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tv   CNN Newsroom With Brooke Baldwin  CNN  November 17, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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face to face speaking with foreign leader japan's prime minister shinzo abe on a very busy day over at trump tower where this -- we'll call it a parade of potential picks for his cabinet and white house staff descending upon what has become transition central. let's throw up faces here. among visitors you have henry kissinger, former secretary of state, mayor of cincinnati, governor in florida and south carolina's governor nikki haley who, according to a source is being considered for secretary of state. the visit now getting the biggest buzz, cnn has learned that mitt romney is on trump's agenda for the weekend so let's go to phil mattingly with the scoop and, again, this is a man, phil mattingly, who in that utah speech called mr. trump a phony and fraud and fake but kudos to both of them for -- >> also con man repeatedly. and a very lengthy speech and somebody who never came around. there were a lot of republicans
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who said they wouldn't support donald trump throughout the primary process and came around. nikki haley being one of those individualings, not mitt romney. here's why this matters, this is important. first and foremost the source -- mark preston, our stellar colleague was who broke this news. >> stellar. >> saying this is a one-on-one meeting between donald trump and mitt romney that will discuss covering and a potential spot in a donald trump cabinet. why this matters is a couple reasons, no question in the first week in the wake of donald trump's stunning election, mohelty mattered, it always matters to donald trump but it mattered to his team as well so a lot of republicans felt on the outside, because we didn't support you wholeheartedly we weren't allowed into the transition process and republicans were worried about what that meant for the future administration. there's talent that would be expelled because of that so this addresses that a bit as well but this is also a very clear sign to republicans worried about the direction of this administration that, hey, we're willing to talk to anybody and you all respected mitt romney, you got behind mitt
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romney in 2012, everybody respect what is mitt romney did in organizing the olympics, as a governor of massachusetts and we're talking to him. everybody else should be willing to come in as well. it's an important olive branch from the trump folks and an important olive branch for mitt romney recognizing this is the president-elect and the man he has to work with and for. >> hopefully bettering america has governor haley been there? >> she was very opposed to him while she was supporting rubio. she did come around. we have sources telling us she is in the running for a spot as high as secretary of state a lot of republican officials are scratching their head but when you talk to trump advisors, the point them to make is we're bringing in talented people that we think can contribute. will she be the secretary of state selection? nobody is saying that, rudy giuliani clearly has the leg up on that but that she's willing to come in and the trump
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advisors want to bring her and others in the party in is an important moment for a campaign, a transition, that's had difficulty over the last couple days and now every time you talk to somebody they say "hey, we're getting it back on track, we giving the president-elect the opportunity to make the decisions to help this administration going forward. >> no one is taking a breath. just full steer ahead. >> we all had those vacations planned. >> bye-bye. phil mattingly, thank you very much. let's refresh our memories on how bitter the relationship was between governor romney and president-elect trump. in june, romney said trump's election could legitimize tracism and misogyny and trump hit backyard. >> mitt romney is a sad case. [ boos ] he choked you know what a choke artist is? when a guy misses the kick you get rid of him, you bring another one in, right? because you don't want that
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thought going in his head too much, he joked. he should have beaten a failed guy, he was a failed president. >> let's talk about this with political analyst gloria borger, ryan lizz a, a washington correspondent for the "new yorker," andre bauer who is the former south carolina lieutenant governor, a donald trump supporter and can talk about nikki haley and maeve reston. great to see all of you, so much to talk about again today. maeve, i want to begin with you because when you were in the trenches you covered romney's presidential run and now we have the news, thank you, mark preston, that he'll be meeting with donald trump this weekend and talking even as much as a potential position in the cabinet. how do you read that? >> well, a position in the cabinet, some of the romney sources that i've talked to, say that may be like a little too premature of a step romney is
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magnanimous, he is someone who wants the country to get off on the right footing with a presidential transition team scrambling to fill the positions and there's no one who knows the process better than mitt romney. mike levitt who ran his transition team literally teamed up to write a book an how you do a presidential transition. they -- mitt romney was familiar with the names they were going through. the vast number of positions you have to fill and so i think that mitt romney can offer in that meeting not only names but guidance about how to approach this, how to vet people and i think that, you know, that will be the spirit of the meeting tomorrow. as far as floating romney for some kind of a position, certainly he would be qualified for any number of things but that may be more coming from the trump team that the romney side.
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>> gloria, i know you have republican sources, what's your intel? >> well, you know, i've talked to a bunch of romney people who were surprised and stunned by this, first of all, so kudos to mark preston for breaking the news before even they knew about it. >> wow. >> and they, above all else, say that romney's a patriot, as maeve was saying, and that, of course he would want to offer his guidance and his support. the question of whether, a, he would be offered a job because don't forget people who voted for donald trump also voted against the establishment and mitt romney embodies the establishment. so whether he'd be offered something is an open question and whether he would take it is another big question because there are those who believe that romney is a patriot and would do whatever he could do for his country and there are some i spoke with who said, look, on foreign policy in particular
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don't forget romney was the one who said that russia was the number one foreign policy problem facing the united states and if you look at what donald trump has said about vladimir putin i think he's kind of at the other end of the spectrum. so there would be issues upon which they might have very, very difficult time dealing with each other. >> well, let's also throw under the republican establishment columns south carolina governor nikki haley. not only that, ryan lizza, she was the first indian american woman to become governor of south carolina. she endorsed several other candidate, cruz, rubio until ultimately she said okay to trump. do you think they are giving her a good look? it's one thing to be governor, it's another to be secretary of state or this a pump fake? >> i don't know on haley. it ee's puzzling she would be a candidate for secretary of state given she doesn't have any background in that world?
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the other candidates make a little more sense. i do think on romney this is the most interesting meeting so far that trump's had on his schedule and, look, people that hate each other in politics have worked together before, remember john kennedy and lyndon johnson hated each other, barack obama and hillary clinton were not the best of friends before he chose her as secretary of state. this is different. romney never came around to trump, he was the leader of the never-trump movement in a sense, the leader of the opposition so for trump in his victory speech the first thing he said was people who are against me, i'm going to bring you in, he hasn't really made good on that promise yet and so this will be an interesting test for him, whether he can -- whether loyalty during the primaries is the ultimate thing you need to get into the world or if he's willing to forgive. for romney i think it's a different thing, people around him will be telling him stay
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away from the trump administration, you were right about this guy, he's a danger but i think a lot of other people will be saying you know what? as bad as you think trump is, he needs the best people in the republican party and get in there and serve your country and, frankly, my own view is the latter is the thing that most republicans view -- most republicans should take. >> as gloria put it, he's a patriot. but andre, you're my south carolina voice, you're also my trump supporter voice. so just to remind our viewers, governor haley, she really rose to the occasion in the national spot like in the wake of the church shooting in charleston, south carolina, and the bipartisan effort to remove the confederate flag from the state capital grounds. tell me what you think of her and do you think she would have the chops for the job? well, i should as precursor tell you i was in office for 14 years until nikki haley beat me for governor. [ laughter ]
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so i'll try to be as fair as i can. >> heard it was a good debate. >> she's clearly one of the movers and shakers within the republican party, no question. i think you'll see her get a cabinet post. i don't think think it will be secretary of state but i think he's interviewing for a purpose. i think he is looking at her with serious intent on possibly offering a cabinet post. i don't think it will be a secretary of state post but what you're seeing is a businessman board room donald trump. forget about the campaign, this is about how do i get it done and who is the most efficient that i can put in that job so being magnanimous, bringing in people that didn't say the right things, it doesn't matter. he's moving forward trying to make this country great again. >> andre, i know you all would have done opposition research. what are some of the weaknesses under the governor haley column? >> republicans don't do opposition research. [ laughter ] i'm kidding. >> oh, really? >> wink, wink.
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>> she's been vetted. we had a four-way republican primary that was a heated primary between a tuj, lieutenant governor, congress and and she -- so she's been vetted and she had a reelection as well and she was at one time talked about as a vice president vp candidate. when you talk about secretary of state having no foreign policy experience will be difficult. clearly she's met with leaders. we had a boom in business from foreign count preez bringing their businesses in here -- not countries but independent businesses coming here so she has had a little bit but probably not at the level you would expect for secretary of state but there's other cabinet posts she would be more than qualified for. >> gloria, to you. let's talk about prime minister abe, the japanese prime minister at trump tower, later today all of this as overseas president obama is bidding farewell and thanks to one of his closest foreign leader allies chancellor merkel. just the fact that the japanese prime minister was on the phone
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with him last week, flash forward a couple days, this man is on the plane heading to trump tower. does that signal nervousness and fear of his rhetoric on the trail or is he like "let's get going"? >> i think both, actually, but if i had to ged i would say more the former because you had the president-elect who is now on the record saying that japan ought to get itself some nukes in order to potentially defend itself, it's a very pacifist country and i think that there's a great deal of concern in the country and i think what abe is doing is getting over here to meet with the president-elect himself and hear where he really is on these issues because they're of great concern to his constituency so i think it's probably a smart thing for him to do and i think it's a smart thing for donald trump to do because as barack obama was
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pointing out in his press conference with angela merkel today, he was saying the tone you set is so important, the seriousness of purpose is so important. that was campaigning, this is governing. i think it was a message he sent to donald trump and i think donald trump probably heard it from the president in the oval office as well so this will be his first tete-a-tete really and i bet he'll listening to that. >> campaign in poetry, govern in prose. appreciate your voices, that meeting with the prime minister happening later at trump tower. today, coming up, one of the a many meetings with president-elect trump. retired general michael flynn. who is he, why is he near the top of the list to become the next administration's national security advisor? also, we are getting our first glimpse into what president-elect trump's
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immigration plan may actually look like, what sources are telling cnn about talk of some sort of registry system. and breaking news, we have just learned who plans to challenge democratic leader nancy pelosi for her job over at the house of representatives. we're back in just a moment. yog delicious natural cheese for over 100 years like kraft has, you learn a lot about how people cook. i wish i had like four different mexican cheeses but in one super melty cheese. it does exist! you still have two cheese wishes left. seconds can mean the difference between life and death. for partners in health, time is life. we have 18,000 people around the world. the microsoft cloud helps our entire staff stay connected and work together in real time to help those that need it. the ability to collaborate changes how we work. what we do together changes how we live.
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this just into cnn. leader nancy pelosi in the house of representatives will face a challenger to her job as a top democrat in the house. let's go to capitol hill and manu raju who has the news. manu, who's the name? >> tim ryan, ohio democrat, elected in 2002. he's a 43-year-old member from ohio trying to tap into rust belt and working class voters, people who didn't vote for democrats. he just sent a dear colleague letter to democrats on capitol hill urging them to support him. he said that under our current leadership democrats have been reduced to our smallest congressional minority since 1929 this should indicate that keeping our leadership team unchange willed simply lead to more disappointment in future
12:19 pm
elections. brooke, i got a chance to mr. ryan today and he stepped up his criticism of nancy pelosi. >> we're at the lowest number of state and federal officials since reconstruction. we have the lowest number in our caucus since 1929 and we've lost over 60 seats since 2010. the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and you keep getting the same results. so time to move on, i think. >> it will still be very difficult, an uphill climb to knock off nancy pelosi, she has a deep reservoir of support, particularly with all the money she's raised for her colleagues but there is a lot of anxious. i spent a lot of time talking to house democrats today. they want to hear more from nancy pelosi about what she would do as the leader. that's one reason why democrats delayed the leadership elections
12:20 pm
scheduled for today until after thanksgiving. they want to hear more from nancy pelosi and it's given room for tim ryan to mount a challenge against her. brooke? >> manu, thank you very much. one of the many people meeting with president-elect trump, required lieutenant governenera michael flynn is apparently at the top to the national security advisor. >> reporter: how is it going today? >> really well. it's a great transition and the president-elect is in full control, believe me. >> if he is selected, he would be the first person on trump's team with significant experience in america's post 9/11 wars. let's talk about that with lieutenant general commander mark hertling. so nice to have you on. you know mike flynn. you know him from when he was at
12:21 pm
j-soc. do you think he's qualified for the job? >> good afternoon, brooke. i'd say mike is a dedicated and passionate and energetic soldier. he's risen through the ranks in the military intelligence branch, he was a staff officer, he provided by intelligence to other commanders. he did very well when i served with him. we were both in northern iraq, he was working for scan mcchrystal when i was commanding the multinational division in northern iraq and he was very good at targeting and going after al qaeda. so he brings a certain skill set to the table. he will be challenged in a job like this, i believe, because of the dynamics associated with all mattersover national security across the government. he's taken a position of national security advisor which, by the way, as you know, doesn't have to be confirmed by congress where people like al hague, condoleezza rice brent
12:22 pm
scrowcroft, zbigniew brzezinski, strategists with a very big world view, mike brings an intelligence background to the table but, you know, you have to pick an nsa that matches or compliments the personality and the desires of the commander in chief, mr. trump. >> let me ask you, because you say he does have -- he knows the intelligence -- he has intelligence background, he knows the enemy. part of the role of the nsa is being a go-between between a lot of these other figures. does does he have that experience? >> that remains to be seen but you'll have in a national security council meeting or a primary meeting with the president you'll have strong personalities and strong egos with a sect state, sect def, member other members of cabinet and intelligence community all
12:23 pm
demanding their view to be heard. the guy or the gal who's the national security advisor in the past has been the balancing act between all of those to bring about matters of national security so that voice has to be a calming one and take into all considerations from a variety of governmental resources. you bring a guy with an intelligence background into the job who is very good with tactical intelligence and supporting kpla ining commanderl be stressed in that kind of environment but he will be, if he is, mr. trump's choice, mr. trump will listen to him and hopefully he'll be a calming influence and provide an alternative view when all these big egos get in the way. >> just quickly since i have you on the james clapper news today, director of national intelligence, he announced he is resigning. apparently the agency expected it, they say it's not necessarily political. what was your reaction to that? >> it's partly political because
12:24 pm
all cabinet members and appointees have to submit their resignation when the president leaves. that's a requirement by law. but mr. clapper, general clapper, has been in government service and the intelligence community for a very, very long time and he's tired and i think he also said in his statement that he didn't want to work one day past that transition office so i think general clapper is sending a signal that transitions and naming members of transition teams go way beyond just naming the names. you have to get in the organization, form a team, determine what your subordinates look like, get a feel for what is going to happen in that environment or in your particular organization and be ready to go on day one to accept any challenges that come across the desk. so what i think jen clapper is saying is i'm out of here on january 20, somebody better be here to take my place and it better not be a newbie, it better be an individual who has had a couple weeks to figure out where the bathroom is and where
12:25 pm
his closet is to hang his coat. >> let's hope more than that. general hertling, as always, thank you so much. >> thank you. coming up next here, we have new details about what ple president-elect trump's immigration plan may look like. what sources are telling cnn about this possible registry system. first on cnn, mitt romney and donald trump meeting this weekend. a source says romney is being considered or this will be part of the conversation and he could be considered for a trump cabinet position. more on that in a moment.
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thank you for being with me. a number of muslim americans
12:30 pm
have expressed fears about president-elect donald trump because of statements like this that he made on the campaign trail. >> donald j. trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states until our country's representatives can figure out what the hell is going on. >> now trump later walked back that statement saying he would not use a religious test, instead would implement, he said "extreme vetting for immigrants from regions that export terrorism." still, we haven't had a clear picture on what exactly his immigration policy would look like. let's go to pamela brown, our justice correspondent getting new details about any possible policy. what are you hearing? >> i eke speaking a person involved with president-elect trump's immigration plans and i'm told a proposal is being developed to closely track immigrants traveling to the united states from high-risk countries like an entry on
12:31 pm
parole system. the people from countries deemed high risk would be entered into a database, fingerprinted and be required to check in with federal authorities on their whereabouts. it's similar to the program that was implemented in the united states after 9/11 which imposed higher scrutiny and tracking of people coming from muslim ja jorty countries with the exception of north korea. the program was ended in 2012 following complaints of racial profiling. i spoke the architect of the immigration plan's chris kobach, he said this would keep people from coming from areas of the world with high trace threats regardless of religion. he wouldn't specify which countries only saying it's moving target and he said some muslim countries aren't on the list but this plan as you can imagine is drawing fire from people on the left with senator elizabeth warren tweeting just in the last hour "registering and tracking americans based on race or religion is idiotic,
12:32 pm
disgusting, unconstitutional and is a recruiting bonanza for isis." but important to emphasize basically they're just looking at options and they will have donald trump decide which route he wants to go down once he is officially in the white house, brooke. >> kris kobach, secretary of state kansas, someone who's been on the show as a surrogate for mr. trump. coming up next, south carolina governor nikki haley is on a list as a possible pick for the next administration's secretary of state. who is she, how qualified is she? we'll talk about that live with south carolina insiders from both parties. what makes this simple salad the best simple salad ever?
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south carolina governor nikki haley on the visitor's list today at trump tower in manhattan. the republican rising star now a contender for u.s. secretary of state which may come as a bit of a surprise given the tense relationship she has had over the course of this campaign with the plengt. >> first of all she's very weak on illegal immigration, very weak. she's very, very weak on illegal immigrati immigration. you can't have that. >> we need to show that south carolina makes presidents and that our next president will be rubio. i will not stop until we find a man that that chooses not to disavow the kkk, that is not a parent of our party, that's not who we want as president. we will not allow that in our country. >> and then there was this tweet. do you remember this from donald
12:38 pm
trump? "the people of south carolina are embarrassed by nikki haley." to which she responded as a southerner "bless your heart." she seemed pretty thrilled about trump's win. >> i'm giddy and if you talk to any of the governors here we are so excited at the possibilities and opportunities that will be here is the idea that we can now start to really govern. i've never known what it's like to have a republican president. >> joining me now, two voices from south carolina, joel sawyer, republican strategist and former aide to south carolina congressman mark sanford and jamie harrison, chairman of the south carolina democratic party who is also a candidate to be the chair of the dnc. gentlemen, welcome. >> thank you. >> thank you for having us. >> jamie, let me begin with you
12:39 pm
as you've worked with the governor for quite a bit. what does this say about trump that he's looking at her and is she up for the job? let's start with the latter question. is she up for it? >> listen, i'm not going to be partisan here, i think if governor haley was being considered for secretary of commerce then that would be a good thing but i don't know if the governor knows anything about being secretary of state and so that just makes me question donald trump in terms of his understanding of what the role is and question nikki haley and do you really want to do that? so i don't know. >> she was extraordinary in your state, we covered it. in the wake of the shoots at mother emanuel and the confederate flag controversy. do you agree with jamie, joel, that maybe she doesn't have the chops for the state department or would you disagree? >> i respectfully disagree with jamie.
12:40 pm
there's not a policy manual to becoming secretary of state. what nikki haley has shown an extraordinary ability to do is put smart people together, listen to people who are subject areas experts. you look at the way with how she dealt with the flag but the thousand-year flood that same year and hurricane matthew this year. >> right. so you're saying yes. >> yeah, i mean, she puts people together that are subject area experts, you don't come in as governor and know climatology or disaster management, you put together experts who do. you listen to those people and i think she's been a good decision maker in that regard by surrounding herself with smart people. >> jamie, there's one camp that has given the president-elect credit for giving a serious look for the first indian american woman to be governor in the state of south carolina. on the flip side, people wondering if it's just a show. what -- let's take him at his word that he's looking at her
12:41 pm
seriously. what's the sign to democrats? >> well, again, the sign to america is we should be scared donald trump doesn't know what he's doing, again, if governor haley was being considered for secretary of commerce i would say yes. she's been great at bringing businesses and corporations into south carolina. but it takes a certain understanding of the world and what's going on in the world to be secretary of state and if you look at george bush's appointments, you look at barack obama's appointments, every single one of those candidates for secretary of state had foreign policy experience. governor haley hasn't had that so you want somebody who understands the nuances and histories of all of these different things and in all due respect to joel, taking care of the flood and get confederate flag to come down, does that
12:42 pm
equate to being secretary of state caliber. >> it doesn't necessarily equate to being secretary of state but it equates to a skill set i think you need to bring to the job. i think she certainly has a skill set to do that job and there's no policy manual. there are things that certainly she would have to learn but she's shown to be a very capable leader. >> jamie, let me move on and talk about you and potentially your future with the dnc. they're looking for new leadership, they want to embrace the progressive voice within the democratic party. why do you think you could be that person? >> i think i have a unique understanding of both washington, d.c. and what's going on in the states. when you look at it, right now 33 governorships are controlled by the republicans. 69 out of 99 houses of state legislatures are controlled by republicans. that says to me we're not doing our job in the states.
12:43 pm
the national party needs to invest in state parties. i understand the challenges of being a state party chair in a res state but i also understand the challenges of going into the grass-roots and rebuilding this party so i hope what i can bring to the discussion and hopefully to the chairmanship is that unique understanding. the ability to talk to the nancy pelosis and the chuck schumers of the world, to get things done there but also the ability to go down and talk to the grass-roots activists. >> a lot of names being floated for that. jamie, good luck, joel, thank you so much. >> thank you. we want to get back to our breaking news, the big news this afternoon that we have learned donald trump will be meeting with i didn't remember over the weekend, this is the same governor romney who called mr. trump a phony and fraud during a blistering 20-minute speech earlier this year. trump has had his own choice words for romney as well. we'll talk with the man who broke that news next.
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♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
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♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
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>> that's a good quality for a chief of staff.
12:48 pm
he knows everybody and he's got good judgment. steve bannon is a powerful intellect and a thoughtful leader that consistently provides good advice and so it's a good team right now. >> sir, would you like to serve in a trump administration? >> i'd be honored to be considered and mr. trump will make those decisions. >> do you want to be secretary of state? >> i haven't -- if he asked me, i'll share with him but i'm not talking about my agenda at this point. i'd be pleased to continue to serve in the senate. i've got a lot of work to do there but i feel that the house and senate are charged up. they believe we've got a new leader that the president will be the one that sets the agenda and the whole congress will be supported. >> reporter: will you be with
12:49 pm
trump in his meeting with abe today? >> i had planned to go back to d.c. and i may not do that so i don't know, i don't think so at this point. >> how long do you plan on staying here in new york? >> not much longer. tomorrow's friday, i think. >> reporter: have you seen "hamilton"? >> i have not seen hamilton. my wife would not -- >> reporter: [ inaudible question ] >> i have not committed to do that so i'm not on the -- i'm not committed to go to that. >> reporter: there are reports that mitt romney will be meeting with donald trump. what do you think about this idea that his arrival from the campaign season and now have passed the point where the campaign is over. >> i think it's good to the president-elect is meeting with people like romney. there are a lot of talented people that he needs good relationships with. and i think mr. romney would be
12:50 pm
quite capable of doing a number of things. but he will be one of those, i am sure, that's reviewed. and mr. trump will make that decision. >> do you think you could be confirmed easily in the senate by your colleagues? >> people have to make that decision. actual senators will cast those votes on any kind of confirmation. what do you think? >> any more questions? one more? >> we're working on it. happy to have your support. thank you. >> these are the moments when we hang on every word here. you have loyal supporters and soldiers of the trump administration, jeff sessions. kellyanne conway. the campaign manager. you heard the question about romney. mark preston, you want to jump into the conversation. mark preston broke the news that mitt romney would be meeting
12:51 pm
with donald trump over the weekend. you heard senator sessions say it's good. he is quite capable of doing several jobs. what do you think, mark? >> brooke, i hung on that as well, which is interesting because they're talking about positions that are interesting that also jeff sessions could potentially do. jeff sessions himself has been mentioned potentially as a secretary of state candidate. we'll see if he is really in the mix for that. but it is this game of dominos. and they fall all in line. if mitt romney were to go into the secretary of state job, if that's what donald trump offers him or has a very serious discussion with him this weekend about, you have to wonder where does everybody else go? does jeff sessions go to the department of defense or he's been mentioned or potentially to the department of justice where he has a background in? what about rudy giuliani who seemed to be openly asking to become the secretary of state or be appointed. >> chess pieces. >> a lot of dominos dropping, brooke. >> mark, thanks so much. back in a moment. ible for medic
12:52 pm
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12:54 pm
. in this post-election world, everyone has a little something to say. so, cnn opened up the phone lines, and we have been flooded with calls from across the political spectrum. here is just a few. >> hi. my name is mike. i've been going through my downs and ups over the last week. extremely disappointed in the results. questioning, frankly, the country that we live in. not realizing how many people would choose the direction that they did on election day. but there have been bright points, and i try to remain optimistic. optimism is hard when my 8-year-old son asked me this morning how come the nazis were coming back after seeing a news report about swastikas. yes, it's a tough time. and we're trying to get through it.
12:55 pm
thanks. >> i didn't feel very good for the last four or five years at all, even though i voted for obama. and i -- that he let me down. i don't really believe that he loved america. by the way, this is very significant, i am a democrat! and so, all of a sudden i don't believe what's happening in the democratic party. it seems like it's going so far left that it's gone into the socialist range. >> here with me, we keep talking about this. listening to the voice mails.
12:56 pm
i keep saying we need to go on a listening tour and listen to how people were feeling in this country. it was your idea, so i want to go to you first. how many tearful voice mails did you hear? >> everyone's on facebook and twitter and talking about how they feel and how angry they are, how happy they are, and talking at each other. and people weren't really listening to each other. we wanted to listen to them and hear what they were thinking so we opened up the phone lines and the voice mails started pouring in. we're at about 7,000 now. people are crying. people are laughing. people are happy. people are sad. we're getting everything. >> people are hitting the beep and calling back because they're not finished leaving the voice mails. >> that's correct. one come called back. she went over the time limit and called back four more times because she really wanted to convey that, in her own words, she felt like an island in her community because she voted differently than everyone else. that's what's very interesting about this project.
12:57 pm
we spend a lot of time on social media, a lot of time at the dinner table arguing with friends and family about the outcome of this election. this is the first time, me personally, that i've had to sit silently and listen to a voice in my ear. i think it's a different perspective than we're used to. it's very personal and it's very raw. >> listening. listening. we all need to be doing more of it, i think. we have more -- more voice mails. listen to these. >> i couldn't be happier for the results of the election. i am also a gay male. and it was a great turnout. i think everyone is freaking out about -- that trump will take away rights. he is obviously not. he said he's not going to touch gay marriage. so i think everyone should probably calm down a little bit and just take a step back. >> transgender woman. i am [ bleep ] terrified. like, everybody else i know is too. there are tons of back lash. tons of crimes happening against people like us.
12:58 pm
we're so visible. most i know are staying inside for days now trying to avoid going out and about. i went out today and i couldn't stop looking over my shoulder. i was so afraid. i'm not really sure how things are ever going to feel again. but we just need to hide and stay safe. >> kept looking over my shoulder and i felt so afraid. you all actually took the time to call some of these people back. >> yes. >> tell me about some of the stories. >> thomas from tennessee -- >> the gay male who voted for trump. >> right. from everything we heard leading up to this election we would have put thomas in a certain category. i was really interested to hear his side of the story. he even told me. i face a lot of backlash from my gay communities openly supporting trump. he said i am a single father. it came down to economic issues. he voted solely based on obamacare. >> you? >> for me what was surprising was the people who you wouldn't
12:59 pm
expect to vote the way they did. i talked to a woman named alexis who lives in texas. her parents crossed over the border illegally from mexico. she was born in the u.s. she is for the wall. she has family members who are crossing over from mexico. she says, i get that that they're crossing over, but i think we need to deport some of the illegal immigrants. we need a wall. it isn't okay. i called her back. she was really impassioned about it. people like alicia, the transgender woman. she said she grew up in a liberal town in massachusetts. very liberal town. over the last year she is scared to go out. she is scared to go into the town. >> can people still call? >> the phone lines are open through inauguration day. we've seen in the past seven days alone how much things have changed. i am sure that's going to happen all the way up until january. we want to keep the phone lines open. we want it to be a cathartic process and also we want to learn things on our own. >> please call us. we've gotten 7,000 messages so far.
1:00 pm
we're still listening. >> the phone number is 646-535-9720. i am sure we have it on as well. masuma and amanda. great idea. thank you. first listening to love stories in february. and now it's the election. i'm brooke baldwin. thanks for being with me. "the lead" with jake tapper starts right now. thanks, brooke! if you can't beat them, join them. "the lead" starts right now. the shift from campaign mode to commander in chief. some huge surprises, including an unexpected cabinet hopeful heading to trump tower today. who is it? plus, donald trump building bridges. not in like the unite the country sense. actual bridges. his plan to spend a trillion dollars on infrastructure. and whether for congressional republicans it's a bridge too far. and it's true. i read it on facebook. that, of course, could not be more wrong right now. the fake news sri


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