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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  November 16, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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he never revived. within three hours we were at the hospital next to his bed side and he was gone. >> megyn, thank you very much. >> thanks for having me. i'm a fan. >> me, too. the book is settled for more. if you're joining us at the top of the hour. hillary clinton has just finished talking for the first time cynic her concession speech. she spoke in front of old and dear friends talking in front of the children's defense fund in washington. joe, what did she talk about? >> well, going back to her roots, really, anderson. the children's defense fund and hillary clinton go all the way back to 1973. this happens to be the same place that bill clinton gave his first speech after he was elected. so her remarks intended to be encouraging, never once actually uttered the name of donald trump. among the things she said, that she could admit, this was not the easiest thing. she wanted to curl up and not
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come out. then she said this. >> i know many of you are deeply disappointed about the results of the election. i am, too. more than i can ever express. but as i said last week, our campaign was never about one person or even one election. it was about the country we love and about building an america that is hopeful, inclusive and big hearted. i ask you to stay engaged. stay engaged on every level. america needs you. your energy, your ambition, your talent. that's how we get through this. that's how we help to make our contributions to bend the arc of the moral universe toward justice. i know this isn't easy. i know that over the past week, a lot of people have asked themselves whether america is the country we thought it was.
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the divisions laid bare by this election run deep. but please, listen to me when i say this. america is worth it. our children are worth it. believe in our country, fight for our values, and never, ever give up. >> hillary clinton agreed to give this appearance before the children's defense fund here at the newseum in washington, d.c. even before the election and still though, anderson, this is her first public remarks since the painful concession speech at the new yorker hotel the day after the election. >> so this was something she had already planned. even if she had become president, she would have still appeared at this event. and she pointed out tonight, i think this was the first one she and her husband bill clinton went to after he was elected. >> right. so if she had won the election,
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it would have certainly been an echo of something that happened all the way back in the early '90s right after bill clinton was elected. but wasn't meant to be. instead, this is more or less a swan song. an attempt on encourage her supporters in spite of that election where i think she told you there that many people she has spoken to are pretty much crest fallen. >> thank you very much. donald trump's transition is going so smoothly, just ask him. whether from his twitter fingers. we've seen it all today. from outside trump tower, what do we know about the transition? >> reporter: we do have a little breaking news to pass on. in the last few moments we were able to confirm with a transition official that nikki haley, the governor of south
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carolina, will be meeting with donald trump tomorrow here at trump tower, along with other officials here. but i can tell you that governor haily under consideration for secretary of state as well as other cabinet positions. that's something we're looking at. donald trump met with a number of critical potential cabinet appointees earlier today. he met with in addition to that general mike flynn, the retired general who was a part of donald trump's campaign. he is under consideration for national security adviser. that is also something that was discussed. what we're hearing, they said that the trans significance starting to deploy what they call landing teams at various agencies and apartments around the federal government critically tomorrow.
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they're arriving at national security agencies and departments of the federal government. so that is something that's starting to move forward as part of the trump transition. one thing we did hear earlier today. he said this process is going along smoothly. there were some bumps. one report we did hear, jared kushner was working behind the scenes inside the trump transition trying to route out people. he was motivated as some sort of revenge mission. but i'm told by a transition source. they're pushing back very strongly saying that he was not doing that. so you can see that they're starting to put the puzzle pieces into place. they got into a late start. they weren't expecting to win
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the election. he is meeting with the form he secretary of state henry kissinger. other top officials tomorrow. >> we appreciate the update. sources say much of the transition turmoil involving kushner, he has reportedly overseen the christie hires. the crump campaign is now pushing back on that. including experts in the field including the house intelligence committee chairman mike rogers. there have been a variety of policy reasons. chris christie once sent jared kushner's father to prison. >> in 2004, he game focus of a federal investigation. charged in a bizarre attempt to silence a federal witness. it all stepped from an
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accusation that kushner had been making campaign contributions using names of his employees, so co-skirt the federal contribution limits. what makes this so interesting is that the man prosecuting kushner was then u.s. attorney for new jersey, chris christie. >> investigation has surrounded potential charges of federal criminal tax violations and violations of the federal campaign contribution laws. >> but there is a different and almost shakespearean dynamic. charles kushner's sound is jared, ivanka's husband. charles kushner, a democrat, often donated to democratic candidates. in 2002, his brother and his accountant filed lawsuits against kushner alleging financial irregularities. accusing kushner of evading federal limits on campaign contributions. kushner struck a deal agreeing
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to pay more than $500,000 in fines to the federal election commission. he admitted using the name of employees for contributions. he said he defrauded the irs by claiming charitable contributions as busines expenses. in the course of that investigation, chris christie's team discovered something else. that charles kushner had attempted to blackmail a federal witness. using a prostitute as bait. >> when people under investigation decide to take the law into their own hands. to obstruct justice to. attempt to impede the rule of law. it is our obligation to act swiftly and surely to end the obstruction. >> it turns out kushner hired a prostitute to have intersection his brother-in-law since he was cooperating with investigators looking into the campaign contributions. kushner the sexual encounter
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video tamed and spent tape to the man's wife. kushner's sister. >> he undertook this to have it gain leverage over the cooperating witnesses. >> kushner pleaded guilty and was sentenced to two years in prison. he served one year behind bars before being sent to a halfway house. he was release in the 2006. years ago his son jared told new york magazine about his dad, his sibling stole every piece of paper from his office and they took it to the government. all did he was put the tape together and send it. today jared kushner clearly hasn't forgotten who put the man behind bars was chris christie and now he is exacting his revenge. cnn, new york. >> a fascinating back story. back the panel now. how much of that past do you think has been resolved between them? they were working together. >> i've been told they clearly
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have a complicated relationship. but they put it behind them for the good of donald trump's campaign. kushner appreciated christie came out first for donald trump as the rival, and a lot of people have joked about him doing so publicly. >> there has been clearly a purging of christie from the transition. >> this is true. i've gotten into the reporting of it to find out how involved has jared kushner been? my sources tell me that it has been a lot less jared kushner and much more people wanting christie out after bridgegate. that it was much more that some of christie's staff was convicted of some of the staff members were convicted of causing the big tie-up of the bridge. so i think there has been an
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interesting patch between them. one thing did i confirm, jared cush never has been involved in, no more d.c. hacks. and christie had put in there a lot of lobbyists. and he doesn't want lobbyists in. there i don't know if it was as motivated for christie. and you have a story by jared cush never mulling over a cope. we also know, nikki haley coming tomorrow to trump tower. unclear what part she would play. >> there was a part of it, it was described as the front-runner, the clear lead. that's what i had been told by sources in the transition, by people close to giuliani. giuliani has been telling people that he all but has this based
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on my reporting. i had to wonder when i saw this about nikki hail quli did not support trump. she was pretty critical of him during primaries. trump has told several people that he is keeping his own list of transition names and people shouldn't believe everything they're reading. >> finalists. >> but he's said this that he will collect names from his children. don't believe everything you're reading. i think trump likes to feel in control of these things. so even though in a transition you are assigning people to do it for you, he is creating his own process. >> you were at times reporting about could not 96th within the transition team. >> you could have just stopped the sentence, pushing back on the "new york times." >> i'm really struck by this
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conference call. transition held a conference saying anybody who comes from the administration will not be able to come for five years after. >> in washington, it is a revolving door. >> it is squint the drain the swamp message which is really what helped him get elected toward end. it ties your hands in certain respects, getting rid of the lobbyists. in terms of the transition team. i've been very struck, on their heels, the last eight or nine days this transition has been. they haven't had a clear message what they want to say their priorities are. i understand that trump is trying to get control of that. we had three days of stories about steve bannon and then transition chaos and they didn't do a whole lot to grab hold of this and tell the country what they want to do. that's what this is supposed to be about. >> it seems like in past transitions, there is more daily
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updates or much more of a public face to the transition. >> sometimes that's true. >> i think this is donald trump and things will be done differently. what 7 a washington establishment of both parties does things in what i can attest is a very conventional fashion. in the drain swamp mood, very, very different. this will come out in different ways. >> if they really do ban people from joining lobbying firms from five years after, that's a major shift. >> it is fantastic for the american taxpayer. this guy is not going on conform. he is not going to worry about what the media is saying. i'm glad they won't worry about the media and they're more focused on going in and making substantive change. >> the trump team will start to
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have daily briefings at 10:30 a.m. and will take questions from reporters. what do you make of this no lobbyists after five years. >> obama had the exact same policy when he came in. no lobbyists that were allowed to be considered for positions. that changed somewhat. they had exceptions and then they were criticized for it. that's nothing new. hopefully, what people are worried with is that it does really look like chaos. you talk about how trump loves doing things unconventionally. there is a reason why there is a procedure in terms of transition. it is a huge government. he has to appoint more than 4,000 people. these are processes and procedures. it is not just convention for convention's sake. there is an issue that part of what the hold-up was, they
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couldn't get their act together to actually sign the memorandumums that you needed to sign so obama's team could talk to the transition people on trump's team. >> then does it put to it stark relief that somebody like rudolph giuliani who has extensive business ties overseas who started as soon as he left office and continued until recently? >> i'm biased with rudolph giuliani. i know him very well. i know him from smoking cigars in florida. that being said, be careful what you wish for. you just may get it. rudy, even if he is rudy, even if so many republican senators like him, and have campaigned for him, he will have to go through scrutiny that anybody would. and he has a lot of lobbying past and record and foreign governments and it will be a major issue for democrats. and i think even for some republicans like rand paul.
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south carolina governor nikki haley will meet tomorrow.
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it will be an unconventional move and then little trump has done has been typical. talking about joining hands with russia and syria, his words have caused a stir. here to talk about it, anchor of gps and airing weekends cnn. it is interesting as jim acosta was reporting on and as "the new york times" has reported as well. this idea that some allies are having a hard time figuring out who to get to talk to to talk to donald trump. there was talk from someone in australia, swung using a cell phone someone had on a golf course. it is an odd situation. >> it is unconventional like everything he's done. i don't think one should make too much of the process issue. he is clearly someone who doesn't have a back grounds in government. doesn't really know how this works. >> and may not have expected to win and therefore does not have
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a clear transition structure in place. that will work itself out. i think what is more worrying to the people i've been talking to abroad, what would he stand for? you have this very odd situation where the president of the free world, has been electricity. the people who seem ecstatic are bashar al assad in syria who says, trump will be our ally. the hungarian president. the government in poland which has been trying on shut down or close media and the judiciary. they made a statement saying maybe we'll be able to restore our relations with the united states. >> when he likes you -- >> and the people who have been concerned have been germany. france. it has been very interesting to
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watch how the united states's closest allies have real concerns and consternations. and some are celebrating. it is a warning. >> it is interesting how donald trump sees, he's talked about a lot of the relationships. sort of transactional as opposed to, first a national security standpoint or an historic standpoint. it is about a deal. it is about, we're not, they're not paying enough. it is not an unfair situation. >> you put your finger on it. the people in europe i've talked to, particularly eastern europe, say exactly that. they say it seems like the president of the united states views the western alliance as a series of transactions. the way we view it is an alliance based on shared values, shared interests, shared commitments. for us, it is an insurance
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policy. a person in poland said, we were wiped off the map because of russians and german invasions. for us, our security is guaranteed by the words of the american president. that's what deters russia. russia has a much larger army than poland. they could cross that border very easily. what deters them is the expense the west will be united and the sechbls unity and the steadfastness has traditionally come from the president of the united states. it is very interesting to see how merkel responded. the chancellor of germany. she said this is great as long as it is about shared democratic, liberal democratic values. what she was saying, if you're going to be the leader of a free liberal democratic world, we're delighted to be partners. but that's the criteria. >> there has to be
6:25 pm
consternation, there is breks it. for a lot of them, it is not a popular thing. you're seeing the rise of the right in france as well stoex notion of this quest for change is not something stopped after brexit and donald trump. >> this reaction to migration, which is at the heart of it, could kind of unravel the entire western project as it. were after world war ii, the united states helped to build this very stable order in the western world that has produced peace and prosperity. people forget, friends in germany went to war three time in the preceding 75 years before 1945. so that's all been put to an end. the united states imposed a kind of liberal order, small l. and i think they're all worried that if trump is a signal, if you upend the party in france
6:26 pm
winning the french presidency and these parties are very nationalist. they say we don't want any part of europe or the western alliance. you will have an unraveling of this whole order built after 1945. and the europeans look at it as one of the most cherished creations. this has preserved peace ask prosperity ask has allowed people to not worry that the kinds of wars. it is these things. the personnel, that's much less important. >> much more breaking news. steve bannon calling on president trump to revoke his strategist. plus, how bannon may have flattered his way into donald trump's circle and shaped his policies. a farmer's market. a fire truck. even a marching band. and if i can get comfortable talking about this kiester, then you can get comfortable using preparation h.
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the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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senator bernie sanders add go his voice calling trump to cut ties with steve bannon. here's what sanders said tonight.
6:31 pm
>> i call upon mr. trump to rescind the appointment that he made of mr. bannon. a president of the united states should not have a racist at his side. unacceptable. >> the man who sparked the back lash was chief of the campaign. before the that, breitbart news. tonight there's a new window on trump and bannon's close relationship and how it was forged. the "washington post" has looked at nine interviews before bannon joined the campaign. he was an early supporter when trump still seemed like a long shot. this clinton was from last november. >> we were telling people at the time. look, this guy, people are leaning forward in these audiences when he was talking. we were mocked and ridiculed. what are you doing? this is a joke. the sunday show, they told us
6:32 pm
how they were laughing at me when i said this guy, this will be very serious. so it is good to see that you're in the heat of combat now. >> i remember that, especially because i would mess up my hair when i would put those big microphones around. but i remember that you looked and you said, boy, there's a big crowd here. you got more than anybody else by far. >> david from the "washington post" joins me now. these interviews that you've been going through with trump and steve bannon, they are really fascinating. you see breakdown of how donald trump operates behind closed doors and how he responds to particularly some compliments. even basic things about the size of his crowds or his poll numbers. >> yes. that's right. and bannon often begins the interviews either his poll numbers or his negotiating skills. i know you're a great negotiator. in one case he said i know you're a great student of military history.
6:33 pm
you're very strong in dealing with military people. we've seen howard stern do it with donald trump. it is a great way to ingratiate yourself. it works better with him better than most people. >> i remember in the early days when i interviewed trump and a number of other people would as well. if they didn't start off by asking or appointmenting out the poll numbers or pointing out the crowds, he would actually get annoyed by and he would bring up the poll numbers. i remember i started out by asking about a latest poll number which wasn't gas as a poll number that had come out earlier that day and he pointed that out. that i was focusing on this newer number as opposed to the better number. >> that's right. you see in these conversations, what we've seen for a long time. that he values affirmation. couldn't assistant affirmation. and i think we see, in these radio interviews over the air. you can see the way bannon influences trump, that he knows
6:34 pm
the things trump values in his own self-image and he plays those up to open the conversation. >> one of the things that i've said, i enjoyed interviewing donald trump, and i like the fact he sits down for interviews, did early on and answers questions, unlike a lot of politicians who answer the questions that they wish you had asked them. you can ask me a hypothetical and he'll go for it. sometimes he probably shouldn't. but i think i have credited him for that i want to place another piece of sound in which bannon asks trump about his statements on closing down mosques after the terrorists. >> you got a lot of blowback the other day. were you actually saying -- >> at a minimum. we have to start that back up again in new york city and elsewhere. >> what i'm saying is you're not prepared to let an enemy from
6:35 pm
within tear down this country. >> that's right. if i'm president, it isn't going to happen. >> as you point out, it seems fast bannon is giving him the answer in asking the question. coaching him on policy and in real-time, which we've seen some other interviewers do as well. >> that's right. you can see, bannon recognizes that trump has said something that is impolitics even for trump. and he tries to steer him. this is most extreme case. trump had said the night before on "hannity"y, you have to shut down masks. did you really mean that? or this other thing is that he asks about turkey. could he take on erredigan in turkey. he said a conflict of interest. i have two big towers in istanbul. well, did you really mean you have a conflict of interest? can you reassure us that you don't have a conflict of interest? he is telling trump what it would be better not to say.
6:36 pm
>> i think back to the chris matthews interview. chris matthews. don't think abortion should be legal or up to the states? do you think women should be punished who have an abortion? if chris matthews had given him the option, if doctors be punished, trump would have gone to doctors, but because matthews didn't prays as a possibility, he latched on to the one thing matthews gave him which was punish women. in a bannon interview, he tosses him a life line. it is fascinating to break it down as you have. >> in some cases, he frames an issue. well, do you think we should fight climate change or should we fight isis? >> either/or? >> that's a binary choice. one or the other. the way he sets it up, well, climate change is really just weather. we should fight isis. an interesting insight the way
6:37 pm
bannon or anyone can do it. >> appreciate you being with us. thank you. >> just ahead, given the breaking nikki haley breaking news. ♪ ♪ is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the season of audi sales event is here. audi will cover your first month's lease payment on select models during the season of audi sales event. (bing) the search for relief often leads here.s, introducing drug-free aleve direct therapy. a high intensity tens device that uses technology once only in doctors' offices. for deep penetrating relief at the source. new aleve direct therapy.
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nikki haley under consideration for secretary of state. as is rudolph giuliani. will his success in the business world keep him out of the cabinet? >> rudolph giuliani wants to be secretary of state and rudolph giuliani thinks he is better than the other choices. yes. someone asked. >> is there anybody better? >> maybe me. i don't know. >> he is direct. he is an unabashed supporter of donald trump and not afraid to repeat and even double down on the kind of rhetoric that left no doubt where the president-elect stands on the issues. >> islamist extremist terrorists. you know who you are! and we're coming to get you. >> giuliani's temperament for the job is coming into question. but so are his many business
6:42 pm
ties across the globe. though not a direct comparison, because rudolph giuliani was a private citizen. they are the same kinds of ties that rudolph giuliani found problematic when he labeled the clinton foundation and secretary of state hillary clinton as engaging in a pay to play scheme run out of the department of state. >> the clinton foundation to me is a racketeering enterprise. >> turning the state department into a pay or the play operation. >> he rose to national prom negligence on september 11, 2001. he became known as america's mayor. but that fame failed to catapult him into a higher office. what it did do was make rudolph giuliani rich. he traveled the globe, big dollar speeches. gaining security consulting contracts with foreign entities including some countries that aren't always on the best of terms with the u.s. the list of clients and
6:43 pm
countries spread from europe to the middle east to central and south america. his law firm even recommended citgo. it adds up to a tremendous amount of experience making money overseas. but his political experience is still limited to an american mayor, says david, with foreign policy magazine. >> he was a pretty good mayor of new york city. but he has no foreign policy experience. further more, his experience as mayor and what he has done since has raised some serious questions. >> like his support of what was once considered a terrorist organization. it has gotten support from both democrats and republicans over the years, and secretary of state hillary clinton actually removed the group from the state department's list of terror organizations. but rudolph giuliani took money from the group. and that could be raised as a
6:44 pm
conflict of interest. >> their interest is using the u.s. to overthrow iranian regime. if he is continuing to take them seriously, whether it was because he was paid by them or he thinks they have good ideas, that's extremely dangerous. >> the bigger issue critics worry about is his temperament. on the campaign trail, he would say almost anything. >> dead people generally vote for democrats. >> don't you think a man with this economic genius is a lot better than the united states than a woman? >> and referring to clinton -- >> the only thing she has ever produced is a lot of work for the fbi checking out her e-mails. >> yes. a good campaign surrogate. but is that the temperament needed for a good secretary of state? >> one of the reasons rudolph giuliani is popular is he is direct like donald trump. one of the reasons donald trump likes the idea of rudolph giuliani as secretary of state,
6:45 pm
you will get a foreign policy that looks like donald trump. it will be loud, it will be direct, it will be in your face. it will also be like donald trump, inexperienced, compromised by prior business ties and come with a lot of controversy. >> he won the battle for the white house but three luxury apartment buildings in new york have lost his name. the move comes after a move by hundreds of residents. >> residents in three manhattan apartment buildings voting against trump and winning, thanks in part to a petition signed by hundreds of supporters. the new york city high rises are dumping the trump name from the building exteriors. construction workers were seen removing the trump place letters and then carrying them into the building. one address covers the where the
6:46 pm
letters used to be. and another uses a power washer to scrub away the dirt left behind. the rebranding is not only happening on the outside. >> i saw the door men carrying out their new wardrobes, the new uniforms that don't have the trump simple. she said she would have done it if she'd known about it. >> i think i would have. it goes hand in whand my vote. >> they are, quote, embarrassed to be living in a building with the words, trump place, in front. >> he is anti-feminist, anti-immigrant, he is anti-almost everything except the one person and that's donald trump. and that's why it was so important to us who live in the building to have his name removed. >> but as the street turned construction site attracted tourists taking pictures, there
6:47 pm
were some new yorkers. >> the election is over, we elected the next president of the united states and we should be patriotic. we should stand behind him. >> workers are replacing the trump name with the street address. when we reached out to the management company, they didn't get political. they said contract between firm and the contract ran out. they said assuming a more neutral building identity will appeal to all current and future zenlts. >> they're trying to separate the business side from the business side. >> the residents who signed it are happy it is gone. >> what are others telling you? >> there is a building that's neighboring those high rises.
6:48 pm
it still has the trump name. those letters are not coming down because the trump organization still manages that property. that property has homeowners. they tone apartments. and i talked on one of them. she said being identified with trump lowers her property value. she said she thinks it is bad for her pocket book ask she plans on taking it up very soon. we may see more letters coming down down. [ sneezes ] i have a big meeting when we land, but i'm so stuffed up, i can't rest. nyquil cold and flu liquid gels don't unstuff your nose. they don't? alka-seltzer plus night liquid gels fights your worst cold symptoms. plus, unstuffs your nose. oh, what a relief it is.
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. on election night, donald trump continued a tradition. winning the lone star state, started back in 1980 with ronald reagan's victory, this time around one county really went red. gary tuck man reports. >> reporter: here in the texas panhandle, roberts county, donald trump is very popular. >> he stands for the working americans and that's middle class and that's a lot of us. >> very, very popular. >> i think he's just a true, honest man. >> reporter: as a matter of fact, this could be considered the most pro-trump county in america. 95.3% of voters cast their ballots for donald trump, his highest percentage of any county in the nation. only 20 people in this tiny county voted for hillary clinton. this is the county seat; it's
6:53 pm
pronounced miami. and we meet jenna anderson and ask about trump demonstration around the country. >> i respect their right to priest if they keep protest if they keep it a peaceful way. >> it breaks your heart to think there's people out there that this is what they've got to do to get attention. >> i think it's ridiculous. that's little kids throwing a temper tantrum. >> reporter: the loyalty is deep here in miami. jim holloway is the local high school athletic director. >> i think he probably thinks he can get mexico to help pay for it but i don't see how you're going to get another sovereign nation to pay for a wall. >> reporter: does that bother you that he kept saying that over and over again when you never thought it could happen in the first place? >> no, he's still saying he's going to do it. >> when trump says he's going to bomb the hell out of isis, do you think he's going to do that?
6:54 pm
>> i expect him to tighten the situation up. i think he was talking out of his ass, so to speak. keep them off our soil. >> reporter: the publishing editor of the miami chief says trump needs to investigate his pledge into hillary clinton. >> you would feel differently about trump if he didn't pursue that? >> i would feel disappointed, yes. >> he's promised to repeal obamacare s. that important to you? >> yes that is extremely important. >> i don't know if you know, but the other day, he said maybe he'd be open to keeping parts of it. would that bother you? >> if he goes back on his promises that will be disturbing for a lot of people. >> before this day is over in the reddest of counties, we talked to this republican. >> tell me who you voted for on election day. >> hillary. >> you voted for hillary? >> yes, the first time we voted democrat in jillion years. >> shirley womilliamson is one the 20.
6:55 pm
she said he liked hillary clinton's political experience. >> how hard is it to vote for hillary clinton in roberts county, texas? >> it would be hard. >> has any be given you a hard time? >> ebb nobody knows. >> when was the last time roberts county went blue in a presidential election? . >> reporter: anderson, it's been generations. in 1976, jimmy carter won the presidency over gerald ford. he lost in roberts county. in 1960, 64, and 68, texas voted for the democrats but roberts county voted for the republicans. it wasn't until 1948, the last time roberts county wanted a democrat accident there was harry tr har harry truman, and that was dewy defeats truman. this county is very loyal to republicans. >> gary, thank you we'll be right back.
6:56 pm
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reminder about some programming tomorrow night, it's a look in the eyes of both campaigns, tomorrow how different it sounded from the beginning. >> the name-calling, you know, it's one of those things we all looked at each other and thought, what the hell is going on. what is this, you know, presidential candidate giving nicknames to his rivals, little marco lying ted and so forth. what happened when you get on
7:00 pm
the campaign trail and you talk to people at these rallies, they would pick it up, crooked hillary, lying ted, little marco and it is sort of a genius way of branding instead of branding himz, he w himself, he was branding his rivals. >> that's tomorrow night at 9:00, inside the clinton campaign on friday night at 9:00. "cnn tonight" with don lemon starts now. > . >> announcer: this is cnn breaking news. hillary clinton makes her first speech since losing to donald trump. i'm don lemon, and short a short time ago, saying this to her reporter. >> our campaign was never about one person or even one election. it was about the country we love and about building an america that is hopeful, inclusive, and big-hearted.