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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  November 15, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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troops to syria as military advisors to fight in that next door country against isis. currently, there is just under 300 there. no word on how many more the pentagon may want to send. wolf? >> barbara starr, thanks very much. that's it for me. erin burnett "out front" starts right now. "out front" next, trump's team racked by disarray. who is bringing any order to the chaos and president obama overseas talking about donald trump, does he feel responsible for trump's win and a man who is correctly predicted every president since 1984 including donald trump. wait until you hear his new prediction for trump's presidency, let's go "out front." good evening i'm erin burnett. trump tower turmoil in fighting among members of president elect
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donald trump's transition team and a question tonight of who is calling the shots. mike rogers, the former head of the intelligence committee, cnn contributor spent months putting a national security team together for trump part of the transition on the show a few days ago talking about progress and abruptly told he's out and mike pence replacing chris christie unorthodox and calls growing louder for trump to cut chis of steve bannon. today the senate's top democrat harry reid tearing into bannen. >> what message is trump sending a young girl that woke up wednesday morning in rhode island, afraid to be a woman of color in america? it's not a message of healing. if trump is serious about seeking unity, the first thing he should do is resend his appointment steve bannon. resend him, don't do it. >> coverage out front at trump
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tower in new york and a lot of fast movements. sarah, depends on the moment who will be in charge of what. that's what we're hearing, certainly a transition in turmoil this evening. >> reporter: that's right, erin. what you're seeing is a transition staff trying to regroup in addition to the change at the top from chris christie leading into mike pence and reshuffling and outers when you look lower down with the agency levels that means for some people the progress gets stalled. that's why we saw donald trump and mike pence huddling together for hours today in trump tower not only going over some cabinet picks but kind of trying to figure out what the way forward for this transition should be. tonight donald trump and his v.p. mike pence huddling at trump tower to bring order to a transition team already facing signs of disarray. sources involved in the transition telling cnn there are internal disagreements over some top level cabinet positions
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adding to the confusion, lingering questions who is calling the shots as newly named chief strategist steve bannon, reince priebus and trump's son-in-law jared kusnyer weigh in. as trump received the first presidential daily brief today, a national security round up of threats and intelligence developments, he'll have one less experienced hand to turn to. former house intelligence committee chairman and cnn contribut contributor mike rogers that served on the transition team was ousted on monday. the ouster, the second major shakeup for the transition team after new jersey governor chris christie was demoted on friday. >> i want to give a very special thanks to our former mayor, rudy giuliani who is unbelievable. >> reporter: one area of contention, secretary of state. sources say former new york mayor and trump close confident rudy giuliani is a leading
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candidate but others are pushing for john bolton. >> john would be a very good choice. >> is there anybody better? >> maybe me, i don't know. [ laughter ] >> giuliani is hardly keeping ambitions hidden but business ties like doing business with qatar and the venezuela oil could complicate his confirmation hearing. meanwhile, alabama senator jeff sessions is under consideration for a high profile position such as secretary of defense or attorney general. >> first of all, i won't be attorney general. >> you won't be attorney general? >> i won't have to decide that one. >> make that clear. >> i can escape that one. >> i should ask jeff sessions that question, should i? >> wouldn't be a bad idea. >> he spent 13 years in the u.s. army reserves and the first senator to endorse trump for president. >> at this time in american's history, we need to make america great again.
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>> another named pence is looking to add, arkansas senator and u.s. army combat veteran tom cotton. today trump is turning his eye who should serve as treasury secretary. trump campaign finance chair and former goldman sachs banker steven and jeb hencering or jamie diamond. now as donald trump begins his sketch out his white house, the visitors just keep coming to visit the president elect in his gilded tower. one of the latest ones that just left, texas senator ted cruz. the two of them had a rocky relationship but led to ted cruz endorsing donald trump's bid for the presidency. we'll see how the two of them work together when trump heads to wash waington. >> jim out front in washington. the daily briefing is the same,
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cut out, same daily intelligence briefing to receives. >> that's right, the most detailed and secret. these briefings lift the vail on the entire capability of the u.s. intelligence community getting into for instance sources and methods, so information intelligence gain from covert operations intercepted communications. this is a degree of briefing they did not get when they were the nominees all go getting intelligence briefings and an example, on russia for instance, we know the intelligence committee said they believe russia is behind the election hacks, the hacks of the democratic party. what you might see in a briefing like this is why they believe that, what digital fingerprints and what they intercepted which may and keep in mind, this is donald trump who denied during the campaign russia was behind it and he might see in a briefing why the u.s. intelligence community believes that to be the case and this happens as donald trump had a phone call yesterday with the russian president with both of them pledging to have a better
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relationship saying this is an important relationship to us, but erin, you and i know well that the road to foreign policy hell is paved with attempts to improve the u.s. russia relationship. george w. bush tried it and president obama tried it. it's a difficult thing to do. >> thank you. out front now, our panel. mark, you just heard the cnn reporting, disarray, turmoil, end fighting. this is not going smoothly. >> certainly not going as smoothly as donald trump would like. we talk about how the demotion of chris christie was a really major moment in the donald trump transition time and it was until today when we saw what happened to mike rogers a very well respected former member of the congress. somebody who understands the intelligence community and quite frankly, somebody i thought would go into the trump administration. this is somebody very well
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respected. for him to be leaving at this time, erin, i think is troubling. >> it is troubling. a lot of people had a lot of respect for him. jamie, i've been talking to people involved in the treasury secretary discussions. 24 hours ago a flurry of activity was almost done. the decision was made. but yet, trump seems to change his mind. depending on who he speaks to last and one of the possible choices among the top few we know for treasury, one of the top candidates telling me he believes it's too risky. going in this early may be too risky of a thing. this is part of the issue. >> do they want to come in on day one? do they want to see what happen as year from now, two years from now? the other thing i've been told is going on is there are no surprise two donald trumps out there. one is the fighting donald trump. who does he really want? which of the loyalists is he willing to spend political capital on and then there is the let's make a deal, the art of the deal donald trump. where is he going to be willing
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to compromise and i'm told two things, one is you cannot over state the relationship between donald trump and his son-in-law jared kusnyer of this. they are working hand and glove. jared is calling people, talking to people and the other thing is, they are getting and i think that's why we have reported this today that there is a pause going on and we're not expecting denouncements where they sort of sit back and think okay, who do we really fight for? who can get confirmed? where are the problems and where do we want the overall cabinet to look like? so i think we've -- they -- we've had a little bit of a pause here while they are p figuring it out and getting input from rnc and congressional leaders saying you have to get these people through. >> when you see something like mike rogers as mark points out is troubling to some.
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this could come down to one of the two appointments trump made so far, steve bannon is getting a lot of push back not just from democrats but republicans, as well but harry reid spoke about it today. let me quickly play what he said about steve bannon. >> if trump is serious about seeking unity, the first thing he should do is resend his appointment steve bannon. resend him. don't do it. as long as a champion of racial division is a step away from the oval office, it will be impossible to take trump's efforts to heal the nation seriously. >> any chance he listens to that? obviously, he's not going to listen to harry reid. there are people in trump's inner circle who have some of these concerns about steve bannon. >> i would think not. donald trump got here by not listening to the other side of the isle or listening to advice of hillary clinton. he wouldn't be president elect if he did. what we saw is a perfect example of what david goldman called the rage of the defeated and
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humiliated elites. donald trump beat the elites and establishment and you will see the establishment kicking and screaming that he eloquent visited someone like steve bannon who is a pop list and elevated him to a top position but also made a nod to the more traditional republicans. the perfect balance. >> of course, steve bannon running the controversial bright bart website that's called with the racial divide. >> yeah, i don't think you can come into the white house and say you want to build unity and start with steve bannon. i don't think you can talk about unity as kaley was talking about a democratic attack. there are people in trump's inner circle that have problems with him and the idea is chaos in the transition for donald trump. you see that with the jared kusnyer announcement. we talked about this before, the
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1967 prohibits him from taking a position and trump today asked for a security clearance for jared kusnyer to receive daily briefings and we should not allow this but this is what to expect for the next four to eight years of did tonald trump a many instati-- administration >> it wasn't a specific request by donald trump himself. it goes to show jared kusnyer will play a major role in the trump administration. it is worth noting about the ying and the yang, i was speaking to someone tight in the campaign reince priebus is really needed in that oval office with donald trump to try to balance out this steve bannon because at least reince priebus is respected by the republican leaders on capitol hill and they can trust his words.
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it will be an interesting dynamic to see how they are able to balance each other out at the same time jared kusnyer trying to put his stamp on things. >> thanks to all. president obama only the last overseas trip flooded with questions. does he blame himself? plus you say ivanka trump's favorite bracelet on "60 minutes." it can be yours for 10 grand. they told you they advertised that. is that crossing a line? this side by side image taking china by storm. >> erin burnett "out front" brought to you by voya financial. val from voya? yeah, val from voya. quick question, what are voya retirement squirrels doing in my house? we're putting away acorns. you know, to show the importance of saving for the future. so you're sort of like a spokes person?
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most of the focus is on the president elect. michel michel michelle out front. >> reporter: here to talk about economic recovery but as usual, everyone wants to talk about trump. obama asked directly about the surprise ending to the american election. did his policies in someway contribute to it, which he didn't really answer and did he see that wave coming? >> i still don't feel responsible for what the president elect says or does. did i recognize that there was anger, frustration in the american population? of course i did. >> reporter: reassuring allies is one of president's goals for his final foreign trip. before he left he tried to convey optimism but the questions he faces force him to delve deep into what gave rise to one of the ugliest, most
4:18 pm
unpu unpredictable elections in history. >> you see some of the rhetoric in republican elected officials and activists and media. some of it pretty troubling and now necessarily connected to facts, but being used effectively to mobilize people. and obviously, president elect trump tacted into that particular strain within the republican party and able to broaden that enough and get enough votes. >> reporter: the president defending his own policies based on popular did in the polls in what some may see as dismissive as wanting change without thinking of the consequences. >> people seem to think i did a pretty good job. and so there is this mismatch, i think, between frustration and anger and perhaps the view of
4:19 pm
the american people was is that just need to shake things up. >> reporter: almost warning that there is a lesson to be learned. >> we are going to have to guard against a rise in a crude sort of national or ethnic identity or tribal built around us and them. >> this is not a particularly optimistic president obama in that setting. this is him acknowledging forces at play but saying he did not see this coming and called allowing those settlements that lead to the election and outcome to divide america along certain lines dangerous. erin? >> michelle, thank you very much live in athens tonight and democratic strategists maria r cardona and kaley and keith.
4:20 pm
president obama spent the time telling the world donald trump is not fit to be president and now he's spending the days reassuring world leaders overseas that things will be fine and donald trump will support nato, being an ambassador on trump's behalf. how hard is this for him to do? is it credible? >> i'm sure it's incredibly hard knowing what he really feels in the run up to this election. he left nothing on the table. he let everybody know what he thought. but i also think it's not difficult in that this is also his obligation as president of the united states until january 19th, 2017. and part of that obligation is to reassure our allies overseas that the democratic process in the united states is the strongest in the world, that our democratic institutions are solid and are durable and stronger than just one person.
4:21 pm
i'm also sure that he will, that he has told these leaders what trump has told him in terms of his commitment to nato, which i think for these leaders was one of the most disconcerting things they heard during this election cycle. >> ben, president obama was asked if he felt responsible for this at all. in terms of raw days on the trail and fiery rhetoric, president obama couldn't have done more than he did but yet, there are some who say he's to blame. he's a two-term president and by definition there will be a repudiation. here is how he answered the question. >> do you feel any responsibility for the election of donald trump? >> i think it's fair to say i was surprised by the election results. and i've said so. i still don't feel responsible for what the president elect says or does but i do feel a
4:22 pm
responsibility as president of the united states to make sure that i facilitated good transition and i present to him, as well as the american people my best thinking, my best ideas about how you move the country forward. >> what do you say? do you buy that? he didn't answer the question. the question was -- >> of course not. >> that he did not answer here. >> yeah, he's protecting his legacy and i understand that and i can respect that. you also have to look at this and say did donald trump come out of many of the my policies and the things that i was refusing to admit there could have been issues that could have been fixed. a great example of that is obamacare. if the president would have been honest about obamacare and say hey, it's not working as well as i want it to be working and i need to make changes now. there is a good chance donald trump may not be the president of the united states of america but part of this is the arrogana
4:23 pm
arrogance of the white house. when you do that for eight years, the way that he did, this was absolutely a rep reprimand of his policy and legacy. whether he wants to admit it or not, he helped create donald tru trump. >> he helped create donald trump. >> that's not true. >> can i make points here? hillary clinton won more votes than donald trump did. more than 2 million votes according to the latest projections, more than donald trump. that's not a repudiation of president obama or hillary clinton. secondly -- >> hillary lost. swing states mattered. she lost. >> secondly, you have to remember that barack obama is still far more popular than donald trump. his approval rating is is 58% in the latest poll. donald trump's numbers are in the tank still and thirdly, donald trump -- >> but surely -- >> -- doesn't represent issues. he represents white resentment. >> keep saying that and the american people are laughing because he won. >> and identify one policy
4:24 pm
position that donald trump believes in, maybe you can make that argument. there are no issues. >> this is what is amazing. you still don't understand what created donald trump. hold on, you still don't understand it. [ overlapping speakers ] >> this is the part that makes me laugh. listen to this -- this is the part that makes me laugh. you still don't understand why hillary clinton lost, which is shocking -- >> more votes -- >> have a moment of looking back into this. she's not the president. you should understand that. and the reason why donald trump won is because of people just like you who refuse to admit that there are actually educated voters that are smart that wanted new jobs, that were wore r ried about national security and our jobs being deported to other countries. >> let kaley get in. >> you still continue to insult those voters -- >> that's exactly right, ben. they don't acknowledge that donald trump won onnish sh issu.
4:25 pm
the working class turned out in droves. i just wish that the democrats would take the queue from president obama who has been grace shoious -- >> now you like president obama -- >> instead of engaging in demonizing the other side -- >> you guys are talking about whether anger or not and i know kaley and ben you say anger didn't drive this but here is what president george w. bush said today. >> you got to understand anger and some people might have been angry when i was president. [ laughter ] >> but anger shouldn't drive policy. what needs to drive policy is what is best for the people who are angry. >> sounds like -- >> erin -- >> no question that anger drove this. >> this made more sense than donald trump today. donald trump was on twitter saying the electoral college is a genius thing and four years ago when mitt romney was
4:26 pm
elected, he said it's a disaster. he has no consistency. he believes in white resentment. >> we'll take a pause. on this popular vote, the tally we have now is this final result comes in, hillary clinton leads by 800,000 votes nationwide in the popular vote. donald trump of course, resoundingly winning the electoral college. "out front" next, ivanka's college promoting the bracelet she wore during her father's interview. smart marketing or crossing the line. a single mother with three adopted kids who once dated liberal icon keith olbermann, could she be trump's press secretary? as after a dvt blood clot,ital i sure had a lot to think about.
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breaking news, multiple sources saying jared kusnyer is at the center of the trump transition team after ivanka trump finds herself under fire. they promoted a bracelet she wore as she sat for the interview. the company blaming the e-mail
4:31 pm
on a marketing employee but grows about conflicts of interest involving the trump children. phil mattingly is out front. >> reporter: the bracelet ivanka trump wore during the interview a key selling point for her jewelry line and a clear cut example of the blurred lines presented by the president elect's family. a trio of power welding advisors to the president elect attem attempting to navigate new potential conflicts of interest. don june jurior, eric and icova >> i can tell you there is no better person to have in your corner when you face tough decisions. >> reporter: all members of the president elect's transition team and all donald trump's children. add in jared kusnyer, iivanka's husband, trump's transition team
4:32 pm
has asked about the possibility of all four to receive security clearances, a moved in part as an over abundance of caution. >> everybody is concerned about security, which is a slightly separate matter. at the same time, i'm sure the trump children will be there to support their father in informal capacities. >> reporter: one that under scores the fact no set of presidential offspring have had more to say or more potential power in a new administration. each with policy issues they profess deep interest in. from land and water issues for donald junior to ivanka's continued focus on child care and education. >> i'm going to be a daughter, but i've said throughout the campaign that i'm very passionate about certainish shoes and that i want to fight for them. >> reporter: even as all three say they have no plans of joining their father in the white house. >> we'll be in new york and take care of business. i think we'll have a lot of fun doing it and we'll make him very proud.
4:33 pm
>> reporter: erin, the real issue is the formulation of the business going forward. donald trump said he wants to put all of his holdings into a blind trust, something presidents have done for generations but wants his children to run the trump business. that in and of itself does not actually work, so the big question now is how are the businesses going to be laid out going forward as the kids are actually running them while still giving counsel to their father? i can tell you there has been no solid answer from donald trump or from his transition team up to this point. it's an unanswered question and unyou can expect democrats will be taking a close look at. i talked to several house democratic aids who say bear in mind, we'll watch this going forward with keen interest. >> thank you very much. "out front" now ben ferguson and maria cardona and former prosecutor also paul kalin joins me. ivanka trump's company coming out with the e-mail blaming a marketing employee for the
4:34 pm
bracelet incident. they didn't use the word sorry or apologize. was this an apology? >> i think you'll know one thing, it's not going to happen again and they got really until january when he's sworn in to figure this out. this is new territory nobody has had to deal with before and we're a week from the election day. it's been technically less than a week since donald trump found out he was going to be the president elect. there are a lot of moving parts of trump's family and his businesses and figuring out how they work together and how you separate things now with him moving in the white house is going to be part of it. i think they admitted this is something they will not do in the future. to me, i don't think this is that big of a deal if it happened after he was sworn in, it would be a much bigger deal, right now we're in the transition time. >> ben says it won't happen again but this isn't the first time it happened. it happened after the rnc speech when ivanka tweeted a link to
4:35 pm
macy's said shop ivanka's link to her rnc speech. hard to say this was a random mistake and that time they said we'll give the money to charity. they knew this wasn't the right thing to do. >> of course, they knew. to what everybody has been saying about these kids, they are not stupid. she knew exactly what she was doing and here is the reason the apology is not enough, erin. this just skims the surface of what could be a complete and total and dangerous and broad and in depth conflict of interest with all of the businesses that the trump organization has overseas with foreign business leaders, with foreign companies -- >> i wish you were this compassion et about the clinton foundation. >> i didn't interrupt you, ben, don't interrupt me. with foreign ventures and foreign businesses and who knows what kinds of dealings they have and what kind of debt has as
4:36 pm
donald trump is taking the oath in the oval office where he'll have the ability to implement laws, regulations and benefit not just his business interest overseas but business interests that will line his own pockets. and here is the big difference, ben -- >> this is hysterical over a brace l bracelet. >> hillary clinton and bill clinton did not take a dime from the clinton foundation. >> we're not going to litigate that. we're not talking about that tonight. paul, is sit a problem the first instinct was to promote. >> well, the election is over and is it a problem from a public relation standpoint? yeah, it's a problem. it looks bad. from a legal standpoint, she actually did nothing illegal. there is no law in the united states against promoting a bracelet that your company sells. >> even if the only way you're able to promote it or people cared is because your father is going to be the president. >> it's not illegal at all.
4:37 pm
when he was running for office, didn't he have a press conference at the new hotel? >> he did. >> with demonstrators in the streets across the united states, they have to remember one thing. he's not president yet. he's president elect. >> bingo. >> erin -- >> no federal office. there is no ill legality. maybe a public relations problem but no law has been broken. >> ben. >> remember, people care what she's wearing. the same way they cared what jackie kennedy was wearing and so for her to have a brand that's out there, yes, they shouldn't have put out a press release about it but people are going to find this stuff and again, we're talking about a brace let seven days after the election. all i can say is this is not on the radar of donald trump right now. he cares more about job creation and about obamacare and all these other issues. i think there is a little bit of an over reaction and hypocrisy from the left because they have no problems about hillary. >> let's say she keeps the business and -- right? that's her brand. she's built it up and wears
4:38 pm
dresses or clothes and people buy them so her whole business becomes more wealthy and successful because she's the president's daughter. there is nothing wrong with that? >> no. >> is there anything -- >> well, i think you can say there might be an ethical issues. in terms of u.s. law, she can't be appointed to work directly and collect the federal salary. that would be a violation of the nepitism law. >> the laws change. >> those laws change. it's an example how you like sometimes to surround yourself with people -- >> erin -- >> how many times -- >> i have to leave it there. >> i promise. >> the bracelet is representative of the huge conflict of interest of trump's organizations and business ventures. >> the bracelet, you're stretching -- >> no, i'm not. >> i don't think the bracelet was stretchable. i would cost a few thousand dollars more if it were. a trump loyal eest of goingo war has no fear.
4:39 pm
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breaking news tonight, one of the nation's leading consecutive radio host is honored to be in the running for donald trump's press secretary job. sources say trump's transition team is seriously considering laura ingraham to be the face of the trump administration. and the long-time trump supporter says it's an offer she seriously would consider. drew griffin is "out front". >> reporter: she's been a trump cheerleader from the start echoing trump's call to deport illegal immigrants and continuously blasting media coverage for its bias and connection to what she believes are the establishment politicians on both sides of the isle. a day after trump became president elect, a jubilant laura ingraham declared i told you so. >> absolute smashing rebuke of the establishment. >> reporter: now she's potentially poised to become
4:44 pm
part of a new establishment. the press secretary for president trump, the person who will take the front line against the press that she has viewed with destain. it's the media's job to demoralize and mock americans she once tweeted and at the republican national convention, she chastised the media again. >> you-all know why in your heart donald trump won the republican nomination. you know it. you know why he won it? >> why? >> because he dared to call out the phonies, the frauds and the corruption that has gone unexposed and uncovered for too long. >> reporter: on the big issues, she was one of the first in conservative talk radio to agree with everybody trump said, including the things about mexicans. >> they come here to murder and rape people. doesn't mean everybody has or everyone that comes across the
4:45 pm
border is a nasty horrible person but they have violated our laws. >> reporter: and attacks are most poignant against mexican spanish radio. >> these are networks i think in many ways and we've talked about this before revival the american experience. >> reporter: michael harrison is editor in chief of talkers magazine and known ingram for years and says she may be a conservative and trump may want her for another skill, handling a hostile press. >> i think that all administrations begin to view the press as hostile. that's part of the nature of the game, and if the press is doing its job, there should be a degree or tension in the white house briefing room. >> reporter: what you may not know about the possible future press secretary is her much more unusual personal life. a life-long conservative once dated keith olbermann and she's never married and instead, she's
4:46 pm
become a mom by adopting a girl from guatemala and two boys from russia and survived breast cancer and says her views on gray relationships changed dramatically watching her gay brother courageously struggle through his partner's battle with aids. she's an accomplished autothor. if trump convinces her to leave all that, it would be a huge deal. >> he'll make a heck of a deal. she's worth a lot more. >> that's part of this question, erin, would she leave 300 radio stations to take a huge cut in pay to becompress secretary? we'll see about that. the other possibilities more traditional type candidates and very well-known to your audience, sean spicer with the republican national committee and jason miller with the trump campaign. erin? >> thank you very much. well, if it is her, there would be sparks. the press briefings in the
4:47 pm
american public would probably tune in to watch. the man whose correctly predicted every presidential election since 1984 and has a new prediction for donald trump. and jeannie on the elect that's gone viral.
4:48 pm
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4:51 pm
on a second term they didn't have a big policy to run on and they didn't have a big foreign policy success like the dispatch of bin laden in the first term. key indicators. >> so those things spell -- when you put it all together, you made this call, that donald trump was going to win. but then there were the polls, right? we all know this now. state by state, nationally, they all showed hillary clinton would win. was there ever a moment you were worried? or were you always confident that you were going to be right? >> you know, when i first came up with my system, my mantra was forget the pundits, forget the polls. forget the events of the campaign. look at the deeper forces, performance by the party in power that drives elections. by the way, polls are not predictions. they are snapshots. they are abused and misused as predictions and, moreover, the polls have this problem with the
4:52 pm
screening of likely voters. they say the error margin is 3% to 4%. that's nonsense. that's sampling error. that assumes everything else, including the screening, for likely voters is 100% right. nate silver is a clerk who compiles polls. those probabilities he comes up with are meaningless because they're no better than the inaccurate polls on which they're based. >> so you said you have a gut feeling about donald trump's presidency. you predicted he would win it. now you have another prediction, which is based on your instinct but nonetheless, obviously, you've been proven right before. so, what is it? >> based on my gut, my prediction is that there's a very good chance that donald trump could face impeachment. why? two reasons. first of all throughout his life he has played fast and loose with the law. he has run an illegal charity in new york state. he has made an illegal campaign contribution through that charity. he has used the charity to
4:53 pm
settle personal business debts. he faces a ricoh lawsuit. >> to be clear i will say those are allegations that have been made. certainly not been proven in a court of law, but continue i just want to make that point. >> i think it has been proven. he stopped raising money for his charity. that has been proven that he didn't register his charity in the state of new york. and, of course, it's well documented -- and it's not been refuted that he broke a cuban embargo at the time that was a serious crime. 12 women have come out and said that he has sexually assaulted them. when he gave a blueprint that that's exactly what he has done. one or more may sue him. remember, it was a paula jones civil lawsuit that opened the door to the impeachment of bill clinton. second reason -- >> quickly before we go, i want to ask you a question, though. on this impeachment, some may say, dr. lichtman, he has a republican house, a republican senate. why would they impeach him? >> my second reason is the
4:54 pm
republicans are nervous about donald trump. he is a loose canon. nobody knows what he really believes or really where he stands. he can't be controlled. the republicans would vastly prefer to have mike pence, an absolutely predictable down the pipe conservative republican. >> dr. lichtman, thank you very much. congratulations on getting it right. you held your own and were proven right. thank you. out front next with jeanne moos, trump's secret weapon to win over the chinese. umm... you wouldn't want your painter to quit part way. i think you missed a spot. so when it comes to pain relievers, why put up with just part of a day? aleve, live whole not part. painter: you want this color over the whole house? why pause a spontaneous moment? cialis for daily use treats ed and the urinary symptoms of bph. tell your doctor about your medicines, and ask if your heart is healthy enough for sex. do not take cialis if you take nitrates for chest pain,
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>> why is china going crazy over donald trump? check this out, from jeanne moos. >> reporter: what do a fevephea and kid speaking mandarin have to do with the perception of donald trump being china? >> china. china. china. >> it's pronounced china. >> bearing such a striking resemblance to the donald's hair that the pheasant's photo went viral. >> he has threatened to ban all bird migration. >> huge flocks of birds migrate
4:59 pm
here every year. they bring bird flu, eat our worms. >> enough with trump's golden mane and the golden pheasant. we're going from pheasants to peasants. [ speaking foreign language ] >> trump's grandchild reciting a chinese poem called sympathy for the peasants has aroused sympathy for the president-elect in china. on china's version of twitter, comments range from impressive. you go, girl. to the talent for marketing must be genetic, huh? she just melted countless chinese people's hearts. [ speaking foreign language ] >> annabellea's mom, ivanka trump, posted videos of her 4-year-old then speaking mandarin months ago but they've just now gone viral in china. iv nachlt. ka told the south china post i have an incredible chinese nanny
5:00 pm
who is teaching her. in this video, arabella portrays a white rabbit. [ speaking foreign language ] >> reporter: a white rabbit, a golden pheasant. >> is this who you want as the next phesatint of the united states? >> reporter: apparently so. now pheasatant-elect. >> i think he would get a kick out of that. thank you for joining us. "ac 360" starts now. good evening. thank you for joining us tonight. efforts to get the new trump administration up and running apparently stall bid infighting and turmoil in the transition team. that and new reporting on the source of it, someone very close to president-elect, someone inside the family circle. also fresh outcry from the floor of the senate. leading lawmaker took to the floor and implored donald trump to rethink his hiring of steve bannon over feelings of racism. an understatement to say emotions are


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