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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  November 16, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PST

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good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. donald trump launches a flurry of twitter attacks to push back against reports that his all-important transition team is in turmoil. here's one. attacking the "new york times" it was tweeted out just a couple hours ago, saying the transition is going so smoothly. minutes ago i asked trump's communications director about that twitter outburst. he downplayed it. >> i would describe it as this is the president-elect setting the record straight and i think this is part of the reason why
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he received such great support last week and why he won the election, because he's not this typical politician. he's not going to be confined by the media norms. when he sees something that's incorrect he's not afraid to stand up and set the record straight. >> but trump's latest firing adding to the concerns of establishment republicans. mike rogers, former chairman of the house intel jligence committee, was booted from the transition team. he was one of several recent dismissals with ties to chris christie. jared kushner is at the center of all this in-fighting. all of this unfolding 65 days away from trump's inauguration. sunlen serfaty is outside trump tower where the president-elect is back at work at his transition headquarters. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. lot of pushback coming from trump transition officials disputing the notion that this last week for them has been a turbulent time for their transition and joining in that chorus this morning is president-elect donald trump himself, taking to twitter to
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tweet out this quote, very organized process and talking about the transition taking polic place, as i decide on cabinet and many other positions, i am the only one who knows who the finalists are. as the process continues today here at trump tower, the team potentially zeroing in and making final decisions on some of these top cabinet posts. eric trump, donald trump's son, just entered trump tower a few minutes ago and spoke briefly with the press. >> reporter: what are you expecting today? what do you guys have planned? >> good day. >> reporter: are you guys [ inaudible ] any more positions today? >> likely. >> reporter: anyone in particular? what are you going to be working on today? >> reporter: how was dinner? >> reporter: now, as many on trump's team are very -- trying very hard to project calmness and steadiness amid all the reports, there has been turnover behind the scenes.
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multiple sources -- i believe we have, by the way, live pictures of senator jeff sessions arriving now at trump tower. he was also here for many hours yesterday. back to the turnover, there are multiple sources that say trump's son-in-law jared kushner is really at the center of much of this in-fighting going on, that he has really been pushing to purge many of the transition members that are closely aligned with former transition head chris christie and one of those who has been shown the door yesterday was former congressman, cnn contributor mike rogers, who was kroesclose aligned with chris christie. here's what he told anderson cooper. >> sometimes in politics, you know, in the palace intrigue there are people who are in and people who are out. the people who have been asked to move on have some relationship with chris christie. in my case i was hired by him.
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so there's a whole series of about five of them that fit that criteria that were asked to leave in the last few days. you know what, that's absolutely the campaign's prerogative. i think there is some confusion going on about a chain of command coming out of new york. hopefully they will get that settled pretty soon. i think they will need to do it because as this clock ticks, all of these decisions become more important. >> reporter: that word confusion really caught my ear, because here we are a week, full week after election day and they are constantly plagued by stories of in-fighting and turnover. certainly not the sort of image you want to project at a time where you need to be making these big decisions. >> as i watch senator jeff sessions at the elevator about to go up to meet mr. trump, eric trump said there might be some -- somebody named today to a cabinet position. we know senator sessions is up for attorney general. he is also being considered for secretary of defense. if you look into your crystal ball, do you see jeff sessions
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being named to a position sometime today? >> reporter: i really believe there potentially could be some announcements coming up, potentially as soon as today. you talked to jason miller in the past hour and he didn't really show his hand but made clear the final decision of course rests with donald trump. sessions, senator sessions was here at trump tower for many many hours yesterday. as you noted, his name has been bandied about for a plethora of positions including defense department and attorney general. there seems to be a feeling within the transition team that he can play in many positions, potentially someone that could be [ inaudible ] given that he is a senator well liked on capitol hill. we will see what position he potentially gets. >> sunlen serfaty, thanks so much. let's talk about all of this. raer larry sabato, david cantonese,
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patricia murphy, welcome to all of you. so much to talk about this morning. larry, mr. trump went on a sort of tweet storm this morning, pushing back against the "new york times" reporting that his transition team is in turmoil. what do you make of that? >> well, [ inaudible ]. >> okay. larry, we will go on and ask patricia that question. while larry fixes his skype, what do you think about trump's tweeting this morning? he tweeted at least four times. >> well, it feels a lot like candidate trump. it doesn't feel like a future president trump. i think what is so unusual about this transition process besides the in-fighting which of course can occur, the information flow out of this process has been so bizarre. the fact the only information we are getting about the transition is from eric trump just shouting across trump tower lobby, from donald trump tweeting early in the morning, then from unnamed
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transition officials and everybody else who got booted off. it doesn't feel like there's transparency, it doesn't feel organized, it doesn't feel like they even had any of this in place before they won. it's just so unusual. i feel like it does send a message that this is a group that didn't have their act together and wasn't ready to become the president. i think they need to certainly kind of button it up and it will be very helpful for members of the media to have a regular information flow. >> yeah. good luck with that. i did talk to jason miller this morning. he's mr. trump's senior communications director. he told me there's no turmoil within the transition team, it's just a bunch of people who are kind of bitter about not being named to white house positions. let's listen to that. >> well, i think it's important to keep in mind that he's actually putting this team together. he's working with the vice president-elect, with the executive director of the transition team, they have a very structured plan and are going through this methodically to make sure they get it right. that's the important thing people need to know. they have the plan in place,
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they will go through, they will do the due diligence to make sure they check people's backgrounds and make sure they are on the up and up and we have a very good team put together. then once he's inaugurated we will do some very exciting things. but there's a clear structure in place. this palace intrigue is really where this comes from usually are folks who aren't up for jobs who may be a little bit bitter or some people who are just maybe bitter that the election didn't go their way last week. >> so david, might this all be coming from people who are bitter and want to say bad things about mr. trump because they are petty? >> yeah, there's probably some of that. that goes on all the time in politics. it is not abnormal to have warring factions within campaigns, within administrations. that is actually pretty normal. i think the difference here with the trump campaign is the outsized role of his family. i don't know if there's ever been a comparison where you have his family members, his sons, his son-in-law, his daughter, who are playing such an
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important role. you would have to go back to probably the kennedys to make that comparison. and go to jared kushner, who obviously has a real problem with chris christie. remember, chris christie put jared kushner's father in prison years ago. so he clearly doesn't like the guy. he's gotten involved in the vice presidential process in blocking christie from ever having a real shot at that. now he has ousted the christie faction in the transition so i just think we can, you know, underestimate the power of jared kushner and he has been a pivotal player through the trump campaign. he's going to be a pivotal player through the transition and probably once trump is in the white house. >> here's two things jason miller told me about jared kushner and larry, you can address this after i inform our viewers what he said last hour to me. he said that jared kushner is not behind the supposed bloodbath in the transition
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team. he's just trying to help out mr. trump in the best way possible. i asked him if a security clearance was requested for jared kushner and jason miller told me no. so it's unclear that jared kushner will have any role at least at this point going on down the line, and according to jason miller, he's not behind the bloodbath or the in-fighting or whatever. >> well, we really don't know one way or the other, but in listening to mr. miller and seeing president-elect trump's tweet about how things are going so smoothly, i would hate to see what chaos is if this is smooth. this is the easy part. the tough part is governing that begins january 20th. so look, people have all kinds of varying sources but it's pretty obvious from statements made by people like your contributor, mike rogers, the former congressman, and others who have been involved in the
7:11 am
process, that something's happening and basically the response of the trump people is who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes. well, i will take the lying eyes, thank you. >> so patricia, so there's a little chaos maybe within the trump transition team, but as long as he's named important positions by the time he needs to, what difference does it make? >> i think it makes a difference. it is sending a signal both to the american people as well as to people around the world, allies, what kind of a president trump is going to be. it's very very important how he's going to run his administration. it's very important who he names to these posts. it's really important how he names them. is this a transparent process, is this a process that's organized, is it a process that's professional, is it out of control, is it run by rumors, is it run by his family? so far we are getting a lot of the latter, not a lot of the former because donald trump has so little experience because we don't know what kind of a person he's going to be in government, all of these are going to tell
7:12 am
us what kind of president we can expect. so far it's not going well. he can certainly turn it around. he can professionalize it. he can start to have regular flow of information. so far it's been a really bad week for them. >> have to leave it there. thanks to all of you. still to come, they're not just angry. they are fearful. next, we tell you about a new wave of anti-trump protests expected today. share the joy of real cream... ...with reddi-wip.
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there is something happening across the country since donald trump's election. i know you feel it. some call it a movement, others turmoil. some pointless. dozens of college campuses, students are expected to stage walkouts in protest of trump's election, declaring the school's sanctuary campuses. some nba teams will not stay in trump's properties when traveling. all of this happening as one trump supporter in new york says he was attacked on the subway because he was wearing his make
7:17 am
america great again hat. let's talk about how america can unite. is it possible? were we ever united? i'm joined by sirius xm radio host dino badala along with s.e. cupp, john phillips and simone sanders. welcome to all of you. so i'm really excited to have this conversation because i do think this sort of conversation will be happening across the country at thanksgiving day tables everywhere. s.e., i just asked you about that. you have a rule already in place. >> not in my house. no. >> no talk? >> we just went through this really difficult, whatever side of the aisle you were on, whatever outcome you were hoping, this was difficult. this was tiresome. i would encourage other families to have those conversations at thanksgiving, just not my family. i need a break. >> that's not very courageous of you. >> it's not, but i need a pause.
7:18 am
we are all still trying to unpack this and i just, i need my family thanksgiving to be a safe space. >> on the other hand, you force people to talk about this. >> i force everyone to talk about trump. i'm like talk to me about trump. i'm obsessed with it. i need an intervention, no doubt. it is shortening my life expectancy, this trump election. i thought we would be done with it, frankly, because the polls told us we would. we are not. we are living through a very difficult time. i'm so glad to see peaceful protesters doing democracy at its core, grassroots, saying we don't like this leader, we don't like someone who trafficked in sexism, bigotry, racism and bragged about sexually assaulting women. there's nothing wrong with them for calling that out. they are doing a great job. you should be calling this out. >> why is -- why are there protests across the country? why are young people coming out in droves saying they are frightened of a trump presidency when the election is over and how can we convince them not to
7:19 am
be so fearful? >> first, i'm looking forward to thanksgiving because then we will get a whole bunch of new things to fight over. someone will burn the yams, someone will show up with a boyfriend that's got piercings all over their face and we can move on and fight about those things. look, it was a tough election. it was a close election. there are a lot of hurt feelings. we had that both in the primary and the general election. thankf athankfully the american people are tough people. we survived the civil war, the great depression, the kennedy assassination, we will get through this, too. >> simone, you have one faction, i talked to jason miller, trump's spokesperson, he said you know what, these are just a few protesters, it will die down. it's a whole bunch of nothing. then you have the other side saying we are really fearful because minorities will be under attack. how do you draw the two together? >> i think the trump folks have to come to realize that these protests aren't just some fringe
7:20 am
thing happening and that there is still real unrest in the country. once folks realize that, we can better come to terms about how to address it and what to do about it. i have said from the beginning if mr. trump would use the twitter fingers he used to attack the "new york times" and everybody else to speak directly to people on both sides but especially the folks stoking this hate, the hate crimes that have been going on out there, i also think it's really important we stress that violence on any side is not okay. but we have to first acknowledge that this exists. first step is to acknowledge you have a problem. trump folks, acknowledge that you have a problem. >> okay. the four of you have very different views. that's why i invited the four of you. you all like each other, right? how are you getting along? what's your secret? >> dean and i actually were on a panel last night in new york facing some very upset liberals
7:21 am
who wanted us to sort of explain how this happened. as happens so often during this election we actually agreed quite a bit on what happened, how we got here, you know, what the future holds. we actually think this could be an exciting time for democracy. there is some optimism. >> i didn't say that. as a muslim, i'm hoping i can stay in america. there is so much common ground we can find. the biggest thing the point was, was listening to the other side. s.e. made that point really well last night. the income gap is so great if someone is a conservative and i'm a progressive, we don't view each other as fellow americans with different views, we view each other as the enemy. we are going to fight and we use terms instantly instead of trying to talk to each other. we have to talk to each other. donald trump, though, frankly, today i hear frank gaffney, in the transition team, one of the leading anti-muslim bigots in the country according to
7:22 am
southern poverty law center, saying muslim brotherhood infiltrated every rank of government and called keith ellison islamic supremacist? that's what you bring to your administration? that sends a message you really don't want us. >> simone and john, you can also talk about things rationally and you have divergent viewpoints. how is it possible for you guys? >> simone is cool as hell and impossible to dislike. i don't know how she puts up with me. >> i like john. i think what's important is that we come on to television and talk about our different views but we remember we are all people, that this is -- there's something outside and past politics. a lot of this rhetoric has gone too far. so when you have the president-elect who has said things like mexicans are rapists and mexico is sending their worst here when he has questioned whether someone can do their job because of their heritage, when he's basically said -- disparaged everybody
7:23 am
from muslims to black people to the disabled community, that rhetoric has gone too far. when you have this extreme rhetoric it's hard for people to come to the table. that's why i really think that john and i get along because john's not going to disrespect me and i'm not going to disrespect john phillips. donald trump has disrespected the american people. we have to come to terms with that. >> hold that thought for a second. high school students have just walked out of classes in protest of the trump presidency. this is the kind of thing happening across the nation. s.e.? >> you know, i want to separate what's happening with students and what's happening with grown-ups, with adults. i think students are doing a little something different. when you are on a college campus that has told you need safe spaces to exercise free speech, i think it sends a really kind of chilling message and i think students are acting out that way. that doesn't mean there isn't
7:24 am
very real fear around -- >> i think students at universities are saying there are undocumented immigrants who go to school there. they don't want those undocumented immigrants sent out of the country or they don't want the ins to come arrest them. they want universities to be a safe space for them. that's what they are protesting across the country today. >> sure. look, i talked about this before. there are very real fears, i don't diminish those fears at all. but i think the college campus safe space thing has gone way too far. there aren't safe spaces in the real world. we have to learn how in college to deal with offensive things. i just wrote a column in "the daily fusenews" talking about w trump needs to say to simone's point to people who might be immigrants, legal and otherwise, who might be foreign, might be muslim, might be minority, he needs to say very clearly immigration, legal immigration is a good thing. diversity is not a bad word. living next door to someone who
7:25 am
doesn't look like you is what makes us great. short of saying all of those things and denouncing white nationalism outright, i think you will continue to have a lot of this distrust, a lot of this suspicion and skepticism that he can actually bridge a very divided country now. >> john, you have long been a trump supporter. does mr. trump need to say this so we can all continue to have rational conversations in the country? >> the primary was a very very very bitter primary. i think a lot of people would say there is zero chance trump will bring the disparate groups in the party that sided with kasich, and bush into the tent. when you look at the election results, he did bring these people back into the tent. they did show up in droves -- >> i'm talking about ordinary americans, some of whom are fearful. that's who we're talking about. >> not republicans. >> not just republicans. does mr. trump need to do
7:26 am
something to ease the fears of some americans? >> yeah, he's a charmer. look, give him a chance. we are eight days after the election right now. we are still in the very beginning stages of what's going on. the american people i believe are fundamentally very fair people. what is going to define the trump presidency is not what we are seeing play out on television right now. it's going to be some unforeseen event. it was 9/11 for george w. bush in his first term and hurricane katrina in his second. how trump responds to that unforeseen event is what's going to dominate and define his presidency. it's not this. this is just the very beginning stages of people that are upset about the results of the election. >> the unforeseen event was donald trump being elected president of the united states. he didn't see it coming. neither did we. so now is the time, donald trump. don't wait. i know he's watching. >> i got to leave it there. thanks to all of you for coming in and talking about a very important issue. thanks so much.
7:27 am
we have a bit of breaking news to pass along. senator mitch mcconnell has just been re-elected as the senate majority leader. no big surprise there, right? >> nope. >> so paul ryan is speaker of the house and mitch mcconnell is senate majority leader. we'll be right back. ♪ i found a better deal on prescriptions. we found lower co-pays... ...and a free wellness visit. new plan...same doctor. i'm happy. it's medicare open enrollment. have you compared plans yet? it's easy at or you can call 1-800-medicare. medicare open enrollment. you'll never know unless you go. i did it. you can too. ♪
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good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. let's head right to capitol hill for breaking news. senator chuck schumer elected senate democratic leader. they are holding their press conference right now. let's listen.
7:32 am
>> stay tuned. stay tuned. >> reporter: what did you learn from the elections that is reflected in your choice? >> we needed a much sharper, bolder, stronger economic message. and we needed to let the american people understand what we all believe, that the system's not working for them and we are going to change it. >> reporter: at the supreme court, where are you willing to draw a line in the sand? >> again, we are deeply disappointed the way our colleagues treated merrick garland. i will underline we did not change the rules for supreme court because we thought on something as important as this, there should be some degree of bipartisan agreement. last question. >> reporter: you talk about the merits of feinstein moving to judiciary, what that means for -- >> dianne feinstein has huge respect in the caucus.
7:33 am
she will be a superb ranking member and she's going to have a very important job. making sure that every aspect of the president's nominee is explored and brought before the public. thank you, everybody. >> that was senator chuck schumer, elected democratic leader. all right. even before donald trump was elected the 45th president the mere suggestion of his being elected and building his wall left thousands of immigrant families fleeing across our borders. the surge of immigrants so great this month, more than 150 agents are stepping up to handle the influx. cnn's polo sandoval in mission, texas with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. consider the mounting numbers for a few seconds here. in august, about 37,000 people crossed the entire border illegally. in september, about 39,000. last month, close to 46,000 people. add it all up, those figures have already exceeded what we
7:34 am
saw during the last migrant surge about two years ago. we learned from government officials that a bulk of some of the border crossings are happening on this stretch of the border, this right here is the rio grande that divides both countries. that land over there is mexico. many more families are expected to come today. that lingering question, what could be behind this latest surge? we came here to find out. it's the second south texas border surge and there are hardly any empty seats on the unmarked buses that pull into the station. thousands of undocumented central american families fleeing crime and poverty are again saturating america's immigration system. they turn themselves in to authorities at the border, are processed, then released wearing an ankle monitor and the promise of returning for a court date. what is it that brings you to the united states? he says the level of crime in his country is what brings him and his son here.
7:35 am
before heading north, carlos and his 4-year-old son made a brief stop at a shelter that opened its doors during the immigration surge of 2014. it's run by sister norma pimentel. >> the violence has escalated so we have families that fear for their lives, especially of their kids. >> reporter: volunteers have been walking these families from the bus station to the shelter and back for already two years now. what's new are the numbers that we are seeing lately. if you hear from some officials here in south texas, they will also tell you there is another reason why so many people are rushing to the u.s. >> they all know about president trump. they all know about a wall. when you talk to them, they know that. >> reporter: the mayor says it's no longer just violence and poverty fueling this wave. >> you talk about building a fence, we are not going to allow people in, you better get over here now before january and the swearing-in ceremony. >> reporter: back in the
7:36 am
shelter, these new arrivals are weighing in. so who comes here fearing that donald trump plan to build a massive border wall? wow. among the crowds, we found this 17-year-old and her father. now that you're here in the u.s., are afraid of the idea of mass deportations. she tells me she fears being returned to her native honduras. on the banks of the rio grande, more migrants emerge out of the darkness and turn themselves in to authorities. it's a seemingly endless flow of families arriving night and day. >> there's a big fear in that community about what's going to happen. but ultimately, what we have to respond is to the fact they are human beings. >> reporter: carlos and his son are starting the u.s. stretch of
7:37 am
his journey. like so many others who are now in their shoes, they face an uncertain future. those additional 150 border agents already working this morning. the focus of their responsibilities will be processing all of these new migrants in some detention centers so the local agents are right here on the border, really working on some of those apprehensions. >> polo sandoval live from mission, texas. coming up, students across the country, you see them taking a stand. these pictures taken just moments ago. these high school students walking out in protest in rockville, maryland. they are from richard montgomery high school. they are very concerned about undocumented immigrants.
7:38 am
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welcome back. out to new york right now, you can see that's the mayor of new york city, bill de blasio. he's about to get into the elevator to meet with donald trump, the president-elect. the mayor has vowed to defend undocumented immigrants so it might be a very interesting conversation. the mayor in los angeles vowed the same thing, as did the los angeles police chief. here's what he said. >> we are going to maintain the same posture we always have. we don't make detentions or arrests solely based on status. if the federal government takes a more aggressive role in deportation, they will have to do that on their own. >> in other words, no cooperation from the police chief in los angeles, california. let's talk about this. i'm joined by providence, rhode island mayor and dan stein, president of the federation for
7:43 am
american immigration reform. welcome to both of you. mr. mayor, i want to start with you. you, too, have pledged to protect undocumented immigrants in your city. what does that mean exactly? >> right. so people in the community, they are concerned and they are scared because of what they heard from donald trump during the campaign, and for me it's very important to reassure all our residents that regardless of what they hear at the national level, they are safe here in providence and we have their back at the local level. i'm really encouraged it's not just providence but cities across the country that have made the same pledge that if donald trump takes an even more aggressive stance, especially around people who are living otherwise law-abiding lives, we will stand together and make sure we stand up for our undocumented immigrant families. >> dan, when you hear that, what goes through your mind? >> look, carol, americans are dying all over the country. they are victims of crime all over the country because there are towns and cities that are not cooperating with immigration authorities.
7:44 am
aliens who should have been deported have not been deported. we don't want to see this continue. we want to see our immigration laws enforced. non-cooperation resolutions basically mean these communities, these municipalities, do not hold aliens who ought to be deported so that federal authorities can come and pick them up. some of the rhetoric that we are hearing from some politicians sounds more like they want to actually obstruct the operation of enforcement. we are counting on donald trump to overturn sanctuary resolutions to defund it and we agree with most law enforcement authorities and the national sheriffs association that these policies are a threat to public safety and national coheranace. >> are undocumented immigrants committing violent crime in your city? >> we have been very clear about this, that if folks are committing crimes or if there's a criminal warrant, those folks,
7:45 am
there's cooperation with i.c.e. not just in providence but across the country. we are talking about folks living otherwise law-abiding lives and what has been encouraging up to this point is that to hear donald trump has walked away from his more concerning and frankly, terrifying rhetoric to go sort of house by house and door to door to find folks who don't have documented immigration status and what we want to do for those individuals, we are not talking about folks who are committing crimes. folks who are living law-abiding lives, at the local level, we will stand by you and make sure you can continue to be a part of our community. so scaring folks into thinking that this is going to increase crime, that's simply not true and it's concerning. what we are talking about are law-abiding folks who are otherwise just living their lives, going about their business. they should feel safe in our cities and mayors across the
7:46 am
country are standing up to speak for them because they are part of our community. we will make sure they're safe. >> so dan, mr. trump said on "60 minutes" last sunday that he wants to round up, i don't know if round up is the correct word, but wants to deport two to three million undocumented immigrants who supposedly have criminal records. a, how exactly will he find those people, especially if he doesn't have the support of somebody like the lapd chief, right, and b, how can he deport them if you don't go door to door to try to find them? >> well, look, we just saw that there are now hundreds of thousands of people pouring across our borders because they know if they get in the country, there's almost zero chance they will ever be removed. but look, we have almost a million aliens under final orders of deportation. they are fugitives who had their day in court and haven't actually shown up for deportation. those people would be first on the list. naturally, violent criminal aliens, felons, people who are associated with terrorist organizations or whathave you,
7:47 am
they are going to be a priority. but the basic rule of thumb is we have immigration laws and we talk about the rule of law, our immigration laws are being disrespected by millions of people all over the country. how do we expect to be a nation of laws if one group of people in this country basically say they don't have to respect immigration laws and can jump the line in front of millions of other people? that's ultimately what's at stake here. if these mayors want to actually obstruct the operation of federal immigration law enforcement by lying in front of buses and that sort of thing, that's a fell aony obstruction justice. americans should not be furthering the effort of people to stay in this country illegally. it's fell aony harboring. >> is that your plan, to lay in front of buses and would you risk arrest to protect undocumented immigrants in your city? >> what i told my community and what i will continue to tell them is that here in providence we have their back and are not going to sacrifice any of our
7:48 am
residents because of what may be coming down the pike on immigration at the national level. i do have to say that sen essentially what donald trump laid out as his immigration priority is essentially what obama's immigration policy has been, to focus on folks with criminal warrants and criminal detainers and if it gets extended beyond that, to folks who are living otherwise law-abiding lives, that's where we have some of the most terrifying aspects of the campaign rhetoric being actualized, and that's where mayors across the country, we are going to continue to stand up in many different ways to make sure that our folks are protected. that's what this is about. this isn't about folks who are committing crimes or violent crimes or have criminal detainers against them. this is about otherwise law-abiding folks just going about their business. they are part of our community and mayors across the country are going to continue to stand up for them. >> i have to leave it there. thanks to both of you. we'll be right back.
7:49 am
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there will be no quarterback controversy in dallas for now, according to tony romo. hines ward has more in today's bleacher report. >> reporter: yes, tony romo says the cowboys now belong to rookie quarterback dak prescott. romo broke a bone in his back in the preseason when dak took over as the starting quarterback. since then, the cowboys have gone 8-1. now romo is healthy and ready to play but in a prepared statement yesterday, he said that dak is the man in dallas now. >> he's earned the right to be our quarterback. as hard as that is for me to say, he's earned that right. he's guided our team to an 8-1 record and that's hard to do. >> reporter: lebron james is not
7:54 am
happy with legendary coach phil jackson. in an interview, he referred to lebron's group of friends that he hangs with as lebron's posse. lebron didn't like that type of label being used for his inner circle and says he lost respect for phil jackson. >> if you go and read the definition of what the word posse is, it's not what i built over my career, not what i stand for, not what my family stands for. the only reason he used that word because he sees young african-americans trying to make a difference. >> reporter: after a weekend full of college football upsets, ohio state found themselves being the biggest winners when college football playoff rankings were announced. ohio state moved from fifth to second. michigan remains at number three after they lost to unranked iowa. clemson dropped from second to fourth while undefeated alabama still remains on top.
7:55 am
carol, alabama is clearly the top dog but after that, it's up for grabs. >> oh, you know i'm for ohio state, though, right? >> reporter: yes, i know. >> can we talk about the detroit lions for just a second? they are in first place and my world has tilted. can you believe it? >> reporter: yes. the nfc north is a coin flip. anyone can win that division. >> say the detroit lions play on thanksgiving and it might not be a terrible game after all, right? >> reporter: you're right. >> there is hope in detroit. it always dies quickly, doesn't it? hines, thanks so much. thank you for joining me today. i'm carol costello. "at this hour with berman and bolduan" after a break. in everything that matters? coming in first place...
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if the walls could talk at trump tower. side note, can marble talk? we'll see. would they tell stories of teamwork or turmoil? all eyes once again on the lobby of trump tower. will the president-elect announce today his picks for more key administration positions? according to his son eric, it's likely. >> reporter: what are you expecting for today? what do you guys have planned? >> good day. >> reporter: good day? are you guys planning on naming any more positions today? >> likely. >> reporter: likely? anyone in particular? >> he said likely. i heard him say likely. >> as it reverberated off the mau marble walls. trump took to twitter overnight to push back, posting this, very organized process taking place as i decide on cabinet and many other positions. i am the only one who knows who the finalists are. >> yet, yet, at least five


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