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tv   At This Hour With Berman and Bolduan  CNN  November 15, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PST

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hello, everyone, i'm kate bolduan. >> and i'm john berman. all eyes on trump tower this morning maybe for white smoke signaling maybe we have a secretary of state or secretary of defense or an attorney general. you'll get a live picture right now from trump tower. we are expecting president-elect donald trump to announce key cabinet selections soon, maybe even today. vice president-elect mike pence, he's expected to arrive at trump turn shortly. he is now leading that transition process. a process now described as a cluster mess, but with different words. an insider describes a knife fight over key appointments and others call it buffoonery. >> trump's new chief of staff,
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reince priebus, and trump's chief strategist, steve bannon, closely linked to the ultraconservative so-called alt right movement. then his son-in-law jared kushner. a key question is how much are these men working together versus butting heads over all these appointments and the big decisions to make. let's go to cnn's sunderlin serfaty. >> certainly has not been smooth sailing. mike pence, expected to show up at trump tower, certainly arriving at a time where there has been a lot of reports and anecdotes infighting throughout the team about who is going to get some top spots. one of the most buzzed about spots is secretary of state where we know on the short list rudy giuliani, also former u.n. ambassador john bolton, and giuliani really has been almost lobbying and campaigning for this job. he was at an event last night. he said, look, many times i will
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really like this job, and talked about how he thinks his foreign policy vision really aligns with donald trump. john bolton also out, talking about his chances for the job earlier this morning. >> it's been an honor to serve the country. it will be an honor to serve the country again. ultimately, this is the president-elect's decision. i don't think it's appropriate to talk about it in public. in god's good time, he'll make up his mind and then we'll all move on. >> have you talked to him about it, sir? >> i have not. >> now, there has already been a flurry of activity outside trump tower this morning. a short time ago, alabama senator jeff sessions arrived. he of course being on the short list for not only secretary of defense but also attorney general as well. it was interesting, he was just peppered with questions by reporter standing out there. will you consider any of these top jobs. you know, john and kate, he would not engage at all about what his potential future is, although he said good things are
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happening all around about the transition at large. >> good things are happening all around. all right. we just did get some news while you were doing a report about someone who will not be in the cabinet. dr. ben carson, a key adviser to donald trump after he was an opponent of donald trump in the primaries apparently now saying he does not want a cabinet position. this comes from armstrong williams, his close associate. people had suggested maybe ben carson could end up as secretary of hhs. >> or maybe the department of education. then he turned it down, telling malia henderson he's never run an agency and it's a lot to ask. so that is the very latest. there you go. >> there you go. >> that is the very latest with the president-elect. the current president has just kicked off his final foreign trip of his presidency. right now, he's in greece where he and the prime minister there just spoke with reporters. >> cnn white house correspondent michelle kosinski traveling with the president. he joins us with, again, the president keeps filling in more of his feelings and election a
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election every time he speaks. >> considering the first time we heard from him extensively after the election was just yesterday. so yesterday it was interesting to see his tone be optimistic and wanting to give donald trump a chance even though he didn't agree with him on so many things. based on the questions that he was asked, he was much more critical. the president was asked point blank, do you feel like you in some ways contributed to the environment that led to the kind of election that we had. and that led to donald trump being elected. he did understand that there was the feeling of anger and dissatisfaction out there. listen to how he portrayed it. >> first of all, we have to
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fight back from the worst of the recession since the great depression. if your housing values have crashed and you lost most of your pension, you're going to be pretty angry. he fought back and recovered but that left i think fear and anxiety in a lot of people. on wall street or by special interests in washington or what have you. >> we saw him being critical of the rhetoric. said it played into people's fears. but he was also critical of voters at some point. talking about how people don't always know exactly what they want but they want to shake things up. he seemed to be saying that
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that's what many people were doing, just trying to sort of blow up the establishment. and go for something else not quite knowing the outcome. the president used this opportunity to set up a contrast. saying he knew the anger was out there. he believes the best way to handle that is to aggressively address it in ways that are going to be effective. talking about his policies. contrasting it with an ideology that leads to deeper divisions in america. so this wasn't him saying let's give donald trump a chance. even though he still feels that way. i mean, that's the kind of reassurance he wants to put out there as he's meeting with world leaders who he said, remember, they were rattled by the prospect of a trump presidency. this is shim talkhim talking ab
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was at the core of this and still having some real disagreements with how it happened and what the outcome can be. >> michelle kosinski for us in athens. we got word the vice president-elect mike pence is due any minute to trump tower. let's bring in our panel. while we wait. dana bash is cnn's cheech splie political correspondent. alice conick is former director for marco rubio's presidential campaign. and washington post opinion writer dana milbank who wrote a fascinating column about president obama and what he is saying right now whenever he speaks. let's start with the transition which we're in the midst of. dana bash, how would you describe what's happening in trump tower now? >> somebody described it as "game of thrones." i don't watch it but i don't think that was a compliment. >> clearly is not.
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>> okay, but having said that, you've covered transitions before, you know, we all have, this is what happens. people feel that they've earned the right to plum positions and they fight for it. so i think a lot of that is pretty typical. what is not typical is that -- i think it's very fair to say that most people in the trump team starting with the president elect himself didn't actually think a week after election day he would be the president-elect. he would be going back on his merry way to run the trump organization and others would do their own thing as well. so i think that's a big reason why. the fact that mike pence is now running the transition is very telling. first and foremost, he has a job, so he's not jockeying for one. and also because he does have experience in government, relationships with people, and he -- to the point where it's not just about helping to choose somebody, it's also about having the relationships to bounce
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ideas off of trusted republicans, both in and out of government. >> a lot of people -- there's a lot of kind of read between the lines and read between the leaks that are coming out, alex. when you see chris christie, mike pence moved in, chris christie pushed out. the latest we're hearing is mike rogers, close to chris christie, an establishment guy, if you will, he's being pushed out. does that indicate to you the direction that donald trump, mike pence, his transition is leaning away from establishment republicans when they're looking to make these decisions? >> i think what it indicates to us is he is leaning towards sort of continuing the management style he's had along. which is centralizing decisionmaking around the president-elect himself and his family. and people who he's sort of personally intimately close to. that, you know, i was talking to someone last week who said even before the election members trump's family were putting out word that the real transition starts on november 9th. whatever those folks are doing in washington right now.
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that's pretty unusual. that is a way in which this is really different from a normal transition. it's true they didn't expect to win but usually you have some kind of snap operation in place so you can start filling out the bureaucracy really fast. right now you talk to republicans in washington and this is really more even than the establishment versus grassroots tension. the big concern for a lot of people in the main street party who are just sort of more intimately committed to government, their concern is, are we going to spend the next two years just staffing up and if you do, if you spend all this time just hiring people with internal fights and confirmation battles, when do you actually get to governing? >> i'm not sure there will be confirmation battles based on the gushing praise you're getting from republicans on capitol hill. >> logical lyles, right, but when you see the way the transition works right now, how many of these people have been vetted? how long will that take? are we confident you'll have a 100% scrub and no surprises? even the obama administration was surprised by some of the
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things they found out about the nominee. >> one of the names being mentioned right now for a big job is rudy giuliani as potentially secretary of state. he wallace at it with "the wall street journal." the reason people are talking about it. let's just listen to that quickly. >> first of all, you want be a attorney general. i can escape that one. >> i should ask jeff sessions that question, should i? >> it wouldn't be a bad idea but i don't know who's going to be attorney general. >> i guess you can applaud the frankness of the discussion there. talk to me about giuliani. the former mayor of new york cty. someone who stuck very close to donald trump during this general election, even when many others did not. mayor giuliani is a guy who used to be close to a lot of establishment figures in the party. >> absolutely right. donald trump is unique in that
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he comes to washington, d.c. with an immense amount of political capital. he doesn't owe his election to anybody but the american people. and as a result, the few people who were early supporters of him like jeff sessions, like rudy giuliani, like priebus and steve bannon, are going to have a lot of influence in this administration. as they should. i mean, people who have proved their loyalty, who donald trump trusts, those are the sort people we want him to surround himself with because they're the ones most invested in his success. i'm very encouraged by everything i've heard coming out of the new administration. there's always going to be some ups and downs. i remember eight years ago a lot of barack obama's nominees didn't get through. we all thought tom daschle was going to hhs secretary and he didn't make it. so far i'm very emboldened by everything i've heard coming out of the transition team. >> we're continuing to watch kind of an interesting shot. there you see on the right your screen. waiting to see mike pence. the vice president-elect.
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maybe we'll just give you a beautiful rainy day in new york city. regardless, we're keeping an eye on that. since alex mentioned barack obama, dana, i want to ask you about your column. you wrote a fascinating column here about basically wondering what is barack obama doing right now. you ask a very simple question. why is this man smiling? what is your issue, dana milbank? >> oh, there's so many issues. >> we only have one hour. >> it would take more than that. look, the president as well as hillary clinton was rejected in this election. more importantly, his legacy is in taters when you look at obamacare and what he's done for the country when you look forward to what's going to happen with the supreme court. so, you know, basically you have hatch the country celebrating that donald trump is about to undue everything that barack obama did in office.
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the other half of the country is sort of reeling about what's going on in hillary clinton's loss. and then you had him walk into the brady press briefing room yesterday saying aren't things dandy and what a bunch of fine achievements we had. yes, hillary didn't run a very good campaign. she didn't reach out to the way i did. it seemed to me this was a president saying, well, too bad for this, i'm going to try to stake the claims to my legacy now and hopefully history will judge me well. so, i mean, i think a lot of people were startles to the extent with which he has withheld his criticism president-elect trump and really tried to say, you know, he's a very successful and capable man and let's get behind our new president. >> he actually, you know, he says it's not a rejection of him. that's his feeling. he noted today once again in greece that his approval ratings are very, very good. he things the american people didn't turn their back on him.
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it will be interesting to see if that changes i suppose after inauguration when he feels perhaps more free to speak his mind. i do want to talk about a tweet that came over a little while ago from elliott cohen, right, who works in the state department for condoleezza rice and was a never trumper for a long time. let's establish that. but then last week basically wrote a column saying republicans should go work for donald trump as long as they go with open eyes. now he says don't do it. me tweeted today, after exchange we trump transition team, changed my recommendation, stay away, they're angry, air gant, screaming, you lost. will be ugly. first of all, you know, this guy's got a lot of gripes with the trump team. so take it with a grain of salt, dana bash, but still, if the trump team isn't reaching across to never trumpers or people who had reservations, that leaves a huge number of republicans sort of in the wilderness. >> especially in the national
8:16 am
security and foreign policy world. i think that was the biggest most vast area of opposition to donald trump, that continued, that didn't waver, even after he became the nominee. there was letter after letter, the people we covered in the bush administration especially, obviously that was the last republican administration, that was filled with national security types. saying no way. and they were early in their opposition and they were strong in their opposition. now, having said that, donald trump has, if you believe everything he's done in the campaign trail, a very different world view than george w. bush did. in theory, he wouldn't want to have the people who works with george b. bu george w. bush with him because he wants to have a different aporch to not only the adversaries out there around the world but allies. >> cane add to that? >> go ahead. >> i know reince real well.
8:17 am
i know key members of pence's transition team. so far, their very open to input. i think paul ryan's statement, he was very excited about donald trump because donald trump's in close contact with house and senate leadership about getting -- moving the agenda forward. so i don't know what elliott cohen's tweet was references. but i can just tell you that is not the experience most republicans including myself are having with the trump/pence team as they get ready to take over the white house. >> do you think what he might be tapping into is something we're hearing towards the end of the campaign, which is -- and you've heard it from donald trump and people close to him. loyalty above all else? loyalty matters to him. maybe what they're sensing is get to the back of the line because you weren't with us and that's what we've got to deal with now? >> what i've heard from folks at least around the transition, right, is that there is a willingness to work with people who were not necessarily trump cheerleaders all along but there
8:18 am
is a group of national security folks, particularly people like cohen who signs that letter over the summer saying he's too dangerous, unfit to be president. they're not particularly interested in working with. just as a political matter, as a legislative matter, trump absolutely has to work with people who were fundamentally against him because they are the balance of power in the senate. the 52 seats republicans control include a whole bunch of people who were absolutely under no circumstances never donald trump. >> right, but the sense i've getting now is they only want to talk about areas where they could work with donald trump. >> paul ryan and, dana milbank, paul ryan literally said i'm going to work to make donald trump the best great et preside greatest president our lifetime. a month and a half ago, would not appear on judge with donald trump. >> that's true, but this is exactly what paul ryan should be doing. all republicans and all democrats should be applauding that. mike pence should be doing the same thing as well.
8:19 am
i mean, just as there was an argument for discouraging people from going into the trump or getting involved with trump during the campaign, the opposite is true now. all of the bet minds in the country should be behind making donald trump a success. because if he fails, well, the country fails as well. what you see happening here is, yes, he's bringing all of his loyalists in. but they're different types of loyalists. reince priebus is diametrically opposed to what steve bannon is about. not only conflict in the transition. he's setting the stage for this conflict throughout his administration. between business as usual and the alt right which could be a really incendiary, even if they all have donald trump's interests so far. >> while you probably did not mean to, you offered the counterargument to your entire column. why is this man smiling? because he wants the republic to endure. that's why barack obama is --
8:20 am
>> we all want the republic to endure. i think mostly what president obama's about is having his legacy endure. which may be good in the long run but not very helpful in this moment. >> i want to say i'm impressed both of you got dana and dana write the entire time. >> 100%. and two alexes. >> and two alexes. >> see, this is -- well, because we worked together long enough on the hill and enough people mispronounced it, dana, i know you get it right or -- >> you're looking at raw talent. >> all right, go ahead. >> coming up for us, a reflection on the election's outcome. did president obama throw shade at hillary clinton? the carefully crafted words. and what people are hearing and reading into them this morning. >> i'm going yes on that. plus, donald trump has said his kids will run his business, but there will be no conflict of interest. that's what he said. so why is he now asking if they can get top security clearance? we will discuss.
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you knmegared omega-3s... but did you know your eyes, your brain, and your joints really love them too? introducing megared advanced 4in1... just one softgel delivers mega support. all right, you're looking at live pictures right now. rainy fifth avenue outside trump tower. any minute now, expecting pence,
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vice president-elect trump, to arrive. we could get some cabinet selections as early as today. they already have keys to trump tower but could donald trump's kids get the keys to some of america's secrets? a source tells cnn the president-elect is considering trying to get three of his children and his son-in-law top secret security clearance. >> let's bring in our panel. the former homeland security official under president barack obama. guys, thank you so much for being here. josh, i'm seen when this reporting has been described, i've seen this would be an unprecedented move. if the kids would get security clearance. >> it would be completely unprecedented. it could be a conflict of interest potentially against the
8:26 am
law. we have a nepotism law. that means the president cannot hire direct family members to serve in the administration. if you're not a government employee, you have no need for a security clearance. we also have a potential conflict of interest here. >> if they weren't hired, if they were advised, unpaid close advisers, that would not violate nepotism rules, right? >> that's a legal dispute. most experts i talk to think it still would. regardless, it's a conflict of interest in the purest sense. you have trump's children running their businesses. if they have inside information on government actions and policies, they could use that to the advantages of those businesses. if they have access to the president and his decisionmaking, they would be able to influence government decisions to benefit those decisions. so only a complete separation of government and trump organization businesses could prevent. >> so juliette, what kind of secrets are we talking about? if they were to get this top secret clearance, what information would they be privy to?
8:27 am
>> all of it. once you have that clearance, it would just let you be in the room so to speak. you would be privy to information regarding sources and methods. but also information about potential policies. just to bring it down to how it could work. let's say there's a discussion going on about potential sanctions against country x and the trump organization has financial dealings in country x. the trump children will have both pieces of knowledge. we live in a country of laws of which you would hope that the governments or rules would apply also to the children. that's a kind of conflict that we're worried about. that the trump organization and the monetary benefits would
8:28 am
conclude that way. trump does not have a team for good or bad and they are very focused. i supported hillary clinton. my goal now is to support this nation and a smooth transition. i went through obama's transition. the trump organization needs to get over itself. it won. it needs to fill people who are experts in the safety and security of this nation so going to the children makes no sense in that regard either. >> we still have no idea how he's going to separate his business empire. >> we don't now how far along this request is. there hasn't been paperwork filed, you know, people close to the organization say it might not be likely. still interesting that it's being floated at this moment. >> thanks so much for being with us, really appreciate it. we've got some high drama on capitol hill today. paul ryan, will he keep his job? nancy pelosi, will she keep
8:29 am
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take you straight over to trump tower. we just saw vice president elect mike pence arriving at trump tower for the first big meeting, transition meeting, that he will be heading up since taking on this post as of friday. >> look at that notebook in his arms. >> a binder full of something. going up that elevator. who knows. >> i think of the escalator because i've been reminded there's an escalate they're
8:34 am
played some kind of role in this eelectric. mike pence going up that elevator, meeting with president-elect trump and the whole transition team. we could get some announcement on some pick early today. >> keeping an eye on trump tower. keeping an eye on capitol hill. today, house republicans voting for key leadership positions. paul ryan is expected to keep his job as speaker of the house. he spoke to reporters a short time ago. listen. >> this will be a focus in to turning trump's victory into progress for the american people. if we're going to put our country back on the right track, we've got to be bold and we have to go big. this country is expecting absolutely no less. >> fight for democrats on capitol hill this morning far, for different. not a lot of peace, not a lot of harmony, not a lot of answers. house democrats have now delayed voting for their leadership position. this is an interesting development. it's supposed to be a waiting period so they can die jecht the
8:35 am
results of this election. >> that's for sure. cnn's senior washington correspondent jeff zeleny. you've been getting word from inside the room. you've been waiting. what are you hearing? >> i'm in the basement of the capitol. house democrats were meeting for really a couple hours, talking about their way forward here. this is a big development, the fact that nancy pelosi is not going to be elect the as the leader this week, and she could have competition in the next 15 days when the leadership elections happen on november 30th. certainly a moment for democrats to discuss their way forward here. i've been talking to so many members. one thing is clear. they say it may be time for someone from a different part of the country, not from california, not from new york. one of the challenges here is no one has stepped forward with the strength of leader pelosi so right now she seems security. i caught up with the chairman of the congressional black caucus from north carolina. this is what he had to say about
8:36 am
the election and the way forward. let's listen. >> we just got a shellacking last tuesday. we have to decide how to go forward. it's just like death. there are different stages of grief. after defeat such as this, there are different stages we have to go through. we have to interpret the results. >> so those stages of grief clearly happening, playing out in real time here. as republicans are f s ars are r new government. speaker ryan is not expected to have a challenge to his position. not the same for democrats at all. we're keeping an eye on here to see if this is a change moment for this democratic party or if it's not. >> this being seen as' si a sig weakness for nancy pelosi? any other names being seen as a legitimate threat to her? >> it's one sign of weakness, the fact that she wanted this to be wrapped up this week, she wanted the leadership election to happen this thursday. now, that is not going to happen.
8:37 am
now, some people who are considering challenging her. tim ryan, the ohio congressman. i talked to him a few moments ago. he was out on the campaign trail so aggressively. he said look, it is time for the democratic party to have sort of more representation geographically here. so he is strongly running against her but he knows that is also a risky proposition. nancy pelosi has been in power for a long time in the house democratic leadership here. and frankly you're not going to run against her unless you have things lined up here. but keep an eye on tim ryan. a younger member. someone who represents what now is red state america. >> fascinating, jeff, thank you. outside that meeting, a lot more reporting of what's going on. as g.k. butterfield described it as the stages of grief that the democratic party is going through right now. >> maybe have a few more to go through. >> right now also we're keeping an eye on trump tower. vice president elect pence, he just arrived for the first big
8:38 am
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in my view, the democratic party has not been as strong as it should be. saying yeah, we're going to stand with the working people. i like hillary clinton. i knocked my brains out to get her elected. i think it is fair to say the working class of this country did not believe she was prepared to stand up and fight for them. >> that was senator bernie sanders there critical of
8:43 am
hillary clinton's campaign and the democratic party for their approach in winning over or not doing enough to win over working class voters in this election. sanders isn't aloneness criticism. you might be surprised at who agrees with him at least being critical of the democratic party, president obama expressing some concerns over the last 24 hours, not mentioning though, hillary clinton by name. >> cnn contributor john phillips. a kabc radio talk show host out in los angeles. also cnn political commentator angela rye, former executive director of the congressional black caucus. she supported hillary clinton in the general election. angela, what's going on inside your party right now? we just heard from capitol hill, a report up there, the house democrats have delayed their election for house leadership for a few weeks which could spell trouble for nancy pelosi and the word is maybe they want some geografic diversity. maybe not so much, you know, san francisco a little more heartland. >> well, let me answer the capitol hill portion of this
8:44 am
first. i think the democrats are not only on the hill but throughout the country have every right and should be focusing on what went wrong this election. we have to come to terms with the fact there's a large swath of our country, that our policies, our talking points, our messaging, was not speaking to. what's interesting to me about not only these particular optics but potential challengers. is this is the one woman left standing in house leadership, in house democrat leadership, and it will be interesting to see after this election where frankly the woman candidate won the popular vote with are they really going to take out the only woman in the house leadership? i think that's fascinating. i could be deemed a beltway insider. i could be too close to what happens in this bubble. i think that's not good optics.
8:45 am
that's not the direction we need to be going in as the big ten party. >> that's fascinating. a lot of discussions going on right now, angela. i want to get your interesting perspective on this. president obama speaking yesterday and today kind of talking -- you can't -- he's critical in so many words. he's critical of the democratic party. touting his legacy. especially yesterday, saying we have to compete everywhere, show up everywhere. what do you think of the role president obama right now? he said he's pragmatic, he's not an ideologue. he cares very much about the peaceful transition of power. >> i'll go ahead and give him a compliment here because i think he was shocked by the results. if you look at that initial picture of him and donald trump sitting at the white house. looked about as comfortable as
8:46 am
liza men ninnelli and david ges their wedding photos. the whole way through in the last days of the election, to being the president who wants to see the peaceful transition of power. let's go ahead and give him a chance. i think the advice he's giving democrats is good advice. it's also, by the way, advice that bill clint, former president bill clinton, was giving the campaign before election day and they treated him like he was some sort of pariah. he was saying, look, you've got to go into pennsylvania, western pennsylvania. they pretty much only campaigned in philadelphia. you've got to go into kentucky. you've got to go into these other states that bill clinton won when he ran in 1992 and 1996. and they just ignored him. they figured, you know what, we'll get the base out, we'll have huge turnout in the big cities, and that will be enough to swamp donald trump and provide 270-plus electoral
8:47 am
votes. just didn't work out. >> angela rye, one the things i've been thinking about since, you know, a week ago today basically is, you know, obama world and clinton world inside the democratic party, those are two different spheres that largely came together over the last several months in this election, but that doesn't mean they all get along. are you starting to see the beginnings of obama world pointing some serious fingers at clinton world, starting with the president, who basically said, hey, i want to iowa, i worked really hard. campaigns are about personalities and campaign strategy and, by the way, i won two. >> let me push back on that a little bit. i think starting right after the 2008 elections, you didn't see these worlds conflicting, you saw them colliding. i think in a positive way. from the moment when barack obama named hillary clinton as his secretary of state, you saw a lot of overlap, not only in clinton staffing at the state department, but also in the
8:48 am
white house. there are a number of people who are part of clinton world who became a part of obama world. so i think we need to be careful with that narrative. i also don't think the president is intending to jab hillary clinton in any way by saying, hey, you didn't go to as many places as i did. i think he's saying the reality of this is we needed to have a number of conversations that were far more incident in far more rule areas. even if cities that are, you know, population 51,000 to 100,000, you know, we needed to have some smaller more targeted conversations. i think the other thing he said that's getting a little bit less traction is it's hard to have, it's hard for people to hear, it's hard for you to share your message when people can't hear you. i think that's important because it wasn't that hillary clinton didn't have a platform. it wasn't that she didn't have an agenda that could speak to americans. it's that with all of the other background noise we talk about, the press has to cover, right, her opponent, we were talking
8:49 am
about garbage instead talking about the platforms of these candidates. that's the real challenge. >> angela rye, john phillips, thank you always for your insight and observations and keen wit. thank you both very much. appreciate it. all right. brand-new private conversations with hillary clinton as she tried to strike the right balance before the big debates with donald trump. how would she go about it? we have new insight into this planning. it's all part of a remarkable cnn book. stay with us. are you on medicare? do you have the coverage you need? open enrollment ends december 7th. don't put it off 'til later. now's the time to get on a path that could be right for you...
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sounds like a simple question. do you have your strategy? but the answer is complicated as you could ever imagine. this morning, new details emerging about how hillary clinton prepared for the three presidential debates. >> all part of an upcoming book. "unprecedented." how hillary clinton struggled in striking a balance ahead of the debates and in the debates. for more, political commentator hilary rosen.
8:54 am
longtime friend of hillary clinton's. in this book, fascinating revealing private conversations you had with hillary clinton. the question, do you have a strategy? that's your question. her answer, difficult. >> yeah. i, like a lot of people during this campaign, shared some behind-the-scenes with the reporters of this book knowing it wouldn't be published until after campaign. look, there were a couple of big moments during the campaign, and clearly, the debate between hillary clinton and donald trump was the most anticipated moment. he had really vanquished his republican colleagues in the primary debates, and people were wondering whether hillary was up to it, whether he would do the same to her and, i think by all accounts she really kicked his butt in that first debate. >> and had a lot of different considerations. she told you, going in? >> she did. she knew the moderators
8:55 am
announced a hands-off strategy on fact checking. so, hillary knows herself very well, and said, you know, people want me to be -- people want me to be likable and approachable but also want to see me as a tough commander in chief. i have to be, you know, deep in facts, because that's my contrast with him. oh, yeah, and i have to be his fact checker. a lot of things she needed to accomplish, and she did. that was a big moment. >> a lot of people thought she -- donald trump tweeted yesterday he thought he won the debates and that helped him to win. that, of course -- the debate over the debate continues. >> it happened in the last couple debates where it was a little more divided. i still think she won. i think i'm too traumatized to actually read the book but definitely ordered it. >> you can read it later. no demand you treed now. happy you took part. hilary, great to see you. the book we're talking about "unprecedented: the election that changed everything." you can find it in stores
8:56 am
december 6th. inside trump tower right now, trump and pence hunkering down getting ready to announce key cabinet selections maybe as early as today. just 66 days to have everything ready and in place before they get sworn in as all theirs. your insurance company raises your rates. maybe you should've done more research on them. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. and if you do have an accident, our claims centers are available to assist you 24/7. call for a free quote today. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance.
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hi there and welcome to "cnn newsroom." thank you so much for joining me. i'm brianna keilar. some of the decisions a new president makes comes weeks even months before they have the job. we begin in trump tower, manhattan. site of a high-stakes meeting. heading up the transition team, 66 days before sworn into office. donald trump and mike pence are said to be matching cabinet positions with candidates. a process


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