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tv   CNN Newsroom With Carol Costello  CNN  November 18, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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this is cnn breaking news. >> and good morning, i'm carol costello. thank you so much for joining me. the trump administration kicking into high gear just within the past hour. we've seen the trump white house start to take shape with several key leadership posts offered and accepted. sources tell us that trump has chosen alabama senator jeff sessions as the u.s. attorney general. critics are sure to bring up claims that sessions made racially charged comments decades ago. we've also learned that trump has asked congressman mike pompeo to be his cia director. and there's another national security post expected to be name today. sources say trump wants retired three star general michael flynn to serve as his national security adviser. flynn faced strong criticism from his former colleagues, both in the military and intelligence
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communities. we've got teams at trump tower and in d.c. of course as team trump starts coming to the. let's start with sunlen serfaty live in new york outside of trump tower. good morning. >> good morning, carol. donald trump has been hold up at trump tower all week conducting interview after interview. and now we can say that the contours of a trump administration are beginning to take place. donald trump has made three posts on three big jobs. we know this according to sources but a formal announ announcement is going to be made later today and even though he has chosen jeff sessions, michael flynn and mike pompeo to be among his staff there are still many, many, many positions left to be filled. and that is in part why donald trump has called for a two-hour meeting here at trump tower with his full transition staff where we will very likely be reviewing some other top choices for these still vacant posts. this weekend, donald trump is heading to his golf resort in
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new jersey where he will be continuing to huddle with his team, and notably, with mitt romney, the 2012 republican nominee, who has been said to be under consideration for secretary of state. a job that he has told people he would be interested in. carol? >> all right, sunlen serfaty reporting live from trump tower. sources also telling cnn that mike pompeo has accepted the role of cia director. we go to mark preston with more on that. good morning. >> good morning, carol. yeah, no doubt i can give you two different stories of mike pompeo. he's a third-term congressman from kansas serves on the house select intelligence committee. he also served on the benghazi committee that looked into hillary clinton's involvement in of course the attacks where we lost lives over there, as well. he's been very critical of hillary clinton. said that she put politics ahead of the american people. he also went on to say that she didn't act when american lives were on the line. he's also been very critical of
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president barack obama's decision to ease sanctions on iran, he thinks that sanctions should be a lot tougher. and what's interesting is that he did not initially support donald trump, carol, during the beginning of this presidential campaign. he supported marco rubio. but when donald trump became the nominee mike pompeo got behind him. having said all that i did speak to somebody who went to college with him at west point. he talks about mike pompeo says he's a stand-up guy, described him as a patriot and noted several times that he was first in his class at west point, as well as having gone to harvard law school. so you can be sure that during these confirmation hearings that he will be asked over and over again about his line of questioning with hillary clinton in the benghazi committee, carol. >> all right. mark preston reporting live from washington. thanks so much. all right. so we also know that trump has picked for the u.s. attorney
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general senator jeff sessions. we're going to get to evan perez in just -- evan perez is here to talk more about that. good morning, evan. >> good morning, carol. one of the picks that donald trump has made is for jeff sessions as attorney general. he's right now he's a senator from alabama. he's a former u.s. attorney so he does have a history inside the justice department. one of the more interesting things about picking sessions is that just a few months ago here on the air on cnn, he was calling for a more thorough investigation of the clinton foundation. so now he's going to be in a position, if he's confirmed as attorney general, he's going to be in a position, to do something about that. as you remember that was a big part of the campaign, certainly for donald trump, claiming that the clinton foundation was part of a corrupt system, part of the way hillary clinton was corrupting the state department. obviously that is something that the fbi has been taking a look at. the investigation hasn't gone very far but now that jeff sessions is picked for attorney
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general, and if he is confirmed by the senate, which we expect to be very likely obviously, it is going to be something that's going to be interesting to watch and see whether or not he makes a move to more thoroughly investigate the clinton foundation, and bring that whole thing back up. now some of the other picks, mike pompeo is not somebody who is very well known here as far as national security credentials. he is a harvard educated lawyer. he is well liked by his colleagues. he wasn't initially a donald trump supporter so it's interesting that donald trump decided to go in that direction. we expect simply because he is a member of the house of representatives he's going to come with some built-in support on capitol hill. which makes the confirmation probably a little more likely and more easy. and some of the other names being floated out there. mike flynn as national security adviser we know him well, yelling out lock her up at the rnc convention. it is a pick that obviously is
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going to get a lot of reaction, including from democrats on the hill who say that his temperament doesn't seem to fit the job. there's also a lot of questions about him doing speaking engagements, and sitting with vladimir putin in the last few months. she did an engagement over there working for russia today. he was paid by them to appear at an event in moscow. and so those questions are now -- those appearances are now being raised, simply because obviously they're one of the big, big questions for donald trump is how is he going to deal with russia. and russia's blatant attempt to interfere in the u.s. election by hacking into the dnc. i think that's the finding by the u.s. intelligence committee. carol. >> all right. evan perez, thanks so much. let's talk about all of this. with me now cnn legal analyst and former prosecutor, david swerdlick, and general mark hurtland joins me as well.
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and just to review for our viewers, because i know that went by very quickly so jeff sessions mr. trump wants him to serve as attorney general, mike flynn, general mike flynn as the national security adviser mr. trump wants him in that role and he wants mike pompeo to be the cia director. now keep in mind that the national security adviser does not have to be approved by congress. if mike flynn says yes right? so let's start with jeff sessions as attorney general laura because 30 years ago, sessions chances of being a federal judge were sunk after a justice department prosecutor testified to congress that sessions called the naacp un-american, because, quote, they try to force civil rights down the throats of people, and because sessions reportedly joked to the prosecutor that the ku klux klan was okay, until he found out that members of the ku klux klan smoked pot. so, this happened a very long
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time ago, laura, so how much will this be a factor? >> well, carol, there's two different points in time. of course you have the confirmation hearings, where he already has the benefit of having republican-led congress which probably makes him a shoo-in for the position. then you've got the issue of actually what happens when he indeed runs, if he is confirmed, the department of justice. remember there have been two things that have been the hallmark of the eric holder and now loretta lynch administrations, running the department of justice. and that has been a concerted effort to reverse some of the effects of the omnibus crime bill and the mandatory minimum sentences, and also with a push towards immigration reform. neither of which jeff sessions has been a fan of. in fact, he is somebody who has been very vocal about the immigration reform movement and also about being opposed to drug minimums, and the justice system. but this is also a person who appears to be respected by his colleagues in the senate, and since those particular comments were made back in the '80s
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during the reagan administration, he was elected to the senate numerous times. so there will be an issue about whether or not he will have the faith of the people. and that's going to be one of the most difficult things for him to overcome. remember, the civil rights division, which i used to be a part of, is one of the hallmarks of the justice department. and they have been very, very visible in their efforts to ensure that they do not have selective enforcement or that there is excessive force used against members of minority communities. so if you have somebody with a history of either having called somebody a boy when he was a u.s. attorney, or has view points that are quite polarizing to anybody in the civil rights community, you will have a real halt of momentum, and, in fact, a reversal of the faith that has been placed in the justice department under holder and loretta lynch. >> let's move on to mike pompeo because he's being offered the job of cia director. he's a staunch opponent of the iran deal. he was opposed to closing guantanamo bay.
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he's a supporter of the nsa's bulk collection program. what do you make of this? >> i don't have as good a read on representative pompeo as i have on some of the other appointments. when it comes to the iran deal, if you have someone who is an opponent of the iran deal, president-elect trump who has said repeatedly on the campaign trail that this is one of the worst deals he's ever seen, or worst deals in american foreign policy history, what i wonder is if the administration is going to move forward and try to either renegotiate that or change their posture towards iran, what is their strategy going forward? a lot of these appointments, carol, i see less of a challenge for both the administration and the congress in terms of the individuals or the personalities, and more of a challenge on how they're going to get everybody on the same page policywise. that i think remains to be seen because i think that president-elect trump, a lot of these things still remains an open book. >> let's move on to mike flynn the retired general.
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and general, president obama fired flynn for his contentious leadership style. flynn says he was fired because he criticized obama's policies. but there is a worry that general flynn is extreme. especially when it comes to islam. here's what he said back in august. >> islam is a political ideology. it is a political ideology. it definitely hides behind this notion of it being a religion. i don't see a lot of people screaming jesus christ with hatchets or machetes or rifles shooting up clubs or hatcheting, you know, literally axing families on a train. it's like cancer. it's like a malignant cancer, though, in this case. it has metastasized. >> so general this kind of rhetoric along with the idea of a muslim registry frightens many americans. what should we expect? >> well first, carol, i'd like to back up a little bit because i've heard a lot of people say
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that mike flynn was tired as the d.i.a. director. he was not. he was placed. there was no issues that caused him to be fired, as it were. but yeah they felt a change was necessary. so he was asked to retire a little bit earlier than he thought. but yeah, he is a very top notch tactical intelligence staff officer. he's very good. he's very energetic in terms of gathering, and assessing, and disseminating intelligence. what's been troubling lately is since his retirement he has undertaken a demeanor, and some actions that have been a little bit troubling. and perhaps even boarding on unprofessional in the way he's attacked the current administration and the way he said things, and the places where he's gone. so, some of the comments on muslim activities in my view are counterproductive in terms of what we're trying to do on the war against islamism. not all muslims, but the radical
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sect, and i think it's troubling because many of our allies are in fact muslims. a good portion of the world are. in fact as a commander of a tank division a couple of years ago i had about 300 muslims within my rank with several muslim chaplains that were wearing the uniform of the country. so that's not very helpful. so that issue i think for mike has got to tone it down just a little bit if he's going to be the national security adviser and provide information to the new president. if i can comment on congressman pompeo as well. he is a west point graduate -- >> general can we save that until the next block? because i just want to get this country to david right now. david axelrod tweeted a couple of minutes ago, he was a former top aid of president obama, he said, quote, in a tweet, donald trump is sticking with those who brought him to the dance, but to many americans it will seem a monster's ball. what does he mean by that? >> okay. well david axelrod has the
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benefit of having been a part of a transition and having understood very well what it means to make selections that will influence the administration. what i think he probably means by that is that, you know, trump clearly values loyalty. that's been the story all along. and these are folks that he feels are going to serve him well. that he can trust, either he knows them, they've been supportive of his early on or they're people who his supporters trust. i think the challenge though is that if president-elect trump is going to be the president of the whole country, as he says he wants to be, and sort of broaden his reach, govern in a way that was different than these sort of us versus them campaign that he ran for the last year, year and a half, then i think it's interesting, and maybe discouraging, maybe that's what our colleague david axelrod is saying, that he's picking people like say senator sessions who, as laura said, has this -- was not confirmed as a republican nominee by a republican senate for comments that he made that were racially charged or alleged to have made, and then, and
6:15 am
someone like general flynn who has has general as hertling said needs to tone it down with his rhetoric on muslims and general flynn also let's let's let's talk about the fact that he was president obama who nominated general flynn as the -- the director of of of -- sorry the agency -- the -- the -- the pentagon defense intelligence agency. he was an obama appointee. but then became an obama critic and i wonder how that will play as he -- if he becomes national security adviser carol what will happen if he winds up disagreeing with president-elect trump on particular national security issues related to the middle east. >> okay. so david, mark and laura stick around because we're going to continue this conversation after a break. coming up in the "newsroom," a lot going on inside trump tower as the president-elect's national security team takes shape. i'll have much more after a break. ♪ come on, wake up!!! come on, why ya sleepin'? come on! what time is it? it's go time. come on. let's go, let's go, let's go. woooo hoooo!! yeah!!
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or not in vests. sign up at and get up to six hundred dollars. all right. a lot happening in trump tower in new york city this morning.
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mr. trump will hold a two-hour meeting to talk about -- to talk to his transition team and perhaps name more members that -- name more people that he wants to serve on his white house staff. and in cabinet positions. it's seemingly taking shape this morning. mr. trump picked congress mike pompeo to be cia director. congressman jeff sessions to be his attorney general, and he picked general mike flynn to be his national security adviser. general flynn has not said yet yet as far as we know but we'll see and of course then this weekend he'll travel and he'll meet with mitt romney. so it's going to be a very interesting couple of days for donald trump. my panel is back with me now to talk about this and more. laura coates, david swerdlick and general mark hertling. general hertling i want to talk about general flynn, this is mr. trump's most important pick so far. and i want to center on -- on russia. and general flynn. because after flynn left the obama administration he started
6:21 am
this international consulting firm. he took the speaking engagement, including several on a kremlin run propaganda tv channel r.t. or russia television right and then afterwards he attended this gala and he dined with vladimir putin pictures were taken, photos that were later used by putin as a propaganda tool. so a lot of people are worried about this, general. your thoughts? >> well, i think mike was asked to be an analyst for r.t. just like you all asked me to be an analyst for cnn. the difference -- >> but r.t. is a state-run -- >> well, that's where i was going -- and i think unfortunately he was probably set up a little bit by going to russia, talking with r.t., and then being pulled into this dinner with a great propaganda value with mr. putin. that's what he was doing. i know it has negatively affected many of our nato and european allies. they see this as additional
6:22 am
cozying up with mr. putin when there certainly needs to be a little bit of informed, perhaps distancing with russia until mr. putin goes by the minsk agreement and maybe does a little bit more coordination regarding what's going on in syria. but again, this was his post-retirement attempt at getting a job. so you can't fault him for that. but you can fault him for is being sucked in to the orbit of a foreign leader that the u.s. government is not too happy with. >> well, well, laura, there's also this, this tweet that flynn sent out in july i believe that has people wondering, too, so, this is what general flynn sent out in july. he tweeted in the next 24 hours i dare arabic persian world leaders to step up to the plate and declare their islamic ideology sick, and must be healed. laura thoughts? >> well, you know, people talk about having to tone down
6:23 am
rhetoric. i don't think it's a matter of toning it down. i think it's a matter of having the wrong opinion and the wrong viewpoint with respect to religion that is particularly prominent throughout the entire world. not simply the country. and the general just pointed out, there are people who are among our armed forces who are devoted patriots to this country, and to have somebody who demonize a religion based on extremism, i think is inappropriate and doesn't set a good tone for the diplomatic efforts that our president-elect will have to solidify going forward. >> well, david mitt romney is rumored to be on the list for some sort of position. could -- could he balance flynn? >> i think he would balance the administration. i don't know if he specifically balances general flynn, but look mitt romney as a former governor, and former head of the olympic committee in salt lake, you know, he -- he did his mormon mission in france, so he has, you know, many years ago,
6:24 am
but he has lived overseas, and he was the nominee of the republican party, this is one person in this constellation of people that you can probably fairly describe as an elder statesman certainly in the republican party. and i think that if there's a potential appointment to be offered, a senior cabinet level position, that is an encouraging sign in the trump administration. if this just winds up being a meeting between the 2012 nominee and the 2016 winner of the presidential election, just to smooth over what was obviously some conflict back in march when governor romney denounced donald trump publicly in a speech, then i think that's also good. but then it's less significant. i think governor romney would be a strong candidate for secretary of hhs, for secretary of the treasury or as has been rumored, secretary of state. but i think they would have to jump over some hurdles and get some things worked out before it wound up being that he was nominated for one of these positions. >> yeah because it's, you know,
6:25 am
the things that mitt romney said about donald trump and vice versa. >> right. >> again it, it boggles the mind that these two men could actually now work together and actually listen to one another, david. >> well, look, whenever mitt romney -- i have criticized mitt romney in the past. there are things he made certainly political mistakes when he was running for president. but i think it's fair to say that this is a smart guy. this is a guy who understands how these things work, and that he -- look one thing you can say about governor romney is that he made his position clear in march. so if he goes in to the administration now, you know, without knowing more, i think it's fair to say this is not someone who owes something to -- to president-elect trump. and right now, president-elect trump doesn't owe him anything if he winds up being offered a position, then i -- i would -- without knowing more, i would assume that he feels like he could serve well in that rule serve the country if not -- if not a wing with president-elect
6:26 am
trump on every single foreign policy issue. there will be issues down the road. presidents and their secretaries of state certainly disagree. you have smaller disagreements between secretary clinton and president obama but all in all, you know, they worked well together. then you can say with secretary colin powell and president george w. bush -- >> so, so, laura would mitt romney's presence in a trump administration soothe the nerves of people who are frightened out there in our country? >> you know possibly. i'm a public servant. and i know that mitt romney says that he is as well and indeed is. he has a record of being so. i think that if you really do believe that there is a necessity to be a gate keeper or a buffer between donald trump's more polarizing ideology, and the rest of the world and our nation, then you do have a duty to act as a gate keeper, or as a buffer who can actually guide the hand of the president, advise appropriately, and ease the mind of people who fear that those polarizing viewpoints will
6:27 am
impact not only the national security of our nation and our armed forces, but also jeopardize our global positions. i think that mitt romney could serve in that position, in that capacity with full faith and credit of the american people. especially because he was somebody who was so vocal against donald trump and we're not perceiving him to be somebody who simply trying to aggrandize himself for selfish reasons. if anything, secretary of state is the person who would help somebody who lacks in foreign policy experience navigate this very, very uphill battle that we will have if we continue to have advisers who have anti-islamic, and -- and polarizing sentiments. >> okay. with that, the former michigan congressman, john dingell, you remember him, he just tweeted this out. quote forget the basket. the true deplorable ones end up in the cabinet. so, so, general hertling, with what you know about general mike flynn and congressman mike pompeo, is that fair?
6:28 am
>> no, it's not fair at all just yet, carol. i'm -- i'm willing -- i mean i haven't been a supporter of mr. trump. but i'm willing to give him a chance as our current president has asked us all to do. it's just an interesting lineup that we're seeing so far. and it seems a little bit, to me, heavy on the military peak talking about congressman pompeo like i said he was a west point graduate. he was probably there when i was teaching there in '86 and then went on to harvard law. he's a very smart guy but he has made some interesting comments about the iran deal, he has been one of the bashers of both obama and clinton over the last several years and he came in on the wave of tea partiers, even asked along with senator cotton to go to iran and meet with their leaders there after the deal was in place. so i am just a little bit concerned that we've got sort of a lot of teeing up together
6:29 am
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and good morning i'm carol costello. thanks so much for joining me this weekend donald trump is putting aside an old rivalry meeting at one of his golf courses with outspoken critic mitt romney. sources tell cnn that the two men could discuss romney joining trump's cabinet. but, for the pair to move forward they're going to have to get past a lot of bad blood. like this. >> donald trump is a phony. a fraud. >> mitt was a disaster as a candidate. >> he's playing the members of the american public for suckers. >> romney let us all down. he was a very poor campaigner.
6:34 am
>> he gets a free ride to the white house and all we get is a lousy hat. >> romney choked like a dog. he choked. he wept -- >> his promises are as worthless as a agree from trump university. >> have a lot of friends. no i have a lot of friends. by the way, mitt romney is not one of them. >> so let's talk about this. i'm joined by cnn political commentator and former mitt romney policy adviser lonny chen and david eagles, david also worked with mitt romney during his 2012 campaign he is now director of the center for presidential transition. welcome to both of you. >> thank you. >> so, lonny, is it possible that mitt romney would agree to take some sort of position in -- in a trump administration? >> well look i think it's difficult to say right now there's a lot of speculation out there. what i will say is clearly,ing after the election was over you saw governor romney, with the very supportive tweet of the president-elect, and then calling him to congratulate him. i think mitt romney is focused on the future of the country.
6:35 am
and he's always been a patriot. and i think that whatever we see in this meeting this weekend we see mitt romney and donald trump getting together in an effort to move the country and the party forward. >> but, but david it's difficult to believe romney would accept a position because his views on foreign policy differ so much from mr. trump's especially on russia, right? because mitt romney is, is really concerned about russian aggression, donald trump and mike flynn, by the way, are all about working with russia. >> so take a step back here and just think about the enormity of this task that president-elect has to do though, right? he has to do 4,000 political appointments, 1100 of them will run through the senate. you've got to cast a wide net here right and campaigning is completely different than governing this country. the trump team's been focused on this for months. they've been slating options for these type of positions. so now you're seeing that net being cast very wide and it's the right thing to do to govern this country. you've got to look at diverse opinions, so all signs to me point to actually glad he's doing this.
6:36 am
>> but well lanhee david axelrod who is very close to president obama has been tweeting all morning about the picks that donald trump has made. and he says they add a volcanic mix to the national security stew. is that fair? >> well i think we have to wait and see a little bit. obviously people have things that they said that those things don't go away. but the president-elect is entitled to put together his own team. particularly in the case of the national security adviser, which is not a senate confirmed position. i think going forward, obviously, we're going to be watching these picks very carefully because that's the best way we can divine what a trump administration is going to be like. i think most people at this point, even those who are critical of trump, are willing to give him the benefit. the doubt. >> okay so david, donald trump met with the japanese prime minister yesterday right? in that meeting at least there's a picture in a picture of that meeting, ivanka trump and her husband jared kushner, are, are also there. i don't know what role they
6:37 am
played in the meeting at all. but they are pictured with the japanese prime minister. is that normal? >> you know, this is a little bit unprecedented. but i'll say this is a bit of a gray area as well. the transition teams themselves are nonprofit entities. they're not federal government employees at this point so there's a lot of optics here. once president-elect trump assumes the office, that's when anti-nepotism laws kick in. there's a lot more rules and regulations with how this should take place. again i go back though this effort has been going on for several months. this is an enormous task. i'll be focusing on the next few weeks with the quantity and quality of these folks coming through. my goal here and i hope the goal of the trump team as well is we'll see greater numbers of folks and greater quality of folks coming through. they can get the top 100 prepared, in place, and prepared for the first day, we'll be watching that closely. >> but, but, lanhee the other odd thing about that meeting with the japanese prime minister is donald trump's people, i don't know if it was donald trump himself, but they wouldn't allow the national media in for a photo-op. why do you suppose that was?
6:38 am
>> well, you know, perhaps it was just because they wanted to keep the meeting as private as possible. as much as you can keep a meeting between the leader of japan -- >> they took their own pictures and made them public. >> yeah. >> so that's not it. >> yeah, well you know, again i can't profess to know what is the thinking behind that. but obviously the reason they're doing all of these meetings is to demonstrate that this is someone who's preparing to govern, preparing to assume the role of president-elect, and then eventually president, so but i have no idea why that would have happened that way. >> well, david, perhaps was it to control the message because there was some criticism before the meeting took place, in fact several diplomats told cnn that when they called trump tower to talk with the president-elect they were not asked to confirm their identities, and that concerned them for security reasons. >> you know this is -- i remember this actually four years ago on the romney team, right? there's the protocol with calling of leaders around the country right there is some and often you find out about this very late. again i think what you're seeing
6:39 am
here, this is the first time in history, you've got to realize this transition is completely different than even eight years ago. there are several new pieces of legislation. it started much earlier. so you have a formal campaign apparatus merging with a formal preelection transition apparatus. you're seeing some settlement up top as the campaign folks inherit the leadership positions. these things are quite normal. and so, finding that protocol on the first day is very difficult but i'm encouraged in the last 24 to 48 hours that we're seeing the pace pick up. we're seeing names being put forth. and actually historically we're actually ahead of the curve in terms of announcing a lot of these things. i think we're in a good place and i just hope the next few weeks look like the last 24 hours. >> we'll see. lanhee chen, david eagles, thanks to both of you. still to come in the "newsroom," house democrats face turmoil. meet the man looking to unseat nancy pelosi. ♪
6:40 am
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6:44 am
nancy pelosi has some competition. ohio congressman tim ryan is challenging pelosi for house minority leader. the congressman is confident he is the one to lead a democratic comeback after the stunning defeat on november 8th. >> we just elected donald trump president of the united states. we're doing something terribly wrong. and i think we need to move in other direction. and i'm offering myself up to our caucus to say hey, let's try to do something different. i don't want to hang this around nancy pelosi's neck. i love her. she's great. she's a mentor. she was amazing as speaker when she was in. but we've god to ask ourselves who can get us back to a majority. >> manu raju on capitol hill with more on this. good morning. >> good morning, carol. this is a stage where the leadership contest goes behind closed doors and the members start to get flooded with phone calls asking them to commit to one candidate or another. now pelosi said yesterday
6:45 am
confidently that she has enough support to remain democratic leader. two-thirds support of her caucus she said. but tim ryan told me that he does not believe to be the case. and the one reason why, carol, is because this voting is done by secret ballot. meaning voters can vote their conscience and the democratic members will not have any fear of repercussion. and also there's considerable angst about whether pelosi has the right plan to get back into the majority. one of her allies, butterfield, saying nancy pelosi has to specifically lay out her plan. >> well, we've lost 60 seats over the last few years. we've got to get creative and strategic in reversing that trend. we cannot continue to lose seats here in the house. we've got to have a plan to regain control of the house of representatives. at least by 2020. and she's got to help us construct a model to make that happen. >> now, pelosi allies are starting to close ranks, including florida congresswoman debbie wasserman schultz saying on "new day" this morning that she is backing pelosi.
6:46 am
>> but the reality that we're facing here is that we are going to be dealing with a -- a legislative train wreck coming at us at warp speed. and there is nobody, in my mind, that is more battle tested and prepared or, fangly, savvy enough to be able to go toe to toe with paul ryan the republican leadership, and this really troubling and disturbing administration than nancy pelosi. >> now, carol, the vote will be on november 30th. it was pushed back at the request of house democrats to give them more time to assess the way forward. pelosi said house democrats can't be blamed for the bad showing in last week's elections and said she has proven that she can get the party back to the majority as she did in 2006 when george w. bush was president, but the question, carol, is if her colleagues believe her. >> all right, manu raju reporting live from washington. thank you.
6:47 am
president obama sending a not so subtle message to donald trump and his supporters. obama is on his final overseas trip as president. and during comments in an app r appearance with the german chancellor in berlin he warned about what can happen when peaceful cooperation is challenged. >> if that voice is absent, or if that voice is divided, we will be living in a meaner, harsher, more troubled world. and we have to remember that. >> it is a message that president obama is sending on multiple fronts. overnight a new video was posted on the white house facebook page. it's of mr. obama meeting with a 16-year-old -- or a 6-year-old boy, rather, name alex. a few months ago alex wrote a letter to the white house asking if his family could adopt a young syrian refugee. that little boy. >> dear president obama, the
6:48 am
little boy who was picked up in syria, can you please go get him and bring him to our home? >> it's so nice to meet you. how have you been? >> good. >> you look very nice in your suit. >> thank you. >> is that a new suit? >> mm-hmm. >> you being so nice and kind, hopefully makes other people think the same way. so i was very proud of you. >> thank you. >> you're well com. >> the original video was shared on the white house facebook page where it's been viewed nearly 30 million times. i'll be back. famous traitor. and i know a thing or two about trading. so i trade with e*trade, where true traders trade on a trademarked trade platform that has all the... get off the computer traitor! i won't. (cannon sound)
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the college football playoff
6:53 am
picture gets a little clearer this morning, or messy if you are a louisville fan. coy wire has more on the bleacher report. he's live in knoxville, home of the volunteers. hi, coy. >> reporter: good morning, carol. university of tennessee, s.e.c. clash tomorrow with missouri. they really know how to have fun, how to tailgate here. we will get to that in a bit. we have to get you caught up on the shocker in college football action last night. we had louisville, number five, going down to houston. quarterback lamar jackson, rough night. may not be a front-runner for that heisman. everything going houston's way. look at that. catching a touchdown pass off a tip. how about houston's defense? making louisville's offensive line look like a revolving door. 11 sacks on the day. cougars win this one, a big one, big shocker, 36-10 over louisville. next, thursday night football action. did you see the panthers in the must-win situation against the
6:54 am
saints? how about cam newton? he may have lost his mind. maybe it gave him good luck because cam had a gorgeous throw at the end of the first half to ted ginn jr., his first touchdown reception of the season. the panthers on this one did have some bad news. linebacker luke kuechly carted off the field. he would end up crying in the fourth quarter because he was devastated by this. he missed a lot of time with a concussion. that's the diagnosis here as well. panthers hang on for a 23-20 win. before hitting the set for "inside the nba" last night, shaq was busy playing shaq-a-claus, going on a shopping spree buying toys for marines' toys for tots program. >> 15.5 million kids will wake up without one single toy. we urge people to just come and donate.
6:55 am
>> reporter: university of tennessee, we have a special cheer for you. can i get a c? an a? an r? an o? l? what's that spell? >> carol! >> reporter: it's a great day. it's a great to be a tennessee volunteer! >> i love this. coy, you just made my day. all those wonderful people. next hour of "cnn newsroom" after a break. when heartburn hits, fight back fast with tums smoothies.
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7:00 am
good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you for joining me. the donald trump white house taking shape this morning at breakneck speed. just within the last couple hours we learned of several key leadership posts being accepted. sources now tell us that trump has chosen alabama senator jeff sessions to be u.s. attorney general. critics are sure to bring up claims that sessions made racially charged comments decades ago. we have also learned that trump has added congressman mike pompeo to be his cia director. another national security post is expected to be named today. trump wants retired three star general michael flynn to serve as national security adviser. flynn faces strong criticism from former colleagues in both the military and intelligence communities. our correspondents are peeling back the layers of this decisive day for the trump presidency. let's begin with sunlen serfaty outside the trump tower. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. president-elect donald trump has been holed up in trump tower all week conduct


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