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tv   New Day  CNN  November 14, 2016 3:00am-4:01am PST

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to you. in the meantime, donald trump is sitting down for the first interview as president-elect with "60 minutes" discussing the top priorities appearing to actually soften on some of the big promises he made on the phil mattingly in washington. good morning, phil. >> we hear it repeatedly. personnel is policy. as republicans and democrats try to mean what a trump presidency will mean. they're pointing to his first hi hires. those will tell the story. we got a bit of an indicator of what that trump presidency will look like. on the other, a major increase in those concerns. president-elect donald trump's administration starting to take shape. trump naming rnc chairman reince priebus as his chief of staff and campaign ceo steve bannon as
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chief strategist and senior counselor. rivalry between his two top aides. priebus the intumlt washingttim washington insider. and bannon a man who operated on the executive fringe on brei and containing close ties for the movement. bannon's appointment drawing sharp condemination. saying in a statement, "it is easy to see why the kkk views trump as their champion when trump appoints one of the foremost peddlers." the executive director on the counsel of islamic relations says the appointment of bannon sends the disturbing message that the anti-muslim conspiracy
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theories and white nationalest ideology will be welcome in the white house. as thousand s across the countr protest against trump for the fifth straight day, trump addressing his supporters who have harassed minorities in his first tv interview. >> i will say it right to the cameras. stop it. >> reporter: trump also appearing to -- >> they're talk about a fence in the republican congress. would you accept a fence? >> certain areas of the wall is more appropriate. i'm very good at this. called construction. >> reporter: addressing his supreme court appointees. calling same-sex marriage a settled issue taking a hard stance against national abortion rights. >> having to do with abortion if
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it ever were overturned, it would go back to the states. so, it would go back to the states. >> reporter: some women won't be able to get an abortion. it will go back -- >> perhaps have to go to another state. >> and, chris, as we kind of watched donald trump in the wake of that election victory, we started to see some shifts in his proposal. some of his key proposals from the campaign trail. one of those, will he appoint or at least ask to appoint a special prosecutor to look into hillary clinton? he was asked about that last night and he said, i don't know yet. he doesn't want to hurt the clintons. i can tell you inside the campaign and transition apparatus, a lot of talk right now that this simply would not be a good idea. donald trump himself saying over and over again, he wants to bring the xunt together. this would have the exact opposite effect. still, at least at this point, chris, donald trump not willing to do away with that campaign fledge. let's bring in our cnn political correspondent dana bash and political anchor for time warner news errol louis and
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"new york times" national political reporter alex burns. errol, reince priebus is the easy part of the story. rnc chair and they were sideways during the primaries and he came over and started helping trump and he gets his position. that's fine. the story is bannon. bannon is not a journalist. he's not a political operative. he is not conventional in any way. he runs an attack site for the alt right. >> it's not about steve bannon himself, although that is somebody who will get more press attention. i don't know if it will be favorable to him but what breitbart has represented. describing his own organization. those are his words. not people putting something on him. what is the alt right? you start to look at it and you start to look at what it has meant and where it is going and what the people themselves say. the members of the alt right or the activists in the alt right.
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what they, themselves, say they are doing. it is very disturbing. for the southern poverty law center and for others to say this is unacceptable, nobody voted for this. this is not about trade policy and getting more jobs in the industrial midwest. this is about something entirely different. and, you know, look, we see the attacks, the swastikas or the alleged attacks and some of those will turn out to be hoaxes. this is a movement that has already surprised a lot of people. it bears keeping a very, very close eye on it, not just by the press, but by everybody. >> not the law center and the anti-defamation league but also a number of conservatives. ana navarro tweeting and john weaver coming out and condemning this. dana, i just wonder what you think it does within the party. you said to me last night on the show that priebus and bannon get
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along. in 2010 he also in a leaked e-mail not long ago said i want paul ryan out by the spring. >> that's right. now he has to work with him. >> no question. i think that people who didn't realize that steve bannon was going to be an enteintegral par the white house weren't paying attention to the campaign in the last three months. he was by donald trump's side. not just as ceo but traveling with him, particularly in the last month or so. he was as kellyanne conway called him, their general. he was working very closely with reince priebus the rnc chair during the campaign. and my understanding is that donald trump wanted to re-create that and take that team to the white house because it worked well for him. he won the presidency. but the fact that bannon is there, baggage and all should not be a surprise.
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>> this isn't baggage. i have baggage, you have baggage. >> speak for yourself, chris. >> that's true. you are actually pretty clean. this is baggage, though. this guy is what he is. the headlines -- >> put them up. >> the headlines from talking about bill kristol and also talking about birth control makes women unattractive and crazy. also political correctness protects muslim rape culture. those are just some of them. >> now, the question becomes this. he is what he is. let's see, bannon wants to lie about what he is. that's his choice. we'll see how he presents himself. donald trump deserves a chance as president of the united states. why? because he won. but that chance is conditional. it's conditional on him assua assuaging the fears of people who feel like they're going to be marginalized or targeted.
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convince somebody who is concerned as a gay american or an african-american that it will be okay or jewish american. >> i think it's tough to do, chris. i think that one of the important dynamices to watch just viewing how the country responds. i spoke to i don't know how many voters during the campaign who said they like trump. they wish he would tone it down a little bit. but they didn't believe that he really meant a lot of the stuff that he was saying and some of the attacks that hillary clinton was making tying trump to the alt right movement and tying him to some of the extreme racial views of folks associated with breitbart. this is a very direct link and it is tough for trump to move on the way he did during the campaign because no other candidate for him to redirect attention to. >> dana, if it is donald trump in the oval office and reince priebus and steve bannon, who does he trust more?
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>> that's the trouble with this power struggle. the two of them, reince priebus and steve bannon, for the most part, kind of come together on big issues and surprisingly, i was told, that despite the fact that steve bannon had a mission to take down the house speaker who happens to be one of reince priebus' best friends during the campaign, he saw that he had his eye on the big prize, which is the presidency. >> he didn't go after paul ryan. >> and steve bannon would say to donald trump, tone it down. i know you're mad at these republicans criticizing you. however, as you said so well, alex. that was them capain, this is governing. so, not a clear answer to your question, poppy. who will have the final answer? or, frankly, if it will just be the last person in the room with the president. >> all right, guys, stay with us. because we're going to talk about those positions, as chris was saying. we heard one thing on the campaign trail.
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we heard a lot different, frankly, in this interview with "60 minutes." repeal and replace obama care. those were his rallying cries on the trail. what he's saying about them now as president-elect. we'll discuss, straight ahead. d is america's best-selling brand. ♪i'm on top of the world, hey! with the most 5-star ratings... award-winning value... and the highest owner loyalty... giving drivers what matters most. that's how you become america's best-selling brand. during the ford year end event get an extra thousand dollars black friday bonus cash on top of all other great offers. it's an amazing time to visit your ford dealer. youthat's why you drink ensure. sidelined. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you.
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president-elect donald trump talked policy in his interview with "60 minutes." he did soften on his stance and key campaign promises like immigration, build a wall and let's discuss with our panel dana bash, errol louis. so many times he said deportation force, deportation force. let's take a listen. >> on day one, i'm going to begin swiftly removing criminal, illegal immigrants from this country. what we are going to do is get the people that are criminal and have crimnfl records, gang members, drug dealers, we're going to have a lot of these people, probably 2 million, could be 3 million and we're getting them out of our country or we're going to incarcerate. after the border is secured and after everything gets normalized, we'll make a
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determination on the people that you're talking about. who are terrific people. they're terrific people. but we're going to make a determination. but before we make that determination, leslie, it's very important that we want to secure our border. >> dana, he also said paul ryan also said when pressed by jake tapper yesterday morning, deportation force is not what we're talking about right now. >> to be fair as kellyanne conway and the third campaign team came on towards the end of the campaign, they tried to soften that language and even policy. but, the reality is that the people in this country who do have fear, some of them who are marching in the streets, they didn't hear that. they are still worried that their friends, their neighbors and their family members if they are here illegally and not criminals are going to be kicked out of the country. to hear president-elect trump say that is important. the fact that he is still saying
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that criminals should be kicked out and so forth, that is what republicans and, frankly, democrats at some point have been saying for some time. the question is, how do you do it? we still don't know the answer. >> look, donald trump said to me, we're going to get a force and put them together and go out and do it and then they backed off. but this is politics, errol. this is what you do. you get one group of people who want one thing and figure out a way to move off it to get something else. >> we're headed away from the politics of a campaign and the politics of governing is quite different. so, even, let's be clear, even this slim down version of only 2 million people or 3 million, according to what he says, the estimated cost to remove somebody, something like 10,000 per person. we're talking about $20 billion or 30 billion. this is not something he will do on his own. >> if you talk to democrats about this. hillary clinton or any of the main party people or elected.
3:17 am
if you're here illegally, the law says you have to go. only one slice even of the left that says, i don't care if you're here illegally, you should stay anyway. this is not controversial. >> nobody wanted the current situation. and he has campaigned as if democrats somehow wanted this to happen. the reality is even under almost any scenario, you have a bear minimum of a half million people who are supposed to be slated for removal and who just kind of vanish into the country. how you find them short of deportation force of some kind. it's not a small task and not a cheap task and not going to be quick and not going to be easy. they can call it whatever they want. the reality is if you're talking about a change in policy, some version of that promise. >> donald trump also ran on saying he knows more about defeating isis than the generals. he said that more than once. he was asked about it in the "60 minutes" interview last night because as commander in chief,
3:18 am
this is on him now. let's listen. >> you have said that you're going to destroy isis. now, how are you going to destroy isis? >> i don't tell you that. i don't tell you that. i don't want to tell them anything. i don't want to tell anybody anything. they're great generals, we have great generals. >> you said you knew more than the generals about isis. >> well, i'll be honest with you, i probably do. look at the job they've done. >> he need the generals in his corner. so, he says in one breath, we have great generals but i still know more than them when it comes to defeating isis. >> one more way, poppy, that trump has hemmed in to implement policy. if you talk to anyone from the obama administration and bush administration and go back to any administration you want one of the biggest challenges any president has is taking the federal bureaucracy the civil service on one hand and the uniforms and ornianting them
3:19 am
towards the policy you want to implement. trump gets to campaign and sign a document and suddenly the federal government turns over. not the way it works. when you're out there openly antagonizing the people who would be implementing your policies, it doesn't make it easier to bring about the top to bottom change that trump has promised. >> what happened here? was this a mental hiccup? you know, you scared one group of people, but that was okay because you got these people who are angry about immigration on your side. they're not going to leave you. nothing close to you that that base can find. they'll be okay even if you soften. going after hillary clinton, you know, you softened on that. why? same exact reason. but on this you're disrespecting the group that everybody respects. and, you're materially wrong about the situation going on in the war. mosul is not a disaster by anyone's estimate. why? why doesn't he do on what he did on the other issues here? why double down? >> i wish i could answer the question. i don't know except for the fact
3:20 am
that on the military issues, on, you know, starting back from the fact that he said he was against the war in iraq. we won't relitigate that. but he believes looking in very far from the outside in, not the inside out that there's something that they're not doing. but these are experts in battle and experts, obviously, now after having been there for more than a decade in the region. and what they had suggested during the campaign and i remember there was a time that he said the military had been reduced to rubble and i interviewed mike pence afterward and he was trying to clarify. no, what mr. trump meant it was the president who reduced them to rebel. you know, it was the commander in chief and it was his problem. that's not what he said in that "60 minutes" interview. >> you think it people still
3:21 am
hating industrial complex and it's part of the system and you have to go after it. do you think that could explain it? >> all i know as commander in chief when he comes in and he has that first meeting with the generals and am military brass and he is, you know, going to be confront would the reality of what they know and what they have done, maybe we'll hear a different donald trump in the next interview after that. >> all right, thank you very much. we'll be speaking to you, again, painfully soon. the story behind the campaign. cnn's chronicle of the 2016 election as it happened. there's a stunning revelation in there that could have changed everything. we'll tell you what it is, ahead. every tv doctor knows scrubbing is serious business.
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need to be thorough.
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as you know by now, it was a race like no other. cnn politics there capturing every unexpected twist and turn of this wild election. compiling it all in its first
3:26 am
ever book entitled "unprecedented" inside a shocking scoop on the historic election, including a major revelation about donald trump early in the campaign. dana bash is here breaking the news this morning. chris christie, donald trump had a deal, basically, that no one really knows about until now. >> that's right. this is one of the more fascinating revelations in this book. and i should say it was reported by susan baer, who is one of the main reporters in this extraordinary book. and what her scoop is that in 2015, so, during the beginning of the campaign, that donald trump told chris christie that he didn't think he would make it past october. if that ended up coming to pass that he would end up endorsing chris christie. the two of them had been friend for quite some time. obviously, that didn't happen. you know, donald trump took off. was just somebody who was unstoppable and it was chris
3:27 am
christie who was left, you know, staying in new hampshire, campaigning very hard and really not getting anywhere. >> that would help explain why chris christie was the first of donald trump's first rivals to come out and back him. i remember that vividly. the news hadn't leaked at all and a joint press conference and chris christie is backing him. but now chris christie has been taken out of the top role and mike pence is in that and the bridgegate scandal hanging over him. what does the future hold for chris christie in a trump administration, if anything? >> no question that there is a cloud hanging over chris christie with the bridgegate scandal. two former aides were found guilty and still a question about him personally. there's an open question as to whether or not he is going to participate in the trump administration at all. whether or not they'll just kind of let the bridgegate issue play out. and then confront that.
3:28 am
chris christie is also somebody who has been in public life. he was guarantee, of course, finishing his second term. he was at the justice department before that and, so, you know, he also might want to stay out of the administration. might be mutual and go make a little money. >> not exactly great relations between him and jerry kushner, trump's son-in-law. dana, thank you for the reporting, again "unprecedented" more of the story behind the scenes as it happened along with never before seen photography and all the twists and turns order "unprecedented" at so, the democratic party is in a jam. they just lost a race they were expected to win. they were the party of the working class, but, so what are they going to do? we have someone at the center of the situation next. (man) hmm. what do you think?
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so now what for the
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democrats. the party conducted this autopsy and came up with a plan and donald trump blew it to smith reer evens and still became president. congressman, let's start with what we just heard from hillary clinton about part of the reason she believes the election didn't go her way. and it has a name. jim comey. many people believe that this is an excuse, not an explanation. that comey is not why she lost. she lost because she didn't energize her base, she didn't get them out to vote. she was a flawed candidate. people didn't really like her and even in a battle of personality attrition, donald trump was more popular with his base than she was and she lost. >> apparently about 2 million more popular votes than he did and she lost key states by a total of about 110,000 votes. at that margin, jim comey is putting his thumb on the scale may have very well cost her the
3:34 am
election, a lot of other factors, too. what jim comey did was so highly improper and wrong from the very beginning in july. for the head of a police agency to say we're indicting somebody because it's legitimate. we're not indicting someone is legitimate and then to give his opinion of illegal conduct. it was reckless, it was terrible, et cetera. he was putting his thumbs on the scales right then and unbelievable for a police agency about legal conduct and then to send that letter when he had nuthing to say violating the guidelines that you don't comment on an ongoing investigation. you don't intervene in an election may have cost her election. whether it did or not a political intervention by the police into the election. and the people in the fbi who were leaking to rudy giuliani
3:35 am
through former agents or not. the president order comey -- >> cannot just fire comey? >> for set cause. >> he is insulated for political payback like this. >> he violated all the guidelines and put his thumb on a scale of an election, whether it was decisive or not is a different question and prosecute the people in the fbi in new york who are deliberately trying to use the fbi to influence the election by leaking damaging information. >> that's why you think she lost because of jim comey? >> i said that may be why she lost. it certainly hurt whether it was the key factor or not. >> in the polls you had almost seven in ten people said they decided before september. >> that's three in ten didn't. >> and they say the biggest reason they voted, no matter what poll you look at is change. how does she win if change is the reason you're voting. >> she still has 2 million more
3:36 am
votes and, so, anything could have done it. my point is whether it was the -- whether, in fact, it was the decisive agent or not to have the police intervene in an election, which is what happened, is unbelievable. a threat to our democracy and it has to be stopped and the people who did that have to be investigated and maybe prosecuted. >> let's look going forward. >> comey should certainly be fired. >> interesting to see what happens. trump and giuliani have both been ambivalent about what happened and we'll see what happens. let's look forward now. you have a recent hire here. the big one is bannon. i know reince priebus got in position, too. he's not controversial, he's a party head. that's what happened. bannon is controversial by anybody's definition. what do you make of having a promoter of the alt right in the white house? >> not only bannon promoted the alt right and prejudice. the president is appointed to his transition, the president-elect is appointed to his transition team.
3:37 am
ken blackwell and chris kobash and what it means is that the -- trump appealed to the worst in america. he appealed to racism, he appealed to sexism. he appealed to homophobia and this cannot be normalized. we cannot proceed with him as if we just put that into the back. >> we have to oppose -- >> all of these kinds of things until he repudiates. >> what will the democratic party be going forward? the party of the middle class. the blue collar party and the republicans who were the elites. the white collar class. now, it seems to have been reversed. what are you going to do? >> the democratic party is the party that in congress has put forward programs to help working people. and the republicans have put forward programs and they're still doing it to hurt working people. but they talk about it much more
3:38 am
than we do. and the trade issue, which i think that bernie sanders is absolutely right on the trade issue. i voted against all these things over the years. dominated -- >> would you agree with trump because trump was in the same place as bernie sanders? >> there are some differences, but, yes, i opposed nafta and the more recent trade deals and i voted against all of them. they have also been used in this election to say to working class people that the democrats, most of whom voted against these things was carried by republicans even though our president supported them. only 28 democrats voted for the trade promotion authority last summer. but this has been used to say to the working class that the democrats are opposed to the working class. that we're in favor of sending jobs out of the country. nothing trump imposed will bring those jobs back. >> last question. who do you think should be the head of your party?
3:39 am
>> i don't know. i think it's very important that it's someone who can do the job of rebuilding the party from the grassroots. >> would you give me a name? >> no, i'm not giving you a name. i barely started thinking about it. >> jerry, good to have you, as always. >> popular question for sure, guys. coming up, you were probably watching it "saturday night live." all eyes on "snl's" first post-election take start would this surprise and continued on. we'll talk to the media experts about it ahead. ♪ hey dad! ♪ wishes do come true. the lincoln wish list sales event is on. get exceptional offers on the lincoln family of luxury vehicles. sign and drive off in a new 2017 lincoln mkc with zero down and a complimentary first month's payment.
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cowboys now winner of eight straight games in a row after taking down the pittsburgh steelers in a really tight game. speaking of the steelers, joining us now one of the greatest they ever had in their ranks hines ward has this morning's "bleacher report." your friend number 84 did his job. >> yes, he did. this one hurts me to the core because it was hands down the game of the week and possibly of the year for the pittsburgh steelers and cowboys.
3:44 am
cowboys rookie quarterback prescott went tea to toe with ben roth l roth l rothilo rothlisburger and dallas wasn't done. takes the handoff with 15 seconds left and run straight ahead untouched for the game winner. seven lead changes in this game. the cowboys would win, beat up on my steelers 35-30. now saturday was a crazy day in college football. three of the top four teams in the playoff ranks had lost. clemson, michigan, washington, all going down. number one ranked alabama is the only team to stay undefeated. now, the playoff ranking poll came out tuesday night. anybody's guess who will be in the top four now. it was a soldout crowd at
3:45 am
madison square garden demi novato all came out to see the crafty, charismatic featherweight champion conner mcgregor who was looking to make history. he knocks down eddie making conor the first ufc fighter to hold two belts in two different weight classes at the same time. conor mcgregor, you're a bad, bad man. >> you summed it up well, my friend. >> this is all chris wants to talk about all morning, just by the way. we have tamoo move up. you saw it saturday night dave chappelle delivering a powerful message. our media experts weigh in, next.
3:46 am
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a decade after walking away from his groundbreaking show, dave chappelle took center stage saturday night for "snl" following donald trump's victory he delivered a powerful monologue about his visit to the
3:50 am
white house for a party you probably heard it. if you didn't, listen. >> at the end of the night everyone went into the west wing of the white house and there was a huge party. and everybody in there was black except for bradley cooper for some reason. and on the walls were pictures of all the presidents of the past. now, i'm not sure if this is true, but to my knowledge, the first black person that was officially invited to the white house was frederick douglas. they stopped him at the gates, abraham lincoln had to walk out himself and escort frederick douglas into the white house. and it didn't happen again, as far as i know, until roosevelt was president. when roosevelt was president he had a black guy over and got so much flack from the media that
3:51 am
hesi he said and i looked at all those faces and bradley and i saw and i saw how happy everybody was. these people who had been historically disenfranchised and it made me feel hopeful and it made me feel proud to be an american and it made me very happy about the prospects of our country. so, in that spirit, i'm wishing donald trump luck. and i'm going to give him a chance and we, the historically disenfranchised demand that he give us one, too. >> strong. >> yeah. let's discuss with our guests. cnn senior media correspondent brian stelter and politics editor for and professor of political science at morgan state university, jason johnson. gentlemen, thank you for being with me. brian, two big surprises. obviously, i think we all just sat back and watched and thought for a long time after we heard
3:52 am
what dave chappelle said and we saw the opening kate mackinnon singing "hallelujah." your thoughts on chappelle's story. >> no alec baldwin. the cast, the crew the writers of "snl" wanted to be very serious on this first episode after election day. but partly what i think we were seeing was the role of comedy and art in a trump administration. oftentimes you have a conservative administration, you see liberal artists step up to the plate and fry to be representati representatives. i think we started to see that on "snl" on saturday. >> chappelle wasn't being funny and threw a couple comedic lines just to keep people from being too uncomfortable. but he wasn't there to be funny. the comics make a joke of
3:53 am
everything and mock everything and chappelle seemed to have a very different agenda. did he hit his mark? >> i think he hit his mark. i think dave chappelle made the clear point that donald trump is president, we'll see what happens. chris, i have to be honest with you. within 24 hours after dave chappelle said let's give him a chance he said his senior adviser is going to be steve bann bannon. this idea, hey, let's give a chance and we'll make fun of him like previous positions. favored terrorist groups and dave chappelle tried and donald trump disappointed everybody. >> the tone he took was a conciliatory tone, like, frankly, what we heard from hillary clinton and president obama. give this president a chance. would he have done that if the
3:54 am
bannon announcement come 24 hours prior? as you noted that top, no alec baldwin and no impersonation of trump at all. why? >> i think folks are struggling what this means to give someone a chance. goodi good a new president a chance. what do we do now? he was more vulgar than that. what you hear are these comedians and these artists and kind of thought leaders in hollywood for a lack of a better term struggling with what to do. what to make of this president and the latest example, this is not your ord oinary republican administration. it seems to me comedians or writers like everybody else struggling. what do we do with that? >> you've got a new word to deal with in media. normalizing. false equivalency and false narrative and now you have normalizing. you know, normalizing, obviously, means making something seem usual when it is unusual. i think what chappelle talked on and the professor was touching
3:55 am
on a chance is conditional. when you get another chance, you're promising to do something different or better. brian, to the professor's point. trump has not responded to the chance by addressing the people who are angry at him in a meaningful way. by putting people around him who would assuage those fears and bannon is a dark arts guy and breitbart is not a normal media outlet and a hateful outlet very often. that's the truth. people don't want to say it because they don't want the scrutiny. but is the chance conditional for trump and is he meeting the conditions? >> so far, no, not meeting the conditions. you think about the first few days of a president-elect administration. every day he has opportunities to set the tone and change the tone. i thought it was striking that in the cbs interview trump said as of friday he had not really heard about these incidents of hate and harassment across the country. cbs withheld that clip for two
3:56 am
days. by the time it aired on sunday -- >> the man who monitors the media constantly said he hadn't heard of any of these reports. >> i have a hard time with that. something i wondered all year long. what are trump's sources of information? that's what a lot of this comes down to. if he's only receiving information from breitbart then, yes, he's not going to understand what is going on in the country and how the country is reacting right now. >> jason, to you and about media and what donald trump reads or doesn't read. he doesn't like "the new york times" and after telling "60 minutes" that he was going to be restrained when he used social media as president-elect and president. he tweeted three negative tweets about "the new york times" saying they're losing thousands of subscribers because of their very poor and inaccurate coverage of the trump phenomenon. how do yo yo does he address th
3:57 am
the next four years, at least. >> yeah, poppy, this is problem m matic on two levels. runs fake websites for people of color and jewish people. we know what kind of media he follows. secondarily, he is attacking and bullying members of the press. right now he's talking about "the new york times" because he is unhappy. what happens when he comes after an individual anchor or tweets a particular reporter? >> he's done that. he's called out katy tur repeatedly. >> what does it mean when he has the power of the presidency behind him? >> and his supporters who he never demonstrated any propensity to refrain. a physically dangerous time for people who want to engage in reporting and a dangerous time for media, as well. there has to be a concerted pushback on this kind of behavior on the part of the president of the united states. >> the voters decided that was okay with them.
3:58 am
we're out of time. what is your take? we want to hear it. post your comment on a lot of news this morning. the president-elect has decided who will be around him. what does that mean for you? let's get to it. >> i think my strongest asset is my temper. >> causing controversy. >> bannon created a home for white supremacy and white nationalism. >> i hate it that people feel this way. they should not. >> don't be afraid. certainly don't be afraid. there are going to be substantial deportation. 2 million, it could be 3 million. we're getting them out of our country. certain areas of the wall is more appropriate. >> i will say this and i'll say it right to the camera. stop it. this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota. good morning, welcome to
3:59 am
your "new day." alisyn is off and poppy is here. thank you for joining us. >> my pleasure. donald trump's face to the world. the top political advisors and the people dealing with the media and the other elected down there to create change in this country. reince priebus is in there as the chief of staff and then comes the real story. steve bannon. he is a promoter of the alt right. he has just been named a white house top strategist. >> yep. and in donald trump's announcement he said the two men will be equals. also donald trump in his first interview since becoming president-elect speaking with "60 minutes" about his top priorities and softening his stance on some of those key campaign promises like the wall and repealing and replacing obama care. we have complete coverage. let's start first with phil mattingly in washington. good morning, phil. >> good morning, poppy. every transition process and, obviously, a lot of eyes on the hires. it's reading the tea leaves. who is running which agency over
4:00 am
which agency. who will have more power in the white house. people try to get around his candidacy and his victory, but also the white house he is going to run. getting a good hint with two hires yesterday. one, assuaging a lot of the concerns how he will deal with main stream republicans and the other only serving to raise alarm bells. president-elect donald trump's administration starting to take shape. trump naming rnc chairman, reince priebus, as his chief of staff. and campaign ceo steve bannon as his chief strategist and senior counselor, creating two dueling power centers and a rivalry between his two top aides. priebus with deep connections to gop leaders. bannon the polar opposite. a man who has operated on the republican fringe as executive chairman of riling up the grassroots while


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