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tv   Situation Room With Wolf Blitzer  CNN  November 15, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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sciutto. that's it for "the lead." i'm jim sciutto in for jake tapper. i turn you over to the very capable hands of wolf blitzer. he is where you would expect him to be in "the situation room." happening now, transition turmoil. sources tell cnn that donald trump's transition team is like a knife fight after a key national security official gets pushed out. mike pence comes in with his own list of names, as the delays build up, is the transition already in trouble? can't stop the tweet. trump can't contain himself. taking to twitter to say he could have won the popular vote if he had tried, and praising the electoral college, which he once called a disaster. seats at the table. trump's grown children and son-in-law heavily involved with the campaign and now in the transition. will they get top secret security clearances even though
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they're already involved in his business empire? threatened by trump. shocking new revelations a megyn kelly in her own words describes how trump tried to bully her before the first presidential debate. i am wolf blitzer. you are in "the situation room." we're following new developments in the donald trump messy transition operation. vice president-elect mike pence arrived at trump tower to take charge and stop what multiple sources describe as infighting over top jobs in the new administration. today trump received his first daily national briefing. the president-elect resumed tweeting today calling the electoral college a work of genius and boasting he could have won the popular vote if he had campaigned in california and new york. nationwide, trump is almost a million votes behind hillary clinton right now. we're also following journalist
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megyn kelly's new allegations of a donald trump vendetta against her. kelly now says trump threatened her only days before the first presidential debate. a lot to talk over with republican congressman ted yoho. he is standing by. our correspondents, analysts and guests will have full coverage of the day's top stories. beginning with our political reporter, sara murray in new york city. sara, what are you hearing? >> reporter: wolf, you certainly wouldn't expect the president-elect to have their entire cabinet filled out by now, but it's unusual to see all the different changes we're hearing about within donald trump's transition team, to see chris christie ousted and mike pence taking over. now to see some jostling among lower level staffers. it's clear that donald trump and mike pence want to sort things out and get them moving on a glide path today. they've been huddled in trump tower for the afternoon going over potential cabinet picks and trying to find a way forward from what you called a messy transition. tonight donald trump and his vp,
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mike pence, huddling at trump tower to bring some order is to a transition team already facing signs of disarray. sources involved in the transition telling cnn there are internal disagreements over some top-level cabinet positions. adding to the confusion, lingering questions about who is calling the shots. as newly named chief strategist steve bannon, chief of staff reince priebus, and trump's son-in-law jared kushner all weigh in on the transition process. as trump received his first presidential daily brief today, a national security roundup of threats and intelligence developments, he'll have one less experienced hand to turn to. former house intelligence committee chairman and cnn contributor mike rogers, who served as a national security advisor on trump's transition team, was ousted on monday. the ouster of mike rogers, the second major shakeup for the transition team after new jersey governor chris christie was demoted on friday. >> i want to give a very special thanks to our former mayor, rudy
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giuliani. unbelievable. >> reporter: one area of contention, secretary of state. sources say former new york mayor and close trump confidant rudy giuliani is a leading candidate for the job. but others are pushing for former u.n. ambassador john bolton. >> john would be a very good choice. >> is there anybody better? >> maybe me. i don't know. >> reporter: giuliani is hardly keeping his ambitions hidden but his international business ties like doing business with qatar and lobbying citgo could complicate his confirmation. jeff sessions is already under consideration for a high profile position such as secretary of defense or attorney general. >> i won't be attorney general. i won't have to decide that one, thank god. i can escape that one. >> i should ask jeff sessions that question, should i?
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>> wouldn't be a bad idea. >> reporter: he spent 13 years in the u.s. army reserves and was the first senator to endorse trump for president. >> at this time in americans' history, we need to make america great again. >> reporter: another name pence is looking to add to consideration for defense secretary, arkansas senator and u.s. army combat veteran tom cotton. today trump is also turning his eye to who should serve as treasury secretary. trump campaign finance chair and former goldman sachs banker steven steven ma chushen. he is still trolling his opponents on social media and tweeting about losing the popular vote. if the election were based on total popular vote, i would have campaigned in new york, florida and california and won even bigger and more easily. trump then calling the electoral
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college genius, after he tweeted just four years ago, the electoral college is a disaster for a democracy. one of the interesting things about some of the names that trump transition sources are floating, they want to make it clear they've not just looking at people who have previously served in government. they're looking at people in the private sector and also people who have been critical of donald trump in the past, even republicans who have said they voted for hillary clinton. now, whether any of these people actually end up in top cabinet positions is still an open question, wolf. >> sara murray in new york city. dana pash, our chief political correspondent, has been working her sources. she is with me. what are you hearing about the jockeying going on in trump tower right now? >> it's intense and expected. you have a person who has never been in public office trying to put together a government in under 70 days. trying to not just put together a government but pick people who
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are going to represent an ideology and a world view that's not completely hammered out. these are big decisions to make. certainly there is jockeying to the point of some infighting. i was told by a couple sources that much of that at this point is some hard feelings by people who chris christie, who was the head of transition during the campaign, he had put in place and are no longer part of the transition. some of that is because of the fact that chris christie is being pushed aside by team trump. and some of it also is because that was planning for the maybe hypothetical, and this is reality. so there is a lot of that going on. i was just told that we should not expect any big announcements for the rest of the week, that they're still trying to meet and talk and try to put all of the pieces of the puzzle, at least the big names, together. hopefully, they hope, by the end of the week. >> secretary of state, secretary
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of the treasury. director of defense. big names. the vice president-elect, mike pence, is in new york today. has he really taken charge? because he replaced chris christie. >> he has. he was in new york today. last night and today. having meetings with the president-elect, with the transition team. and i was told that they met for several hours today, that it was a productive meeting and that things are falling into place. and the thing to keep in mind, i am told -- you know this, wolf, you've covered transitions before. let's say, for example, our reporting is that rudy giuliani really wants to be the secretary of state. well, that might happen or it might not depending on the other pieces of the puzzle that fall into place. jeff sessions, another person, by the way, like rudy giuliani, donald trump feels like, whatever they want, they get because they were so loyal from the get-go, is said to, according to several sources, sara murray's and mine, actually prefer the attorney general slot over the secretary of defense.
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now i was just told maybe he will be willing to do secretary of defense if they need somebody else for the attorney general slot. so it's personnel, you know -- kind of a personnel checkerboard they're trying to figure out. >> they're watching the lobby over at trump tower closely to see who is walking in and who is walking out. >> they are. there is someone who came in today who has had a storied and troubled relationship with donald trump. ted cruz. he came to new york. he met with the president-elect, his spokesman -- just pulling it up -- released a statement saying he was happy to meet with the president-elect to talk about issues like draining the swamp and obamacare and filling the supreme court. it is, i think, note-worthy that he who is now going to be a senator and he says he hopes a partner of donald trump went to meet with him to talk about legislative agenda. he could be a partner or a thorn in his side.
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an early meeting is quite notable. >> interesting. dana, thanks very much. joining us ted yoho of florida. he is -- thank you for joining us. >> great to be here. >> what do you think about some of the names suggested so far? >> he's developed a short list. i am very excited about it. i think you'll see some jockeying. i tell people, step back, take a breath, calm down. he'll work through this. this is a guy who came from zero to win the presidency of the united states. he has built successful businesses. he knows how to put teams together. i think you'll see him come together and things will fall into place. i have a lot of confidence in his ability and the team he's putting together. >> what do you think about john bolton, former u.s. ambassador to the u.n. during the bush administration becoming secretary of state? >> i am excited about that. i know mr. bolton. i have a lot of respect for him, as he does around the world.
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i think he'd represent america well and the ideologies of not just mr. trump but the people who sent him there to represent the united states. i've worked with him on foreign affairs and we've seen him multiple times. very smart and astute ambassador. he'll represent america great. >> he doesn't have it yet. rudy giuliani clearly is very interested in becoming secretary of state as well. there are some concerns, though, because his law firm had consulted, done business for foreign governments. should he be given the job given the issues -- some of the contacts he had with some of these foreign entities? >> wolf, that's something that would have to go through the vetting process. if there is no doubt that what he's done is okay, i say move forward. if there is any doubt, yeah, we don't want to cloud an administration. but that's in the working process. that will all come out, and that will be vetted out and flushed out. >> congressman, we are getting new information on this entire
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. we're discussing the trump transition with republican congressman ted yoho of florida who is on the house foreign affairs committee. we'll get back to him in a moment. today some new reporting about the possibility of trump's adult children and his son-in-law receiving top secret security clearances. phil mattingly is joining us with the latest. phil, this appears it was not a direct request from the
2:17 pm
president-elect. >> exactly right, wolf. this was an inquiry talking about the possibility of his three eldest children and jared kushner getting security clearance. it's one that's raised a lot of questions and a few eyebrows. it underscores the reality, never have grown children been this close to the president-elect and never have they also had such enormous business ties. >> thank you. thank you melania. >> a trio of power-wielding advisors to the president-elect. donald jr., eric and ivanka. invaluable campaign surrogates. >> i can tell you firsthand that there is no better person to have in your corner when you are facing tough decisions or tough opponents. >> all members of the president-elect's transition team and, of course, all donald trump's children. add in jared kushner, evaurivan husband and one of trump's closest advisors. sources say trump's transition
2:18 pm
team have asked about all four receiving top secret security clearances. >> everybody is very concerned about security. which is a slightly separate matter. at the same time i am sure the trump children will be there to support their father in informal capacities. >> no set of presidential offspring have had more say or more potential power in a new administration. each a constant presence inside trump tower as the president confronts the prospect of filling thousands of government jobs. each a potential conflict of interest because of the role they play in managing the trump business empire. >> i am going to be a daughter. but i have said throughout the campaign that i am very passionate about certain issues and that i want to fight for them. >> reporter: even as all three say they have no plans of joining their father in the white house. >> we'll be in new york, and we'll take care of the business. i think we'll have a lot of fun doing it. we'll make him very proud. >> reporter: yet, the lines between business, personal and the white house have already blurred.
2:19 pm
ivanka trump's business seeking to capitalize on it. sending a style alert touting a bracelet worn in a recent interview from her fashion line. while presidents historically put their business holdings in a blind trust, it remains trump's intention to let his children continue to run the business, one with tens of millions of dollars in holdings in foreign countries and tens of millions of dollars in debt to foreign banks. how they'll handle those potential conflicts, still an open question, according to top trump advisors. >> i think you are going to have to fashion something that's very comfortable, something that's fair, something that assures the american people, as he said, he has no interest in what's going on in the business, and that his children get to run the business they know how to run. >> reporter: wolf, it is important to point out, no official paperwork was filed for a security carolinlearance. no request officially from the president-elect. but paying attention to security clearances and the business
2:20 pm
aspect. the house oversight committee, wolf, looking into this issue, sending a letter to reince priebus, the future chief of staff to donald trump, asking about the specifics of it. it's something that people are very interested in and will almost certainly draw scrutiny regularly on the way forward. >> i'm sure. thanks very much, phil mattingly reporting. let's continue our conversation with republican congressman ted yoho. congressman, is it a conflict of interest for trump to get top-secret security clearances for his children and son-in-law? >> it would be definitely unprecedented. he has close advisors. he has relied on these people all the way through the campaign. i think, whatever is done, it will be under the auspices of a fine-toothed comb. it will be done properly. and it will be transparent. i have the utmost confidence in that. you know, people are going to talk, and we want to make sure that the people that are around him do have the clearance. we would have to look at the rules and regulations on that and just make sure it's done properly for the protection of
2:21 pm
this country. and i think, when mr. trump was on "60 minutes" the other day and they were talking about the business arrangement and ivanka says, you know, i am a daughter number one, and that's all i want to be. and then the way they just talked about -- he is here to make this a better country, and we all want that. and i think, under that, i think you'll see them do the right thing. >> because he says, and the children -- the adult children have said, he will strictly focus 100%, like a laser, on being president of the united states. he'll have absolutely nothing to do with the trump business, the real estate, the casinos, the golf courses and all of that. but the kids will run all of that. so there seems to be a potential for some sort of a conflict, especially if the government starts giving them secret security clearances. >> i think there is always a potential of that. i think it's also a sign of a strong leader. when you put a good team together, you can step away from that. you want to make yourself
2:22 pm
replaceable. i think he's done that in the corporate world. he's made himself replaceable. he has great surrogates to run those businesses. the real estate holdings of the trump empire. this is a guy who has crafted a brand that's second to none around the world when it comes to excellence. i expect him and i think you'll see him do the same as the president of the united states of america. and i look forward to helping him make it great again. >> you heard our reporter sara murray say there is a lot of infighting going on right now inside the trump transition team. jared kushner, the son-in-law, mike pence, the vice president-elect, general michael flynn, who is apparently in charge of national security, former head of d.i.a., defense intelligence. >> good man. >> agency. apparently they're not all necessarily in agreement right now. do you think there are too many voices in this transition? >> no. i would expect people to have different opinions right now. they're sifting through that. you're going to see -- i mean, what are we, a week since the election?
2:23 pm
they're going through the transition. people are jockeying. you'll see people come and go. i have the utmost confidence that they're going to be fine. that's what i said in the beginning of the segment, wolf. step back, take a breath, let the process work. and have faith in that process. we will get through this, and it will be a good thing. >> as you know, steve bannon, former head of breitbart will be one of the most influential members of donald trump's white house team. what do you think of him? do you see any problems with his appointment? do you know him? >> no, none at all. i like that. you have reince priebus who was head of the republican party that delivered very well for him. he knows the establishment. he knows the workings of the political insider. but yet, with steve bannon there, that's a counter-balance to that. and i think that's a smart move because you're going to weigh both sides of that, and you're going to come out and make the decision. and again, mr. trump is a guy who has shown that he knows how to make that decision. and you're going to listen to both sides of that.
2:24 pm
i look forward to that. people will be surprised, i think, at how well this transition moves. >> the house speaker, paul ryan, told our jake tapper on sunday there isn't a bill ready to replace obamacare. why isn't there a bill ready to go? republicans, as you know, they've had six years to figure this out. and if the new president wants to repeal and replace, shouldn't there be legislation ready to go early on to repeal and replace new legislation? >> you will see it come out. there were four bills previously but they never came up. we are at a different era now because there were so many people put on obamacare. you'll see a transition. and in the new repeal bill you'll see a transition period where nobody gets hurt but it will provide for preexisting conditions, it will provide for the insurance companies to sell insurance prior to obamacare and it will be a transition, hopefully seamless. anytime you take a major program like that and get rid of it and replace it, there is going to be
2:25 pm
some people that -- they're going to just feel like it's not working. that's human nature. but the thing is, keep in mind, our goal is to make sure everybody has access to quality care and that the ones that can't afford it that we have coverage for those folks. >> congressman yoho, thank you for joining us. >> wolf, a pleasure. coming up more on the disarray that's apparently slowing donald trump's transition to the white house. our political correspondents, reporters and experts are standing by. later, in her own words. megh megyn kelly's shocking claim that donald trump threatened her only days before the first presidential debate. our mission is to produce programs and online content for african women as they try to build their businesses and careers. my name is yasmin belo-osagie
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some are describing the chaos right now within trump's transition team and it's threatening to undermine the president-elect's ability to fill out key positions within his incoming administration. let's discuss the very latest with our political experts. dana, what are you hearing about the positions, the key positions, right now where there is this infighting going on? >> well, you know, with regard to the positions, i am not sure how much of it is infighting versus people who feel that they have worked very hard for donald trump, have been loyal from the beginning, like rudy giuliani, like jeff sessions, trying to stake their claim. i am told much more so in the giuliani camp. he says he really wants to be secretary of state. but it's not -- it's not a done deal for several reasons. i know you were asking your guest earlier about a little bit of early concern before full vetting goes in about some of his business interests, whether that would pose a problem for him during the confirmation process as secretary of state. but i think, big picture, what i
2:31 pm
was just told, which i think is very interesting. we talked at the beginning of the hour about the fact that there is probably not going to be an announcement this week, that part of the reason is because the first announcement, which was the bannon/priebus announcement, done by press release on sunday, didn't go very smoothly. it left a lot of questions. maybe more questions than answers. so they want to not do that again with the big cabinet picks. >> usually when they announce a major position there is a news conference. the president-elect, the vice president-elect, they show up and they're pleased to announce mr. or ms. x as secretary of state, secretary of defense, secretary of the treasury. they just had a press release, a piece of paper, they released on sunday. >> what's interesting, too, is that other than the "60 minutes" interview and his desire to tweet this morning we haven't heard anything from donald trump specifically himself. he has been very quiet. and you have to wonder if his advisors are telling him do not say anything. do not go out there. let us continue to control the
2:32 pm
message. to your point, when they do decide to name a secretary of state or somebody to head the defense department, will he actually come out and stand with them. those are very, very big jobs. what's interesting about rudy giuliani too, and quite frankly, lara ingram. rudy giuliani goes out yesterday and publicly says he wants to be secretary of state. who says that. >> doesn't sound very diplomatic. >> lara ingram has been on tv and will be on fox tonight. she is supposedly in contention to be the press secretary. i think it's bizarre. for these big jobs they tend to be quiet. >> all of a sudden today mike rogers, former chairman of the house intelligence committee. cnn contributor. part of the transition team, announces he is resigning from the team today. that caught a lot of people by surprise. >> i mean, i think this is part of the jared kushner assertion over what was the chris christie portfolio of the transition,
2:33 pm
before the election. and this is clearing out all the christie related assignments and people brought in as jared kushner really asserts himself in the senior advisor aide to camp role. there is not a lot of love lost between jared kushner and chris christie. rogers was part of the christie regime. they're trying to clear that out. >> sara, what are you hearing about the possibility that donald trump could pick someone or a bunch of people who were critical of him. maybe not a never-trumper but people who were critical of him during the campaign. how likely is that? >> they're certainly floating names for some of these key positions of people who were critical. one that stood out was the notion of henry paulson, former treasury secretary, in the mix for secretary of state. this is someone who said publicly in an op-ed that he was voting for hillary clinton and noted that a donald trump presidency would be dangerous to the economy. now they're saying they're adding his name to the mix. as dana pointed out we still
2:34 pm
believe that rudy giuliani at least for now is the favorite for the job. he's made it clear that's the job he wants. i do think it is the trump campaign's attempt or the transition team's attempt to send a signal, look, we know we need to try to build a government. we know that's going to involve bringing in thousands of people and that some of those people may have been critical of trump in the past, but we really want the best people for this job. even on that front, other people who have dealt with the transition effort say they're still getting mixed signals and there is still a lot of animosity toward people who did not support trump at the outset. >> he has about 4,000 political appointees he has to find. >> could i say one thing to what sara was saying. it's absolutely right, about people not supporting donald trump. there is another problem and that's the reverse. donald trump ran on some things that are very antithetical to what had been the traditional republican credo. because of the very big change, for example, since the george w. bush administration, and when she is talking about hank
2:35 pm
paulson, i have heard that name as well. it's not even so much that he was critical of donald trump. hank paulson is mr. bailout. >> right. >> he was in charge of the bailout, which, you know, a lot of people argue that saved the u.s. economy, maybe even the world economy, but for republican base voters, that sort of helped to -- it was the dawn of the tea party. >> without a doubt. >> that's hard to see, because those are donald trump's core supporters. >> there has been an acknowledgement from donald trump which, shocker, that he would acknowledge something that's antithetical to what he said, you know, a couple of days ago. that these are the people who run washington. to your point, wolf, you said 4,000 political jobs. where do you find 4,000 qualified people for these jobs? he'll have to go back on his promises. question is, could he pull in somebody like hank paulson. >> we'll use the term "strange bed fellows" more than ever to
2:36 pm
describe the trump administration. >> remember, he promised to drain the swamp. a lot of these people could be, at least to his supporters, are seen as the swamp. >> no doubt. guys, stay with us. there is a lot more to assess right now. more information coming into "the situation room" on this transition. we'll be right back.
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look at this. live pictures -- that's the
2:41 pm
lobby of trump tower. fifth avenue, new york city. we're waiting to see who emerges. we expect the vice president-elect, mike pence, to come out of one of those elevators soon. we'll see if he stops by and speaks with reporters. if he does, we'll have coverage. very, very busy day in new york as the transition is continuing one week after the presidential election. president-elect trump falls further behind hillary clinton, though, in the popular national vote. he is reversing his previously-held position on the electoral college, which he once called a disaster for democracy. we're back with our political experts. mark preston, here is what he tweeted. the electoral college is actually gennuo actually genius. it brings all states, even smaller ones into play. he tweeted that today. four years ago when mitt romney may win the popular vote and lose the electoral college he tweeted "the electoral college is a disaster for democracy." he's flipped on that in four
2:42 pm
years. >> shocker. why this is a problem, i think, is because, if he is still wedded to this idea -- by the way, he's president-elect at this point -- that he's upset that people are still questioning whether he really should be president, because he didn't win the popular vote -- what happens when a big decision has to be made and half the country says to him, you know, we don't agree with what you did, or we don't agree with what's going on. it's just like, why do they still allow him to use his twitter account? i don't know. >> these are live pictures, we're told, of mike pence apparently just emerged and walked out there. we'll see if he stops and talks to reporters. we showed the popular national vote. hillary clinton has now more than a million votes more than donald trump. not that it means much other than she can brag about that. maybe she'll wind up with a lot more than a million. still counting votes in california, for example. donald trump, he is sensitive to that. >> at last report, four million votes still outstanding in
2:43 pm
california. she'll win a big chunk of those, so she'll add to that total. this is a fine point for democrats to make. i have not heard one of them say donald trump is not rightly the president-elect and not able to put an administration together and get going. i am not sure why it's getting under donald trump's skin since nobody is claiming that he shouldn't move into the white house on january 20th. he clearly is going to be the next president of the united states. the current president of the united states said as much yesterday in his press conference before he got on the plane and went to greece. the fact that donald trump would allow himself to get distracted by this is what we saw during the campaign, what many people around him were hoping we wouldn't see in this phase. >> usually you have your aides who tweet about that kind of stuff. but you are the president-elect of the united states, and you try to stay above the fray, if you will. >> yes. but, you know, we have never had a president-elect donald trump before. you know. it's a whole new world. and he has used twitter to express himself almost as
2:44 pm
therapy sometimes. i think this is one of those examples, that that is exactly what he did. for better or worse. it is an open question, what is going to happen after he puts his hand on the bible and is sworn in on january 20th, whether he is going to have the access to twitter to be able to do this in the middle of the night, in the middle of the day, whatever time it is. >> on major issues. >> yeah. >> major world issues. >> president obama, he tweets also. @potus. he tweets, he talks about issues that are important. all major figures do it, but they don't necessarily get involved in the kind of stuff that donald trump, at least in the campaign, get involved. we'll follow them on twitter and see what they say. >> sara. how much of a problem does rudy giuliani have because of the potential business ties potentially confirming him as a secretary of state? >> i think it would cost donald trump a a concern amount of political capital.
2:45 pm
citgo and some of his other foreign business dealings abroad. that said, rudy giuliani has been one of donald trump's closest advisors, one of his most loyal friends throughout this. and he is making it very clear that what he is interested in is secretary of state. that doesn't mean that rudy giuliani would not be confirmed. it does not mean he would not make it through the process. it could just set yourself up for a bloody fight. and maybe that's not the first thing you want to do when you take the white house. >> i heard rudy giuliani, when his name came up, or senator rand paul spoke with me earlier today, made it clear he's going to vote against it. potentially he could try to block that nomination. >> you know, look, other people might do the same on the democratic side. look, somebody like -- i mean, that's a perfect example of no matter who you put in there, no matter who is in the white house, you are going to have senators like rand paul on the republican side and maybe even a
2:46 pm
bernie sanders on the democratic side who used to do this from time to time, against president obama's nominees, will continue to do so. stay with us. don't go to far away. check out the first-ever book from cnn politics called "unprecedented, the election that changed everything." in stores starting december 6th. preorder your copy today at coming up, more on donald trump's tumultuous transition to the white house. who is in line for the most coveted and most important jobs in the new administration? first, stunning allegations from megyn kelly. the fox news anchor is claiming trump threatened her just days before she co-moderated the first presidential primary debate. when heartburn hits, fight back fast with tums smoothies. it starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue. and neutralizes stomach acid at the source. ♪ tum -tum -tum -tum
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tough questions from fox news anchor megyn kelly igniting a longstanding feud with president-elect trump. details of the explosive new allegations, what are you learning? >> tonight megyn kelly is saying that donald trump threatened her over the phone shortly before the first republican debate last year. it is among some incendiary allegations in which she claims that trump came after her like a dog for months and she had to take security precautions for her family. new allegations tonight of a personal vendetta from president-elect trump and a threat against one of the biggest stars in tv news.
2:52 pm
megyn kelly says days before she moderated the first presidential debate, donald trump called her. that he was not happy about one of her interviews. >> he called me up and threatened me and made very clear that he was extremely displeased. he started screaming at me. he hung up the phone. >> trump was angry about an interview with an author who had discussed his first wife. later, ivanka said wasn't true. what was the throat kell. >> i in her new book she says, i almost unleashed my beautiful twitter account against you and i still may. >> you might not think that's that bad but it is what happens with the followers that is really, really nasty. and they can really, really hurt you. and make you scared. >> a few days after trump's alleged threat, kelly asked the candidate one of the most explosive questions in debate history. >> you've called the women you like fat pigs, dogs, slobs, and disgusting animals.
2:53 pm
does that sound to you like the temperment of a man we should elect as president? >> what i say is what i say. and honestly, megyn, if you don't like it, i'm sorry. >> after that, trump did unleash his twitter account at kelly calling her a light weight, overrated. after that, trump flipped the switch. >> it poses challenges when he was coming after me so relentlessly and causing security issues in my life and the life of my family. he came after me like a dog with a won't for nine months. >> she writes at one point her young daughter said she was scared of donald trump. quote, he wants to hurt me. >> the questions about donald trump's temperament were the biggest single head winds that he faced. what the exit polls said are those fears ask anxieties remained remarkably widespread even among many who voted for him. >> kelly said when she met trump
2:54 pm
at his manhattan home earlier this year, they got past their feud. >> he has a magnanimous piece of him. a charming piece as well. >> in the book, kelly has strong allegations against her boss, roger ailes. that he harassed her repeatedly starting in 2005. ailes who served as an adviser to the trump campaign vehemently denials the allegation. >> we reached out repeatedly to trump's transition anaheim calls, texts and e-mails for their response to the comments that donald trump threatened megyn kelly. >> there is some criticism of megyn kelly herself about the timing of this book. >> the media critic says that kelly's decision on release the book after the election was, quote, an all of one. if she had information like that about donald trump, she should have released it before the election when it was relevant to who he was as a candidate. eric points out other reporting from other news outlets like
2:55 pm
here at cnn, the "washington post," "new york times," that reporting bounced off the public because it came from main stream outlets. he said because kelly works for fox news has instant credibility about the people who might have voted for trump and he said she sat on it until after the election. we pressed her publisher for a response and we have not gotten a response. >> thanks very much. coming up, new reporting on the infighting and disarray of donald trump's transition team. plus, the important milestone in the transition as the president-elect receives his first briefing on the nation's most important secrets. ♪ ♪
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happening now. palace intrigue. a fierce infighting as donald trump tries putgate cabinet. top insiders are said to be jockeying for key roles in the new administration while others are being ousted from the trump team. why did trump rival turned surrogate dr. ben carson take himself out of the running? putin's praise. new details between donald trump and vladimir putin. the conversation coming just hours before trump received his first presidential daily brief. and a warning from senator john mccain against resetting relations with russia. how closely will trump and putin work together? democratic depression. the party is demoralize asked in disarray in the wake of election losses. tonight leaders are looking for lessons while looking at trump. now a postponement of the election.


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