. >> look, i'm not going to sugar coat it. these have been very, very tough days. for all of us. i hope that you will all take some time to regroup. it's important that you understand that, you know, there's still a lot to be done in our country by people like you who are so, so important to us. and i hope that, you know, you will take some time with friends and family or do what i have been doing, take your dogs for a walk if you have dogs. whatever else gives you some real pleasure. this is a tough time for our country. i think we have seen how people have been reacting to the events of this election and i know that
9:22 am
we've got to be reaching out to each other to keep it clear in our own minds that what we did was so important. >> that was hillary clinton talking to her staff. she says that the thoughts of her aides is what is keeping her lifted and, of course, she recalls seeing that photograph. she went out on walks and suggesting everybody else do the same. someone just happened to run into her, while hillary clinton and former president bill clinton were walking in white plains. she was carrying her baby on her back and had a chance to talk with her and express what it was like to go into the voting booth with her daughter and vote for hillary clinton. then, of course, this photograph was taken and posted. we'll have much more right after this.
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9:27 am
sprawling business network to his children. that's unclear is how much actual distance this will put between a president trump, his policy agenda and his global empire. let's bring in cnn money correspond christina. good to see you. explain for us what trump is doing in terms of handing over the reigns to his children. >> well, fredricka, as you laid out, it's a fairly complicated thing. it's a big problem for donald trump to resolve, right? how do you deal with this kind of thing? this announcement tries to do that. tries to resolve questions about whether he can make decisions in the best interest of the country, without the cloud of his businesses hanging over him. the reality is, the arrangement of handing over the business to his children does almost nothing to meet the standards most ethics experts and lawyers recommend. trump wants to avoid criticism
9:28 am
for policy that is could boost his bottom line, for example, tax breaks for developers. a spokesperson says the new structure will comply with the rules and regulations. guess what? there are almost no rules that dictate how a president or vice president handle these conflicts. in contrast, other officials in the executive branch have to comply with what's called the u.s. financial conflict statute and get rid of businesses that clash with their duties. however, in the u.s., there's a long standing tradition that presidents and vice presidents eliminate conflicts. the only way trump can do that is sell his assets, put the proceeds in what's called a blind trust, run by someone with no connection to the family and any other arrangement, any other structure falls short from an ethical standpoint. again, according to the people i spoke with.
9:29 am
for many people at home, the question is, is the president subject to any regulation or oversight on this front? one thing is clear. he cannot accept a bribe. if he wants to change the terms of a deal he negotiated with the government, for example, like the lease for his hotel in washington, d.c., there's nothing standing in his way. the lawyers are pointing to a clause in the constitution could trip trump up. it says no government official can accept money from a foreign government, but they don't know if it applies to trump's businesses. after all, we are talking deals, not gifts in these situations. he has golf courses in scotland. his name is on buildings in india, turkey and the philippines. we don't know if the gompbmentes were involved in the transactions. experts say it's easy to see how
9:30 am
a violation would play out. >> one wants to know about the potential penalty if there are violations and people want to know, what about his children? if his children are going to be running the business and they are also part of the transition team, whether they are going to be on government payroll or not, is there a conflict there? >> look, that certainly does not help matters, the fact that his children, on the same day he announces the transition of the assets and his personal holdings to his children, he announces those same children are going to be part of his transition team. that does not help optically. it ties the two further together as opposed to pulling them apart. also, critics are going to seize on this. they are going to say, look, the entire campaign cycle that hillary clinton should shut down her nonprofit to avoid entanglements and conflict. now, critics are going to say hey, what applied to her should
9:31 am
apply to you, too. that's the issue. most say the current arrangement does not really protect him from that kind of criticism. >> okay. from kriticriticism. is there enforcement and penalties? >> the only way there is a potential penalty or violation is in the clause i mentioned. it's the clause that says no government official can accept gifts from a foreign government. that is strictly enforced and ethics lawyers take that seriously. when talking possible violations, what critics are going to pay attention to is his dealings overseas and whether or not there are deal sweeteners in these, you know, transactions he has done overseas and anything that could constitute a gift if it involves a government office. that could come under scrutiny. >> or what?
9:32 am
i mean, he's not going to lose his job, right? >> if you violate the constitution, you may be subject to, you know, worse case scenario, impeachment. so, it's not without consequence. we are talking very serious things. i'm not saying he is doing any of this. that's not what i'm saying at ut. if you play out the what ifs, that's potentially one of them. >> wow. that's a lot. thank you so much for breaking it down for us. appreciate it. up next, paul ryan's future on capitol hill. how exactly will he fare under a trump administration? it's been a tenuous relationship. what now? we'll discuss. ♪
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gets to stay on as speaker of the house. the vote, among house republicans happens on tuesday. joining me to discuss ryan's next steps in the future of the gop agenda. cnn political analyst, ron brownstein and david who will hopefully be back here at the table. for now, it's you and me, ron. okay. this is interesting. we were last talking about how donald trump would have to become a healer, not just because of the divides across the country, but also talk about the divisions within the gop, starting with, you know, the relationship between he and paul ryan. how is donald trump going to go about doing this? >> well, i think paul ryan's re-election as speaker would be more fraught if trump lost rather than won. whether mr. trump lost, the cause was a stab in the back from so many leaders who failed
9:37 am
to endorse him. now there's going to be an interesting min ewe wet. he was an independent candidate who ran under the republican party. half of his agenda overlaps what paul ryan wants to do, cutting taxes, undoing the climate change act of president obama, repealing the major elements of obamacare. the other half of the agenda, walking afwra nafta, the tpp, building a wall, accelerating deportation, rejecting any cuts in social security and medicare or/and a major infrastructure spending. i did a session with paul ryan and asked him about these. none were things he embraced. there are going to be areas they can work together. they will work together and use the reconciliation agenda to do many of these fiscal things. the aspects, fred, of donald trump's agenda that made him unique were the core of his
9:38 am
white working class voters that elected him. those are the same points of the agenda that are most objectionable to paul ryan and republicans. it will be interesting to see how that plays out. >> the differences between a paul ryan and donal trump, does that mean that jeopardizes whether he gets to keep his job after tuesday's vote? >> no, like i said, with donald trump winning, he has every reason to align with paul ryan. if trump had lost, there would be been more contention and after the fact finger pointing and the argument there was a stab in the back. the first elements out of the box, they are going to focus on the things they agree on most, which are big tax cuts, repealing the major obamacare, rolling back president obama's regulatory initiatives. an interesting test is going to be the infrastructure plan. trump said he wants to spend twice much as hillary clinton did on infrastructure, a $500
9:39 am
billion plan that is an idea that makes paul ryan's head explode. >> you do not think that paul ryan's position as house speaker is in jeopardy as a result of the history between the two, the differences that you just laid out? >> no, you know, i don't. like i said, i think it's useful for donald trump to have ryan there who is a different face of the party than trump represents. the question is, can they find a way to move forward on the things they agree on without having debilitating conflict over the aspect, the unique aspects of trump, the things that differentiate him from republicans. on banning immigration from large parts of the world, building a wall, walking away from free drtrade agreements, te all things that are very much not on paul ryan's priority list. all of them, except the last, i would note, are not on the
9:40 am
priority list of the business group at the core of the republican institutional coalition. does the chamber of commerce -- if donald trump really does try to walk away from the north american free trade agreement, what happens in the republican party? i had a republican senator say five republican senators might support him on that. certainly the business round table and the chamber, which are critical to the coalition would fight him tooth and nail. it would be fascinating. they agree on repealing obamacare and tax cuts, but the unique elements could be a different story. >> lots of posz zable tremors. ron brownstein, thank you so much. paul ryan, hear from him directly. he's a guest with jake tapper tomorrow. watch at 9:00 a.m. eastern on cnn. we'll be right back. ♪ my hero zero. ♪
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9:46 am
bind the wounds of division. have to get together. to all republicans and democrats and independents across this nation, i say it is time for us to come together as one united people. >> a call for unity by the president-elect during his acceptance speech earlier this week. but deep divisions in the country remain. take a look at your screen right now. protests in several major cities across the country. virtually every night since the election. and more continue taking place right now in chicago. this is the fourth day of antitrump protests across the country in various places, tensions flairing up at a middle school in michigan after some students started chanting in support of trump's planned wall between the u.s. and mexico. >> build the wall! build the wall!
9:47 am
built the wall! >> latino children in the mix, including the little girl who video taped this incident said they were hurt and scare ed by that chanting. kristi mcdonald is joining us, from pbs and the editor for the detroit news. good to see you both. kristi, let me begin with you because it's disturbing, the imagery, knowing there are children who are talking about building the wall and children in the mix take iing offense to. a direct correlation to what they have been seeing and hearing on the campaign trail and now acting it out as though this is normal and the way everyone should behave. what now? with this kind of imagery. >> i think it was eye-opening
9:48 am
for people to see this video. you know, the campaign, which has been swirling around 18 months. children see and hear a lot of things. sometimes they hear and see more than their parents think they do. with all the conversation that's been happening in our country for so long, for this to be happening and taking place in the schools is eye-opening for people to see. i was at an event two weeks before the election with public radio and people were talking to us about how they were feeling about the election. there were two teachers in that group who said we have been hearing from children about this election. they have been coming to us. this is elementary, with questions, with fears, with concerns, bringing in slogans and wanting to know what it all means. i know, in the last couple days since this happened at royal oak middle school, school districts have been sending notes home saying parents, you have to talk to your children about how language and words might be offensive to people. they may have consequences.
9:49 am
also, another side note that the michigan civil rights division put a note out saying look, we take it very seriously, what happened and we will be watching to see what happens. this is a call to talk to our kids about what is happening in our country and that words do have consequence. >> nolan, what do you see in the responsibility of a donald trump who started this jargon and now to see children using this language, now to see protests across the country in direct response to some of the language that the president-elect used and direct response to the outcome of the election. how do you see donald trump conveying a message, being a healer in all of this and in what format does he do that? >> well, i think you saw him tuesday night and since the election trying to be conciliatory and being a president of all the people.
9:50 am
you can't simply blame the candidates. look at what's going on in our homes and society. people are strident, emotional and passionate about this election. families have broken up over it. you have facebook defriending old friends and what have you. i had a middle school student in my office yesterday working on a school project and she said there have been fights breaking out in her school. she also said teachers came in wednesday morning and several of them were crying. i don't think you can relieve anyone of responsibility for this. we have been just way too hostile and emotional with each other during the course of this campaign. i got a letter this morning from a university of michigan student where someone painted a rock, some antitrump protesters painted a rock that said kill them all. she said on the campuses, if you are a trump supporter, if you backed him in this campaign, you can't mention it.
9:51 am
they are fearful. >> wait a minute, though. we are talking -- but, if we are talking about setting the tone, if the tone that we are seeing being played out with young people or even protests or result of a tone that was heard or witnessed on the campaign trail, and if that tone is directly linked to a donald trump as president-elect, why would he not be the one, in your view, nolan, to help set a tone of better understanding or clarity or -- i mean a tweet is one thing in that statement on election night. do you see he bears a responsibility to do -- there has to be a continuum? >> he does and i hope he recognizes it. obviously, i don't think his tone during the election campaign on the campaign trail is defensible. it's not. he wasn't there alone.
9:52 am
i didn't hear much in the way of a positive tone either -- >> that was his ve knaa knack l build the wall. >> in the last few days, you see him out yesterday saying, well, all that stuff i said about locking up hillary clinton, let's not go there. we are going to back off that. i think he's trying to be a little more conciliatory, recognizing he has a big job to do. i don't think these riots on the west coast help matters any. i don't think they are warranted and i don't think, in any way they are linked to things he said on the campaign trail. i think people are bitter about this election. and they are playing it out and they need to stop and give this process a chance. >> i think they are acting on the fear of the unknown. they don't know what is going to happen next. for people who have felt victimized by the statements donald trump said on the campaign trail, they are frozen
9:53 am
and waiting to see what happens next. as nolan said, donald trump started to walk back a little of the harder stances he's taking in terms of abolishing obamacare and building the wall that maybe he's starting to soften the stances. for people who are watching, they are waiting to see what is a trump presidency going to bring? what policies is he going to enact? that is what you are seeing for people taking to the streets in detroit and in grand rapids and in royal oak where royal oak middle school is. i think they are waiting to see. if they do hear more messages from donald trump saying, look, we are going to unite the country. we are going to try to bring things forward. that would be good, but i think the first thing he did was inflammatory for blaming the media. he has walked back from that. again, look at the fear of the unknown and that's what i think is also inflaming some of this.
9:54 am
>> real quick, nolan. >> the irony is this is what we worried about if trump lost, whether his supporters would accept the election and it's what's happening now that he's won. that's ironic. >> thanks so both of you, i appreciate it. we'll be right back.
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tomorrow on "this is life," you are going to get a behind-the-scenes look of what it's like to be a police officer on american streets. >> the reality is, many cops don't know what kind of situation they are responding to when they answer a call. gun violence is a major problem in philly and hits close to home for the 22nd district. last year, one of their own, robert wilson was killed in a gunfire exchange buying a present for his son. it's a sobering reminder for the force to always be alert and on guard. when wrou go into the neighborhoods known for violence, you have to be cautious and what's it like to live that way? >> i'm always cautious. i'm more cautious. it's that extra bit i have to have. >> how is all this scrutiny on police officers, how does it make you feel as career police
9:59 am
officers yourselves? >> you represent all police officers, whether you want to or not. that's how the public looks at it. if they are bad, you are bad. i'm not as excited to tell people what i do for a living. >> anytime you see little kids out here, they usually say hi to us. now you don't. the parents teach the kids not to like us. we are the bad guys now. we are the helpers and ones they call when it hits the fan. if they like it or not, we are coming to help. >> watch "this is life" sunday night, 10:00 eastern time. we'll be right back. what are you doing? getting your quarter back. fountains don't earn interest, david. you know i work at ally. i was being romantic. you know what i find romantic? a robust annual percentage yield that's what i find romantic. this is literally throwing your money away. i think it's over there. that way? yeah, a little further up.
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